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Monday, July 31, 2017

Losing 2 Sun City Anthem Residents Should Have All of us Checking our CO Detectors

A few weeks ago Sun City Anthem lost two residents due to what appears to have been the result of a defective CO detector.
Anthem Opinions received this article from Anthem Today's Rana Goodman.
Thank you Rana. 
Sun City Anthem owes you a sincere thanks for bringing this to our attention.

CO Detector
Needs Attention
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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Community Patrol Member Sounds Off at Newest General Manager Purchases...and then...Forbidding their Use

First the continual financial waste, then the common sense.
Is this what a $260,000 General Manager gets you?

From a resident who requested we publish his email to Sandy Seddon, Sun City Anthem General Manager..

Sun City Anthem General Manager Purchases

First-Aid Kits for Patrol Cars    

Then Dictates
 They Can't Be Used for Those in Need

Huh.jpg (435×329)
Arthur Goldsmith
Sun City Anthem Resident & Member of The Community Patrol

"To: Sandy Seddon,

Humanity has left SCA.  I just walked out of a meeting of the Community Patrol, of which I have been a member for almost five years. I was thoroughly disgusted when a set of rules was read to us concerning the use of a first aid kit found in each patrol vehicle.

The rules basically state:

1) For use only by a member of the patrol for another patrol member.
2) The first aid kit is NOT to be used for anyone else.

For example: A resident has fallen in the street, severely bleeding from an arterial cut, they can bleed out in a short period of time.  We call 911 and do nothing else but watch them bleed to death, because we can't use the gloves and gauze pads to do compression on the wound!


We apply compression, try to stop the bleeding and prevent further injury until paramedics can arrive, depending upon where they have to come from, which can take 6-10 minutes.  Even though there is the golden hour in trauma treatment, when someone bleeds out, it can take under 10 minutes, with the possibility of brain damage within that time.

An answer I was given was that if I want to still render first aid, move away from the patrol vehicle and remove my uniform, which consists of my shirt!  

If I have to get naked to save a life, I will! 

In the past, because of my training I assisted in the birth of a child and saved a life through the use of the Heimlich Maneuver, of a person who was choking on food. In addition, I gave first aid to an adult college student of mine, who had a stroke in my class.  I wasn't admonished for doing what I did, but I got the proverbial pat on the back...

...NOT, but you didn't follow the guidelines.

I just spoke with a nurse who is a certified first aid instructor and she said, "you will get sued if you do first aid or if you don't. So what is there to loseThe patrol member is covered by the Good Samaritan law and the association, by extension is also covered.

If you can live with having preventable death or injury, live with it; but a number of members of the patrol, who joined because they want to help the community, can't.

Please reconsider the horrendous regulations regarding the use of first aid kits."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Good Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are, or who they believe to be, injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated.

The protection is intended to reduce bystanders' hesitation to assist, for fear of being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury or wrongful death.

Nevada's Good Samaritan laws fall under NRS 41.500.

NRS 41.500  

General rule; volunteers; members of search and rescue organization; persons rendering cardiopulmonary resuscitation or using defibrillator; presumptions relating to emergency care rendered on public school grounds or in connection with public school activities; business or organization that has defibrillator for use on premises.

The following subsections of NRS41.500 would likely apply.

1. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 41.505, any person in this State who renders emergency care or assistance in an emergency, gratuitously and in good faith, except for a person who is performing community service as a result of disciplinary action pursuant to any provision in title 54 of NRS, is not liable for any civil damages as a result of any act or omission, not amounting to gross negligence, by that person in rendering the emergency care or assistance or as a result of any act or failure to act, not amounting to gross negligence, to provide or arrange for further medical treatment for the injured person.

6.  Any person who:

 (a) Has successfully completed a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation according to the guidelines of the American National Red Cross or American Heart Association;

(b) Has successfully completed the training requirements of a course in basic emergency care of a person in cardiac arrest conducted in accordance with the standards of the American Heart Association; or

(c) Is directed by the instructions of a dispatcher for an ambulance, air ambulance or other agency that provides emergency medical services before its arrival at the scene of the emergency, and who in good faith renders cardiopulmonary resuscitation in accordance with the person’s training or the direction, other than in the course of the person’s regular employment or profession, is not liable for any civil damages as a result of any act or omission, not amounting to gross negligence, by that person in rendering that care.

8. Any person who gratuitously and in good faith renders emergency medical care involving the use of an automated external defibrillator is not liable for any civil damages as a result of any act or omission, not amounting to gross negligence, by that person in rendering that care.

10.  As used in this section, “gratuitously” means that the person receiving care or assistance is not required or expected to pay any compensation or other remuneration for receiving the care or assistance.

At a recent meeting of the Community Patrol, Mr. Goldsmith asked the following be corrected in the Patrol's minutes:

Please have the minutes corrected as to #7.

Please add the following:
 1). A patrol member vociferously argued against the nonuse of first aid supplies for Non patrol members.

2). The same member argued against the no first aid rule by the patrol, citing Nevada's "Good Samaritan Law."

3) State that the policy was read by Mike Waterhouse and he referred to Manager Sandy Seddon as sending out the memo.

4) Patrol members who do decide to give first aid are to move away from the patrol car and remove any patrol identification from their person, i.e., uniform shirt; as suggested by assistant chief Mike Waterhouse." 
These additions will make the minutes correct!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Still not signed the Removal or "No Confidence" petitions? 

Remember, The person in need Mr. Goldsmith might be talking about could be  YOU.

If you wish to sign them, just click here for full information:

Got a comment?  Send it to us at:

  1. Anthem Opinions received this email sent to members of the Community Patrol by the Patrol Chief, Gene Freeze.

    Is this ILLEGALLY interfering with the Removal Election Process? 

    What wrong Message are you referring to Mr. Freeze and who directed you to send out this email to the members of the Patrol?

    From: Gene Freeze
    Date: Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 4:00 PM
    Subject: Community Patrol Stuff
    To: Patrol Members

    We know that there is a petition circulating asking for signatures to recall some of the present Association Board Members.

    It has come to my attention that a patrol member, while in uniform, came into the patrol office with a clipboard with the sign up sheets on it.

    I want to state the position of the patrol regarding this issue.

    All patrol members, while in uniform, driving our patrol cars or coming into our office ,walking , biking will not be permitted to solicit signatures for this cause.

    What you do outside of the patrol uniform is up to you..

    In, uniform could be sending out the wrong message to our community.

    Gene Freeze
    Chief, Sun City Anthem Community Patrol
  1. I can't help but wonder why and why now? Has the SCA attorney suddenly decided that it would put the Association in a precarious situation if a Patrol member assisted a resident? Is our Liability Insurance Carrier suddenly stating they would refuse coverage in the event of litigation? If either of these were true, why wouldn't that inur to a fellow Patrol Member who might receive assistance and then claim they were damaged by the aid they received? I could understand requiring some proper basic First Aid training for Patrols prior to use of the equipment but then to be directed not to use it for anyone, resident, non-resident, fellow Patrol is curious.
  2. From Laura Opinions

    I hope this dictator, Sandy Seddon, never needs the services of our Community Patrol with her precious

    First Aid Kits for herself. She'll be completely out of luck!
  3. From Elaine Izaks

    This woman is out of her mind!!!

    With the amount of residents living here, something bad is going to happen - and then what?

    If it wasn't for a caring maintenance person, I would have been floundering.

    What a disgrace!!!!!!!!
    1. So by extension: if the patrol person comes across a seriously dehydrated person and has a bottle of (unopened) water in the vehicle; they would not be allowed to give that person the water, unless they take off their hat and shirt. And, by extension, if in another scenario the Patrol person does not administer First Aid — would Sandy Seddon and SCA be liable as they set the policy that Patrol person's cannot assist?

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Former Sun City Anthem Finance Committee Member
Questions "True Picture"
 Association Chief Financial Officer's Report

show-me-the-money.jpg (1200×628)
Barry Goldstein

After attending the July 27, 2017 Board meeting, I found the report given by Chief Financial Officer, Jim Orlick, somewhat questionable in disclosing the current financial condition of Sun City Anthem.

Trying for a fair and balanced review of the June 30, 2017 financial report presented at the July 27, 2017 board meeting, the following information was disclosed that I believe, needs further clarification.

My thoughts are based on the following information presented at that meeting.

1. The main operating fund shows a positive variance of $488,768.

2. Comments in the report show unfilled Sun City Anthem employee positions with a savings of $93,382.

3. The report also mentions a number of expense items that will be payable in the last half of 2017...expenses that I believe will have a probable negative affect on the positive variance presented in Mr. Orlick's financial analysis
What brings me to this conclusion?

a. The reserve fund shows a negative variance of $542,557 with a note that the $288,290 spent to date on the Anthem center locker rooms, has been excluded from this amount.

Combining the Anthem Center locker room "excluded amount" with the negative variance presented in the reserve account,  leaves one conclusion:

Sun City Anthem Reserve spending is actually $830,847 over budget.

b. There is no mention as to either how or whether this deficit will be replenished.

According to the report, Sun City Anthem, as of June 30, 2017, has $2,060,405 cash on hand which includes $1,124,732 from prepaid assessments (dues payment from owners who prepay their association dues in a manner other than the current quarterly payment).

The reserve fund has cash and cash equivalents of $9,694,701.

There is no comparison from the reserve study as to whether this is more or less than deemed necessary by the reserve study.

There you have it.
You decide what financial position we are in for yourself. 
  1. During one of the candidates' debates during the last election, one of the candidates (I BELIEVE it was Nona Tobin) made a statement that the SCA financial statements looked like a table of random numbers.

    Maybe the ONLY consultant that should be hired is a qualified CPA to do an INDEPENDENT audit of the SCA Books?
    1. From Buddy Opinions


      Here is how you get voted onto the BOD at SCA and not be subject to criticism, personal attack and being humiliated?


      Do things that are in the best interest of the community while voting to spend money as if it were your own.
      1. From Marcia Opinions

        This can be described in simple terms-CREATIVE ACCOUNTING. They are banking on most people either not even glancing at the six month financial report and also not being bookkeepers or accountants.

        If it doesn't pass the smell test then, all the more reason to change the composition of the board.

        The last time I looked, 2 plus 2 still equals 4 !
        1. From Rana Opinions

          Does anyone know what is done with the equipment that is replaced from our reserves?

          For example; treadmills, chairs, the poker tables, the up-coming replacement of the cameras for SCA-TV that were just approved?

          I would think that there are many residents who might be interested in bidding on things of this type.

          Just wondering.
          1. From Barry Opinions

            Some are sold as used sports equipment. I don't know about video.
          2. From Nelson Opinions

            In the past there have been some auctions for materials that have been replaced by new items from the reserves.
          3. From Tim Opinions

            Most of it is sold off. Directly or at auction.
          4. From Jim Mayfield, former Sun City Anthem Board Opinions

            There is a "Reserve Asset Disposition Form" that is to be used to authorize the disposition and method of disposition of all retired reserve assets. However, the disposition of retired assets has been a source abuse for years.

            FSR used to declare them obsolete and of no value and then FSR employees reportedly sold them.

            SCA has also kept the assets in active service to increase its assets and circumvent the NRS capital asset acquisition rules.

            At one point, the employees were given first shot at acquiring the assets at a bargain price as an employee reward.

            The whole process needs transparency and oversight by the Board.

            (I used to make them report the proposed disposition process in the acquisition request and report results at a public meeting.)

            Stating this is an infringement of the GM's management authorizations disregards the Board's oversight and fiduciary responsibilities mandated in NRS116.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sun City Anthem Owner....My Experience with SCA-TV

Following the article we published on Thursday regarding SCA-TV, Anthem Opinions received numerous comments, ALL OF WHICH clearly indicated two overwhelming observations:

1The number of unit owners viewing the programming is nil.

 2. Financing the local television station is considered a complete waste of association funds.

Of the comments we received, none touched us more than that sent by Sun City Anthem resident, Janet Marks.

She told a story...a story that dramatizes the history of waste and disrespect toward many who have chosen Sun City Anthem to spend their remaining retirement years...

...a sad history that has been led by individuals whose inappropriate actions must be corrected without delay.

Namely REMOVAL of those who have allowed situations like the one described below to exist...and..persist...again and again...with each passing year.

Why I Never Watch
sca_television_white-use-web-size.gif (456×184)
 Janet Marks
Sun City Anthem Resident Since 2000

"I never watch SCA-TV. It started with a very unfortunate experience for me personally.

Here is my reason:

I‘ve been living here since 2000.

My husband, who had a Video Production Business, passed away in 2003.

At that time, SCA-TV was in its infancy.

Since I had all of his Professional Equipment, I offered it Free of Charge to the station on numerous occasions.

(Professional Cameras, Monitors, Cordless Mikes, etc.)

After never receiving any kind of response from anyone, I gave up trying.

As a result, I donated all of his equipment to the Community College of Southern Nevada.

(The equipment filled the entire interior of a car including the trunk). In return, I received a lovely letter from the President of the college thanking me.)

Thus started the unnecessary spending of the association for SCA-TV.
For the life of me, I cannot comprehend why the overspending for this new equipment, when as you have mentioned, the same can be purchased for a much lesser price.

Who does the research for these things?

I can understand some disagreement with the board; however, it always seems to be “My Way Or The Highway.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Circumstances like this should NEVER have taken place, but they do, again and again, yet usually go unreported while the individual wishing to make a positive contribution to the benefit of our community, is all to often ignored and in so many cases, in a rude and condescending manner.

Let's change all changing THEM.

Sign the removal petitions.

You can obtain them by simply clicking on this link:

  1. Evidently our article about the TV equipment must have reached a bunch of people...actually Anthem Opinions was visited 3,819 times within the past 24 hours. was brought out in the July 27th Board meeting... a typical manner.

    Evidently it was stated that the cost comparison was not "apples to apples"; that what was brought up in the Anthem Opinions article did not have "the bells & whistles" suggested by Mrs. Seddon and her band of Merry minions.

    However, as is always the case with this, as well as, with their predecessors...

    ...there is always more to this story, and in this case, no exception.

    First, they never explained what those "bells & whistles" included (or why such extravagance is necessary).

    Second, because it was "in the budget, it was an acceptable purchase"...the typical answer any BUREAUCRAT would employ who believes in the "let's spend it or lose it" concept of INEFFICIENCY and WASTE.

    Third, no one seems to watch SCA-TV. Anthem Opinions has yet to have ANYONE say they do, or for that matter, justify the costs involved.

    ...and best of all:

    Fourth, the old equipment is STILL OPERATIONAL.

    Oh yes, one final comment.

    The "inflated purchase" was APPROVED with ONLY Nona Tobin casting a "no" vote.

    Waste, waste and more waste.

    Still believe this "regime" is acting in the best interests of the community?

    Just another reason to DUMP the four, and perhaps consider adding a couple more to the list.

    This is now the NORM in our community, a NORM that requires immediate change.
      1. From Hollis Opinions

        WHAT A WASTE.... We would never watch it.

        Who cares about local restaurant evaluations etc??

        Any resident here could write better ones...

        And the Spirit Magazine includes anything of value?

        I once was one of the winners of a photo contest sponsored by that group...and soon realized what a "good-ol-boy" bunch this is.

        Luncheon attended by Berman and a couple board members..etc.

        What fools to reject a professional equipment donation!!!

        And let's not forget the $30,000 waste created by the SCA video that was contracted for!!! What use was it? Where is it now?

        If I was another "Bella-Gate"..?

        It's OK to have a video club... but sponsor it yourselves!!!

        This is of VERY small interest to the majority of our population here at SCA.

        I don't know of anyone who watches these broadcasts...except the ones involved in it.
  1. This is interesting Dick. I forgot all about K-BORE (Anthem TV) since I got rid of Cox and changed to another carrier for my TV services. I changed because I could save A LOT (!) monthly. Don't seem that I have missed it either. We sure however surely find people here that are really good at spending Other People's Mpney thru the magic of the protection of NRS rules, and the law.

    I'm happy you point out the percentages of folks that do watch as it gives me perspective if the question comes up as to do we keep it because we always have had it, or just dump it (finally).

    Great work once again keeping perspective all the money being spent here.
    1. From Karen Opinions (Part One of Three)

      We don't have Cox Cable, and only watched SCA TV once on our computer (in the 5 years we've lived here). Didn't really like watching it on a small screen then, and don't find the particular topics all that interesting now.

      (A lot of the same info can be had through Anthem Opinions, and the magazine published by George Meese).

      I would be curious to know exactly how many people do watch it. Is it shown on any in-house television in the rec centers? I realize that this is part of a club, so how many actual members are there?

      Does the club not own these particular pieces of equipment, or what's wrong with the equipment they already have? It's probably still working just fine, but it seems that anytime something that might be listed on the "estimated useful life" list for the Reserve Study date nears, suddenly the item(s) need to be replaced--regardless of their condition. I am all for preventive maintenance, but some of the spending at SCA is just plain wasteful.

      A few years ago there was a similar issue that came up regarding recommendations made to replace the stacking chairs. It appeared to be an "all-or-nothing" decision by the BOD at that time. I actually took the time to send an email (copied below) to the then Board President, Bella Meese, questioning the overall need for total replacement and offered some suggestions. I never received so much as a thank you for your interest, drop dead, or any type of response from her. And, given that the Boardapproved the purchase of the EXACT same chairs that club members were complaining about, I assumed my e-mail was never even read or the info passed on. Such a waste of our association's money. Wonder what happened to the old chairs? Could they have been reupholstered? Probably just got tossed in a big dumpster.
      1. From Karen Opinions (Part Two of Three)

        Dear Mrs. Meese: (12/7/2015)

        I have some questions regarding a recent recommendation made by Mr. Daniels to the Board for replacement of the stacking chairs our various clubs are using. What is the maximum weight load for this particular chair? I did not see this pertinent information provided anywhere by MTS Seating, including within their catalog. Given that the recommended chair seem a bit pricey and has a relatively limited frame warranty (12 years), I would hope it would be able to support someone that weighs more than 200 pounds.

        Additionally, if club members have been complaining about thin cushions and a lack of lumbar support on the current chairs they are using, then why weren't stacking chairs designed specifically with lumbar support being looked at? As a person who has suffered from low back pain most of my life, I can appreciate the need for a comfortable chair, and none of those that are being shown as options appear to have addressed the users complaints. Why should the Association spend thousands of dollars more than was originally budgeted for on a style of chair that people will still complain about? And, as the SCA population ages, it might be a good idea to order some chairs with arms on them to assist those that have difficulty getting up.

        I looked online and found several chairs (both with and without arms) that offered lumbar support, came in multiple colors, had lifetime frame warranties, and were less expensive. And, they were sold by a company that I have used before that specializes in furnishings for schools--where you would certainly expect more abuse from the users than what SCA adults can do. I am attaching a link of a chair that I found for you to look at. The website also indicates access to many other commercial furniture companies that offer similar style seating.

        I also question whether all 252 chairs are really in such poor condition that they warrant being replaced at the same time. Is someone actually looking at each of the chairs and making an evaluation? Just because a reserve study suggests an item may be reaching the end of useful life, doesn't mean it must be done right then. Surely out of the entire lot of chairs, there must be enough that are still in above-average condition that could be consolidated to be used by a few of the smaller clubs this year to keep overall costs in line with the amounts previously budgeted for 2016. Next year, re-evaluate those chairs and as the number whittles down, move them again to an even smaller club. My point is, stay on budget!

        I don't want you to think I am just some axe-grinding homeowner-- I am speaking from actual experience. After 35+ years in various aspects of property management, I do understand the issues related to making a purchase for the long term. I would, however, like to offer a suggestion to the Board, and that is to continue to researching replacement chairs, and actually obtain a sample or make a minimal purchase that can be tried by those that complained the loudest before ordering such a large quantity.

        Believe me--no one wants to get stuck with having 252 uncomfortable chairs for the next 10-20 years!! Thank you for your time and serving on the Board. Sincerely, Karen Hadrick
        1. From Karen Opinions (Part Three of Three)

          I am truly hoping that Nona is able to keep up her fight to getting things done correctly and with the OVERALL Association's BEST INTEREST in mind. Homeowners with personal agendas or visions of grandeur should never serve as board members or make up association rules--especially since many have NO CLUE as to proper installations, or visual impact of the so-called "rules" already in place (many from the developer(s)

          Do you think we could just start over with everything??