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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

God's Gift...Better than any Eclipse...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

No Sight of Eclipse
That Didn't Stop God from Sending a Gift

godissmilingatyoutoday.jpg (552×415)

It was Monday morning, the clouds filled the sky, and it began to rain...and it continued to rain...and rain...and rain.

This was to be the day of the solar eclipse...when the moon passed  between the sun and the earth, with the moon completely blocking the sun. 

Reminder-Total-Solar-Eclipse-Will-Happen-Today-March-20-476301-2.jpg (900×507)

The full eclipse normally lasts approximately 7 minutes, and with luck you might be in the part of the world where you could experience its full effect.

Was the sky going to clear? 

We purchased our protective glasses too.  

We were ready, and as we all know, it may have happened, but  it certainly didn't in the Silver State.

201708212156-eTotal-Solar-Eclipse-6.jpg (1132×1600)

The clouds would make sure that we'd have to wait until the next one, but don't worry, we have three more scheduled in the next three decades.

(OK, I'm being optimistic)

April 8, 2024         (visible from Texas to Maine)
August 23, 2044   (visible in Montana and part of North Dakota)
August 12, 2045   Visible from northern California to Florida)

eclipseog.php (1200×630)

But would the heavens completely disappoint?

Not at all, you see God gave us something even better when we looked out our back window early on August 21, 2017 !

With astonishment, my wife and I looked at each other and didn't have to say a word .

We both knew we were experiencing a miracle only He could send.

...and it was better than any solar eclipse !

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