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Sunday, April 22, 2018

An Article We Did Not Wish to Publish

About the Recent Berman Article
"Arendt Goes Ballistic"

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I have received numerous calls and there have been a number of comments on the Berman blog that have made the most vicious attacks on my character; some in my estimation, even suggesting violence towards me.

I have remained silent until now for a number of reasons which in time will be privately addressed, not making this a public spectacle as the Berman blog has chosen to do.

As to what those actions will be, I will not disclose now, nor will I at any time in the future.  As I stated, this is a private matter.

However, due to those many inquiries (and my phone burning off the hook), this limited information I will provide to you and will do my utmost to never address this subject again on Anthem Opinions.

1.  What was reported on the Berman blog was false.

2. Within 30 minutes following the incident at approximately 10:15am,  I contacted Green Valley Ranch security, and following their acknowledgement that video of the incident was made, an incident report was then filed by MYSELF at approximately 11:15am at the Henderson Police Department.

3Following that report, Green Valley Ranch was then recontacted, and after discussion with a member of Station Casinos security, I then filed an additional report requesting that the video not be destroyed.

4Copies of the Berman article INCLUDING THOSE MAKING the malicious comments were then also provided to both organizations.

Those individuals making those comments in response to the Berman article included:

a. Carl Weinstein
bMercedes Barris
cAndrew Peluso
dJohn Burke
e. Bonnie Ser
f. Others under the aliases "Dory", "JL", and "Moe" (which are attainable under certain circumstances.)

It is quite sad that such defamatory commentary could be made toward another individual without witnessing what actually took place, based solely on the Berman article.

For that, those individuals have now chosen to be involved and whose names are now on record with the two organizations as a result.

I wish to make one final comment.

While at the police department completing the report, one of the two officers made this remark regarding the incident with David & Roz Berman:

"If we contact him, what will he say?"

To which I replied:

"Probably something different than what I have told you."

Further stating...

"Green Valley Ranch informed me it's on video, and I would ask you
 why I would ask you to obtain it, if it would produce evidence to convict myself?"

The officers then accepted the report.

Copies of the Berman article and comments of those listed above were then provided to the Henderson Police Department PROVING WHAT David Berman would say, asking them to compare the words of both parties to the video footage. comments.  Let this matter now be private between myself and the parties involved.

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