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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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It's Summer
What Songs Were Your Favorites?

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It's Summer...Got a Favorite Summer Song ?

It's Summer
What Songs Were Your Favorites?

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We love summer.  It may be hot, but that's why God invented air conditioning and swimming pools if you live in Las Vegas !

But those summers...those wonderful summers and the tunes that somehow defined a younger generation that have "overnight" become "senior citizens".

Let's go back to those days and take a poll as to what songs best describe "summer" in your youth.

We found 15 to think about, but we're open to others.

Here are our Top 15 !
(in no particular order)

Image result for lazy hazy crazy days of summer nat king cole
Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer
(Nat King Cole)
Image result for a summer song chad and jeremy
A Summer Song
(Chad & Jeremy)

 Image result for one summer night danleers lyrics
One Summer Night
The Danleers
Image result for here comes summer jerry keller
Here Comes Summer
(Jerry Keller)

 Image result for one last summer abba
Our Last Summer
Image result for summer breeze seals and crofts
Summer Breeze
(Seals & Crofts)
Image result for summer nights grease
Summer Nights
(from "Grease")
Image result for theme from a summer place percy faith
Theme from a Summer Place

 Image result for a wonderful summer robin ward
A Wonderful Summer
(Robin Ward)
 Image result for in the summertime mungo jerry
In the Summer Time
(Mungo Jerry)
Image result for hot fun in the summer time sly
Hot Fun in the Summertime
(Sly & The Family Stone)

 Image result for beach party dave york
Beach Party
(Dave York)
Image result for summertime porgy and bess the movie
Summer Time
(from Porgy & Bess)
Image result for all summer long beach boys
All Summer Long
(Beach Boys)

 Image result for zip a dee doo dah
(from "Song of the South)

Image result for its summertime jamies
It's Summertime

Your turn !

Got a favorite or one we missed?

Let us know !
  1. From Tim Brooks...owner of Emerald Island Opinions

    "Good Day Sunshine" (The Beatles)
  2.  Image result for good day sunshine the beatles
    1. From Mark OToole...The Crooner...Anthem Opinions

      "Beach Baby"  (First Class)
      Image result for beach baby first class

    1. From Gary Anthony...Frank Sinatra Tribute Opinions

      "High Tide" (The Allens)
    2. Image result for high tide the allens
  1. From Opinions

    Dick, Great List, my choice is Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime"
    1. From Jerry Opinions

      "Summer Wine" (Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood)
    2. Image result for summer wine nancy sinatra

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How about a Do-It-Yourself Alarm System ?

Our thanks goes to Sun City Anthem's retired Chicago Detective John Schmidt ! 

Put your car keys beside your bed at night !

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Looking at the Sun City Anthem Calamity Deal...(Part Two of Two)


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(Part Two of Two)

Has anyone even addressed the thought as to why a $70 million corporation wants everything FREE...even going so far as getting Sun City Anthem to clean the used linens?

To the unsophisticated individual whose sole restaurant experience revolves around the contents of their stomach...which likely includes the overwhelming number of those who favor this thing...

...that thought would never cross any of their minds, nor do they care.

This company, G2G, knows a good thing when it sees it.  They now see...

Image result for desperation running the show...and a small minority of people are following them like sheep...

...and they are going to push this to the limits to get what they want because of one basic fact...

They're the only player left in the game who wants anything to do with us !

...and they know it !

Can you imagine having any dispute in the future with a $70 million corporation, one who as of now, appears to be problematic due to their excessive demands?

The legal expenses ???  

Smart people who think with their heads consider that possibility, but those who think with their stomachs and the place from which food contents are expelled, can't and don't !

The past costs associated with getting rid of the "nickel & dime" joints should sound a warning as to that !

Look at the legal "success" we've had with Pulte and The Liberty Center to date, and that might give you some idea as to what we might be in store for us when...not if...the next unreasonable DEMAND comes up !

Then there are the arguments about enhancing property values and having to "keep up with the Joneses" by having one.

"Keeping up with the Jonees" has cost us 5 losers to date.

A restaurant will increase property values?

Pure nonsense when you see the escalating prices of homes being sold....without one !

And... aren't we past  "keeping up with the Joneses" in our lives by now?

The people want one ?

Which people?  

The 100-125 who go to a meeting? 

What about the other 10,000+ people who reside in Sun City Anthem?  What about them and how do they feel?

Are we going to judge the merits of a VERY COSTLY FORCED ASSOCIATION SUBSIDY (the latest propaganda being $250,000 per year) on a few people...mostly biased in their self-interest attitudes...when the overwhelming majority of people don't attend meetings for one reason or another?

When we choose our representatives, do we choose them based on a small crowd who goes to hear them speak?

Of course not, what do we do when all the rhetoric is said and done?

Image result for vote

From reports I received, one person at that recent "restaurant revival meeting" actually brought up that thought.

And a voice from the crowd was heard to say...

"We've had enough of surveys"

Well now, this isn't a survey, this is a's how we've made big decisions in our entire nation since we were colonies, and it took a revolution and a constitution to establish the rights of...

Image result for free speech


Image result for freedom of the press

...where a MAJORITY are supposed to make the major decisions as to our well-being, based on those cherished principles.

When it comes to a $250,000 per year subsidized restaurant..which will likely (based on the past "mistakes")no...undoubtedly,  will be just the beginning of yet another financial circus...

...those elements of free speech and press seem to be missing in this financial decision.

...because both sides have NOT been able to tell their sides of the story ON A SUN CITY ANTHEM COMMUNITY BASED PUBLICATION in order for those who are doing the paying... make that decision.

And the only way that can be accomplished is:

Image result for ballot

...included within that ballot, statements allowing representatives from both sides of the argument WITH FULL DISCLOSURE to present their cases.

Why a Board can't see that refusing to allow THE PEOPLE to decide this extremely costly issue will further divide a community...

...that not doing so creates DISTRUST in the electorate, that it shows it  MINIMIZES their opinion... astonishing.

Or... perhaps, are they more than concerned that putting such a matter to a proper ballot and allowing both sides to tell their story...

...will show how little support they have amongst the masses in light of the past?

Doing so in a fair and equitable manner would, once and for all, decide whether or not overwhelming support from those in the community exists; and as a result, no one would argue that "the people spoke" in deciding the issue.

An unbiased vote of the community along with full disclosure in this matter is the ONLY way in which our community can heal its wounds that have resulted from this never ending subject that has plagued Sun City Anthem for 19 years.

It is the right thing to do. 

It is the fair thing to do. 

It is the only thing to do.

It's referred to as...

Image result for honesty out the window moving

This is NOT a matter to be decided by 7 people or a room filled with 125 people...but instead by the 7,144 owners.

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:
  1. From A. Opinions

    Why indeed is this being decided by the very few instead of the 7,000 odd households ?

    Based upon past experience alone, we should bag this costly adventure.


    With the number of restaurants available in our neighborhood, why do we need another one that has about as much chance of success as the 5 that lost previously ?

    We need the space for the expanding number of clubs here in Sun City Anthem.

    Going to the gym the other day I saw an advertisement for joining the newly established NEW YORK CLUB, which follows the CHICAGO CLUB, the AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE ,CLUB, which follows the FILPIANA CLUB, which joins the ITALIAN FORUM, & the CHINESE HERITAGE CLUB to name but a few of the clubs with space needed for meetings.

    We can use the space previously occupied by the failed restaurants for our rapidly expanding diverse community, & not throw away even more $$ into a restaurant

    Iis having a restaurant such a necessary addition ?


    Find out what the homeowners REALLY WANT WITH A COMMUNITY WIDE VOTE, rather keep moving to an albatross which is an UNNECESSARY, COSTLY, & DOOMED VENTURE.

    Face the facts, the homeowners don't want it.

    The restaurants that step up want to be subsidized by the homeowners because they know that they can't make it on their own.

    Based on the past & who has stepped up, this an obvious waste of our $$$.

    Keep up the the good work Dick; don't let the MACHINE wear you down; we stand behind you !
  2. From Charlie Wong...President of Opinions

    Good Morning Dick.

    Great reporting work, everything you say is so true.

    Iimagine $1.00 for the whole enchilada ?

    What a deal, I can even run the with that kind of a deal.

    As a matter of fact I got friends who are interested for that kind of a deal.

    Maybe we should explore this information with our SCA residents.

    $ 1.00 for the whole year free, rent, free utilities is a totally insane proposition.

    Stay on it Dick. 
  3. The best way to combat all of this is to spread this information to all in the community.

    And...if this proceeds without a vote of Sun City Anthem unit owners, we can't allow ourselves to forget this travesty if any of those Board members who vote to allow this to take place without a community vote, run for reelection in 2019.
    1. From Favil Opinions

      Right on target !
    2. Favil,

      It's rather ironic that a Board would toss FAS because of a lack of rent payment, yet will endorse a no rent policy for a restaurant.

      Who provided the true community service?

      FAS, who would lend free medical equipment to all who needed it, or a private restaurant who offers nothing other than their presence.

      FAS never cost $250,000 Sun City Anthem residents each year.

      Even worse than a Board decision to grant a restaurant a freebie, are the selfish owners who would choose their bellies over charitable needed free medical equipment.

      And for them to oppose a community vote on such an expensive matter, shows a LACK OF INTEGRITY.

      I wonder how many of them looked to FAS over the years?

      As I previously stated, some senior citizens believe they are ENTITLED to everything without considering the affect on others.

      This restaurant is a perfect example of them saying:

      YOU OWE ME, and when placed in prospective, that defines an ugly aspect of our society.

      How sad that such a group exists in a senior community.
      1. From Lorrie Opinions

        We do not need a restaurant where WE pay the burden of expenses.  I would vote NO to those ludicrous concessions on the one proposal.  Are  you kidding?  Give them free everything?  Are the idiots running the asylum?  Do people not look past their stomach or won’t drive a mile to a local restaurant?

        We have plenty of restaurants to choose from in the local area, enough selections to satisfy most palates.  Even if we agreed on a restaurant, after going there once or twice, people get bored and want different menu selections.

        They also complain if the restaurant raises prices to cover their expenses, everyone wants cheap or free.

         Remember the old adage, 'you get what you pay for’ and I do not want to subsidize a restaurant.

         Having a restaurant on site does not enhance the property values.

        I am sure most people have a car to drive to the center.

        I do not see the parking lot filled with golf carts because that being  their only means of transportation.

        If that is an issue, it would be less expensive to put in a golf cart only lane down to the Albertson’s shopping center where there are restaurants that should satisfy most palates.

        There are organizations which service industrial businesses with food and a diversified menu for employees.

        Granted they only serve breakfast and lunch which probably doesn’t meet the criteria for a full time restaurant  but, in other words, keep looking and 'don’t give away the farm’.
      2. Lorrie,

        Never thought about the cars vs golf carts in the parking lot. You're so right, not many G-carts and many cars is a pretty good indication that alternative restaurants are readily available.

        And...Yes, it appears we not only have idiots running the asylum, but many who inhabit it when it comes to believing G2G is a "good deal".
        1. From Renee Opinions

          Well said.
          1. From Robert & Yolanda Opinions

            This email was sent to Sun City Anthem President, Bob Burch.

            Mr President…

            My wife and I have been HOA members the past 14 years…Since living here nothing has been more divisive than the opening and closing of the 4-5 different restaurants @ the Anthem Center…

            Because of the past number of failures nothing could be more obvious than our residents disinterest in an onsite restaurant…Offering subsidies like free rent, insurance etc are unbelievably absurd incentives…

            Why not offer a guaranteed 20% monthly profit to make the food and atmosphere more enticing??? The more we give away the less the incentive to produce a quality meal…

            If a restaurant can’t turn a decent profit w/o subsidies it is misplaced/managed and or most likely, unwanted…

            What kind of Socialist policy is the HOA presenting by offering such advantages to one private enterprise over another…
            Compete fairly or die!!!

            Government, Public/Private subsidies are nothing more than welfare…

            Appreciate you passing this on to your fellow Board Members...

            Very truly yours.
          2. Robert & Yolanda,

            It is more than refreshing to see residents send emails to Board members to express their views.

            We hope you will share any response received from Bob Burch, the SCA President, as well as, any others you might receive from other Board members.

            For those of you who wish to convey your views, all you need do is click on the Anthem Opinions Information Page, "Sun City Anthem Board Information"

            Here is a direct link:

          3. From Peter Opinions

            One simple question?

            If me and my fellow neighbor are picking up 100% of the cost minus food and service expense, will the same fancy burger I payed $12.97 just down the road now only cost me $1.50 for that same fancy burger at our member owned.
            1. From Karen Opinions

              Will we next be needing (paid) volunteers to do the restaurant dishes too???

              This insanity has got to stop!!!!

              I heard the G2G deal was history--and a rumor surfacing that it was because of a "technicality".

              It seems that a request made by the BOD to G2G to allow for the occasional "pot luck dinner" (that various clubs might want to hold) would not be considered a violation of the "exclusive catering" part of the restaurant agreement.

              But then, as more detailed exceptions for foods other than those home-prepared (i.e., those delivered by other caterers or eating establishments), should also be allowed, G2G decided that there would be a direct conflict and cut into their revenue. (So I guess the free rent, utilities, linen service, etc. really wasn't enough to off-set their expenses??)

              If this crazy group STILL wants to pursue an eating establishment, maybe someone should contact UNLV to see if they want to create an off-campus LEARNING opportunity for their restaurant management programs and use SCA as their guinea pigs.

              I think it might be a win-win situation, and the food prices and hours of operation would be acceptable to the community.

              Any thoughts from you??
            2. Lots of thoughts, Karen, from many of us, but some would get us arrested !   (LOL)