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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

SCA Strong's Nona Tobin Discusses Comparative Compensation Levels Regarding Sun City Anthem Management

In Nona Tobin's latest article on her Sun City Anthem community blog, "SCA Strong", she discusses compensation levels...

...a shocking disclosure comparing those of Clark County to those of Sun City Anthem.

"Discarded" Sun City Anthem Board Member
Nona Tobin
Sounds Off on Sun City Anthem Compensation Levels

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  1. From Robert Opinions

    I find it ludicrous that now (only because they must) the Board is looking for new candidates for the up-coming Board of Directors election.....most people I've talked to want no part of it because it would soil their reputations of honesty and integrity.

    But as long as the current cabal (assisted by their internet groupie), support the current system, we will be nothing more than Vassals in a corrupt kingdom. 

    Very sad, but very true.

  2. From Gloria Opinions

    Please explain why the levels for compensation as a Board member are so high? 

    How many hours are they expected to spend for each position held on the Board?
    Thank you.

  3. Gloria,

    The Board is a non-paid position; the salaries involved are what they have authorized for the General Manager, who in turn determines the compensation for the employees subject to a budget set by the Board.

    Under our CCRs it is literally impossible to alter their decision.  It takes 90%...yes...a ridiculous 90%... of all unit owners to negate a budget they approve.

    The problem is the make-up of the current Board.  

    None have ever been self-employed and have little experience at determining incomes.  As  a result, the General Manager has been able to have free reign to spend as she pleases.

    Other than salaries, look at how she ended up spending $85,000 on a removal election when the normal cost for a regular election is about $8,000.

    Legal expenses are out of control at over $242,000 for the first 10 months of the year...200% over budget.

    As to why a non-profit organization needs a Chief Financial Officer much less paying him $190,000 plus benefits makes little sense as well.

    The woman who is the Activities Director earns over $95,000, and the Community Association Manager who recently terminated employment was earning $105,000.

    As the article clearly pointed out, when compared with others in similar occupations, all are GROSSLY OVERPAID, and will continue to be, until fiscal responsibility is ever demanded by the community for financially  qualified individuals.

    The hypocrisy of all of this is that the administration boasts of a $400,000+ association surplus, but somehow never mention that the 2017 dues increase added $785,800 to the association coffers...thus creating an illusion of financial strength, when in fact, without the increase, Sun City Anthem would have LOST $385,000. how unsophisticated financially unknowledgable BUREAUCRATS "cook the books".

    My prediction...look for another increase in dues in 2019 as a result.