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Friday, March 16, 2018

Welcome to Anthem Opinions

Anthem Opinions

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a community communication device that will provide you information, ask your opinions, and hopefully

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Welcome to Anthem Opinions

Anthem Opinions

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a community communication device that will provide you information, ask your opinions, and hopefully

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sun City Anthem Employee Salary Information Denied to Resident... Blatantly Violates NRS Regulations

Talking about Sun City Anthem
Association Employee Salaries

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It goes without saying, the incomes of various Sun City Anthem employees has come under scrutiny... those in the community dedicated to RESPONSIBLE SPENDING ! should's YOUR MONEY !

We all know that the incumbents running in the 2018 Board election have done everything in their power to avoid justifying those incomes.  After all, they authorized them.

In addition we have a candidate running for the Sun City Anthem Board who made this statement regarding her obviously believing that income was justified.

Stated candidate Candice Karrow:

"Ms. Seddon's salary is costing each rooftop $35 a year.  She costs you the same as dinner out or a few minutes at a slot machine.  I would rather have a general manager/CAM who has allegiance to the Association than one who reports to and answers to a corporate office downtown.  We paid the management company fees for a less efficient and less transparent operation".

That "simplistic" answer was one we have heard before, and if taken at face value, may indeed be true...

But...that if one delves a bit more carefully into the FULL STORY...

... is perhaps one of the most deceptive and short sided statements...especially from a person who claims to have an MBA and worked for large corporations in the past.

We are NOT targeting Mrs. Karrow, and we would be more than happy to hear the views of  candidates Gary Lee and Cliff Wigen.  

Actually, we have asked for Karrow clarification of some of her views; but to date, none have been provided.

Incumbents Burch, and Waterhouse as well as appointed director Coleman justify these income amounts.  It's obvious by their past voting records.

Let's not forget that Mrs. Seddon controls the salaries of all Sun City Anthem employees and that the budget for 2018 called for a 3% in funds for salary increases.

Let's make sure you fully understand  significance of that 3% increase.

It is a GROSS AMOUNT, which in 2018, will increase association costs approximately $105,000 to unit owners.  

In addition, it is at the discretion of the General Manager who gets is NOT an across the Board raise for all employees.

The US inflation rate for 2017 was 2.1%

Social security retirement benefits increased 2.0% in January, 2018.

At first glance, that might be interpreted as a modest difference between 2% an 3%; however, in reality, a Sun City Anthem employee's increase receiving the full 3%, is 33% higher than those living on a fixed social security benefit, and approximately 30% higher than the US inflation rate.

That is NOT merely a Cost of Living increase.

That was also an INCOME INCREASE.  

Benefit percentages increased as well, far in excess of the 3% amount...

Image result for employee salaries

...and when added to the additional salary benefits, project a total of a $423,000 increase in 2018.

The reserve contribution REDUCTION for 2018 was $400,000.

That brought scrutiny from those who STUDY MONEY  as to  the TOTALS expended by Sun City Anthem..

...and...the likely impending impact on association assessments to unit owners.

A year ago when a request for employee payroll compensation was madeit was granted.

It was at that time learned that our "overworked" General Manager would initially be paid $250,000 per year as a BASE salary...receiving a $20,000 additional bonus plus benefits.

In late 2017the same request was made for 2017 payroll figures after it was being rumored that an additional raise and bonus was in the till for our GM.

That request, which according to NRS regulations, is to be provided to any resident requesting such information:

Here's the law:

Pursuant to...
NRS 116.31175 (4a), as a property owner, have the right to review any records relating to the number of hours worked and the salaries and benefits of employees of an HOA upon written request.

...and there is NOTHING IN THE LAW that states you cannot share that information.
So, in complying with this order to update our reporting to you, a resident made such a request recently.

Image result for access denied
by the Association attorney
Let's just say....

It's the law and perhaps our "overworked" and "underpaid" General Manager might do some individual research and provide the community a reason as to WHY THE LAW APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN IGNORED....and...perhaps READ THAT LAW herself, without having to call a henchman for an expensive answer that would, in our opinion,  serve her purpose....STONEWALLING the TRUTH.

But...there is more !

It is well known that the income of our General Manager exceeds that our our Summerlin counterpart by leaps and in excess of $100,000 !

The Board REFUSES to state what the current General Manager's income current total is, nor will they state if any bonus was recently paid.

That...subsequently brought the MEDIA into the Sun City Anthem picture, making an attempt to REPORT the EXORBITANT sums being paid.

The result...

Sun City Anthem management REFUSED to be interviewed.


Ask yourself...

If the incomes according to LAW are supposed to be available to any unit owner...

...were provided in early 2017....

...denied in early 2018...

Yet seem to be justified by both incumbents in addition to candidate, Candice Karrow...

WHY were they denied recently ???? this merely a "machine" in action withholding information in order to continue their uncontrolled spending habits ?

One would think that if they would feel more than justified in both approving incomes and granting such increases, they would have no problem divulging them.

Or...could it be that by withholding that information, they are avoiding the embarrassment of the amounts?

What say you?

Can any person come forth and defend withholding income figures the LAW demands their being available?

Is it time for a community to finally comprehend that such leadership is a "political machine" whose actions have resulted in adversely affecting in the financial security of an association?

Finally, add this to a proposed ANNUAL unit owner subsidy of $85,000 for a restaurant (which will undoubtedly increase each year)...

And ...I can assure all of you...

Annual Dues increases are the only alternative to financial irresponsibility.  

How else can they be maintained ???

We suggest you keep this in mind when you cast a ballot in the 2018 Sun City Anthem Board election.

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:

  1. From Nona Opinions

    An Article on her blog, SCA Strong, that should be read by all residents of Sun CIty Anthem.  
  2. From Rana Opinions

    The board and their followers justify all expenditures by this mathematical system; divide by 7,144 and it diminishes in size.  Thus it is a mere pittance and must be a fiduciary sound decision. 
  1. March 15, 2018 at 4:27 PM
  2. From Peter Opinions

    I truly appreciate candidate Candice Karrow comment towards having a dedicated manager for the mere rooftop cost of $35.00 in comparison to either paying for dinner or playing a few minutes at a slot machine.

    Fortunately my wife I like to eat and not gamble as well.

    I also understand the responsibility our Board of Directors have in putting together an exceptional budget that is truthful and understandable by all.

    There should never be any disrespect shown to and or by anyone who might like an answer to any part of our budget if done in a civil manner.

    But when our Board or a candidate wants to compare parts of our budget to rooftops and then justify it by either paying for dinner or playing the slots at $35.00 a pop, before you know it, those $35.00 begin to really add up.

    Is this or will this be the new logic going forward and become the norm towards any additional expenses in the future?

    You also stated in your column the possibility of a yearly $85,000 contribution going towards having a restaurant on site. This mere $85,000 to start base off same rooftop logic -/-7,100 equals another $11.97 onto each.

    My last question, will these two items be paid for based off rooftops or per home square footprint?
  3. Peter, that has been the logic for attempt to minimize the total by dividing the cost by the number of homes.  

    It's a sales pitch that has been used for years.

    The projected amount will be per rooftop.

NCAA Basketball: Round One...Dates, Times & TV Stations

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

An Unusual Use for a Can Opener

Opening Stubborn Plastic Blister Packs
with a Can Opener
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Monday, March 12, 2018

Nevada Auto Insurance Limits to Increase on July 1st

Minimum Nevada Auto Insurance Limits 
Increasing as of July 1, 2018

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Refinishing Wood ?

Before You Refinish Wood
You Have to Identify the Existing Finish

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Welcoming Our Newest Information Page "Let's Talk Sports"

Between now and April 2nd, the entire country will once again experience....

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....and you can't be a part of it unless you play along !

We have a link for you to click if you and your friends would like to print the bracket when the 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament which begins on March 13th and will, between now and its completion on April 2nd, dominate the television screens of casino and home TV screens for the next 3 weeks.

Join us in welcoming our newest Information Page.


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Former Sun City Anthem Finance Committee Member Looks at Sun City Anthem Legal Expenses for the First Month of 2018

Milking the Cash Cow
Image result for cartoon cash cow

Barry Goldstein
Former Member of the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee

It was a tough choice between the above name and...

Image result for cartoon goose laying golden eggs
"The Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs"

For those of you that have not had the time, or more accurately stated, little or no desire, to read the hundreds of pages of information that are provided to the community for our board meetings, I was certainly surprised to see Sun City Anthem was over budget on legal fees by...

$21,750 just the month of January !

Let's see, at $400 p/hr that would be 95 hours of legal work just for one community.

And I thought that Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers had vanquished the rebel forces in 2017 !

Image result for cartoon darth vader and stormtroopers

Wasn't that the decree in the Spirit Magazine?

Why is it we do not get an accounting of what the legal charges were for?

We get an accounting when we are over budget on other items in the reports.

Has anyone else noticed we have not been given any recent information regarding the legal cases in which our association is involved ?

Maybe we now know how much the 43 page letter that Nona Tobin received,  informing her that she was ineligible to run in the 2018 Board election cost the association !

Exactly who authorized that?

It certainly was not the petition signing rebel forces.

Image result for cartoon jar jar binks

Another rumor is that there was a recently held settlement meeting with Pulte regarding the Liberty Center Lawsuit.

Supposedly that meeting ended when the Pulte team requested the maintenance records of Liberty Center.

I wonder how that will "play out" when they discover "maintenance" by a former management company and ignored by a Sun City Anthem Board was defined as "putting a bucket under the roof" when it leaked ???

Then again, I'm surprised this option wasn't chosen !

Image result for cartoon bucket under a roof catching rain

Oh well, it is what it is....but...

If you are among those that still think we will recoup our money in that lawsuit, I know of desert swamp land available for purchase.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:
  1. From A. Opinions

    Yet another reason to CHANGE THE BOARD & GET RID OF THE MACHINE!
  2. You never seem to see any of this reported else where, do you?

    Now add this to the comment form Board candidate, Candace Karrow, who is currently on the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee:

    Q. Are we doing a good job of managing SCA’s legal costs?

    A. It should always be a priority to manage all costs. 2017 was unusual because of all the issues that happened. The Association must be protected when issues arise, so it would be irresponsible not to get legal advice.

    It certainly would be nice to see her explain this statement, wouldn't it?

    What say you, Mrs. Karrow? 

    And...along with this, perhaps she might also explain: 

    . Do you support a restaurant in Anthem Center?

    A. Yes, because it seems to be what the residents want. Many of the people I have spoken to say that is one reason they purchased their homes and they have missed having a restaurant on the property. Is it going to be easy? No, and it will take some time to work through all the issues that are involved in opening a restaurant.

    Just how did you come to this conclusion, Mrs. Karrow?

    Anyone out there buy their home because of a restaurant? I think Mrs. Karrow might want to get a reality check.
  1. From Valerie Opinions

    Our illustrious and overpaid manager is a personal friend of Tom Nissen, on our Board.

    Doesn’t that knowledge cause some concern?

    She got rid of the former SCA staff and brought in her buddies also for “generous” salaries, and some do very little work.

    Isn’t anyone concerned about the money that is being spent, OUR MONEY?

    SCA isn’t being run with the residents welfare in mind.

    It’s being run like a business, and SCA be damned.
  1. From Robert Opinions

    The overall APATHY of the SCA residents will allow the current cabal to continue unhindered (unless, of course, the HOA Fees go up to $500 per quarter or more).

    THEN you'll hear the screaming (when it's too late)...after all, "Money Talks, BS Walks)
    1. Let's set a record straight.  

      No one went after Mrs. Karrow...

      Just a few honest questions as to her comments: which as always, are construed by a mentally impaired blogger who has so much baggage, he's the last person in the world to criticize anyone.

      Because she's a candidate and the community is entitled to know !

      OK, so Mrs. Karrow isn't currently on any Finance Committee.  

      That's certainly a reason to bring the wrath of God down on a person, isn't it ?  

      No, it's merely another excuse for a mentally unstable individual to destroy a person's character who brought forth an honest question...

      ...a question that blogger believes does not deserve an answer.

      Who in the world cares about such trivial nonsense other than some nitpicking nutcase who looks for the dumbest reasons to insult others?

      Besides, 2012 is a long time ago, and by the nature of her responses, as well as, the article written by Barry Goldstein that was taken directly from SCA records, it appears that she may need a bit of current education before she makes such statements.

      What counts is what she said, and it leaves questions that need clarification.

      How come that pathetic excuse of a human being never brought up the real facts of the article?

      Attorney Fees as well as the maintenance records of the Liberty Center which his wife wasn't smart enough to seek a formal examination prior to acceptance.

      And to  criticize a person for calling that individual "vermin" is small potatoes compared to the constant disgusting comments made by the nameless buffoons who populate his poor excuse of a publication on a daily basis.

      A perfect example is a former director, Carl Weinstein, who we banned from Anthem Opinions as a result of calling a woman a WHORE when collecting removal petition signatures...

      ...while obviously embraced by that blogger by allowing him to make the most insidious comments time and time again.

      After all, water seeks its own level.

      At least, we at Anthem Opinions, don't make attempts to harass those who comment by contacting them personally as is standard practice for a man who once held the record number of charges of "code of conduct" violations that were never heard due to his wife's making sure the policy was discontinued.

      And of course, who was fully in favor of NOT having a community Bully Policy that was suggested by a former Association Attorney?

      You guessed it...a BULLY

      And, how do you define a bully?

      All you need do is spell :

      D A V I D
      B E R M A N

      Wake up Sun City Anthem...this man has, and continues to poison us for years with his beliefs of self-importance...disrespecting residents, and going beyond the limits of sanity in making every attempt to destroy anyone who in any way, has exposed the dirt and corruption he has endorsed and been a part of for years.

      Someone once published the characteristics of a sociopath. 

      We strongly suggest he read them !
      1. We at Anthem Opinions strongly suggest that you read the latest disparaging article toward a reader of both Anthem Opinions, as well as, Nona Tobin's SCA Strong publications.

        It was published on David's Anthem Journal.

        For what purpose would that be published? 

        It has no merit other than display a senseless act of hatred toward a fellow SCA resident...from an individual who professes only others (not including himself) consistently demonstrate.

        A few days ago, Anthem Opinions made a comment about the characteristics of a sociopath.

        Here are three of them for your perusal.

        Then ask yourself...

        Who demonstrates such behavior on a consistent basis as well as allows commentary that demonstrates these characteristics?

        #2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn't do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.

        #3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very "successful" sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation. 

        #9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.