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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sun City Anthem Resident Questions Recent Decision Regarding Liberty Center Indoor Pool

Sun City Anthem Resident Shares Liberty Center Pool Concern
Urges Those Affected to Attend Board Meeting

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Samuel Novotny
Sun City Anthem Resident

I do not know if you are aware that today Management decided to close the Liberty pool while water aerobics are being conducted in the thermal pool

The excuse is that there have been complaints by members of the class, one or two people, that people in the pool disrupt their class by talking

Only one instructor and her class are complaining. 

The other instructor has no problem with people using the pool at the time of her classes. 

The situation was further aggravated by a threat of one member against the author of this article, claiming  I made a  hate crime statement against the instructor and that she ( lady making this claim) had a friend on the police department and severe consequences will follow. 

Further comments were made that the instructor’s husband was in the military and had guns. 

These comments were made in the ladies locker room and reported to Management by three people who heard the comment.  

Two meetings were held with management which basically said this should be dealt with by police. 

Complaints were filed with the police. 

No action other than police allegedly talking to the person making the statement (who denied making the statement) and then allegedly telling management that one option was to ban people from the pool while classes were going on. 

As you can see, the victims get punished and the perpetrator of the threat is allowed to continue monopolizing the facilities. 

The general public had not been informed of the decision until yesterday and there have not been any discussions with the committee responsible for all matters dealing with fitness and the pools, Health and Fitness committee, nor were comments solicited from the general membership, many of whom are unaware of what is happening.

I would like to remind the readers of your blog that members were promised that no classes, nor children would be allowed into the pools at Liberty. 

The only time classes were held there, was when the Anthem pool or its locker rooms were being renovated. 

No classes were held in the thermal pool. 

Current classes were initiated when a member of the staff working at Liberty Center made the recommendation that classes be started in the thermal pool. 

No considerations were made that working out in 88 degree temperatures for an hour can affect people with heart conditions and diabetes, nor the fact that is a small pool and contains seven lights covered by steel covers, so movements can cause injuries to peoples feet. 

Further, it was not discussed with the general membership on what was proposed, which I am sure would have generated lots of negative comments.

This topic will be discussed at the Thursday, May 24, 2018 Board meeting if the public is allowed to comment.

I am hoping you can publish this article before the meeting so people can attend and voice their comments.
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  1. From Valerie Opinions

    In the article above it was mentioned that “the perpetrator is unscathed while the victim is punished”.

    This is exactly what happened to me when I complained about a bully and her nasty behavior in the Pan Club.
  2. From Buddy Opinions

    You have to be kidding?   Close the pool during class?

    Why not close the pool when bocci ball is being played?

    One has nothing to do with the other.

    I cannot believe this place.

    That is ridiculous and just another reason as to why this overpaid General Manager needs to go !

    This community no longer belongs to the residents.

    Why can't this Board see that?

  1. From Roseann Opinions

    Now I've heard everything!!

    These instructors are getting paid..... We the residents...can't use our indoor pool because they're claiming too much talking is going on!!

    "My suggestion: do away with these classes!"

    I want to use the indoor pool to avoid the sun!!

    Now I can't!!

    What is happening to this community?? 

  2. From Carol Opinions

    I’m not going to comment on the controversy, but just want to clarify that warm water classes have been held in the thermal pool for at least 6 years that I know of.

    I have arthritis and warm water aqua classes are exactly what my doctors have recommended.

    It was another selling point when we purchased our home in Sun City.

    Those facts stated in the letter are not accurate. 
  3. Carol & Sam,

    Did a bit of research, and you both may be right on this one...

    ...looks like it might depend on what exercise you do.

    Suggest you read this link, then send us a comment.

    Do we have any doctors out there who might give us an opinion?
    1. From Carol Opinions

      My point was not to debate the optimal temperature of a therapeutic pool, but to respond to his inaccurate statement that classes were not held in the Liberty Center until the Anthem pool renovations took place.

      I can only speak for the last 6 years, but warm water classes have been there for all those years, very popular, have to sign up ahead of time to guarantee a spot.

      I was also annoyed to hear they weren’t going to allow the use of the lap pool during that time (if that’s true) because I often use the lap pool there in cooler weather.

      When the Anthem Pool classes were moved over during the repairs, that meant neither pool could be used in the mornings unless you attended a class.

      Plus the aggravation of having the Liberty Center closed for a year. So if this is true, I hope they can work out something so that once again we will be able to use the lap pool!
    2. From Phyllis Opinions

      I live at SCA and attend warm water pool classes with Lolita. I attend the night classes
      I'm not effected by this current situation.

      I've heard the rumors and everyone is upset about the changes.

      If these people are harassing Lolita and her class, then they should be banned from the pool, not all the innocent people wanting to use the pool.

      I've witnessed residents acting absolutely horrible towards the monitor.

      Bob was on duty Tuesday night and was harassed by several people that were told to leave the big pool.

      I'm am sickened by all these mature people acting like A-------😡

      Grow up people and stop ruining our reputation for being the best place to live.

      If you are that miserable.....move.
    3. Hang on Phyllis.

      There are always two sides to every story, and your opinion has every bit the merit as others.

      However, telling people to move is rude if they don't agree with you, and frankly that line is as old as the hills, and is a bit too similar to another blog who relishes such derogatory commentary.

      Mr. Novotny, whether or not you disagree with him, provided a very professional explanation.

      As you can see, Carol Sackley also disagreed with Mr. Novotny, but she ELOQUENTLY stated her position without any derogatory comment.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Building "The Man Cave"

Something for the Man Cave
The Home Theater System

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Dennis Bono to "Kick Off" Weekly Talk Show at The Bootlegger Bistro

"Breaking Bread with Bono"
Coming to The Bootlegger this Summer

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Nasty Orange Juice Stains Can Be Removed with this Tip

How to Remove Orange Stains from Clothing

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Guide to Home Electrical Safety

Home Electrical Safety Inspections Can Save Your Life

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M Resort Owes Henderson $15 million According to City Attorney

Henderson City Attorney Says M Resort
to City
 for Infrastructure

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Justify Takes 2nd Jewel of Horse Racing's Triple Crown

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It's "Justify"in The Preakness 
The 2nd Jewel of Racing's Triple Crown

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Are Your Kitchen Cabinets Looking a Bit Worn?

Thinking About Refinishing
Kitchen Cabinets ?

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I Couldn't Stop Laughing !...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

There's No 

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Right...and I hope when the new restaurant opens, one of the specials is a generous portion of...

Image result for eating crow

Unfortunately, that crow delicacy is going to be paid by all of us due to another recent decision that the new "chosen" restaurant owners, G2G, will be getting free rent, free utilities,  and will be open to the public...

...after one suddenly disappeared who offered $700,000 to renovate, $3,000 per month in rent, and paying the utilities.

And the result?

All of us unit owners incurring a subsidy !

Now that's terrific financial "wheeling & dealing", don't ya think ?

And... here's another question we have as to this version of  Chapter #6 of the "new and improved" restaurant venture?

Is the Sun City Anthem Board in any way considering increasing the income of an already overpaid General Manager as a result?

Image result for woman throwing money in the air

Now...on to the new leadership !

Let's look at the latest choice of Board officers and one recently elected.

First, we have a new president, Bob Burch, who escaped the removal election by "supposedly" 2 votes when in fact, POSITIVE PROOF existed he should have been included...

...and when the error was brought to the attention of both the Nevada Real Estate Division and Sun City Anthem management, was IGNORED.

Second, we have a new Vice President, Rex Weddle, the old President, who took it upon himself to blast bloggers in his swansong President's Report in the May, 2018 Spirit magazine...

...who holds the distinction of attaining both the lowest vote total to be elected to office in the 2017 Board election yet the highest number of votes cast to remove him.

Third, we have another gentleman recently elected who cried "ethnicitywhen reading a private email at an official board meeting due to a "name redacted" blogger referring to the African American Heritage Club as the African American Club.

Image result for cartoon laughter

That's certainly a reason to infer a person is a racist, isn't it?

We won't mention his name because doing so likely would get that same "redacted" blogger another email and tear jerking moment at a Board meeting in front of 35 people !

Image result for crocodile tears moving

Then...our new President states that The Review Journal may be doing a story about a tax issue that took place years ago.

For you "newbies" out there, you should know that there's a Nevada statute that requires an HOA to either return excess funds to homeowners or have them earmarked for projects in the following year.

Seems that a former Board ignored those rules and the IRS came calling initially stating that our association owed them $1,000,000 due to their violating Nevada law.

It took a couple of years to settle things and yes, it was 8 cents on the dollar. 

But...that 8 cents on the dollar turned out to be in excess of $140,000 when interest, attorney and accounting fees were included.

Naturally, that individual whose pen resembles Flipper's blow hole...

Image result for cartoon dolphin blowhole

...neglected to mention the full story or the fact that nothing would have been paid had the law been followed...

...but that appeared to be insignificant.

Image result for what's wrong with this picture

And of course, that statement was followed up by "Flipper" who called attention to two residents who were arrested years ago for filing a false police report...

...but conveniently omitted the fact that the case was dismissed.

Of course, there is the concern of the ex-pres trying to make some kind of case for all this disagreement resulting in a decrease in property values !

That seems to be a theme among "the informed" as well lately.

Hmmm !!!!

Unfortunately, "Zillow" certainly doesn't agree:

Image result for ZILLOW LOGO

According to them, in the past 12 months, property values have increased 13.5% and the projection for the next 12 months is another increase of 5.8%.

Then again, who are we to question the wisdom of such an "informed" individual...and the "mountain" of others so informed?

After all, it was just a "handful of individuals"...

...1,282 of them to be exact...43.6% of all who voted in the removal election...

...who believed Sun City Anthem would be a better place without that wisdom ! 
 Image result for laughing cartoon moving
Oh well, "it is what it is" ...

Image result for ferdinand the bull

. ...for now !

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:

  • From Robert Opinions

    You don't even need to log-on to Zillow to review our property value appreciation.

    All anyone (including the former President) needs to do is review the Proudfit Real Estate insert in the SCA mailer we all get; it includes charts and graphs to show how our properties have appreciated.

    If one wants to produce BS, one should ascertain that there is no readily-available info to refute his or her BS.
  • We located the article in the May 7, 2017 edition of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

    Note..."Flipper" who relentlessly over the year, has more than displayed hatred for both men, had to comment....

    ...and as usual...only telling part of the story, completely avoiding the fact that had the then Board DONE THE RIGHT THING TO BEGIN WITH... monies would have ever have had to be paid at all ! Just click on this link to view its entirety.
    1. From Marilyn Opinions

      Dick,  the country is so hostile that normal people are now afraid to talk in the club house for fear of being arrested.

      This is terrible.
    2. From Stuart Opinions

      I enjoy reading the opinions and information contained therein; however, I would like to know who is writing them as anonymous writings are always suspect to ingrained bias.
    3. Stuart,  I'm a bit confused.  Literally all of what you view on Anthem Opinions has a name attached to it.

      It is our blog policy to publish only comments that have a name attached to them.

      Anonymous postings in our opinion are worthless.

      It is the Berman publication where almost all commentary is anonymous.

      Have I misunderstood you?
    1. From Karen Opinions

      Hey, why haven't I seen anything mentioned about who's going to be paying the real estate taxes on the restaurant space?  According to some information I recently read, the Association pays over $50k per year in property taxes--taxes that might have gone away entirely if the space had been turned into additional meeting rooms, etc.

      I guess if the new tenant is getting free rent and utilities, I suppose the SCA Owners will be on the hook for those too (or should I say "still"?) --so shouldn't THAT number be added in on top of the subsidy?  Or is the subsidy to cover the taxes?

      And then, another question---Since the restaurant will also be using the Association's furnishings, if, or when they breakdown, who will be paying for the repairs or replacement?  I can only wonder what genius is structuring the lease, but if I were a betting person (which I am), I'm guessing the Association will be adding a "replacement" line item on the 2019 budget if there isn't one already.

      What do you think?  I think senility has been hovering over SCA for some time now and COMMON SENSE is just gone...   The Board members have a fiduciary responsibility, so I hope their E&O insurance is being kept current.  And when this restaurant fails, I want my money back.

      Anybody else with me???
    2. OK, Karen.

      Let's take this one step at a time.

      First, all unit owners will be paying for the real estate taxes.

      Second, I believe the real estate tax portion of the building is approximately $25,000, but the "machine" decided to "sell it" on the basis of it costing $50,000 if it was left vacant. 

      Of course, had it been re-purposed for "owner use only", no real estate taxes would have had to be paid.

      Should that amount be included in the subsidy? Of course it should, but believe me, in the minds of these bureaucrats, I promise you, it won't !

      Who's going to do the lease negotiations?
      Three people:

      General Manger, Sandra Seddon, who obtained 836 signatures of "no confidence;

      Board Treasurer, Forrest Quinn, who had complaints filed against him for publishing and publicly displaying information recommending unit owners vote against the removal;

      and last but not least, recently retired Board member, Thomas Nissen, who previously voted to grant the last restaurant owner $40,000 of association funds in loans that defaulted, and then received 1,254 votes or 42.6% of all votes cast in the recall election to remove him from office.

      Who is going to be responsible for repair and replacement of restaurant items?

      That's up to the "negotiators"...but...if history repeats...owners will likely be "on the hook" for that as well.

      Are you as impressed as we are?

      And oh yes, I think plenty of us are "with you" ... 

      ..especially when they see strangers walking into a restaurant all of us owners will by paying for out of our dues... long as it survives !
      1. From Barry Opinions

        Dick, in response to the question from Karen regarding "who is watching our assets in the restaurant?"

        At the recent candidate forum, I asked each candidate if they would be willing to require the restaurant owner/operator to post a bond, based on our past restaurant experience.

        Not one of them answered in the affirmative; one said it depends what is in the lease, one said we have to make it as easy as possible for a restaurant to succeed.

        Also, I believe the commercial property tax is approximately $17,000/yr.

        One can only hope they will realize their fiduciary duty is to protect association assets and money.
        1. Thank you Barry for the info. I think posting of a BOND is an excellent idea, and can't believe it wasn't a requirement from day one. Maybe we (a group of owners) should send a letter to the Board and Association Attorney to be read into the records making that very request.

          I also have been unable to determine whether the association ever took any steps to collect the past due amounts from the former restaurant, or just wrote it off. Seems like no one wants to talk about it--maybe VIC gives out free sandwiches as hush money?