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Welcome to ANTHEM OPINIONS, a community communication device that will provide you information, ask your opinions, and hopefully entertain you. 

Our goal is to "keep you in the loop" in providing Sun City Anthem and surrounding communities a cost efficient enjoyable retirement experience.

Categories (called Information Pages) are listed to the right of the  Welcome Screen and include dining bargains, local & citywide news, entertainment venues and bargains, Fix-It ideas and tips for homeowners, gardening advice, articles on history and holidays, local Sun City Anthem and Nevada Homeowner Association governmental concerns, and complete information as to how to contact any member of Sun City Anthem Board of Directors.

Simply click on any "Information Page" category and enjoy.

Expect us to be controversial at times, but in a respectful and/or humorous manner.  We have a firm belief in "telling it like it is".

You need not formally subscribe to VIEW this blog; however, in order to COMMENT, and automatically receive notice of all new articles publishedyou must be a registered subscriber with us.

As of October 1, 2013, a change in Nevada Statutes required us to alter our blog commentary rules; and as a result, we no longer allow any further comments made on an "Anonymous" basis. 

Accordingly,  only registered users of Anthem Opinions will be allowed to comment on any posted article. 

We also accept emails to post on your behalf; however, we will NOT post anything that does not include you name or is considered disrespectful in any way.


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Subscribing to Anthem Opinions

Within the past two weeks Anthem Opinions has an overwhelming number of requests to subscribe to our publication.

And for those requests....we thank every and every one of you who recently joined our information highway...

"looking at Sun City Anthem through the eyes of its independent community".


In a number of cases, a number of new requests have not completed the 2nd requirementin order to complete the subscription process.

This 2nd requirement is for YOUR PROTECTION.

Once an email address is sent to Anthem Opinions, it is registered and a follow-up email is then sent to you.

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At times, we have been told that the notification has not been received.

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To all of you new and existing subscribers, we wish to thank all of you for your looking at us in a light that has, and always will,  provide you UNBIASED and  "TELL IT LIKE IT IS" reporting,

 in addition to the various "fun" and "helpful hints" in our Information Pages.

Your support, in just over 3 years of operation, has allowed  us to become the Number One read blog in Sun City Anthem...with daily readership now approaching 8 times the number of the publication that previously held that position.

Thank you!
Anthem Opinions Administration

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