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Friday, March 31, 2017

We will NOT be a "Sanctuary" State

Senate Bill 223

School-House-Rock-Bill.jpg (840×1024)

 Nevada Senate Leader Removes It from Calendar

636220116996740896-Senator-Aaron-Ford-3.jpg (540×405)
Senator Aaron Ford
(D-Las Vegas)

SB 223 was a bill that essentially would declare Nevada a "sanctuary" state. 

Its chief architect, in addition to the Senate Majority Leader, Aaron Ford, was...

web1_cancelaprofile-010617-bh-004_7842371.jpg (640×430)
 Senator Yvanda Cansela 
(D-Las Vegas)

...and was jointly sponsored by 12 others in the Nevada state government.

Anthem Opinions took a deep look at this and other proposed legislation that many Nevadans were unaware existed. 

We strongly believed...

right-to-know.png (615×223)

As you can see, we "struck a cord", and pursued this with all the Henderson Mayoral candidates, asking their opinion in this matter.

Each graciously shared their much so...that this measure was a topic of primary concern during the recent Mayoral Debate on March 27th at the Convention Center in downtown Henderson.

In addition many others who call Nevada their home,  would subsequently comment how negatively they would be affected by the passage of this legislation.

Even The Las Vegas Review Journal became aware of the issue along with other political figures...

... and the subsequent enormous backlash of those who opposed it, greatly assisted its defeat.

This was not merely a Republican or Democratic issue, though sponsored in its entirety by members of the Democratic Party....

...this was a "people" issue that required disclosure in order that they could voice their concerns.

It would go far beyond being a simple "issue".

Instead it became a matter of "lifestyle" and preserving a retirement quality that so many of us believed we were entitled to, after years of hard work, raising families, and saving funds in order to be independent, not being a burden to future generations. those who took the time to contact the legislators to share their views, we strongly believe...


Thank you.
Anthem Opinions Administration

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  1. Have these politicians no shame??? Clearly an attempt to get a few more votes come next election (or is the California Lunacy gradually contaminating our State?). Unfortunately - and please correct me if I am wrong - Las Vegas is a 'Sanctuary City' ... an absolutely STUPID thing to do considering that Tourism is their #1 source of revenue.
    1. From Mike Opinions

      Lets also not forget the so called elected leaders that supported that monstrosity when election time comes up!
    2. Yes Mike...and we have one who will shortly make his annual recommendations for our Sun City Anthem Board of Directors...

      ...and history dictates that the results of his "chosen ones" are every bit as pathetic as these who supported a "Sanctuary State".

      Then again, my guess is that cronyism is alive and well and living in the minds of all who find his choices have any viable credibility.

      Then the results come in, then the disaster begins.

      The expenses mount up, the dues increase, and before you know it, if history is any indication, you will never hear a word as to the costly errors and waste that exist as a result of his "chosen ones."

      If anything, he'll likely recommend they be re-elected.

      I can't wait to see his glowing recommendation of Rex Weddle, the guy who has lied to the SCA residents regarding the construction default suit and recently stated...

      Bella Meese, Tom Nissen, and Bob Burch will be heading up a new restaurant advisory group.

      The first two gave away the store in the last venture with the unsecured loans costing residents $40,000, and the third choice, well, a guy whose true calling in life should have been a bobble head figure sitting in the rear of an automobile wagging agreement at anything the first two came up with.

      Do any have any experience in the restaurant business? 

      Of course not. That's what makes them "experts" and the perfect choices to head up this newest joke that is anticipated to cost SCA around $200,000 to $300,000 per year... a few can have a place to eat.

      That's what they and the blogger have in common: inexperience, lack of common sense, and success at losing money.

      Oh well, at least the people outside our community were start enough to see how "valuable" a "Sanctuary State" would be.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Looking at Las Vegas...1905...At Springs Preserve

 Boomtown 1905
Springs Preserve
web1_boomtownsprings_012417ma_018_7815705.jpg (640×399)

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Troubleshooting Garage Doors & Openers

Caring for Your Garage Door

l.jpg (600×311)


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 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"
  1. Contents of this website are good and appreciative.

Monday, March 27, 2017

"Natural" Entertainment...A Short Drive from Home

Red Rock Canyon
A Natural Beauty in Your Own Backyard

red-rock-canyon-las-vegas-elysian.png (900×534)

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Are Ya Ready for Some Football ?

Las Vegas
New Home of
The Raiders Nation
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Water Waste a Part of Sun City Anthem ?

Email-Icon.jpg (299×299)

We live in a Desert
The Water is Costing Residents Plenty

desert-heat-wayne-pascall.jpg (900×675)

 Robert N

A fellow reader of Anthem Opinions was kind enough to forward data to the blog that summarized the parcels of land owned by the “Anthem Community Council”. 

These data reported a total of 97.23 acres of such land.

Now, let’s once again make some observation(s) and reasonable estimate(s):

1. my original estimate of “only” 1 acre of irrigated and maintained lawn area in SCA appears VERY conservative (perhaps TOO conservative).

2. the total acreage owned by the “Anthem Community Council” that is under the DIRECT control of Sun City Anthem was not reported and is, therefore, unknown; for discussion’s sake, let us ASSUME that at least half of this land is under the direct control of Sun City Anthem (for all I know, ALL of the acreage is under the direct control of Sun City Anthem, but I decided it is better to err on the side of conservatism).

3. I am fully aware that much of the ‘common area’ already enjoys ‘desert landscaping’.  So for discussion sake, let us conservatively assume that only 10% of these parcels are improved with irrigated lawn area (again, in my opinion, a conservative estimate)

Therefore, ½ of the total land parcels owned by the ‘Anthem Community Council’ equals 49 acres (rd). 10% of that total would equal 4.9 acres.

Math Check:

 97.23 X 0.5 X 0.1 = 4.9 Acres (+/-)

Now comes the good part:

As I previously reported, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) states rebates for conversion of lawn areas into desert landscape can qualify for substantial rebates:

$2.00 for the first 5000 square feet and $1.00 after that up to $300,000

1 Acre = 43,560 Square Feet;  4.9 Acres = 213,444 Square Feet 

Following the SNWA formula:

5000 Square Feet X $2.00                    $10,000
169,884 SF (the balance) X $1.00  =       $169,884

Total Potential Rebate         


So – my question to the HOA Board of Directors is:


SNWA also estimates that each Square Foot of irrigated lawn area consumes 55 gallons of water per year (that’s their figures, not mine).

Based on their calculation, this 213,444 Square Feet of irrigated lawn area consumes...

  11,739,420 gallons of water per year!

So –again my question to the HOA Board of Directors is:


PS: Our landscape costs should further decline as we do not have to pay for mowing the former lawn areas.

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Once again, we want to thank Robert N. for his contributing to Anthem Opinions.

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  1. From Carl Weinstein...Sun City Anthem Representative to Anthem Opinions

    Mr. Nusser:

    Sun City Anthem DOES DOT control any of the land that is part of the Anthem Community Council.

    The Council, consisting of the seven HOA's that make it up, controls the acreage you mention.

    The Council meets in May and I suggest you attend that meeting to express your views.
    1. From Robert Opinions

      ALSO - does that mean that ALL of the common property is NOT controlled by us ????

      If so, then why are we paying for irrigation and up-keep of these parcels ????
      1. From Carl Opinions

        All the common property is owned/controlled jointly by the associations that make up the Anthem Council.

        We do not directly pay those bills.

        We pay a fee to the council (as do all the other associations) and the Council determines how it is spent, including water!
  1. From Rana Opinions

    Since Carl pointed out to Robert Nusser that SCA is only one of the HOAs contributing to Anthem Council, I think he should tell all that SCA is also the largest contributor.

    And since he sits on the Council as SCA's representative, maybe he would share how much, or what percentage SCA pays.

    Last month, as I was driving out of the community saw the landscaper company digging up some very healthy, beautiful rosemary plants down by Reunion Drive.

    They then tossed them into their truck... What a waste of money.

    just sayin'.
    1. From Robert Opinions.

      A good comment Rana.

      Here's another question for Mr. Weinstein since he's running for re-election, and for that matter, for Sandy Seddon as well, since it's been claimed she's saved so much money since she took over management of SCA.

      You know all of those chairs that were replaced ?

      Know what happened to the old ones (which, by the way, were in pretty good shape)?

      They sold them at the parking lot sale on Saturday....

      ...saw a pick-up truck leave the sale that was loaded with the old chairs.

      How much did we get for the chairs and what are new ones costing our association?

      1. From Robert Opinions

        In response to Mr. Weinstein’s comments, I was surprised to learn that SCA is merely one of seven communities that are members of the “Anthem Community Council” and that SCA does NOT have direct control over the aforementioned common areas.

        HOWEVER, if, in fact, this “community council” controls the common areas of seven communities, even far greater water could be saved if the “community council” investigated my suggestion of eliminating irrigated lawn areas (?).

        By the way, how much is SCA’s ‘annual contribution’ to the ‘community council’ regarding the upkeep of the common areas? Based on my review of previous contracts with the Landscaper, it appears that SCA already foots the bill for the maintenance of these areas. So, how much are we paying to the ‘community council’ AND what do those fees reflect?

        Mr. Weinstein suggests that I attend the next meeting of the ‘community council’ and present my case regarding the wasting of water; PERHAPS one or more SCA Board Members could attend that meeting for that purpose: the Board Member(s) would certainly have more “clout” than a mere resident, AND this would give the Board member(s) the opportunity to exercise their fiduciary responsibility to SCA residents (trying to save SCA some money). This would also demonstrate that SCA is a ‘concerned desert resident’ – lately, any ‘good press’ would be welcomed.


The Easiest Way to Get Rid of a Nasty Bruise !
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Nevada Senate Bill to Protect Those Who Cause Harm to Others ???

Has a Nevada Legislature Proposed Bill Gone Overboard?

54cea12f90363.preview-620.jpg (620×615)

nevada-state-senate.jpg (640×360)
Senate Bill 254
(introduced March 7, 2017)

Original Bill Summary

Removes provision that provides immunity from civil liability in actions involving use of force under certain circumstances.

Current Bill Title

AN ACT relating to civil liability; removing the provision of law that provides immunity from civil liability in actions involving the use of force in certain circumstances; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Bill Amendment Dates

No Amendments

Which legislators are the primary sponsors of this bill?

Primary Sponsorship

Aaron Ford
(D-Las Vegas)

Kelvin Atkinson
(D-Las Vegas)
  Yvanda Cansela 
(D-Las Vegas)
Pat Spearman
(D-North Las Vegas)
Moises Denis
(D-Las Vegas)
Jason Fierson
(D-Las Vegas)
William McCurdy II
(D-Las Vegas)
Dina Neal
(D-North Las Vegas)

Tyrone Thompson
(D-Las Vegas)

Richard Carrillo
(D-Las Vegas)

Other Sponsors
Nicole J. Cannizzarro
(D-Las Vegas)
Mark A. Manendo
(D-Las Vegas)
David R. Parks
(D-Las Vegas)
Julia Ratti
Joyce Woodhouse 
Edgar Flores
(D-Las Vegas)

Sandra Jauregui
(D-Las Vegas) 

Brittney Miller
(D-Las Vegas)
Daniele Monroe-Moreno
(D-North Las Vegas)

Senate Bill 254 removes the provision in Nevada law protecting people from civil liability when they justifiably use potentially deadly force against a person who is injured or killed while invading their home.

Should a Nevada resident be financially liable for any injuries a home invader would receive while a person defends themselves?

Do you have an opinion as to whether this bill should be passed? 

Note:  This bill is 100% Partisan...sponsored entirely by State Senators & Assemblymen & Assemblywomen of the Democratic Party.

We suggest that you make your views known  to the State of Nevada by clicking on this link:

...then send us a comment at:
  1. From Robert Opinions

    It is an absolute disgrace that you would put innocent homeowners at risk for defending their lives or property.

    Clearly this is yet another way to assure that attorneys have yet another source of potential income.
    1. From Mary Opinions

      The Democrats can pass all these ridiculous bills they want.

      If a home invader tries to enter my house, and I have the opportunity, I will shoot first, and litigate later. This is pure and sensible LOGIC.

      These progressives are so insane, it is impossible to have a coherent understanding of how their brains. or lack of, work.

      I would be mortified if I were associated with Democrats.
      1. From Janus Opinions

        Unbelievably ridiculous!

        I will make sure any invader is dead if this passes!