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Monday, September 25, 2017

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 Would the Real Forrest Quinn
Please Step Forward ?
(Part One of Two)

 Getting to Know Your Burglar
(Part One of Two)

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Sun City Anthem Treasurer: Before and After Election ((Part One)

 Would the Real Forrest Quinn
Please Step Forward ?
(Part One of Two)

cartoon-man-looking-in-mirror.png (584×516)

Forrest Quinn is the Sun City Anthem Treasurer, and is now (along with other members of the Sun City Anthem Board) the subject of an impending formal Nevada Real Estate complaint resulting from actions that allege his interference with the Removal election.

This is the first part of a two part series examining Mr. Quinn prior to his election to the Sun City Anthem Board and his actions since that election.

Let's look at this individual closely and ask yourself:

Were the unit owners DUPED when he was elected to the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors earlier in 2017?

Mr. Quinn had been the former Chairman of the association finance committee and had NUMEROUS disagreements with former Association Treasurer, Thomas Nissenone of the four individuals subject to removal.

On February 25, 2016, he asked permission from Anthem Opinions to submit an article for publication.

Because our publication welcomes articles from current and past members of the Sun City Anthem Boards, we were most happy to do so.

That article was entitled:

"Former Sun City Anthem Finance Committee Chairman Asks Questions of 2016 Board Candidates"

We suggest you read it.  

It can be obtained simply by clicking on this link:

Let's go back in time and look closely to some of the points he addressed a year BEFORE he was elected to the Sun City Anthem Board and compare them to his ACTIONS TODAY.

By reading the article, you will see that he asked the 2016 candidates a number of questions.

Quinn would first ask:

Should SCA Board Members Be Disciplined for Misconduct?

How should SCA’s governing documents be changed to censure, discipline, demote, or remove board members who fail to follow NRS 116, SCA’s Board Policy Manual or Board Resolutions?


As initially stated, he is now subject to a formal complaint for actions he, himself, has committed , alleged to have VIOLATED NRS 116 regulations pertaining to ballot election interference.

If found to have violated the Nevada statues, what would be his current position on HIMSELF?

What is Being Done and What Should Be Done, to Mitigate the Liberty Center Damages?

Has FSR’s payroll (which SCA reimburses) been reduced to reflect the reduction in service?   If so, how much money is the community saving per week, or per month?

Should/Has FRS’s monthly management fee been reduced/suspended due to the reduction in services?


Now that he is the current Association Treasurer, what has he done to curb association payrolls? 

The top 5 management positions in Sun City Anthem now exceed an annual compensation level of  $1,000,000 plus the cost of benefits.

How Will You Evaluate Employee Performance?

Within a year or so, SCA’s new employees will be expecting pay raises and/or bonuses.  How will you determine if they did an unsatisfactory job, an adequate job, or an excellent job? 

Will pay raises be granted for increasing the number of bus trips, organizing more parking lot sales, cleaner bathrooms…. Just how will employee performance be determined?


836 Sun City Anthem Unit owners have signed a "no confidence" petition against Sandra Seddon, the Association General Manager. 

The cover letter which accompanied these complaints asked they be included in the employee personnel file for purposes of future employee evaluation.  

Has this taken place?

In addition, formal complaints are being filed with the Nevada Real Estate Division alleging  the General Manager and Community Association Manager for Ballot interference violation.

If found to be in violation of Nevada law, what course of action does he favor in light of HIS own comments?

How Will You Measure SCA’s Performance After Transition?

A business can measure performance by:  

Its percentage increase in sale, an increase in profit, a cost reduction, its return-on-assets, its return-on-equity, etc.   

As a non-profit entity, other than lowering costs, none of these business metrics are particularly suitable for SCA. 

What performance goals will you set and how will progress toward those goals be measured?  

On April 1, 2017, you will look back and say: “Transition was a success(failure) because….?


Where is Mr Quinn's outline of how he will evaluate employee performance? 

Especially in the discovery that $1,500,000 of budgeted reserve projects seem to be deferred?

Also, if there is a difference between a for-profit and not-for-profit organization, what was the purpose of employing a Chief Financial Officer and paying that individual close to $200,000 per year?

How has he influence lowering costs? 

What is the Future Role of SCA’s Finance Committee?

Should the Finance Committee be an independent body like SCA’s Audit Committee, providing independent analysis and opinions to the SCA’s community?

Or, should the Finance Committee remain under the control of SCA’s board? 

(Unfortunately, to the detriment to the community, the FC’s original, useful and insightful work is often suppressed, censured, trashed and/or ignored by SCA’s board).


What has he done to increase the input by the SCA finance committee? 

Why hasn't he addressed the current insurance crisis that exists?

Did SCA have Surplus Cash on 12/31/15?

In the three years from 12/31/12 to 12/31/15, SCA’s year-end cash balance has doubled from $1,334,000 to $2,726,000.  

This is an increase of $1,392,000, or nearly $195/home.   

How has SCA changed since 2012 so that SCA now requires twice as much cash-on-hand?


Now as the Association Treasurer, perhaps he  might answer his own  question ???

Assuming We Can’t Change its Use, How Much of a Subsidy Should a Restaurant Vendor Receive from SCA?

I use “subsidy” in the sense that a vendor pays less than SCA’s full cost to maintain the restaurant.  

I estimate SCA’s cost ranges between $160,000 to $200,000 per year (See Note 1 below).   

As I recall, Café V’s (then Vic’s) original lease was $48,000 /year plus utilities, so they paid about $90,000/year against SCA’s total costs.  

Under my definition, Café V received a $70,000 to $110,000 “subsidy”.

Based on our experience, it is unlikely any vendor can pay SCA’s full cost to maintain this space.   

Any future vendor will likely require either a direct and/or indirect subsidy.  Should SCA’s annual subsidy to a restaurant be:

$0 (zero)/year
$50,000/year ($7.00/home)
$100,000/year ($14.00/home)
$150,000/year ($21.00/home)
$200,000/year ($28.00/home)

For example, if SCA grants a $14/home subsidy, would a restaurant provide residents with more than a $14/home return in value?

If we can change the restaurant to an alternate use, SCA’s cost to maintain that space will not drop to zero.  

Any alternative use will require a “subsidy” for utilities, reserve contributions, janitorial services, R&M, insurance, etc.  

This could easily be $80,000 to $100,000 per year.

Note #1 SCA’s Cost to Maintain the Restaurant Space  

SCA’s accounts are not well organized, so SCA’s total cost is difficult to determine.  

My estimated cost includes $80,000 to $100,000/year of Reserve Fund contributions, $40,000/year in utilities, $15,000/year of Property Tax, $5,000/year in Service Agreements, $20,000/year in Repairs & Maintenance plus unknown amounts for Insurance, Janitorial Services and Other.  

Even if the Restaurant remains closed, many of these costs will remain.

What if it is true that a tax exempt HOA is not allowed under IRS rules to subsidize a for-profit business?

Tomorrow...we examine his election to the Treasurer position a few short months ago.

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A Guy You Never Really Want to Meet !

Getting to Know Your Burglar
(Part One of Two)

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Self-Management vs A Management Company: No Savings at All

Looking at Sun City Anthem Financial Strength
Then & Now
with Comparison to
Sun City Summerlin

24ef66a3503ce5c734b1388839018023.jpg (617×597)

Barry Goldstein
Former Member of the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee 

A few days ago a draft of the 2018 Sun City Anthem Budget was presented to the unit owners and its contents should put to rest the misinformation published by a blogger who opposes the removal of the Directors Weddle, NIssen, Waterhouse, and Burch.

Has Self-Management been cost effective?

Let's look at some comparisons !

A. In 2015 (the last full year in which FSR managed the community),  the total amount expended by Sun City Anthem for payroll and benefits totaled:


In 2017 (the first FULL year under self-management, the budget projected these costs to be:


Additional expense under Self-Management:


Adding back the FRS management fee that would have been paid to FSR in 2015 to the amounts paid in salary and benefits that year ($2,865,733): 


Total amount that would have been paid in 2015 had FSR been retained:


Additional 2017 cost of Self-Management

B. Annual increases in payroll and benefits Comparison:

From 2014 to 2015  while managed by FSR, the increase in payroll and benefits was:

The increase from 2017 projected year end of $3,372,020 to 2018 budgeted payroll and benefits is:

C. Many comments have been made requesting a comparison of Sun City Anthem costs to other Homeowners Associations' expenditures; and perhaps the best example is looking at our northwest neighbor, Sun City Summerlin.

Currently, Sun City Anthem is the second largest HOA in Nevada while Sun City Summerlin is the largest.

Looking at Sun City Summerlin (which is readily available for public viewing on their web site), that community consists of the following:

3 golf courses
3 restaurants
4 community centers

Summerlin is populated with 7,800 homes.

Current number of employees: 300

Annual employee payroll: $7,691,772

Annual Dues assessment: $1,392

Analysis Comparison to Sun City Anthem:

They pay $182 per year additional dues; however they are also responsible for  3 golf courses, 3 restaurants and 4 centers.

They have 4 times the employees, but pay 2 times for payroll and benefits.
Summerlin Reserve Account: $15,000,000.

Summerlin interest income: $250,000.

Result of analysis:

They have 50% more in their reserve account than Sun City Anthem, but get 3 times the return, under the same investment restrictions.

And one more item that has caused the greatest conflict:

D: General Manager Compensation:

Sun City Summerlin 

Sun City Anthem

To coin a phrase that has been used so often by the Removal opponents:

you-get-what-you-pay-for-resized.jpg (600×400)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Anthem Opinions thanks Barry Goldstein for the time and effort he devoted in obtaining this helpful information.

What conclusion can be drawn from all of this?

6269908454_53a5a8c538_t.jpg (100×75)

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  1. From Valerie Opinions

    We have been lied to for years by Boards, and this information says it all!
    1. From Jerry Opinions

      I still don't understand why the population thinks Self-management is better than hiring a Property Management Company.

      We own rental properties in Anthem and would never even consider managing them ourselves.

      The Property Management Company we use provides a rental ad if required, screens all applicants, visits the property every 90 days, collects all the rent, handles all the maintenance/repair calls, and send us reports and our share of the revenue monthly.

      I am sure managing our HOA property is much more complicated, but there are a number of companies that can do this job very well.

      They say you get what you pay for, and I for one, think paying for a Property Management Company is the best use of my HOA $.

Making Your New Shoes Comfortable...An Easy TIp

How to Break In
New Shoes
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

When You Can't Defend a Lie...You Ignore it and "Kill the Messenger"

Removal Opponent's Desperation
Joins in
Sun City Anthem Board Director's

ar131489176261418.jpg (250×500)

Oh Please ! 

We caught the FEMALE Sun City Anthem Board member in a fib, but that doesn't seem to matter to those who oppose the removal.

Their answer to a lie is...

...just ignore it and "kill the messenger" who uncovered the fib.

I guess when you lie as much as this Board does, it's considered normal to have their mouthpiece figure out some way to cover it up....

...and then go into "attack mode"in every direction toward any person who brought the truth to the people.

If there was any doubt as to WHO caused spending the "big bucks", there shouldn't be much left to the story.  

They got...caught !

ar125969907066892.jpg (440×800)

But wait...we are dealing with desperate people and desperate people ignore the facts when their "skin" is on the line.
36_20_21.gif~c200 (200×200)
Still trying to blame removal proponents for the high cost of the removal election, the main..."mouth" of the opponents continues to use the same old "yarns" again and again.

It's so old already !
animated-mouth-image-0002.gif (218×269)

kill-the-messenger-54e46703977e0.png (800×310)

Any fool can see this tactic is merely a ploy to make the proponents look like "the bad guys".

Not gonna work...especially after the Board member, got caught LYING

So much for her credibility !

Let's take another look at "what's what" about this "high cost", rather than listen to some individual "spew"...

number_1_blue.png (260×444)

A new association attorney figures out a way to depose a Board member that a previous one stated her eligibility to run for office was perfectly legitimate.

dc6aEAMc9.png (428×500)

Members of "the machine" beat up and removed Nona Tobin for supposedly enriching herself, GIVING HER NO OPPORTUNITY OF DEFENSE as dictated by Nevada statutes, while closing a blind eye to Bella Meese for her husband's magazine...and M Resort "amenities"... while a Board member.

Number-3-2.png (500×500)

The Board and General Manager authorize the high costs in conjunction with an attorney who did exactly what they wanted him to do.

number-4-hi.png (384×598)

Removal opponents in no way criticize an Election Committee, but request a few additional safeguards to ensure integrity, which are REJECTED.

number-5.jpg (693×693)

A Board member who is subject to removal is caught in a LIE, stating a conversation took place with the Ombudsman fabricating some new law required the Board to go outside to a high priced CPA firm, when in fact THE OMBUDSMAN DENIED ANY SUCH CONVERSATION took place.

LTdoxgLjc.jpg (490×396)

The Ombudsman's office is too busy to oversee a removal election, when in fact, in the conversation with the Ombudsman, INSTRUCTION WILL COMMENCE with all NRED investigators to perform such functions shortly.

Number-7.jpg (1130×929)

The proponents of removal are now accused of "perverting SCA's democratic process" with a removal election, a right each unit owner has BY LAW.

Yet it's OK for a Board "to pervert" the same process when it came to ridding themselves of an individual who was determined to expose their corrupt ways; an individual who received 2,001 votes in the last election.

And after all of this, is there any person of sound mind who would believe the proponents of recall are responsible for the costs?

The main usual...

... rather than addressing a single reason brought forth in the signed petitions, finds an easier target in mocking INDIVIDUALS who favor the removal.

As we have stated again and again, this person needs a new "act" because the old one gets more and more desperate with each passing day.

His involvement in the internal affairs of our association  can best be described as... uncontrollable ....

Virus+Image.jpg (800×600)

...that has zapped the health of a community through deceit and bullying at every opportunity toward those who dare to KILL the CORRUPT SYSTEM that has become synonymous with his name.

This removal is all about HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and RESTORING a sense of COMMUNITY.

6269908454_53a5a8c538_t.jpg (100×75)
  1. From Jack Opinions

    Is there any merit in getting up a petition to put Nona back on the board?

    Would that be possible?
  2. Jack,

    The manner in which Nona Tobin was "dumped" is now under investigation by the Nevada Real Estate Division.

    She was never given the opportunity of any defense, and as a result, it is believed her "firing" was ILLEGAL.

    If found to be an illegal act, the Real Estate Division also has the power to remove the ENTIRE BOARD.

    Wouldn't that be amazing to see all of them "fired" and Nona being restored to office?

    Jack, a petition to restore her to office won't work.  It would not be binding.

    At this stage we need government action to investigate numerous aspects of our community.
    1. My question for the day. Who is deciding what goes into the removal ballot? Is the entire wording of the petition in or something similar? Somebody is writing the pro and con parts of the ballot? Curious minds want to know.
    2. From A. Opinions

      I would hope in this upcoming vote, that all returned ballots can be returned directly to the firm hired to tabulate them.

      Perhaps I've become too cynical,but recently in Maine, a contested school board budget vote was declared official and THEN absentee uncounted votes were discovered in a file cabinet.
    3. I believe they are going to be returned directly to Sun City Anthem, and then forwarded to the hired CPA firm, but am unsure as NOTHING from the "power that be" ever publish anything.

      As you know, nothing has even been announced by Sun City Anthem Management or the Board that a Removal is even taking place, yet the ballots are scheduled to be mailed on October 2, 2017.

      As far as a "pros" and "cons" insert, following my discussion with the Ombudsman, Mr. Foger, he stated that unless BOTH sides included such a piece, NEITHER could include one.

      Due to the timing of the ballots being sent, and never being contacted for such a response, NEITHER will have the opportunity to include anything with the ballot...

      AND...if anything does appear in the ballot WITHOUT a statement from both sides, THE ELECTION WILL BE TOSSED OUT AS ILLEGAL.

      ...and that also could have been avoided had those in charge had the moral fortitude to make this an open and HONEST election.

      We know NOTHING as to what the contents of the ballots are or how they have been written.

      Yet they will all have to be RECEIVED by whoever they decide will receive them, by October 17, 2017 to be included for an official count, which in my opinion is merely another way to harm the true election totals when you consider approximately 15% of all voters do not reside in the community and mailing time could very well exceed the 15 days.

      This could have been extended, but of course, CORRUPTION prevailed.

      Just another reason to vote YES for removal.
      1. From Buddy Opinions

        When I saw a comment by some dimwit who goes by "M" on the "other blog, it raised my ire, and I'll tell you why I feel that way.

        For that nameless person to say that complaints to NRED are a waste of taxpayer money, not being familiar in any way as to the nature or wording of the complaints, is just another reason to look for ways to justify wrongdoing.

        Those complaints are allowed by law, and if they are found to be inconclusive, that is one thing; but to damn all of them without even knowing what they are all about, is just plain stupid.

        I can imagine there must have been numerous complaints that must have been filed against "M" for that person to make such a dumb comment.