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Removing Tomato Stains

pasta.jpg (249×158)

Spaghetti tastes great, but it can be a messy food to eat and the spaghetti sauce easily stains.


Plastic ketchup packets are notorious for squirting when being opened.

739233-heinz-ketchup.jpg (650×366)

At some point or other in your life, you will probably get a tomato stain. These red, blotchy stains are ugly and very noticeable.

You probably don't want to throw away a shirt any time you get tomato stains, so here are some tips on getting rid of them:

1Get to it quick.

The more time a tomato stain has to soak into a fabric, the harder it is to remove.
Don't let a stained shirt sit in the laundry basket for weeks—try to start cleaning the stain as soon as you can.

2Before you start cleaning the stain, remove any bits and pieces of tomato (or other food).

If you don't, these pieces can actually stain the material as well.

3As for cleaning the actual stain, you can use cleaners that you probably already have at home, such as lemons and vinegar.

To use a lemon, cut it on half and squeeze the juice on the spot. Then, scrub the spot with the rind of the lemon.

To use vinegar, mix it with water and apply to the stain. Scrub the stain, and it should go away.

Also, normal detergent and water will sometimes get rid of the stain.

4. If these household products aren't getting rid of your stain, you can also use a stain remover.

These cleaners are specifically formulated to get rid of stains and can be found in most supermarkets. To use, follow the directions on the package.

5. After you have scrubbed at the stain, let the material dry in the sun.

The sun acts as a natural bleacher and should help to get rid of the stain. However, the sun can also make darker fabrics fade, so don't leave the material in the sun for too long.

6After the spot is gone, you will want to wash the material the same way you usually wash it.

This will get rid of the excess lemon, vinegar, or other cleaner that you used.

7If you still see a spot, repeat these steps.

Don't dry any fabric in the dryer until the spot is gone. The heat from the dryer can permanently seal in the stain.

Try these helpful videos:


Extend the Life of Your Razor Blades


Old Blue Jeans

Image result for extending the life of a razor using old blue jeans"
Run the razor across old jeans to... 
 resharpen and...... extend its life.
 Ideas on How to Store & Organize

Those Old Photos

StateLibQld_1_43355_Bride_and_bridesmaids,_1900-1910.jpg (1000×717)

Many of us have them, but is there a good way to store and organize them for future generations ?

Photographs and negatives are wonderful things, since they help us to remember some of the most wonderful and precious moments in our life.
The largest problem associated with photographs is that there is no real way to store or organize that is inherent to their use.

There are so many different ways to store and organize these mementos,  that everyone typically has their own varied way of storing their photographs that is tailored to their personal preferences.

Here are three tips you might wish to consider.

(Any of these methods is more useful than just stuffing photos into a box.)

Write an Autobiography

This does not mean that you should go out and write a novel, but it does mean that you should give something along the lines of a descriptor at the start of your photo albums.

Such an "autobiography," if you will, can answer a whole lot of questions that you are going to have later on.

One suggestion would be to create a sort of table of contents with a list of who, what, and where each picture entails on each page.

Another way of using this same idea would be to place a little card at the bottom of each page listing the same information. It could take longer to do this, but it is going to make your album a true keepsake.

So, while you are putting together your photo album, make sure to write a little story to go along with each of the 1,000 words that come along with each picture.
Preserve and Separate

Not all binders or photo albums are created equal. Some have a type of acid in their pages that can slowly destroy any pictures that are stored.

That being said, acid-free archival binders are the safest place to store your photographs.

So you should always have a few handy.

As you sort through all your loose photos, pull out the best and organize them by theme—like vacations, holidays, and birthdays, or by year.

 In effect, what you are going to be doing is to piece your photo life together.

Get Positive with Negative Storage

Probably the single best way to keep all your negatives together, and from getting lost, is to punch holes in the side of the plastic sleeve that they usually come in.

While you are doing this you want to, of course, make sure not to punch holes in the negatives themselves.

Be sure that you label each sleeve with the date and occasion, at a minimum. In fact, I would strongly suggest that you actually write down all of the same information on the sleeve that you write down in the album itself, and for much the same reason.

This way, if you needed to find a specific picture to make a copy at a later date, you are going to have a much easier time of it.

After labeling each sleeve with this information, you are then going to store the plastic sleeves of negatives in a three-ring binder.

How about some video help !

Have Fun !

The Quickest Way to Slice a Potato

First, cut the potato in half.

Image result for cutting a potato in half

Second, grab an apple slicer and run the halves though it.

Image result for cutting a potato the quick way with an apple slicer

How to Ripen an Avocado in 10 Minutes

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Tale as old as time: You’re craving guac, but when you get to the store,  there’s a pile of totally unripe avocados taunting you.

Don’t settle for the store-bought stuff--here’s a foolproof trick to making avocados soft and creamy in minutes.

What you need:

A baking sheettinfoil, and that hard-as-a-rock avocado.

What you do:

Wrap the whole fruit in tinfoil and set it on the baking sheet.

Pop it in the oven at 200°F for ten minutes, or until the avocado is soft (depending on how hard it is, it could take up to an hour to soften).

Remove it from the oven, then put your soft, ripe avocado into the fridge until it cools.


A Quick Solution to Chilling White Wine

Freeze the Grapes

The Microwave

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How to Remove Grease Stains
from Clothing

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1. Sprinkle corn starch on top of the stain.

2. also use baking powder or baking soda.

3. Once the stain is covered, let the powder sit for 30 minutes.

4. Brush the powder off gently with a clean toothbrush.

5. Next, spray the stain with commercial stain treatment.

6. Place the garment into the washing machine and wash as directed on the label.

See ya later, grease!

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Baking with Bananas
The Fastest Way to Ripen One

How to Quickly Peel Potatoes

If you need a clever trick to help you quickly peel potatoes, look no further! This trick is a little unconventional, but it can really save you precious minutes in the kitchen, especially when you're making potatoes for a crowd! 
Gather however many potatoes you want to use and give them a quick rinse. It helps if you choose some that are mostly kinda the same size.

If you need a clever trick to help you quickly peel potatoes, look no further! This trick is a little unconventional, but it can really save you precious minutes in the kitchen, especially when you're making potatoes for a crowd! 
Fill a pot with water and pop them in.

Put the pot on the stove on medium heat, covered, and let them come up to a boil. Boil for however long it takes them to cook. 

Half an hour should do it.

Poke them with a fork every once in awhile to see how it’s going. 

If you have really big potatoes, you can just cut them in half to cut down the cooking time if you like.

When  you think they’re about done, get a big bowl of ice water going.

If you need a clever trick to help you quickly peel potatoes, look no further! This trick is a little unconventional, but it can really save you precious minutes in the kitchen, especially when you're making potatoes for a crowd! 

If you need a clever trick to help you quickly peel potatoes, look no further! This trick is a little unconventional, but it can really save you precious minutes in the kitchen, especially when you're making potatoes for a crowd! 
Plunge the potatoes into the ice water (they can all go in together at the same time) and leave them there for about 20 seconds or so. By now, just the outsides will be cool to the touch, but the insides will still be steaming.

If you need a clever trick to help you quickly peel potatoes, look no further! This trick is a little unconventional, but it can really save you precious minutes in the kitchen, especially when you're making potatoes for a crowd! 
Pull the potatoes out and put them on a clean tea towel. You can use your hands. They won’t burn your fingers.

If you need a clever trick to help you quickly peel potatoes, look no further! This trick is a little unconventional, but it can really save you precious minutes in the kitchen, especially when you're making potatoes for a crowd! 
Use your hands to pull/rub the skins right off. It literally takes about 2 seconds per potato. 

There you have it! Perfectly cooked, peeled potatoes, all ready to be mashed or sliced, or whatever you like!

You DO NOT need to wait for the potatoes to cool. They will be cool to the touch almost instantly as soon as you toss them in the ice water (within a few seconds) and the peels can be brushed off with almost zero effort with your finger tips in just a second or two. 

So... instead of taking 5-10 minutes to peel a big batch of potatoes, it will take maybe 1-2 minutes AND you won’t have to use that peeler that can be so frustrating. 

Once you’re done boiling and brushing the skins off, the potatoes are ready to eat! 

Careful though, they might be cool on the outside, but they’re steaming hot on the inside. 

And...don't forget the potato skins.

The skins are delicious.  

The Right Way
Hang a Picture

Image result for the right way to hang a picture on a wall

For some reason, it can sometimes be a little difficult hanging pictures so that they look good. While everyone would like to start hanging pictures with style, it is not possible without first understanding the basics of the process.

Listed here are some fairly simple guidelines that you can use to ensure that you are getting the best possible results with your picture hanging endeavors.

As you get more familiar with the guidelines, you will be able to start experimenting more and more.

Have fun, but remember to keep the basic and fundamental guidelines in place.

Never begin until you have a plan

Don't begin hanging any of your pictures until you have some plan in mind. Usually this can be done with the help of a simple piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

Sketch out what you want to do, and where you would like to have your pictures placed.

 As you are doing this, make sure that you keep in mind the rest of the guidelines for hanging pictures with style.

Keep things at eye level

Ideally, when you hang pictures, you should hang them at eye level.
This doesn't meant that you hang the bottom or top of the picture at that level, but rather the center of the picture should be placed at eye level.
This level will usually change depending on where you are placing the pictures.

But...remember that they should always be placed at eye level.

For example, when you hang a picture in a hallway, or some other "standing" area, they should be placed at a height of about 54 incheswhile in a "sitting" area the pictures should be placed at a height of about 48 inches.

Large, empty spaces aren't good 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when hanging pictures is that they will leave large open spaces between, or around pictures. It's also a waste of space.

Avoid empty space by keeping artwork and pictures proportional to the wall that they are on, as well as ensuring that large spaces are not left open.
Instead of overcrowding a wall with pictures, "mask" the empty space by using a vase or other decorative object or even furniture to help take up the space.

When using furniture, make sure that the pictures are not placed more than a foot above them, or you will find yourself with some noticeable empty space.
Arrange pictures in a design

Try to arrange your pictures in a unified composition that provides an extra element of design.

For example, you can place three separate pictures, which each have a different size of frame, into a general V-pattern.

This same type of pattern can be used in conjunction with pictures, furniture, and other decorative objects as well.

Need some video help?


  The Easiest Way to Get Rid of a Nasty Bruise !
Using a Banana Peel

Related image

Hold a banana over a bruise for 10 to 30 minutes and it will remove the color.

13 Ways
Make a Manicure Last Longer

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 Removing an Egg Shell from a Boiled Egg
Made Easy

 Image result for removing an egg shell from a boiled egg

Adding a teaspoon of baking soda when you boil eggs and the shell will come off easily.

If you don't have backing soda, try this !

 Image result for blowing on an egg to remove the shell

If you don’t have baking soda, then peel away a small hole at the top of the boiled egg and a large one on the bottom.

Finally, put the small hole close to your mouth and blow.


Making the Perfect Sandwich

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Some Tips on Travel Insurance

Image result for travel insurance policy

Looking to purchase a package for an upcoming trip? 

Some things to do before buying:

Read up on the several types of coverage.

The five primary types offered are:

Cancellation / Interruption Insurance

Evacuation Insurance

Medical Insurance

Baggage Insurance

Flight Insurance

 Consider your trip, yourself and other timely factors when determining what kind of and how much coverage is right for you.

Cancellation insurance 

This is the most common kind of coverage found in every comprehensive policy. This covers unforeseen reasons like sickness of you or your traveling partner, weather or carrier issues, and legal obligations (like jury duty). 

The exact coverage varies from provider to provider. If you have unforseen complications, a note will be required from your doctor.

Medical insurance 

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you need a plan that covers a pre-existing condition

If so, look for those types of plans. 

Most plans cover 24-hour emergency assistance, ambulance costs, hospital services and emergency dental work.

Evacuation insurance

Within medical plans, you can also buy evacuation insurance, which allows for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility if you are somewhere remote or in a place that cannot appropriately treat a condition. 

This is most frequently purchased by people taking adventurous trips in more far-flung destinations.

Baggage insurance

This covers travelers in two instances:

 It will reimburse travelers for clothes, medication and other essential items if baggage is delayed in arriving at the destination. 

It also covers you if your possessions are lost, stolen or damaged during the trip.

Flight insurance

Both airlines and insurance companies offer this protection solely for difficulties with your flights. Often people purchase flight insurance only for international trips because of the higher cost of fares. This can help travelers save on the fees incurred in the event of a delay or cancellation because of bad weather, mechanical breakdowns or labor strikes.

Read the entire policy before purchasing.

This is not a time you want any surprises. Note that most insurance is sold in packages, so it's important to comb through the inclusions in each to pick the package best tailored for you. 

For example, you may not need evacuation insurance in a destination like London or Shanghai because they are such huge cosmopolitan cities, but if you have many connecting flights to get to those destinations, you may want a package that includes baggage insurance. 

Think through the practicalities of each trip and make a list of what you think would most likely need to be covered.

For many Americans with medical insurance, their policies cover care abroad. Before pulling out your credit card, see what coverage you already have.

When the Zika virus first made headlines, many travelers learned the hard way that standard travel insurance policies often do not cover canceling a trip when a traveler is at heightened risk from an outbreak. 

If a member of your group is a child, a senior citizen or a woman who may be pregnant, do not purchase any insurance until you know what is and is not covered in the case of infectious diseases.

Compare prices online.

Top sites that compile information and policies include:

It's not advised to purchase from smaller, no-name vendors. 

Allianz and AIG Travel Guard are well-known companies with years of experience covering vacations, and you can purchase from them directly.

On sites like InsureMyTrip,  they ask for the destination, trip duration, travelers' ages, country of residence and the price of the travel components of the trip before they can give you quotes.

Ask around to see if friends or family members have had a good experience with a specific provider. It never hurts to check out travel forums for other perspectives and recommendations as well. 

When online, look for people who have taken a similar type of trip -- but remember they likely have completely different circumstances than you.

Weigh the pros and cons of getting insurance through a tour provider.

Many travel companies will offer discounts with packages booked, but that doesn't ensure that what is being provided is the right kind of insurance for you. 

It's not uncommon for some packagers to provide more coverage than you need or not enough. 

Oftentimes what travelers need is a combination of a few things, and it can be harder to customize that coverage this way.

Purchase your coverage as soon as possible after booking a trip.

This is a good way to get discounts and extra coverage. 

Prices will go up the nearer you are to your trip, so the best way to lock in the lowest rates is immediately after booking.

Immediately create paper copies and digital versions of your documentation.

From itineraries to coverage policies, it's wise to save versions of all your travel documents in a safe place online. This way they can be accessed and forwarded while away.
Have a great trip !
  1. I must concur that cancellation insurance is a necessity: 2 years ago we were scheduled to fly to a wedding when I found myself in the hospital....I received a full refund for the airfare (after my surgeon readily filled out the Insurance Company form). The insurance saved us +/- $500 in un-used airfare.

Eight Uses for Coffee Grounds

Related image

The Perfect "Cocktail" Addition to a Summer BBQ

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IRS Refund Assistance

Image result for where's my IRS Refund

Are you still waiting for an IRS refund?  Though the Treasury says "the check is in the mail" within a few weeks of electronic filing, that may not always be the case.  

If you're still waiting for your refund, there's a website out there that allows you to check the status.

Check it out ! 

All you need do is fill in a bit of information and you'll get a status !


Redecorating Your Bedroom

Related image

Whether you are ready for a big change in your life or a subtle, more natural change, there are some key guidelines for decorating or redecorating a bedroom.

People of all ages consider making changes to the decor of their bedroom.
Follow these guidelines and you will certainly be happy with the outcome of your project.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your place of solace and a place to be yourself. Your room should reflect your personality and encourage aspects of your personality that you may be working on; for example, if you find yourself to be pessimistic, you should consider painting your room yellow or orange to encourage cheerfulness or creativity.

Your first step to redecorating or decorating your bedroom is to pick a theme.

Your theme will help you coordinate the furniture, colors and other various aspects of your decor.

Your theme can be centered around a decade or era (Victorian, contemporary, etc.), a hobby (sports, dance, music), collections (a favorite item or collecting item), or a color.

Pick a theme that reflects you and your interestsbut make sure it is a theme that you will be happy with for some time to come. (You don't want to redecorate your bedroom every week or month.)

Once you have picked your theme it is time to begin.

Take a quick inventory of the items you already own and wish to use and an inventory of the items around your home that may come in handy.This inventory should consist of items that fit within your theme, or that may augment your theme nicely.

Once you have taken an inventory it is time to take a quick trip to the hardware store, flea market, antique shop and home decoration store.

Pick up a batch of paint chips and carry those around with you as you pick out furniture, pictures, picture frames, furniture and other decorative items, such as pillows.

Begin painting your walls and filling in with photos and furniture.

If you do not want to limit yourself to posters and photos for wall decorations, you can try things like old record albums or fabric swatches or samples.

Your sheets should coordinate with the colors and theme of your bedroom.

Organization can really help you alter the appearance and feel or your bedroom.

Separate your personal items according to function (office type items should remain in the desk area, craft items in another area or basket in the room) so that you can easily begin to compartmentalize your living space.

Inexpensive bookshelves and baskets can be purchased at flea markets or stores.  Desks can be purchased in old antique shops.

With some new paint, improved organization and a few items that augment your theme you will have a brand new living space that accommodates your personality and your goals.

Here are some additional video ideas that can give you a few ideas how to make that "sanctuary"


Whole Milk or Skim Milk
Some Surprising Facts

Image result for whole milk or skim milk
  1. From Robert Opinions

    Also.....what a lot of people don't realize is that whole milk is 3% fat, so you can say that whole milk is 97% fat-free whereas skim milk is 1-2% fat so, therefore, 98-99% fat free; there's only a 1-2% difference between skim milk and whole milk.

Use Clothes Pins to Prevent a Toothbrush from Touching Dirty Counters When Traveling

Image result for using a clothespin for a toothbrush holder


Spring Cleaning includes
The Patio Furniture

Image result for cleaning patio furniture

Part of spring cleaning includes cleaning your patio furniture before using it on our back deck. 

Since patio furniture can cost quite a bit of money, replacing it every spring would be a foolish waste of money. 

Instead, clean your patio furniture following these tips to keep your furniture looking new over many seasons.

Whether your patio furniture is made of wood, aluminum, wicker, plastic, resin, cloth, or stone, you need to find a cleaner that is safe to use for your furniture composition. 

Visit your local home improvement store and read the product labels to determine which cleaner will work the best. 

Some of the things you might use to clean your patio furniture are:

Large sponges and several rags
A garden hose and a large bucket
Dish detergent or furniture cleaner
Warm water
A broom
A soft scrubber

1Once you have all of your cleaning gear in a central location, brush your patio furniture  completely with a broom

Make sure that you turn over each piece and brush away all debris including spider webs and cob webs. 

2Once you've brushed your furniture, spray it with your water hose.

If you have furniture with cloth attachments, use your warm water, sponges, and rags to wet the furniture, taking care not to wet the cloth.

3Apply the furniture cleaner to your wet rags and sponges, and be sure to clean all of the nooks and crannies

4Some furniture cleaners require you to dilute their formula with warm water. Always follow the manufacturer's directions.

Wrought iron furniture often requires scouring with a wire brush to remove rust. 

5Once you've removed all of the rust, brush the furniture with your broom and then perhaps apply a cost of gloss spray paint formulated especially for wrought iron furniture.

6After you've cleaned your furniture with water and cleaner, rinse it by spraying with your water hose, and allow the furniture to air dry

If you have wicker patio furniture with spots of mold, use a stiff toothbrush and a paste of baking soda and water to remove the mold, and then spray the furniture clean with your water hose.

Be aware that colors in plastic and resin furniture will fade if left in the sun too long. 

If you choose to use plastic or resin patio furniture, make sure that you place it in partial shade.

 If you don't have shade trees, use a table with an umbrella to shade your furniture.


Oven Cleaning Made Easy

 Picture1.jpg (778×272)
Cleaning the oven is one of the most dreaded of household chores. The time spent scrubbing and scraping at burnt spots can leave almost anyone discouraged, especially since these stubborn spills and splatters are so glued on that it takes some serious dedication to clean them off.

The oven is often neglected because of the inconvenience that cleaning causes, and because it is left dirty for so long the problem only grows worse
Here some ideas you can try, however, that can make the chore of cleaning the oven a little less painful.

1Use the self-cleaning function.

Some ovens, especially newer ones, are able to self clean. When this process is used, the oven heats up to a very high temperature and reduces the spills in the oven to ash.

It is much easier to wipe away the spills after the oven has self-cleaned, but remember that using this function can cause fumes and smoke.

It is a good idea to open the windows in your home while the oven is self-cleaning.
2Clean spots with oven cleaner.

Most of us have a self-cleaning feature, BUT..
...IF your oven isn't self-cleaning, don't worry.

At your local grocery store, you should be able to find cleaners that are made specifically to tackle the tough baked-on spots in your oven.

The way the cleaner works will depend on the type and brand of cleaner.
Follow the instructions and wear gloves to protect your skin as you clean, since the cleaner may be harsh on skin.

All-purpose cleaners will work, too, but might not have the same effect as a cleaner that is designed especially for ovens.

3Try natural cleaning techniques

You can buy natural cleaners for your oven that aren't so harmful to your skin, or you can try making your own.

One alternative that many have found helpful is baking soda.

To do this, sprinkle some of the baking soda on the bottom of your oven and spray lightly with water. Repeat this step for a few hours. Later, scrape out the baking soda and wipe the bottom of the oven with a wet washcloth to remove any residue.

Any of these cleaning methods will leave your oven clean and free of spots left from spills.

If you clean with a non-natural cleaner, remember that the inside of the oven might smell like cleaner you used.

Before cooking with the oven, leave it on a low setting for a little while to get the smell cooked out.

We have a couple of videos for you.


Cleaning Your Refrigerator
The Right Way
 cleaning-fridge.jpg (598×408)
You've put off cleaning your refrigerator for way too long, haven't you?

If you're like most people, there are some things sitting around in the "ice box" that have been there a while, but the enormity of the task of getting rid of it makes all of us procrastinate on doing so.

You should you have to devote an entire afternoon to the task of cleaning that monster! Who has that kind of time, anyway?

This method is for those who would rather not take each item out of the fridge, put it into a cooler, scrub every surface from top to bottom, and put it all back again (and then not be able to find things for the next few days because they're out of their usual places).

If you don't mind that method, go ahead and keep using it.

But if you're looking for a quicker solution....

All you'll need for this job is a wastebasket and a container of some of those antibacterial cleaning wipes, like Lysol or Clorox brand.

(If you don't have those, some antibacterial cleaning spray and paper towels will work just as well; it's just not as convenient.)

Let's get started using these 6 easy steps:

1Turn down the temperature so you don't waste power while the door's open.

2Take all the items out of the very top shelves/compartments in the door and just place them on the floor nearby.

While you're doing this, quickly check the expiration dates on older condiments and toss in the trash if expired.

Scrub the exposed surface of the shelf with a cleaning wipe.

Put everything back where it was.

3Repeat step 2 with the rest of the door shelves, working down to the bottom.

Don't forget to run the wipe around the rubber seal surrounding the door.

4Take all the items off the top shelf in the main part of the refrigerator and place them on the floor.

Discard anything old.

If the shelf's really dirty, remove the entire shelf to make it easier to scrub. Otherwise, just run the wipe over the surface. Also wipe the walls around the shelf.

Replace the food.

5Work your way down each shelf, repeating the process as you go.
When you get to the crisper drawers, remove them, dump out any crumbs, then wipe them out. If there is standing water on the bottom of the fridge, sop it up with paper towels.

6Very importantTurn the temperature back up.

If you have a problem with unpleasant smells, just keep an open box of baking soda in the fridge. It will absorb the odors.

Now your fridge should be clean and germ-free.

Here are a couple of helpful videos:


Time to Clean

JCLittle_ZOMBIE_Dishwasher_555.jpg (555×405)

If you have had a dishwasher for very long, then you know just how helpful they can be; however, just because they can be helpful in cleaning other things doesn't mean that they don't need to be cleaned themselves.

Here is some information that is designed to show you how to clean a dishwasher properly.

It's not all that difficult, as long as you follow these simple directions.

1Check the temperature

Often times, incorrectly setting the temperature on your dishwasher can create all kinds of problems.

Take a quick look at your owner's manual to double check and verify what temperature the machine should be set on for proper cleaning.

Once you have done that, double check to see if your dishwasher is set to the proper temperature, and if it is not then correct that mistake before proceeding.
2Do a basic scrub down

Get a large bucket full of warm soapy water, and a soft scrubby sponge or one of those cleaning erasers.

Dip the sponge or the eraser into the bucket and begin scrubbing down the dishwasher, inside and out.

As necessary you need to change out the water to ensure that you get the dishwasher as clean as possible.

3. Add a little bleach

Put a single tablespoon of bleach into the detergent holder, and then run a complete cycle.
187783.jpg (800×800)

This should help break down and even get rid of any mold buildup that may be in the dishwasher.

In most circumstances this should be the extent of the cleaning efforts that you need to do.
4Run a cycle with some Tang

If you happen to have noticed any discoloration or scaling inside your dishwasher, you may need to do a little bit more cleaning.

A fairly effective method for doing this is to add about a half container of Tang to your dishwasher.

043000032275.jpg (600×600)

The citric acid the drink contains is perfect for removing and cleaning scale deposits.
5. Run another cycle with vinegar

For dishwashers that have an odor, you can use some vinegar to treat that problem.
heinz-vinegar-coupon.jpg (400×400)

Simply fill a coffee cup with some vinegar, and then place it onto the top rack of your dishwasher.

Run a complete cycle, and you should have the odor removed completely.

6Inspect and repeat

Take a look at your dishwasher, and see if there is any problems that still remain. If there are, simply repeat steps two through five again, as needed, until you have completely removed all of the dirt, grime, or other issues that may have been in the dishwasher.

Always a video or three !

Good Cleaning !

The Kitchen Whisk
Which One Should You Use ?

Image result for ,making a multi purpose holder from a kitchen whisk


Got a "Clumping" Cheese Grater That's "Breaking Your Arm" While You Grate Cheese ?
No Reason for It !

Image result for clumping cheese grater

Coat a cheese grater with non-stick spray BEFORE using it to help keep cheese from clumping on the grater.  

It also makes it a lot easier on your arm while grating.


Time to Clean Your Electric Shaver ?

Related image

Chances are pretty good that you have at least one electric razor (or shaver as they are also known) in your home. If you do, then you know exactly how important it is to keep your electric razor clean.

Cleaning your electric razor periodically is a vital and often overlooked part of home appliance maintenance. 

These types of razors don't work as efficiently, and can actually hurt you if they are not cleaned every once in a while.

Here's how you do it.

Old soft bristled toothbrush
Shaver lubricant
Electric razor cleaner
Electrical contact cleaner



Before you even begin cleaning your shaver, you need to make sure that it does not have an active electrical current.

Remember that electricity and water do not mix, so remove any batteries or unplug the cord from the wall.


Take a look at your shaver. Make sure that there are no cracks in the case, that the head screen is in good condition, and that any gaskets or seals are in good condition.


Remove the shaver head screen and begin removing any debris that may be inside there.

Be careful, though, that you don't remove anything that may be needed for proper operation. There are some fairly small and delicate pieces of mechanical equipment under that screen, so lightly tap the head to knock the loose debris out.


Drop the screen into a small bowl of electric razor cleaner or some warm soapy water.

Either will work, and while you can get the electric razor cleaner at the same place you purchased your razor, the warm soapy water is a lot less expensive.

While the screen is soaking, either use the small brush that came with your razor or an old soft-bristled toothbrush and lightly brush out the debris.

When you have finished that, take some time to look over the electrical connections for any corrosion. If there is any corrosion, then you need to spray a little electrical contact cleaner and scrub clean.

Remove the screen from the cleaning solution and dry.

While the screen is drying, scrub any remaining debris away with your brush and inspect again for any damage to the screen.


Once everything is clean, reassemble your shaver. Do this in the reverse manner that you disassembled it.


After reassembly, spray a little lubricant on the razor screen. 

This helps to reduce friction between the blades and the screen, which in turn will provide you with a better shave and reduce razor burn.

Before you shave in the future, take some time to lubricate your shaver.


Finally, there is only one thing to do is test the razor. 

Simply turn it on and make sure it works properly. If it turns on, then go ahead and shave.

There you have it. Take care of it, and it will last for years.

Need a video?

Here's how to clean and sharpen the blades !


Secrets of Having Beautiful Nails
(Just for you Ladies)

Image result for pink fingernails

 Throw Rugs
There's a Right Way to Clean Them

Image result for cartoon throw rugs

Many people use throw rugs as a way to add color and decoration to a home; however, throw rugs can also be practical, in that they provide protection.

Most of us have hard laminate or tile flooring in our kitchen, so we have a cushioned throw rug in front of the sink in order that the person standing there washing dishes or cooking, will have a softer work surface for their feet.

We've also placed throw rugs across thresholds of rooms, and our high traffic areas, to protect the carpeting beneath from wearing thin in those areas.

We've placed our largest throw rugs directly in front of the house entry doors in order to collect dirt that might be tracked into the house from the outside.

Many bathrooms, of course, have throw rugs in front of the bathtubs and sinks, to protect the flooring underneath from becoming slippery and wet  after bathing.

It is little wonder with all of the throw rugs we use that we need to clean them often.

Depending upon they type of throw rug you have determines the method in which you clean it.

You could never stuff the largest of my throw rugs into a super-capacity washing machine, because it is far too large,  yet very thin throw rugs in other areas of the home cam be washed several at a time.

Follow these guidelines for cleaning the throw rugs that you have in your home:

1Vacuum your throw rugs at least once a week, especially considering where they are placed.

If you have a throw rug at your entry door, you may need to vacuum it more often. Remember to turn the rug over and vacuum it from that side, as well.

2Take your rugs outside and shake them vigorously.

3Check the tag of your rug.

If it is washable, and after you've vacuumed it and shook it outside, wash it in your washing machine on the gentle cycle.

If you wash it on a regular cycle, the higher agitation may strip the rug of needed fibers.

4Allow your rug to air dry outside or across the railing of a porch or deck, or flat on hot concrete.

If that is not possible, dry your rug in your clothes dryer on the lowest heat setting.

After washing them, if you have stains on your rugs, spot clean them with carpet cleaner or use one part vinegar and three parts water and dab with a sponge.

In between washings, or if you have rugs that you cannot wash due to shrinkage, you can sprinkle baking soda on your throw rug, allow it to sit for thirty minutes, and then vacuum.

Video help?


How to Open a Champagne Bottle

Image result for how to open a champagne bottle

Yes, there is a correct way to open a champagne bottle !

1Chill the bottle.

A bucket of ice on its own won't cut it, but a mixture of ice and water will allow the bottle to be completely submerged.

For extra speedy coolness throw in a handful of salt as well.  

It's a sommelier's tip that will turn a wait of a half hour or more to less than 8 minutes.

2Once the bottle is chilled, and dried if it was submerged in ice water, remove the foil, hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle and twist the bottle from the base, rather than trying to pull up and out on the cork.

While the cork, with cage still intact, is completely covered with your palm, it should gently pop out in your hand without any spillage.

3Pour twice.

First, fill the glass only halfway to avoid overflow while also chilling the glass.

If serving a group, pour half a glass each and return to the first of the flutes for the second pour.

Here's a couple of helpful videos to make you look like a pro when opening up that bottle for company....or alone with that special person !

Old Photos: Their Memories Are Priceless
They Need to Be Cleaned Properly

scanning-old-photos-cleaning-photos-1024x743.jpg (1024×743)

While perusing old photographs, have you ever spilled liquid or food on them...and think that memory is ruined?

Don't panic!

The photo isn't ruined. 

There is a way to clean old photographs.

Follow these steps to clean those cherished photographs, and preserve them for future generations:

1For fresh stains, act quickly.  Place the photo in a stream of running water, or in a pan of clean water.

Keep in mind that photographs are processed in liquid, so water will not harm them.

2Gently hold the photo by the very edge, and swish it back and forth in the water.

3Using your fingers as a squeegee, remove the excess water from the photo.

4Inspect the photo for water droplets, and dab at them with paper toweling.

5. Place the photo between paper towels to remove all water.

6Place the photo on a thick bath towel and then use a hair dryer on the highest heat setting to dry the photo completely, moving the dryer back and forth at least ten inches away from the photo.

Here's a helpful video:


The previous steps are not intended for very old photos, such as ferrotypes.

And never, ever use water or liquid on photograph negatives, as you will completely destroy the image.

It is best to take very old photographs to a professional restoration artist to have them cleaned, but you can enhance and preserve old photographs yourself if you have a computer and a photo editor.

Follow these steps to preserve and enhance your old photographs with a photo editor:

1Scan your photograph.

2Choose to import it into your photo editor.

3With your editor, choose to crop, straighten clear red eye problems, adjust contrast, lighting, color, color temperature, and even sharpen the photo.

4Save the "cleaned" photos to a folder on your hard drive, and then store the original old photographs in dry, clean conditions at a steady room temperature with little humidity.

Keep original photographs from direct sunlight.

When cleaning old photographs, try to determine the processing used for the particular print.

Water will ruin certain types of prints. Avoid scratching or rubbing photographs while cleaning them, as doing so may etch the print.

Avoid writing with ink on the fronts – or backs – of photographs, as the ink can transfer through to the print.

If you must write on an old photograph, use pencil and write very lightly.
How to do it with Photoshop?

Best tip....if you're unsure in any way...


Turning a Narrow Hallway in Your Home into
A Work of Art

hall-9.jpg (320×375)

Many people find dealing with a narrow hallway to be a bit tricky, and don't really know how to appropriately decorate these areas.

That's unfortunate, since these particular areas have a lot of potential that really shouldn't go to waste.

Want to beautify a part of your home and get the most out of those narrow hallways and help spruce up the look of your home?

Just follow a few simple guidelines !

1Use the right color of paint

One of the biggest reasons that narrow hallways look, and generally feel fairly claustrophobic is because they have been painted the wrong color.
Instead of going with darker colors and shades,you should use neutrals, pastels, or even bright colors.

By lightening the colors in the hallway you will notice that there appears to be more light in the hallway, and therefore more room.

2. Add a mirror

As long as you have room, you should hang a mirror at one end of the hallway. It really doesn't matter how tall the mirror is, as long as it is wide enough to leave only a couple of inches on each side of the frame.
When you do hang the mirror make sure that you position it fairly near the ceiling (about three or four inches), and also place a plant of some sort in front of it.
These two items will not only add extra light to the hallway, but also added depth and texture.
All in all, the mirror will help create the illusion of a wider or larger hallway than it normally is.

3Create a gallery

Do not let the side walls of the hallway go to waste. Take the opportunity to add a bit of artwork to the hallway, creating an actual private gallery.
This artwork can be professional artwork, something that you have done, pictures of your family, or some other type of decoration.

When you hang them, make sure that they are hung around eye levelGenerally speaking this means at your eye level, and six inches both above and below.

To add a little touch of something extra, use frames that contrast with the color you painted your hallway.

4Furniture can be helpful

Despite the fact that narrow hallways often look...well, too narrow for furniture you should still consider placing a piece or two into the hallway. There are specially designed pieces of furniture made for narrow locations, such as hallways, that can add a bit of elegance to your area.

Keep in mind that you will want to carefully measure the pieces to ensure that they will not block traffic, or make it too difficult to move around, before you purchase them.

5. Everything in moderation

As with anything in life, when you are attempting to deal with a narrow hallway, you need to make sure that you do not go overboard. It is entirely too easy to go from creating a decorated area, to an area that is cluttered and claustrophobic. A good general rule of thumb is to keep it as simple as possible.

These are only a few guidelines that you can use to get started on dealing with your narrow hallway. Feel free to experiment, to add other decorating elements, or to take those you don't like out.

In the end, you are the one that will have to live with the way the hallway looks, and only you can decide whether you like it or not.

Some videos?

Preventing Brown Sugar Clumps

Image result for brown sugar clumps

Prevent brown sugar from clumping by placing a marshmallow 
inside the bag.
  1. Boy, was this ever TIMELY!!!! My mother-in-law JUST asked me LAST NIGHT about why she kept getting a brown sugar "brick" and what she could do to prevent it. Adding marshmallows to the container was not something I would've thought to use, but I'm definitely going to try it! (And also split the bag of marshmallows with my MIL). Thanks for the tip!!

2 Ideas for Fixing a Minor Dent in Your Car

Image result for fixing a dent in a car with a plunger

Hot Water
A Plunger

Image result for fixing a dent in a car with a plunger

Image result for fixing a dent in a car with a plunger


A Hairdryer
 Compressed Air

Image result for fixing a dent in a car with compressed air

Image result for fixing a dent in a car with compressed air


Cutting an Onion 
Image result for onion

with a Hair Pick
Image result for cutting an onion with a hair pick

All you’ll need for a perfectly cut onion in a hair pick. 

Make sure you choose a strong one with stainless steel picks, because they will need to cut through the onion.

Best of all, you can use this little trick to slice the onion in two different ways! 

You can make onion rings or dice your onion with this idea.

Onion Rings

Image result for cutting an onion with a hair pick

Cut off the top and bottom of your onion and peel, as usual. 

Turn the onion on its side and stick the hair pick down through the center of the onion. 

Use the hair pick as measurement and cut in between each prong for perfect rings. 

Pull the rings apart.
Diced Onion

Image result for cutting an onion with a hair pick

Cut the onion in half and stick the pick in from the side. 

Cut between the prongs in the same way, but then turn it 90 degrees and cut in towards the prongs on both sides.

Simple and a safe way to keep your fingers out of harms way!

Adding Keys to a Key Ring
Without Breaking a Fingernail

Image result for adding keys to a key ring without breaking a fingernail

A Beautiful Bedroom Needs the
Right Accessories
You Can Make Them Yourself !

 Image result for bed in a bag bedding

There are several aspects that can really make a bedroom look unique.

Or course, the colors you use can have a huge impact, such as what color you paint the walls or use for curtains and bedding.

The style of furniture is another important part of a room's look.

Beyond that, though, are the smaller touches that you don't always think about but definitely add to the mood and look of a room:


Bedroom accessories can vary greatly but add to the way a room appears overall. You can really change a room with just a few accessories thrown in to help decorate the area.

When you are considering what accessories to place in a bedroom, you should first consider who will be staying in that room. The personality of the room's inhabitant can help guide the decision.

Also, think about any themes or style.   

For instance, if you are going for a very contemporary look, an antique lamp or rug probably isn't the best choice to suit the room.

Accessories come in all types, from functional to decorative.

They are items that are not necessarily needed in a room but add flair and visual appeal.

Functional accessories would include lamps, mirrors, rugs, and storage bins.

Posters and paintings, decorative throw pillows, souvenirs, and wall decals are accessories used for purely decorative purposes.

Because a room can quickly begin to look cluttered with too many accessories, you should carefully choose which pieces to display in a room.

Even the nicest accessories can make an area look crowded if they are crammed into too little space.

In smaller bedrooms, limit the use of accessories and try to keep it somewhat simple so that it is not overwhelming. A lamp, a rug, and a few pictures on the wall may be all you need to decorate.

Even if you are dealing with a large space, take care not to create a cluttered look.

A few carefully chosen accessories can really contribute to a room's look and feel.

In a bedroom, it can be particularly important to create a calming space, so consider using accessories in colors or a theme that will help you feel relaxed. 

For example, you could create the feeling of sitting near the ocean by using blue tones in your decorating and placing shells or other beach-related trinkets around the room.

There are many possibilities when it comes to accessorizing a bedroom.
Use your imagination and have fun creating the perfect look for your space.
We have a few videos to give you an idea or two !

Be Creative...and...Have Fun

The Right Way
Place a Picture on a Wall

cable01.jpg (600×600)

Have you ever noticed how often people simply stick a picture on the wall, with little or no thought about it, and call it good?

This really isn't the best way to go about getting your pictures to look their best.

If you are looking to get the most out of your decorating efforts, then you really need to learn the picture hanging do's and don'ts.

With these guidelines firmly in place, you will be well on your way to creating a wonderful home art gallery.

1Look at it as a whole

The key to really getting pictures hanging the right way is by learning to look at everything as a whole.

Keep in mind that where you will be placing one picture will affect the placement, and how well everything is viewed overall.


Before you begin hanging pictures, try practicing the arrangement first. This can be done very easily in one of two ways.

The first is to simply lay out the pictures on the ground, and moving them around until you have them arranged how you would like.

The second is to draw it out (even a rough sketch will do) until you have the arrangement that you like.

Not only is it easier to get the look that you want this way, you can also help reduce the number of holes that you put in your wall.

3Order is preferable to chaos

The human mind likes to make order out of chaos, and this works in art as well. What this means is that you should try and arrange your pictures so that there is both a horizontal and vertical element, preferably more than one if you can arrange it.

4Keep it close, but not too close

Create groupings for your pictures so that they are close, but not exactly too close.

When there is too much space between groupings it tends to disrupt the flow that you are trying to create.

When possible keep in mind that color, size, and texture of the pictures (as well as the frames) can all effect how the arrangement will look.

Try to strike a balance of all of those elements when creating your groupings.

5Stick to a band

One of the classic principles of hanging pictures is that you are supposed to hang them at eye level, except that this has one small problem.

That problem is that not everyone in a home has the same eye level.

To deal with this, determine a happy medium between the people that live in your home.

For example, if you have someone that is six foot two inches tall, and another that is five foot eight inches, then your starting eye level should be at around five foot eleven. From there you can then hang your pictures in a band that can go six to eight inches both above and below this line.

As usual, we have some videos to use as a guide.


Don't Throw Those Binder Clips Away
30 Uses That Will Surprise You

Image result for binder clip

Planning is the Key
Southwest Home Decorating

southwest-contemporary-southwestern-living-room.jpg (989×657)

a72f07500fc4f5cd6e5d0c32b721743f.jpg (236×236)

Over the recent years there has been such a huge upsurge in the number of people who prefer the southwestern look in home decorating, that entire stores have been set up to cater to this specific style.

Many people, when they decide to decorate in this style, figure that they can simply gather together a random hodgepodge of things that look like they would belong in the southwest.

Unfortunately, this approach to home decoration does not actually work all that well.

If you have decided that you want to go to "southwest home decorating", just be sure that you use these simple guidelines, and you are going to be able to have the perfect decorations for your home.


 For the southwestern style, you are going to want to use the colors that evoke the feelings and sentiment of the desert.

What this basically means is that you are going to want to use the earth tones and shades.

Use colors such as browns, reads, blues and grays all of which you want to use the paler, dialed down version of the colors.

Image result for southwest decor rugs

If you are going to be doing your own painting, you can simply ask a clerk at the home supply store for an example of their earth tone paints, and you are going to get exactly what you want.


Unlike when a person decorates in other styles, the southwestern style tends to lend itself towards more spartan (or austere) arrangements of the furniture.

While things may seem more "cozy" with more items and furniture around the home, this is exactly what you want to stay away from.

Related image

When placing the furniture around the home, think of how wide open the American Southwest is, and arrange your possessions in the same manner.


When deciding to decorate you home in the southwestern style, you need to make sure that you choose the materials carefully.

The walls, roof and furniture are going to be playing a huge role in the overall look of your home, and as such you are going to want to use materials such as plaster, stucco and exposed wood.

Try to stick to as "natural" of materials as possible.


Whenever you decorate something, you are going to want to provide some accents to highlight the room and its architecture.

Related image

Probably the single most perfect material for this purpose when going for a taste of the southwest is ironwork.

7288bbef11c86a66dc40cb4a3d7673f1.jpg (236×236)

Here are some additional ideas to think about it you...

 "Go Southwest"


Removing Corn Husks the Easy Way

Related image

Just place them in the Microwave for a couple of minutes and the husks will come off completely.


How to Cut a Mango

Image result for cutting a mango

1. Peel the mango.
2. Cut off the sides of the mango, just around the pit
3. Slice each chunk vertically and then horizontally to get little squares
4. Slice a lime in half and squirt over the cut up mango
5. Drizzle some Tajin over the mango pieces
Preparation trick:
Tajin is a chile salt commonly used for fruit seasoning. Sprinkle some over any fruit to make it super tasty. It's delicious with watermelon, too!
 A picture is worth a thousand words.
Here are a few additional ideas...and...methods.
 Good Luck !
Freeze Leftover Herbs to Keep them Fresh

Image result for freezing leftover herbs

Chop and freeze in an ice cube tray, with water, stock, or olive oil.  The herbs will stay fresh when you need them.

When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Doors?

open-front-door-clipart-toonvectors-81648-140.jpg (140×140)

Doors are some of the most touched items that are attached to you home. Every time someone goes in and out of a room, that person has to open and close the door.

If your door is dark, no visible fingerprints will show up, but the dirt will still be there.

Since it is such a high traffic item, it will also be prone to bacteria and viruses that could spread among family and friends.

So next time you are cleaning your house, make sure to make cleaning your doors a priority.

Cleaning a door is not a tedious task. All you need to do is get a bowl of soapy water and a rag.

Dip the rag into the soapy water, and the scrub the door.

If there are really dirty spots that just refuse to come off, try a brush. Using a brush with the soapy water should lift the dirt right out.

Just make sure not to brush so hard that the paint comes off.

While cleaning the doors, make sure to hit in one of the most often missed dirty spots in your entire home—the top edge of the doorframe. I
f you do a white glove test up there, I can almost guarantee you will find tons of dust from years of neglect.

Here's an idea using "Pledge" and a dryer sheet !

Image result for pledge

Image result for dryer sheet

One place that you also want to be very careful to clean well is the doorknob and the area where people push on the door to go in.

Since this is where so many hands go, it is a great place for germs do dwell and move from person to person.

Consider getting an antibacterial spray or wipe to clean it down.

The Lysol wipes and sprays work perfectly for this.

Image result for lysol wipes

Pitting Cherries the Easy Way

Image result for pitting a cherry with a straw and empty bottle

Place a cherry on the mouth of a an empty bottle and use a chopstick, or thick straw to push it through !

Watch it and others on video !

Reheating Pizza

Related image

Still have some pizza left in the box?  

Don't throw it away, here's a way to make it taste as good as it did when you opened the box for the first time.

Place a cup of water in a microwave and drape the pizza slice(s) with a wet towel. Use a low setting.

Those Old Sneakers Ready for the Trash Can ?
Maybe Not Just Yet !

Related image

Running out of room in your car console? 

Try this ! 

It may not be pretty, but it works !

Related image

Image result for separating eggs" Crack egg into a bowl and place empty water bottle over the yoke and gently squeeze or crack egg over slotted spoon

Simply crack the egg into a bowl and place a plastic water bottle over the yoke.

Related image

Then, gently squeeze the bottle over a slotted spoon.

Image result for separating eggs" Crack egg into a bowl and place empty water bottle over the yoke and gently squeeze or crack egg over slotted spoon


Remove Fat from Sauces with an Ice Cube

Related image

Use ice cubes to remove extra fat from sauces.  Wrap ice cubes in a paper towel or thin cloth and skim along the top of the liquid which helps the fat to congeal, making it easy to spoon out as needed
How to Avoid Oil Splat Burns While Cooking

Related image

Avoid oil splatters by sprinkling salt in a pan while cooking.  It helps absorb the moisture that causes the splatter that can burn the cook !

Five Ways to Dry Nail Polish

Image result for ways to dry nail polish fast

Image result for paper towel on bottom of salad bowl


How to Remove Orange Stains from Clothing

Image result for orange stains on clothes

1. Cover the stain in a thin layer of clear dish soap.

2. Next, pour some white vinegar on top of the dish soap.

3. Rub the mixture into the stain thoroughly.

4. Finally, rinse the stain out by either soaking it in cold water or running it under the faucet.

Video help for other juice drinks?
  1. From Mary Lee Opinions
    Saved my new blouse with the orange juice tip! margarita recipes.
Freezer Burn on Ice Cream
It's Easy to Avoid & Keep it Fresh

Image result for freezer burn on ice cream
Just cover it in waxed paper or cellophane

Making The Perfect

 Image result for cinco de mayo margarita

The Basic Margarita
Image result for basic margarita
The Strawberry Margarita
Image result for strawberry margarita
The Mango Margarita
Image result for mango margarita
The Blue Margarita
Image result for blue margarita
The Frozen Pink Lemonade Margarita
Image result for frozen pink lemonade margarita
The Peach Margarita
Image result for peach margarita
The Frozen Peach Mint Margarita
Image result for The Frozen Peach Mint Margarita

   A Simple Idea to Get Groceries from Your Car to the Kitchen in One Trip

Image result for laundry basket to carry in groceries from your car to your house

Just place a laundry basket in the trunk of your car, store all of your items in it, and carry it from the car to your kitchen in just one trip !

 Using a Pencil Eraser to Remove 
A Scratch 
A Computer Screen

Image result for using a pencil eraser for scratch on computer screen

Image result for keeping clothes from fading

To prevent clothes from fading...

...add a tablespoon of salt to each laundry load. 
Doing so should keep the colors vibrant !


What Color Should I Paint a Room?

ciricle-lines-rainbow-and-color-spectrum-wallpapers-1920x10801.jpg (1920×1080)

If you've ever visited a hardware store or home improvement store, you've mostly like seen the paint color palette display with thousands of color combinations available.

When selecting room colors, keep it simple and remember that there are truly only seven colors in the paint spectrum, and they are:








White and black are considered neutrals, not colors, and compliment whatever color scheme you choose.

The paint display of color palettes at the store always provides sample strips of varying degrees of color.

When selecting a paint color for a room, start by choosing three colors from an object in the room. For example, if you use a favorite comforter on your bed, take the matching pillow case with you to the paint store. 

Find three of those sample paint strips with the colors of your pillow case, and you will have at least fifteen colors from which to choose to paint your bedroom.

Since each sample paint strip contains six complimentary colors, you may choose to use one color for three bedroom walls, and another hue from that color strip for a fourth wall.

Once you've chosen the colors for your bedroom, you can continue the color scheme into the hallway by choosing another color from the same paint strip.

Taking it a step further, choose one more six-panel paint strip that will compliment the first paint strip, and use that color scheme for the bathroom just off of your bedroom.

The result will be one color scheme for your bedroom, with a complimentary color scheme for your bathroom, and another complimentary color scheme for the hallway to tie the look together.

Colors can create an atmosphere and affect our moods.

Consider the following when selecting room colors; red, orange, and yellow stimulate, while green, blue, indigo, and violet relax.

If you have a study in your home and wish to encourage a relaxing environment for concentrating on desk work, then choose a color scheme with blues or greens.

If you've a playroom, colors from the yellow palette might be appropriate.

In most rooms you can combine neutrals with stimulating or relaxing colors—or both—to create separate environments within your home.

If you have bold furniture colors, choose neutrals for walls and ceilings.

Conversely, if you have bold wall color choices, choose traditional neutral furniture to make a statement.

Sometimes you need relaxation, while other occasions dictate a stimulating environment, such as a party.

Kitchens are a combination room. Choose colors from several color groups for your kitchen area.

Bathrooms are another room that can incorporate stimulating and relaxing color groups.

If you choose yellow for wall paint, choose neutral and bold colors for accents.

We have a 3 Part Series videoed by Ace Hardware that should help you out in your room painting decisions.


Like Avocado?
Keeping It Fresh Doesn't Have to Be a Problem

Image result for extending the life of an avocado with an airtight container
Related image

Extend the life of a cut avocado by storing it in an airtight container...

...with a piece of onion.

The sulfur in the onion will help preserve the avocado freshness.

Need More Kitchen Storage Space ?
It's All in the Organization
cartoon-lady-closet1-246x300.jpg (246×300)
Even after going through and getting rid of stuff, do you still feel like you don't have enough places to store things in your kitchen?

Odds are you have more space than you think.

Follow these few tips and you're sure to find space you never knew you had.

1Use shelves or hooks

Wall space is a great place to use as storage. If it's not being used for cupboards, build some shelves or install some hooks. These are great to hang rags on, or store your cookbooks.

Buy a hanging rack to hang over your stove and hook your pans on that, which will free up space in your cupboards for food and bowls and such.

2Store littler things inside of bigger things

Seems simple, but people often don't think about it.

Stack smaller pans inside of bigger pans, and then just stack all the lids on top.

Stack glasses inside of each other and plates on top of each other. Just make sure not to stack too high so nothing topples over and breaks.

You don't even have to put the same things together, take a big pan or a big jug and store utensils or measuring cups inside, anything that will fit!

3Use space under your hanging cabinets

Install things under your cabinets such as paper towels holders and baskets to hold things in.

If you install one of those electric can openers under your cabinets, you can do away with your manual can opener and free up space in your drawers.

4. Manage your food

Food that you store in your pantry comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so try and limit those by putting them in plastic containers.

Store your most often used flour, sugar, cereal, and crackers, whatever it may be in store bought containers and stack them on top of each other.

This not only saves space, but it makes your pantry look organized.
Here are a few videos to keep your kitchen is organized.


Opening Stubborn Plastic Blister Packs
with a Can Opener

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Use a Comb or Clothespin to Hold a Nail when Hammering

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The Garden Themed Bedroom

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There are countless ways that you can personalize a room and make it your own. Everything in a room from the wall color and furniture to the carpet and knick-knacks on a shelf all make the room unique and individualized.

When decorating a bedroom, many people prefer to choose a theme for the room.

Creating a themed room will give everything within that area a sense of unity, and by decorating in a theme you can accomplish a put-together appearance.

Depending on the theme you choose to go with, you will need to consider furniture, paint colors, decorations, window treatments, rugs, and more to go together in a theme.

There are many wonderful bedroom themes to choose from, but one of the most beautiful is the garden theme.

garden bedroom gives you the feel of being surrounded by plants and flowers in a lovely outdoor setting, and this theme gives your room a fresh and exciting look.

Decorating a garden bedroom doesn't have to be very complicated or expensive, either.

To start your garden bedroom, you will first want to pick which colors you will focus on.

You can use inspiration from the garden to get you started.

Do you want to use colors from a particular flower, a type of tree, or garden leaves?

Popular colors for a garden bedroom include shades of green, pinks, purples, and browns.

Paint the walls a light or neutral tone.

A tan, light peach, or subtle green color can look great as a base to your garden decorating.

If you are feeling artistic, you can paint flowers on the walls or use stick-on decals to decorate.
Choose furniture that looks garden-inspired and elegant for the room.

Decorating with flowers is another option for the garden bedroom.

Take care not to overdo it, though—a ton of fake flowers around the room could end up looking tacky.

Choose a few nice arrangements to display in the room on a shelf or table, and think about using some live plants as well near windows.

You can also choose a floral-pattern bedspread or green, leaf-inspired bedding.

Other garden-like pieces, like a flower-shaped pillow or vines wound around windows or bedposts, can help add to the effect of an outdoor garden atmosphere.


The Perfect Marti Gras Cocktails



2 oz light rum
3 oz dark rum
6 oz passion fruit juice
6 oz orange juice
2 tbsp grenadine
2 orange slices
2 maraschino cherries 


In a large liquid measuring cup, mix first 5 ingredients.
Pour over ice filled glass.
Garnish each glass with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

Mardi Gras Mango-Rita

1 cup crushed ice
1 large ripe mango, peeled, pitted and diced
1/2 cup Tequila
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice (reserve one squeezed lime half to moisten glass rims)
Coarse salt


Combine ice, mango, tequila and lime juice in a blender and puree until smooth. 
Moisten rims of 2 margarita glasses with reserved lime half and dip each glass rim in coarse salt. 
Pour Mango-rita into margarita glasses.

Peach Bellini

1.25 oz CÎROC Peach
.25 oz champagne


In a flute glass or champagne, combine peach vodka with champagne of your choosing.

Classic Strawberry Daiquiri

 (makes 2 servings)


4 oz. light rum
1/2 c. fresh strawberries
1/2 c. frozen strawberries
Juice of 1 lime
Lime slices for garnish


Add rum, fresh and frozen strawberries, and lime juice to a blender

and blend until smooth. 
Pour into two margarita glasses and garnish with lime slices.

Carnival Cocktail


.75 oz Vodka
.75 oz Blue Curacao
.75 oz Melon Liqueur (Midori)
.75 oz Peach Schnapps
.75 oz Lime Juice
Top w/ Sprite


Combine ingredients except sprite in shaker. 
Pour into large glass with ice. 
Top with Sprite.

Wiz Fizz

1.5 oz Aviation Gin
.5 oz Cynar
.75 oz lemon juice
.75 oz vanilla syrup
1 oz heavy cream
1 egg white
Root beer


Shake Gin, Cynar, lemon, vanilla and egg white dry for 30 seconds. 
Add in cream and shake again without ice. 
Add ice and shake vigorously (for a while). 
Pour out drink into a tin and shake again without ice (dry shake). 
In a highball glass, add 2 ounces of root beer and pour the drink over the top. 
Allow it to settle and pour a bit more root beer on top to make the head of it rise. 
Garnish with nutmeg.

Cidre Cherry Pom Pomme

.5 oz. grenadine
.5 oz. lemon juice
Stella Artois Cidre
Brandied cherry for garnish


Mix ½ oz. grenadine and ½ oz. lemon juice.
Shake over ice. 
Pour into a highball glass and top with Stella Artois Cidre. 
Garnish with a brandied cherry skewer.

Orange & Pineapple Punch
(Makes 4 servings)
2 cups pineapple juice
2 cups orange juice
4 maraschino cherries, plus 1/2 cup juice
1/2 orange, cut into 4 slices
4 ounces dark rum


In a pitcher, stir together the pineapple juice, orange juice, and cherry juice. Fill a tall glass with ice, pour over the juice mixture, garnish with a cherry and a slice of orange. 
For the adults, add 1 ounce dark rum to each drink.

Removing Deodorant Stains from Your Clothes
The Easy Way



Maximizing Closet Space...Using Aluminum Cans

Maximize closet space by looping tabs from soda cans over coat hangers.
Each tab has 2 holes, and as a result, each can be used to hang another hanger.

This is a great way to keep suits and other sets together.

Check out these videos:

Decorating Motif Options

DesignOptions.jpg (1389×911)

There are as many different methods and styles for decorating a home as there are people in the world.  Different people have different tastes.

What one person finds attractive, another person is going to find absolutely repulsive. The only person who counts is you in your decorating endeavors.
The best way to succeed is to explore all your options.

Below is a brief description of some different styles for decorating your home. This list is in no way complete, or all encompassing. This list however does list some of the different themes that can be used in home decorating.

cottage-decorating9.JPG (490×327)

Some would say that this particular style isn't so much a style as a way of life. The reason for this is that this style is actually more a frame of mind. 
Since cottages are usually decorated using old, secondhand hand-me downs with no real rules other than consistency.

Be consistent in what you use and how you use it. When getting the furniture and decorations the primary thing that you are going to want to think about is comfort. 

If it is comfortable to you, then go ahead and use it.


Cottage-Classic-Decorating-Ideas.jpg (700×525)

Country style is, believe it or not, based off of multicultural influences from throughout the world. 

When the word "country" is used, most people think of farms. So, when you are decorating, use things that evoke a feeling of being in a farm setting.
 When doing this be consistent in your use of color and to not be afraid of using bright and vibrant colors.


wpid-country-house-decor-2.jpg (600×449)

The heartland style is very similar in nature to that of the country style, though with a slight difference. 

That difference is that everything is toned down just a bit more than it is when using country style. 

When deciding to use this style, use the same criteria as you would when decorating with the country style, just keep in mind that subtlety is the key.
Here are some videos to show you the differences in decorating ideas.

Cottage Decorating

Heartland Decorating