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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Before we begin this day....

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Before we begin our blog information for this day, we, at Anthem Opinions, want to salute dear friends who will be leaving Sun City Anthem this morning for a new home in Texas.

Don & Mary Lee Duley have been residents of Sun City Anthem since 2006. 

For those of you who reside in the Desert Sky and Shadow Canyon villages, it was Mary Lee's determination that eventually got Pulte to fulfill a promise of a 3rd Recreation Center that we now call The Liberty Center

Over the years she became both a spokesperson, as well as, confidant of many in Sun City Anthem through her data base of residents that grew to over 850 unit owners.

You could always count on Mary Lee Duley "telling it like it is" to everyone and anyone she ever met. That's what made her so special.

We wish the Duleys all the happiness in the world in their new retirement home, and we ask you to join us in sending your heartfelt wishes to Mary Lee and Don as they enter the next chapter of their lives.

Mary Lee's email address is:

See you soon, my dear friend. The next martini will be a toast to the journey we have shared year in and year out for the past 11 years to make Sun City Anthem a better and happier place.

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Dick Arendt
Anthem Opinions

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