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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Say it Ain't So...Please, not again !!!

Examining the Sanity of Miniature Golf in the Desert
An Anthem Opinions Editorial

He's at it again!  

Need we mention who ???

...and perhaps it might be the perfect thing to have in Sun City Anthem to honor a group of distinguish community residents called:


You remember that bunch, don't you?  

They were the ones sponsored by a group of "esteemed" former Sun City Anthem Board members who sent the entire Sun City Anthem community a letter that justified keeping 4 Board members because of the "tremendous" job they've done ! the same time...

...In the opinion of over 1,200 people, it was like patting their "Board descendants" on the back,  promoting their need to keep a spending waste tradition alive...

...a tradition a number of them pioneered during their own Board tenures.

And so...another saga continues !

Well folks, it looks like the "Weiner Leader" is back at it trying to sell his mini-golf idea again !

He's even called a special presentation to "sell it"  !!!

We won't bother to tell you where or when, because we don't want to take you away from a more important activity...

...a nap while watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show.

Wasn't the first time through this nonsense a couple of years ago enough already?


Here's one for this "esteemed" Board !

How could a Board on one day, toss out the Foundation Assisting Seniors; and the next,  justify spending money on a miniature golf course ????

What does that say about the "priorities" of leadership and their receptiveness to the "needs" of  a senior community?

Getting back to Mr. Weiner....

The last time he tried it, he advertised it as "free" , duping over 700 people into signing a petition to build one...until "the rest of the story" came out...

...the part about the dough coming from reserves....

...the part about the affect on obtaining liability insurance, much less than at some affordable cost, which already is cursed with the worst possible claims experience....

...the part about some person or visiting kid taking a serious swing and breaking your windshield or denting your car in the Liberty Center parking lot or hitting an unsuspecting human being close by...

...the part about potential lawsuits with "slips & falls" and "guided missile" golf balls...

...the part about the annual maintenance costs...

So...we're not going to go much further on this,  but if all that is somehow not a concern among people of sound mind....

...than perhaps we too might suggest an idea that makes just about as much sense as mini-golf in the desert !

How about...

An Ice Skating rink !

And...let's make sure we provide proper transportation to get there too !

How about we design some kind of zip line across the entire community complete with wheel chair access !

OK...let's get serious....

This is as DUMB and STUPID as playing miniature golf in a desert.... idea that could only be favored by...

If this mini-golf idea goes any further, my suggestion is to remember...

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  1. From Jeff Opinions

    If "Bozo the Clown" wants a mini golf course why doesn’t he go to Revere Golf course and use the putting green.

    All he would need is his own putter and balls, which he seems to have a lot of.
  2. From Robert Opinions

    If memory serves me correctly, a change in the Common Amenities MAY require approval by the SCA Residents; then again I may be wrong (and since when did the Board care about our CCR's unless it was to their benefit)....

    Oscar Weiner was soooooo upset about the 'costs' of the recall vote - yet the cost of ballots, mailing, etc. when it pertains to approving stupid mini-golf is OK?

    Proponents of mini-golf already have a hole-in-one - IN THEIR HEADS!

    Here's a novel idea:

    How about SAVING the cost(s) of building a useless mini-golf course (AND the maintenance cost(s) of same) and putting it aside for 'emergencies' (of course it could also be used to fund unqualified salary bonuses).

    Of course, "Oscar Weiner"  will jump all over my OPINION because, God forbid somebody has an opinion that doesn't agree with his opinion.
    1. From John Opinions

      You are totally right!.  Miniature golf for SCA is a ridiculous idea!.

      The cost of construction and upkeep along makes it a non-starter - to say nothing of the liability problems you mentioned.

      The idea was scrapped once.  It needs to be left in the scrap bin!

      Let got on with our restaurant!
      1. From Anthem Opinions

        Lets not confuse a miniature golf course with a putting course.

        We used to go to miniature golf courses when we were kids. And that is just what these things are good for. KIDS.

        Indoor-outdoor carpeting for a fairway and boundaries made up of two-by-fours.

        Someone should travel to the Del Webb in Palm Desert, California.  They have a putting course.  It is cut from natural terrain with grass fairways and roughs, slopes, and elevation changes. A true putting experience and very challenging.  FOR ADULTS.

        A miniature golf course deteriorates without maintenance and the putting course requires regular mowing.

        I don't think either are a good choice considering the temperament of this community.
        1. From Jim Mayfield...former Sun City Anthem Vice Opinions

          I continue to be amazed that the GM and Board fail to get the most simple concept--the desires of the homeowners at SCA should be the guiding input when making strategic and policy decisions. We own this place; certainly an overpaid manager doesn't, and David Berman and his narrowing base of followers do not represent us.

          Two issues on are the table for discussion right now--the restaurant space and the non-used bocce ball courts at Liberty.  I am not advocating for any specific decision; people will have different views.  All views need to be considered.  I am advocating for an open, transparent, inclusive, process that is based upon objective, valid data.

          I have never wasted a dealers time negotiating price on a car until I am sure I want to buy the car.  Maybe this concept could be applied at SCA.  The first step in a space utilization process is to determine one or two options that represent the desires of a majority of the homeowners. 

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This is What A Community Wanted to Maintain ??? An Anthem Opinions Editorial...Laced with COLD COSTLY FACTS !

Sun City Anthem Legal Bills Continue to Soar

While the Association President continues his rant against those who supported the removal effort...'s a little something you might think about the next time he produces a report as to the "tremendous job" he and his cohorts have demonstrated while in office.

Remember, we got a new association attorney who was supposedly going to save our community money?

Well folks...hasn't happened yet...and likely WON'T !

For those out there who chose to believe we were being properly represented...and...managed in the most "efficientmanner...

This is what you got in return:

October, 2017 Legal Fees:    $34,797.79  
Year to date total Legal Fees $230,384.33

Now let's compare that to the original 2017 budget numbers:

October, 2017 Legal Fees:   $7,500.00
Year to date total Legal Fees:  $75,000.00

Over Budget

But...we have more...

Let's look at the Recall Election fees AUTHORIZED by the same individuals (who constantly are blaming others for their WASTEFUL DECISIONS...always insisting "it's someone else's fault") ...

...and are exclusive of the above association attorney fees already discussed.

Total year to date costs:  $73,286.16

Of course we can't forget the $270,000 paid to the General Manager whose recommendations they  embraced !

Add it all up and that means we have dumped....


...on just these examples !

That folks, translates into $80.30 of your annual dues or 6.6% of all you contributed in 2017.

Is that "bang for your buck" or you "getting banged"?

Our sincere best wishes to those who condemned those who made an honest attempt to promote efficiency.

YOU...those who felt so strongly to retain those responsible for this travesty...

...are to blame.

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  1. From Valerie Opinions

    We are getting royally "banged".
    1. From Nona Opinions

      Nona Tobin has written an article about the financial concerns of Sun City Anthem.

      We encourage our readers to read her latest comments by clicking on this link

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Vegas Welcomes Cowboys

Wrangler National Rodeo Finals Light Up Las Vegas 
This Weekend

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Monday, December 4, 2017

December 2017 Sun City Anthem President's Report...An Essay in Half Truth...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

Responding to a Sun City Anthem
President's Report

Sometimes you have to wonder...

Have you read the latest December issue of "The Spirit" magazine ?

If you haven' need a good laugh, we strongly suggest you check out Page 6...the full page...

...because the illustrious Sun City Anthem president has done it again.

Does this guy really write this stuff himself...and...does he actually read it before he sends it to the printer?

Keep in your President...the guy who speaks on your behalf...the guy who has to spend an entire page of a magazine with a President's report entitled:

The Attempted Recall

...under a caption entitled "President's Report"...

...yet ends it with these prophetic words"

"I am speaking only for myself, not the Board, in this space.  But I assume it would join me in hoping this most recent expensive experience will encourage move civility in approach as the community exchanges ideas about what is best in Sun City Anthem."

Well now Mr. President, we believe that "the other side" deserves to speak their peace as well.  

We think it has something to do with the First know, the one that guarantees free speech 

Then again, without the legal jargon YOU SEEM TO NEED TO JUSTIFY every move you and your General Manager make, we believe IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AN ETHICAL THING TO DO....

...AND...certainly should not have been shunned by YOU...

...if you had nothing to hide.

We tried desperately when your Treasurer sent out a memo (and one of your Sun City Anthem employees made sure she would forward it to Club Presidents telling them to forward it to their members) be heard.

But...YOU and YOUR COHORTS DENIED our two formal attempts to tell a community as to why we believed YOU and THREE of your fellow officials deserved to be DUMPED.

Your "speaking for yourself" in a President's Report, somehow failed to bring out that numerous complaints were filed as a result...

....and as yet....

...have NOT been heard by the Ombudsman's office.

Your Treasurer also posted a notice on an official Community Bulletin Board telling people not to vote for the removal...

...and yup...when it was requested to "tell the other side" to the community using the same "official Sun City Anthem eblast system YOU AND your GENERAL MANAGER utilized, YOU denied that request as well.

You knew that an employee of Sun City Anthem should never have allowed a member of her staff to send out biased material; but somehow that too, never made it into your "official" President's report, did it?

Why not? 

Too much information to allow the entire community to know the FULL STORY rather than just what you wanted them to know?

You couldn't help yourself bringing up a high cost of legal and administrative expense either, could you?

Any reason as to WHY your report didn't mention that YOU, the rest of your cohorts, or the General Manager WERE THE ONES WHO MADE THAT RECOMMENDATION AND APPROVED that expense; yet somehow, in your criticism of those "slanderous" blogs, you never mentioned WE BROUGHT UP ALTERNATIVES that would have been about FORTY GRAND LESS than YOURS?

And...let's not forget YOU also made sure we probably dumped an additional FIVE GRAND when YOU and your General Manager made sure you absolutely HAD TO HAVE AN ASSOCIATION ATTORNEY and TWO SECURITY GUARDS present at the count, when YOU KNEW the Nevada Ombudsman would be there with his assistants WITHOUT CHARGE!

Did you or your General Manager not believe a government official and his staff provided sufficient security?

But...the election method you choose TO ACCEPT and BOAST of its results was perhaps "best" of all, Mr. President.

It was structured in such a manner that you authorized a General Manager to hire a CPA firm that would create an "elective process" that was so deceptive, not a single person has come forth commenting the entire matter was handled fairly.

Do you know the difference between ETHICAL and LEGAL?

Or did the later word more properly SERVE YOUR PURPOSE with little regard to the former ?

There are a substantial number of us who would like to put that question to a vote !

Somehow you also didn't mention that there was POSITIVE PROOF sent to the Nevada Ombudsman's office as to the INACCURACY of the petition count that should have also placed another of your cohorts on that removal ballot as well, did you?  

...and we couldn't help but notice you never acknowledged the existence of that complaint, nor that is has not yet been resolved, have you ?

Any reason you didn't mention that in your "personal" President's Report?

Mr. President, you certainly did your best in boasting that the votes fell 50% short of those needed to DUMP YOU and others, but what you failed to report was that only 1,700 voted to SAVE YOUR SKINwhile 1,200 others WANTED TO SEND YOU PACKING...

...and those 1,200 did so WITHOUT your even taking a moment of your personal "President's Report" to tell a community that a removal election was even taking place.

Well Mr. President, when all is considered, without the "slanderous" blogs you obviously enjoy criticizing, in addition to, the gloating your "personal" feelings displayed in a "President's Report"...

...what all this really proved in the minds of those who know HOW TO THINK...was that YOUR TRUE COLORS were perfectly displayed...

...and oh yeah,

...there was a good reason you were the last one in the pecking order who was elected a year ago...and this latest "personal" President's Report was just another reason as to why you did.

But now...after your "victory" in this tainted election combined with your removing an elected Board member who received a lot more votes than you did, and most recently, your making sure FAS will no longer serve the Sun City Anthem community...

...while your latest SCA bulletin calls for SPENDING ASSOCIATION FUNDS TO BUY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT that would have been provided FREELY by FAS....

The property owners want you to know...

So...thanks for your "personal" President's Report.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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  1. From Robert Opinions

    The BIG questions are: 

    (1) should the President's SPIN article be considered "Normal" or "Permanent Press"?

    Unfortunately the people that will believe this 'spin-cycle' article are the same robots that think everything is just fine.

    We are all just Vassals in this corrupt Kingdom;

    (2)  WHY was $$$ thrown away on Security Guards for that meeting??

    Was the Board fearful that us Senior Citizens would riot?

    No - I think the presence of Security Guards fully demonstrates the Board's overall opinion of this Kingdom's Vassals

    (we are barbarians that are capable of causing bodily harm to our 'fearless leaders')
    1. I was shocked when I saw the President’s Report in the December Spirit. AFTER the Recall Election to take space to acknowledge it when there was no fair and balanced information PRIOR really was amazing. I know that many reading the Article probably had no clue what Rex was even talking about. The fact that there was going to be a recall and what it was all about should have been addressed BEFORE the fact, but that is typical - you know - like kick out F.A.S. then after their gone and there’s no equipment, ask the residents what to do with the empty space. Back-assed Management yet again.
    2. From Nona Opinions   December 5, 2017
      SCA Strong, the blog written by SCA Board member, Nona Tobin, has written an excellent article regarding the "Recall" article authored by Sun City Anthem President, Rex Weddle.
      She sent Anthem Opinions the link to the artcle and asked we make our readers aware of her comments.
      We suggest all of our readers read it.
      1. From Barbara Opinions


        I have to let you know that I am very upset that you would use our Sun City magazine to air your problem with the recall.  We, as homeowners, have a right to challenge any of the board's decisions and make any attempt that we want to fix what we consider a problem.  I wasn't an instigator of the recal,l but I am not ashamed that I signed the petitions and don't like being called out about them.

        When I am unhappy with my congressional  individuals, I write them also and make my opinion known.  It is too bad that there is no communication between the board and the homeowners.  I have been to a board meeting and was upset that I couldn't ask a question about a report given, nor were my questions answered.

        Where is the transparency between the board and the homeowners that you serve?

        Please do not use a magazine that all the homeowners pay for to voice your personal opinion. 
      2. From Marcia Opinions

        It appears that Rex Weddle's editorial in this month's Spirit Magazine is but the tip of the iceberg.

        If you go to the Board Book Review on line, pages 6 through 10,he goes into more detail in his report denigrating all of the good people who have said "enough is enough" and signed the recall petitions and then voted to remove three members of the current BOD.

        It is par for the course that he specifically omitted any references to homeowners rights to recall board members and that his not so illustrious BOD and Management neglected to count two full pages of signatures on the petition recalling Bob Burch who escaped being on the ballot for recall by the skin on his teeth.

        I cannot help but wonder how much of his editorials were edited by the new attorney. It becomes increasingly apparent that most of what emanates from the BOD is often pure propaganda.
        1. From Bill Opinions

          I have a concern that I’m not able (my wife is having surgery tomorrow) to address at the BOD meeting.  It’s with the agenda item for the community service group requesting $10,000.00 for medical equipment.

          I am assuming that since the BOD kicked out FAS, the community service group now wants to take our money to replace the items that FAS provided for free.

          That may not be what they’re doing, but in any case, I don’t want any part of the association to move into the medical needs of the community.

          The Federal, State and local  government’s  can’t figure out what to do and I don’t want an HOA to attempt to fill any part of the need.  There is no end to where this could end up and it’s a door I don’t think they want to open.

          I hope my assumptions are wrong and I can breath easier eating crow.

          But I wanted to call this to the attention of someone who will be at this meeting to find out.

          I hope you agree.

          A Concerned home owner.
        2. Bill,  your fears are very well founded in my opinion; however, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel.

          It was just learned that despite the disgusting treatment given The Foundation Assisting seniors, while they are continuing their search for a "new home", you can call them at:

          (725) 244-4200

          to obtain medical equipment.

          Knowing SCA, my fear is that the $10,000 the SCA Board will authorize for their "do it yourself" project is just the beginning.

          I wish your wife the very best regarding her surgery.
          1. From Rich Opinions

            It is just another instance of putting the cart before the horse. A number of questions arise that have yet to be posed.

            Here are my questions before I make a decision on whether the board made a proper decision:

            1. Is the foundation a tax exempt organization?

            2. Has it filed tax data which shows its status as a tax free foundation?

            3. What are the officers of this foundation being paid on an annual basis if any?

            4. How much did it spend on its activities to support the community?

            5. Was it ever requested to supply earnings and tax reports to the board as part of a yearly review to determine if it should occupy the space as a foundation which benefited our community?

            6. Is there any record of communications between the board and the foundation which may have lead to the removal of the organization?

            I’m sure there are lots of other questions which could be asked about this action by the board.

            However isn’t it under the preview of the board to govern this space and make decisions based on the best results for the community?

            If information found that the foundation's majority of business was being transacted outside of the community and that they were profiting from it while not paying for the space, wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the community to insure that the space is being used only for the benefit of the community?

            If found that the foundation was indeed using the space to supply other areas outside the community is it wrong to expect some recompense for the use of the space?

            I do agree that the foundation has helped many in the community, however the foundation also has a obligation to assure it helps in paying its way also.
          2. Rich:

            I have directed your questions to FAS President, Favil West.