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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sun City Anthem General Manager Destroying Association Entertainment....Has Full Approval of Board of Directors

Sun City Anthem Entertainment
A Steep Price to Clubs and Entertainers
Resulting from Recent Dictums from General Manager

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I guess when you have to pay a person $260,000 plus a bonus and provide the best benefits in the Las Vegas valley, in addition to having to have a 10% dues hike, the money has to come from somewhere... 

...and the latest "squeeze play" is now aimed those who provide entertainment to the residents of Sun City Anthem.

Since the recent news about General Manager, Sandy Seddon, has proven to uncover more and more questionable activity, which in turn results in additional cost to unit owners, we have to admit...

Anthem Opinions obviously "stirred a pot" that has been simmering for quite a while, yet publicly unacknowledged until recently.

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I would like to commend Rana Goodman of Anthem Today for discovering other "costs" that until recently, no one knew existed...

...costs that have redefined the word GUARDIANSHIP...

...only this time, GUARDIANSHIP having to do with our very own GATE KEEPER, Sandy Seddon, the Sun City Anthem General Manager, and her "hired gun", Community Association Manager, Lori Martin. 

These two are now creating such havoc, my guess is that quality entertainment might possibly be a "thing of the past" as a result of their newest "rules" being implemented.


Because in their infinite wisdom, they are forcing clubs to inadvertently ask entertainers to work for...

workingforpeanuts.jpg (300×200)

Here are some of the costs that entertainers and / or Sun City Anthem Clubs are now being subjected to when the they make attempts to entertain the residents of Sun City Anthem.

There is now a fee for a security guard for any entertainment activity that involves Sun City Anthem guests

That fee is $100 borne by the club sponsoring any such event. 


In addition, Rana Goodman also reported that The Entertainment Club must purchase a $1 million umbrella liability policy to hold events, costing $300 to $400 when guests are invited. 

That expense, like that of the Security Guard, is paid by the Club, which likely will trickle down to the entertainer's pocket.

Security guard and umbrella coverage for what?  To save senior citizens from attack by aliens who inhabit Area 51 ?

security-guards-sleeping-napping-1.jpg (500×368)

There's more...much more, folks.

According the latest "decree", this duo is now DEMANDING that...

...any person who would like to grace our premises providing entertainment, must also have a  HENDERSON BUSINESS LICENSE.

In the entire history of Sun City Anthem...or for that matter, anywhere in the Las Vegas valley, no one to our knowledge, has ever asked an independent contracted entertainer for a business license...

...until the "Seddon regime" took charge.

Result...additional cost = less to the club = less to the entertainer.

Now...we have uncovered yet another fee that even a number of Board members were initially unaware existed.

Any entertainer who wishes to perform via a Sun City Anthem sponsored event, can no longer negotiate that arrangement on their own.

They must use SPECIFIC PRODUCTION COMPANIES according to what we have learned....a production company APPROVED by Sun City Anthem...

...or perhaps more properly stated....

...a production company approved by our $260,000 per year General Manager...

...that only her "chosen ones" would be allowed to do business with our community.

...and the ironic of them at last check, Mistinguet Productions, DOESN'T HAVE A BUSINESS LICENSE TO OPERATE in our fair town.

When confronted with this knowledge, the response from the General Manager and Board President, Rex Weddle, was simply:

1324677_stock-photo-were-working-on-it---construction-sign.jpg (600×375)

Working on it ? 

Make a rule and not even investigate the organization you are demanding others use ...yet get paid $260 K a year with a sidekick making close to an additional $100 K ??? our opinion, is RESTRAINT OF TRADE, and like our association bidding procedures which only obtain bids from "favorites" CHOSEN BY HER, rather than open to ANY and ALL...

.. is so "over the top", it smacks with impropriety, requiring that corrective action be taken immediately...

...that is, if a Board of Directors was past their adoration and ...

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Obviously .... they were NOT

At one Sun City Anthem Board Meeting on Thursday, April 27, 2017, the outgoing Board voted to approve these destructive "decrees" set forth by Queen Seddon & Her Court by a vote of 5-2, with former Directors Jim Mayfield and Carl Weinstein casting the only "no" votes.

...and at the recent Board meeting, the #4 votegetter and "Little Giant" president, Rex Weddle, in his typical "people person mannerism" made it clear that ...

Seddon and Her Sidekick Rule

queen-of-hearts.jpg (3264×2448)

So...what does all this mean in dollars and cents to the person who does the performing?

Approximately $500 to $600 is BORNE BY THE RESPECTIVE ENTERTAINER, by a company WITHOUT A BUSINESS LICENSE...that "we're working on" to obtain ???

grease-someones-palm.jpg (182×182)

Want to purchase a ticket online through the SCA web site?

No problem...that is, unless you happen to be the entertainer.

Sun City Anthem CHARGES THE ENTERTAINER $1 FOR EACH TICKET sold on that basis.

Pickpocketing.png (800×501)

In order that all of you know just how Sun City Anthem sponsored shows operate, the entertainer INITIALLY pays between 25% and 30% of the gross receipts TO SUN CITY ANTHEM.

The remaining 70% to 75% is PAID TO THE RESPECTIVE ENTERTAINER.

Out of that percentage, the entertainer ALSO PAYS ALL OTHER MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES which includes the members of any band or fellow entertainer that may join the performance.

Let's use an example assuming an entertainer "fills the house" with all 300 seats in Freedom Hall being sold at a cost of $20 per show. 

Total gross amount of receipts would then be $6,000

Sun City Anthem immediately takes 30% or $1,800 off the top...

...which in our opinion, should properly be referred to as..

tumblr_inline_ngqk02xIY91qztrrd.png (500×232)

...leaving a balance of $4,200 gross to the entertainer.

Not a bad fee to use a an empty room.

Now let's also assume that all 300 seats are purchased online.

That reduces the entertainer's amount another $300, so we're down to $3,900 to the performer.

Now let's deduct the "squeeze play" production company fee of $600, and we are now down to $3,300 to the entertainer. 

The production company will tell you they provide the sound and advertising; but in reality, there is no need to advertise due to venues being available to residents and their invited guests only, who receive notification through The Spirit magazine and eblasts at no cost, and sound people can also be obtained free of charge through association volunteers.

The entertainer of course will usually require a band. 

The "going rate" of a musician's "gig" is $200 and often you will see 4 musicians at work, one of which is the musical director at approximately $500.


Reducing the entertainer's "take" another $1,300, and we now down to $2,000 for the star.

Have back-up singers or another entertainer in the show? 

At what would likely amount to approximately $250 per individual, and assuming there are 2 individuals, that reduces the amount another $500, leaving the main performer, $1,500.

Oh, we can't forget the entertainer's agent.  That's normally 10-15% of the gross as well.  At the 15% amount, now we've further reduced the entertainer's compensation anther $630, so now we're down to $870.

Some organizations such as The Smith Center will also charge the entertainer a rental fee for stage equipment as well. 

To my knowledge Sun City Anthem does not have such a fee, but with the recent "dictums", can that too be far behind?

In addition, a cost that entertainers must pay are preparation of music charts.  These one time chart costs can top $10,000 for some shows, but as each entertainer changes a show, additional charts must be purchased.

zakkenroller1.gif (300×330)

That folks, is the net amount to the person who does all the work, assuming that individual COMPLETELY FILLS EACH AND EVERY SEAT.

Sun City Anthem and it respective "tentacles", actually make MORE than the entertainer.

Any rehearsals, dry cleaning of costuming, refreshments, and even transportation to the show, will further reduce the net

A quality show will usually involve a rehearsal in which the band and performers must also be compensated.  At a $50 fee per band member and additional performer, based on our example, this would further reduce the "net" to the star entertainer another $300.

In this very realistic example, the actual NET AMOUNT TO THE STAR PERFORMER IS THEN A MERE $570.

To some, a net paycheck of $570 might seem like a well-paid job for what most believe is a mere 90 minutes of entertainment, but what many DON'T REALIZE is that these entertainers may do shows only once or twice a month....IF THEY ARE FORTUNATE.

And...based on the above assumptions with the entertainer working 12 months per year at two shows per month, converts to a "whopping" annual income BEFORE TAXES of merely $14,820.00.

That dear readers, is the reality of the local entertainment world in Las Vegas and in particular, Sun City Anthem...

...and in our opinion, is EXPLOITATION.

So...what is the net affect of all this to those who allow us to forget our cares and woes for 90 minutes? 

Not very much left to sustain a mortgage, rent, phone, gas, electric, gasoline, medical insurance, home or renters insurance, car insuranceadvertising expenses on a web site, and any other incidentals they might incur...such as FOOD.

monopoly.jpg (841×957)

What is the inevitable result of all this?

Sun City Anthem's reputation in the entertainment world will be looked upon by entertainers as "the place that takes you to the cleaners", "the place that makes it impossible to make a living", "the place to avoid at all costs",  and that will SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE in the Las Vegas entertainment community.

Those with a "business brain" will avoid the likes of Sun City Anthem like a plague, and our community will become the "last on their pecking order".

But... these latest actions of Sun City Anthem will also have further ramifications beyond the scope of our community.

As a result of this GREED, those who entertain  WILL BE FORCED TO EXIT the Las Vegas market, and leave us with a loss that has been a vital aspect of our town as "The Entertainment Capital of the World".

Some will hopefully find employment on cruise ships...

...but only a small few actually are chosen to perform; and those who are, also are separated from their families for months at a time.

Others might sing for 3-4 hours in a local restaurant for $75 to $100 plus any tips they might receive. 

Yes, the greed and lack of knowledge of Mrs. Seddon and Ms. Martin, in collaboration with a Sun City Anthem Board that looks at them as "experts" in such activity, when in fact NONE OF THEM HAVE AN OUNCE OF COMPASSION for members of the entertainment community, club members,  and unit owners, simply contributes to the loss of perhaps Las Vegas' greatest asset...

...its entertainers.

Must we continue to force our valued clubs and entertainers to incur  unnecessary fees and/or security guards and insurance costs when these figures allow them such a meager existence?

We think it's time Sun City Anthem management ceased this obtrusive behavior and allow clubs and entertainers an opportunity to continue to exist...

...that such ridiculous costs are a detriment to both clubs and entertainers...

...that these latest ridiculous and "dictatorial" demands made by an individual and her staff, and subsequently approved by a group of shortsighted and thoughtless leaders....will alter the quality of our community.

...and should immediately be a Board who promised to CARE for those they pledged to represent.

...that Sun City Anthem's goal should in no way look at that industry as a means of additional revenue in light of these revelations, that providing professional entertainment to its residents should be a break even arrangement...looked upon as an "unofficial amenity"...

...allowing them to come back and entertain us again and again, as well as, greatly enhancing Sun City Anthem's reputation as a premier retirement community that looks for opportunities to bring its residents a fun filled lifestyle.

Why do they never consider the ultimate results of such actions?

Because...we, the unit owners, choose to elect individuals with a lack of business and limited life social skills to control our lives; and they in turn, through those limited skills, allow an OVERPRICED OUTSIDER to make rules in which THE OUTSIDER GM and her staff are the only ones who benefit.

How sad it is, that we, as a community, won't hesitate to help a sick pet, yet allow human beings who enhance our lives, to suffer.

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  1. From Virginia Opinions

    None of this sounds good for our clubs and entertainers.

    You know what power does to people…They’ll keep wanting more and apparently this board gives it them..
  2. From Bill Opinions

    As a resident and retired CPA, I question the financial acumen of this General Manager. There was no reason to hire a CFO; an experienced Controller would have sufficed at half the cost.

    In addition, the recent hire of an assistant is an added cost that this community does not need.

    I guess the GM can't handle all of her duties.

    It appears to me that this community might be heading toward financial problems.

    The reason for self management as was told to the residents was to reduce our expenses. The GM, CFO, and assistant salaries, and do not forget benefits, are probably close to or exceed the cost of the previous outside mgmt company.

    What have we accomplished?
  3. From Patricia Opinions

    Who wrote the (well written) article on the costs of SCA Entertainment in the Anthem Opinions blog?

    That person seems to be very well informed and extremely knowledgeable on this particular subject.

    Why was his/her name not included with the article?

    Please post the name!

    Sun City Anthem was advertised as an amazing place for seniors to live out their "Golden" years, but with the employment of the new GM and her staff, along with the re-election of Mr. Rex Weddle, SCA has become a joke!

    The promise of a new community restaurant and quality entertainment played a huge part in helping us decide this is where we want to spend the rest of our lives.

    Now all this illegal activity, not only with the latest entertainment news, but the illegal non-operation of the non-existent restaurant (which was to be part of the community amenities), but also the outrageous salary paid to our GM and the continuation of the law suit relating to the Liberty Center,

    without the legally required vote of our residents, our amazing community is quickly becoming the laughing stock of Henderson/Las Vegas.

    Who, in their right mind, would knowingly buy into a community is such disarray?

    And what about the residents who are too tired, busy, or lazy to keep informed of the business of running this, our community?

    How sad is it that we can't get enough interest to find suitable, cost effective, capable leaders (GM and "old" board members) to work on behalf of the invested residents?

    How embarrassing that the community residents allow a select few to make the decisions and "rules" that only benefit themselves?!

    Come on, fellow residents!

    Stand up and start speaking up before our amazing community dissolves into another sorry, dilapidated, out grown area of unsightly and non-existent amenities!
  4. Pat, I'm the one who wrote the article after watching entertainers being exploited for years. 

    So many people believe that they all reside in mansions; that they are wealthy, and "have it made."

    It took 2 years of my life as the Entertainment Editor of The Vegas Voice to meet so many of these decent people who are blessed with a talent that so many of us wish we had...

    ...and many have remained close friends as a result of my constantly "going to bat" for them in order that they may financially survive.

    I tried desperately to make Sun City Anthem entertainment an avenue where both the entertainer and association would "win". 

    When Sandy Seddon first arrived on the scene, I met with her with this offer:

    "Allow me to book the entertainment for the association and my salary would be $1 a year; that the $1 would also find its way to the Salvation Army Christmas kettle."

    I also made this offer known to two former Board members, Jim Mayfield and Carl Weinstein. I was told they too brought this to Seddon's attention.

    Instead I was IGNORED, and an individual was subsequently hired by her for an income that I believe exceeds $50,000 per year.

    This abuse of association funds is just the tip of the iceberg. 

    This latest act of GREED is nothing more than an attempt to TIGHTEN CONTROL around the economic necks of seniors who are vulnerable and all to often, live in a make believe world. 

    Pat, this place is so "politically wired" that any person who rocks their corrupt world, and exposes their inadequacies, is looked on with contempt.

  5. From John Opinions

    The recent requirements to provide insurance and a business license has caused two of the three Dance Club instructors to bow out. The small amount they were earning wasn't worth the hassle and cost to get insurance and a business license.

    It cost the remain instructor nearly $500 to comply. and that's about two or three weeks earnings.

    We complained bitterly, but to no avail. Perhaps you can do better.

    I'm unaware of the security guard requirement.

    The Dance Club holds dances once a month which is attended mostly by members, but there are always a few guests. does the security guard requirement apply to that type of an event?
  6. John, as you have already seen, two instructors have left our services as a result of this ill thought set of requirements.

    That did not surprise me following the cost burden this placed on them and a snowball traveling down a hill, this act of stupidity will have numerous casualties.

    Then again, we can give Seddon another bonus for it, can't we?

    Can you or any others remember the ridiculous changing of the name from "Security Patrol" to "Community Patrol" when a former Board member, Ann Small, decided the word "Security" created some form of legal liability?

    We had NEVER incurred any legal action while that name prevailed, and to this very day, Sun City Summerlin's patrol vehicles still bear the name "Security Patrol".

    I believe that fiasco cost over $30,000 to $40,000 to change the name.

    As far as you question about the security guard applying, it probably does if you ask Seddon or Martin.

    If it were me, and either walked into my structured event and tried to give me a rough time, I'd simply look at them and say:

    "You seem to forget you WORK FOR ME, not get out of here and don't bother me". 

    It's time we finally stood up to this insanity and told them to go elsewhere for future employment.

  7. From Mike Opinions

    You know Dick, its great that you point out these management problems in the community but looking forward every member in here should be sick when they think of where we are headed..Sadly looks like a huge train wreck of fixed income recipient exodus from Anthem..

    I love how you try to put a light and funny spin on these issues and hope that one day, before its too late, we clean house around here...Hope so, for everybody's sake....

  8. Mike, remember, Andy Rooney, and how he was always able to bring home a point with some humor?

    He was, and still is, the man I most admired when it came to his unique ability to look at a situation, realizing how stupid the person was, who created it.
  9. From Karen Opinions

    Hey isn't SCA supposed to be a "Not-For-Profit" association?

    Where are all these new fees and charges coming from?

    Do we now have board members sitting at meetings with bobble-heads, still being mesmerized by the general manager?

    Last Fall, I was very surprised to hear that the cost to rent a table at the Parking Lot sales had been increased, as well as the tables at the semi-annual Arts and Crafts Show.

    Seems kind of crazy to charge over $10.00 at ANY time for residents to participate in something they already belong to, but I do understand there may be some MINOR costs associated with getting things set-up and cleaned up afterwards, and I am okay with that.

    But I wonder if our Association has bothered to check with other large associations to see if the SCA fees are in line with other places that offer similar venues.

    For instance, I'm pretty sure no one from SCA has bothered to contact McDonald Ranch to see if they have conflicting dates for their Lot Sales--several have been held on the same days as SCA's.

    Can't complain about a poor turn-out when both are held at the same times--and many SCA residents don't necessarily want to shop for the same stuff they are trying to sell.

    McDonald Ranch also provides inexpensive entertainment to not only their residents, but to the public.

    Has anyone from SCA contacted them for guidance? Or how about an attorney and an insurance agent?

    No sense in duplicating expenses if there is no reason to.

    I certainly hope the SCA Board Members take the time to read resident responses.

    This nonsense is getting way out of hand!!!

    Control the General Manager, please.
  10. From Sandra Opinions

    I believe you said it all.

    One thing I would point out, is that all laws have interpretation.

    I am concerned that SCA management is interpreting the Henderson laws, without the advice of an attorney.

    Do you have any information on this?

    Of course it makes sense that all large vendors we do business with should have insurance and a Henderson business license.

    However, applying these legal terms to clubs at a not for profit entity…somehow that does not sound right.
  11. Sandra, when you're an association attorney who receives a paycheck from an individual whose role is to literally tell you what you want to hear, that would be the last person I would seek objective information from.

    Here's my suggestion:

    "If it an't broke, don't fix it". 

    That's common's FREE.

  12. From Denise Opinions

    Regarding the “article” concerning the “Recent Dictums from General Manager”, I followed along and agreed with much of the sentiments and followed the trail regarding the finances. I have had serious concerns about this “self management” concept from the beginning and have not been disappointed in my suspicions.

    But you lost ALL credibility with me when you found it necessary to include the paragraph at the end: “How sad it is, that we, as a community, won’t hesitate to help a sick pet, yet allow human beings who enhance our lives, to suffer.”

    Besides the serious overuse of commas, this is probably one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard in my life.

    First of all, this is apples and oranges.

    Comparing a sick animal to people who want to be entertained?

    And that those humans are “suffering”? That is absolutely absurd.

    Furthermore, you need not forget that over 50% of the residents in this community have animals living in their homes.

    I am guessing I am not the only person that would take exception.

    I can only assume you were one of those who vehemently opposed anything resembling a dog park here and probably also belong to the group that would like the Pet Club evicted from the courtyard of the Independence Center.

    I have lived in this community since 2003. We have paid our HOA dues since we moved in.

    We have obeyed all of the rules and regulations. We were promised things when we had our home built that never materialized. Yet no one speaks up for the homeowners with animals and instead make stupid statements like yours.

    Shame on you.
  13. Wow, Denise, it was simply an analogy comparing how some people treat animals better than human beings.

    It certainly wasn't meant to offend you or any other mammal, and you are the first person to make this comment.

    And what in the world does this have to do with a dog park?

    Maybe someone out there can explain that to me.
    1. This shake-down of the Entertainers would make the 'Boys' back in New Jersey proud: all the Manager needs is to hire Two-Ton Tony to make the collections and this extortion scheme will be complete.
    2. From Buddy Opinions

      I have read all the comments on your newest article.

      Looks like the residents are angry…

      Things are done incorrectly.
      They are done without consideration of the residents.
      They are done so the newest Queen can show her power.
      The board does not have any backbone or experience to deal with this association issue.

      So readers complain.

      They are disgusted.

      They write to Anthem Opinions to get it off their chest.


      NOTHING !!!!

      Now that they made their comment, they will not do a thing.








      So…you can continue to complain with Nothing being accomplished or

    3. Buddy, so well said, and with that, I'm calling all "hands on deck" to think about Buddy's comment.

      It was sincere, and let's face it, "the truth hurt".

      Are there some of you who will join in and coordinate this needed effort?

      Anthem Opinions can identify the problem(s), but unit owners have to be the ones to demand they be solved.

      Let us know how you feel.

      Silence and inaction, will only make things worse.

      We are in need of an individual who is has the knowledge to set up some kind of petition to stop these continued actions from taking place.

      If you are that person, send us a private email.

      And to Buddy Greenfield...thanks for speaking up, Buddy.
      1. From Lynda Opinions

        I'm looking at this from the outside because I'm a renter. But I've also been an owner and sat on the association board of my condo complex for 7 years.

        The fact is - this is NOT an involved HOA board, unless it's a vote to allow the General Manager more latitude than she's already been given. And why hasn't it been stopped? Because not enough home owners show up, read the minutes and are involved.

        So over and over again - you are preaching to the same choir.

        And the General Manager knows it and DOESN'T CARE.

        I find that it's a sad commentary on what has happened to this community in the short time I've been here.

        I find the HOA board to be like a bunch of lambs who continue to let their 'leader' - lead them to the slaughter. And until the pocket book of the owners is REALLY IMPACTED - NOTHING, but nothing is going to change.

        The General Manager is here (and it's well known) for the short term until she finds another job - or worse, until she takes the reserves into such a dismal place there is no recovery. 
      2. Lynda, you are SO RIGHT...but...when one looks at the past Board election, it was obvious that the current armor is being to tarnished as the current president, Rex Weddle, finished 4th in a field of 5 candidates.

        That did not bode well for the "crony establishment".

        How he got elected president for a 2nd year was an insult to each unit owner in Sun City Anthem, because unless you are a complete imbecile, THE FIX WAS IN....

        And that bunch of conniving control freaks weren't even smart enough to make it look good.

        What was really upsetting was the hypocrisy of current Board Treasurer, Forrest Quinn, who voted for him, and then being nominated for Treasurer by former Treasurer, Tom Nissen, whom he has had constant disagreements with for years, and then being elected unanimously by the remaining Board.

        Just a result, will be looked on as "the guy who sold his soul" for the price of being elected as Treasurer.

        That guy lost complete credibility with anyone who believed he was worthy of trust.

        But....with these recent changes made by the GM and wholeheartedly being approved by the "dupes" she obviously has in her control, hurting the Clubs AND their attempts to provide reasonable entertainment, may have finally crossed a line where WE ARE SEEING MORE AND MORE PEOPLE saying....

        GET RID OF HER.