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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Correction on NFL Game Locations

NFL Games

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Yesterday, we published a listing of the various sports bars and restaurants that cater to you favorite team.

After we published that information, we received a cordial email from one of our readers, Paul Sackley, letting us know a few of the establishments we mentioned either moved location or were no longer in business.

As a result, we have corrected the information, and we thank Paul for "keeping us honest" !

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Anthem Opinions Administration
  1. From Susan Opinions

    The official "Cleveland Browns Backers Club" of Henderson meets at

    Miller's Ale House
    594 N. Stephanie Street
    (702) 436-2255
  2. Thanks Susan.

    OK NFL fans, got any more additions that we can add to the list?

    PS...and Susan, looks like you put me in the "Dog Pound" for making me "eat my words" about seeing you ladies after the Super Bowl !


    We have a bunch of you lovely ladies out there who enjoy the grid iron.

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