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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Removal Election Under Scrutiny

Was Robert Burch Fraudulently Removed
Sun City Anthem Recall Ballot
Are We Now..."Anthem...gate" ?
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  1. From Nona Opinions

    For more details of the removal election costs, see her latest detailed analysis:

  2. From Buddy Opinions


    It's obvious you can't argue with a bureaucrat who has to support a political system, no matter how corrupt it's been proven to be.

    I would just once like to have one of the removal opponents state WHY they believe this removal has been conducted fairly.

    They do nothing but complain about the people who have brought out all the people all the disgusting dirt associated with their wrongdoings.

    Just one of them with a real name please come forth and say why you would support the manner in which the removal has been conducted.

    Believe me, if one does, that individual identifies him or herself as supporting behavior that represents the worst in human ethics.

    So...bring it on, bureaucrats.

    Identify yourselves in order that a community can look at a real person who could justify all of this, so you can be looked at as one of the most corrupt individuals who darkens the morality of the SCA.

    It shocks me to even try to understand any person who would justify this election handling.

  3. Election Committee Linda Krivec and Board "groupie" John Burke strikes again, this time with more typical insults and trying to lay blame for their own inefficiencies and incompetence.

    To you Mr. Burke, we checked the source and it could be accomplished for $8,000...if the committee you were one a part of knew the meaning of words "fiscal responsibility".

    And Ms. Krivec, we made MANY suggestions to make this election a fair one, but YOU and YOUR COMMITTEE, along with the Board and GM made sure YOU REJECTED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM and went along with spending needless thousands of dollars.

    So to both of you political junkies, thanks for identifying yourselves as such.

    Then again as usual, attack the messenger and AVOID THE QUESTION that Buddy Greenfield has asked.

    Do either you actually support the manner in which this election has been conducted?

    Cut the other stuff and name calling.

    Just answer the question if you're capable of being honest, that is.

  4. From Robert Opinions

    "There is only one HONORABLE stop this madness !

    The four individuals MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY...and the General Manager, certain members of her staff, and the Association Attorney must be replaced at the earliest opportunity."

    Don't hold your breath - since when can any of the cited individuals be considered "honorable"???

  5. From Robert Opinions

    Let's assume everything you said about the recall is correct.

    Before I tell you let me establish my expertise in rendering my opinion.

    Adam CLarkson is a money hungry attorney who I refused to support when I was a board member of another Nevada HOA.

    A couple years back I was very active in taking out what you refer to as the "machine". I called it the "cartel".

    As a board member I was wrongfully sued by the HOA.

    I prevailed because I had a winning strategy not a whining strategy.

    I am not your adversary.

    And I will not publicly get involved because it can become a career and I intend to get to the finish line with a smile on my face.

    There is only one strategy that works and if you truly want to defeat the 'machine"I can school you on how to do it because I did it.

    It will be up to you to provide the leadership and infrastructure.

    And if homeowners funds have been misappropriated I can show you how to recover them if that is your objective.

    I am totally familiar with NRED, CC&RS, Commission, Ombudsman and process.

    So as it relates to recall the result is irrelevant. It a big waste of energy as it falls under the umbrella of a whining strategy.

    Good luck

  6. Robert, thanks for one of the best comments we've ever received.

    We may not prevail, but we have accomplished one major objective.

    We made a community aware of problems that many never knew existed.

    A number of us would be delighted to hear the experiences you have had and how to clean up our community.

  7. From Jack Opinions

    Mailing cost is $3,500 at the most and with a possible discount for bulk. Envelopes are cheap. Labels output from a database are cheap. The labor to stick labels on and stuff envelopes are cheap. Just check with David Berman, since he just finished doing a mailing.

    Yes, the Election Committee could have handled it. Even if there were complaints those could have been handled as they always have been, without a high cost. The decision to move this to an outside firm was just plain ridiculous. If they hadn't done that I would have passed on the ballot. As it is I have voted for removal.

  8. From John Opinions

    Is it possible that the ballots were not sent out first class mail?

    I never received one either here or in Northbrook, IL.

    As you may know, the post office will not forward anything but first class mail. That of course means no snowbirds would receive a vote.

  9. John, join the "snowbird club". Just tells you how sleazy this entire removal election has been, doesn't it?

    Has anyone noticed our newest APPOINTED Board member, Jim Coleman, hasn't said a word about any of this?

    Or does that individual who was "so qualified" according to the "machine", he's been told that silence is the way the game is played ?