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Monday, July 29, 2013

July 30, 1965

The date was July 30, 1965....48 years ago today....
...when a president sat beside a former president, and signed into law, a bill that would alter the well being of every American senior citizen.

A Law that Changed the Life of Every Senior Citizen 
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Bogus Email

They Tried to Scam Me Again...Beware of this one !

Scam #1 (How I Almost Got Duped) was posted on Saturday July 13th and sent via text message. I must be on the list of easy marks because I continually get the following scam by email.

Our objective is to make you familiar with scams.  Learn to recognize them quickly so you do not become the target of dishonest people trying to get your money.

Here is what I got today.

Note there was no delivery attempt. They merely want you to respond and give them information to DUPE you, and most likely will transfer a virus to you. 

If you identify other scams, please send them to us to share with our readers or just add them on the comment page.  An educated consumer is the best protection that we have.

Don't be a victim.

Allen Weintraub

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sending out Congrats...with A Free Meal

Vegas Voice Show....Best Question Asked....Winners

On Saturday, July 27th I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Brooks, owner of the Emerald Island Casino in downtown Henderson on my weekly Vegas Voice Talk Show on KLAV (am1230).

Approximately a week and a half ago, prior to my interview with Tim, we asked our readers to send us an email question we might ask him...

...and if Tim Brooks picked your question as the best one, we at Anthem Opinions, would pop for a Rib Dinner for Two at the Emerald Island Grill, on their Senior night.

Well...Tim threw me a curve, and he picked TWO of you.

So, it gives me pleasure to congratulate Elaine Davis & Henry Tamburin as co-winners of the dinner for 2...not just for a Senior night...but ANY NIGHT OF YOUR CHOICE... at the Emerald Island Casino Grille, located at 120 Market Street, in downtown Henderson.

Elaine & Henry, send me an email at and I'll personally deliver the certificates to you with a warm Anthem Opinions, thanks !

...and when you go, make sure you ask to meet Tim...he'll treat you like a member of his family !

Thanks to ALL of you for participating...and of course, listening to the Vegas Voice Show each Saturday morning at 7:00am.

Dick Arendt

Vet's Mentoring Program Needs Help

Judge Mark Stevens and the Vet's Mentoring Program 
Need Your Help

Henderson Municipal Court Judge Mark Stevens was recently interviewed by SCA-TV (formerly known as Channel 99) regarding his Veterans Court Treatment program. 

 A Municipal Court employee advised interested parties that the Judge has a charitable fund, a tax deductible 501C3 charity that is used solely for the benefit of veterans who are taking part in this rehabilitation program.

The funds are used to purchase bus tickets and other items that are needed to allow the veterans to take part in the programs that are designed to help them alleviate the problems that have brought them to the attention of law enforcement and the court. 

Quite often the veterans’ problems are related to drugs abuse, alcohol abuse and domestic violence.  During the interview with Judge Stevens, it was mentioned that our armed forces face an enemy unlike any they have faced in prior wars.  This enemy has no conscience and is willing to make bombs out of women and children for the purpose of indiscriminate killing, not targeted killing but mass murder of civilians:  men, women and children and whoever happens to be in the area that they have chosen to do their random killing. 

It is no wonder that some soldiers come home mentally or psychologically wounded by the barbarianism and savagery they have witnessed and the stress that they endured not knowing when or where the next human or other type of bomb will be detonated. 

It is hard for us living in the luxury of Sun City Anthem to imagine the terror, the horror, the inhumanity that they have witnessed. 

The men and women who have chosen to take part in this Veterans Court Program have admitted their guilt and acknowledged that if they fail to perform satisfactorily in this rehabilitation program, they will be sentenced to the penalty prescribed by law. 
Several of our Sun City Anthem residents serve as mentors to these veterans and assist them in their readjustment into civilian life and becoming responsible and law abiding citizens.

If you would like to help our veterans, participate in this worthwhile program and make a contribution to the health and welfare of, not only the veteran, but to our community as well...

...go to, then to “List of Partners” and the last item on the list of partners is Veterans Treatment Court. 

Please be generous with your contribution. 

 It helps those that have suffered unthinkable terror and stress while serving our country and protecting us from an enemy that lacks any sense of morality, decency or justice.

Let us Entertain You...A Special Edition

That Helicopter Could have Bought the Hot Dog Stand

I want to take this opportunity of apologizing to our readers for initially misreading the costs associated with the following article.  I mistakenly believed that the helicopter cost of $12,000 was not included in the total cost. Like most people on this earth, I too am clasified in the "being human" category.

 I was wrong. the total cost including the helicopter is $21,500.

That is still a substantial sum of money; however, it was in error, and again, I apologize.

 Nonetheless, one only has to substitute the gross amount originally posted with the correct amount of $21,500, and the points of the article still remain intact.

Unfortunately, rather than merely stating that this was a mistake, another blog owner made this comment that I believe all who read community publications should read.

It demonstrates the difference between the cordiality of calling a mistake to the attention of a person, and instead, insulting him.

"A further comment: Malcontent Dick Arendt is once again distorting facts and spreading lies in order to support his false claims.

He has written on his blog that the cost of the helicopter shoot this evening is on top of the $21,500 contract for the image video.

The cost of the helicopter is INCLUDED in the total cost of the project, as anyone intelligent enough to read the winning bid posted on the SCA website would have known. While I can't comment on Mr. Arendt's intelligence beyond saying that he is intelligently hateful, I can certainly state without reservation that he has not read the bid."

That Helicopter Could have Bought the Hot Dog Stand

This probably won't come as a shock to most people who read my articles, but I do have a tendency to view things a bit differently than others, and today is no exception.

It's concerning a helicopter taking my picture on Saturday night as I'm lying "topless" in my hot tub, while making the "aqua move" on my wife !

Have you noticed that homes are selling just about as quickly as they are listed ?

Does anyone believe the realtors need help in selling Sun City Anthem property lately?

Is this not, one of the first communities that any realtor will take you, when you contact one, and tell them you're over 55?

The real estate market appears to be improving, as a matter of fact, here in Sun City Anthem...the market is exploding...and prices are escalating on a daily basis...


Obviously, someone believes that our community needs more advertising hype to sell homes. an effort to assist that current increase in sales, our board has once again, figured out yet another way to "efficiently" spend money....'s hired a helicopter to circle our community on Saturday, July 27th, to make some type of video to dramatize our community across the world.

...and...according to another blog, it's "only" costing each resident, about $1.65 to do so.

but...that's only for the helicopter. us realists, we instead view this in another manner. 

That "only" part has another definition.

I couldn't help but notice that this was being filmed by the  "SCA video film crew", which at first glance, I believed were our volunteers....

Then...I got yet another surprise.... about this "SCA video film crew".

They're pros ( Crescent Moon Pictures) and are charging $21,500 or more on top of the $12,000 for the copter !

So...that means we've dropped about $33,500 of dues money on yet another project that makes as much sense as building an igloo on the 18th hole of Revere Golf Course. think about tha while that whirlybird is flying around Saturday evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. 
According to an eblast received from our board president...

"On Saturday evening, the SCA Image Video film crew will be utilizing a Sundance helicopter to shoot aerial views of our community. Vantage points will include Anthem Center, Independence Center, Liberty Center, golf courses, and the entire breadth and scale of Sun City Anthem."

 Isn't that Special ? the opinion of those who value a buck....

...Those guys have figured out yet another way to drop over THIRTY-THREE GRAND !

This place is selling itself lately, and an alternative blog is trying to make a case for "hopefully" selling this video to real estate agents.....a video that apparently will be available FREE on when it's completed.

Oh...that's going to sell like hot cakes, isn't it ?

So now, we're in the business of helping real estate agents...and believe they're going to buy this video?

There's a better chance of buying a snow cone from the guy in the igloo on the 18th hole at midnight !

Shouldn't they be the ones paying for this...they're the ones making the dough, right? usual... with this current group of leaders...

What they believe is RIGHT lately, is usually WRONG, isn't it?

Let's get this straight.

When you want to sell your home, you'll pay the realtor 6% commission...

...Sun City Anthem will deduct .33% of the purchase price for the sacred "Asset Enhancement Fee"...

...and now...'ll be paying for a video to further reduce your bottom line. 

Some might say, "What's $1.65 p/head", but others, like me, say....

Here we go again...

...another $33,500 of our money...gone...that accomplishes nothing other than building the egos of some who look for yet another reason... spend your money... if they did not have...they couldn't spend !

And to think...when you see that thing flying around...

...that could have been the HOT DOG stand at Liberty Center for a lot less than $33,500  !

...and to prove my sincerity in that belief...

...I hope that helicopter circles my "hood" tonight, because they're going to catch some old guy with a beer in his hand, giving them a different view of the MOON !

Dick Arendt

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Concert Pianist Danny Wright to Brighten Las Vegas Venues

Each time I attend the Dennis Bono show, there seems to be one specific question always asked of me....

When will Danny Wright be at the Smith Center?

Got great news...he's booked for EIGHT concerts.

But Danny has some other great venues soon as well.

For full details....see...

For You Danny Wright Fans

...Just click on our Information Page, "Entertainment Bargains for Sun City Anthem Residents".

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Committee Selection Rebukes Sun City Anthem Board

Capital Consultants Management Corp. Says "No Thanks--We'll Pass"

CCMI, the alternative management company who was chosen by a committee to replace RMI (now First Service Financial), has suddenly withdrawn itself from its desire to be our new management company.

That leaves RMI as the sole company....SO FAR.

...and quite frankly, unless you were born yesterday...


The obvious question is WHY

Why would a firm, after going through such a rigorous selection process, and emerging as the choice of a selected committee, suddenly say...


This one deserves a complete explanation....not from a board who in the past has, in my opinion,  been untrustworthy and obviously biased in this matter...

...but from CCMC itself.

This board is causing such havoc in our community, that I believe we now can confidently say...

There is no confidence in their leadership....and it is time to rid ourselves of some of these individuals who have led our community down path after path of financial waste, and now, perhaps the loss of our good name.

There was little doubt that two committees chosen to research a management company alternative, were REBUKED, or more bluntly, thoroughly "made an ass of" in the way they were treated in this selection process.

When this board was TOLD that an alternative should be chosen, they instead made EXCUSE after EXCUSE to look for reasons to retain the current firm.

...and that procrastination became a complete laughingstock among those who have been familiar with their ways in the past, and how BLATANTLY biased they were in this critical decision.

...the latest, being a comment by former President, James Long, when he stated that our current Community Association Manager, lacking in the requirements set forth in terms sent for bid completion and APPLIED to CCMC, would be waived for RMI.

That, ladies and gentlemen, STACKED THE DECK; and was, in the opinion of many, a COMPLETE INSULT not just to those who put hours into research, but to OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY.

I ask any of you....

...if you were placed in a competitive bidding situation...

...complied in every way...

...were found to have been the choice of a qualified group...2 qualified groups...
and then at the last moment...was informed, that...

... a NEW REQUIREMENT would be made of YOU...

...but NOT the other party...

Would ANY OF YOU want to continue spinning your wheels on an organization that obviously USED YOU and showed FAVORITISM to the other party?

Of course not, in the real world, it's called LOSS OF CREDIBILITY.

And this problem, readers, has ramifications that will remain FOR YEARS, a problem none of these board members could have ever considered, for one reason...

NONE HAVE A LICK OF  EXPERIENCE in such business etiquette.

We have now developed a belief in the business world of USING others to CHOOSE others, and that will undoubtedly result in a reputation that...


This group of senseless people have created a nightmare, a nightmare that PROVES the INEQUITY of our bidding system.

Many contractors who believe they might provide an honest and competitive bid,  will no longer even consider any such activity with Sun City Anthem, because they would be convinced that any such efforts, would be a total waste of their time.

There is one, of two solutions, to this latest abuse.

The first is to contact CCMC, apologize to them for the BIAS, and ask that they again consider our association for their services.

or, if that is unacceptable to THEM....

...secondly, to actively pursue 2 or 3 other companies to bid on our management services, and PLEDGE that the recommendation of a QUALIFIED committee will be accepted.

Renewal of the RMI contract WITHOUT such action will further enhance the belief that this board has ABUSED the power bestowed on it by our community. 

In my estimation this is their last opportunity to PROVE they believe in the committee system.

Dick Arendt

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Poor Planning Can Only Mean Poor Results

Anthem Opinions is fortunate to have a Mr. Fix-It to give our readers the best tips possible for making your home more efficient, but in addition to his excellent advice, Forrest Fetherolf, is currently Treasurer of the ICCC Club; is an active member and former officer of The Woodchips Club; attends numerous board and committee meetings; and has had a very successful past in owning a real estate construction company, now primarily operated by his son, Scott (with his dad's assistance).  He also owns and manages a number of rental properties here and in other Las Vegas locations.

As a result of that expertise, he's written this article that demonstrates that extensive experience....

...and with pleasure, we present it to you.


Life After Vic's Restaurant Fails

Indicators show Vic's Restaurant will not survive...

...that history will be repeated for the 5th time.

The menu pricing is constantly changing, hours of operation and days of operation are constantly changing; complaints are mounting...

....which means only one thing to me…


Vic’s has been in operation for only 7 months in some way, shape, or form. 

Whether we call it a soft opening or a hard opening, it's becoming apparent..

Vic’s is in trouble, and no matter what they try, my guess is...


Remember the trio of Tirzo, Tubin, and Slark when each of them failed within 3 months of taking over after the previous failure ?

Vic’s is on "credibility probation" after the disastrous Filipiniana catering event with over 300 guests in attendance. 

The Filipiniana Club went "light" on Vic’s when they were promised Vic’s would do better in the future and Chef Jason and the head waitress "left their employ".

The Filipiniana Club was kind enough to give Vic’s a second chance in booking their next December event, but The Filipiniana Club also made one other condition perfectly clear…

...anything less than stellar food and service, and the club is done with them.

So...all eyes will be on Vic’s performance. 

The ICCC , on the other hand, has not been so consoling. It is holding two events this year and will not book Vic’s catering for either; instead a potluck dinner serving about 300 guests will be conducted at each venue.

The Woodchips Club's annual Christmas party will also "pass" on Vic's; and instead, will be held at Buckman's this year, normally catering to approximately 125 guests.

And the word is now out... that other Clubs are rapidly choosing other alternatives to Vic's as well, and instead will follow the potluck idea, or be catered at Buckman's, as well as, other off site locations.

What does all of this mean to our community? 

Are we protected from any losses, should the restaurant default?

When the original lease was signed, all "personal financial guarantees" were REMOVED in order to entice this operation.

A number of concerned citizens warned of the financial dangers of doing so, yet were ignored by the board. 

Those individuals were branded as "malcontents" by those whose desire for some kind of restaurant, exceeded the general business principles of sound financial planning.

Sadly, this has now become a trend in decisions made by those who supposedly "know what to do",  yet "have never done it"  themselves.

The fault then goes to three parties when it comes to yet another restaurant that appears to be failing.

First, there was the lack of any relevant business experience of those who made the financial decision in choosing an individual who had never before owned a restaurant, as well as, allowing this tenant to remove any crucial financial guarantee to protect the association's members in light of the number of previous failures.

Second, there was the restaurant owner who miscalculated his market in pricing a product at a level beyond the average individual's budget...

...refusing marketing techniques used by other successful restaurants ( i.e. buy one, get one free)...perhaps as a result of his belief that being on a television program would overcome the need to provide a "bargain"...

...making changes so frequently as to show his obvious business inexperience...

...providing an inferior and inexperienced catering operation that now has a reputation that few wish to take a chance to explore for their events...

...reducing service hours to reduce the expense of violating the terms of a lease, signed only a few short months ago.
And third, those in this community who chose these board members to lead them.

We can't change the past, but we can make sure we memorize it's history; a history that needs CHANGE from all three guilty parties, if this is not to be repeated.

We therefore need experienced board members, an experienced and financially sound business operator (WHEN this one leaves and if another is chosen), and a more concerned electorate who will choose its leaders based on the individual's expertise in past financial dealings, rather than either asking a neighbor who a vote should be cast for, or believing any blog owner who has consistently advocated those who have been responsible for losses,  or allowing any party to cast a ballot for you.

The time now, is not to continue spending thousands of association dollars on what appears to be an inevitable end to Vic's sinking ship, but instead  exploring other viable options for that large area (over 5000 sq ft) presently occupied by Vic’s, and put to better use for members little continuing expense. 

Forrest Fetherolf

Friday, July 19, 2013

We Have A New Information Page...Starting Today

Something New at Anthem Opinions
In a never ending attempt to bring you the best of Las Vegas, we've entered into an agreement with one of the most prestigious writers and Public Relations executives in Las Vegas, a man named Norm Johnson.
In addition to managing various Las Vegas entertainers, Norm has been the "go to guy" for entertainers headlining the stages of Las Vegas, on and off the Strip...for years. 
Each week, Norm publishes the highlights of  "what's happening" in the entertainment world, and he's graciously accepted our offer to keep Sun City Anthem residents aware of the hill !
"Please join co-owners Allen Weintraub & Dick Arendt, our "Mr. Fix-It",  Forrest Fetherolf,  and "Garden Wizard", Carol Van Camp, in welcoming Norm to the Anthem Opinions family with his new Information Page, entitled...
 "What's Up in Weekend Entertainment"
...which will appear each Thursday or Friday to keep you "in the know" about...
...the Entertainment Capital of the World !
We'll change things each week as Norm keeps us abreast of the fabulous entertainment venues available to you....
It starts....NOW.
Just click on this new Information Page, "What's Up in Weekend Entertainment" to find out "what's up", and most importantly, get you out of that home of yours, this coming weekend.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let Us Entertain You

Another Proposal for the Liberty Center

This is becoming a VERY serious matter. 

With all those flaws, that bocce court just plain has to go !  That's it, no more's history.

But what should be done with it ?

A private Pet Park for dogs who needn't associate with riffraff ?


A miniature golf course where adults get free heat stroke?


A tennis court where heart attacks would be our answer to population control?


So...we need...

...SOMETHING practical

...SOMETHING that will encompass a number of activities...

...SOMETHING that grandchildren would NOT be prohibited from utilizing...

...SOMETHING that would draw crowds from every corner of our community....

...SOMETHING that would also solve an eatery problem we have had in Sun City Anthem for years...

...SOMETHING that would save thousands of dollars...

...SOMETHING that would make money for the community....

...SOMETHING...that a former board director thought of on another blog.

Yes indeed....


Think this is impractical?  Why? It makes more sense than anything anyone has said to date.

Now... think about this for a moment.

Have we had enough restaurant problems that have cost us a billion dollars by now?


Want a meal that won't cost you a fortune?


Want a meal that tastes great?


Want an eatery that would be convenient to get to?


Now, this entire thing must be properly planned with some realistic assumptions.
Are we all going to die someday?


If you had a choice to die between heatstroke, a heart attack, tension due to young overabundance of calories and cholesterol filled veins after eating a great dog and fries....

What's it going to be? 

Do you care what you look like as that sleek figure you've honed through bocce or tennis, or strenuous putting, is lying in a parlor waiting for the dirt blanket, with some stranger saying "but he looks so good" ???


Would you rather go with a smile having mustard and ketchup drooling down the side of your mouth after consuming a dozen kosher dogs washing them down with a cold root beer or ice cold brewsky...and that same stranger saying, "I wonder if he was eating Grey Poupon?"

So, in order to prepare ourselves for this affair to present to those who need to be convinced of his usefulness, the first thing to do is make sure you have a good plan.
Well here you go...all cost study or architect necessary. It's all right here for you.

Next, you need to have the proper design and there are a number of "models" that may be examined.

There is the "plain old" hot dog wagon.

There are some with eco friendly features.

There are some designed for the comfort of employees.

There are some that are high tech.

You must offer variety in your menu.

Since we live in a retirement community, perhaps a delivery service.

And last but not least, you must advertise the product to attract customers on a regular basis. won't cost you a dime. It would be FREE.

The "Asset Enhancement Fee" will provide the funding for the purchase...

AND....there's so much money in it...that each member would receive up to 25 FREE hot dogs by way of a punch card.

Now how's that for something that would appeal to all of us ?

Have a great weekend.

Dick Arendt