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Monday, October 16, 2017

Resident Records Removal Election Ballot Instructions

Removal Elections Answer Sheet
Thanks to
A 12 Year Sun City Anthem resident
Nona Tobin
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Have questions about the Sun City Anthem Removal Election?

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It's as easy as clicking on a  link we were informed of from Nona Tobin's newest Sun City Anthem publication called SCA Strong....

...thanks to a Sun City Anthem 12 year resident named "Mark" !


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  1. From Hollis & Susan Opinons

    Regarding the return envelope for the removal:

    I finally talked to Eric at Ovist....and here is his answer.

    The main criteria is that the return address must have both name and address on it... (pretty obvious)

    He also said that the return address does NOT need to be exact as the letter was addressed to the receiver. (they have a list of owner/addresses)

    In our case, with two or more properties, one needs only my name with one of the addresses, and the other needs only my wife's name with the other address.

    (not sure what to do if you own more than two)

  2. From Douglas Opinions

    I called those jerks. I have to take proof of ownership, title, in to the CPA to get a replacement.

    You know this will never pass as they have rigged the system.

    30 %of owners are absence or the tenants threw away the ballots.

    I have talked with many that will fill it out wrong and the ballot will be rejected.

    I hope I am wrong and will vote for recall twice.

    Keep working hard on this removal as I have tried to convince many of the financial miscues of the past.

    My issue is that they refuse to adopt a purchasing policy or bid procedure.

    The current system is ripe for abuse and fraud.

    Spent millions on the Liberty repair without a contract or bids.


  3. From King & Ellen Opinions

    While following the precise instructions so my ballot will be included and counted, I noticed that there are TWO labels (one under the other) where my address must be written.

    Do you think this was just an "honest mistake" or is someone going to remove the top label with my address, leaving a blank label on the envelope and rendering the ballot invalid and not to be counted?

    I'm would hope that no one would ever do anything as unethical and illegal as that, but was curious to see if any other residents noticed similar labeling.

    Thank you for keeping us all better informed!

  4. Susan & Hollis Habeger were kind enough to call the CPA as did Doug West.

    All I can say is call them for instructions and "hope for the best".

    And...blame the General Manager and, Association Attorney for putting this entire fiasco together, and the current Board for approving it.

    If nothing else becomes of this election, it has been a real eye opener as to the inner workings of our association, how poorly run it is, and filled with the worst corruption anyone could have ever imagined.

  5. From Douglas Opinions

    I finally got my second ballot.

    Had to go to the CPA's office with a copy of my deed.

    I voted twice because we own two properties.

    I had to provide more evidence that I owned the right to vote than I did for the presidential election.

    Anyway you have a strong case to appeal any decision of this board.

    There are many absentee owners and/or landlords that could not go get a ballot if not mailed or thrown away.

    The process is definitely rigged in favor of the incumbents. I

    Would be happy to volunteer to take this issue to the state or anything else you need done in a effort to stop this craziness!