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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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 The Lesson to Be Learned from The First Thanksgiving


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Looking Back to Plymouth Rock...and...It's Effect on Today's America


The Lesson to Be Learned from The First Thanksgiving
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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Las Vegas Honors Sun City Anthem Residents

 Las Vegas Mayor Salutes Sun City Anthem


Declared July 20, 2022

Dan Roberts & Rana Goodman 

Loving Life Over 60!

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Monday, July 18, 2022

The "Monsoon Season" is Here....Check Your Roof Flashing


Keeping an Eye on Roof Flashing
Can Save Big Bucks
tile-vent-flashing.jpg (599×326)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Recent Postage Increases

 New US Postal Rates

 As of June 11, 2022
 Postal Rates to Increase
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Monday, June 20, 2022

Got Grass? Maybe It's Time to Get Rid of It


Clarifying Nevada's Grass Laws
Got Grass?  Maybe it's time to Make Some Changes
Nevada bans ornamental, non-functional grass - CGTN

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Eastiest Way to Fix a Loose Door Hinge


Got a Loose Door Hinge ?
Here's the Simplest Way to Fix it
FH07MAY_STRSCR_02.JPG (600×600)

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Monday, May 9, 2022

Outdoor Lighting....Time to Refresh Its Looks?


Time to Redo Your Outdoor Lighting ?
3a8343e8-40ec-449b-aab4-4ff83fbd4bdf.jpg (650×622)

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Checking the IRS for Your 2021 Income Tax Refund


Looking for your 2021 Income Tax Refund ?
Average Tax Refund Up 11% In 2021



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Friday, April 29, 2022

Anthem Opinions Welcomes "Uncork"...A New Venue Located in the Anthem Community

 Something New in the Anthem Community

A Great Glass (or bottle) of Wine
Combined with Local Entertainment
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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Getting Gum Out of Your Carpeting


Got Gum on Your Carpeting ?
We Have the Best Way to Get it Out
clean-chewing-gum-from-carpet.jpg (200×148)


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Monday, April 4, 2022

Mr. Fix-It Explains How to Read Your Electric Meter

 How to Read

Electric Meter
Electrical_meter.jpg (1610×1439)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Sun City Anthem 2022 Election Choices


Sun City Anthem Board 2022

Our Choices for a Two Year Term

Cấu Trúc Suggest - Công Thức, Cách Dùng, Câu Gián Tiếp Suggest That

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Monday, March 28, 2022

Happy Birthday to Sun City Anthem's Newest Member of the Board of Directors

 Congrats to New Board Member Forrest Fetherolf


Saturday, March 26th turned out to be a pretty good day for incoming Board member, Forrest Fetherolf.
Not only was it confirmed that he will be joining the Sun City Anthem Board on April 2nd, but he turned 80 on that day as well.
His son, Scott, who has succeeded in maintaining the quality of Fetherolf Construction Company since "dad" decided to turn over the reigns, brought him another surprise as he awoke on Saturday.
For those of you not familiar with Forrest's nickname...those who have known him for years have always referred to him as "Frosty" !

Was the surprise over?
Nope !
Turns out that as of this writing, over 500 individuals on Nextdoor wished him congrats as well.
Now...let's complete the occasion when you receive your new ballot in the next few days and make sure he's in the top three to receive a 2 year term on the Sun City Anthem Board.
Sure looks like the alternative blogger's attempt to make him a "bad guy" seems to have failed, didn't it?
Those 500+ people from all the surrounding communities, are the REAL DEAL, individuals who have experienced his kindness, advice, and community dedication,  and it certainly paints a different picture from that of an alternative blogger that more then proves the cruelty of an individual who has spent years defaming him in every way.
From us to you, Forrest, we want you to know that there are a lot more than 500+ people who appreciate your contributions to Sun City Anthem.

We know you'll make us proud to be a member of our community leadership.
Want to send him a congrats?

  • From Valerie Opinions 

    FINALLY Forrest receives the respect and thank you for his unending unselfishness to the residents at SCA. 

    It’s about time he is being rewarded for all his help to our Community unlike a blogger that writes with animosity and poison pen!

  • From Forrest Opinions

    A huge THANK YOU to all my friends and neighbors in Sun City Anthem and surrounding area.

    I had wanted to share the consideration my son has shown toward his dad and hopefully brighten your day and bring a smile.

    What happened?

    I received over 500 responses acknowledging my birthday, this now 80-year-old guy is the happiest and proudest fellow on earth...and ready to continue helping others.

    1. From Marty Opinions 

      Yeeeaaah ! 


      Maybe our community pariah will slink into his dirt rock.


    Mud Stains: A New Technique How to Remove Them

     Mud Stains: How to Remove Them

    The Potato Technique

    dirt-stain-carpet.jpg (210×200)
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    Saturday, March 26, 2022

    Sun City Anthem President Notification to all Property Owners

    Sun City Anthem President Discusses Election Changes

     Vote for Stephen Anderson

    In place of my President’s Report this month, I want to provide the latest regarding the election.  Please shred your ballot mailing that most of you should have received by now.  Only vote using the new ballot mailing that will go out Wednesday, 03/30/2022.


    Due to the resignations of Board Members Brian Donahue and Forrest Quinn, which will be effective at midnight on April 28, 2022, the ballot package that was recently mailed to residents is no longer valid.

    Residents should discard the initial ballot packet that has probably already arrived in your mailbox. A new, corrected ballot packet will arrive sometime next week.

    The new ballot instructs residents to vote for no more than three (3) candidates. The three candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to a two-year term. The candidates coming in fourth and fifth place will serve a one-year term on the board.

    In addition, I can add the following information as to the specifics of the above.

    The Official Revised Ballot Packet will be mailed out next Wednesday. The deadline to return the ballots will be May 2, 2022, at 4pm. The Rescheduled Membership Meeting and Election of the Board will be May 3, 2022, at 10am. The Board of Directors Organizational Meeting of the new Board will be on May 5, 2022, at 1:30 pm.

    As the current President of the Board and a fellow candidate, I have sent my congratulations to each of the candidates and look forward to working with each of them.  Please know that I repeat my pledge to always respond to your issues and concerns.  Further, I will continue to hold Town Hall Meetings for residents who want to talk with members of the Board.  If you hear stories of shenanigans, please let me know as that is not my style in the least.

    An upcoming issue to watch for is the revision of the Rules and Regulations and the Architectural (ARC) Guidelines.  A draft version has been developed and the next step is for the Board and the Task Force that made the revisions to review it and then there will be a community forum for residents to comment on it.

    Some of the issues under review are the color of non-holiday lighting on your home, restrictions on the type of flag you can fly on your garage flag pole, and the plants that are restricted species.

    Please vote when you get your ballot for the three candidates that you want elected to the three two year terms.  The 4th and 5th place finishers will be elected to serve out the two year terms of the two board members who resigned. In the last two elections all of the candidates on the ballot were automatically elected. It is a shame in a community of 12,000 to 13,000 people that we cannot attract at least 8 people in each election to run for the Board.  I have personally enjoyed my service over the past two years.  I find the work challenging, but very rewarding.  Further we do not spend untold hours serving on the board. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an unpleasant job.  Major qualifications for being on the board are to have common sense, work collaboratively with other board members and management, and to listen and be responsive to residents.  The backgrounds of board members are diverse and represent many different career paths.  Next year, please consider running for the Board.

    Steve Anderson, President
    Sun City Anthem Board of Directors

    Friday, March 25, 2022

    Sun City Anthem Election...A Turn of Events...An Anthem Opinions Editorial


    Life Really Is Like a Bunch of Chocolates
    You Never Know What You're Gonna Get...
    in Sun City Anthem
    Forrest Gump returning to theaters for 25th anniversary - ABC7 New York


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    Mr. Fix-it...on Spring Cleaning

     Washing Your Screens without Removing Them

    box2.png (320×210)

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    Monday, March 21, 2022

    He Ain't Perry Mason...He's P.T. Barnum: An Anthem Opinions Editorial

    Dedicated to  a Blogger Who Seems to Have an Odd Obsession with a Sun City Anthem Board Candidate

    Stop Pretending you're Perry Mason !

    The Frog King On A White Background Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And  Stock Illustration. Image 10749676.

     Are you getting tired of the same old "let's kill 'em" routine day in and day out from a guy who likes to pretend he was some kind of expert attorney?

    My goodness, just what kind of person enjoys watching a guy year after year, beat up on any person, much less one who is running for the Sun City Anthem Board and is loved by so many more in our community than him?

    Yes, I read what he writes; not for entertainment or enlightenment, but instead for watching a guy criticize others again and again, and actually believing that it has some effect on NORMAL people, when in fact he represents everything a NORMAL PERSON wouldn't be.

    I somehow picture this person deep in the night when most are fast asleep thinking of sugar plums dancing in their heads, pretending he is a cartoon character....

    ...contriving ways to reduce any person to rubble he believes is some form of animal who will dare to expose him for the oddity he likely has always been !

    Oh well, as we previously wrote, he is what he is, and he will never change, but one aspect we wish he would change would be to stop pretending he is Perry Mason !

    He ain't Perry, his credentials actually resemble this !

    sniffing dog cartoon - Stock Photo - #19596025 | PantherMedia Stock Agency

    For those familiar with his antics, we know he has become the joke of our community and we honestly send our condolences out to those who believe this individual is of any more importance than any other in our community.

    But...for those who really want to know the requirements to call oneself an attorney, we thought you might want to examine the requirements to practice law in Nevada and most other states. 

    You can tell people you have a law degree but without a license you are not a lawyer and according to the Code of Ethics, cannot call yourself a lawyer

    Highlighted in red are probable violations that another blogger may consider before      throwing mud at every opportunity toward another, while pretending to be something he is not !


    Keep in mind, that while he wasn’t disbarred, he did give up his license following some acts that most individuals wouldn't be stupid enough to do, believing that he would never be caught ...

    And  if you read the requirements below, it is unlikely under those conditions he experienced that he could ever practice law again.

    Want to know the specifics? 

    Who cares, but since he loves to bring up the past toward others, have you noted he conveniently seems to omit his own?

    All I know is that forgery isn't the best credential to have on one's resume, and for those who have experienced his wrath over the years, one might ask...

    "Would You Buy A Used Car from this Man?"

    So, for his scrapbook, he might want to visit these requirements to refer to yourself as a lawyer:


    1. Have attained the age of majority.
    2. Be present or available within the State of Nevada, and remain so until examined as required by Rule 65, so as to permit and facilitate the examination, investigations, interviews and hearings necessary to determine the applicant’s morals, character, qualifications and fitness to practice law.
    3. Have received a degree of bachelor of laws, or an equivalent law degree, from a law school approved by the committee on legal education and admissions to the bar of the American Bar Association, and shall present evidence of the same.
    4. Demonstrate that the applicant is of good moral character and is willing and able to abide by the high ethical standards required of attorneys and counselors at law.
    5. Not have been refused admission to practice law in any state or before any court or governmental agency of the United States on the ground of unfitness of character.
    6. Not have been disbarred from the practice of law in any state or before any court or governmental agency of the United States on the ground of unfitness of character.
    7. Not have exhibited any past or present conduct or behavior that could call into question the applicant’s ability to practice law in a competent, ethical and/or professional manner or which would render the applicant unfit to practice law.
    8. Not be an abuser of alcohol or prescription drugs, or a user of illegal drugs.
    9. Demonstrate financial responsibility.
    10. Be in full compliance with any court order, including without limitation, spousal or child support orders.
    11. Achieve a passing score on the state bar examination.


    And so, we wish him well in his daily mud slings, while laughing at those who would ever consider him believable in any way.

    P.T. Barnum said it best:

    The REAL Story Behind the Quote “There's a Sucker Born Every Minute” | by  Ryo Mac | Skeptikai | Medium

  • My my, such a history of indescretions this community pariah and blogger has given us with his musings. Along with invisible people that write for his pleasure and don't have a recognizable name as we try to understand how they think and why they can easily dismiss us by saying, "if you don't like it here, leave."

    It's exactly when the issues of the airport were upon us and this mental genius told everyone what he expected us to do. Senator Briggs took care of that. He pointed out that he committed offenses that caused him to move from his BOS community.
    And "Oh," get ready for so many accidents by airplanes crashing in the new hospital they are building on the south/west corner of St Rose and Raiders way. He warned us years ago from tea leaves.
    I understand karma sometimes takes a long time, but it does come down with a mighty fist when it happens.

  • With the latest disruptive publication by the alternative blogger, clarification is now required to fully explain the FULL STORY of his slanted and biased writings in his continual quest to destroy the characters of individuals.

    The community cannot continue to allow this individual to constantly do so, and so…let’s go back to 2020, when the country was being rocked by violence, police were disrespected and ignored, one of which was a Las Vegas Metro officer who remains paralyzed for merely trying to protect a small business from ruin…

    …and continues to be rocked with each passing day across the country as a result of refusals to prosecute those who commit crimes that hurt the innocent.

    That was no time to add to the violence, especially in a 55+ community that had never experienced racism in my opinion.

    Suddenly, articles appeared by the Chairman of a SCA Club that many believed would bring such violence to SCA……articles that were made available on the world wide web.

    What started as an informal inquiry to an association president and ASSUMED to be a complaint by the Community Lifestyle Committee, took this concern to heights that only the President of that Club, the alternative blogger, and the former CLC chairman caused.

    What was not disclosed within the blogger’s latest, was that NO FORMAL COMPLAINT WAS EVER FILED.

    Here’s the part he conveniently omitted….THE REAL STORY.

    The former CLC chairman, without any formal complaint filed, took that INFORMAL INQUIRY, and decided to pursue it as a formal complaint.

    That has never been disclosed by the blogger whose continual actions cause such division in our community, year after year.

    When that BREACH OF RESPONSIBILITY by the CLS chairman took place, a formal complaint was filed against that individual for improperly doing so, and HAS NEVER  BEEN HEARD after 2 YEARS.

    Why was that the case and not ever been heard?

    That was the purpose of the inquiry ONLY.

    Had it only been available to members of that club, nothing would have in any way been brought to the attention of the then President, Rana Goodman, and as a good President, she brought that concern to the Chairman of the CLC as an INFORMAL CONCERN, NOT A COMPLAINT.

    Anthem Opinions brought the PUBLIC AVAILABILITY of the Club President who also happened to be a past member on the Association Board, discourses by providing a link available to ALL, not just the members of that Club, a link that Club QUICKLY REMOVED when it was brought to the attention of the pubic.

    Obviously, they knew it existed or it would not have been removed, and by removing it, they essentially acknowledged that IT WAS MADE AVAILABLE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD.

    As a public document that in our opinion, painted Sun City Anthem as a community filled with attitudes not shared by all, it brought a concern as to the community’s reputation and property values across the entire world, and that was the only initial concern in bringing the matter to then President Goodman.

    This now, as a result of that BREACH and biased reporting, brings another matter to the forefront that until now, would have been ignored.

    To David Meredith, this was not meant to harm your Board candidacy, but this recent alarming piece by the blogger, now involves you.

    Current Board candidate David Meredith was a member of that CLC Committee in 2020 and voted to support the actions of that Club, whose documents were plainly available to the WORLD on the worldwide web, not jut to members of that particular club. As stated n the blogger’s article, the CLC voted 10-0.

    Perhaps Mr. Meredith might fill in the blanks as to his supporting an action by his voting on an informal inquiry that should never have been brought to any vote.

    Remember, Mr. Meredith, this latest poison pen piece by that blogger to harm innocent individuals, has now unfortunately involved you.

    Mr, Meredith, the community would like your response to this before it casts a vote to make you a Board member of our association.

    1. From Rana Opinions

      David Berman published volume 4 of his “The Fetherolf Chronicles” today; however, there are a few facts, since I was involved and mentioned, that need to be clarified and corrected.

      Mr. Berman noted, in reference to me, for which I thank him, he wrote, These heartfelt admissions by Ms. Goodman in her sincere letter of apology helped to bring the matter to a close, and as a person I know to have a great sense of personal integrity, I’m sure she would not have signed her name to the letter if she didn’t mean what she wrote.

      Actually, I wrote a couple of drafts of my apology letter, all of which Jim Colemen refused to accept.

      The letter that Mr. Berman is referring to was written by Jim Coleman and Attorney Adam Clarkson who then pressured me into signing it by telling the board that the association could face lawsuits based on other letters Mr. Coleman said he had written to different agencies.

      But let me go back to the beginning and correct a few other items which Mr. Berman may have forgotten with this historical account.

      Several years ago I applied to be on the Lifestyle Committee and while waiting for board approval I was asked to attend meetings and assist with some work while learning about the committee’s processes.

      Roy Montemblu (spelling) was chair and Virginia Finnegan was vice chair at the time.

      During those months one item was made clear to me by the members of the committee, if there was a problem with a club, that committee dealt with it. 

      The problem I had with the letters Jim Coleman sent were several besides a few of the comments made that I felt were extremely biased.

      For example in June 2020 Jim Coleman wrote:

      "Look at the responses that are coming from businesses, the sports community, the politicians, all except that man who literally sits (which is all he does), in the White House castigating racism.

      We’ve had conclusive evidence to prove that—the proof is in the pudding!

      We are not your Racism Whisperers and will not be silent or politically correct even if you request that we accept that role. 

      I don't know how long I will share my thoughts, but at this point I am strengthened, by my anger and disappointment, to be empowered to speak the truth.

      Two points, first, if you support a person who espouses racism, or vote for person who espouses racism, you are, by definition, a racist!"

      Did that statement mean all Republicans supporting Trump were then racist?

      David Berman wrote that the series of letters written by Jim Coleman were sent only to members of the African American Heritage Club.

      That is not true because the email addresses of the membership and this correspondence were, at that time, on the internet for anyone to see if they looked for that club on the world wide web.

      David Berman then wrote:

      "Ms. Goodman then made a major additional mistake: She referred the matter to the Community Lifestyle Committee (CLC) accompanied by a declaration that AAHC President Coleman’s actions violated the policy of using a club mailing list for anything not club business."

      The problem was, in Lifestyles rush to get rid of this messy issue, they ignored the fact that I told the chair that the mailing list was on the internet and not protected as all club mailing lists should be.

      One last point I would like to make to David Berman.

      I’d like to remind him of an incident by another very active member of this community going back in our history, as he seems to enjoy in his attack on Forrest Fetherolf.

      I was standing in a meeting room waiting for another member to join me when this active community member (who I won’t name at this time) got into an argument with the woman I was waiting for and picked up a chair as if to threaten her with it.

      His wife rushed over and made him leave ending the disturbance.

      Would that man be unfit to serve on the board even after all these years?