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Monday, August 27, 2018

There's No Better Way to Say It...Regarding the Sun City Anthem Restaurant Deal !

The Shortest Commentary Ever

A brief message to the Sun City Anthem Board, G2G,  and those in the community w
ho believe the restaurant lease was a responsible decision: 

Image result for judge judy

Image result for don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining

Your turn.

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  1. From Keith Opinions

    I think you're  wrong on your position on the restaurant.

    I think we want one, and we can pay for it and enjoy, just like we want and pay for pools and equipment.
  2. Keith,

    IF that restaurant is an amenity and compared to the others as you have done, and the restaurant is open to the public, why shouldn't all the others be open as well?

    Please explain the difference.

    Are you really going to say this "deal" is in the best financial interests of Sun City Anthem?  Free everything?

    If so, please explain.

    Regarding your opening comment about people wanting a restaurant, how have you based your belief?  On a meeting with less than 1% of the community?

    If you believe most people want one, would you object to a community vote on the issue?  If not, why not?
    1. From Robert Opinions

      Those who hate people telling the truth, are those who are living a lie!
      1. From Patricia Opinions

        Email sent to Sun City Anthem Board:

        SCA Board Members:

        Please tell me this new proposed lease agreement with G2G is your idea of an ill-fated joke! It is like the Board members who voted for this new contract are thumbing their noses at our residents and saying, “I’ll show you! You want a restaurant—we’ll give it to you!” You’re giving it to us, all right! But it isn’t a responsible contract with a potentially successful restaurant! You’re giving us the SHAFT!

        I’ve been reading all the responses to the information on your idea of a financially responsible lease and another attempt at a restaurant here in Anthem. The responses have been from intelligent, educated, experienced residents, who appear to know and understand the financial disaster this new contract could (and most likely would) create. We desperately need responsible Board members who are willing to serve the best interests of our community residents—to serve with integrity and loyalty to the community, not as so many of you, our current Board members, who’s own self-serving interests for whatever kick-backs or other perks you may be receiving, are producing such financially irresponsible contracts! Certainly most of you are NOT serving for praise and respect from our community! Anyone with even the slightest amount of intelligence and common sense could not praise and respect those who would enter into such a despicable, ridiculous contract as the one with G2G!

        Aside from the totally irresponsible, expensive, community-dividing contract as stated with G2G, the sad part about this contract is that anyone with a limited amount of business experience or education can see the potential financial disaster this contract could cause our HOA! I would love to have a small coffee shop in our Anthem facility where I could go for a sandwich or piece of pie or light dinner after cards, or exercising, but NOT under the conditions as set forth! I’d love to take a short drive up to the restaurant on any given day or evening for a reasonably-priced meal, but NOT at the risk of having this ridiculous contract cause financial loss not only to our HOA, but to the individual residents of our community! Some of our residents are just barely getting by on sparse income now, and the increase in dues that would certainly accompany this contract could cause a serious financial hardship to these residents. This community has not been advertised as a “wealthy” community or a community for wealthy and financially secure residents who love to throw their money out the window, if they choose! We are a community of seniors from various financial, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds! The amenities were originally designed for ALL residents—not those who have money to spare and to waste on the whims of a financially irresponsible group of people, you, who sit on our Board and claim to be making responsible decisions for the good of the community. To that, I say, “Bah Humbug!”

        I literally get sick just thinking about how you (with two exceptions) take such pride in sticking knives in our backs! But how can we get you off your “high horses” and stop the insanity? Hopefully during the next elections, we can find some morally adept people who possess the integrity and common sense to run and be voted into office to stop this merry-go-round and get us headed onto a fiscally responsible path! I pity you who don’t have the moral aptitude to make good, responsible decisions on behalf of our community, or are so adept at following-the-leader, that you cannot do your homework and make your own decisions based on what is right and what is totally wrong!
        1. I have been reading this Blog for a looooong time. It's a BLOG with NO action. Isn't there ONE person, former attorney, property manager, real estate retiree, or knowledgeable blogger person to lead a meeting??? I would do it in a heartbeat if I had the knowledge to preside over such a group, but I don't. Let me say right now all we are doing is READING a BLOG. We are doing NOTHING. Our community is not organized thus we are LETTING the Board run our community. As far as I am concerned, we made our choice.
        2. Patricia,

          I wholeheartedly agree with you.

          As I said in a previous article, complicity is a death knell to Sun City Anthem, and it plays right into the hands of the "machine" and their self interest controlling ways.

          All I can do is bring it to the attention of the community.

          The community itself must come forward and make the difference.

          I can tell you that between the unethical manner in which the removal election was handled, the Darcy Spears report, the "machine" individuals chosen as the "rent a directors", and this crazy restaurant decision, I have never witnessed such dislike and distrust for any Board like the past few we've had to endure.

          I do know that we have a large number of owners in Sun City Anthem becoming increasingly aware of this mess as witnessed by the rapid increase of Anthem Opinions subscribers and the many calls I have received similar to your comments.

          If the right group of good quality individuals will come forward next spring...

          (I can assure you that work is being done to recruit them, and volunteers are always welcome)

          ...with winning 4 Board Seats, we could take control of this place and life as it now exists, would END.

          I could see a restaurant lease NOT RENEWED without proper vetting and THEIR MONEY to finance it, a change of Community Management giving the owners their property back without ridiculous rules, and the immediate termination of the agreement with the Association attorney.

          Hang in there, Patricia.

          Change is in the air with your help and that of others who CARE about their neighborhood.

          Giving up means THEY WIN. Don't ever forget that.
        3. From Eugene Opinions

          Bad financial decision by incompetent individuals.

          Amazing how the people of Sun City Anthem can be led to believe this restaurant is a good decision and stand by and let the board force it on the community.

          We will all be paying for this mistake for a long time.
          1. Totally ridiculous. This restaurant will go the same way as all the previous restaurants. What a waste of time and money!
            1. From Marilyn Opinions

              This clause should be included in any restaurant lease.

              That they do not have the right to come back and sue us if the restaurant does not live up to our expectations.

              (hold harmless)
              1. Marilyn,

                A great suggestion, especially after what we went through with the last restaurant and the Board "giving in" to a restaurant operator and forgiving his outstanding $40,000 in  loans that the then SCA Board granted him (at 2% interest) when there was fear that a guy who hadn't paid any rent or utilities, claiming he was broke, was somehow going to come up with $350-$500 per hour to sue us.

                That was and IS the mentality of this bunch.

                How do you spell naive?

                S T U P I D

                And who on that Board voted to go along with that stupidity?

                Rex Weddle

                Does the apple fall from the "Financial Expert" tree?

                Who voted for Weddle as the previous president of SCA?

                Tom Nissen
                Aletta Waterhouse
                Arthur Lindberg
                Forrest Quinn
                Bob Burch

                And then which members of the most recent "Financial Guru Club" voted for him as Vice President?

                Candice Karrow
                James Coleman
                Patricia Carrell
                Arthur LIndberg
                Forrest Quinn
                Aletta Waterhouse

                Good calls, don't ya think ?

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Five Members of Sun City Anthem Board Create the Greatest Financial Calamity in Association's History

Restaurant Decision
A Blatant Act of Fiscal Irresponsibility
 by 5 Members of the Sun City Anthem Board

Image result for an act of incompetence

 Remember these names:

Candice Karrow
Newly Elected Sun City Anthem President

Rex Weddle
Sun City Ahthem Vice President

Patricia Carrell
Board Member

James Coleman
Board Director

Arthur Lindberg
Board Director

They betrayed you.

Image result for why

...because of these five individuals...these five MACHINE individuals...Sun City Anthem residents will bear perhaps the heaviest and most irresponsible financial burden in its 19 year history.

When two other directors actually state...

"Hold on, we need more information regarding the financials of a restaurant before we can cast an intelligent and well informed vote" of which is the Sun City Anthem TreasurerForrest Quinn, and the second, Aletta Waterhouse, the Board Secretary...

...and those warnings are then ignored by the above named individuals...

Image result for ignored

....something is wrong...VERY WRONG....and even worse...


...when it comes to committing thousands of association funds without full disclosure and an obvious adverse reaction by those members of the community who were FINALLY made aware of the terms of the ridiculous deal through independent HONEST community blogs...

..while being carefully hidden in Sun City Anthem records and finally acknowledged as to their existence in another "machine" publication, now referred to as... 

Image result for the bull sheet

These five could not properly answer the many questions that arose as to the financial commitments and liability that will impact Sun City Anthem.

Let it be known that heretofore:

If this restaurant venture fails and the residents of Sun City Anthem incur substantial financial losses or strains on its financial integrity...

...the TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY should fall on these five individuals whose legal responsibilities and COMMON SENSE, were ignored and overridden by an arrogant and insane quest for a restaurant that even fewer now support...

...ESPECIALLY after they and the community finally became aware of the numerous adverse affects that Sun City Anthem residents will be forced to endure. 

They were warned of the consequences; informed of the potential financial liability risks, and rather than exploring the concerns as to their validitymerely ignored them, and passed a vote to accept them.

That is unacceptable in the minds of rational thinking individuals in representing the best interests of a community.

In short, these five made a decision without approval of the community and will have been responsible. 

As a result...

...all five of them must pay a price.

That price?

A community finally accepting the fact that such actions are intolerable !

How is that accomplished?

Looking at them for what they have demonstrated themselves to be:

Image result for incompetent


Image result for dangerous the well-being of Sun City Anthem.

While the first reaction would be to seek REMOVAL of each of them from office, we all know full well by now that such action will incur a reaction of legal trickeryunethical emails and mailingsdisturbing eblasts, and other forms of chicanery which has earned each of them and the unofficial organization to which they belong, as being referred to as:

Image result for the machine

...while at the same time, innocent parties would be blamed for the expense.

That action will not be recommended.

However, this latest act of irresponsibility demands that each of these individuals be looked at as...

Image result for enemies of the people

...while also sharing that belief toward any other individual who supports such adverse community action.

These actions can only stop if YOU, as a Sun City Anthem resident, will MAKE SURE THEY DO.

And how is that accomplished?

First, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any intelligent person who cares about the well-being of our community, give the slightest thought to their reelection next spring. 

Doing so, makes YOU as guilty as them for committing this calamity that to date, only they, one blogger, and a restaurant executive, have publicly applauded.

Second, support any candidates who pledge to clean up the current political "pit" that exists in the next election. 

(We have spoken with prospective candidates).

And third, you can cut short this act of incompetence by strongly considering NOT SPENDING YOUR DOLLARS in any organization that a group of incompetent leaders, through their inept negotiating abilities, have clearly demonstrated, will harm you.

They have PURPOSELY and without concern for the financial well-being of a community, abandoned prudent decision making capability...

...actions which will likely... 

...take Sun City Anthem residents for a YEARLY financial "ride" they never before experienced, if not corrected through the ballot box.

Just remember, this current group of supposed leaders can't control every aspect of your life, no matter how much they try...

...especially where and when you spend your money ...

...unless your complacency will continue to allow them to do so.

The time for community complacency must stop NOW; it's that simple.

Complacency BREEDS problems that can become so immense that they can overtime become unsolvable if not properly identified and confronted.

Solving that complacency requires qualified, experienced individuals whose past has shown patterns of success in relevant BUSINESS ORIENTED problem solving, not "good old boy" politics of selecting "yes" individuals chosen by a "machine", not for their experience or competence, but for their ability to blindly "follow a leader" down a selfish bureaucratic path. where Sun City Anthem has now evolved over the years, and we cannot, if we wish to survive, allow that to continue.

People MUST understand that, or the consequences will be fatal.

In the meantime, while we are forced to deal with a "good old boy" political network, show that you care and demand that these individuals be receptive to YOU.

Answer their arrogance in the same manner they have answered your legitimate concerns !

Tell them all to...
Image result for go jump in the lake

Just click on this link for the email addresses of all the Sun City Anthem Board members to express your feelings !

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:
  1. From Victor Opinions

    Re: decision to proceed despite financial mayhem

    Politicians have political action committees dollars that influence them.  Makes me wonder if there is something similar at work here.
    1. From Irvin Opinions

      Something has been puzzling my wife and me, and we cannot come up with why.

      On the national scene, it is easy to see why most of the players in the Deep State behave as they do – Comey, for example, stood to gain additional millions of dollars and continued high-position status (in addition to the millions of dollars and juicy appointments he had already harvested due to Clinton/Obama influence) if only a Progressive had been elected to the Presidency.

      Most of the other significant players had their sights set on similar rosy expectations.

      “Screw what’s good for the country, I want Mine!”

      But what, exactly, do the Fiscal Failure Five hope to gain by approving still another financial fiasco, and saddling the owners of Anthem with the umpteenth predestined-for-failure restaurant?

      Why are they trying to force such an albatross on their protesting constituents?

      What is their potential gain?

      Please, in an upcoming issue, reveal to us what could possibly be their bizarre motivation.
    2. Irvin,  we try to avoid anything about national politics. but as far as the "why" such incompetence exists?

      That question has baffled many of us for years.

      In my opinion it revolves around the belief that those who have no knowledge of finance, believe they do, and the results have been catastrophic...

      ...and they know it....

      ...yet, they will do anything to disguise those failures, always blaming them on others.

      None have ever been in business for themselves, yet believe they know how to run a business.  It's the blind leading the blind, and the stupidity of lifelong bureaucrats, following those blind and costly decisions.

      They also deserve the blame for the failures every bit as much as the leaders do.

      It's all a "club" who can't handle any form of criticism or examination of their activities.

      Nona Tobin and Bob Frank, former directors, will attest to that fact.

      As part of their need to control, they will do ANYTHING to rid themselves of anyone who questions them, and as a result, the "follow the leader" weak members will go along with most of the ridiculous decisions made by the main control freaks who at our advanced age, many have accomplished so little in life, that they feel it's their "last hurrah" to do so.

      That's how our SCA  political "machine" operates and thrives.

      And...their knowing most people care little about the inner workings of their community, such complacency fuels the "machine".

      If you examine those who comment on another blog, most of those individuals make the most ridiculous comments possible.

      Few, if any, have a single ounce of financial intelligence other than criticizing those who question the system.  That's what bureaucrats do.

      They have no argument, yet look for excuses to condone STUPIDITY and incompetence because they can't even possibly conceive that their beloved system, could have flaws.

      All of them couldn't recognize them anyway.
      Instead, out of such stupidity and ignorance, they cling to believing anything another guy who has failed in every manner and even admitted to dishonesty, for guidance, and rather than produce any form of intelligent response, resort to insults and bully remarks....which further demonstrates their IGNORANCE.

      There is only one solution to the problem...GETTING RID AS MANY AS POSSIBLE in the next election.
    3. From Robert Opinions

      Some homework for the Board:


      fi·du·cia·ry \ fə-ˈdü-shē-ˌer-ē , -shə-rē , -ˈdyü- , fī- \

      of, relating to, or involving a confidence or trust: such as

      a : held or founded in trust or
      confidence a fiduciary relationship a bank's fiduciary obligations

      b : holding in trust
      1. From Joe Opinions



        NUFF SAID
        1. From Favil West...Former President of Sun City Opinions

          Forrest Quinn’s numbers are WRONG.

          The actual number for 2001 was $273,000 + and for 2002 approximately $165,000.

          S & D took over effective September 1, 2002.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Making You Aware of the Great Sun City Anthem Sell-Out !


The Sun City Anthem Board Passed 
This Restaurant Lease by a Vote of 5-2

Those Directors Voting Approval
Rex Weddle
Arthur Lindberg
Candice Karrow
James Coleman
Patricia Carrell

Those Directors Voting Against Approval
Forrest Quinn
Aletta Waterhouse

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Proposed Sun City Anthem & G2G
Restaurant Lease Highlights

How Does this Benefit 
Sun City Anthem Homeowners?

Are Sun City Anthem Unit Owners being...

Image result for getting taken for a ride

Image result for question mark


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Tuesday, August 21, 2018