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"New Tradition" Team
 Sets Agenda
2019 Sun City Anthem Board Election

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The 2019 Board of Directors election season kicks off with a bang this morning with the announcement of "The New Tradition Team" of five individuals who have combined their talents to run as candidates in the coming election where five individuals will be chosen to govern Sun City Anthem for the next two years.

From left to right they include:  Bill OdelsonKaren HadrickBarry Goldstein, Larry Mayer,  and Rana Goodman.

Perhaps the most widely known is Rana Goodman, who championed the State of Nevada Guardianship reforms that were responsible for sending guardianship manipulator, April Parks, to prison a couple of months ago.

For some time residents "have spoken" about a number of issues that must be addressed, yet have been ignored by so many current and previous Sun City Anthem Boards. 

In our opinion this team of candidates represent a returning of the community to one that once existed, but has so dramatically changed over the years, by encompassing a "common sense" and "compassionate" alternative to needs and desires of a senior community.

Perhaps what differentiates this group from so many others is the fact that all have relevant business oriented backgrounds....

...a vital ingredient that must be addressed in a community that collects in excess of $8 million in annual revenue.

They have generated a web site where you can learn of their backgrounds, positions, and most importantly, ask any questions of them...

...which all have promised to publicly answer on the New Tradition Team web site.

Our suggestion is that you take a moment and save it to your "Favorites" for the next couple of months prior to your casting a ballot and "click" on it often to examine their views, comparing them other candidates, and to those you personally have,  while also asking them to clarify any community concerns you have.

Anthem Opinions will also include the "New Tradition Team" web site link on the Welcome Page each day new articles are posted in addition to providing easy access to this site on the Main Page of the Anthem Opinions web site near the lower right side entitled "OTHER INFORMATIONAL SITES" by simply "clicking" on the heading: 

"2019 Sun City Anthem  Board Election "New Traditions Team" Website"


 We hope you'll join us in closely examining this "breath of fresh air" team of individuals who pledge the necessary reform solely needed as we conclude the decade.

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  1. From Lloyd Opinions

    This looks like the kind of Board SCA needs.

    Let’s hope they can make Anthem great again.
    1. From Robert Opinions

      A new slate of Directors on the SCA Board would fix the overall "SCA Toilet".
      1. From Elizabeth Opinions

        In the over 11 years we have lived in Sun City Anthem, the community  has deteriorated and is no longer a premier community with a stellar reputation. The residents are disrespected and in fact often treated like ignorant children.  Our concerns are often ignored. The facilities are in terrible shape with badly chipped furniture, and comfortable seating, fake carpet flooring covered in electric tape to name a few.

        I would say it’s not such a happy birthday because Sun City Anthem  is NOT AGING WELL!
      2. From Mary Lee Opinions

        There is hope for SCA on the horizon with the 5 member Dream Team!!!!

        To say I am excited is an understatement.

        Sandy has control over ALL residents names and addresses (renters as well who should Never be able to vote for anything).

        Vegas Voice, Anthem Opinions and Anthem Today should  help Promote this  team.
      3. I have never seen such an out pour of enthusiasm for change.

        A strong concern is the ballot collecting procedure that has recently been approved.

        If one looks carefully at how it is being conducted, the possibility of FRAUD is more than apparent.

        We will discuss this potentially CORRUPT regulation in the near future. Yes, it's that CONCERNING !
        1. From Lenore Opinions

          I hope these qualified individuals get elected. They encompass a wealth of experience, education, competence and dedication.

          Let's get the word out to our community and support these people.
          1. From Bill Opinions

            Seems like the endorsement for these five candidates is set in “stone.”

            Are there any other individuals to date that have been accepted to run out there as well?

            Don’t get me wrong, but throwing it all in for these folks may be just a little premature.

            I do not doubt that these folks have the experience and expertise to help run this community, however all candidates should be able to voice their qualifications on your opinion page as well.

            Could this new Dream Team become the New Machine?

            As a community we need to judge each and every candidate as individuals and then make the smartest decisions in our own opinion. 
          2. Bill, 

            This team includes Rana Goodman, a woman whose integrity is 2nd to none in my mind.  Her unselfish dedication to good causes is unquestioned.

            Rana would never, and I stress the word NEVER, be any part of any "machine" that would do the harm to Sun City Anthem, what the current "machine" has done.

            We do not know who the other candidates are at this point, but as to why the other candidates have not yet been announced since the deadline was 2/8/19, is a FIRST in the history of Sun City Anthem.

            I would like any of the other individuals who completed their candidacy to come forward.  As to why they have not, leads me to believe SOMETHING OUT THERE does not meet the eye.

            If any of them are out there, perhaps they might come forward and state if they too are wondering as to why everything has been so secretive.

            Finally, let me address your desire to have all the candidates express their opinions.

            Two years ago when a number of individuals ran, I did just that; however I placed one restriction on giving any of them a free commercial:

            That restriction was that to obtain the free advertising, they would have to agree to answer publicly ANY QUESTION posed to them on Anthem Opinions.

            None of the "machine" candidates would agree to do so.  

            If any of the candidates would agree to that, I urge them to post that guarantee for all to see.  
            1. From RoseAnn Opinions

              Let's Go "New Traditions Team" !  You certainly have my vote.
            2. Still think we don't need a change in ALL FORMS of COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP?

              What next?  This just came in via an official Sun City Anthem eblast:

              This is the guy whom we pay $40,000 a year to spy on residents.

              "Our Community Standards Inspector, Trent Austin, will be conducting night inspections in February.  He will be inspecting all homes for address lights and coach lights that aren’t lit.  Please check your address lights and coach lights to make sure they are functioning properly."

              Is this man getting paid overtime to spy on the community in the evening?  

              What's next, Ms. Seddon, a personal Pledge of Allegiance ?
              1. From Forrest Opinions

                Many homes don’t have coach lights...duh!!!

                As for me, I’m not aware of any code requirements to have coach lights.

                Coach lights on garages and porches are switch controlled, not required to be controlled by light sensor.
                1. From Tony Opinions

                  Great picks for the BOARD ! ! ! ! ! ! !

                  Thanks for YOUR help. 
                  1. From Robert Opinions

                    Thank you for the informative link to the candidates' web page.....your 2000+ daily readers now have easier access to the information.

                    I applaud Anthem Opinions for taking the "high road" in this election;  it appears an alternate blogger has chosen to disparage and insult a candidate and a potential voter.

                    He has insulted and questioned the integrity of Mr. Wong who he refers to as a 'community activist in a recent bog

                    He has questioned the ability of Ms. Goodman to properly attend to Board duties due to her schedule of 'guardianship activities', etc.

                    I never heard him (or anyone else) question a MALE candidate as to whether he can properly attend to Board duties because of a busy schedule.
                  2. Robert,

                    He is what he is !

                    He will never change, and dwelling on him and what he represents means little.

                    Insulting individuals and destroying their characters is his typical manner of defending his beloved "machine."

                    He is a non-factor in this election.

                    What counts are those who are running; the way they will communicate with the voters, the prior business experience they bring, and the common sense and compassion all wish to again see a part of our community.

                    If prior "experience" with past SCA activities is a factor on which to base an individual's qualifications are important, perhaps looking at what that experience has accomplished tells the tale about its value.

                    Thus far, that "experience" seems to have contributed to:

                    Failing restaurants

                    Outrageous nonsensical Compliance Rules

                    Exorbitant incomes levels of Senior Management

                    A Retirement community's falling from being #1 in the nation to being completely omitted form the Top 55 in just a matter of a few years.

                    An HOA Hall of Shame report distinction

                    and Club restrictions that have alienated those they pledged to represent.

                    It would seem fresh faces offering a "New Tradition" might be just what the doctor ordered.
  2. ________________________________

Former 2 Term Sun City Anthem
Vice President Finance Committee Chairman
Gives Advice in Seeking Compliance Complaint Appeal

Image result for appeal advice

James Mayfield

I received a call from a friend last Friday. He needed advice on how to protest an enforcement letter he received because no instructions were provided in the letter on how to protest a proposed enforcement action that a homeowner believes is inaccurate or incorrect. 

The reason he needed to protest the enforcement action is that the pictures attached to the letter of all three alleged violations were not pictures of his house or car.

I suggested that he should email the General Manager and the President of the SCA Board of Directors with a description of the basis of his protest and pictures of his house and car. 

I also suggested that he take a copy of his protest email to the SCA administrative offices and have it logged-in as received. 

 In addition, I advised him of his right to appeal an enforcement action to the Covenants Committee if the email to the GM and president didn’t result in resolving the obvious mistake.

After reflecting on the issue, I determined that the erroneous enforcement letter he received represented three (3managerial and governance mistakes that need to be pointed out to SCA homeowners.

Onethe letter should have included information about how to protest and/or appeal the proposed violations

The letter was probably written by the SCA attorney who should have known that including a list of protest and/or appeal actions is a standard part of a notice of violation letter. 

The presumption of guilt of a violation is insulting to homeowners and fails to provide them with information they need if they believe an error has occurred or they disagree with the basis of the finding. 

At what SCA is paying the GM because of her experience and competencies, she should have caught the omission in a review of the attorney’s work before it was used in over 1,000 enforcement action letters to homeowners—no trivial matter.

Twoon a matter of implementation of a new Board policy, the Board should have included initial oversight protocols to insure that its policy decision was correctly implemented.

Threethe new person retained to conduct the inspections should have been trained in the use of SCA data and SCA governance documents before the inspections began

The GM should have implemented a review process (basic internal controls) of all alleged violations by the SCA compliance office prior to letters being sent to homeowners. 

Since approximately 90-days occurred between the adoption of the active enforcement policy and its implementation, sufficient time was available for the GM to insure that staff training and process development were accomplished prior to initiation of the inspections.

Homeowners should not be subject to being put in the role of catching staff mistakes

It unfairly consumes their time and is disrespectful. More importantly, this is another example of the failure to establish oversight procedures by the Board of the work of the GM.

The entire active enforcement policy was ill conceived because it represented a solution to a problem that didn’t exist

 The previous passive enforcement policy that resulted from two years of work by previous Boards was a result of a determination that passive enforcement had worked well at SCA for 20 years. 

Homeowners should ask why the change now? 

Who is it benefiting? 

 How much will it cost?

How will the quality of enforcement and effectiveness of the policy be measured and tracked by the Board?

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Send it to us at:
  1. From Angelina & Tony Opinions

    When I read the headline regarding " a bit of Las Vegas History soon to be a memory "I had 2 thoughts:

    a) Sun City Anthem has been found to be a scam & we all lose our shirts.

    b) the current Board of Directors are being called before the Nevada Senate for a hearing into their mishandling of their duties & the possibility of them facing jail time & returning all fees improperly collected from which they derived substantial monetary gains.
  2. Tony,

    Did your thoughts include Sun City Anthem management, their attorney, and their mouthpiece blogger?

    Just wondering !
    1. From Valerie Opinions

      What is this about the Board being made responsible for their actions?

      When did this take place?

      What about including our manager as well into this?
    2. In publishing the above article we were informed that this information was also sent to David's Anthem Journal.

      Why would he refuse to publish it?

      Perhaps he might address that issue on his publication as this was written by a former member of the Sun City Anthem Board.

      If not, is that further proof that he merely mirrors "The Machine" and its actions in promoting their wasteful decisions?
      1. From Carolyn Opinions

        It just boggles my mind that this Board really thinks after 5 restaurant failures a 6th will be successful.

        I posed that question to one of the Board members and the answer was “I have hope”.

        Hope just doesn’t get it.

        I predict it will not be successful.

        I can have a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset from my living room or patio.

        What gets me out to eat is good food for a reasonable price or if willing, gourmet food for a higher price.

        The last meal I had at the center was neither inexpensive nor good.  I never went back.

        I would love to hear why the Board thinks restaurant #6 will be successful.

        The liability issues and parking issues are certainly something that should be seriously taken. 
      2. Carolyn,

        Did a Board Member actually say "I hope so?"

        Nothing like "We have every reason, based on our research, that it would succeed"  ???

        Who in their right mind would invest a dime when the supposed "expert decision makers" would use that answer to commit $250,000+ each and every year of one's money ?

        The answer is evident by the 0 for 5 record...

        7 bureaucratic unqualified imbeciles !
        1. It has come to my attention that the "Machine blogger" made the following statements on his blog which I feel must be addressed.

          "If you want to have your thoughts or comments published directly to Arendt’s blog, you are not permitted to do so. Instead, you must send him a message and he will decide whether or not to publish it.

          This is completely untrue.  Individuals can comment directly if they choose to do so.  We have found it easier to send an email to Anthem Opinions.  Do we editYes, for spelling and at times clarification.  It has proven to assist our readers and have yet to have a complaint from any person....except of course the "Machine" man.

          "I have heard from many folks over the years who sent him items they wanted shared with his readers and they never saw the light of day. He WILL occasionally publish a message of disagreement, but only so that he can immediately follow it with a strong disagreement of his own, or even a personal attack on the sender."

          Yes, this is true...somewhat.  In the few that have been omitted, in our opinion they constituted comments that your mother likely would have washed your mouth out with soap as a kid.  Unlike "Machine man", we don't have a desire to stoop to such levels that seem to constitute the majority of the commentary that appears on his publication. Perhaps he can supply us the names on his publication of those we've deleted and determined as both condescending and low class not worthy of any value.  We believe if he did so, their names would likely be synonymous with those few who often comment on his blog in the demeaning manner in which we omit.

          Of course, the part of "large numbers" is reminiscent of the time a number of years ago when "Machine man" reported that a" large number" of individuals demanded a woman not be reappointed to the Henderson Senior Citizens Advisory Commission through a petition that proved to have contained all of 8 signatures as a result of The Freedom of Information of which was forged

          That same woman was also denied admission to the Sun City Anthem Lifestyle Committee after first being recommended by that Committee, yet was rejected by the Sun City Anthem Board....the President of which at that time was "by coincidence", his wife, Roz Berman.

          That same damned as he tried to portray her in the eyes of a community, happened to be the one woman who eventually changed the Guardianship Laws in the State of Nevada, Rana Goodman.

          We have no desire to focus on him in any way following this clarification of his misguided attempts to maintain his beloved "system".  He has more than proven his "worth" to the community in recommending ideas and  individuals  that have contributed to the continual waste that has become known as "The Machine".  

Sun City Anthem Board Anticipated Actions to Cost Owners
Thousands of Dollars

Image result for outrageous

We know many of our fellow residents in Sun City Anthem pay little attention to the goings on of a Board of Directors actions, but here are a few you need to tell your friends and neighbors about...ASAP !

On Thursday, January 24th at 1:30pm the Sun City Anthem Board will likely be "pulling one over" on the community again...

...this time with yet another "last minute" notification !

As if the compliance letters to over 1,000 unsuspecting owners at a cost that included hiring yet another employee as a watchdog for $40,000 per year and a firm to send out the notices wasn't enough, check this out folks !

This is in their next agenda!

 (Action May Be Taken) 

Review/Approve Special Reserve Assessment for Pinnacle Village in the amount of $1,575 per unit to be paid in three equal installments of $525 due April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, 2019.

Approve Employment Agreement for Chief Operating Officer ("COO") 

Approve directive to Management to solicit proposals for the Association’s general counsel & collections contract

To say the least, those of you living in the gated section of Pinnacle Village are going to get "nailed" on top of your already paying a higher dues assessment than others in the non-gated areas of the Sun Anthem community.

But...for the rest of us, look closely at the part about approving an Employment Agreement for Chief Operating Officer.

Well now, after reading through 147 pages of Board Book "boilerplate stuff", one of our readers found the following on page 147 !

...that's right...
Page 147

Read it and weep, and get ready to be "squeezed" again !

Image result for squeezed financially
On that page it states:

"As identified in the agenda for today's meeting, the Board is prepared to review and consider for execution a Chief Operating Officer Agreement.

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 116.31175(4)(a) the Agreement and the terms therein are confidential personnel records of an employee of the Association except for information concerning the number of hours worked and the salaries and benefits of the employee.

The employee being considered for the Chief Operating Officer position is the Association's current General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Sandy Seddon.

The proposed Agreement does not expand or reduce the current responsibilities of Ms. Seddon but serves to consolidate the responsibilities under one identified role as Chief Operating Officer rather than Chief Operating Officer and General Manager.

The proposed Agreement serves to more effectively identify the responsibilities of the Chief Operating Officer and otherwise protect the interests of the association."

Now...let's try and figure out what this means !

The former Chief Financial Officer, James Orlick, resigned his post as of January 24, 2018, the SAME DAY THIS IS BEING PROPOSED and/or ADOPTED...


... as has been the case on NUMEROUS PREVIOUS OCCASIONS, when "something is up", the unit owners are the last to  know.

Consolidation of even MORE POWER in one individual?

Will this also involve even HIGHER COMPENSATION, and if so, how much?

Note the section above:

In  accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 116.31175(4)(a) the  Agreement and the terms therein are confidential personnel records of an  employee of the Association except for information concerning the 
number of hours worked and the salaries and benefits of the employee.

In other words, this Board in collaboration with Seddon's handpicked association attorney, Adam Clarkson, WILL NOT DISCLOSE ANY OF THIS TO YOU AND I....the ones who are paying her salary.

Image result for boris bettenoff sneaking around rocky and bullwinkle

Why would that be ???

Likely to avoid another Darcy Spears Channel 13 report as to what will probably be an even higher excessive income than this individual already receives.

Remember the last one ?

Image result for darcy spears hoa hall of shame

Image result for darcy spears hoa hall of shame

For those of you who need a reminder of how overly compensated this individual always was a year ago, watch this clip...and CRY...Again !

This is a travesty !

Placing even greater power and likely HIGHER COMPENSATION in the hands of an individual who, a year ago, 836 Sun Anthem property owners signed a petition of "No Confidence" regarding her managerial tactics... individual who engineered one of the most disturbing events in the Removal Election by not only approving an $85,000 expenditure that included an audit firm who "lost" or "miscalculated" petition totals... individual who refused at all costs to allow those vital records to be properly corrected...

...then was instrumental in HIRING THAT SAME FIRM to a three year contract to audit Sun City Anthem financials...

...while allowing her hand picked association attorney to increase legal fees well beyond any budgeted amount...

...defies common sense...

...and more than raises the issues of competency and/or ethical behavior on the part of those who would allow such questionable activity.

A Board who will allow this latest type of action to continue without the full details PRIOR to any action or review by the community which they pledged to SERVE...not...RULE...

...a Board stuffed and padded within the past year with two "political appointees" not elected by the membership (Aletta Waterhouse & Patricia Carroll) who have in all cases, VOTED in the manner in which the "machine" always has advocated....

...combined with yet another Board member who, though elected a year ago in his own right, was also an original "political appointee" (James Colemanby that same "machine"...

...should now, in the eyes of any rational individual, be looked at for what their actions have clearly shown...

Image result for rogue


Image result for out of control

...and must NOT be allowed to commit our financial resources at a date that within a few months, a new Board will be forced to abide by... matter how negatively Sun City Anthem would be impacted by this decision.

The time to act is NOW.  

Send your objections to each and every member of Sun City Anthem Board of Directors.

We've made it easy for you.  Click click here for their respective email addresses:

Don't allow these self-serving individuals to control your lives any longer...

...and...make them pay if they ignore the common sense and decency a senior community must have in its leaders... rejecting any and all of them in the coming Board election should they decide to run for office.

Take back your is quickly being taken from you !

Got a comment?

Send it us at:
  1. From Mary Lee Opinions

    What next? Appears she’s locking herself into a FOREVER POSITION and the machine, once again, does nothing except abide by her every wish and passes whatever she dictates.

    I am soooooooo sorry for the residents.

    I have never understood how so many can keep their heads in the sand over these issues.

    SCA is so damn lucky to have all of your time and energy going into keeping the SCA residents INFORMED!

    I do not miss the drama and the way the association is run.

    It could be such an incredible community but will continue to be run in that fashion until the apathetic community WAKES UP.
  2. From Valerie Opinions

    Say this isn’t going to happen, please!  We need to get rid of this over paid , power hungry woman who is destroying what was once a wonderful community.

    How can we get rid of her?
  3. Valerie, my deepest fear, and the "machine's" only weapon left,  is to give her a contract.

    They know that the public tide is dramatically moving  against HER and THEM, and this idea of any long-term contract would be just another way to BULLY a community into maintaining  their devious ways....AND...a GM's way to prove SHE'S THE BOSS, not any Board.

    Let's not forget that Nona Tobin strongly advised all of us that this would take place; and as a result, every attempt was made to shut her up at every turn.

    ...and an uncaring community not only watched it, but allowed it to happen.

    To you Nona, this community owes you a sincere apology for doubting you in any way.  Over time they all have proven themselves to be the untrustworthy group you tried to warn us about again and again.

    The "sickest" aspect of this entire thing is that they are REFUSING to disclose the contents of the agreement.

    That is despicable and certainly makes total LIARS of all of them when they preach the word "transparency".

    I hope that many in the community will finally look at all of them for what many of us have stated for years...

    ...and been ridiculed for as a result !

    This group and those who support them and such activity are completely untrustworthy and deserve to be dumped as soon as possible.

    We hope and PRAY that some honest individuals with integrity will come forward, run for the Board, and literally do everything in their power to curb these acts.

    Our community is at a turning point that without such change, our future will be a dark one to say the least.
  4. From Jack Opinions

    What exactly are you trying to say in you lengthy article?

    It is so long the I cannot figure our what you are complaining about?

    Please be shorter and get to the point.

    Maybe I would write a response if I could understand what exactly you are saying.
  5. Jack, read my above comment if you want a shorter version.

    My objective was simple...READ the facts from the past; DIGEST them; and unless you want to loose your identity as a community, make sure you DUMP any individuals from a Board who would make such fools out of intelligent people as a result of their actions.

    Hope this clarifies things in order for you to submit a comment.
    1. From Robert Opinions

      Since the holidays occupying much of out time, it is easy to overlook events going on in our backyard, relatively unnoticed. A perfect example is the article in the Anthem Opinions about the apparent plans of changes our Board of Directors have in store for us.

      The article seems quite innocent with its main feature being to change the title of Ms. Seddon to Chief Operating Officer, with no change in responsibility.

      Then why bother, especially by barely mentioning the fact in an obscure place in the board book?

      Not questioning the Board’s integrity (right), it is reminiscent of our last president a few years ago wishing to reward some staff members in his favor do so, as their salaries were set by Civil Service regulations, so he merely created a new job title for them and gave them raises. I’d lay odds that the Board of Directors has a motive.

      The Board also gloated in their E-Blast, which should be subtitled “All the news we want you to hear’  to the results of the “opinion questionnaire” sent out last month. However, I doubt they could justify the facts that several hundred ballots more than property owners were sent out and many completed ballots were counted from renters, with no vested financial interest in out community.

      For all we know, the Board of Directors may already have a restaurant lease signed, which many of us thought was the case last fall until a surprise almost cost us dearly.

      Also, has anyone heard what was happening out with the Liberty Center lawsuit? Do we feel like it is being conducted in our best interests?

      After the first of the year, I saw a new or near new pickup on  our street with some compliance title on it.

      I later found out it was a person hired by Ms. Seddon (at $40,000) to cruise the area looking for landscaping violations and report them to a group to mail out no-no letters, also hired by management.

      When questioning why, I has told the compliance policy was being proactive, not reactive.

      Since we can’t seem to find any qualified people internally to address envelopes and check out the nature of violation to the culprits and outside help is needed, I hope we don’t have to pay for truck purchase or lease, as it looked like a $60000-$70000 model.

      These are merely a few examples of what out our “Sad Seven” keeps from us behind closed doors,

      What can we do?

      Do not accept the logic that no news is not always good news as we are finding out.

      Speak to your friends and neighbors, many of whom are not aware or only hear part of an issue.

      Subscribe to the Anthem Opinion an online publication, and voice your dislikes by using your “toxic keyboard” to enlighten others.

      And more important, an election for 5 board seats will happen later this spring. It is about the only chance we have to seat members who may by the moat qualified and committed.

      There is an open monthly meeting of the Board of Directors on Thur 1/24 at I believe 1:00 PM in the Delaware Room of the Anthem Center.

      All Homeowners are invited, but Board Members are very good at dodging issues.
      1. From William Opinions

        Unbelievable the membership is not even provided a job description for this new position.

        I am still not happy about being questioned by another member regarding my vote on a particular issue in an election in which member votes should be confidential.

        Instead of paying someone $40,000 to drive around looking at properties, give our patrol volunteers forms and a clipboard and include this in their duties as they drive around.

Sun City Anthem Compliance Rules

Driving Community Crazy

Image result for stupid is is what stupid does

Have you been lucky enough to receive your "No Compliance" letter from Seddon & Company yet ?

Well, stay tuned, you'll likely be on...

Image result for hit list

...before you know it !

Anthem Opinions has learned that she...with the approval of our "cost conscious Board of Directors", has done it again !

Looks like the Association Boss, Ms. Seddon, has hired a person for ...

Image result for $40,000 float through the "hoods" taking note of all you bad apples out there for not keeping her newly instituted decrees.

But alas...that's not the end of it.  

Turns out we also found out that she's also added yet another element of cost to her bureaucratic empire by employing a firm to send out the...

 "You're in Deep S _ _ T"
...notices !

We've also learned that to date approximately 1,000 of you lucky individuals out there have already received the news for such "heinous acts" that they dare to violate...

Image result for cartoon rules

Garbage Cans Not Being Placed Properly outside your abode.

Using "fake" plants to enhance your home's beauty.
(Fake flowers are allowed in pots but nowhere else)


Decorative benches in your front yards not surrounded by a concrete barrier.

  (Pity the sad frog statues that will lose their contact with humans as a result)

Nothing yet on the dead plants that have been sitting around for 5 years or the trees that are either dead or hang over the sidewalks!

Obviously, the guy doing the investigating must be consumed with the benches and their cheerful, sad to say,  unwelcome frogs who will be losing their homes !

Image result for lawn frogs on a bench

Do we favor such acts of righteousness?

Image result for yes we do

Related image

But wait...if they're going to take it that level, perhaps the next compliance revision might also encompass similar laws that exist in various states...

...laws, that in my opinion, should be considered by the looney birds...
Image result for heckle and jeckle
...who have determined how senior citizens must be treated like kindergarten children !

And so...

Let's examine some of the regulations have been enacted by others in this great land of ours... give them an idea of what to do next !

Pay attention Ms. Seddon, and take note of these potential next ideas !

Image result for did ya know?

It Is Illegal For a Man to Buy Drinks for More Than Three People at a Time in Las Vegas ?

It's Illegal to Wear a Bulletproof Vest While Committing a Murder In New Jersey ?

Beer and Pretzels Cannot Be Served at the Same Time in Any Bar or Restaurant In North Dakota ?

You May Not Take a Picture of a Rabbit during the Month of June In Wyoming ?

It is Illegal to Walk across a Street on Your Hands In Connecticut ?

Women Must Obtain Written Permission from Their Husbands to Wear False Teeth In Vermont ?

Putting Salt on a Railroad Track May Be Punishable By Death In Alabama ?

Donkeys Cannot Sleep in Bathtubs in Arizona ?

In Blythe, California, You Must Own Two Cows before You Can Wear Cowboy Boots ?

You Can Be Stopped By the Police for Biking Over 65 Miles Per Hour In Connecticut ?

Fishing While Sitting on a Giraffe’s Neck is Forbidden in Illinois ?

It Is Illegal to Rob a Bank and Then Shoot at the Bank Teller with a Water Pistol in Louisiana ?

Next-Door Neighbors May Not Lend Each Other Vacuum Cleaners in Colorado ?

No One May Cross Minnesota State Lines with a Duck on Top of Their Head?

Whistling Underwater Is Illegal in Vermont ?

Under US military law, unsuccessful suicide attempts are illegal ?

Had enough of this insanity?  

Don't forget that this General Manager acted with the full blessing of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors approval and of course, one other element...

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 Anyone out there believe that any of them should be reelected? 

They should...if this is what you want the future of your neighborhood to become!

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A Quality Lacking in Sun City Anthem Treasurer

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Let's face facts...this guy is a real piece of work who obviously starts every morning by looking in a mirror and saying:

Image result for I'm smarter than all of you

...but that mirror lately has been staring back at him and saying....

Image result for your lies have caught up with you

Obviously Anthem Opinions "got to him" and his "machine" cohorts, because he wouldn't have published the restaurant poll numbers again...

...this time reflecting the "renters" that for some reason, HE, and his MACHINE, and their boss, the General Manager, decided  to intentionally omit from their original report...

...until he and "the bunch" got caught with their pants over their knees when the real truth came out.

Image result for getting caught with your pants down

Image result for getting caught with your pants down

 Of course, that meant "'Oh Oh !....

Image result for now what do we do?

Image result for bingo !

...just as his pen made sure the community would not vote against any of his "bunch" to rid itself of them a year ago in the recall election, refusing any retort to his official eblast on an official community publication...

...or his "machine" buried all the fine print freebie goodies that were to be given in the last "sell the community down the drain deal" to the last restaurant guy, (linens, DirectTV, free advertising, etc., and most importantly, a lack of vetting that took a 5 minute google search to discover a former bankruptcy)... until that was discovered by Anthem Opinions and Anthem Today... 

...the ever so slick Mr. Quinn seems to be at it again...this time with what should have been labeled...

Image result for B.S.

Now... he and "the machine" have tried to save face by saying the renters who did vote, were only an insignificant number.

As if that was supposed to cover up the fact, that... a Treasurer...

...the keeper of the community till...

...that a "man of high finance"...

... would actually try to make such an insulting statement...

...tying to justify that...


Well now, Mr. Quinn....

In simple everyday talk, to any person of even modest intelligence....

Image result for that dog don't hunt

Unfortunately for Mr. Quinn, his reputation now seems to proceed his latest attempt at journalism, and when one considers that the numbers used in the tainted POLL SCAM were nothing more than...


Image result for guesstimates

..."guesstimates" without  seeing or presenting a single legitimate firm bid to justify them...

..."guesstimates" he refuses to say were nothing more than ...

Image result for pie in the sky

Image result for guesstimates trust anything this guy or his "bunch" conveys to an unsuspecting community as to their competent ability to engineer any future financial "deal" that would benefit the homeowners, is simply...

Image result for naive

Image result for stupid


Image result for insane

Add these facts to he and his pompous "bunch" continuing to refuse any others to retort their "taintedpropaganda in allowing others to "tell their side of the story" in the same official manner he and his "machinegroupies" have done...

...this entire group of  (cough cough) "leaders" is beginning to remind me of a scene in the film, "Wayne's World"...

Related image

It goes without saying that this individual's credibility is now on par with with a guy who stops you on the street and asks if you want to buy a Rolex !

Related image

...that his latest bunk, and that of his "machine" fruit loops, if objectively evaluated, have resulted in some of the worst and wasteful decisions in the history of our association.

Wake up, Sun City Anthem, this is serious business, and must be addressed by those who are capable of telling the full story, not just a fraction of it.

This is a guy with an ego and desire for power that far exceeds his commitment to the people.

If he chooses to run again for reelection, I can assure you his support will come from the following sources:

bThose who believe a "machine" works to the benefit of the people.
cThose who are an active part of that MACHINE.
dThose who won't take the time to look at the real person.

He is a hero to the uninformed; the ignorant, the ones who "say how to do it, but have never done it themselves".

The question then remains...

Do you fall into one of the above categories ???

This saying was recently shared with me that I would ask all of you to commit to memory as we approach the Board election season:

If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools."

He MUST GO; Sun City Anthem can little afford to have such an individual who will look for excuse after excuse, to be a part of decisions that will affect the financial security of a community.

If he tells "half truths" now, only a fool would believe it would be any different in the next two years.

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  1. From Barbara Opinions

    Dick, I am actually not sure I believe they got that many responses to the restaurant survey.

    When residents won't send back the age survey to keep us a senior community, I have trouble believing that 50% of the residents voted on the restaurant.

    I am just very skeptical.  
  2. Barbara,

    Based on so many actions of this Board in the past few years, believing anything they try to "peddle", insults the entire community.

    They have lost all credibility...if they ever had it at all.

    They have to be dumped at the next election to avoid catastrophic financial results.

    There has never been a time when SCA was in greater need of strong and qualified leadership.

    It has become so obvious that this Board WORKS for the General Manager.

    That is not governance, but weakness as a result of incompetence.
    1. From Valerie Opinions

      When I first heard that a poll was being sent out to see if we wanted a restaurant my first reaction was, “you have got to be kidding,”.

      In my mind it was a ruse to fool the owners so that the manager and Board could manipulate the results to show what they wanted.

      Sure enough this is what happened!

      They had the poll results and could show what they wanted.

      Does that sound like a fair endeavor or was it the highest form of manipulation and control?

      Both the Manager and the Board should be ashamed of their underhanded actions to get what they want at the expense of owners.

      It’s us against them!

      The icing on the cake is that the numbers they used to frighten the residents had no back up, as far as anyone knows!

      No impartial individuals monitored the results.

      Do these individuals believe that we can’t see what they are doing?

      This is one outrageous act after another.

      Get rid of them all and bring fairness and sanity to our community!

      It’s about time we had a healthy community!
      1. From Marcia Opinions

        In my opinion there is more to this picture than the very valid points brought to light so far. Everyone that I have talked to, including people that have recently moved here and have learned about the dishonest way this association is run, are furious.

        That is all good and well but...........

        In order to replace the arrogant, inept, and selfish ruling few, it is necessary for those that have professional and valuable backgrounds in their earlier lives, to step up and "throw their hats into the ring" and run for the BOD. NOTHING LESS will accomplish what we all want, which is fairness, honesty and integrity from those that govern.

        i know for a fact that there are homeowners who have professional backgrounds in the fields of finance, construction, insurance, restaurants, etc. who would be assets as board members.

        Just complaining about this abomination of how this HOA is currently run is not enough to rid us of the choke-hold we are experiencing currently and ignoring the state laws governing HOA's.

        Some residents have said that they moved here to retire and will just pay any increase in dues and or any special assessment to live the life they want.  This adds a real burden upon those owners who are really on a fixed income and tight budget and may be forced to move elsewhere.  This would be a real tragedy. 
        1. From Tony & Angelina Opinions

          Hi Dick,

          I have noticed a new sign in the front of the Anthem Center which purports to be “ RUNNING FOR THE BOARD “

          When I lived in California, there were similar signs warning drivers of illegals running across the freeway.

          When I see our new sign I am reminded of our BOARD OF DIRECTORS running for the hills !

          Keep up the great work in fighting the OLD CHICAGO MACHINE ! ( only now here in Sun City Anthem )

          You are due for an award to keep us informed of the BS which comes from our current board, (the renter voting issue the most recent example )

          Congratulations !

.Image result for scam alert

Did any of you read a last minute insert in the January, 2019 issue of The Spirit Magazine entitled "The Real Deal III"?

Well here's the real truth about that "Deal" !

The "Real Deal, Volume III" is a fraud...yes...

Image result for fraud

I'm calling it like it is !

Through continuous...
Image result for deception
...Sun City Anthem has now hit an... 

Image result for all time low the manner which a "supposed" conclusion was drawn to go forth with seeking yet another restaurant.

This time they have taken it to a new low level by INSULTING the intelligence of each and every property owner, spending needless ASSOCIATION FUNDS to DECEPTIVELY convince a community that an overwhelming number of owners desire a restaurant.

It was previously reported via OFFICIAL SUN CITY ANTHEM eblast that there was an overwhelming number of individuals who cast their ballot in favor of a restaurant rather than re-purposing the area in what the 5-time defunct losing proposition of what we have previously referred to as a "restaurant", is currently located.

We found it VERY STRANGE that the results of the poll were as follows:

For a restaurant


For re-purposing the space for another purpose


We had spoken to many of the residents who voted, and were, more often than not, told that they believed the "EVERYTHING FREECONCEPT was both a WASTE and MISUSE of association of funds. 

The outrageous "back door" unannounced giveaways included in a previous deal with G2G discovered by both the Anthem Today and Anthem Opinions blogs, raised serious doubts as to the credibility of the Sun City Anthem Board in the minds of many who were made aware of them...

... and strangely were repeated in the letter that was enclosed with the poll ballot.

In addition the cost estimates for both alternatives were unreliable "guesstimates" without any concrete information as to their validity. 

But...despite that belief, the numbers proved otherwise.

That is...


...Former Finance Committee member, Barry Goldstein, attended a Current Events session a week ago and heard "the impossible" from Board member, Aletta Waterhouse !

Renters were allowed to vote !
What ? Why ?

Her answer...

"because they would use the restaurant".

Wait a minute !

Is this supposed "representative of the people"  (the one who LOST in the last election, but was appointed back on the Sun City Anthem Board by her "machine" cohorts) actually saying that those who have NO VOTING PRIVILEGES, had any right in any way as to how OWNERS funds are utilized?

Image result for are you kidding me

Evidently, this Board (of the seven, two not even having been elected), in conjunction with the General Manager, believes such an action was acceptable...

...acceptable to them, but not worthy of DISCLOSING THAT TO THE ASSOCIATION OWNERS ????

Then...comes "The Real Deal III" insert to the January, 2019 Spirit Magazine...sent to property owners....all 7,144 of them..

There was a GLARING inconsistency that many may not have noticed...

...a "detail" that INVALIDATES THE ENTIRE POLL...

...and proves it was a...

Image result for fraud

The report stated that ballots were sent to 7,831 individuals !

Now, let's see, if my math is correct, that means that 687 other ballots were sent...

...TO WHOM ?????


Image result for WHY

They were sent  by way of our ridiculously overpaid...

Related image know, the one who had close to 700 residents sign a "no confidencepetition as to her managerial skills...

Image result for 2 times
...the income of the average HOA General Manager in the state of Nevada...

...and, as a result...

... was the subject of an "HOA Hall of Shame Report" last year conducted by Channel 13's Darcy Spears.

Remember it ???  

If you missed it, watch and weep...especially the part where YOUR CURRENT LEADERS REFUSED TO COMMENT in any way, when asked for their "side of the story".

Image result for hoa hall of shame

We also believe you should know that when those 700 petitions were submitted, a DEMAND was also made to INCLUDE THEM IN HER PERSONNEL FILE...

...a common business practice when complaints are filed against an employee's job performance used for evaluation and future income increases.

Were they?  

Everyone has refused to answer that question, but guess what?

Despite those damning 700 petitions, the General Manager nevertheless, received a subsequent substantial bonus and raise !

Is this the first time Sun City Anthem residents have been...HAD ???

Remember the Recall and the petitions that were "supposedly lost" that should have placed former Sun City Anthem president, Bob Burch, on the removal list?

And the accounting firm who handled it...the one who was recommended by our Association attorney, Adam Clarkson, and embraced by our General Manager's recommendation...

...the same one just awarded a 3 year auditing...

Image result for contract

Unfortunately, this latest BLATANT ACT of DECEPTION that was disgustingly referred to as "The Real Deal, Volume III" did not have an author's name attached to it, but that terminology has unsurprisingly been previously used in a former President's Report written and published in the Spirit by former Sun City Anthem President and current Vice President, Rex Weddle.

When all is said and done, each and every Sun City Anthem property owner got...

Related image

...and that must have repercussions, namely, the following:

1A formal acknowledgement that renters should not have been included in any decision affecting homeowner funds.

2An apology for doing so.

3A complete retraction in the February Spirit magazine as to renters being included that had the effect of invalidating the entire poll.

4. PERSONAL REIMBURSEMENT from the individual or individuals for any association funds expended that created this deliberate deception.

We will not forget any of this when it comes to the next Board election, and we certainly hope if any of their names appear on any future Board ballot, you thoroughly reject this type of action as indicative of their ability to properly and/or ETHICALLY govern.

This latest action in our opinion is more than proof that Sun City Anthem is now at an ETHICAL GOVERNANCE CROSSROAD that ONLY THE OWNERS can rectify at a ballot box.

The time has come for owners to finally recognize it exists...


In our opinion, a starting point is RIDDING this menacing effect on our community in the next Board election in order that a new qualified and caring Board can carefully and competently identify the problems the present and numerous previous Boards have not only created, but have allowed to flourish over the years.

What say you?

Send your comments to:

  1. From Robert Opinions

    The ballots wee returned by a number of misguided respondents, many on whom only read the fear statement on the letter and concluded that their only choices were between $250,000 annually for a restaurant or  $750,000 without one.

    They opted to support one without considering the fact that these estimates could be merely the tip on the iceberg if allowed to enter into such a venture that already failed 5 times.

    Of the ballots sent out, 3416 failed to return them, while 2386 supported the measure as to 1216 opposed it.

    Many of those favoring it, or at least those I spoke with, based their opinion that having a restaurant would be “nice” with little knowledge of it’s potential consequences.

    Also since 30% of the properties are rentals and it is up to property owners to shell out the costs, and a board member allegedly reporting ballots accepted from renters, one must question the validity of the count.

    Did the board go to the Assessor's office or a title company to get the owners’ current mailing addresses?

    A restaurant would hardly benefit renters, as higher expenses would lead to higher rents.

    The board president made a statement after common sense prevailed and G2G virtually got the axe; that the board learned from their mistakes from failing miserably in the last debacle, but their lack of experience was evident and the figures remain quite the same.

    True, the 7500 sq. ft. or so is costing us being vacant, but out board tells us that the only option is a restaurant.

    It could be used by clubs or meeting rooms, which would be non revenue producing, but has anyone discussed the feasibility to partitioning it into smaller tenants which would serve the community on a regular basis while paying rent?

    Examples coming to mind are a dry cleaner, barber shop, hairdresser, shoe repair which are patronized regularly by many.

    It would likely command too high a rent for office space, but offices like investment brokers not requiring foot traffic may be worth investigation.

    A lot of smart minds living here could likely think of something worth considering.

    Now that our CFO has left, a huge chunk is taken off the budget,  Not that some in-house financial services are not needed, the high price tag seems superfluous, especially with the big bucks to the accounting firm we are seemingly committed to for 3 years, hopefully they can provide regular operating statements, tax work, projections, and other booking services.

    Since I believe it to be the same firm we paid $85,000 to count the recall ballots, does this mean we should brace ourselves for another surprise when we get their bill to count the latest “opinion’ ballots? 
  2. A Barber/Beauty Shop--what a GOOD and PRACTICAL idea!! Downsize the overall restaurant prep space and reconfigure the rear section where the walk-in freezers and grills are currently to accommodate private entry into usable AND rentable spaces. Even the Maintenance Department's space could possibly be enlarged during the process. And best of all, the BOD might not have to obtain a majority vote to do this because it would be "for the benefit of the Owners" (CC&R 7.9). I LIKE IT!!
  3. From Richard Opinions

    A point has been made that some SCA residents wouldn’t pay Buckman’s prices for the same fare in our proposed venue.

    Assuming that Buckman’s operates as a profitable enterprise, there are only two (2) conclusions to be drawn from this:

    The proposed venue, if it were to be somewhat profitable, would have to offer inferior quality food and service.

    The proposed venue, to maintain  good quality food and service, would have to be subsidized by all SCA residents.

    Personally, we would not tolerate poor food and service, or wish to pay for someone else to eat, at a discount, on our dime.

    This whole debacle smells of another boondoggle by our BOD and management by trial and error by our erstwhile GM.
  4. From Robert Opinions

    How did the Board unilaterally decide to violate our by-laws by letting Renters vote for the restaurant survey???  THIS is the most recent example as to how the SCA Board blatantly ignores the 'rules' when it's to their benefit, and in that way, the Residents ALWAYS lose...…….they are NOT in charge of a casino where the house always wins !
  5. Robert, my guess is that's why they called it a "poll" not a "vote".

    Just another example of "speaking with forked tongue"?

    What's new !
  6. From Valerie Opinions

    Well, we have once again been HAD!

    SCA owners are being held  hostage by a manager that has too much power and a Board that is dancing to her music.  Owners have no voice in our community.  The poll was a useless endeavor to make it appear that we had a choice in what the owners wanted.

    We have been fooled again.
  7. From Jim Mayfield...former Sun City Anthem Vice Opinions

    There are 7,144 owned units in SCA.

    Why were renters asked to participate?

    They do not have any skin in the game; they won't be the ones to pay the special assessment or increased annual assessments.

    I am also curious to know where SCA got the list of renters since its position has been that it doesn't have the ability to track renters.
  8. Resident Rules for Association, under Section 8.3

    Renter Activity Cards, (which was adopted by the Board on 10-23-2014)

    "Renter activity card holders are granted all privileges associated with membership except the right to vote in Association affairs; to serve on the Board of Directors or on a standing committee or ad hoc group; or to attend Board or member meetings".

    Has this ever been changed?

    I could not find any documentation if it was; however, clarification would be more than welcome.
  9. From Rana Opinions

    Go to go, governance/governing documents Scan down to page 46 7.9.

    “The board has the power and right to terminate provided services or to change the use of portions of the common area..”

    LINE 5: “Any change shall be made by board resolution stating that:

    A). the present use or service is not in the best interest of the community.

    B: the new use IS for the benefit of the owners,

    C: the new use is consistent with and deed restrictions and zoning.
    1. From Barbara Opinions

      I also can't believe that many responses from the mailing were received.

      It is amazing that we have to work to get the required amount to keep us a senior community and over 50% of the owners voted on a restaurant.

      I find that really hard to understand. 
      1. From Richard Opinions

        What’s next with these ?people? running our community into the ground?

        Including renters in a poll just because they might want to eat somewhere?

        What about all the other Anthem Community Council members, they eat too?

        I’m sure some McDonald Ranch folks feel left out as well as in North Las Vegas.

        Including renters is no different than these other people, a flagrant abuse of power.

        This whole thing reeks of self-serving authoritarianism, and possible criminal activity.

        Look behind the curtain, and you’ll see a cadre of lawyers, some disbarred, at work.

        Sadly, we have no one to blame except ourselves for letting them take over our lives.

        We are fast becoming the laughing stock of Las Vegas, and things are looking to get worse.

        Our only option is to boycott the venue completely, if it opens, and let the renters have at it.

        They will soon tire of eating there, and will move on leaving a mess behind for us to clean up.

        The clubs will tire of poor quality catering prepared by disinterested staff, and will move on.

        The wait staff will diminish to a few down on their luck transients, and the venue will shutter.

        From the beginning, this community used a restaurant as a sales gimmick for new home buyers.

        No one in their right mind would believe that ‘old fools’ and ‘gray hairs’ would keep up the place.

        Enough of the smoke and mirrors, open up another failure, but don’t pretend that we all want it.
      2. Richard,

        You have expressed the views of many, and the word "boycott" is becoming one that is being widely used as a result of the manner this Board and General Manager handled the "renters" admission.

        Is that the manner in which an honest group of individuals handles such matters?

        If they continue this, there's another word that might reappear...

          1. From Mary Lee Opinions








The Effect of a Financially Unsophisticated 
Community Decision

Image result for cartoon broken piggy bank moving

We gave it our best. 

We made every attempt to bring out facts that were not originally discussed (and/or purposely withheld or distorted).

We had many with financial experience present their views, and most importantly, THEIR WARNINGS.

All stressed fiscal responsibility...

...but that didn't seem to matter when it came to the total restaurant opinion poll totals as they were recently reported.

The poll results:

For a restaurant
For re-purposing the space for another purpose

And now, because of this tally...

...based on that biased poll in which NO alternative REALISTIC FACTS were allowed to be presented in the same manner as that community sponsored deceptive letter cleverly portrayed them...


... Sun City Anthem is all but certain to have yet another restaurant...a 6th restaurant...

...along with each and every property owner now being subjected to a likely increasing annual assessment due to the virtual guarantee of a community subsidization if the terms of the original letter stand.

Image result for cartoon losing money moving

Common sense dictates that costs for any business will increase each year, so it shouldn't come to anyone's surprise that those costs will have to be absorbed by those who pay for it....the owners.  

What are some of those INCREASING costs YOU and I will absorb each year as a result of this decision?

Property Taxes
Large TV sets
DirecTV service
Linen Services
Comped Advertising Expenses

You name itwe'll probably be paying for all of it !

It was obviously irrelevant that...

...surrounding developments are rapidly being built along with new chain restaurant venues...

...or that statistics state that 80% of new restaurants fail (and that Sun City Anthem's failure rate is 100%)...

... or that "buy-one, get one free" competition will likely make it difficult if not impossible for any Sun City Anthem venue to succeed...

...or that not a single individual on the Sun City Anthem Board has EVER had the slightest successful experience in negotiating any form of restaurant lease...

...or even the likelihood of a substantial number of those 2,386 individuals who voted in favor of such waste,  regularly patronizing any establishment (33% of all owners), is all but nil.  None ever have, and none likely ever will.

This time though, none of that makes little difference. 

This "poll", no matter how filled with fallacy, will be the justification on which this "losing proposition" will go forward.

YOU and I will be "footing the bill" in order to walk past a space in Anthem Center that will likely be void of traffic following a brief "flavor of the month" opening; shortly after which, boredom, and then on to the next new eatery that will open in the general vicinity, will take its place.

How convinced are any individuals who have any experience in the real business world of this prediction ???

Related image

That's how sure !!!!

Sound pessimistic? 

Sorry, it's realistic ! 

And this not only pertains to Sun City Anthem restaurants.

All one has to do is look at the history of the many "successful" bistros on Eastern Avenue that have gone by the wayside over the years. They too had their "days in the sun"...until the cash registers stopped working when increasing competition knocked at their doors!

The tragedy of what numerous experienced financially sophisticated individuals realize, and have made every attempt to make individuals aware (unsuccessfully)...

...yet those not of that mindset find it impossible to comprehend... this short sided decision is  a mere further example of what seems to be sweeping the general consensus of our entire nation; namely...

"I want it, but you pay for it"

Now it is up to those 2,386 (supposed) ardent supporters of this decision to put their money where their votes were cast...

...because it's more than likely that 1,216 owners who voted against this act of financial incompetence and betrayal of fiduciary responsibility...

Image result for won't


...not to mention the percentage of the 3,416 owners who were mailed ballots and didn't bother to even cast one... 


 of all Sun City Anthem properties

...who likely cared so little, and won't patronize it either...

...or the...
Image result for 30%

 ...of all owners who rent their properties, who will likely pass that cost on to their tenants !  (Renters loose in this deal too !)


As the costs to fellow property owners mount over the years, and those of you who belong to Clubs, unsuccessfully yearn for additional space to plan activities...

...look at the number of those likely few who will be dining at your expense.

After all, they'll be looking back at you saying...

Image result for eat cake

And when all of this likely occurs... history has dictated 100% of the time in Sun City Anthem...

...remember how much time and effort individuals with experience tried to bring all of this to you...


... BLAME those 2,386 individuals and the 3,416 who remained silent...


...of all homeowners...

 ...for allowing this act of financial incompetence.

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  1. From Barry Opinions

    On Monday in Current Events, Aletta Waterhouse admitted that SCA management  accepted responses from people renting units, not the owners.

    They figured the renters would be patrons of the restaurant.
  2. Just another manner in which the poll was "fake news".

    Why was that never admitted?

    SCA owners were scammed once again.

    I wonder if any of those renters who voted in favor of a restaurant realized that their rent will likely increase as a result?
  3. From Rana Opinions

    If a viable tenant is not found, the board CAN change the use by resolution.

    See provisions and services.

    Go to

    Go to governance/governing documents.

    Scan down to page 46 7.9

    “The board has the power and right to terminate provided services or to change the use of portions of the common area..”

    (skip Declarant portion since they are gone now)

    LINE 5:

    “Any change shall be made by board resolution stating that; (A) the present use or service is not in the best interest of the community. B: the new use Is for the benefit of the owners, C: the new use is consistent with and deed restrictions and zoning."
  4. From Buddy Opinions

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

    Have you ever heard that saying?  It is true.

    If you do not reach your goal, just go back and do it again but as far as the SCA restaurant and the 5 failed attempts at being successful, we must learn from our failures.

    This community is not the best place for an independent restaurant.

    Do not try and try again.  Five times was ample.

    It is time to try something that is possible and likely.

    So, why do we try and try again?

    It is because so many of the residents here at Sun City Anthem are uninformed.

    I am confident that the majority of the community does care, and if they paid attention to what is going on here with our board and our management, they would not be happy.

    They just want others to make SCA a nice place to live and at a low cost of living.

    There are so many of our residents that are just making it watching their pennies and just making enough to have the basics.

    They do not seem to get involved.  They just want to keep everything going as usual.

    They do not pay attention to the gross mismanagement that is going on regularly.

    Many of those neighbors cannot afford increases easily.

    So I ask, why do they not pay attention to the decisions that are made as a normal existence?

    Why do they not attend board meetings?

    Why do they not vote in our elections?

    Why do they not offer opinions as to whether or not we have a restaurant?

    With the subsidies that WE have offered to potential vendors to open a restaurant, it will likely mean an ultimate DUES INCREASE.

    Restaurants at SCA are not capable of  making a profit unless WE SUBSIDIZE their income.

    Yes, that uses our money to pay them to open and run a restaurant.  So this will ultimately cause all of us to pay more money.

    I have been fortunate to have a comfortable lifestyle after my many years of hard and financially successful working years.  I can afford a dues increase and it will not effect my life style.

    Not everyone is as fortunate as me.

    A small dues increase for many people that are on fixed budgets, means they will have to cut expenses in another area.
    Sad but true.

    Those households that remain uninformed and elected not to voice an opinion on  the restaurant will suffer.

    I feel sorry for those people who don't take even a few minutes of their day to show a real concern for their neighbors.
    1. From Barbara Opinions

      I noticed that some of the individuals that responded, mentioned that we should attend board meetings.

      I have attended board meetings and found out the following:

      1) You can't ask any questions on any of the reports or information reported.

      2) You can talk if you have signed up to do so, but the board does not answer (some are whispering among themselves and some have even gotten up and walked out).

      3) You get no response to questions you want answered.

      4) To get anything done that the board is not interested in, is impossible.

      So what is the point of wasting time going to a meeting?
    2. Great comment, Barbara.

      I hope those who read what you've written realize that the only manner in which to solve this the people who treat you in that manner.

      That means we need concerned individuals who also share these concerns to step up, run for the Board in the Spring, and change the current method in which "the people" are all too often ignored.

      We are in deep need of a new philosophy in which owners make the major decisions, not 7 of them in a closed door session, while their weak leadership allows an overpaid General Manager to control their every action that greatly affects all of our lives.
      1. From Mary Lee Opinions

        Another boondoggle that will benefit the chosen few!

        What are they thinking??????

        Renters have NEVER been allowed to vote on anything as they do not have a vested interest, yet Aletta Waterhouse admitted the poll included Renters Votes??

        That, in itself, should Void the survey!!!

        What next?

        This is a prime example of incompetence on the part of the GM and the Board.

        My heart goes out to you and all who Really Care about SCA as things will never change with the current General Manager at the helm of this sinking ship.
      2. Mary Lee,


        The Association Attorney she personally recommended...

        The auditing firm who demonstrated they couldn't count (obtained through the Association attorney) by giving them a 3 year contract... her management abilities...and sneaky manner in which renters were included WITHOUT DIVULGING THAT FACT...

        ..and that adds up to the SCA's definition of...

        the Diabolical Trinity...

        ...all endorsed by a Board whose actions will go down as perhaps the worst and weakest individuals in the history of SCA governance.
        1. From Robert Opinions

          One definition of Insanity is:

          Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting the outcome to be different.
          1. From Opinions

            Of course. Let renters vote!

            After all "non-citizens " vote in the general elections!

            I am now so old, I'm grouchy!!
            1. From Fred Opinions

              I have been following the restaurant/repurpose folderol for a while. It seems to boil down to one of two choices … try another restaurant or repurpose the space for use by chartered clubs.

              Without being too factitious, how about this novel third choice:

              Keep the restaurant facilities and create a new chartered club, “The Restaurant Club” to use what we already have. In other words, how about treating the existing facilities as a “Wood-chips Club for Foodies."

              Let’s think outside the box! Almost anything is better than allowing the space to be unused.

              For example, members of this new club use the existing equipment and engage chef/instructors (of course with TULIP coverage) in a variety of ways. "Restaurant Club” members would have to be certified (like Wood-chip members) if they want to use kitchen facilities.

              The club can offer hands-on classes (like Sur La Table) during which a particular genre of cooking is presented and consumed afterwards.

              "Restaurant Club" members would get discounted tuition to participate in these classes and non-members would have to pay an increased fee to attend a/k/a watch a la carte classes.

              If people don’t want to attend the class(es), but want to eat the food, they could do so as restaurant patrons.

              Channel 99 could film the classes and broadcast them in a special weekly restaurant segment.

              The “Restaurant Club” could invite and host other chartered clubs to have periodic regional/ethnic nights. In other words, the Chinese, Filipino, Chicago, Italian, etc. clubs could create dinners that are prepared by the aforementioned chefs and offered to the general public for consumption. The RV club could create “potluck” meal creations.

              The first two points could be memorialized by the “Anthem Authors,” and turned into cook books for sale.

              The “Restaurant Club" could create, prepare and offer meals cooked for home delivery to compete with the variety of services that are available but probably not used by SCA residents who might not be Internet savvy but would like to enjoy outside food.

              The Community Patrol could add vehicles and manpower (hire resident drivers like the people who work in the various clubhouse positions) and dispatch and deliver these meals for a fee. Just think about catered Thanksgiving meals alone.

              The “Restaurant Club” could manage the bar and subsidize its operation through permitted gaming machines. It would ensure compliance with Nevada gaming regulations.

              Creative culinary ideas are limitless, and this “Restaurant Club” could be the filter through which these ideas pass. Who knows what might evolve? This is certainly an alternative to the present “either/or” scenario that is currently on the table.

              Any takers?
  5. __________________

Sun City Anthem Restaurant Poll
December 14th Deadline
 Rapidly Approaching

Image result for poll

Anthem Opinions receives numerous comments about relevant community matters and we share them with you beneath the articles that are written.

We pride ourselves in having a number of community residents join our efforts to "make Sun City Anthem an honest and better place" to enjoy a retirement experience.

Along those lines, perhaps the most controversial topic we have experienced in our existence is a restaurant in Anthem Center.  

After five previous failures, it is obvious this substantial financial investment should and must be looked at carefully before any final decision is made.... individuals whose past has not only shown experience in such relevant matters, but whose community service distinguishes them as THOSE WHO SHOULD BE LISTENED TO !

Comments such as "I want one" in our estimation, though appreciated,  are as effective as letters to Santa Claus.  They say nothing other than expressing a "want", but do not address community NEEDS, as well as, community FINANCES...

...and must be placed in proper perspective as to the community in general.

Since the original poll letter was mailed to all Sun City Anthem owners, we have tried to provide relevant commentary to you in order to make an intelligent decision; articles which take numerous aspects of the decision into account...

...and we hope that through articles published by former Sun City Anthem Board members (Favil West & Jim Mayfield) alongside those of former Finance Committee member, Barry Goldstein, our well-experienced and successful "Mr. Fix-It", Forrest Fetherolf, Nevada Guardianship champion and Political Editor of the Vegas Voice magazine, Rana Goodman, former long time resident, Mary Lee Duley,  and current resident, Robert Lachford, have allowed you to come to an intelligent decision on which to complete the poll sent to you by Sun City Anthem management a few weeks ago. 

I believe we have provided a substantial amount of information that you DID NOT RECEIVE in the original poll letter sent to you...

...a letter that, in our opinion, was unfairly biasedfilled with inaccurate "half truth" information, "guesstimatesof cost that have never been verified, and written by an unknown author who refuses to come forward.... order to produce a contrived predetermined result that will benefit a FEW at the expense of MANY.

Our suspicions also seem to be well founded based on another recent QUESTIONABLE decision.

Since that letter was sent, the current Sun City Anthem Board signed a THREE YEAR AGREEMENT with an accounting firm whose handling of the REMOVAL ELECTION a year ago, produced a substandard method of distribution to unit owners by disguising the contents of their correspondence that included a ballot, refused to correct relevant information provided to them, and was a participant in an $85,000 outrageous cost to the Sun City Anthem community. 

Based on these facts, one would question such an arrangement until it was learned that the choice...

...was recommended by a current Sun City Anthem Treasurer, Forrest Quinn...

...through an initial recommendation a year ago by Association Attorney, Adam Clarkson, highly recommended by the "Star" of a Darcy Spears Channel 13, "HOA Hall of Shame" report, General Manager, Sandra Seddon, and readily approved by the then Sun City Anthem Board of Directors.

One must consider all this vital information in determining the credibility of those who are responsible for the financial future and well-being our community, and we urge all of you to complete the poll and deliver it to Anthem Center by the deadline, Friday, December 14th.

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:


Restaurant Poll

A Last Ditch Plea to Please Vote

Image result for poll

Jim Mayfield

Former 2 Term Sun City Anthem Board Vice President
Former Chair of the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee

This Friday, December 14, is the last day you can submit the survey sent to you by SCA soliciting your opinion on how SCA should proceed to use the space currently dedicated for a high-end restaurant in Anthem Center. I urge you to submit your survey, regardless of how you vote on the survey, for two reasons.

Reason 1

I agree with many of the criticisms that have been written on various blogs regarding the deficiencies of the survey and the misleading cost comparisons presented to compare the two choices offered by the Board in the survey. 

However, these shortcomings should not lead to homeowners to becoming frustrated and deciding not to vote. 

Several key issues are embedded in this decision that will substantially affect the amount of your annual assessments for years to come and potentially your property value.

The increased operating costs necessary to subsidize a restaurant have been thoroughly presented by other people, but two almost invisible policy decisions are less apparent and inadequately discussed

A vote to have a restaurant will result in a SPECIAL ASSESSMENT to cover the remodeling costs for a commercial operator

SCA has never had a special assessment, and authorizing one now will break the plane and set policy precedents that special assessments:

(1) can be used by the Board to fund commercial ventures at SCA; as well as, (2) used to fund improvements that benefit only a small portion of SCA homeowners. 

Such policies will have an adverse effect on home valuesask any realtors.

Reason 2

Using a survey to cover up flagrantly inadequate business practices by the Board and General Manager limits consideration of choices available about food service at SCA and space utilization. 

Only the SCA property owners can hold the Board and ultimately the General Manager accountable for fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities to SCA homeowners.

If you believe that special assessments are a useful tool for the board to use to support subsidies to commercial entities and levels of service that benefit only a minority portion of SCA homeownersthen you should vote in favor of the restaurant proposition offered by the Board

 If you believe the Board and General Manager have adequately represented your interests in negotiating with commercial interests to operate a restaurant at SCAyou should vote in favor of the restaurant proposition offered by the Board

If you think the two options offered in the survey are the only two options and you prefer the restaurant optionyou should vote in favor of the restaurant proposition offered by the Board.


If you do not support the restaurant option offered by the Boardyou should vote for the reallocation of space option offered in the survey

This option leaves open future planning and decisions regarding the use of the space, including using a portion of it for a different type of food service and bar than presently possible.

Regardless of how you vote on the survey, please vote. 

A decision as important as this one with its potential to affect costs of annual assessments and special assessment at SCA should not be left to a minority of SCA home owners

 If you did not receive a survey or have lost your survey, please contact the SCA administrative offices for a replacement survey. 


Got a comment?

Send it to us at:
  1. From A. Opinions

    To Anthem Opinions:

    I don’t usually complain. ,but, I never received this survey.

    I travel a couple times a year. My mail is forwarded by the US Postal Service. They do an excellent job of forwarding all my important mail.

    I received my HOA dues coupon book. It’s sent 1st class mail, as it should.

    If the survey is so important.I would assume it was sent 1st class mail.

    I wonder how many other owners have not received the survey?        
  2. As per Jim Mayfield's concluding note to his article, I would suggest that you go to Anthem Center, report you had not received it, and ask for replacement ballot.
    1. From Bob Opinions

      James and all others.

      It is good to hear from you.

      My immediate thoughts are as follows:

      Apathy is normal by joy-seeking, tired, and ill seniors who came here simply to enjoy their last days and prefer to pay for inconvenience rather than challenge theft, corruption and fraud by the SCA boards and their close friends on the Henderson City Council.

      Members are being informally asked (not required to vote among major, high-cost modifications to common facilities per Statute and our By Laws) to choose among 2 unacceptable, very expensive options when in fact, there is at least one additional option--to do nothing but change the rules of use of the dining area and kitchen.

      The 3rd option would require the association to issue consistent rules to turn the current SCA-owned dining and restaurant facilities into private use only--as is the case for all other facilities.

      The rules would allow SCA clubs and ad hoc SCA member groups to reserve use of the restaurant area and/or kitchen area as they wish, and SCA would managed them much as the multi-purpose rooms are.  Club/group clean up and any needed repairs resulting from group use would be handled the same as other SCA multi-purpose rooms, game rooms, pools and the ballroom.  This would make it possible for the restaurant area to be reserved independently for catered events held in other locations than the dining area.

      The 3rd option will mean that many groups will be using the dining and/or restaurant areas in lieu of multi-purpose rooms, and free up some multi-purpose rooms for plain meetings.

      The board survey is a false dilemma using fuzzy logic.

      The survey and any preliminary actions should be withdrawn and the following 3rd option tested in 2019.

      A nonprofit, NV LLC organization should be formed for a small cost to prepare to file a suit to protect membership rights if the board refuses to honor the 3rd option trial use approach and abandon their fiduciary duties to the membership.

      If desired, I will help in any way fellow members wish.

      I know many of the newer SCA members who attend my Church and believe there are many others who will prefer to fight such board corruption in ways most likely to be successful in this city election year.

      As stated before, all our property values will start to decline as well as having to pay a special assessment and pay higher dues in the future, if a firm stand with a stronger membership strategy is not implemented this time around.

      We are facing hundreds of dollars of losses during the next few years if we simply respond to the board's unacceptable survey.

Sun City Anthem Resident Restaurant Evaluation
Deserves Special Notice

Image result for we get letters

Robert Latchford
Sun City Anthem Resident

It was refreshing to read the articles from Favil West with his opinions about issues to be considered before considering a restaurant in the Anthem Center.

His noted experience in the field of commercial leasing in general and more specifically our problem, was invaluable, and I would hope, though not optimistic, that every property owner would make note of his comments. 

A lease of this nature is only as good as the way it was written, and certain areas must be addressed to prevent a disaster.  Nothing was more evident than that we were allowed to see parts of in the conditions in the proposed lease from G2G a few months ago. 

It was a recipe for sure disaster. 

Though their efforts were likely done with (in their eyes) the best motives, it was obvious to even my unskilled eyes that was not done through negotiation, but agreeing with whatever the possible tenant wanted. 

We want free rent !

Image result for ok

Free utilities !

Image result for ok

Catering exclusive catering rights !

Image result for why not ?

No security deposit !

Image result for of course

 The greatest point Mr. West that I feel would influence most voters to give a thumbs down to the pro-restaurant people are the possible costs that could be encounter that were never explained, which were only brief examples.

Expect to pay a lot more.

He did state that he favored a restaurant as an effective use of the space if done right and mentioned a successful lease he had negotiated at that location.

He failed to point out that it was on the property already housing a restaurant, already having an existing customer base, due largely through subsidies from the developer.  

Getting new business is not that easy.

The current ballot still rates resounding NO as trying to attract outside customers, There seems to be no plan to generate more revenue.  

You won't do it by selling coffee and bagels in an off the beaten track location with little options to draw traffic.

As a side note, the opinion forms sent to us claim they are not binding votes.

However, if the issue came to push and shore, pointing to a judge that it was wanted by the majority of homeowners, could be a factor.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Got a thought on Mr. Lachford's commentary?

Send it to us at:


Former President
Sun City Anthem & Foundation Assisting Seniors
Speaks Out on Restaurant Debacle
(Part Two of Two)

Image result for favil west
Favil West

Now, we have received a “space opinion poll” where the residents are presented with the SCA Boards’ version of facts. 

We are told, “that a for-profit restaurant is not feasible,” that “it cannot be supported by the limited number of restaurant patrons,” that even "vacant, it costs us money, primarily in reserve funding, taxes, and utilities.” 

We have even been told that most HOA’s subsidize their restaurants. 

That is not true.

 What is true, Country Clubs that have restaurants do subsidize them. 

I do not know of any age qualified community such as ours that provides a subsidy for a restaurant.

The person who came up with the cost to re-purpose the restaurant space obviously knows little about construction, and even less about construction costs

Are architectural and design fees in the cost? 

Are permit fees included? 

Do the costs include a complete re-engineering of the sprinkler system, of the HVAC system, of lighting, handicap requirements, etc? 

Is the person who produced these cost figures aware of the requirements for a one hour corridor

Related image
I highly doubt it.

As a former general contractor specializing in commercial construction with more than 1400 completed projects under my belt, I would hazard a guess that the cost to re-purpose the facility would be well over $1 million and could go as high as $1.75 million.

As far as keeping the restaurant goes, over the years a number of operators have approached us with the idea of leasing the space. 

What I’ve learned from talking with several of them is that they were turned off by a small group of residents who threatened law suits, and boycotts.

They could not understand why the board wanted to preclude non-residents from using the restaurant. 

They thought it a waste of time that the negotiators continually referred to their past experience, which they found boring and off point. 

Clearly, the board negotiators were inexperienced in leasing a restaurant. 

Most recently we learned that the Board and its General Manager want to treat our restaurant as a country club type operation where each resident would subsidize the restaurant.

 SCA is not a country club.

I find it interesting that the Board and management could not, in the past year, find the time to hire a leasing agent experienced and specializing in restaurant leasing. 

The reason they didn’t find a restaurant leasing specialist is obvious:

 They didn’t look !

They want to do it themselves.

It has been said that only a fool acts as his own attorney. 

I will extend that to the instant case and candidly state only a fool would try to negotiate a lease for a restaurant without any direct knowledge of restaurant operations and local knowledge of the market

Having said that, I think the same would apply to a person trying to play General Contractor and estimate construction costs

It just so happens that there are many out there who make a living doing this kind of work.

I’m sure the next thing we will hear is that the SCA Board will want to spend $30,000 or $40,000 to hire a consultant to tell them what to do, which I’m sure you’ll agree, proves my point.

What should we do? 

I can only tell you what I would do if I was still on the board. 

I would find a real estate person who specializes in restaurant leasing; then, I would invite them to look over the space

I would offer gaming, which we did before.

I would open the restaurant to the public, which it was before.

I would allow catering as we did before.


I would advise the leasing agent that the operator would have the right to quiet enjoyment, which they had before

I would then sit back and wait for leasing agent to bring me an offer

At that point I would open negotiations, but only at arms-length, meaning the leasing agent would carry the water

After a few exchanges we would probably find common ground and a standard lease would be submitted for approval

Free rent

For a period of time

Tenant Improvements over and above a certain allowance, determined by the board, would be at the expense of the lessee and, as is typical, spread out over the term of the lease

I could fill two pages with additional items that are normally included in a restaurant lease, but I would have to go back in my files for accuracy.

What I find incredible is that this manager and board have put in print their desire to have the residents subsidize the restaurant

In essence, they have given away the store

Out in the real world,  they would be replaced. 

Understanding that there are few if any secrets in Las Vegas, it is probable that all potential lessees have now heard the words, “free rent.”

It is clear that this board, or elements thereof, and its manager are not capable of negotiating a lease without giving away the store.

I am for leasing the restaurant as it is the least expensive and most effective use of the space. 

It should be done at arms-length. 

I believe that we have plenty of qualified people on the property that could find the leasing agent, and could provide advice, free of charge, on how to effectively find the right level of service, food types, etc. to make the restaurant a winner.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Got a comment on Mr. West's commentary?

Send it to us at:
  1. From Richard Opinions

    In my humble opinion, our BOD and GM believe they have found, and hold captive, the Goose that lays Golden Eggs, and it is the deaf, dumb and blind SCA residents.

    They are taking us to the cleaners; every decision only benefits themselves, not us.

    Time will tell, but it’s starting to smell like something’s fishy here, possibly criminal.
  2. From Jim Opinions

    Favel West's idea of having a PROFESSIONAL find us a lessee for the restaurant is RIGHT ON.

    When member meetings were held after S&D left, many Commercial and Business realtors suggested that we could find a licensed broker to take a listing, some even at no cost, but only a commission for an approved Lease. This Broker would only ask for a listing only if they felt certain they could produce an approved result.

    Naturally, this was voted down by the Board and loud members.

Former President
Sun City Anthem & Foundation Assisting Seniors
Speaks Out on Restaurant Debacle

(Part One of Two)

Image result for favil west
 Favil West

There is an element of professionalism that exists in most every facet of our daily business lives. Sadly, that element seems to be missing in the way that the past few boards consider “good business practices.” 

They have made the leasing of the SCA Restaurant space little more than a laughing matter.  

Beside the obvious who, what, when, where, and how much elements of a lease, there is one other that is of equal importance, the “right to quiet enjoyment.” 

Image result for the right to quiet enjoyment

Essentially, that means that once the space is leasedbutt out

But... that has not been the modus operandi of recent boards and it has, in my opinion, colored the outcome in a significantly negative way.

In 2001-02 the Association was losing more than $23,000 per month on restaurant operations. 

 As the only elected board member and former business owner, I found that objectionable. 

I prevailed on Del Webb to close the restaurant down. 

The President of Del Webb, Chris Haines, asked to meet with me and put forth the proposition of leasing the restaurant to an outside operator. 

In 2002 a lease was negotiated with S&D Partners that paid SCA $10,000 per month plus certain “sharing of revenue clauses.” 

In spite of the fact that SCA was losing $23,000 per month, a few, 19 to be exact, objected to leasing “our restaurant, Trumpets,” to a private party. 

After a series of "resident only" meetings in which the board agreed to follow the wishes of the residents, a vote was taken the results of which showed that more than 90% of our residents were in favor of the lease. 

For the next 5 years S&D operated the space. 

While they lost money on the restaurant, they more than made up for those losses through their catering. Their catering was primarily to outside groups, to wedding groups, galas, birthdays, etc. 

Because of the actions of a few of our board members, committee members, and a few bloggers an extension of the lease was rejected. 

S & D, the lessee, successfully sued SCA recovering most of the money they paid in leasing the restaurant. 

Yes, we lost the suit.

The failure of the last few restaurants has, in many respects, been the result of an inexperienced board and manager. 

Leasing space of any kind is not for amateurs and that has been exactly the makeup of the negotiating teams representing SCA

Now, we must all keep in mind, that, with the exception of Sun City Anthem, General Manager, Sandy Seddon,  they are volunteers and are doing the best job they can. 

I respect that and take my hat off to them. 

However, having said that, “good business practices” dictate that if you don’t know what you are doing, you get someone who does.

An interesting sidebar, I was asked to meet with the operator of the last restaurant, which I did.

He asked me to review his lease. 

He told me that SCA had loaned them $40,000

I don’t know the truth about the $40,000 but I will say this:

If SCA loaned them the money, then it is not inexperience we are dealing with, it is something much more basic. 

What I found in the lease documents was that there was no right to a quiet enjoyment clause, and a few other clauses that really limited their ability to  successfully do business. 

It was clear to me that they were going under sooner than later.

Tomorrow: Part Two 
Looking Toward the Future 

Got a comment on Mr. West's commentary?

Send it to us at:
  1. Mr. West's comment: "Leasing space of any kind is not for amateurs" is very true - especially a lease for a restaurant....there are many Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc who had the grandiose idea of opening a restaurant for some "extra free money" that went bust because they had no idea what they were doing

Sun City Anthem Restaurant Poll
Just Another Deceptive Step to Control Your Life

Image result for control freak

 It's been two weeks since the Sun City Anthem Board decided to send their "poll" to the community, and while we were temporarily "taking a break", our thanks to a number of Sun City Anthem Residents who corresponded with Anthem Opinions and wrote detailed commentary that looked carefully between the lines to examine what intelligent individuals in Sun City Anthem could only determine was a...

Image result for set up design something so obviously biased...

...that it has since become the laughing stock of the community.

If you look carefully at the "terms" of the proposed...

Image result for sale of the century

...this Board actually is proposing almost the same identical "giveaway" that was being offered to G2G before they disappeared.

Has no one noticed that ?

Makes you wonder if G2G has really disappeared !

There appears to be a strange odor of similarity, isn't there?

Image result for cartoon holding your nose

Those individuals who wrote articles (Forrest FetherolfBarry GoldsteinRana Goodman, and former resident Mary Lee Duley) were well thought out, and if the Board and General Manager really had the full intention of a complete disclosure, it would seem logical that letter, prior to it being sent, would have asked for some form of input from others in the community whose experience in the business world might have created a fair assessment on which individuals could make an unbiased decision.

Instead, they bowed to pressure and choose to open this up to what amounted to only a small fraction of the community who currently subscribe to the Sun City Anthem website eblasts. 

Then again, when the largest percentage of controversial topics communicated to residents is based on half truths designed to do little other than enhance a personal agenda, what did anyone expect?

Who wrote the letter?  No one seems to accept authorship, have they?

What sources were consulted for input?  No one seems to answer that either, have they?

Well now, this one smacks of nothing more than what we've told you for years; namely, if you believe everything these control freaks tell you, never stopping to think or allow alternative thought, yet keep this "machine" in place,  you will pay a price...

...and that price will not only involve your wallet, but limit your lifestyle as well.

Let me be a bit more specific to dramatize this point.

The accounting firm of Ovist & Howard just signed a three year contract with Sun City Anthem for auditing services.

Recognize that name?

Image result for cartoon thinker

In case you need a reminder, they were the accounting firm who ran the REMOVAL ELECTION ... know, the same one who made sure they used disguised envelopes to send ballots...

...forcing you to go to their offices on the other side of town to obtain alternates many owners likely "pitched "(making it literally impossible for the 30% of owners who do not reside year round to obtain one) as a result of envelopes not being clearly defined as official community business...

...refusing to accurately determine or ACCEPT PROOF of the authenticity of numerous addresses that were removed  or "disappeared" from signed petitions, thereby keeping former Board "short term" president  Bob Burch off the removal ballot by 2 addresses...

...and of course, being a major part of the $85,000 tab...

Image result for $85,000

...a Board tried to scam a community blaming the cost on others by failing to acknowledge that the Board authorized the expense, never reporting to the community those who were in favor of the recall CALLED FOR THE MATTER TO BE HANDLED IN HOUSE at minimal expense.

And who recommended this firm?

Forrest Quinn, the current Sun City Anthem Treasurer....

...the same individual who wrote an official community eblast recommending individuals vote against the Recall, and being part of a Board who REFUSED to allow any rebuttal to his biased statement.

And who originally recommended Orvist & Howard to Sun City Anthem?

None other than Association Attorney, Adam Clarkson !

And who recommended Adam Clarkson to replace our former Association Attorney, John Leach ?

None other than Association General Manager, Sandy Seddon !

Did ya know that Sun City Anthem's legal fees for October, 2018 were $40,000?

If you can't see the picture how this community is gradually being allowed to be controlled by elements that began with the hiring of an overpriced General Manager and star of a Darcy Spears Hall of Shame Report, along with other members of her senior staff, that accounts for $1,000,000 per year of salaries...

...then we suggest you get yourself a pair of Elton John glasses !

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And who do we have to thank for all this WASTE and loss of control of a community?

The Sun City Anthem Board and the lack of competence and inability to recognize that a community they pledged to represent, is QUICKLY being sold by them down a path of no return.

Open you eyes, Sun City Anthem, you are losing complete control of your community.  

Can none see these actions are crucial to our way of life ???

Is this the path you wish to continue ????

If not, there is only one solution...the...
Image result for cartoon ballot box the next Board election...

...ridding ourselves of those who allow these conditions to exist and recognizing that their actions speak louder then any words they may utter.

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  1. From Tim Opinions


    MSN (Microsoft Network) a popular on-line news and information service had a feature article listing the 21 most luxurious retirement communities in America.  About half were in Arizona and Florida and the rest all over the country.

    Sun City Summerlin made the list - BUT Sun City Anthem did not.

    SCA just did not measure up.
  2. From Malcolm "Scotty" Opinions

    Give us a Bar, not a Restaurant.

    I belong to the American Legion Post in Henderson, it is a lively friendly place where members and guests gather for a few drinks, comradery and maybe to watch a ball game or play a game of pool.

    Although it has a meeting hall and a kitchen, daily activities always revolve around the bar, which is run entirely by volunteers working for tips.

    No food is available other than chips, nuts, pickled eggs and the like, available for a modest price.

    The post bar is able to make a profit selling beer and drinks at extremely reasonable prices.

    Food is prepared in the kitchen on a schedule dictated by post officers, prepared by volunteers and sold at cost. (no volunteers no food).

    Why could not a similar system be put in place in the restaurant area?

    I'm sure there are numerous individuals in Anthem who would volunteer to run the bar either for something to do or to make a few extra bucks. Groups could reserve the kitchen for various functions if they wanted to prepare food (being responsible for cleaning up of course) or hiring a caterer to do it for them.

    In fact here is no reason that meeting space and a bar could not co-exist in the same area.

    The whole operation would be non-profit, and the HOA would provide nothing but utilities and janitorial services.

    Possibly a group such as the Veterans club, or Silver Foxes could take the lead in setting up such a system, if for any reason it fails due to lack of volunteers we're no worse off than we are now.
  3. From Matt Opinions

    Previous restaurants did not do maintenance correctly or at all and we got stuck with huge costs to remedy the neglect.
  4. From Bob Opinions

    People should refuse to return a response, as I have. Homeowners deserve a real effort at research, not this bogus non-effort. Boycott the one-question!!!
  5. From Samuel Opinions

    I received my opinion poll survey and crossed out both options and put my opinion on what we should do.

    First, I do not remember the famous quote exactly, but I believe it was “ Doing the same thing over and over exactly the same every day and expecting different results is inanity amplified”, or words to that effect.

    Restaurants have repeatedly failed and nothing I can see has changed and any new attempt is due to failure.

    As to office space, people in this country are obsessed with meetings, whether in the military, industry or associations, we are constantly meeting about something.

    Fortunately, I think we have enough meeting rooms. Let’s cut down on the meetings.

    Ok, so what do we do with the space.

    I know this will cost a lot of money, but how about another workout room?

    While I cannot use the equipment we now have, I am sure people would use such a room more than any other solution.

    How about going to the extreme. I would like to see another thermal pool that is free of thermal aerobics, or even a pool for walkers only, or lap swimmers only, all free of any classes?

    I know where we can come up with a half a million by selling the kitchen equipment we paid for.

    A cut in GM’s 250K salary would add another 75K.

    I would pay an extra to have a pool free of any kind of classes. I know, I am just being funny, but I am curious just how much such a facility would cost. 3-5M?

    OK, I had my fun, hope someone comes up with something, other than the two options we were given.

  6. From Vincent Opinions

    My name is Vincent Cimino I made a suggestion in reference to the restaurant I think we should leave the kitchen area as is for maybe a future restaurant.

    Take the seating area restaurant leave as is or refresh with more seating etc.

    Let the SCA members use for games,cards, poker or whatever.

    Leave the bar and have it maintained by SCA volunteers to man and sell soft drinks, coffee, water, have pre made sandwiches, hot dogs, and whatever snakes we can think of etc all proceeds go to SCA to maintain.
  7. From Richard Opinions

    After many attempts to get a response from “the other guy” and Ms. “spend ‘till it’s gone”, I ask you:

    1. What incentive would a restaurateur have to please SCA residents if they were subsidized?

    2. What incentive would a restaurateur have to even succeed in SCA if they were subsidized?

    3. What incentive would any of us here have to be our best if failure was taken off the table?

    4. What ever happened to the old John Smith axiom “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” rule?

    I assume from their lack of any answers, they have none; there is no reason to launch another fiasco.

    Maybe someone in our community could provide some reasonable answers, but I seriously doubt it.
  8. Richard,

    All good questions.

    In my opinion, the first THREE are NONE.

    As far as #4, that axiom obviously doesn't mean much any longer considering 53% of Americans would likely starve if it did !

    What can I say, Richard?

    It appears the words "work ethic" and "capitalism" are now politically incorrect.
    1. I would love a casual place like a Deli/Coffee shop. We could have breakfast with a friend or a club. How about a quick sandwich, soup,or salad for lunch. I don't want a high end place just a place to to run in when I'm too lazy to cook. So many of us run to a place like Coffee Bean or Starbucks to meet friends, why not here in our own coffee shop? This is my opinion but it's also the opinion of many of the residents here in SCA that I have spoken to about this.
    2. From Al Opinions

      The Restaurant Is a Stated Amenity.

      Many of us were shown the restaurant and it was hyped as one of the many amenities here at SCA. If the Board decided to remove it, or even let it sit closed, there might be lawsuits involved.

      It is no Costlier than Other Amenities.

      Folks complain about the fact that the restaurant will be costly to operate since it is impossible for it to run at a profit.

      I won’t argue about the assumption that it won’t operate at a profit, but it is certain that it would be no costlier to operate than our swimming pools, Bocce, tennis & Pickle ball courts and other amenities that are only used by a subset of homeowners.

      The Cost Could be Handled Nicely.

      Instead of just adding to the assessment, we could add an amount, say $10/mo, for example only, and issue a coupon to each homeowner good for a $10 buy in the restaurant. That acts as an incentive for them to use the restaurant and spend even more there. If they choose not to use the coupon immediately, they could save them up or sell, trade, or give them to others. Many clubs use this method for their restaurants. We have approximately 7200 homes which would gross about $72,000 per month or $864,000/year. That would be a heck of a good start at making it profitable for a vendor or we could operate it ourselves and the profit would go back to the Association, perhaps reducing the assessment.

      The Restaurant Needs to Be Open 14/7.

      Having a restaurant here that is open just for dinner or lunch and dinner is just plain silly. If you visit one of the local restaurants during breakfast or lunch, you’ll find many of our residents there. To be most successful, we need to address the wants and needs of our residents. Let’s have it open by 8 for breakfast, open the bar when lunch begins and stop dinner orders around 8pm. The bar could stay open until 10 or later with bar snacks available.

      The Restaurant Must be Affordable.

      We can’t support a fine dining restaurant up here. For the restaurant to be most successful, we need a menu that will encourage residents to dine multiple times per month. That means a breakfast and lunch menu similar to upscale family restaurants with the dinner menu including the lunch items plus 3-6 standard dinner entrees and a special. Having a midweek special such as all you can eat fish and chips and an upscale weekend special like a filet would be great.

      The bar should be a friendly, neighborhood bar with competitive prices and bar food.


      We should set our sights on the mainstream of resident’s tastes, neither shooting too high or too low. A friendly eating & drinking place that everyone will feel comfortable visiting, some on a frequent basis, will indeed be an amenity that will be worthwhile.
    3. Al,

      Let me address several of your comments.

      First, there is strong disagreement at to a restaurant being an amenity.  An amenity is strictly for owners.  The current proposal would allow outsiders.  Your comparison to the swimming pool is not valid comparing that to a restaurant.  Should outsiders be allowed to use that as well as all other facilities that we refer to amenities?

      In addition, the original SCA Master Plan called for a 3rd golf course too !

      The idea of a lawsuit is ridiculous.  Who would personally sue SCA and use personal funds to do so knowing at the same time, their dues money would be used against them in defense?

      As far as cost, I also disagree.  The examples you use to compare the relatively fixed costs of your examples to the variable and inevitable increasing costs of a restaurant are not valid.  A subsidized restaurant would be an ever increasing expense that  it has been proven through 5 previous attempts ,will not be patronized sufficiently.

      Al, your coupon idea represents not only additional cost, but try selling that to the 30% of owners who do not reside here year round.

      Let me just say that for years, I have yet to hear about anyone starving because of not having a restaurant.  Somehow we've also made it elsewhere over the years to dine.

      Major chains have examined the situation and wanted no part of us for various reasons. Doesn't a marketing department of a large corporation have more knowledge about such matters than "winging it"?

      Sorry Al, in my opinion, it's a waste of time, money, and expense.

      That space can be utilized by more residents for Club and meeting purposes than the few who would patronize any eatery...and it's the usage by the majority that should prevail.
    4. From Dolores Opinions

      I like Scotty Fraser's ideas, with a little bar food offered like hamburgers and a few simple sandwiches.
    5. From Valerie Opinions

      We no longer need a manager with Sandy’s expertise so why do we still employ her for her exorbitant salary and that of her staff?

      If Sun City Summerlin,  which is larger and has more homes than we have, pay a manager $160,000, something is seriously out of line with what we pay our manager.

      We are being fleeced, and most of the owners are not happy.


  1. Regarding that Pulte Lawsuit:

    Look closely at what Weddle said in his statement:

    "I don’t have the statistics for CD lawsuits, but I expect that figure to be no lower and likely greater.
    No one can predict with certainty the outcome of litigation. If they could, there would be no lawsuits. Every case would quickly settle and no one would sue. That's one reason we can't answer questions about our recovery probabilities. 
    With seven figures at risk and a miniscule statistical chance of losing at trial, if there is one, balancing the reward against the risk is an easy mental leap."

    First he states he does not have statistics for CD Lawsuits...3 sentences later he claims a "miniscule statistical chance of losing at trial"


  2. You have to adopt it to find out whats in it..
    Sound familiar?

  3. From Bella Opinions
    The developer has requested a continuance to February 21.


  4. Regarding the SOROS Project. As long as the current airport traffic takeoff and landing patterns are unchanged (in actual future USAGE, not just regarding the flight regulations -- and there are sufficiently large fines for pilots to discourage them from violating the regulations), and the developers of proposed residential properties west of the airport (as well as buyers of the homes who will be living there) understand this, there should be no problem.

    If not, then the existing homeowners in Seven Hills, Anthem and Sun City Anthem have every right to oppose this development. That said, as one of the latter, I'd prefer to "not take a chance" and rely on this.

    The best solution is to not have any residential development in the proposed area -- there is plenty of open space here in the valley for any number of residential developments. Use the area west of the airport for non-residential development.

  5. A Barber/Beauty Shop--what a GOOD and PRACTICAL idea!! Downsize the overall restaurant prep space and reconfigure the rear section where the walk-in freezers and grills are currently to accommodate private entry into usable AND rentable spaces. Even the Maintenance Department's space could possibly be enlarged during the process. And best of all, the BOD might not have to obtain a majority vote to do this because it would be "for the benefit of the Owners" (CC&R 7.9). I LIKE IT!!