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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sun City Anthem Legal Bills Continue Exploding...A Resident's Observation

Milking the Cash Cow
(Part Two)

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Barry Goldstein
Former Member of the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee

In this months Sun City Anthem financial report our community seems to be so litigious that for the second month of this year we have over spent our legal budget.

Being a part of the financial world prior to my retirement, you might call it "habit" that I often peruse financial reports.  

I suppose I got into a groove of wanting to know where my money was being spent, and when I got here from New York, I couldn't seem to break that "habit".  

Thus I believed that "habit" might benefit Sun City Anthem by joining the Finance Committee.

I may no longer be a member of that committee but unlike so many unit owners who don't read or understand the reports...

I do !

While official community publications often tout the "financial soundness" of our association, they rarely look "behind the numbers"; and as a result, the community takes them as "gospel".

I don't !

Instead, that "habit" of wanting details just won't seem to go away !

The result:

My medicine cabinet has increased substantially with a growing supply of... 
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So much so that it's beginning to look like a shelf in a grocery store!

Image result for indigestion medications list

Let's take a close look at what the legal expenses have been lately and you decide if something doesn't look right !

In February, 2018, we spent: 

That's over our budget by:

in just the month of February...a month having only 28 days !

In my previous "Milking the Cash Cow" article I reported a substantial overage for January, and when both months are added together, that means for only the first two months of 2018, we are now:
 over budget gets worse !

In 2017 our annual legal fee budget was:
In 2018 that annual budgeted amount increased to:

..that means we're currently $47,260 above the increased budget amount !

In my previous article, I asked if we, the bill payers, deserve a detailed report on what legal issues our retirement money is being spent.

Well it seems there is an explanation on Page 35 of the report.

I quote:

 "Legal representation by Lead Counsel and for Insurance Related Legal Counsel Representation"

I showed this explanation to a lawyer who also happens to be a Sun City Anthem home owner, and his response was:

"What does that mean?"

Well, I have no idea, but I think it will take another attorney putting in a request for more detailed information.

One thing I do know is that this is what happens when we have a Board of Directors that can't use common sense to make decisions.

In business, the few times I required legal advice from my attorney, there always seemed to be two options:

One that would generate huge legal fees


One that did not.

Usually the common sense option generated the least cost.

Still have a headache after reading this?
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Not to worry.

My medicine cabinet is full of "help" to reduce the mental agony of... 

Image result for cooking the books

Image result for cooking the books

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Anthem Opinions thanks to Barry Goldstein for "telling like it is" in this unique manner.

Let's keep this in mind when you see that Election ballot in your mail box.

Need we remind you that these incumbents running for re-election...

Aletta Waterhouse
Robert Burch
James Coleman

... have allowed this to take place in accordance with a grossly overpaid General Manager's free wheeling spending habits.

Retaining them means more of the same.

And how can all of this be paid?

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Image result for dues increase
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  1. From Claudia Opinions

    I read with great interest the article written so clearly and intelligently by Barry Goldstein.

    Thanks to him and others in the past, I’m getting  better picture of what happens when a few make the choices for the many without regard for the guidelines set up.

    I have those names on record to recall when voting for new “leaders” happens.

    We get busy and forget that our budget etc. is run by those few on the board without much input from us.

    I will be more vigilant thanks in part to Barry’s informative article.

    Thanks for keeping us informed, Barry and others who take the time to share their thoughts on our community.
  2. From Carolyn Opinions

    Your recent articles are troubling.

    PerhapsI am comparing apples and oranges, but I recall reported HOA problems on the other side of town.

    In that case, control of the board and its purse strings was attempted  and proven.

    Why has our SCA board turned what is their responsibility and decision making over to the GM ( who seems to have the attorney on speed dial?
  3. Carolyn,

    The answer is a sad one.

    The fault ultimately belongs to those in the Sun City Anthem community. The unit owners are the ones who voted these individuals into office, allowing all this to take place.

    How many individuals merely ask their neighbors "Who should I vote for?"

    What so many of us have tried to do, is open the eyes of a community and ask questions that pertain to their retirement lives.

    In return, a corrupt "machine" will do anything to discredit our efforts.

    Some believe we are "malcontents" or "complainers", but to go about doing what we do, is really a sign of CARING and making attempts to enjoy  a community where truth, openness,  and honesty is a way of life.

    When we hear statements like "our dues are reasonable" as a reason to avoid better knowledge, a number of us cringe.

    Our attitude is "Why can't it be more efficient?"

    "Why can't the golden rule of treating your neighbor as yourself", prevail?"

    We have no other motives.

    Your comparison to the many troubles that existed in HOAs a number of years ago is right on the mark.

    When things get complacent, the "bad guys" take advantage of it, and sooner or later, the problems magnify.  The last time, the FBI entered the picture, and perhaps it's time they reenter it again.

    That is what is happening all over the Las Vegas valley at the current time.

    Sun City Anthem is merely one of many that is being controlled by "bully" boards who believe that complacency will allow them to continue to do as they wish.

    Add this to an individual blogger whose past is filled with corruption, lies, and continually berating anyone who disagrees or wishes to expose him for what he has always been...

    ...making every attempt to continue the destructive path he has endorsed and been a part of for years...

    ...while having many in an unsuspecting public actually being foolish enough to believe his self-serving propaganda... yet another reason for our problems.

    Look at the latest disgusting comment made about Nona Tobin.

    Berating her after she proved she was entitled to information a "bully board" denied her, was unconscionable.

    We, on the other hand, salute her for her determination to keep the promises she made when she was elected a year ago.

    How many people out there would go to the extremes she has had to endure...

    ...not for a selfish reason as the self-serving blogger would have you believe, but instead...

    ..because she merely is trying to make sure all of us will get a fair shake?
    1. From Hollis Opinions

      We love Barry.. and wish that he was running for the board again!

Monday, March 26, 2018

It's A Waste..Turn it Off !

Our Mr. Fix-It, Forrest Fetherolf, has recently received a number of phone calls and emails regarding the Air Cycler located in the attics of many Sun City Anthem homes built by Pulte.

The Air Cycler is that gadget that makes constant noise in your home that goes off and on and off and on daily...and.. generally considered a "pain".

We ran this article in 2014, and we've been asked to run it again due to the influx of new residents over the past 4 years since the original article was published.

The Attic Air Cycler
A Waste That's Easy to Disconnect

 CLICK HERE for Full Information


Click on our Information Page...

 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Did Nona Ask for Too Much ? Was that the Real Reason She Was Removed from the Sun City anthem Board?

Has Former Sun City Anthem Board Director
Nona Tobin
Provided Proof
Board Illegally Refusing Her Access to Information to which she was entitled?

Image result for the smoking gun

In light of the recent action taken by the Office of the Ombudsman in clarifying the ability of obtaining Association information that by law, all residents are entitled to receive,  former Director Nona Tobin has sent us documented evidence of the correspondence in which various documents she requested, were denied.

This is the actual correspondence that took place.

After you have read this material, ask yourself this question:

Did the attempt to obtain such information result in an attempt by the current Sun City Anthem Board and General Manager with the likely assistance of a new Association attorney CONSPIRE TO REMOVE HER?

Tobin objected strenuously since SCA bylaws 6.4c permit EVERY director unfettered access to any SCA record.

She states that No directors were present. 

The GM refused to talk to her when she attempted to see her on 7/13/17, and the Community Association Manager told her that a director, could not see anything...

... not the tax returns, the transition plans to self-management, the job descriptions, NOTHING, unless the attorney approved it

Then, they held an "emergency" executive session less than two hours later and issued a cease & desist letter signed by Adam Clarkson threatening her. 

This was the first of many such threatening letters which Clarkson said were "attorney-client confidential" and that she could not waive privilege. 

Your thoughts?

Send them to us at:
  1. The question we have of our community is simply, what more proof do you need to realize that the actions of the Sun City Anthem Board, a General Manager, and Association Attorney, did everything in their power to shut up Nona Tobin's dedication to obtain information she was LEGALLY entitled to receive?

    She was legally elected, immorally removed, and has had to endure the shameless treatment that corruption will do anything to stonewall.

    This shows the depth individuals will go through to harm an elected individual's attempt to examine the books of an association...

    ...a pledge she made when elected, yet stonewalled and cast aside in the most inhumane and disrespectful manner possible when she attempted to keep her promises.

    Would you like this happening to you?

    Just remember, this "Bully" Board fully sanctioned this activity and three of them are running for re-election:
    Aletta Waterhouse
    Robert Burch
    James Coleman

    These individuals are hailed by another publication written by a blogger whose past includes: being caught in dishonest actscharacter assassination, and sugarcoating CORRUPTION by NEVER disclosing the full truth, using a community blog to stonewall anything that in any way would destroy the "machine" which caused such mistreatment to a fellow resident.

    That publication will NEVER disclose the DIRT, it will only look for reasons to hide it, not by defending the actions brought out by other publications, ,but instead by malicious attacks on those who expose it.

    You will NEVER see such condemning evidence on that publication because doing so, it would have it admit to the corruption it has hidden and unethically promoted year after year.
    . the above individuals who endorse such actions, means you condone such activity.

    There is no other way to explain this.

    How these individuals can look themselves in the mirror in condoning such actions, should be looked on as the definition as to how they define the word "integrity".
  1. From Mary Lee Duley (former Sun City Anthem resident) Opinions

    I sincerely HOPE that ALL read the Anthem Opinions correspondence of Nona that you shared, BUT the community doesn’t really seem to care  about the way facts are distorted by Berman OR the way the community is run or the Hidden costs….pretty sad.
  2. From Barbara Opinions

    I want to let you know that, as usual, your blog always tells it like it is.  I appreciate it.

    I would like your opinion as to who to vote for in the upcoming election as I am not sure who will do the right job.

    Can't vote for Nona as she isn't even being allowed to run.

    I had a run-in with Danielle (Bartle of the Sun City Anthem Activities Department)  a few weeks ago.

    She was trying to tell our Sunday pan game that "if we wanted to continue to play" we would have to sit in certain tables in the gallery.

    I went in and spoke with her and told her that clubs have first priority but any empty tables were available for drop-in play.

    After she understood that the canasta club didn't have the right to tell us that we were in their way since there were several empty tables, she changed her tune.

    When I got home I wrote her an email thanking her for her time.

    The Monday after that, I was playing in the pan club and Danielle came over to our table to tell me that she had spoken with Maurice (the guy that had her job before her and I have several unpleasant conversations with) and said that Maurice told her to tell me, hello and then she walked away.

    I went in after cards but Danielle was gone. so Tuesday I went in again and told her that I didn't appreciate her snarky remark and to never confront me again.

    All the women I was playing cards with commented on how nasty she was.

    She said she would never talk to me again and I thanked her and left.

    Guess I could have gone to Sandy and complained since I don't know why Danielle is talking to Maurice.

    He no longer works with us and she should not be talking to him nor mentioning my name.

    Our entire board and most of the employees are such a disaster.

    You know they are going to put in a restaurant and charge us all a fee to help pay for it.

    There will be no vote of the community and another restaurant will fail.  How sad.

    Thanks for listening to my rant and please publish who you recommend we vote for to get some changes to our board.  
    1. Barbara, Anthem Opinions makes every attempt to avoid telling people who they should vote for.  

      I don't believe any publication should do so.  

      Instead they should print the FACTS about those they know...all the FACTS, not just those who that person endorses. this particular case, when one considers:

      The DISGUSTING ACTIONS demonstrated toward Nona Tobin...

      Deciding on a restaurant option without a vote of the people while ASSUMING they would accept the additional financial burden of a subsidy...

      The manner in which the Removal election was handled...and blaming those who supported it for the high cost, when in fact IT WAS SANDY SEDDON and a NEW ASSOCIATION ATTORNEY in cooperation with a SUN CITY ANTHEM BOARD, who not only designed the SCHEME with a CPA firm to do whatever it took to essentially HIDE THE BALLOTS from residents

      Removing the Foundation Assisting Seniors from Sun City Anthem premises and spending $5,000 to add medical equipment to the same location, while  FAS still continues to provide it free of charge...

      Legal fees that have exploded in amount (look for a future article on that)

      The latest ILLEGAL "Document Request Form" designed to scare individuals from receiving community information to which they are LEGALLY ENTITLED.

      ...I would certainly NOT vote for any individual or individuals who share the belief that such actions are ETHICAL.

      That would place me in the same UNETHICAL CATEGORY  which in my mind, ALL BELONG.

      That "cast of characters" include:

      Aletta Waterhouse
      Robert Burch
      James Coleman

      But...Candice Karrow does not answer any questions and apparently fully supports them.

      As the saying goes, "You are who you associate with".

      People should be aware they need not cast ballots for 4 individuals.
      They have the right to cast a vote for one or two if they choose.

      That is the attitude I will be taking when the ballots are mailed on March 30th. 
      1. From Barry Opinions

        I guess Mr. Berman has short term memory problems if he thinks the management solved the insurance issue.

        I seem to remember a board meeting where a homeowner that was in the insurance business told the board how to solve the issue.

        That person even had a meeting with the GM and CFO and explained it to them.

        Well maybe he can spin it that the management did solve it by following what the homeowner recommended?

        The board certainly does not seek homeowner experts to help with issues.
      2. Barry, don't be shy.

        For those of our readers who are unaware of Barry Goldstein's past that includes years of experience in the insurance industry, Barry is talking about himself !

        A few years ago Barry Goldstein, while on the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee, audited the insurance coverage of SCA, and also included the coverage of the then restaurant.

        He discovered that the restaurant HAD NO INSURANCE, and immediately brought this to the attention of the then Board.

        The Board IGNORED him, and he subsequently contacted the Nevada Department of Insurance, reporting the matter.

        The Insurance Department then contacted SCA and demanded that the restaurant obtain it.

        While Mr. Goldstein literally saved the association from financial disaster if a claim would have taken place, the BOARD instead, OSTRACIZED him as a "troublemaker."

        This IS YOUR BOARD, Sun City Anthem.

        Rather than praising him, they instead, CRITICIZED him.
        1. From Peter Opinions

          Who is it that oversees our Association?

          If what I’ve read over the past few publications are true as stated, I truly believe our community is being run by a bunch of children who all they know and want to do is gang up and bully down.

          If this is a true Association, the Board of Directors should be the overseer of our whole community and its membership.

          The only time an attorney should speak or the need to intervene is if asked a question by the Board and or if said request by the Board to help further explain.

          Our Directors should be the overseer of the Management Team as well.

          It appears management can go directly to legal and bypass the Board completely.

          This should never be the case and if it is so it needs to stop.

          With what I read of Ms. Tobin request, if I was running for, new to and or on the Board, I too would not only want to see and read items in question; I would even request a lot more to help further educate myself of the history of our Association.

          This is what a responsible Board Member was and is elected to do.

          What’s there to hide from a fellow Board Member and or the community at large????

          It sounds like we have a Fox loose in the hen house and someone soon needs to plug that hole.

          Lastly, all of this leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I hope I am not alone.

New Medicare Card Scam..

Anthem Opinions sends our sincere thanks to Dorothy Yu, one of our valued readers, for bring this information to our attention.

Beware of New Medicare Card Telephone Scam

Image result for ,medicare card scam


Click on our Information Page

"Keeping Our Neighborhood Safe"

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sun City Anthem Board Says Restaurant Option to be Pursued

Our thanks to Nona Tobin for providing us this update on the recent Sun City Anthen Board Meeting regarding the decision to go forth with a restaurant option in Anthem Center.
Image result for case closed
The Sun City Anthem Board passed the following motions:

1. Approved having a restaurant vs. attempting to re-purpose the space.

2. The general public can be customers of the restaurant. It will not be limited to unit owners only.

3. No smoking will be allowed in any SCA facility, but there will be designated outdoor smoking areas as exist now.

4. The chosen  provider (there are two remaining....Village Pub & G2G)...will get exclusive rights to catering in ALL SCA facilities – Anthem Center, Independence Center, and Liberty Center. 

5. Approved a  restaurant subsidy to be paid by unit owners of Sun City Anthem properties.

6. Coffee window to be closed while restaurant is open.

7. Restaurant hours will be limited to the hours the Anthem Center is open unless there is a special event.

A motion to prohibit gaming failed 


Apparently a mere 75 people attended the meeting...of the 10,000+ population of the Sun City Anthem community.

When a small number or residents questioned the reasoning for the choice, it was stated that due to what the Board PERCEIVED, the community would favor the restaurant option WITH UNIT OWNER SUBSIDY.

To our readers, we firmly believed this decision should have been decided by the membership...especially passing a subsidy that will be financed by Sun CIty Anthem unit owners, yet allowing the general public to patronize it... matter what the amount would be !

We at Anthem Opinions had a difficult time understanding that logic and our co-owner, Allen Weintraub, made the following statement during the comment period. 

"I am opposed to a decision being made on the usage of the space that has previously been allocated to a restaurant and has suffered numerous failures and at a tremendous cost to the members of this association.

We have over 7,000 homes with many of them able to provide opinions. I always thought that the board of directors are elected to represent the residents of this community. 

With a decision on the usage of space that can have such a large financial impact on our community, I believe that our board should reflect the desire of the majority of the residents.

The only way this can be done is by formally having a vote on usage of the space. 

The opinions of our board should be valued after they have this more complete community information.

I have personally spoken with over 100 people over the last few months and have found that 70+ per cent of these people are opposed to try for our 6th restaurant. 

Maybe my sample is biased based on whom I have asked, just as the board of directors may have a biased sample. 

Therefore, I find it imperative that we have a vote of our community before a decision is made.

We have been told that a vote for the restaurant will have a continued cost to our residents while re-purposing space will have an upfront cost that we can determine. 

A restaurant subsidy for an outside independent business will not keep us in control of our costs. 

Re-purposing the space may have a larger upfront cost but can control our future costs.

I encourage you to represent the community based on facts created by a vote and not just your unscientific opinions."

Though the restaurant option was subsequently passed; nonetheless, we at Anthem Opinions did our best to protect the rights of all property owners in the Sun City Anthem community.

Unfortunately, our worst fears were realized when the Board refused to allow such a decision to be placed in the hands of "the people".

And so, we will once again witness yet another restaurant, hopefully with better results than the previous five...

...but....should this venture not succeed...

...those who took it upon themselves to remove "the people" from the equation, should bear the complete responsibility for doing so.

As we have said again and again, those voting to remove "the people" from the decision included these incumbents running for reelection the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors.

Aletta Waterhouse
Robert Burch
James Coleman

We suggest you keep that in mind when you cast a ballot.

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:

  1. From Keith Opinions



  2. Keith,

    Do you or any of our readers believe the membership should have voted on this matter?

    Let is know why you do or don't.
    1. From Mary Lee Duley (former Sun City Anthem resident) Opinions

      Thanks for ALL your efforts. While We are no longer owners, it saddens us to see the ongoing “reoeat performances of Failures.

      Village Pub is able to provide Cheap food in massive quantities on plates of each selected DUE to the HUGE profits they make on their slots in the Bar area.

      My neighbor, a smoker, has watched the amount of money coming out of the machine to be taken to the bank at least Twice per day while she gambled and it was staggering.

      Folks don’t put tiny bills in the machines, lots of 20’s and 100’s.

      Food is supposed to be Separated and not served in the bar area (county or state law) BUT you can sit at Village Pub’s bar area, order  a hamburger “to go”.

      They bring it in a "to go" carton while money continues to be added to machine gambling.

      The "to go"  bag us opened and gamblers eat.

      I think this is illegal but may have to do with it allowing Smoking  (?) as a Glass Wall (?) has to separate bar from restaurant.

      Berman And his Breakfast Group dine there often.

      Is Village Pub going to attract the Majority of folks who want to dine out???

      IF they allow Gaming, they are giving Away Mullions of $$$ a year.

      The ONLY way to get residents “aware and involved” is to send all SCA homes a letter outlining Allan's comments at the board meeting.

      Expensive postage BUT effective!
      Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

      Good luck!

      Texas hugs to all !
  1. From Robert Opinions

    Of course the SCA HOA "Minister of Information" will report how the majority of attendees welcomed the prospect of a new restaurant.

    75 people certainly describes the correct attitude of an entire community, doesn't it?

    If you tell a lie long enough, people will start to believe it.
  1. From Pat Opinions

    How can the Board even be considering G2G for a restaurant here?
    They do NOT have a reasonable track record of experience, let alone outstanding experience in running a restaurant—especially in an adult community.

    They do NOT want to invest in any renovations or upgrades to the restaurant space.

    They do NOT want to pay rent, AND they want SCA to subsidize their restaurant!

    On the other hand, it is my understanding that the Village Pub is willing to invest over $700,000 to making the available space suitable for and advertising for their restaurant.

    They have NOT asked for a subsidy from SCA.

    They offered $3,000 per month rent for the space.  If my memory is even close to what I read in the restaurant bids, what is wrong with our Board???

    Are they all nuts???

    Respectfully submitted to you for review (although the respect goes to you, but NOT our Board).
  2. Pat, to answer your question...Given the two options, and subsequently choosing G2G...

    YES they are !

    A sign of a great bunch of business minds....

    Someone hands you a check for $700,000, pays $3,000 in rent and then pay utilities, and then  you refuse to cash it !

    Remember that when you vote in the election...

    ..and who supports this insanity !  Based on the attendance at the meeting, somewhere around 70 people addition to a Board, General Manager, and of course, a heavily medicated blogger.
  3. From Phillip Opinions

    If I subsidize any restaurant, than I feel that I am a part owner of said restaurant.

    Owners do not tip other owners.

    How will the waitstaff be compensated without tips?
    1. If I am forced to subsidize restaurant number six and it fails, am I allowed to SUE each of the financially irresponsible BOD to get my (and all other owners) money back?? I'm still trying to find out whether anybody bothered to file suit against Vic's establishment for the money owed to SCA. Given that Vic opened Seven Sinful Subs near UNLV, I'm betting the SCA $$$ was his down payment. SCA owners should definitely be voting on the restaurant and subsidy!!!