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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Major League Baseball is Back
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Monday, July 6, 2020

Newest Nevada Laws

Newest Nevada Laws
Effective July 1, 2020

Several new Kentucky laws going into effect Thursday | Archive ...

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Mr. Fix-It Speaks Out on Blogger's Accusations

Is Mr. Fix-It
"Racist" or "Bigot" ?

Forrest Fetherolf

 I have been asked by others to comment on a recent article written by a blogger insinuating that I am a racist or bigot.

Unfortunately, when using words like "bigot" or "racist" in a community that has, to my knowledge, never experienced any racial tension, claiming others should be referred to in that way, crosses a line of decency.


Here is my story……….

After graduating from a small school in central Illinois, I joined the United States Marine Corps.

During Marine boot camp at MCRD San Diego, I shared a space with a Pvt. Childs, an African American man.  

We shared all the same training together…there was no discrimination; there was no mention of color.  Both of us had one objective: to become proud US Marines.

After boot camp, I was assigned to the 5th Marine Division.  My platoon leader was Staff Sergeant Dungee, another African American man.  

For two years, I worked very closely with him as platoon radio operator.  I highly respected him as a leader and as a person.  For my work efforts, I received his respect and he rewarded me with two meritorious promotions.

After my 4-year tour of duty with the Marines, I was accepted by the Los Angeles Police Department.   

Six months later the 1965 Watts riot erupted in South Central Los Angeles.  I was transferred from the quiet West Valley Division in the San Fernando Valley to a war zone in South Central Los Angeles.

After weeks of the rioting, I continued to work in the Watts area.  

My partners were African American men; we patrolled the Watts area for more than 2 months. We respected each other and depended on each other for backup and support.

Later, I became a General Contractor after recovering from a near fatal disabling accident while on duty with the LA Police Dept, I spent over 18 months in body casts, wheelchairs, crutches and 6 corrective surgeries recovering.

For more than 12 years, Odell Thompson, his uncle, his nephew, and I worked together building homes in the Los Angeles area. All three of these fine men were of African American heritage.

Odell taught my workers and me the proper way to frame a house, and I owe much of my later successful career to him for the time and patience he spent with me and our fellow workers.

I moved to SCA December 31, 2007.  I have never regretted the move.  

Two lovely ladies live close to me. 

Joleen lives across the street, and Samaria lives one block over.

Both are African American ladies.  

We have socialized over the last 12 years, attended block parties and I have helped both fixing things in their home.  

December 2008, during the 8” snowstorm, Joleen called me around 9pm; she was stuck in the snow one-half mile from her home.  I towed her home with my 4-wheel drive vehicle and escorted her up the driveway so she would not slip and fall.

I have referred local handyman Ben Foster, another fine reputable African American gentleman, to several SCA Residents for home repairs and maintenance.  

Last week Ben asked me if I would help Janice, another African American lady who is wheelchair bound.  I repaired a broken sprinkler line for her.

I have rented 3 of my SCA homes to African Americans.

If Mr. Berman, Mr. Coleman, and others think I am a racist and bigot…my history speaks for itself.

I am not, never have been, and do not intend to be.

Perhaps both of them and others should be spending more time with those of all races, joining them together in kindness, generosity, and acceptance, rather than their current activities which seem to accomplish little more than creating divisions in our community with their senseless acts and accusations.

Thank you for listening.

  • From Barry Opinions

    Forest, thank you for telling your story.

    Thank you for also helping me when I had an issue in my house.

    It is my belief, when a person starts calling another a racist, it says more about that person than the one accused.

    Unlike the two people making the accusation, you have gone out of your way to help many in our community.

    I have lived here for over seven years, and until recently this community was always color blind.

    For the first time in our lives, my wife and I now feel the need to investigate the purchase of weapons for self defense.

    Please continue your selfless acts that make our community a better place.

    Do not let people with hate in their heart change your kindness.
  • To have referred to Forrest Fetherolf in such derogatory terms was so uncalled for considering his years of "unofficial" unselfish community service helping those who have been in need.

    His "Mr. Fix-It" articles are such a minor aspect of his assisting others compared to his actually taking the time to help them time and again, whenever they are in need of home repairs, and almost all of the time, doing so without accepting any compensation...

    ...and all too often many are unaware of the actual physical pain he suffers daily due to the number of surgeries he has had to endure over his adult life.

    "Mr-Fix-It's World of Home Improvement" is one of the top read sections on Anthem Opinions, receiving compliment after compliment for the relevant topics he has discussed over the years, and I thank him for enhancing the value of our publication.

    He is a very giving individual in so many ways as well.

    The guy has a heart as pure as gold, and I have been honored to call him my friend over the 15 years I've lived in Sun City Anthem.

    Speaking personally, SCA made a big mistake when they did not elect him to the Board in the two attempts he made.

    His knowledge of construction matters is second to none in our community, and I would hope this new Board will look to him for advice when such matters come up in the future.

    There should be more Forrest Fetherolfs in this world; it would be a better place.

    What others merely talk about, he actually does. a MAN of HONOR, not ridicule.

    1. From Marcia Opinions

      I was elated after reading the latest article on Anthem Opinions.

      I was taught at an early age that the truth will always come out and what Forrest wrote was exactly that.

  • This is such a completely and totally bunch of B.S.
    How someone (that I know too) got besmirched (by someone in this community) after YEARS OF DEMONSTRATING WHO Mr Fetherolf is, is beyond comprehension.
    Is it that easy to do? Just by someone saying it that its true (?) NO, I SURELY DON'T THINK SO, NOR DO I HOPE NOT. Stop it, NOW. Stop the madness that has creeped into this community merely by someone making a comment.
    Mr. Fetherolf does not need to defend himself against those who think they can merely make comments like this and have their voice spread thru a community and create verbal violence...
    Just stop it... take your anger somewhere out to the desert and deal with it. Our culture and society has grown beyond this. Its terribly old thinking and doesn't belong here...anymore.

  • From David Opinions

    The facts speak for themselves. 

    And "Thank You" Dick for publishing it.
  • Barry, Marcia, Marty, and David,

    On behalf of Forrest, I'm so sure he appreciates your comments.

    I wonder if either Coleman or Berman are MEN ENOUGH to send Forrest an apology for their disgraceful allegations after being made aware of Forrest's unselfish attitudes and acts toward all people?

    After what Forrest disclosed, only those with some form of alternative objective would be hesitant to do so; the question is, what is that alternative objective?

    If it was to make fools of themselves, they succeeded.

    If it was to display anger, rage, and hatred toward many in SCA, they succeeded in that as well.

    Both have shown their true character, and should be ashamed of themselves for doing so.

    ....and let's never forget, it was Berman and HIS MACHINE, that supported this man for election to the Board.

    1. From Mary Lee Opinions

      Beautifully written by  Forrest.

      Those that KNOW him will ignore the BS but Berman's and Coleman's remarks were shameful and inexcusable.

      Forrest ever complains about the pain he endures and many are unaware of it as he never says  “no” to any request for help.

      Please give him a big hug for me.

      He does so much for SCA and others and is a remarkable man and I’m happy to have him as a friend.  

  • From Elizaabeth Opinions

    What a shame that Forrest was put in the position to have to defend himself in the first place.

    Actions speak  louder than words and Forrest has exhibited his willingness to help and his generous spirit in and out of this community over and over.

    Unfortunately anyone with a computer can slam another human being and put it out there: blog, social media, etc simply because they want to and then because it is the written word, many weak minds take it as gospel.

    Days of honest reporting are long gone.

    Facts are apparently no longer relevant. 
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    Friday, July 3, 2020

    Happy Birthday America

    The National Anthem
    Why We Sing It Before Sports Events

    Why the Star-Spangled Banner is Played At Sporting Events - HISTORY


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    Thursday, July 2, 2020

    Live Entertainment Making a "Local" Comeback

    What's Coming Up in  Live Entertainment

    Entertainment Archives - Know Your Town

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    Nevada Ombudsman Offering FREE class on Unit Owner Rights

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    Tuesday, June 30, 2020

    Organizing a Kitchen Drawer

    Does Your Flatware Drawer
    Look Like This?

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    messy kitchen – Hope Wissel


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    Sunday, June 28, 2020

    We Salute Our Men in Blue...They Count Too !

    "The Policeman"
    Paul Harvey

    Policeman - By. Paul Harvey (Tribute to our Police Officers) - YouTube

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    Thursday, June 25, 2020

    Let's Go Bowling....With the Right Supplies

    Like to Bowl?
    We've Got a Deal for You

    Everest Academy: Vestavia: Homeschool Bowling

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    Monday, June 22, 2020

    Smile...You're a FART

    FARTS Makes The "Big-Time"

    Michigan J. Frog | Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki | Fandom

    "That's Entertaiment"

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