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Our Realistic Interpretation
 of the 
2019 Sun City Anthem Board Election

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Though another blog painstakingly boasted about some sort of victory for the "Old Guard" candidates, Anthem Opinions decided to hold off our "take" on the election until his commentary concluded. 

Now let's look at OBJECTIVE REALITY, rather than through the pen of an individual whose life's purpose is to dedicated to deceiving and twisting facts in order to maintain an unnatural need of maintaining a sense of  importance...

...while ranting and raving over and over again with caustic rude and crude comments made toward New Tradition candidates, as well as, any individual who supported them.

That mode of electioneering had a devastating effect on a senior 
community !

It turned resident against resident, and harmed the reputation of a community by demonstrating perhaps the dirtiest election campaign in its history.

That folks, is what harms property values...

 ...not compliance regulations or whether or not a restaurant should operate....

Hatred...not disagreement...but unadulterated HATRED, that he, along with his poison pen, and  a small number of his mutant followers displayed on a continual basis over the entire period who did everything in their power to look at NEGATIVITY rather than presenting anything POSITIVE.

They provided no new ideas of change; they instead chose to display HATED toward anything and any person who brought danger to their corrupt "system" they knew had to be preserved...

... while an ever increasing number of "civilized" residents in our community joined together to support a group of individuals who NEVER CRITICIZED ANY OPPONENT, established a web site for all to ask questions, and chose "the high road" in every aspect of their campaign.

That is the REALITY of the 2019 Sun City Anthem Board Election.

Now let's look at 2019 more realistically and objectively.

The 2019 SCA Board Election demonstrated clear increasing discontent by homeowners with the following concerns:

1. Performance of the SCA Chief Operating Officer.
2. Over reaching role of the SCA attorney.
3. Failure by the Board to exercise its executive responsibility to continually hold the COO and attorney accountable for their performance.
4. The desire by homeowners for more transparency by the Board. 

The election also demonstrated the up-hill climb to implement change in an organization.  

It reminded me of a three round boxing match !

The first round was a draw, but it signaled that the well-entrenched incumbent "old guard" is no longer safe in its political domination of SCA. 


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One incumbent was elected, Forrest Quinn, with the 2nd largest number of votes, and one incumbent was SOLIDLY defeatedRex Weddle, garnering a vote total coming in 9th in a field of 11.  The two candidates with less votes included one New Tradition Team candidate, and one who literally had no support from either camp, neither of which had any prior Sun City Anthem experience.

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The "Old Guard Team" won two seats: David Weil, a former Board member whose record was highly disputed by Favil West, an individual who joined Mr. Weil on the same Board years ago, will serve two years; the other, Arthur Schuetz, who finished 5th, and will only serve one year before the next Board election.

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The New Tradition Team won two seats:  Rana Goodman, having been the #1 choice of voters, and newcomer, Karen Hadrick.  Both will serve two year terms. 

The Decision  ??? 

A Draw !
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The truth is that it was a draw in election results, but a win in open communication the entire Sun City Anthem community an opportunity to see their differences in the next year.

What does that mean ?

A clear picture of voting records and THE END OF BACKDOOR "Old Guard Machine" secrecy...

...unless history repeats with the "shutting out" of  the New Tradition elected members as it did in the Nona Tobin debacle.

Knowing Rana Goodman and Karen Hadrick, this is HIGHLY UNLIKELY as these two women have minds of their own and have MORE EXPERIENCE in homeowner association business than the combined experience of the other 5 remaining Board members.

Rana Goodman was a prior President of another Las Vegas homeowners association for a number of years having experience dealing with legislators, as well as, a strong command of Nevada laws pertaining to homeowners associations, NRS 116, while Karen Hadrick has had YEARS of property management experience...

...past RELEVANT EXPERIENCE at "watching the store" with great scrutiny and openness in reporting and commenting at Board meetings, questioning a number of decisions, as well as, expenses, giving the community a more balanced view of reality, rather than...

...what a Board wants you to know.

"Sugarcoating" the truth is NOT part of their personalities. 

Both believe full facts must be shared with those they expect to live with their decisions.

For example, most residents are unaware that a Board member must attend "NRS school", training by professionals in order to be aware of Nevada law.

Rana Goodman and Jim Coleman have since been asked to explore a workshop open to the community, conducted by NRED, in order to learn more of NRED services and the cost free services they offer..

Score one... FOR...Rana Goodman!   

A "New Tradition" ???

Karen Hadrick is surprising fellow Board members with her knowledge of our CCRs....

...something not expected of a new Board member thought to have been considered inexperienced for her position and constantly criticized during the election by the Berman supported candidates.

Score One...FOR...Karen Hadrick !

A "New Tradition" ???

It was Karen Hadrick who painstakingly went through Board Book after Board Book...hundreds of pages...and discovered the hidden freebies associated with a former restaurant option...along with their former history of bankruptcy that was disclosed by Anthem Opinions prior to the signing of a lease with the organization...

...and neglected by two fellow current Board members and one who was defeated.

We all know that such decisions belong in the hands of a majority of a Board, but now, unlike yesterday,  YOU WILL KNOW  they exist, and be able to know WHO supports WHAT !

Prior to their election, you did not !

Which options would you, the property owner, choose ?

What is this a sign of ?

Better open communication...alternative PUBLIC viewpoints !

And who wins in the ability to make an intelligent voting decision in the future ?


Image result for cartoon victory dance moving

...that's who !

...knowing how each is representing YOU in the next year by the voting records WE SHALL REPORT for various important decisions impacting our community.

For now, we wish to congratulate the new members of our Board and hope this "NEW TRADITION"  of openness will benefit us all.

In conclusion, our "take" was that it was indeed a draw...with...advantage going to the the property owners of Sun City Anthem.

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  1. From Ron Opinions

    With the exception of Rana Goodman and Dan Roberts, your blog articles almost never indicate the name of the author.

    Specifically, today’s articles “Interpretation of the 2019 Sun City Anthem Board Election” and “Two New Board Members Say "Go Away Mr. Berman" do not include the names of the authors.

    The reason that is important to me is that as a former journalist, I’m puzzled about opinions “anonymously” expressed.I know that David Berman’s articles are his because he takes ownership of everything he writes on his blog.

    On the other hand, articles on your blog almost never reveal the person(s) who express(es) some pretty harsh views (Rana Goodman and Dan Roberts excepted.

    We know where they stand).Anyone not responsible enough to take credit for an article attacking others in our community should be dismissed as irresponsible.

    As Anthem homeowners we have a right to judge the information we receive based upon who delivers the information.Caring homeowners try to inform ourselves by reading all sides to issues affecting our community.

    I tend to dismiss opinions which seem mean spirited and/or anonymously presented. Thus, I read your anonymously written articles and weigh the information accordingly.These are my opinions.

    Homeowners can disagree without throwing mud at each other while hiding behind their anonymity.
  2. Ron, I don't know how long you have resided in Sun City Anthem, but who you you think owns, operates, and writes the editorials?

    Unless another individual is named under an editorial, it has always been assumed that I have written them.

    The blog clearly states that I AM THE WEBMASTER.

    I have to admit, that of the 2,300+ subscribers in the 6.5 years of operation and the 2,675,000 visits to our publication to date, this is the first time this comment has ever been made.

    I think you may have spoken a bit quickly about "animosity".

    After all, the blog is called Anthem OPINIONS.

    Dick Arendt
    13+ year Resident of Sun City Anthem
    1. From Elizabeth Opinions

      What is he talking about????

      Every response to every one of your articles has the name of the author.

      UNLIKE another blog that uses pseudonyms and dead athletes- which, according to THAT blogger is at the request of the submitter.

      Isn’t it odd that  Anthem Opinions doesn’t have anyone afraid to use their own names????

      That’s not because they don’t anticipate backlash from the other blogger (on the contrary),  but because Anthem Opinions is honest.

      On that other blog we might assume it’s true that folks are afraid to use their real names or, on the other hand, that the blogger likes to bolster himself !!!!
    2. From Dan Roberts...Publisher of The Vegas Opinions

      I don't know if you know this guy, but for his above comment, I wonder if he knows any former dead baseball players...

Two New Board Members 
"Go Away Mr. Berman"

Image result for cartoon go away moving

If someone "kicks you in the teeth" at every available opportunity, do you have any desire to have anything to do with him, or do you do your best to avoid him?

If a person is known to continually stick his nose in matters that don't concern him, and worse, believes himself to be in a position of authority WHEN HE IS NOT, and when his past life is cluttered with failure and activities you would, as an upright person, never consider being a part of...

...cheating a state, a client, and even trying to cover his tracks through forgery...

...and then instead of returning to the practice of law after a year of "suspension", telling people he preferred working in an IRS computer room...

Image result for cartoon go away moving this a "normal" person whom someone would look at as a credible source of valuable information or as someone you would laugh at the very thought of doing so?

Then, if the loser moves across the country to a retirement community, resumes his "need" for control he failed to achieve his entire life, hides his past, and then after being elected to the Sun City Anthem Board, suddenly resigns in order to write a blog to get the attention his fellow Board members refused to give him...

...then uses that publication to create even more discord than he did prior to his arrival by:

Image result for cartoon go away moving

...writing the meanest of articles about individuals, doing his best not just to disagree, but destroy the character of any person who exposes him for the evil he has created.

...includes self written imaginary commentary by individuals who do not exist to further exploit members of the community.

...sends harassing unsolicited emails to unsuspecting individuals.

...carries a recorder in his pocket to record conversations in order to "use them" at a later time for the most diabolical reasons.

We simply ask you...

Do you embrace such an individual ???


Would you ignore him ????

If you have any common sense or intelligence, your decision should be an easy one.

You look at these facts for what they are and have been, and come to the conclusion that somewhere down the road in life, that person must have always been that way, that his mental instability will never allow him to change, and the only alternative is to avoid himignore him, and hope that someday, he will disappear to some other place where he would likely create as much havoc toward others as he has for you !

You ask yourself, is that the type of individual whom you would consider spending a moment of your day discussing anything...knowing his intentions toward you are hostile and will, like a snake lying in wait to strike his prey, attack you at any moment that best fits his "sick" purpose?

Or would you come to the logical conclusion that there has to be something mentally wrong with that individual, and do your best to avoid that person to the best of your ability?

What kind of person loves to make others miserable, and who follows such a person ?

That one's easy to answer...

Miserable and unhappy people just like him who have some unnatural need to control something at a stage of their lives while others wish to merely enjoy it.
Image result for minions moving

Image result for minions moving

 Not only does it pretty much describe those who look at him with some form of admiration, but...

...until two weeks ago, as a result of the recent election, what he is now finally realizing, is that the tide has begun for change.

In addition to his continuous preying on innocent individuals, his tactics are now, more then ever, being looked on as disturbing behavior that are an embarrassment to a community.

Who cares if two new Board members want nothing to do with him?

Only he does...
Image result for cartoon go away moving

...and...a select few others who display similar "I need to be recognized" behavior, as well as, a few others who comment on his publication, using phony monikers to hide their names...or...more likely, are comments written by himself !

However, rather than using the same tactics he has employed, two newly elected individuals to the Sun City Anthem Board, Rana Goodman and Karen Hadrick, have decided to IGNORE HIM...

...and that's the best manner to handle self-absorbed unstable individuals who should be more properly referred to as bullies ...

They can't handle it !
Image result for minions moving

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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  1. I hear you Dick,

    The problem is you don't know what devious things he and his cohorts are planning. So once again, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

A Question of Character
Part Two of Two

Image result for dan roberts vegas voice
Dan Roberts
Editor & Publisher
Image result for the vegas voice

It starts with that blogger’s Welcome, Readers intro:

Here you can post your own comments and questions, and you are free to express your (respectful) opinions, whether you agree or disagree with what I or other readers have to say on a subject.
The ironic part about that sentence is that if there are no comments, have no fear, that blogger will post his own under another name(s).

And “surprisingly” all such posts speak glowingly of him.
From SCA resident, C. Carrasquel:

David, I’ve been following your advice by sending the links for your wonderful, factual election articles to my personal mailing list of about 85 friends…”
And from SCA resident: M. Minoso:

David, whether I agree with you or disagree with you is irrelevant, because what I do commend you for is your gift, and it is truly a gift, for explaining complex subjects with eloquence and accuracy.”
There were also other gushing, fawning comments from residents, E. Banks and D. Buddin.
The “only problem” with the commentators is that these individuals are NOT residents, but are names of former major league baseball players:

C. Carrasquel

Chico Carresquel (Chicago White Sox)

Image result for C. Carrasquel – Chico Carrasquel (Chicago White Sox)
M. Minoso       
Minnie Minoso (Chicago White Sox)

Related image

E. Banks
Ernie Banks (Chicago Cubs)

Image result for ernie banks chicago cubs

D. Buddin 

Don Buddin (Boston Red Sox)

Image result for Don Buddin (Boston Red Sox)

What type of individual (who insists that he always places the good of the community above himself) would then intentionally deceive and mislead them? How many other times has that blogger done this?

Now ask yourself this: Do you really believe that this was the only time he’s done this or is it just another example of how that blogger operates?

If I am wrong, I implore that blogger or his “good friends” to respond and strenuously deny these damning accusations. That’s what any honest person would do.

If he remains silent, it only serves as a reminder that “character counts” and that blogger’s actions and now, non-actions speaks volumes. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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To Dan Roberts...from Anthem Opinions:
Thank you Dan for this vital information regarding David Berman’s newest claim of clairvoyance, and our sincere best wishes to those in the Sun City Anthem community who look at him with confidence !
And to those who do, may they enjoy these words written from his pen.
“I think most folks who read blogs regularly have an understanding that, ultimately, blogs reflect the opinions and personalities of their owners. While I personally believe that this blog does the best job of providing unbiased news and information to our readers, it is also weighted somewhat toward an opinionated philosophy that can be reflected in my writings. Simply put, this is how blogs operate.
My articles are aimed at readers who appreciate a relatively high literary standard of writing and are thoughtful about the issues of the day, as well as being willing to occasionally contribute to subjects under discussion via posted blog comments and/or personal email exchanges.”
Yup, he certainly is right about those who “appreciate a relatively high literary standard of writing” in “providing unbiased news”; and that “blogs reflect the personalities of their owners”.
We know that David Berman considers himself “the voice of Sun City Anthem”, but it now appears that he is also “the voice of those who are no longer a part of this world”…and claims they are members of the Sun City Anthem community…and…believe in his journalistic wisdom !
We thank the following individuals who took the time to share their thoughts on his blog…and…if you’re out there,  we would love to obtain your autograph if your Pearly Gate duties will allow.
Chico Carrasquel, who died on May 26, 2005 at the age of 79 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Minnie Minoso, who died on March 15, 2015 at the age of 89 in Chicago, Illinois.
Ernie Banks, who died on January 23, 2015 at the age of 83 in Chicago, Illinois.
Don Buddin, who died on June 30, 2011 at the age of 77 in South Carolina.
As a result, we finally understood who his role model in life has always been !
and suggest when you see him and any of his followers, you honor them by humming this tune !
PS…I would gladly contribute to his taking a lie detector test.
As it is often said, once you lie, you have to continue the ruse by continuing to do so…until your caught.  A judge told him that in 1991.
It’s his last “save your butt” weapon.  What a sick and disturbed human being.
  1. From Mary Lee Opinions

    Kudos to Dan Roberts for sharing his past honestly, unlike Berman.
    Please give him my heartfelt thanks and also Rana.
    Sadly, David Berman and his brainwashed followers will continue the nasty behavior but PERHAPS SCA residents will wake up and see what has been happening there Year after Year!
    Berman makes up names on his posts, anyone can check tax office records and see these are Not property owners but Fake Names!
    Disgusting behavior!
    I had hoped to see an election change with ALL honest, caring and experienced residents who wanted the community together, not continue the Huge division  in  the entire SCA community.
    Sadly only two on the New Tradition were elected BUT, if given a chance, they WILL make a difference.
    Berman's high school Bully mentality and antics, lies, distortions, and  critical behavior will continue.
    He has always been like a runaway train.
    At some time runaway trains crash!
    Ignore the ongoing nastiness, some things never change!
    1. From Elizabeth Opinions

      What to make of his “claim” that he has allowed readers to respond under pseudonyms so they do not get “attacked”?

      But of course the almighty DAB knows who they are?

      How do you fact check his claim ?

      It may be readers with pseudonyms or they may all be DAB writing to himself - good luck trying to prove it.

      Is’s all a Steele Dossier.

      As long as he is unchecked, nothing is judged strictly on its merits- EVERY ISSUE and ANYONE who disagrees with him is subject to attack, lies, subversion, his uncanny ability to read minds and a very dishonest blog that he controls.

      Out the window is cogent argument and facts.
    2. Liz,
      This guy has such a history of lies that only someone born yesterday would believe his latest "poop".
      He is so desperate now that he's no longer "the godfather of corrupt elections", but instead is now looked upon as the "mosquito  on the butt of SCA"...
      ...who will keep buzzing around, creating havoc and discord, and looking for ways to maintain the dirty methods of electioneering that he's responsible for creating.
      His days of looking at himself as a "someone" now include only his minions. his mirror, his foul mouthed wife, and his "happy pills".
      Liars have to keep's what they do, and the sheep who are too naive or CORRUPT to see it, need pity.
      That's what sheep do.
      Sheep are blind followers who, no matter how much you prove to them how "off the wall" the guy is, they will follow him to the end.
      Because if you ever talk to any them, you'll quickly realize how "off the wall" many of them have always been.
      And the irony?
      They are the ones who always yell "hate", but if you read their words, they certainly don't constitute a "Lovefest".
      They are demeaning, crude, and for the most part,, rarely if ever make any sense, but instead consist of insult after insult....LOW CLASS.
      1. From Elizabeth Opinions

        An example of mind reading:

        More than once DAB has commented “at least your husband sat down  and met with me” -  he even shouted it at me while wagging his finger.

        DAB, in his ultimate wisdom, is assuming to know why my husband did that  - now I will tell you, since  when I tried to respond to his shouting this at me after the Election, his wife started screaming at me “shut up, shut up” (so I walked away rather than escalate).

        My husband never wanted to meet with DAB, but because I begged him to in order to possibly help broker some peace in what was becoming more and more adversity in our community, my husband finally agreed.

        He came home after that meeting  to tell me it was a waste of time and told me what he thought of DAB- not a complimentary assessment.

        But DAB just wants to continue assuming my husband is a good guy and I am the devil - so he can keep writing it on his blog and screaming it at the top of his lungs in public and we find it humorous -

        --because he presumed to know what was in my mind and in my husband’s.

        The  end result - No Fool Like an Old Fool.

        PS - written under my own name even though I figure he will find a way to attack (rather than apologize for coming at me after the Election for trying to break up an altercation) because I am braver than many of his alleged readers. 
      2. Liz,

        I've seen Mrs. Bull Sheet in action. She carries a purse ready for combat too !

        The incident at Green Valley Ranch had her using more four letter words than a drunk at a truck stop in front of numerous patrons MAKING A COMPLETE ASS OF HERSELF.

        ...and I made all of that part of the report to the Henderson Police saying VIDEO DOESN'T LIE.

        For some reason, since he claimed I attacked him and pushed a Green Valley Security guard on his "reputable BULL SHEET, it was rather strange that same guard escorted me to the Security Desk for information as to how to file a POLICE REPORT...AGAINST HIM and MRS BULL SHEET.

        ...something he was unaware of at the time while his blog and HIS MINIONS kept referring to me as a thug...

        ..until a week later when I disclosed the fact I was the one who reported the matter to the police within an hour of its occurrence...


        After that, for some strange reason, he NOR HIS MINIONS bothered to refer to me as a thug...they were scared that THEY WOULD BE SUED AS A RESULT OF THEIR DEFAMATORY COMMENTS made as a direct result of HIS well they should have been.

        What all of them should know is THAT ALL THEIR COMMENTS AND NAMES WERE ADDED TO THE POLICE REPORT with full copies in my possession along with the POLICE REPORT.

        All of these despicable people are made for each other; hateful menaces to the well-being of a community.

A Question of Character
Part One of Two

Image result for dan roberts vegas voice
Dan Roberts
Editor & Publisher
Image result for the vegas voice

It’s been nearly a week since I fully disclosed what  that  blogger” described as “something very bad that Roberts has done in his personal life.”

Did you see or read his follow-up post?

Neither have I.

That blogger claimed that many months ago he was “provided with verified documentation” about my personal life over something “much, much worse” than anything that he did.

Who is he kidding? 

Does anyone really believe the documentation was “provided” to him by somebody else?

You think it was during a late-night meeting in an underground garage similar to Woodward & Bernstein in the movie “All the President’s Men”? 

Or do you think that blogger and only that blogger tried to find “dirt” on yours truly?

And more importantly and regarding that blogger’s character, what do you think his reaction was once he obtained such “verified documentation”?

1, What a sad and tragic story; or

2. It happened nearly 20 years ago and has nothing to do with Sun City Anthem, or


While I (and his few friends, neighbors and anyone who has ever had any contact with him) have no doubt that the blogger couldn’t contain his glee over my past, can you imagine his disappointment when my “mea culpa” was published in the other 2 SCA blogs – and his threat to expose my “past misdeed” was already an “open book” for all to know ?

Character counts and his past actions (and now non-actions) speaks volumes.

Got a comment ?

Send it to us at:
  1. From Neal Roberts c/o Anthem Opinions

    Dan: I can feel your pain from years of “lawfare.”

    When I moved to SCA I had just retired and wanted to be AWAY-FAR, FAR AWAY from NYC where I was on the board of a family business.

    The company was hit by 7 years of lawsuits (costing $2 million), with the aim of a hostile takeover. 

 Martha, George and I
 Dan Roberts 
Vegas Voice Publisher

What do TV/Celebrity hostess Martha Stewart, New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and yours truly have in common? We’re all convicted felons. 

Ex-Con is the common term, but nevertheless we are all branded with this Scarlet letter for the rest of our lives. 

Unlike Martha and George, I was not a multi-millionaire when the “stuff hit the fan” so my fellow former criminals have no idea what it is like to lose everything in the blink of an eye. Your job, your life-long profession, your home, your cars and bank accounts – everything that you accumulated over your life – gone. 

They say every convict has a story. This is mine. 

Ask anyone who knows me (and I’ll be the first to admit) that I’m not the smartest person in a room. While my college buddies were out partying and enjoying the benefits of youth, I studied. Friday nights for me - as well as the rest of the week - meant going to the library and studying. 

Somehow, I made it through law school and after failing the New York State Bar (like I said, not the smartest guy in the world) made it on the second try and was admitted to the Bar. 

Through fate, luck and more hours working than you can imagine, I became the “man” for the medical transportation industry in New York State. Medical transportation is just a fancy “legal term” for the private ambulance and wheelchair accessible van companies. 

In New York City alone, there were over 150 separate companies – and I knew them all; or more importantly, they knew me as “the lawyer” to call whenever they had a legal problem. 

To an attorney’s delight, the medical transportation industry was heavily regulated by separate City, State and Federal rules, regulations and laws. I became and was the expert on all medical transportation legal issues. 

Besides individual’s company problems that might require my legal services, there were many times when certain governmental agencies would “target” the industry. Whenever that occurred, I would receive the first frantic phone call, quickly followed by the second, third, fourth and on and on. 

It really was not a question of whether I was a “great attorney,” but mostly the quality of my  opposition. It was always a good talking point to remind my clients that the administrative agencies that were challenging them on any given moment were as “arrogant as they were incompetent.”  

My win/loss record was quiet impressive and my ambulance clients respected me. The administrative agencies did not. 

In 1994, after 16 years of such legal services, circumstances arose where I could “practice what I preached’ to my clients. Along with members of my family, I was able to purchase a struggling ambulance company. 

Life was good. In all candor, it was very good. Interestingly, since ambulances are a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day operation, I was never “off-duty”- but while there were killer hours, I never considered it “work.” 

The family joke was that a truly successful attorney is one who owned his own ambulance company – and to a certain degree it was true. I became my own “ambulance chaser.” 

The medical transportation industry grew and changed with my former clients selling and retiring. Ambulance companies became “corporate” and a wave of consolidation began so the bigger ones could go “public.” 

To my benefit, a number of mid-level management guys (and gals) who did the daily operations and who knew me from my attorney days of representing their employers, began lining up to join my company. I hired them all and within 3 years, my ambulance company grew by over 200%. 

And then came the next industry wide audit.  

The federal government, through its Medicare program came up with a “Report” that it was overcharged by various New York ambulance companies in the total amount of $109,000,000. My former government adversaries were on TV and quoted in the newspapers lambasting the ambulance services and alleging “overpayment and fraud.” 

It made quite a few headlines and the 18 “named” companies quickly looked over the list to see where they were in the pecking order. My company was number 13 at $2,600,000. 

Coincidently, as this became public, the national ambulance association was having its annual convention at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas. All New York companies attended and we had a separate meeting to discuss this issue. 

The meeting was chaired by the ambulance owner who was number 1 on the list ($22 million) and he had the solution to our collective problems. He had contacts with a New York Congressman who was in the process of running for United States Senate.

If each company would contribute $25,000 to the Congressman’s future campaign, this problem would disappear. Yes, there might be some unknown “token” payment to settle, but the audit would go away. 

Make no mistake, it was not a bribe, but a legal campaign contribution to a “concerned” politician reviewing the entire situation and resolving it. 

If I could take back just one moment of time; a second chance with 20-20 hindsight, it would be that day.  

If there was the possibility to make a pact with the Devil to do it all over again - a chance to play back that one singular moment – I would have stood up, jumped on the dais and screamed for the entire world to hear: “Damn the $25,000; let’s give him $50,000.”    

Instead, I was horrified. I gave a speech, a lecture on right and wrong, the rule of law and the fairness of our situation. The audit was bogus, illegal and strictly a grandstanding bureaucratic tactic. We didn’t need a politician, I recall saying, we need justice. 

To my everlasting regret, I refused to make that campaign contribution. It was the biggest mistake in my life. 

Once I notified the Feds of my intention to challenge the audit, all hell broke loose. My company was accused of fraud and ripping off the Medicare system. 

Medicare was able to “temporarily” suspend my company. Temporarily, as it turned out, was forever. Without Medicare reimbursement and with notice to all hospital and medical facilities of the potential “fraud and abuse,” my thriving company died overnight. 

There are no words to adequately convey the fear when U. S. Marshals arrive at your door with subpoenas to take all records, file cabinets as well as your private papers. Boxes and boxes were taped shut and hauled out; all while your employees watched in indescribable horror as everything you once had disappeared. 

A joint task force of state and federal workers spent the next 3 years looking over every single medical transport and the initial audit was expanded to 5 years. Every transaction was examined and re-examined. 

I fought them – from hearing to hearing; from state to federal courts and appeals. It was a street fight, a legal war with guerrilla and nuclear tactics and weapons – with neither side giving an inch. It was a war of attrition. 

That claim of $2,600,000? Even after expanding the audit two additional years, the final amount of overpayments was $4,920. Even the government dropped the allegation of “fraud.”  

That’s less than a thousand dollars per year or $82 per month. Put another way, a reduction of 99.7% over the initial claim. 

The government claimed “victory” in the final ruling; after all, there was indeed an overpayment of monies. And they protected the taxpayers. 

They also reviewed every mailed or filed document to any government agency, looking for anything – and they found one. They claimed it contained “false statements” and since they were unsure as to who sent it - it was obviously a criminal conspiracy.  

Such conspiracy by the owners and officers of the company (meaning my parents, brother and wife) would be determined by a criminal trial. With separate attorneys to avoid any “conflict of interest,” the preliminary attorney fees quoted began at $250,000. 

I was done. I couldn’t go on. Five years of hand-to-hand combat without any income had taken its toll. I gave up.  

I pled guilty in federal court in March, 1999 of submitting a “false statement.” Even with the government admission that there was no “harm” or “monies obtained,” it was a Class D felony. 

No members of my family were ever implicated; but as the government pointed out, it was not a deal. It was also a “coincidence” that once I pled guilty, the government returned nearly $100,000. 

I can say however, that I am the only convict in New York who ever received a refund after pleading guilty. How’s that for a lasting legacy? 

Let’s be clear. I am not stating that I was framed or that there was a secret understanding. I pled guilty and I am and will forever remain a convicted felon. It is, what it is…pure and simple. 

Am I bitter? I guess the honest answer is “not anymore.” But I sure was. 

I have realized that it does not pay being bitter or angry or resentful. Life goes on (whether you want it to or not) and looking back does not accomplish anything except making you ill. It’s been nearly 10 years - enough already. 

Where does one pick up the pieces of his life after such conviction? How does a family stay together after losing their home…their lifestyle… and after the shame and humiliation? 

They say when God shuts a door, He opens a window. I hope that’s true. 

Because if it is, then I guess I’m still going through that window. Maybe I gained a few pounds over the years, or that window may not be very large, but I do believe that such window exists. 

That window allowed me to keep my proudest accomplishment. I still have my family. I’m still with my wife. And all our sons are with us in our new home state of Nevada.  

I don’t know how many families could survive what we went through. I don’t know if it made us stronger, but I sure do know the meaning of love. 

I learned that there is nothing like a crisis to discover who your friends are. Everybody likes you when you’re successful and have money…but it takes a very special individual; a true friend that stands by your side and watches your back when the bombs are incoming. 

Let me remind you of another inspirational cliché – it’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up. Yes, I was knocked down; knocked completely out of the ring as a matter of fact - but was able to stagger and eventually stand up again. 

With the help of my family, business partners and friends, we’ve established The Vegas Voice – the largest monthly senior newspaper in Nevada. With the economy being what it is and with newspapers in general dying by the day, I’m proud to say that our publication is still growing; still expanding.  

And that’s no small feat. 

No, I never met Martha Stewart or George Steinbrenner who were able to successfully return to their original profession. However, I must admit that I love my life as publisher; working with my family and friends and meeting new people every day. 

Maybe, just maybe, if I lose a few pounds and squeeze a little harder, I’ll push through that window yet.   
  1. To our readers:

    Yesterday, May 6, 2019, the above article broke our daily visits to Anthem Opinions.

    A total of
    2,920 visits were recorded and NOT ONE PERSON IN ANY WAY CRITICIZED MR. Roberts.

    All comments received looked at David Berman in a negative light for his continual harassing behavior toward Sun City Anthem Residents.
    1. From Dan Roberts...Vegas Voice Opinions

      Once again, there seems to be some misinformation from “that blogger.” As usual, there was more to the story.

      Background: New SCA Board of Director and my PILL(partner in love & life) Rana Goodman finally made the decision to cut-out “that blogger” from her life. While she wishes him no ill-will, he is now a “non-entity.”

      When directors were informed of the new annual Board photo shoot, besides being photographed by SCA information coordinator Andrew Leary, “that blogger” was also included to take pictures. Rana informed the other members, that keeping to her principles, she would not agree to sit or do anything with “that blogger.”

      Let’s be clear: Rana did not throw a hissy fit, nor demand anything. She even advised Board members that there would be no hard feelings or problems if the photo was taken without her.

      (As an aside: Does anyone really believe that blogger’s statement that “I place(d) the good of the community above my own, so I was more than willing to step aside… Wouldn’t you like to have been that proverbial fly on the wall when he was told? But I digress.)

      Anyway, contrary to “that blogger’s” concerns he is wrong that SCA is “entering a period of internal warfare during which some directors will pick and choose who they will represent in Sun City Anthem.”

      Have no concerns, it will be just the opposite.

      I have absolutely no doubt that my Rana will go above and beyond to represent all homeowners – each and every one. So those worried can take down that blogger’s “yellow caution flag.”

      There will, however, be a giant red stop sign over the blogger’s long held attitudes to residents that:

      He (and only he) is a Board member who should make decisions; and He (and only he) is in charge of SCA staff and management; and He (and only he) is the definitive heart and brains of SCA; and finally He (and only he) speaks for SCA.

      And one last thing for “that blogger” – and it consists of both good and bad news for him:

      The good news: No matter how vile, demeaning and mean-spirited his future blogs will be (and you know they will) under no circumstances will Rana respond.

      The bad news: I will.

Vegas Voice Publisher Issues Challenge
to Blogger
David Berman
Image result for challenge

My Open Letter to David Berman


Time to end your “I know your secret past and I will continue to hold it over your head.”

Now that the SCA election is over, I am responding to your April 27th post that I had done something “very bad” (and as you wrote - even worse than you!).

Unfortunately, you failed to mention my frankness in disclosing a very sad episode in my life. Unlike some, I never hid or provided excuses.

The basics: Your “journalistic investigation” of my life occurred 20 years ago - before my family moved to Nevada, prior to the formation of 
The Vegas Voice and before Rana ever met me.

I want to be clear: I never shied away from my past, just the opposite. I wrote about it in a chapter of 
“Life Choices” (ISBN: 978-0-9825264-0-8) nearly 10 years ago; posted it on The Vegas Voice website and discussed it in previous Vegas Voice editions as well as, “Listening to The Vegas Voice” radio shows.

My chapter in “Life Choices” and book cover is attached below for all to 

And rather than hide it, I told Rana about my “past” during our 2nd week of dating. It’s also known by my family, friends, partner Ray and Vegas Voice editors, the non-profit Medicare Advisory Foundation officers, the guardianship group Rana and I worked with, as well as, two state senators & assemblymen that we lobbied for guardianship reforms.

By the way, I fully disclosed this situation to not only the New Tradition candidates, but the entire NT team and Rana even offered to resign her candidacy over it. To a man (and woman) they all requested that my PILL (that’s partner in love & life – I’m too old to be called her “boyfriend”) remain on the ticket.

So where do we go from here?

If you agree, I would be more than willing to attend any meeting, any forum (perhaps Lifelong Learning?) and we can both stand up and fully discuss our past. At the very least, you’ll have the opportunity to put to rest (as you wrote) the “misleading attacks by some in our community over an incident in my distant past” and not only explain the event(s) in our respective lives, but more importantly, how we learned from it.

From one disgraced former attorney to another: It’s now your decision if your “better angels” want us to trash each other - or work together for our community.

Image result for dan roberts the vegas voice


The reprinted article from "Life Choices" entitled "Martha, George & I" originally published in 2006.

  1. From Rana Opinions

    During my campaign I promised to work diligently for every home owner in our community.

    There is one exception and I doubt any reader of the community blogs would not understand when I say, the exception is the owner of that blog.

    I, like many of you, are not as young as I once was and I have learned that the safest way for me to deal with so many biased, mean-spirited attacks is to cut that person out of my life as if they are non-existent.

    This I have done, but don’t think for a moment that I will let my pledge to serve the rest of the 7,144 home owners to the very best of my ability be affected; it will not.

    For the blogger to now intimate that my refusal to interact with him is a sign that my performance as a board member would not be as I have pledged, is just one more unwarranted attack.
  2. Rana,

    Thanks for your stance on ridding our community of such continual harassment.

    I hope the rest of our association will soon look at such behavior as rude, childish, embarrassing, and not a manner in which mature adults should act.

    That particular blogger has been a menace to all those who desire peace, tranquility, and honesty toward residents.

    Destruction and harassment of good people has been his trademark for years and must stop.

    Your desire to cut all ties with such an individual is more than understandable. His actions toward you and so many others over the years, have done nothing other than dramatize the problems that should not occur in a civilized senior society.

    It may not be within your ability to stop his behavior on an independent blog, but it can be within your ability if this new Board supports and enforces the Code of Conduct regulations that exist, but have not been enforced; as well as enact anti-bully regulations if such behavior intimidates innocent individuals if such behavior is exhibited on common element properties or through unsolicited harassing and threatening emails to those who reside here.

    His disgusting, hateful, and unwarranted editorials toward you and the other members of The New Tradition Team during the past election should be considered not only unbecoming any individual, but should be vilified by any person who has respect for his fellow man.

    For a Board...or for that matter, any individual... to support such behavior is not only a poor reflection on them personally, but serves no purpose other than harming the very fiber of our neighborhoods.

    Good luck in the years ahead to curb this destroyer of character he and his dwindling followers have supported for years.

    SCA saw fit through the ballot box to repudiate one Board incumbent who was of the same disturbing behavioral fiber, now let's complete the job with ridding it of his as well.
    1. From John Opinions

      Dick, please post this email that I sent to Rana Goodman:

      Hi Rana,

      I  also have had a problem with Dave Berman.

      He misquoted me at a board meeting and stated he had confirmed what he heard with board members.

      After review of the tape he apologized for what he had reported acknowledging that I had not in fact said what he reported.

      Although I accepted his apology I requested the names of the board members who had allegedly "confirmed" what I had not said.

      He refused and after several requests for the information (which I knew he lied about ), I confronted his "integrity".

      I then was blocked from commenting on his blog.

      Several years passed and I again asked for the names, at which time he said  he could not release their names just because they may just have given him bad information.

      When I reminded him that he reported having heard me say and only "confirmed " it with the board members, he walked away saying he did not remember.

      Please don't let this horrible man get you angry.

      He is without principle and lacks any sense of honesty.

      I find it refreshing to know I can now trust at least two  board members to act in the best interest of the community.

      Good Luck
    2. From Robert Opinions

      Let's see if Berman responds to Dan's offer.

      (in the interest of self-preservation I will NOT hold my breath)
    3. Robert,

      My guess is that he doesn't have the guts to do so in public.

      All he has is his blog and his private emails to intimidate and embarrass people.

      He is what he is...a disturbed menace to SCA.
      1. Hi Dick,
        David can say all he wants about what I said to him, I consider myself a lady but everyone has their limits. After he was cursing out my husband, Barry, the week before after a finance meeting and yelling at the ballot counting at Rana & saying that Dan was a felon yes I had enough & told David how I felt. This man has bullied enough people myself included when I wouldn't give him a cookie at a meet & greet. If you ask me he is the thin skinned person. He is a very evil person & he bullies people all the time. Enough is enough the old board let him do whatever he wanted including taking the pictures when we have people here much more qualified then he is. I hope now he will be treated as what he is, just another home owner no more special then you or me.

2019 Sun City Anthem Board Results

Elected to a 2 Year Term

Rana Goodman

Forrest Quinn

David Weil

Karen Hadrick

Elected to a 1 Year Term

Arthur Schuetz

Not Elected

Paul Perlstein

William “Bill” Odelson

Barry Goldstein

Rex Weddle 

Larry Mayer

Robert LePome

Sun City Anthem Board of Directors Election
A Clear Choice
"Machine" Status Quo vs Reform
A Final Consideration
Image result for what should i do
One more day...

...and if you haven't yet voted, you have until Tuesday, April 30th at 4:00pm to cast your vote in the ballot boxes located at Anthem Center, Independence Center, or The Liberty Center.  

You'll have to do it personally because the US mail at this point will not get it there in time.

If you are one of those who have not yet done so, we ask you to look at the word:

Image result for experience

Experience Behind the Desk
Experience In Front of It 

What in the world does that mean?

Should a Board of Directors consist of those whose experience consists of making decisions FOR people, OR should it consist of individuals whose experience is DEALING WITH people in order to make decisions on their behalf ?

We've had the opportunity of examining the resumes of the candidates, as well as, seeing them in "action".

And a difference that is striking between "the Old Guard Machine" and a number of others whom we believe, will be of the same "Old Guard Machinecloning image.

When one wishes to govern people, in addition to having educational credentials,  they should have relevant experience dealing with them personally as well.  

They must be likable.  

They must be approachable, and most importantly...

They must be willing to LISTEN.  

In short, they must be "PEOPLE" people....with...

Image result for a people person

All the candidates have educational backgrounds and working records that allowed them to retire, but have those backgrounds allowed them to be considered "PEOPLEpeople?

Just what are the ingredients of being a "PEOPLEperson?

We found a fascinating article that we'd like to share with you.  It was written in January, 2005 by an individual named Lee Hopkins, entitled 

"People Skills: 8 Essential People Skills"

What are those 8 skills?

1. Understanding People
2. Expressing Your Thoughts & Feelings Clearly
3. Speaking Up When Your Needs are Not Being Met
4. Asking for Feedback from Others and Giving Quality Feedback in return
5. Influencing How Others Think & Act
6. Bringing Conflicts to the Surface & Getting Them Resolved
7. Collaborating with Others instead of Doing Things by Yourself
8. Shifting Gears when Relationships Are Unproductive

Have these skills been demonstrated by those "Old Guard machine" candidates, Rex Weddle and Forrest Quinn ????

If they had been, would Sun City Anthem have the dissension it is currently experiencing?

Are these two individuals "PEOPLEpeople?

There are other candidates whose educational and past working  credentials are wonderful, but that same question must be asked of them as well.

Then there is the "Anti-Machine" Reform candidates, The New Tradition Team that consists of Rana Goodman, Barry GoldsteinKaren HadrickBill Odelson, and Larry Mayer

Image result for a people person

This "team" consists of "PEOPLEpeople.

All of The New Tradition Team have had successful careers that involved MAKING DECISIONS DEALING WITH PEOPLE.

They were "PEOPLE IN THE TRENCHES" so to speak, unlike the other candidates.

Do they have educational credentials that compare with those achieving degrees in Ivy League schools?  No, they do not.

However,  though each has an educational background that fits the leadership requirement, what separates them from the others, is that their success in life also included DEALING WITH PEOPLE...people like you and I...because they all believed...


This is just one of those "peoplepersons who has lead this team and is representative of their community value system caring beliefs.

Image result for rana goodman nevada senior citizen of the year

...and in our opinion,  that belief the song goes... make us...


...if elected to the Sun City Anthem Board.

Ballot Positions

Got a Question?  Send it to us at:
  1. From JoAnna Opinions

    After digesting the latest Anthem Opinions, I can ONLY speak for myself.ALTHOUGH I have heard from several Homeowners, NOT RENTERS....of which we are not fully aware of just how many there are, along with the many YOUNGER individuals who have infiltrated our Center,

    MAYBE we should go back to having an outside management company manage us.

    I am sure if the new Board were to look into an outside company, they would probably find them to be no where near the cost of this COO...or  her team.

    I would REALLY  like to know, although I am sure none of us will ever be able to get a full accountability of what "they" actually do for this community, how they are entitled to such outlandish salaries AND all the perks.

    For those of you who have not voted yet.....PLEASE for the sake of our community,

    VOTE !!!
    1. Members of The New Tradition Team have notified Anthem Opinions that a rumor, likely from The "Old Guard Machine", if the New Tradition Team is elected, the employment of all the women in Sun City Anthem administration would be terminated.

      They asked Anthem Opinions to notify our readers that THIS IS ENTIRELY FALSE, likely just another example of the dirty politics embraced by their supporters, that has been demonstrated again and again over the election period.

      If any of our readers are aware of who started this UNTRUTHFUL LIE, let us know.  

      We believe the community should be aware of that individual or individuals who would stoop to such activity.

Latest "Insane" Compliance Regulation
"Lame Duck" Board

Image result for cartoon insanity

Are you folks ready for this latest "rule" that will likely pass at the April 25, 2019 Board Meeting ?

Read it...then ask yourself this question:

Pages 273-74 of the NEW Rules & Regulations Booklet shown in the April Board Book.

12.3 Vehicle parking – ADDED

No vehicles other than golf carts are allowed to park on golf cart garage driveways.

Who in the world sits in an office and dreams nonsense like this up?


An overpaid C.O.O. in conjunction with an association attorney with the inevitable approval of an  out of control "old guard" Sun City Anthem Board...


We urge all of those who have not yet voted to look closely at this overbearing and out of touch governance, and vote:

The New Tradition Team

  1. From Robert Opinions

    So, the  $13,355.10 designated for painting the Community Patrol building is for the EXTERIOR only (since the interior was painted less than 2 years ago).

    WHO negotiates these deals??????????

    The exterior of my house (a Concord model) was painted a few years back for LESS than $3,000 and is a tad bigger than the 3-room Community Patrol building.
  2. From Tony Opinions

    Isn’t it about time to wake up & smell the coffee?Kick out the MACHINE  ! ! ! ! ! !

    How many more examples of no/poor leadership do you need to get the picture?

     -- the $$ overpaid staff led by the over-the-top head of the mgmt or whatever title she holds, also her contract term?

    -- the absurd restaurant ideas & the great deals offered to someone bright enough to pick our pocket?

    (remember Trumpets back in the day)

    --the waste of our $$ to incompetent legal & accounting professionals (?)

    --- the lack of response to the needs expressed here in Anthem Opinions (?)

    -- the no or poor  background check on staff in ACCOUNTING ?)

    (are you kidding me ? ACCOUNTING, REALLY)

    Don't you think we can do better.?

    We need to have a new board to improve our lifestyle and our ratings as a great place to retire as it once was when we moved here in 2001 rather than our present dismal rating; maybe even break into the top 10 as we once were?

    Also, don't you feel a little dumb to be mentioned on TV as a poor choice for a retirement home along with those restaurants highlighted with filth & bugs to warn you to stay away ?

  3. Evidently, prior to any vote, the Sun City Anthem Board removed this item from their agenda due to a massive amount of emails sent to them.

    This will be the last scheduled meeting of this Board.

    The matter will be taken up once the new Board is seated.

    Let's hope new Board will be The New Tradition Team in order to bring common sense to our community.
    1. From Carolyn Opinions

      I see by the "Monday E Blast" that the "Board" voted to approve $179,000. in expenditures to be paid thru our "reserves".

      Why weren't these items included in the budget, why drain the reserves?

      Is this good fiscal management"?

      I understood that the "health" of an HOA is determined (in part) by the "health of their reserve account.
    2. Carolyn,What people cannot understand is that is a manner in which "books" can be "cooked" in order to provide a result that  will make a situation appear a lot better than what it actually is !

      If The New Tradition Team wins the election, expect a greater scrutiny of the reserves AND all other forms of spending.

"Employee Recognition" Honoree
Was Former Sun City Anthem Employee
Arrested for Embezzlement
Image result for vetting
We won't mention the name of which employee, but we discovered that one of these four...who was supposedly "vetted" for employment, less than two months later, was terminated.

This first appeared on an official Sun City Anthem General Manager's Report on Demember 20, 2018.

Then, this appeared less than 2 months later  in a subsequent eblast.

February 15, 2019 

To:   All Sun City Anthem Residents

Re: Notice of Employee Termination

Dear Resident:

We are writing to let all Sun City Anthem residents know that an individual who worked in Sun City Anthem’s accounting department has been identified as being involved with an alleged embezzlement at a previous place of employment dating back to 2015.  It is being handled by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This may be reported through the media and we wanted to notify you in advance.  As a result of this arrest, the employee has been terminated.

It is important to note that although this individual worked in Sun City Anthem’s accounting department, this former employee did not have access to any payroll processing or operations checks, had no check signing authority and no direct access to any SCA bank accounts.   

The employee was fully vetted, including a background check, when hired and the prior employers’ reference check offered no suggestion of risk.  

Management has communicated with the police and with the Association’s auditors as part of the investigation to ensure your Community’s funds were safeguarded. 

Anyone believe this deserved a C.O.O. receiving a  CONTRACT without any vital information as to its contents disclosed?

Time for change . If you haven't already done so, STOP THIS...and...


 New Tradition Team

Rana Goodman  (1)
Karen Hadrick  (3)
Barry Goldstein  (8)
Larry Mayer  (9)
Bill Odelson  (10)


Lame Duck Board 
Last Effort Spending Spree

Image result for lame duck

On April 25, 2019, with only 4 days left to their ability to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, the current "lame duck" Sun City Anthem Board" seems to be on a spending spree before they leave office on May 1, 2019...

According the official community elbast, the following is expected to pass at that Board meeting:

Approve the following expenditures

a. Awning covers at Independence Center


b. Snooker Billiard Table at Independence Center


c.  Auto floor Scrubber for Independence Center


d. Irrigation Controllers for the common areas


e. Lower gallery furniture

(Over $30,000 the amount approved less than a month ago)

f. Seven 55" TV's




Image result for lame duck

On another note, as of April 19, 2019, with 11 days left to cast your ballots in the Board of Directors Election, 3,235 ballots have been received representing 45% of those eligible to vote.

For those of you who have not cast your ballot, we urge you to  do so before the April 30th noon deadline.

Do you support a Board deciding on such matters four days prior to their leaving office?

We'd like to hear from you.

Send your comments to:

  • From Barbara Opinions

    Yes, the board is spending a lot.  

    I see a charge coming in the near future to put more money in our reserves.  

    Did you read the email blast from yesterday?  

    They are also buying a snooker table (Rex Weddle's thing) and I sent the following to Sandy.

    "I read in the email blast today that the following was approved:

    lower gallery furniture in the amount of $144,286.26 to be paid from reserve

    What is going on with our furniture?

    I know that $114K was approved earlier.

    I checked out the company that this bid came from and they didn't offer any tables and chairs under their products on their website.

    So what has changed now that the bid is $30K higher?

    Who are we using and I would like to see a copy of what we are getting

    We will see what kind of answer she sends.   
  • Barbara, Let us know if you get any response.
  • From Robert Opinions

    A recent email blast reported (in part):

    "Painting of various areas at Anthem and Liberty Centers and the Community Patrol Building by Unforgettable Coatings Inc. in the amount of $13,355.10 to be paid from Reserves"

    Note that the entire interior of the Community Patrol building was painted about 24 months ago.

    I sent an email asking WHAT was being painted in the Community Patrol building.

    That was ignored/never answered.
  • From Jo-Anna Opinions

    Thank you for this current update of "our" money being spent.

    Maybe they need to buy chairs and loungers in the pool area that are for SENIORS.

    In other words chairs and loungers that are not so low to the ground that we need a crane to get out of them! 

  • Jo-Anna,

    This is no rant...this is TRUE CONCERN.
  • ________________________

    Association Compliance Report 
    An Unnecessary & Expensive Plague on Sun City Anthem Residents

    Image result for senseless rules

    Anthem Opinions received the latest tally on the number of homes found in compliance violation since the current Board, in conjunction with the C.O.O. Sandra Seddon, with the assistance of the Association Attorney, which they approved that began on January 1, 2019.

    In a mere three month period at a cost of:

    1. Employing an individual at an annual income of $40,000 in addition to:

    a. Reimbursement of mileage (government 2019 allowance is $.58 per mile for his personal auto)...
    Related image
    b. Employee benefits that include medical, dental, short and long-term disability coverage...
    Related image
    c. A 401(k) plan providing an Employer contribution of 3% of pay that, if matched by the employee, is IMMEDIATELY 100% vested without any traditional vesting schedule of EMPLOYER contributions.

    2. An attorney drafting the letters at considerable undisclosed expense...

    3. Contracting an outside vendor to send violation letters at yet another unknown cost at this time...

    ...the following information was released:

    As of March 31, 2019

    # of inspections
    # of homes in violation
    # of homes still in violation
    # of violation letters issued
    # of actual violations

    Has this now gone too far? 

    Have you been a victim or do you know of a neighbor of this ridiculous purge on residents who, in many cases, have never been affected prior to these senseless regulations being enforced, some of them for up to 20 years ???

    With this current administration, it's...

    Image result for comply


    Related image

    Remember, the original "rule" was to have two trees in the front of your home, but since the community outcry, this Board took it upon itself to CHANGE that regulation to one tree, didn't they?

    What conclusion can be drawn from this action?

    These newly enforced rules CAN BE CHANGED by a simple Board decision...


    They weren't, were they ?

    Image result for no

    Do you believe that common sense has left Sun City Anthem ???

    Do you want these senseless costs and treatment toward residents to continue?

    If so, vote for the "Old Guard" that includes incumbents Rex Weddle and Forrest Quinn, along with their handpicked candidates, David WeilArthur Scheutz, and Paul Perlstein...

    Image result for the

    Image result for machine word
    Image result for team word
     They support these actions to continue.

    Are you ready to elect those who will put common sense back into Sun City Anthem ? 

    Is so, elect Rana Goodman (1), Karen Hadrick (3), Barry Goldstein (8), Larry Mayer (9), and Bill Odelson (10)...

    Image result for new tradition
    Image result for team word

    Have you cast your ballot yet ?

    You have until noon on April 30th.

    Got a comment?

    Send it to us at:
    1. I am amazed by "our" employees benefit package!
    2. From Marty Opinions

       Why didn’t the board hire the $40K person as a temporary 1099 person, and just merely treat him as such. Life surely would have been so much easier…and we could have had him do what we needed and both of us  “move on.”
    3. Drakes, it is just another example of the lack of experience in those who allowed that plan to be adopted. It surely is just another example of NEEDLESSLY "giving away the store".

    "Old Guard
    "New Tradition"

    Image result for election

    With 12 days to go before Sun City Anthem ballots must be received (April 30, 2019), for those who have yet to cast their ballot, we urge you to do so before the deadline.

    It has been said the 2019 Board of Director election might be the most important decision to ever face the Sun City Anthem community...

    ...and yes, we believe that to be the case.

    In the twenty year history of our community, many changes have taken place that have affected the lives of our residents; some good, some bad; but what should concern most of us regarding those changes is a simple question?

    Were you, the residents, an active part of those changes, or were you merely individuals who were forced to comply with them?

    We believe that time has allowed us to be complacent and evolve into the later scenario.

    What is the result of complacency?

    Stagnationa lack of proper guidance, and worst of all, allowing an annual  selectively chosen  group of individuals to control our lives in a manner that THEY believe is the manner it should be led, rather than allowing individuals to control their own destinies.

    Related image

    All of us worked hard to achieve the retirement experience to which those long years of employment entitled us, but achieving that goal does NOT STOP with merely moving to a new community.

    It requires thought, participation, and a desire to look at neighbors as a diverse group where ALL CONCERNS must be recognized.

    Yes, living in a homeowners association has its rules and regulations, but as time passes, the times change, and changes must adapt to those times.

    And...that adaptation differentiates the two elective camps.

    The first camp is the one who believes RULES ARE RULES, that no matter how strict, THEY MUST BE FOLLOWED at all costs.  

    That group, known as "the Berman backed old guard candidates", (the "machine") are an inflexible group who believes that power must be maintained at all cost.

    All too often they have ignored the individual needs and wants of a community because they believe that  a community "needs" an iron hand to control it !

    Related image

    They are THE STATUS QUO !

    They shirk their community responsibility by allowing one individual to control their decisions, believing that individual (known as the C.O.O.) is not to be questioned...

    ...that she be allowed to create layer after layer of middle management and nonessential additional employees... order to isolate herself from a community...

    ...looking at that community  not as one in which she is EMPLOYED; but instead, as one in which SHE IS NOT TO BE QUESTIONED...

    ...relying on a hand picked association attorney who, in the opinion of many, looks at resident needs as subservient to her desires !

    Image result for cartoon attorney shark

    Past elected individuals whose "real life" experience is limited in needed aspects of proper management has allowed that to occur, and in numerous cases,  many of them lack the courage to admit their past experience does not allow them to properly guide her actions.

    These a not BAD PEOPLE; they are INCAPABLE PEOPLE !

    ...and the current  "machine" camp of "Old Guard" Board candidates are nothing more than a retread of "the past".

    None have ever been self-employed; all have been part of an "ivory tower" mentality of telling people WHAT TO DO, without ever having DONE IT THEMSELVES; that they believe their relevant experience results from their educational backgrounds; that "people" are their subjects, not their peers.

    Governing to those individuals must be accomplished by using a close minded "rule book", not by practical experience.

    Image result for rule book cartoon
    The result? 

    Giving free reign to an individual who has displayed:

    Excess expenditures without "checks & balance" safeguards !

    Irrational and unpopular compliance regulations !

    A lack of understanding the needs of senior citizens !

    On the reverse side of the coin is another camp, the "reformers"; the ones who say...

    ...we need to reevaluate our wants and needs.

    ...we need to be brought into the 21st century.

    ...we must enjoy our retirement experience...


    ...we must provide an element that "machine" has not...

    Image result for common sense

    ...looking at yesterday; examining it thoroughly those the eyes of real life experience, and making necessary change with the community's needs being the #1 responsibility of governance.

    That is what self-employed individuals had to do to SURVIVE; they had no guaranteed income, did not squander assets they did not have, and "treated the company's money as if it were their own". a new way of thinking...

    Image result for a new tradition in which four of the candidates had successful histories of self-employment and one with decades of relevant property management experience. where all received endorsements from former business associates. which has believed  in open communication by establishing a website to answer questions on which they wish to judged. which will never allow our community to be considered by a TV broadcaster a member of the HOA Hall of Shame... who will keep their promises. who cares about people.

    Vote New Tradition !

    Ballot Positions



    1. Regarding that Pulte Lawsuit:

      Look closely at what Weddle said in his statement:

      "I don’t have the statistics for CD lawsuits, but I expect that figure to be no lower and likely greater.
      No one can predict with certainty the outcome of litigation. If they could, there would be no lawsuits. Every case would quickly settle and no one would sue. That's one reason we can't answer questions about our recovery probabilities. 
      With seven figures at risk and a miniscule statistical chance of losing at trial, if there is one, balancing the reward against the risk is an easy mental leap."

      First he states he does not have statistics for CD Lawsuits...3 sentences later he claims a "miniscule statistical chance of losing at trial"


    2. You have to adopt it to find out whats in it..
      Sound familiar?

    3. From Bella Opinions
      The developer has requested a continuance to February 21.


    4. Regarding the SOROS Project. As long as the current airport traffic takeoff and landing patterns are unchanged (in actual future USAGE, not just regarding the flight regulations -- and there are sufficiently large fines for pilots to discourage them from violating the regulations), and the developers of proposed residential properties west of the airport (as well as buyers of the homes who will be living there) understand this, there should be no problem.

      If not, then the existing homeowners in Seven Hills, Anthem and Sun City Anthem have every right to oppose this development. That said, as one of the latter, I'd prefer to "not take a chance" and rely on this.

      The best solution is to not have any residential development in the proposed area -- there is plenty of open space here in the valley for any number of residential developments. Use the area west of the airport for non-residential development.

    5. A Barber/Beauty Shop--what a GOOD and PRACTICAL idea!! Downsize the overall restaurant prep space and reconfigure the rear section where the walk-in freezers and grills are currently to accommodate private entry into usable AND rentable spaces. Even the Maintenance Department's space could possibly be enlarged during the process. And best of all, the BOD might not have to obtain a majority vote to do this because it would be "for the benefit of the Owners" (CC&R 7.9). I LIKE IT!!