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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Board Members Try to Explain Surplus Situation

Board Members Respond to Surplus Funds Matter

Anthem Opinions received such a vast number of resident responses to our original article entitled "What Happens to Sun City Anthem Surplus Funds?",  we decided to send a copy of the article to certain board directors soliciting their opinions and comments on this matter.
And to our pleasure...we received responses that we would like to share with you.
In our opinion, they represent the "openness" and "transparency" that is often promised PRIOR to an election....
...all to often disappears afterward.
Is this a new beginning as to how a board director should react to questions that residents are entitled an answer?
Is this a new wave in PROFESSIONAL blog commentary that produces A POSITIVE community reaction?
We think so...and we hope it continues in the future.
Here are the comments:
From Board Member: Don Schramski  
There probably will be a surplus, and that was discussed at length during the Board meeting. 
The intermediate conclusion is that we will wait for the budget for 2016 to be finalized this fall, then decide what to do with the funds. 
Keep in mind, there could be $100,000+ for Community Patrol expansion, $100,000+ for the possible Liberty Bocce court changes,  a 2016 fair market value salary for a new General Manager, and all the Self management outlays this year and in 2016. 
There will be savings when FSR is released from contract, but that could be as late as Dec 2016.
Tim is partially correct in that the surplus money should be returned to the residents.
But, that's only after the above costs are considered and after any sums are set aside for reserves. 
Believe me, if there is extra, I'm not inclined to spend it just for the sake of spending it. 
Our residents will receive any overages.

From Board Director: Jim Mayfield
First Response:
I made several points at the Agenda Review Meeting and then made the points again, on the recorded record, at the Board meeting on Thursday. 
If you examine the record, or check with anyone in attendance at the two meetings, you will find that I articulated, in detail, my differences with the Finance Committee and Treasurer on Tuesday on the computation of surplus funds. 
I then proposed several amendments to the motion to adopt the Budget Guidelines to address my concerns about the computation of surplus funds, to reduce the 2016 annual assessment of Members, and to require the surplus funds issue to be addressed in the Budget Guidelines.  
All of my amendments failed either for lack of a second or by a 6 to 1 vote.
As a sitting Board member, I don't use the blogs to promote my positions or communicate with members. 
My comments at public meetings speak for themselves.
To which the following email was sent to Mr. Mayfield from Anthem Opinions:
Thanks so much for the feedback. 
May I print your response?
Jim, I want you to know that we heavily supported you for reelection, and know how frustrated you must be at times.
Allen Weintraub and I wish you nothing but good things, and hope someday, the "good guys" can win a few.
Don't ever lose the fighting's what is needed for proper reform. 
Jim, I do disagree with your position regarding community blogs. 
No matter what your personal view of them, they are the most widely read publications...and yes, most convey a certain point of view....and that's a good thing. 
Diversity is what makes intelligent decisions because both sides of an issue are considered from different points of view.
The president memo eblasts say nothing other than board decisions or rather more properly, should be referred to as dictums....never giving a reason as to why they were made. 
Rarely do people attend board meetings....usually about 35-40, and maybe that is the reason.
Why is it that we never see any board member convey the reasons as to why they choose to make the decisions that are made? 
Yes, your comments are on a record....a record that sadly is rarely, if ever read, and most people would be unable to find it.
Long before you arrived here in SCA, there used to be hundreds in a board meeting audience....and that has stopped. 
They don't seem to care, and that is a board's fault for not creating interest. 
GOOD objective blogs who welcome open commentary from board members expressing WHY they chose to vote in a particular manner, reaches many that yearn for the REASONS.
Try it some time, you might actually see more people attending meetings, because a board member showed enough interest in express a rationale for the manner in which he or she voted. 
...and if blogs aren't the answer, try making the board bulletins more meaningful by having board members state their rationale for making various major decisions. 
It would go so much further than what currently exists.
All the best to you Jim.  
To which Jim Mayfield responded as follows:
I hope it has been noticed that I don't respond in any of the blogs; I don't play favorites. 
My position should not be confused as lack of support for the blogs.  Frankly, I think they serve a badly needed purpose. 
I am just so burned out by politicians that can't wait to get in front of a camera or microphone or have a guest column written in a publication.
I would like to believe that my standard sends a message, even if in a small-ball environment with limited exposure. 
Namely, egos ( mine is as big as anyone's) and thriving on publicity need to take a back seat to governing and speaking on the public record.

I also hope that you and others have heard my stated view that the Board needs to improve its listening to the message versus reacting to the messenger. 
I love critics, even when they get on my nerves. 
How does anyone expect a democracy to work if critics are suppressed.  FYI, I receive negative feedback because I do speak frequently and directly at public meetings and on the record.
Thanks for your comments and support.
We sincerely thank Mr. Schramski and Mr. Mayfield for their honest commentary...
We would welcome ANY additional comments from other board members as well.
We urge those other members of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors to send them to our email address for publication as follows:
And to our valued readers....we would also like to ask YOU if would like to see more board member commentary as to the major decisions they make on our behalf?
We anxiously look forward to all responses...with hope that this type of dialogue may bring our wonderful community closer together as NEIGHBORS...not adversaries.
Dick Arendt
Anthem Opinions Administration

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Show Me the Money"...Sun City Anthem Resident Wants to Know Board Plans for Huge Association Surplus

A resident wants to know...

What Happens to Sun City Anthem Surplus Funds?

The attached shows a good educated estimate of the surplus at the end of 2014.  

This number is subject to the official audit but is a good approximation done by people much smarter and qualified then me and who have better access to the real numbers.


... at the 2016 budget guidelines workshop on May 26, 2015 we were told there is an estimate of an additional $400,000 plus at the end of 2015.

That brings the grand total close to $1.5 million or about $200 per household.....a lot of money !

To me the question is:

What will the board to with that excess....the excess RESIDENT FUNDS...YOUR FUNDS ?

The law says THEY MUST BE RETURNED to the homeowners as per...

...NRS 116.3114...

...which specifically states...

... any surplus funds are to be returned to the members. 

This is typically done by a reduction in assessments for the subsequent year.

The Finance Committee budget guidelines only say the 2016 assessments should not increase over those in 2015

The Finance Committee guidelines do not say anything about returning the surplus for 2014 to the members in any way nor do they say anything about returning the projected 2015 surplus to the members in any way.

To me this is a concern.

We know if money is left on the table...

...government bureaucrats – and bureaucrats in quasi-governments such as our board...

...will always find a way to spend that money.

This information has had very limited distribution to members. 

Personally I think as many members as possible should at least have a general idea of these very large surpluses.

Tim Stebbins
Sun City Anthem Resident

Surplus Fund Calculation as of
December 31, 2014

Cash & Cash Equivalents              $  2,582,825
Other Current Assets                            261,353 

Funds Available                             $  2,844,179

Accounts Payable & Accrued

Liabilities                                        $    401,976
Prepaid Assessments                      1,262,977
Deferred Revenue & Deposits             25,632
Current Liabilities                         $ 1,690,585

Possible Surplus Funds

$ 1,153,594


Other Approved But Non-Incurred Obligations                                          64,540

Net Surplus Finds                        $ 1,089,054


We'd like to know what you think should be done with this surplus?

Should your dues be reduced accordingly (approximately $200) in 2016...or...should the board retain the funds?

Send us an email at:


  1. From Samuel L. Opinions

    Return the money!
  2. From Sam Opinions

    Return the money to the residents before they blow it on that crazy mini-golf project.
  3. From Laura Opinions

    I do not trust our Board Members or our Association with surplus funds.

    They should definitely return these funds to the homeowners.

    I don't want any more money going to that joke of a restaurant or to a miniature golf course.

    Enough is enough.

    Some residents might actually need that money.
  4. From Robert Opinions

    1, Since the Board has demonstrated how it can (or will) spend OUR money in a frivolous fashion (can anyone say "Miniature Golf", or "Vic's Subsidies"?), and can act like Dracula in a Blood Bank, the surplus should be returned to the homeowners​


    2. We waste an incredible amount of water (and money) maintaining the common lawn areas; the surplus should be used to replace the existing common lawn areas with artificial grass. This would be an investment as it would save vast amounts of money by reducing our water bill and reducing the landscape costs of mowing, etc.
  5. From Bob Opinions

    Dues should be refunded to us.

    Thank you for your diligent work.
    1. Thanks for the feedback, Bob.

      I wish I could take credit for this article, but Tim Stebbins is a "guru" regarding NRS 116.

      It was Tim's diligence that should receive the praise.

      I will pass your compliment on to him...and to our readers.
  6. From Samuel L. Opinions


    I read every day.

    I have also emailed members of the board in the past with the usual no response.

    Thanks for your efforts.
  7. We NEVER get responses from a board that has promised to be "open".

    It's politics as usual..."machine politics". ...

    That's the result of having one in four homes cast a ballot in a board director election...

    ....while the victors claim praise....

    ... from the 35 people out of 13,000 who attend their board meetings..
  8. From Margery H. to...Anthem Opinions

    Reduce the dues!!
  9. From Opinions

    We should get reduction.

    As you stated they will find a way to spend it mostly by overpaying for projects we don’t need, then getting kickbacks!!!!

    Just love it.
  10. From Pat Opinions

    I would personally like to see a refund of excess monies .

    Thanks for keeping us informed.
  11. From Ellen Opinions

    Dues should be reduced accordingly.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.
  12. From Suzanne Opinions

    We as homeowners should absolutely receive OUR funds back - The "board" has no right whatever to retain those funds - that excess money belongs back in the homeowners hands since we paid our dues faithfully.
  13. From Robert & Marlene Opinions

    Yes, we feel it should be returned or reduce the dues.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Part Three of Our Air Travel Series

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