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Monday, April 16, 2018

Apathy...The 2017 Sun City Anthem Removal Election....Part Two of Three

Why Removal Proponents Chose Not to Participate in The 2018 Sun City Anthem Board Elections

(Part Two of Three)

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Yesterday, we ended Part One of  the "historical" removal election documentary with the statement that Legal Trickery caused the Nevada Real Estate Division to deny the first complaint.

Today, we'll go into that trickery and subsequent actions of THE SCAM.

At the time the Treasurer's publication was sent and subsequently distributed by the Sun City Anthem employee to the Club Presidents...


...that THERE WAS NO FORMAL REMOVAL IN EFFECT when the publication was made.

In other words, the action likely would have required "equal time" had the Association Treasurer made the statements after the petition signatures would have been submitted.

...and make no mistake...a Sun City Anthem association attorney WAS PAID by YOU to make sure THE OTHER SIDE WAS NEVER TOLD.

...a tricky political maneuver to keep information from being publicly disclosed to an entire community.

The Sun City Anthem Board of Directors, as well as, the association General Manager were well aware of the large number of volunteers seeking petition signatures to remove them...

...and they began to worry about the vast number of signatures being obtained to legally require an election that would be taking place, as well as, the contempt many had for the General Manager in 836 signed "no confidence" signers.

They knew they were possibly in trouble witnessing a community's loss of support for their governing decisions, and had to act!

And so they did....

It was literally a "preemptive strike" by the Treasurer and Board in order to avoid any formal rebuttal to association members, likely hatched by the new association attorney, at the beckoning of a highly paid General Manager, and allowed by a Board...

...that was OK'd by the Nevada Real Estate Division's Ombudsman's office.

Keep in mind, ALL the Recall advocates wanted  WAS TO TELL OUR SIDE OF THE STORY in order that THE PEOPLE COULD IMPARTIALLY JUDGE.

And then it became worse....

Those obtaining signatures were badgered constantly, being made to feel guilty for merely exercising the rights they had as an owner.

Once the required petitions were properly obtained and filed in accordance with Nevada law, one of those who was subject to the petition signings, Robert Burch, surprisingly escaped the removal election by only 2 votes.

Three individuals witnessed receiving copies of the actual petition signatures given them by Sun City Anthem Management, and upon examining what was given to them following an official Document Request,  and comparing them to WHAT WAS ORIGINALLY SUBMITTED, something was missing.....

...TWO PAGES OF SIGNATURES that would have placed Burch on the removal ballot...

...which were PROMPTLY PRESENTED to merely obtain a correct count.

Nothing was EVER ACKNOWLEDGED from Sun Anthem Management as a result.


This Document Request information provided to the three individuals  listed a large number of signed petitions which were invalidated.....

...which in certain cases were correct (examples included signatures of renters or double signing of spouses).

That was understandable...

But..after painstakingly going over Clark County records, it was PROVEN THAT 55 LEGITIMATE OWNERS WHO SIGNED THE BURCH REMOVAL PETITION...


That too, was brought to the attention of the General Manager...and IGNORED.

That PROVEN information that there were sufficient signatures to place Burch on the removal ballot was then the subject of another set of complaints to the Nevada Real Estate Commission's Ombudsman's office for review.

The General Manager and Board WOULD NOT review the DOCUMENTED evidence; and as such, once again, the only recourse available was GOVERNMENTAL assistance.

What other alternative was available ?

Again, at both time and personal expense, proper complaints were filed.

However...both of those complaints wereWITHOUT ANY EXPLANATIONdenied by that organization, despite PROOF of the complaint.

Tomorrow in Part Three...we'll continue the next part of THE SCAM.

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