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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Sun City Anthem Management Income...Deserving of HOA Hall of Shame

Management Compensation Levels
Sun City Anthem

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If you missed the Thursday evening 6:00pm broadcast of KNTVs (Channel 13) investigative report conducted by Chief Investigative reporter, Darcy Spears...

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...we have it for you by merely clicking here:

We suggest you view it.  It shows the outrageous income levels paid to senior members of the Sun City Anthem management team....

...incomes that far surpass ANY HOAs in the state of Nevada, as well as, other documented organizations with far more employees.

Note that SUN CITY ANTHEM MANAGEMENT refused to make any comment.

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  1. Part One of Two

    It certainly didn't take long before the MACHINE MOUTH decided the Darcy Spears report was nothing more than a "hit job".  Unfortunately, no matter how much you try, Mr. Mouth, the NUMBERS cited by Darcy don't lie.

    Let's also not forget that Jim Mayfield, a two term member of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors, was also a vital part of the Channel 13 report, who VERIFIED its contents.

    He was THERE to SEE IT ALL.

    I enjoyed the detailed summary of Mr. Mouth, but there were more holes in it than a donut.  You see, all of those supposed "accomplishments" could have been accomplished PAYING A LOT LESS than what that woman and her staff earns.

    Bureaucrats never seem to comprehend the idea of fiscal responsibility, do they ?

    Then again, THE MOUTH is what he is....

    ...the RODENT WHOSE LIFE ACCOMPLISHMENTS CAN FIT IN A THIMBLE, BUT WHO ROARS LIKE A LION, because someone has no fear of  EXPOSING THE MACHINE he has been an active member of for years...

    ...A machine that just MAY be crumbling as a result of...

    ...a recall election where 40% of those who voted wanted to rid the community of a number of its Board members

    ...ignored proof that the current SCA President should have been placed on the removal ballot

    ...the defeat of a MACHINE CANDIDATE in the last election

    ...a community uproar that, when the contents of a "restaurant deal" was fully disclosed by Anthem Opinions and how lopsided its contents, were fully exposed...finally ended in favor of "the people" rather than a select few...

    ...concluding with a major TV Station's Investigative Report that exposed the gross over payments made to management.
  2. Part Two of Two

    Perhaps the best comment was from a "literary genius" named "Dory" know the typical "I don't have a real name" comment that appears in between the commonplace insults that "grace" THE MOUTH'S publication day in and day out.

    You see, Ms. Dory, believes that I was so upset with Ms. Seddon due to being rejected by her regarding booking entertainment;  that I would benefit financially in some way, and my distaste for her was revenge; that 'THE MOUTH' was a lawyer and should somehow pursue me legally.

    Well, Ms. Dory, you, like so many of the MOUTH'S groupies, have once again been hoodwinked by a disgusting individual who will stop at nothing to maintain the MACHINE, least of all, telling the full truth.

    Now...the real story, MS. Dory, and how you have been HAD !

    Did I approach Sandy Seddon about booking entertainment for SCA? 

    Yes I did. 

    That part was absolutely true , but what THE MOUTH didn't bother to state in his HIT JOB, was that I approached her in good faith when she first arrived, believing that my knowing so many entertainers in the Las Vegas community as a result of my formerly being the Vegas Voice Entertainment editor and weekly talk show host, in the spirit of COMMUNITY, offered to do it for:

    $1 per year, and that dollar would have found it's way into a Salvation Army Christmas kettle.

    Well, Dory dear, Ms. Seddon, instead hired a woman for almost $100,000 a year to do it instead.  That was conveyed to a former Board member Carl Weinstein, who since he subsequently publicly called a woman who was collecting recall petitions a WHORE, was quickly REMOVED from the Anthem Opinions subscription base as a result....

    ...yet somehow is more than welcome by THE MOUTH.

    How did the MACHINE react to a former Board member referring to a resident as a WHORE?

    He was subsequently appointed to the SCA Lifestyle Commmittee, that's how !

    Perhaps, Dory, you might also remember that Seddon had 836 SCA residents sign a "no confidence" petition.

    But Dory dear, you did make another comment about the MACHINE MOUTH and his being a lawyer, that perhaps your feeble brain might comprehend.

    That too, is not the case. You see it is well known his law license in 1991 was suspended for forgery and dishonesty, and somehow managed to get a job with the IRS working in a computer room. That is his "life accomplishment" in the working world on which you and his DIP STICKS believe should have some form of financial credibility. have you thoroughly  enjoy your morning coffee, you should also know that his beloved wife was named to the HOA Hall of Shame in 2011 as part a group of Board members who made life miserable on an 85 year old woman who was living solely on Social Security when the Board on which she was a part of, would not allow a simple variance in order for the lady's dog not to be chewed up by a coyote a 2nd time.

    When all is said and done, you Ms. Dory, and the rest of those MACHINE MINIONS who fall for that man's blindsiding techniques, are the best example of the saying:

    You can't fix stupid !

    PS...Anthem Opinions received numerous phone calls thanking us for "saving the community"...

    ...and, to you Mr. MOUTH,  and YOUR MACHINE...

    ..when yesterday's single hits to Anthem Opinions broke all one day records with 3,845 different computers visiting us in a single day, perhaps THE REAL POPULATION is finally "seeing the light" and realizing how disruptive of a curse  YOU and YOUR MACHINE have been for years.

    And the restaurant part...we'll fully address that too in a future article.
  1. From Jim Mayfield (former Vice President and 2 Term Member of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors) Opinions

    A retort to the Berman article entitled "Exploring the Channel 13 Hatchet Job"

    FACT: The excessive turnover rate of GM/CAMs at SCA and resultant management instability was the driving factor in SCA's decision to become a self-managed HOA.  The salary paid the GM/CAM was never evaluated as a key component of the reason for the turnover rate under the management company. 

    FACT:  The "respected" nationwide executive search firm was selected by less than a majority of the Board after only interviewing one firm--the one the President and Treasurer had predetermine to hire.

    FACT:  In the transition to self-management, over 95% of the existing staff was retained because of its history of acceptable performance.  Subsequent turnover was a result of a purge conducted by the GM to hire "friends & family" employees and to send the message that loyalty to the GM was the most important factor in keeping your job.

    FACT:  Before the GM arrived, the Board had already outsourced the the development and operation of new technology systems and software.  The local technology firm was already well on its way to the installation of the new system and software, and the GM did not change any of the new systems already under development and retained the services of the local technology company.

    FACT:  The only other candidate chosen to be a finalist by a limited number of directors did not possess the minimum requirements set forth in the job description.  So, board members were left with a false choice--Ms. Seddon or a candidate that didn't meet qualifications.

    FACT:  The compensation paid to the search firm rewarded it for paying a high salary.  When two minority directors opposed the salary and the search firm's recommendation, they were excluded from the selection process and access to all resumes submitted.

    FACT:  Suggest you contact her former employer to verify the "happily employed" comment.  As to the pay cut, her total compensation was on par with her previous compensation structure, and the cost of living differential provided her an estimated increase of more than 20%.  (Why are so many from California moving to Nevada?)

    FACT:  The Board set the time for her hiring; she did not volunteer.  Furthermore, the savings quoted above was already baked into the decision made by the Board to become self-managed and had nothing to do with her performance.

    FACT: The increase was in her first year, and after a backlash of the community  because a surplus was generated from the increase, dues at the new level were left unchanged in her second year.

    FACT:  The chart of higher profile and more complex positions in city government demonstrate the invalidity of this claim.  Furthermore, the CFO of UNLV is paid LESS than the CFO of SCA.

    FACT:  Clever accounting by the CFO has moved certain expenses previously reported as employee salaries and benefits to non-salary and benefit line items.  

    FACT:  Like all management positions, the GM position is not defined by a 40 hour week.  Furthermore, she was frequently observed leaving well before the end of the official office hours.

    FACT:  the lack of special assessments and Top-10 rating were achieved BEFORE she was hired.  SCA has not been ranked as high on her watch as before she was hired.

    FACT:  The surplus were created by the unnecessary increase in the annual assessment, not as a result of decrease spending as was promised when she was hired.

    FACT:  The improved transaction reporting and internal controls were driven by the SCA Audit Committee and opposed by management and the CFO in several cases.
  1. From Barbara Opinions

    Just saw the news that I had on DVR and saw your piece.  You looked great and it was a very good overview of our situation in Sun City.  As usual, you have championed our cause but we all seem to hit our heads against a steel wall and can't get anything passed through our current board.  I always appreciate your efforts and thank you for the time you put in to keep us in the know.

    Keep it up. 
  2. From Gary at Opinions

    Keep up the good work on reporting the truth about our "Board" and It's

    Let me get this straight, a "Head Hunter" was hired to find a GM.
    Don't theyget paid according to how much salary is paid to the new hire?

    IF so then of course they are going to recommend a HIGH salary.
  3. Gary,

    Jim Mayfield's comments say it all !
  4. From Greg Opinions

    We were sold by our board that if we went to self management we would reduce cost. What a joke!

    The salaries they approved for our management team are way out of line and obviously had no research done prior to giving away the store.

    The board treats our funds like it’s their own petty cash.

    The full board should be recalled and a new search started for a new management team.

    Probably to late as they probably already locked us into a sweat heart contract which lock us in for a number of years before we can get new management. What’s next?

    We get a restaurant where the homeowners pay they restaurant vendor to do business in our facilities?

    Why can’t we get a board with business experience and brains. My grandchildren are far smarter than this board.
  5. Greg, there are a growing number of people out there who are starting to see the light,a number of them who have newly arrived in Sun City Anthem,and have had interest in possibly running for the Sun City Anthem Board...all reformers who want to put an end to THE MACHINE.

    Keep the faith...

    Our new battle cry:

  6. From Patsy Opinions


    I have been keeping up with everything through your blog and Rana's.

    Thank you for posting Darcy's expose'. She did an excellent job. Of course, the cowards of the BOD called in the expensive attorney because they are too scared to comment on the problems they created.

    How much is that going to cost us?

    Maybe she should do a story on the restaurant debacle?

    I worked hard for my money all those years and thought I was retiring to the "perfect" place.

    I am one of those "fixed income" residents.

    Actually, we are all on fixed incomes, some larger then others.

    Do any of the current and past board members realize they are spending their hard earned money also?

    Have they even thought about that?

    Or, do they have so much they can afford to waste it?

    I, personally, don't.

    The restaurant idea was ludicrous. They wanted to spend hundreds of thousands of our money to open a restaurant, free of charge to the operators.

    A restaurant would have failed miserably just like all the others.

    Plus, it would have tied the hands of all of the 60 (and growing) clubs.

    I am on the board of the Entertainment Club.

    We can't afford to be tied to one caterer for our annual dinner/show.

    We also have a Meet & Greet after every show and offer our audience coffee, water and some kind of goodies.

    Our audience always enjoys meeting the entertainers and having refreshments. We certainly can't afford to have these Meet & Greets catered by the restaurant.
    They most certainly would have to be suspended.

    Also, what do we need with another restaurant? We have Buckman's. It has the very same view, good food and a very pleasant atmosphere and is open for breakfast.

    I personally would not patronize a new restaurant in Anthem Center, not as a boycott, but because in 16 years I have established my favorite restaurants and so have all of my friends.

    The only Anthem restaurant I ever went to was Trumpet's and that was because the Del Webb salesperson took me there when I was looking at homes.
  7. From Lorrie Opinions

    Get rid of our Management - we need professionals .
  8. From Roseann Opinions

    Thank you for that investigative report on Channel 13. Hope it continues.

    I wish they had covered the restaurant issue too.

    I'm living here 13 yrs and have seen the demise of all the restaurants here.

    I DO NOT want another FAILED restaurant.

    I own 3 homes here,  and do not want to pay more money to subsidize a restaurant.

    With all the "Wonderful" restaurants to chose from, why would I want to eat in a restaurant here?
  9. From Laura Opinions

    I watched the show last night with Darcy Spears and I commend you on finally getting this to air on TV.

    I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time and hope something good will come out of this.

    I hope we are not fighting a losing battle.

    The people we are up against are unscrupulous, narcissistic, ignorant people who only care about their own power.

    We have to find a better way for us all to come together to fight these overpowering, overbearing and downright nasty people.

    I am very tired of all this.  There are much more important things for me and everyone else to care about and worry about at this stage of our lives.

    Thanks for listening.
  10. Just an additional note to all of our readers:

    Don't thank me, thank Channel 13 and Jim Mayfield

    For the record, WE DID NOT APPROACH CHANNEL 13, they APPROACHED US and we...

    ...along with former Board President, Favil West, as well as, residents of ours and other communities who were omitted from the documentary due to the time constraints of the broadcast, were immensely helpful in our research.

    This was a GROUP EFFORT, and to all those individuals goes a thanks to them on behalf of Anthem Opinions.

    But...there was one additional observation that was completely omitted from the Berman article:


    That...should say it all !
    1. From Kim Opinions

      I saw the report on Channel 13. I thought it was great.

      Very enlightening. Especially for new residents, such as myself.

      The only thing I wish they had done is mention names, but I suppose there were legal reasons why they omitted them.

      There was no response from SCA so what's going to change?

      As homeowners, what can we do to change things?
    2. Kim,

      All of us should look at those whom we believe are leaders and have the best interests of the community at heart rather than personal agendas...

      ...and plead with them to consider running for the Sun City Anthem Board.

      With a majority of 4, this corrupt world could change in a very short period of time.

      Think about it?

      Looking at a restaurant in terms of both a financial and pleasurable experience if one was desired, or going to a Board meeting without fear of ridicule from those who may disagree, or a Board actively communicating the reasoning as to why they believed an expenditure was justified as well as seeking approval from the association members, prior to making one?

      My belief is that many of you who are new would gladly volunteer for committees and/or become involved if they believed that positive and caring change could be accomplished...that their voices would be heard without fear of "bucking the system".

      Always believe that can happen, that there are many in the community whose integrity would assist an honest individual whom they believed had their best interests at heart.

      To you and any others out there who see wrongs and are willing to make an attempt to right them, know Anthem Opinions and the many readers we have, would gladly assist you.

      It does not have to be a difficult undertaking...with help of good people who have a moralistic value system, and believe "community" is a club we all should be proud of.

      As of now, the "good ole boy Machine system" is a part of Sun City Anthem must come to an end or the spirit of a community originally founded on the basis of happiness in retirement, will surely continue to die.
    3. From Marilyn Opinions

      I saw this post on the blog, Nextdoor, and wanted to share it with Anthem Opinions.

      "Now I understand why I am often treated like I’m bothering the admin staff or that I’m a second class citizen.

      After seeing the report about Sun City Anthem on KTNV, I now realize that all of us in the community are clearly inferior to the HOA leadership
      1. From Carolyn Opinions

        Thank you Anthem Opinions for watching out for us homeowners.

        It is unbelievable that the Board pays the manager so much.

        Is she a relative of one of the Board members?
      2. Carolyn,

        Thanks for the compliment, but as I said previously, it was a group effort among a number of caring individuals.

        Darcy Spears and Channel 13 should also be thanked for taking their time, effort, and personnel in making all of it happen.

        Remember, if a Board and General Manager would have made the association aware of this, and the members would not have approved a huge income, none of this would have occurred.

        As you know, I in particular, have been criticized by some on another blog for assisting Channel 13, but in the minds of the "fiscally responsible"...

        and there are many...

        ...this needed to be told in order to make as many people possible aware of things for one reason...

        You can't solve a problem, unless it is first identified.

        Let's hope all of this translates into looking closely at the Board members actions over the next 6 months and which of them consider reelection next year.

        They allowed all of this to take place, and "the people", now knowing the facts, will have a reason to decide if they wish to continue on what we consider, an irresponsible spending path, that MUST be stopped.

        As a side note, know that the Sun City Anthem Association attorney did his best to squash the report...obviously at the order of a General Manager and/or Board.

        God knows what he was paid in order to avoid making this information known to the public; information that if there was nothing to hide, should never have been the subject of an objection.
        1. I got a real kick out of Davey's latest advice about boycotting.

          I hope he'll be tuning in Monday morning.

          I promise the words "He Made An Ass of Himself...Again" will apply to his latest garble.

          For now, we'll leave it at that !

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sun City Anthem to be Topic of TV Investigative Report...TONIGHT at 6:00pm

Channel 13 to Air
Homeowner Association Management Compensation Report
Tonight at 6:00pm

Image result for darcy spears las vegas

We want to alert you to a special report from KTNV's (Channel 13) Investigative Reporter, Darcy Spears.

The airing will be Thursday evening, June 28th during the 6:00pm nightly news broadcast.

It appears that Sun City Anthem's General Manager, Sandra Seddon's compensation level will be highlighted, comparing it to other Homeowners Associations.

For those of you unfamiliar with Darcy Spears, she is the Chief Investigative Reporter for the TV station's "Action News". 

Her investigate reports over the years have been legendary, exposing a number of topics that include numerous Las Vegas valley questionable activity including her "Dirty Dining" segments.

Darcy Spears' credentials are impeccable, having received multiple Emmy Awards over the years for her fearless style and approach to presenting her stories.

Image result for darcy spears las vegas

She has helped countless people who have been severely wronged by businesses and business owners who are "called out" by her for their wrongful actions against unsuspecting consumers.

A number of months ago, it was her reporting (along with our Rana Goodman of Anthem Today and The Vegas Voice), who "broke" the story of the unspeakable atrocities that took place against senior citizens pertaining to Nevada Guardianship laws...and a subsquent arrest of a prime offender.

Image result for darcy spears las vegas

She is a champion for all citizens who seek remedy for what has happened to them, and is respected in the media world not just in Las Vegas, but all over the USA.

This is not the first time Sun City Anthem has been the subject of a Darcy Spears investigative report.

We were able to obtain a copy of a two part story Darcy Spears reported a number of years ago.

For you new readers and residents, we suggest you watch this its entirety.

For those of you who refuse to believe that problems have existed in the past, this is what WE HAVE TRIED TO TELL YOU what has existed for years !

We suggest you tell all your  friends and neighbors to tune into Channel 13 at 6:00pm this evening.

The report promises to be "enlightening".

Note: This could change up to the last minute due to emergency breaking news or technical issues.

  1. From Valerie Opinions

    Excellent article.  Hope the new owners will reread it and become informed.

    This is no longer the wonderful community it once was!
  2. Valerie, there are so many wonderful people who reside in Sun City Anthem, but so many of them are sadly misguided by those who have what I will refer to as an unnatural need to "control" at a time of their lives when they should be enjoying it.

    Common many times have I used those words?

    In order to solve problems, they must first be identified; second, people must be aware of them; and third; individuals must open their arms to solving them.... using COMMON SENSE.

    How? not electing political hacks who have little to no relevant experience, no desire to create a sense of "community" among their constituents, and  little integrity to tell the FULL TRUTH.

    Those who pretend problems don't exist, or criticize those who are trying to make a better life for others,  makes it worse.

    They are the inexperienced, the closed-minded, the ignorant.

    As I've said again and again, "You Can't Fix Stupid", but you can make a case in telling then why they are !
    1. I am shocked and disappointed after watching that video. Moving here may have been a huge mistake. From what I've heard, the new board is really no better than the 2011 board. I'm outraged at how much money the General Manager is making!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Getting to Know You...Getting to Know All About You...Anthem Opinions Looking "Between the Lines"

Something You Should Know About the Owner

With nearly 50 years of restaurant and entrepreneurial experience, G2G Management Group owner Vince Eupierre is one of the largest Denny's franchisees in America.

G2G Management Group owns and operates over 40 restaurant locations in California, Colorado, and Nevada. 

But...before G2G concentrated on..

Image result for denny's logo

Image result for coco's restaurant logo
...Vince Eupierre was affiliated with... 

Image result for burger king logo

Some information about Denny's:

Denny’s franchised restaurants have an average of $1,424,000 in annual revenue.

That inlcudes ALL LOCATIONS...not those in retirement communities.

Most Denny’s are open 24/7.

Most Denny’s are selected for prime locations.

Most Denny’s are known for their breakfast menus.

An aspect of the "deal" few concentrate on is another detail of the proposed"arrangement"...

Sun City Anthem would receive 4% of the gross restaurant revenue ABOVE $1,400, other words, ZERO until they reach that total !

Just what would that mean in order to generate a mediocre $1,000 p/month rent payment?

Let me save you time... additional $300,000 of annual revenue !

Let's face facts....

Image result for that dog don't hunt

 Vince Eupierreowner of G2G, is no slouch.  This guy is a sharp and successful businessman. No one would take that away from him !

So, this leaves an interesting observation !.

Why is this smart man willing to acquire and operate a restaurant that is doomed for failure?  

Image result for cartoon thinking man

Even those who think with their tum-tums could figure this one out !  

He is getting almost everything free.

Image result for cartoon man dancing for joy moving

From free rent, free equipment, free maintenance in getting his linens cleaned by you the homeowner, he no longer has to break even to succeed.  

The residents of SCA have provided free money and services to guarantee that he makes a profit.  

Mr. Eupierre is much smarter than those three individuals who negotiated for Sun City Anthem.

Someone best described it as:

Image result for three goldfish cartoon

"Witnessing three goldfish in the same tank as a hungry shark"

Image result for cartoon hungry shark

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Do you see Sun City Anthem residents singing this song if we accept the G2G "deal?"

Let us know what you think !

Send your comments to:

  1. From Greg Opinions

    Sounds like a good choice but very bad negotiations in terms of the contract.

    Why would we pay a businessman to do business in our facility?

    Sounds like we are desperate for a vendor?

    When are we going to get a board with knowledge and experience rather than amateurs throwing our money away?
    1. From Lloyd Opinions

      Another give away by our board.

      SCA must be out of their minds to except this NO FEE DEAL to a restaurant that will most likely not last too long.
      1. From Robert Opinions

        If the average annual sales at a G2G Dennys is around $1.4 MILLION per year in hghi traffic locations open 24/7, anyone that tries to convince us that they could generate anywhere that volume in a location like the back of Anthem center is blowing smoke.

        Sales less than that that provide us with "the center of a bagel" in rent, while we have to shell out who knows how much to them in whatever they can snooker our board out of.

        The estimates of $250,000 were annum do not seem unrealistic providing no unexpected cost surfaces.

        A processional property management firm would laugh them out of the building with such a proposal, but with our board and management team, who knows!
      2. Bob, another terrific well thought out comment.  

        And yes, there are MANY other costs that we have not discussed; namely the $43,000+ ovens just purchased WITHOUT EVEN HAVING A RENTAL AGREEMENT, as well as, the well-hidden true costs of the repairs that will have to be made as a result of past poor maintenance.

        It has been said to have restaurant, the costs of the repairs will be close to what was spent on the Anthem Center locker rooms (I believe between $400,000 and $500,000).  

        Without a restaurant, after speaking with a person who spent a career in the construction industry, all that would be needed in his words would be "to fill up the hole" at a cost only a fraction of the amount that a restaurant would bear.

        Wait until tomorrow

        The information I've discovered will shed an entire new light on this restaurant situation... even more convincing argument that this entire matter is completely LOSE-LOSE from everyone's standpoint.
        1. From Patricia Opinions

          Personally, I think leasing our space to any restaurant/coffee shop that requires no payment of rent and wants us to pay for expenses is NUTS!
        2. Patricia,

          Your sentiments are loudly being voiced amongst not only the Sun City Anthem community, but by every person I have spoken with that does not reside here.

          Only only a complete fool would favor such a deal that would cause financial harm to a community...

          ...and we know that there are about 125 of them who attended a meeting whose only concern is THEMSELVES.

          Those are the "takers" of society who believe everything is owed to them.
        3. From Barry Goldstein (former member of the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee) Opinions

          Dick, under NRS116, there is a part of Fiduciary Duty known as the Business Judgement Rule.

          A guideline for the satisfaction of the business judgement rule is as follows:

          1) Act in good faith
          2) Act in the best interest of the corporation
          3) Act on an informed basis
          4) Not be wasteful
          5) Not involve self interest (duty of loyalty concept)

          Someone should be explaining to the community how the lease negotiated with G2G meets the smell test of this rule, especially 2 and 4.

          Nowhere does this rule say we have to make it as easy as possible for a privately owned restaurant to succeed.
          1. From Kim Opinions

            We are NOT HAPPY about the proposed restaurant.

            If SCA wants to have a restaurant in that space we, THE HOMEOWNERS should not have to pay a penny for it!!

            They don't have to pay rent?

            Why didn't we have a chance to vote on it?????

            Free rent?

            Free equipment?

            Free maintenance?


            Who makes a deal like that???

            That's absolutely outrageous and if our dues go up as a result, we will start thinking about moving to a place that is governed by people who have more than a 3rd grade education.