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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Residents Continue Quest for Cafe V Information...A "Resident" Anthem Opinions Editorial

Sun City Anthem Resident
"Sounds Off" at Cafe V Fiasco

We at Anthem Opinions often get emails regarding our articles, but every so often, we get some that we feel deserve SPECIAL ATTENTION and should have a life of their own in a separate article.

This is one of those times.

Following the two articles we published regarding the insurance information pertaining to Sun City Anthem's Cafe V, we received the following from distinguished resident, Mary Lee Duley.

Mrs. Duley is well-known in the Sun City Anthem community for having a detailed data base with which she shares vital community information with hundreds of residents.

And...with her permission...along with our gratitude, we wish to share this with all of you.

Dear Anthem Opinions:

As you know, I forward informational emails to a relatively large data base on a regular basis. I do not have a web site not do I intend to have one.

It's rare when I comment on any website available to SCA residents, BUT I would like to make an exception.

The handling of the restaurant space at Anthem Center by ongoing Board members for years, has been inexcusable, and many new residents don't have a clue as to the history of that space.

This story is LONG...but there's a lot to share.

We moved here in 2006 so I'm unfamiliar with patterns prior to that time.

I believe the time has come to share my story with you and your readers, and  for the first time, expressing sentiments I have had for years.   

If the websites would reflect the Cafe V CONTRACT and the attached INVENTORY that is an integral part of the contract, residents would be SHOCKED.

Restaurants are NEVER leased "turn key" including all Kitchen and Bar equipment and accessories, much less furniture, drapes, and  decorations.

A tenant should receive a BARE facility and then it is the obligation of the TENANT to furnish, at THEIR expense, whatever they need to open and operate THEIR business.

When we moved here in 2006, there was NO disclosure to owners about this lease agreement, as well as,  a massive debt; and when it surfaced, the time kept clicking away with no solution.

When the Association finally contracted  their attorney, John Leach, many felt it was a conflict of interest as Mr. Leach also represented Del Webb/Pulte.  

I was at the top of the list asking for an independent attorney to review all documents and represent the association.

"Trumpets" Restaurant, as it was known then,  owed over $300,000 to the association, and none of us (the new purchasers) were made aware of this DEBT to Sun City Anthem.

When this was discovered, many residents attended board meetings; spoke at the podium for two minutes each; and requested FULL disclosure from the Board of Directors, asking that they SHUT it down IF they were in default.  

The assumption by all residents was that "Trumpets" was in default!  

The Association did not hire an independent attorney but continued to use their existing law firm (John Leach).

The Association essentially LOST, and settled the suit.

Not only did the Association NOT get any money from Trumpets, but we also had to pay huge legal fees in addition to what I believe was a settlement of $250,000.

Having experienced 17 very successful years in Real Estate in Hawaii by running the fourth largest General Brokerage firm on Oahu for seven years and running my own firm for an additional ten years, I felt compelled to offer suggestions to our various Board members.

In additional to my real estate experience in Hawaii,  I was Owner/Innkeeper of a highly successful Bed and Breakfast in  the State of Washington for six years, before retiring, closing it, and moving to Nevada.  

I felt these suggestions were important for the protection of our Association and for a qualified restaurant to succeed.  

Again, I continued to be shocked at this ongoing fiasco, and began attending EVERY Board of Directors meeting with notes in hand to present to the Board at their podium for residents.  

Many residents had the same concerns, voiced their opinions, and asked good serious questions.

Sadly, the questions were ignored, or the facts distorted; and, once again, it was business as usual.

"Trumpets" finally vacated the space; it cost us thousands to settle the lawsuit, and the  Board desired a new Tenant.  

A Restaurant Advisory Committee was appointed by the Board of Directors.  
It appeared to me that having owned a restaurant or business previously was not necessary to be on this decision making committee.

The committee appointed had no restaurant background except for one couple, Tony and Camile Brunetta, who also were new residents to SCA at the time, and had owned restaurants, as well as, wholesale and retail food businesses.  

I was invited twice to attend the restaurant advisory meetings by the Brunettas, who in my opinion, were the most experienced on the committee.  

Both had extensive restaurant experience in addition to their wholesale and retail food companies on the East Coast.

With impressive credentials,  they attempted to share what worked successfully for them over the years.

I watched them attempt to share their expertise,  only to be ignored and disrespected.  

While attending the second meeting (as a SCA owner not a committee member),  I continued to be shocked at the Committee members lack of basic business experience and ignoring what little expertise they had on the committee.  

I raised my hand, recommended  THREE suggestions that I considered important, and left the meeting with the  Brunettas as the meetings, at that point, were a waste of time for those watching with experience.

I always took copious notes when attending any meeting , in order to reference specifics in the future.

At the Restaurant Advisory Committee meetings AND at board meetings on a regular monthly basis, the following were my suggestions:

1. Hire a Nevada Licensed Real Estate  Commercial Broker specializing  in FOOD and BEVERAGE to find a qualified Tenant for the SCA space IF another restaurant was under consideration.

2. Hire a Nevada Licensed Attorney (law firm)  specializing in FOOD and BEVERAGE to write a contract that protected the Association, to be rented as an empty space reflecting the Tenant is responsible for whatever is needed to succeed.  

The previous restaurant contract had an INVENTORY attached to it! (unheard of in commercial real estate restaurant contracts) as it covered EVERYTHING!
A landlord NEVER leases a property as "turn key" with an inventory and contract stipulating that as equipment breaks or needs replacing, the Landlord pays.

3.  Eliminate the Inventory Completely as it has been a Money Pit in the past, and continued to be one and it did NOT benefit the Association.

It only benefited the Tenant and there would be endless replacement and repair costs to the Association.

SIX years at an SCA Board Meeting Podium making the same three suggestions, repeatedly, and watching failure after failure with history repeating itself !
This current contract for Cafe V  with continuous changes, rent reductions, and ongoing concessions is, in my opinion, the worst since we move here in 2006.

To read that a SCA Board Member could NOT answer a very basic and important question about Cafe V and whether or not Cafe V's insurance is in effect, is alarming, as you elaborated.   

Cafe V has continuously defaulted on their contract with SCA, yet there appears to be No Enforcement of the terms of this contract, and the restaurant owner is rewarded (?) by rent reductions, late payments without penalties, free advertising, and other concessions (?).  

If this were YOUR personal property being leased to Cafe V, the terms of the contract would be strictly enforced, and penalties would be assessed for delinquent payments; and, if not paid, the tenant would be given notice to vacate. 

That's what I would do.

Who can afford to subsidize a failing business??

As I previously stated, I rarely, if ever, comment on website blogs, but this issue IS important and changes are needed NOW, in my opinion.

When you default in contract terms and allow insurance to lapse, among other things, "Notice To Vacate" should be given, in writing, immediately!   

The Board needs to Enforce the terms of the Cafe V Contract and all other contracts.

Do you, our readers, feel similarly to Mrs. Duley?

Whether you do or not, we'd like to hear from you as well.

Send us an email at:

And most importantly....if you share  Mrs. Duley's and our concern for the well-being of our retirement community's financial future, we ask a favor of you....

Make your friends aware of these issues, and share this information with them.


We'd like to believe, YOU CARE.

Anthem Opinions Administraion

  1. From Robert Opinions

    Let's cut to the chase:

    (1) Either the HOA Board member(s) are far more incompetent than anyone realizes,
    (2) somebody, somehow, somewhere is make a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$ on the side by allowing this debacle to continue​
    1. From Davida & Jim Opinions

      We have never written to Anthem Opinions before.

      Jim and I have lived in Sun City Anthem since 2002, and we agree with everything that Mary Lee Duley's message contains. The whole issue is a disgrace, and has cost the Association a fortune - not to mention the bad feelings that it has fostered.

      Why have no members of this board, and those preceding it, never used common business sense, and/or listened to suggestions and comments by the residents?

      Perhaps (although we don't know if she would want to be nominated) we should all campaign for Mary Lee Duley for President in the next election?
    2. From Sue Opinions

      Nothing will change until we the residents of SCA VOTE TO CHANGE THE BOD!

      Just like the government - we obviously haven't gotten mad enough yet!

      I am also very concerned with our moving to self management with this board in charge!
      1. From Eugene Opinions

        To Anthem Opinions:

        I think subject letter highlights the problem existing in SCA current structure; that inexperienced people are involved in making decisions on important issues in which they have little or no experience.

        Unfortunately, SCA is about to expand the lack of experience issue by going into self management.

        Please see my comments on David Berman’s latest blog where he laments the G.M. who he describes as effective, being given new responsibilities.

        Having been involved in change of management situations, I saw practices implemented which encouraged employees to remain with the new company until they were granted a release, or the time specified expired.

        Apparently the Board either didn’t expect defections or didn’t care.

        Either way, lack of experience is obvious.

        Thanks for continuing to look at issues and calling our attention to them.
      2. Eugene, we'll save our readers a trip to that alternative blog:

        Stated Mr. Greenberg:

        "You have to be kidding. If the BOD did not anticipate departures as part of the transition to self management, then they are naïve.

        Anybody who is not guaranteed employment for a time after the transition and/or a bonus to stay, will seek employment elsewhere.

        I also believe the G.M. position after the transition is subject to problems.

        As an example, if the person leaves who will pay for moving expenses for new person?

        Who will act as G.M. during the time a new person is being sought?

        If the 2nd person leaves when does the 2 year guarantee end?

        One other point I have not seen being discussed is the Human Resource responsibility.

        Is the G.M. expected to be an expert in employee laws and practice?

        If so, is the requirement part of the search criteria?

        In short, just as the situation with Café V, the potential problems are unknown and the details will bite us unless the expertise required for self management is at a much higher level than demonstrated thus far.'
        1. From Robert Opinions

          I was in the commercial insurance business, working for major companies as an underwriter, and cannot believe that Vic's is getting away with not providing insurance certificates.

          Given the lack of competence shown by all boards in this matter, how is the association's insurance carrier not getting involved. If a claim is not covered by Vic's insurance could not it fall back on the association's coverage?

          Thanks for keeping us apprised of this.

          Guess we have to wait for next year and hope the residents wake up to this (and prior) board's lack of knowledge.
          1. From David Opinions

            I was amazed reading about the history of the restaurant in our community especially the absolute refusal by the board of directors to enforce the lease and protect our homeowners .

            If we cannot persuade this incompetent board to get rid of the current freeloaders, perhaps it is time to change our approach.

            The pressure placed upon the board by our community has proved to be futile so let's put pressure directly on the restaurant.

            We can have volunteers stand outside of the restaurant every night handing out flyers to everyone who enters, informing them of the financial shortcomings and ignored responsibilities of the restaurant operators. Every night the flyers would address different topics and the history of how this situation came to be. Include the email addresses of the board members.

            Something has to be done. Maybe some action outside of the board meetings is necessary. But, I will guess we might have rules that will prevent us from using such a effective method to put pressure on all involved.
        2. From Opinions

          I agree, 100% the problem with trying to show up at meetings is they have it at a time that only people that are 100% retired can show up.

          Remember it’s a community of 55 and over; a lot of us are still working if not full time, part time.
          1. From Forrest Opinions

            David Strand,

            Your thoughts posted on Anthem Opinions about a protest in front of the restaurant are exactly the same as mine.

            Three days ago I sent a private email to owners of Anthem Opinion and Anthem today and several others vocally against the BOD bad habits harboring a failing restaurant.

            Guess what...I received only two responses in favor of organizing a restaurant protest.

            Typical in SCA...most of those that complain only sit behind their computer with lip service, won't take any action, and wait for someone else to fix the problem for them.

            Many of the same folks are never seen attending meetings and speaking out.

            One can't do it alone, but a dozen or more well organized individuals will get the job done.

            Last night I conducted a head count of restaurant goers...between 6:30 and 7:15 PM...less than 10 diners and zero at the bar.

            If you and anyone else are serious about organizing action against the BOD and Cafe email is
          2. Forrest,

            Your email was received, but in our opinion, any protest would be premature at this point.

            There is little doubt this entire matter caused great controversy in our community, but hope still exists following all the comments residents have made , that the Board will take the necessary action to properly protect our community financially.

            Why do we have this belief...for the time being?

            They know that THEY will pay a heavy price for not acting in light of having had full knowledge of default and the insurance lapsing due to their neglect, yet allowing the restaurant to remain in operation.

            That IS a breach of fiduciary responsibility...and as each day passes, if an individual is injured or gets ill as a result of dining at that restaurant, the association's liability insurance will probably cover a claim; however, that claim affects CLAIM EXPERIENCE and inevitably affects future premiums.

            For now, we hope that those in the Anthem Center will stop Cafe V patrons as they enter the establishment and merely tell them that the restaurant is uninsured, allowing them to make their own decision as to whether they choose to enter under those circumstances.

            It our strong belief, that we cannot create a MASS PROTEST situation in which the restaurant could potentially claim that association actions have affected their business would give them grounds for a lawsuit....which we don't need at all !

            We just want them to GO AWAY and leave us in peace.

            What we do have a problem with is....WHY THE ASSOCIATION ATTORNEY hasn't yet come up with advice as to how to solve the problem...


            if he has, WHY A BOARD PRESIDENT won't inform residents WHAT IT IS.

            If the Association Attorney has not yet responded, and I was the President of Sun City Anthem, I would simply call him and say:

            "This situation is EXPLOSIVE...and you have 24 hours to come up with an answer...

          3. From Mary Lee Opinions

            Five residents have called me this morning regarding a formal Sun City Anthem transmittal at 9:31am and it’s only 9:50am.

            It advertises the Cafe V Restaurant Specials.

            This is the kind of EBLAST that residents are irritated in receiving.

            Residents expect e-blasts from the association to have "pertinent information", not a daily “lunch special” and that's why residents haven’t signed up for these transmittals and delete upon receipt, rather than seeing if it’s important. 
          4. Evidently, this Board and it's president still believes that RESIDENTS should continue to be placed at risk.

            It is incomprehensible, given the articles and resident comments, that whoever is in charge of sending the Cafe V COMMERCIALS...which constitute ENDORSEMENTS, that they have not ceased given the knowledge of the organization not currently being insured.

            I ask all residents to send their comments to board members to cease these eblasts immediately.

            At this stage, in our opinion, all that they represent are merely ARROGANCE on the part of INCOMPETENT and UNCARING Board members and of the MANAGEMENT COMPANY.
          1. As this situation seems to deepen with each passing day,I would like you, our readers, to be aware of an email that I sent to 3 members of our board, asking them to share with their other 4 members.

            "I would hope this Cafe V issue is brought to a conclusion at the earliest is DESTROYING this community and any hesitation on the part of the board, is DESTROYING THE CREDIBILITY OF THIS BOARD.

            If this board expects to survive, I would strongly suggest CLOSING THAT PLACE DOWN at the earliest opportunity.

            Yesterday, after Mary Lee Duley's article was posted, a total of 2,223 separate computers visited Anthem Opinions reading her story, and the numbers are increasing with each hour.

            Please feel free to pass this on to fellow Board Members because the days of secrecy have now caught up with Boards, and the residents are honestly, starting to seek your "skins" over this.

            All you need to do is read not just the various articles, but the resident comments as well.

            We print all comments...and to date..NOT ONE HAS SUPPORTED THE BOARD ACTIONS in this matter.

            And the person who most of you believe assists you in elections, doesn't even address the matter...which further diminishes HIS CREDIBILITY when 2,223 others know what it happening and he avoids the TRUTH.

            This issue is THAT CRITICAL.

            Stop putting our association at financial risk."
          2. From Carl Weinstein, Sun City Anthem Board Opinions

            I read all the comments on Anthem Opinions!

            I wish people would remember that the current Board has been in office only 1 month.

            Hard to untangle all the issues of the past 8 years with the restaurant.

            Wish residents would give this new Board a little more time to get things right.

            I can promise you that if this Board tries anymore giveaways, I will be very outspoken publicly. .

            At this point our lawyer is supposedly sending them a letter with our final demands.
          3. Carl, Anthem Opinions and the residents of Sun City Anthem send you a deep thanks for making your comment.

            We hope that the remaining 6 of the Board Members will share their thoughts with us as well.

            However...this community urges you and the others to inform residents of the potential liability involved with patronizing an uninsured restaurant....and at the very least, CEASE all further eblasts advertising (and ENDORSING) them.

            Again, Carl, thanks for your OPEN thoughts.
        3. From Tien H.Cheng Opinions

          As an owner and occupant of a house at Anthem Sun City, I agree strongly with your feelings about the restaurant. We should not subsidize the operation of this restaurant. If we cannot find an operator, may I propose that we shut down this operation.

          Let's circulate a petition to the board of governors at the HOA and forward such petition to them.

          Let's identify the names of those unresponsive governors, so that we can raise a motion to impeach them, or at least no to re-elect them at the next election.
          1. From Sonny Opinions

            Being a relatively new resident to Sun City Anthem (less than two years), I am absolutely shocked at the arrogance of the owner of Anthem Journal.

            Does he NOT get it, with regard to the seriousness of the restaurant defaulting on their debts and not having insurance?

            While we dislike receiving the e-blasts reflecting the Cafe V MENU, on a regular basis, he now posts then on his web site.

            There seems to be a distorted version of what is happening in this community on that blog, and whereas the Cafe V owner provided “two checks” for payment, he was in DEFAULT of payments of rent, electricity, and a promissory note.

            Did the two checks bring his rent current?

            Hughes is not paying the electrical bill as he feels the ‘garbage costs are too high” and he wants to “negotiate”.

            There seems to be an ongoing “negotiation” with the Board of Directors and this Larry Hughes who owns the business.

            Are there any other partners we are not aware of that may be residents of Sun City Anthem?

            Until Anthem Journal starts addressing the specific facts, as opposed to his interpretation and distortion of them, I will continue reading Anthem Opinions, Anthem Today, and SCA View as they don’t hold back of reality and facts when reporting.

            The Board of Directors has given everything away, without putting it to a vote before the entire community.

            The items that are replaced free of charge and placed is a lease agreement is a travesty.

            The contract is a disaster and the reference by another resident that an INVENTORY should NEVER been attached to a lease agreement for a restaurant is ‘“right on”.

            What was the Board of Directors thinking?

            Obviously they sought no legal input from “food and beverage specialists” in Nevada.

            Can you imagine Steve Wynn or other casino moguls putting together a contract like the one in effect in SCA?

            Contracts, when agreed upon, are not changed with reductions in rent .

            Has any member of the Board of Directors of SCA EVER owned a RESTAURANT or BUSINESS of any kind?

            The decisions being made are NOT in the best interest of this community.

            This is unheard of in other HOA’s in Illinois, Idaho, and most of the other states.


            That didn’t happen, we do NOT want to subsidize this venture or any other venture in that space, so WHAT needs to be done to put a stop to it?

            It appears to me and many in our village and clubs that I belong to, that the Board of Directors, guided by a new president, will do “anything” they desire without any consideration to feedback from residents of SCA.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Common Sense Has to Question Logic of Sun City Anthem Board Financial Decisions...An Anthem Opinions Follow-Up Editorial

Sun City Anthem Board Logic:
1 + 1 = 3

When we published the article entitled...

 "Is Sun City Anthem Endorsing an Uninsured Restaurant ?"

...on June 29th, we had no idea how INFURIATED the residents of Sun CIty Anthem would be when Anthem Opinions questioned the current insurance coverage carried by Cafe V.

...and what started as an honest inquiry as to whether the restaurant was indeed properly insured, began a countless number of "comments" that were made by residents of the Sun City Anthem community.

For those of you who merely read our articles when sent to subscribers through eblasts each morning, perhaps you might wish to revisit our blog throughout the day to examine them...especially those made regarding the above referenced piece.

These comments are published beneath the actual article.

We post EACH and EVERY comment sent to our email address, though some are slightly edited to avoid violating our policy of respect toward fellow this particular case, BOARD MEMBERS.

Though many comments were made, one in particular stood out that SHOCKED many of published by Mr. Barry Goldstein, a distinguished member of the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee, who was defeated in the board election this past spring.

Stated Mr. Goldstein:

"Just to let you know the Board of Directors has known about the lack of a certificate of insurance from the restaurant for months."

"Behind the scenes, for months I have been requesting Certificates of Insurance from both the restaurant and FSR that were required by their contracts."

"I have the emails on my computer as proof."

"Some the Certificates of Insurance from FSR expired in April and I have not seen any proof that they were renewed and undated certificates were provided.  I am glad that this issue has now seen daylight.  I guess the board does not think protecting community assets is as an important as self-management."

What does Mr. Goldstein have proof of in his possession?

Undisputed knowledge that board members at that time, namely then president Jean CapillupoBella MeeseJim LongJim MayfieldTom Nissen,  and Don Schramski WERE MADE FULLY AWARE OF THE PROBLEM.

Knowing this problem existed....WHAT WAS THEIR ANSWER to SOLVING it?

Board members Jean CapiluppoBella MeeseJim Long, and Tom  Nissen voted to FURTHER REDUCE the CAFE V rent payments...effectively CAUSING FURTHER LOSS to the Sun CIty Anthem Homeowners Association

Only directors Jim Mayfield and Don Schramski voted NOT to further subsidize Cafe V.

Yet all evidently IGNORED the insurance matter COMPLETELY brought to their attention by Mr. Goldstein, rather than DEMANDING our management company,  FSR,  do frequent checks as to their in force "Certificates of Insurance".

Now...lets send the clock ahead to June 25, 2015 keeping in mind that...

... first, a board IGNORED a vital financial concern as to association finances...


... second, none verified if FSR performed THIS SIMPLE DUTY FOR WHICH WE PAY THEM...

...after being WARNED by a Finance Committee member and board candidate that NO PROOF OF INSURANCE could be found.

On June did the following Board members handle this obvious DELINQUENT DUTY by that company?

Bella Meese, Tom Nissen, Rex WeddleCarl Weinstein, and Don Schramski EACH voted to give FSR a $90,000 amount to provide salary increases to FSR be paid to ANY EMPLOYEE(S) CHOSEN BY FSR.

Only director, Jim Mayfield, voted AGAINST this measure.

What conclusion can be drawn from all of this ?

Perhaps this 2015 version of management directors economic logic can best be described as...
1 + 1 = 3

Have a comment?

Send your thoughts to:

Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Barry Opinions

    Dick, I have been reading some of the comments made by residents regarding this issue.

    I blame FSR for not doing their job. Their contract requires them to make sure insurance policies are in place from any outside vendors to protect our community.

    FSR should have shut the restaurant down from the beginning without proof of insurance.

    Would they allow roofers or landscapers to work on our property without proof of insurance?

    It may be time for residents to insist on a special meeting to discuss the future of the restaurant and have the owners answer questions from the community.
    1. Barry,

      Sadly, a past board DID ALLOW a contractor to do repairs at Independence Center in (I believe 2008), authorized by then RMI, now FSR, that neither had insurance or a current contractor's license.

      For those here in the winter of 2008, there was an unexpected 8" snowfall that collapsed the roof...and thankfully, no one was injured or killed.

      When a number of us delved into the matter, it was discovered that the contractor HAD NO LICENSE or INSURANCE.

      Amazingly, after it was discovered that the contractor demanded we pay him $5,000 to do the repairs, two board members authorized PAYING THE BILL.

      Instead of demanding they obtain current insurance and license and then repairing at their expense...THEY PAID IT.

      It was at that point that a member of our community, Forrest Fetherolf, fought to create an "oversight committee" to avoid that ever taking place again.

      The board reaction....IGNORING THE REQUEST...PAYING THE BILL...and for the past 7 years, the "system" has remained in place.

      And this was the type of behavior that we have tolerated over the years by both Board Members...and...a Management Company.

      How is this threat to current financial liability handled today?

      We grant a $90,000 increase in management company be paid to whoever the management company decides who should get it.

      Is all of this the fault of the management company? should be shared by those who OVERSEE the management company as well; namely the Board.

      1. From Dorothy Opinions

        All I can say is the more I read the more infuriated I get.

        Why are there never people with common sense up there to guide these fools into making logical decisions?
      2. Frome Laura Opinions

        You certainly know how to get a person's "juices" flowing.

        When will this circus of events concerning Cafe V stop?

        I, personally would be happy to stand amongst all in favor of getting rid of Cafe V and our joke of a Board of Directors.


        What can we do, as a community, to get rid of both, The Board and Cafe, and stop the infusion of money, which is not theirs to spend as they wish.


        Thank you,
      3. Dorothy, there's not much you can do about the Board...for NOW.

        Yes, a community can have a recall election, but the rules changed a few years make that an almost impossibility. first have to have 10% of all the voting members (742) sign a petition for the recall.
        Then...once the ballot is conducted, you need 50% +1 of the entire voting body (3,573) to vote.

        The old rules merely stated you needed a simple majority of those WHO VOTED.

        Why did it change to make it a literal impossibility? Ask the lawyers who defend improper board actions. They have the best well paid lobbyists.

        I don't believe we have ever had more than 2,000 people vote in a Board election, much less a recall. is the problem solved now?

        Between now and the next election, TALK TO PEOPLE, MAKE THEM AWARE of these issues that affect our financial integrity, and most importantly, PAY ATTENTION to the QUALIFICATIONS an individual brings to the table.

        Some "unofficial" advice...what you see ENDORSED on another biased community publication that prides itself on having 100% ELECTIVE SUCCESS, always seems to back THE ONES WHO CREATE THE PROBLEMS WE HAVE DISCUSSED.

        ...yet that publication, after Cafe V will in all likelihood disappear, will still have a 0 for 4 success rate in recommending anything remotely successful.

        Why is that the case?

        Simply stated...."that beat's the h..l  out of me" !
        1. From Kay Opinions

          Does the business judgement rule in Nevada law make it a violation for the association to allow the operation of the restaurant without insurance?

          My reasoning is the fact that they have known about this for more than a few days.