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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The True Reason for the Chicago Cubs 107 Year Misery

The Curse of the Goat

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  1. From Rob Garrett (Neil Diamond Tribute Artist) Opinions

    WOW!! That IS a great (but sad) story - especially finding out that the goat's name was "Murphy".

    Already knew about the "Babe", the black cat and the Steve Bartman (let's find someone to blame it on) story in 2003.

    Speaking of the devil...
    you might find this interesting as I did

  2. From George Walsh (former business associate) Opinions

    Sorry Dick.

    I was hoping for a win so my bar clients would do better

    I don't think it's the goat.

    Maybe next year!

  3. From Phillip Opinions


    IT is OVER .

    (not the curse - the Cubs season!!)

    The Cubs did better this year than anyone had predicted at the outset,

    WAIT till next year!!!

  4. From Mary Lee Opinions

    Loved the story!!!!

    Hopefully the curse of the goat dies soon!

    Go Cubs!


  5. From Gayle Opinions

    What happened?!?

    People all over the country (even Nashville where we've been for the past week) were excited and pulling for the Cubs.

    I really like your articles and appreciate your perspective
    GO CUBS!!

    All of us were hoping for an 8 game winning streak

  6. In 2003, when Steve Bartman interfered with that ball, all Chicago Cub fans gasped...knowing in their hearts, something was going to go terribly wrong after that....

    It did...the Marlins eventually scored 8 runs in the 8th inning and eventually beat the Cubs that evening by a score of...


    Even though there was still one game left to play, every Cub fan knew the spirit of the goat was lurking somewhere in Wrigley Field waiting to rear it's ugly head in spite.

    It did...and most Cubbie fans were convinced there was no need to play the final was over before it started.

    And...they were right.

    Has the ghost of the goat reappeared?

    In 2015, what was the score of the final game that ended the Cub season?


    Yes...there is no's "The Curse of the Goat"...and you'll never convince me otherwise !


  7. From Linda Opinions

    So it's not really the Cubs fault!

  8. From Jill from Opinions

    Will we ever see the Cubs as the World Series winners?