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Friday, August 11, 2017

Let Freedom Ring...Removal Petitions Submitted to Dump Weddle, Waterhouse, Nissen, and Burch from Sun City Anthem Board of Directors

Sun City Anthem Recall Petitions Submitted
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  1. From Buddy Opinions

    The removal petitions clearly state the reasons for the recall election.

    Has anyone noticed that the opposition refuses to address those issues in any way, and instead concentrates only on those who signed the petitions or assisted in gathering them while demeaning and threatening them?

    That is their sole argument; very one sided, biased, and should only be effective on those who are of the same political crony mentality.

    Where are the responses from those directors who are being considered for recall?

    We are entitled to hear their side of the argument, not merely those who has been their protectors and guardians, aren't we?

    Are they above answering them?

    If they had nothing to hide or the allegations were incorrect, common sense would have anticipated their refuting them. Is that the transparency they promised when they asked us to elect them?

    What kind of people rely on others to fight their battles, especially when their mentors only concentrate on fear and intimidation?

    Do they approve of those methods?

    Obviously them must, or they would have addressed the allegations and/or condemned the threats and intimidation. The petitions have been circulated for some time now, and their only defense is silence.

    That certainly should be suspect to any thinking person.

  2. I had been wondering the same thing. Well said, Buddy. Well said.