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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Police Nab Henderson Robbery Suspect

Henderson Police Arrest Man
Multiple Robberies

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  1. Henderson Police arrested 30-year-old Daniel Andrews Tuesday afternoon in connection with multiple robberies in Henderson and Las Vegas.

    On Dec. 5 just before 8 p.m., Andrews entered the Jack in the Box at 5 S. Gibson Rd. and demanded money from the register while brandishing a firearm.

    A second robbery occurred on Dec. 14 at about 9:10 p.m., when Andrews entered the Outback Steakhouse at 521 N. Stephanie St. demanding money from the register.

    On Dec. 20 at about midnight, the same suspect entered the In-N-Out Burger at 1051 W. Sunset Rd., where he again demanded money while brandishing a firearm.

    A fourth robbery in Henderson occurred on Dec. 22 around 8:20 p.m., at the PT’s Pub at 10075 S. Eastern Ave. involving the same suspect.

    Andrews drove a 2002 Silver Ford Focus during several of the robberies.

    No one was injured during the robberies.

    Detectives identified Andrews as the suspect in all of the robberies. On Tuesday, Jan. 3, Henderson Police located Andrews at the Henderson Municipal Courthouse where he was arrested.

    Andrews was subsequently booked into the Henderson Detention Center on four counts of robbery with a deadly weapon and four counts of burglary with a deadly weapon. His booking photo is attached.

    Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is conducting follow up on the two additional robberies that were committed by Andrews in Las Vegas.

  2. Just learned of another burglary in SCA. A neighbor on Colvin Run Drive in Golf Mesa was burglarized yesterday evening while at dinner.

    Broke in through back sliding glass door.

  3. Message from 2600 block of Olivia Heights Avenue in Sun City Anthem

    Our master bedroom French door was broken into.

    We have an alarm which detected the motion once they entered. And we had security film on all of our windows.

    They came in a 7 pm.

    Stole jewelry, money, designer purses, etc.

    Broke into our locked master closet by kicking it in.

    They can get in if they want to.

  4. From Revere Golf Opinions

    Just spoke with some undercover police officers a little bit ago and have heard about the disturbing number of home break in's that have been occurring in Sun City lately. They have asked us to keep an eye out for any suspicious people or activities.

    From the sounds of things they are accessing homes via the golf course. I know we haven't had many marshall shifts lately due to slow play, but please do your best to keep an eye out and help the community.

    Thank you

    p.s. don't try and be batman and stop these people yourselves, call the police immediately or the shop to notify the police.

  5. A large number of individuals have receiving fake scam calls identifying themselves as the "Windows Support Department" and your computer has been breached for a long time.

    Now we have another scam being reported stating that are from " Apple Support Team" also saying your computer has been breached.

    Both a scams and you should immediately hang up on the caller.

  6. This morning, after the rubbish bins were set out (7:30), an old, small, black suspicious pickup truck drove up Thunder Bay Ave. and turned around at the intersection at Fairweather Golf Mesa.

    It appeared to be casing out the area.