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Monday, September 30, 2013

Let Us Entertain You

As many of you know, I write a monthly column in The Vegas Voice newspaper entitled "Say What !?!".
Within the next day or two you will be receiving the October, 2013 issue in your mail box.
I hope you enjoy...

The "Look"
If you're a married man, you'll know exactly what I mean when I say..
"The Look"
It's that expression on your wife's face when you, the macho guy, the former breadwinner, who has taken up the many years of her life...does something DUMB.

There is little doubt that we guys think a lot differently than you gals.  We guys know we're always right....and you gals, constantly prove us wrong !
A case in point is memory...something that seems to be escaping me lately as I age.  I can remember the day in kindergarten when Billy Krueger pooped in his pants, but somehow can't remember what I wore yesterday.
I'd like to be a bit more specific.  Yesterday, as my wife left the house for her "pan game", she looked at me and said "Don't forget, Hugh is coming by to fix the cabinet door that keeps opening and won't close".
Hugh is my neighbor who can fix anything...thank God for Hugh.
He's always been there, and I've been deeply in his gratitude for the 8 years I've lived here; so much so, that I'm thinking of purchasing a keyman life insurance policy on him for funds I'll need to fix things if he should have the audacity of dying on me someday.
Allow me to digress....
Me...let's just say my dear dad, upon graduating from college, put his arms around me and gave me this advice," Dick, you have to earn a lot of money"; and after saying it to me three times, I looked at him and said, "Pop, where are you going with this"?  He then proceeded to tell me that "I had to earn a lot of money...because I was the most helpless (deleted expletive) in the world"...when it came to working with my hands.
OK...I eventually made dad proud; I made the money, but as it turned out, he was certainly right.
I am helpless...I would have been the caveman who would have died of exposure while trying to start a fire...even if matches would have been invented. wife is another matter.  She's the Ms. Fix-It in our home. She, unlike myself, actually reads directions. I learned years ago, that us guys have no need for such trivial matters.
But...back to the cabinet door that wouldn't close.
Off she goes to the card game, and Hugh arrives to fix the cabinet. "Looks like the hinge is broken", said the mechanical guru
No problem, I knew exactly where the new ones were in the garage...until I went out to get them.
But...they were gone...and I knew that devious female who shares my bed, was the one who was to blame. Why didn't she leave them out for Hugh?...but she was off to her card game, and that left Hugh and I sitting there...cold beers in hand...without the hinges.
We both went to the garage, and we searched every inch of that 200 degree torture chamber without success...and Hugh left.
I thought...wait 'til the "shrew" gets home....I can blame her.
Well now, she finally got home; and I steadfastly snapped at her for HER forgetting to leave them out...and not tell me where SHE HAD PUT THEM...
...and then...
I got...."The Look".

I hate that look. I've seen it thousands of times over the last 27 years, and waited patiently for the princess to speak.
There were no words, just "The Look" accompanied by a finger waving saying, "Follow me, doofus."
...out to the garage, in front of where those damn hinges were supposed to be...was a box...a box of hinges...a box with hinges marked in MY HANDWRITING, saying "CABINET HINGES".
...and just a few simple words from my sweet, dear, lovely, helpful, intelligent, all-knowing (she's forcing me to write this as punishment) wife....
"You know what's next ???...
...teaching you to aim at a toilet I sit on".
Yes dear.
Dick Arendt

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 30, 1946

It was 67 years ago on September 30, 1946 that a civilized world judged the crimes of a group of men....whose actions were responsible for the saying "Man's Inhumanity to Man".
The Day Judgment was Served

Just click on our Information Page, "History & Holidays" for details on this historic date.
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Miniature Golf Proposal...A Time for Concern

500 Signatures for Mini-Golf is Less than 7% of all Homes

Mini-Golf...500 signatures...and with a population of approximately 11,000 residents.... that means less than 5% of "the people" are willing to sign their names on a document to support a project that is expected to cost somewhere near...


....for what we believe, few people will EVER USE.

Let's place this in perspective.

Not long ago a "Pet Park" was proposed having approximately 200 signatures on a petition...not many less than the supposed 500 that exist for the "mini-golf" project. We believe common sense prevailed in closing a door on a project, as only a very small minority of residents favored it.
We are now faced with another of those "pet projects"...

And FACTS must be FACED....before this goes to a vote !

It has been PROVEN through correspondence with the Activities Department in Sun City Summerlin, our sister community, that such an expensive measure will rarely be used....

...that some have "sold" this idea as something grandchildren will enjoy...
..and.... that its cost WILL NOT INCREASE dues.

And based on the is our strong belief...

The consideration of this expenditure is PURE NONSENSE...and the time has come for those in this community who care about the FUTURE of responsible step forward...and say....


...or be willing to accept continual uncontrolled spending as "the norm" for years to come.

Let us look closely at this simply by considering COMMON SENSE.

First, those of you who actually signed that petition, please...COME FORTH. If you were willing to sign that petition, provide the remainder of the community answers as to why you did.

Tell the rest of us why you really believe it will cost us little or nothing...
...and even more importantly, tell us that it will be used by YOU, and how often you believe others will use it, despite a similar facility in Sun City Summerlin which is rarely used, yet costing residents additional dues to maintain it each year.

Second, grandchildren are in school 9 months of the year, and visits normally occur during the early spring break for ONE WEEK, and during the summer WHEN THE HEAT is UNBEARABLE for outside activities.


Currently, children are NOT ALLOWED to use Liberty Center facilities, and have only restricted hours to use Anthem Center facilities.

If this mini-golf project was built, to what degree will it affect other Liberty Center facilities...and residents who wish to use them?

In addition, under current rules, if children are banned from the Liberty Center, they would also be banned from using RESTROOM FACILITIES as well.

Would this change, and who will supervise the children using the facilities?
Will a young male child be allowed to use a female restroom if assistance is needed by a grandmother?  

Will a young female child be allowed to use a male restroom if assistance is needed from a grandfather?

Would residents resent that...and/or...should residents be subjected to that?
...or...will a new "free" restroom facility have to be built as part of this project?

Third, this is being partially "sold" on the basis that it will comply with "The American Disabilities Act".  

What is the additional cost that will be borne to comply with that law...and just WHO OF YOUthose of you who are disabled, will play, when and how often you will utilize it?

Fourth, don't be foolish enough to believe that is venture is FREE, that it will not have a bearing on dues, because IT WILL.

It requires landscaping changes...which requires maintenance, replacing lost balls and broken clubs, and regular cleaning, painting, and replacing  astro turf greens which WILL BE DAMAGED by SUN EXPOSURE.

Remember, the Asset Enhancement Fee, from which this will be financed,  is nothing more than a DELAYED ASSESSMENT that EACH AND EVERY HOMEOWNER, WILL PAY, when a home is sold.

It amounts to .33% of the GROSS SALES PRICE of the home BEFORE REAL ESTATE FEES and other costs, and if a home is sold for $300,000,

$990.00 will be stripped from the proceeds....

...for items such as this project.

This project would DRAIN that fund that could be used for more PRACTICAL projects considered in the future.

Yes..we believe this is WASTEFUL...but we also wish to be FAIR...and in order to show just how supportive this entire community is regarding such a project....

We believe that $200,000 + Annual Maintenance Costs...should be placed before a VOTE OF THE MEMBERSHIP, if such a project is approved by the Properties & Grounds Committee for construction.
And in the true spirit of "community" ...

...if the proponents of such a project are so convinced this expenditure represents "the wishes of the people", they too, should have little fear of any vote outcome, and WELCOME SUCH A VOTE.

It is simply...the right thing to do when such a substantial sum of money is being spent, in addition to, how this will affect the surrounding neighborhood, and those who utilize the Liberty Center.

On Saturday, September 28th from 8:00am to 12:00pm, a booth has been set up at the "Fitness Expo" in the Anthem Center Ballroom where people will be stationed to "sell" this concept to all who attend, and likely make attempts to obtain petition signatures.

We urge any person who considers signing that petition to firstask EACH OF THEM the questions raised in this article, and unless you they can completely convince you that none of these concerns have merit, that you REFRAIN FROM SIGNING IT.

This matter will come before that Properties and Grounds Committee on October 22nd for consideration with a recommendation to the board for either approval or rejection.

We will keep you informed as to the location and time of the meeting.
Anthem Opinions

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Senior Citizens Advisory Commission Sponsored Seminar

Retirement Annuities..The Positives and Negatives Anthem Center Monday evening

Have you been invited time and again to some form of "retirement" seminar offering a free dinner, only to find out, the objective was to sell you an annuity?

Annuities have pluses and minuses and speaking from experience, I learned that Nevada has a state premium tax....the highest in the nation...and is one of only six states that have such a "tax".

The tax applies to nonqualified annuities WHEN BENEFITS ARE RECEIVED....and if you live in Nevada, it is matter what state in which you purchased it.

Learn some of the benefits and negatives about such products in a seminar hosted by Dick Arendt, in association with two other esteemed individuals, who specialize in the field of financial planning.

Monday, September 30, 2013
6:30 pm
Delaware Room
Anthem Center

Here are the individuals and backgrounds of those who will conduct this 45 minute informative seminar.

Mark S. Robertson

A faculty member of (UNLV) where he teaches senior level finance. He is the author of the book: “How to Become Wealthy and Wise.”

Mark has a bachelor's degree in Finance from BYU and an MBA with an emphasis in Individual Financial Planning from City University. He has also completed post-graduate education at Duke University in Strategic Financial Management.

He holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designations. He is also an Enrolled Agent permitted to practice before the IRS. Mark is Managing Partner of RDJ Financial Architects, a comprehensive wealth management firm.

Mark also serves as a Major in the US Army Reserves, where he recently received the Bronze Star after returning from a deployment to the Middle East.

Gavin Walker

Born and raised in Henderson, Gavin is the President and CEO of his own company, Risk Coordinators.

He began serving as a Commissioner on the Henderson Senior Citizen’s Advisory Commission in 2009.

Gavin started his own Insurance Agency at the age of twenty and served as the Youngest NAIFA President for back to back one year terms (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) LILI Graduate (leadership in Life Institute) & Current President of Breakfast Connections.

Gavin’s vision and passion for creating Risk Coordinators has been in the planning process for many years. He has always found happiness in helping others achieve peace of mind with proper risk planning. The purpose of Risk Coordinators is to protect, educate, and consult individuals and businesses to achieve the utmost success.  

Dick Arendt

Graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. degree in business administration, majoring in finance, economics, and marketing.

Dick was in the insurance industry for 34 years. He owned his own insurance agency, Northwest Insurance Brokerage Group, Inc, representing various companies for the independent brokerage community in the Chicago area.

He has a professional designation of Chartered Life Underwriter which he obtained by attending DePaul University. Dick was often a guest speaker at numerous University of Illinois graduating senior functions, in addition to conducting company and industry marketing seminars that included writing articles in company related periodicals.

Northwest Insurance Brokerage Group, Inc. was the #1 agency in the United States in designing pension, profit-sharing, and 401(k) plans for the Principal Financial Group, the nation's top administrator of qualified retirement funds. 

Dick was awarded the National Sales Achievement and National Quality Awards numerous times over his career before he retired at the age of 56 in 2003 before relocating with his wife, Marla, to Sun City Anthem, in 2005 from the Chicago area.

He's currently the radio talk show host of The Vegas Voice Show on KLAV radio am1230 each Saturday morning, writes a monthly article in his column entitled "Say What !?!" and is co-owner of the Sun City Anthem blog, Anthem Opinions.

Join us !

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Part One of a Three Part Series

The ABC's of Taking a Cruise  (Part One)


Thinking about going on a cruise? 
This is the first of a series of three articles where "cruising" will be discussed. 
If money is no object, these articles will be meaningless.  Just call the cruise line, and book it !
But....if money is important...READ ON !
I'm sure that others out there have differing opinions, and there is little doubt that these articles will not make travel agents very happy, but my concern is the consumer, not them.
My object is getting "bang for your buck"...
...and if you can "cut out the middleman", that SAVES YOU MONEY.
With the wealth of information available on the internet, I've come to the conclusion that "doing it yourself" is a lot more fun, and gives you the freedom to do what you wish, rather than having everything structured.
I realize that there are many people who are not the adventurous types; that health history and age might have a bearing on decisions.
But...if you ARE the adventurous type, these articles ARE for you.  
I know so many people who have enjoyed this type of vacation, but I'm amazed how so many people I've spoken to have said, "I got a great deal", when in fact....they didn't get one at all.
Just how do you get the "best deal"?
That answer is SHOP AROUND and become familiar with the market. 
A cruise is a cruise, no matter where you buy it; the only difference between the companies are the sales philosophy of the particular cruise line, the market it best serves, and most importantly.....what it costs to travel on one of them.  
The boat is going to leave from the same pier; go to the same ports; and get back to the same place; and you'll eat the same food and watch the same entertainment....

....whether you buy it from a travel agent, or by way of the internet.
After cruising as many times as I have, these are the most common statements that I hear from people.
"Booking directly through the cruise line is best deal". 
"My travel agent gets me the best deal".  
"Booking early gets you the best price". 

...and I strongly disagree with all of them.
So, today I'm going to concentrate on what to determine BEFORE you purchase one. 
I started cruising about 30 years ago and at last count, I've been on over 50 cruises.  Only two of them...the first two, did I book through a travel agent.
Then I became familiar with the internet...and got the shock of my "cruising" life....
...and since that time, I've used the internet ever since...and have never regretted that decision.
The moral of that story....don't be afraid of the internet when you buy a cruise.
Where do you begin a search for a cruise?
Obviously, the first thing to decide is WHERE YOU ARE GOING.
That's the easy part.  Contact the cruise lines and have them send you a brochure on the location you have chosen (Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, etc.) or search the internet's cruise websites.
Target the location and date you wish to go, and examine the price in the brochure...and laugh
Why laugh ? Because only "rookies" pay those prices.
What kind of cabin do you want?  Inside, outside, suite, etc., and where on the ship should it be located?
Outside cabins are preferable...but in some cases, do they make sense?
Let me give you an example.  Many cruises leaving out of Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco, are round trip to Hawaii for 14-15 days.  You will be at sea for 10 of them, and that "outside" view will be WATER...lots of water, and NOTHING but WATER.  Also, the Pacific Ocean is COLD; so cold, that you won't be using that outside balcony very often...until you get to Hawaii---for only 1/3 of the cruise.
And the five days you'll be in Hawaii after you've crossed the Pacific won't want to see it from the ship or some tiny port hole (the cheapest "outside" cabin), but from the the warm air, and the vast view of the island as it is approached.
And those with balconies better be on the right side of the ship...or your view will be... MORE WATER !
So...if you're not claustrophobic, or have been to Hawaii a number of times, purchase an inside cabin. You often will save $300-$500 p/person or more by doing so !
Next is choosing WHERE on the ship you want the cabin to be located. 
Go to the internet and search for a diagram of the ship on which you will be sailing. The internet will show you complete deck plans of every ship.
As this is a rocks...not much, and despite the stabilizers on a ship, you can at times feel that motion. 
How do you minimize that motion?  Select a cabin as close to the middle of the ship as possible. It's logical...if you're on either end, you'll feel more rocking; in the middle, the least.  
Look carefully at what's on the deck ABOVE you and BELOW you.  Try to stay away from a cabin where the dining room or disco or walking track is directly above or below you. Purchase one where there are only cabins above AND below you.
Why?  No Noise...No hearing footsteps, joggers, etc.
There is another cabin option referred to as merely a "rate guarantee" where the cruise line reserves the right to place you in a specific minimum category location.  Here, depending on how full the ship is, you could get lucky and be placed in a cabin well above the category you originally paid; but on the negative side, you have no idea of the cabin assignment until you get to the ship.
Like Forrest Gump said, "You never know what you're gonna get "! you've decided WHERE, and WHEN, and WHAT CATEGORY of cabin you're going to buy...
...and in the next article, we'll discuss...

Dick Arendt

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Means It's Time to Care for the Roses

It's fall and that means it's time to take care of those beautiful roses that many of you have.

...and our Garden Wizard, Carol Van Camp, has some great advice on how to treat them....NOW !

A Rose by Any Other Name Would be Dr. Huey?

For more information, just click on our Information Page, "The Garden Wizard"

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Reader's Request

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Often I receive emails from our readers asking me to write about various topics, and I wish I had time to do all of them. I do want you to know that I read EVERY email, and respond to each of them.

Anthem Opinions makes every attempt to diversify our topics, because we believe that life is a precious gift; that there are so many aspects of it that should be enjoyed; and that there is a great deal of life available to all of us outside the walls of the Sun City Anthem community. the same time, we also look within those walls, trying to look at what others might see...yet rarely reflect on long enough to appreciate it !
...and today is one of those days !

About a week ago I received an email from one of our readers, Fran Regan, who loves nature every bit as much as I do.

...and Fran, this one's for you !

It's about something that most of us see now and then, and in almost 100% of the time; when we do, we just stop dead in our tracks and stare in awe, while we allow this wonder of nature to go about its business of "survival". 
I'm talking about a...


I can't think of a better example of something so special that comes in such a small package !

Hummingbirds weigh as much as a penny and are one of the smallest species of birds whose length rarely exceeds 3 inches. 

There are various species, but the one that is most prevalent here is the "black-chinned hummingbird".

The adult male has a black face and chin, a glossy purple throat band, and a dark forked tail.

The female has a dark rounded tail with white tips and no throat patch.

These tiny wonders are migratory, and spend the winters in Mexico; so if you see one, enjoy it now, because they'll shortly be off to a warmer climate.
What makes a hummingbird so fascinating is that it's the only bird that can fly backwards !

Why are they called "Humming"...birds"?

...because of the humming sound created by their beating wings, which sometimes sounds like bees or other insects...

...and amazingly, those wings flutter so quickly that they can fly at speeds up to 34 mph.  Depending on the species, the wings can flutter from 12 to 80 times PER SECOND.

Because they're so tiny, they are one of God's most delicate creatures.

When they sleep, their hearts beat at 1/15 of their normal metabolic rate, literally placing them in a hibernation-like state each night; allowing them to conserve energy for the following day's search for food.

...and they eat like "pigs"....consuming up to 10-12 times their body weight in nectar each day....over a short period time (about 15% of their day), while they spend the other 85% perching in a shrub sleeping and digesting it.
(Makes you wonder if seniors going to buffets are their direct descendants)
Like humans, they love sweets...and their definition of "sweet" is in the form of nectar...from flowers. 

...and over the millions of years, their beaks have developed long enough that they can reach inside the flower to get the sweet goody they crave.
When hummingbirds feed on nectar, the bill is usually opened only slightly, allowing the tongue to dart out and into the interior of the flower.

...but they know that some flowers are better than others, and will reject those that have less than a 10% sugar content.

...and so, they meet their needs for protein, amino acids, and minerals by consuming insects and spiders. 

They are also very territorial.  Once they find a good feeding place, they will often fight off other hummingbirds for complete dominance !

Here's a tip about where they hang out...

Many plants pollinated by hummingbirds produce flowers shaded in red, orange, and pink. that you know more than you'll ever want to know about hummingbirds...enjoy this video to examine them in action....

It was sent to us from Fran Regan...and Fran, we thank you for making us appreciate the beauty of something we see...yet often take for granted.
Got a topic you want us to explore?

Send us an email at

We'll do our best to share it with our readers.

Dick Arendt

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vegas Voice Radio Show Special Guest for September 21st

Vegas Voice Show Saturday, September 21st 

Join  Radio host, Dick Arendt,  this Saturday, September 21st at 7:00am and again at noon on Sunday for The Vegas Voice Show on  KLAV radio, AM 1230, on your dial.
Dick's Special Guest this week is Nick Fortuna, bass guitarist of the legendary rock group, The Buckinghams.

The Buckinghams...1967

The Buckinghams---2013

You'll learn about Nick's long standing musical career playing the bass for  this rock group that was considered the American answer to The British Invasion with their hits...

Kind of a Drag

Don't You Care

Mercy Mercy Mercy

Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song


The Buckinghams will be performing this weekend, September 21st and September 22nd at 7:30pm in the Sun Coast showroom at the Sun Coast Hotel located at 9090 Alta Ave., in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas.

For more information and tickets call the box office at :

(702) 636-7111.

And...if you miss the broadcast, you can always download it on The Vegas Voice website.  Just go the "Radio" link, click on it, all past shows are archived for your convenience.

And don't forget to read The Vegas Voice, the largest Age 50+ Senior newspaper in the Las Vegas valley.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Has the Management Company Finally Solved the Employee Morale Problem ?

Has Corruption Finally Been Exposed ?

I want to call your attention to the Anthem Today forum, under the topic, "Chatter" and a topic referred to as "More on the Fitness Center".

This article was authored by an individual who refers to himself as "Charles", and if all of what he says is true (and I doubt that any of this is "misinformation"), a battle over the mistreatment of our valued management company "resident/employees" may have finally been won.

For months these individuals have appeared to have sustained emotional distress as a result of the treatment to which they had been subjected; and thanks to the efforts of Mary Scramski which commenced SIX MONTHS AGO, this matter was brought to public attention.

This created a strong community concern; and subsequently, a meeting was held and conducted by Board Member Mike Carey, with a number of RMI employees in attendance, in addition to, concerned residents.

On March 15, 2013, Anthem Opinions published an article entitled "Fitness Meeting Answered Some Questions...but....Left Many Unanswered".
...and our concerns were expressed. 

Here is a link to that article:

I will never forget the meeting where some of those who we perceived as the "culprits", arrogantly sat in defiance of the allegations; and even worse, how board member, Mike Carey, defended those actions repeatedly, showing little concern for those who he represents.

This matter was "pushed" under the carpet; but Anthem Opinions, following numerous emails, pursued this concern.  We felt people were being abused, and those who were made aware of it, did NOTHING.

Subsequently, on April 14, 2013, Anthem Opinions wrote an article entitled "Is There An RMI Hostile Work Environment"...and we wanted our readers to be aware of this matter that was creating controversy in Sun City Anthem...yet appeared to be "hushed".

Here is a link to that article:

Once again...this matter was "neglected"  for SIX MONTHS until this recent revelation by the Anthem Today article.

...and if all of what "Charles" has alleged,  is true, and when the above articles are considered....

...Let's hope that there are some strong lessons to be learned from all of this. 

First, residents should always be #1 in the minds of a community. They are the ones who are an integral part of it, and the ones who pay for it.

Second, let's hope that any and all of those who apparently suffered any form of emotional distress as a result of the treatment they received, are quickly REHIRED, with an apology to them for sustaining such apology not just from the management company, but from the Fitness Committee Chair, and a BOARD WHO REFUSED to believe them, placing resident interests and concerns second to an outside organization who merely WORKS for US.

Third, if wrongdoing or willful neglect of these concerns are subsequently discovered by any board member, or Fitness Chair, or any management company employee, THAT INFORMATION MUST BE DISCLOSED; and those individuals should RESIGN that position immediately for showing such a lack of resident concern.

Fourth, the individual who pursued the emotional and in all likelihood, financial strain, should be COMPENSATED, in addition to being rehired.
Fifth, a community thanks should go out to Mary Schramski for her taking on a "system" that harmed innocent people, and her dedication in helping them...without ANY PERSONAL AGENDA, other than making an attempt to right a wrong she saw. 

and finally...

Sixth...the value of FOUR of the FIVE community blogs/forums who saw that same injustice; made the community aware of it, and perhaps PROVED that their being accused of providing "misinformation" ....was an INSULT to them by the President of this association.

...that these blogs/forums play a vital role in bringing information to the public...

...information that has been STONEWALLED over and over again by those whose interests are contrary to the good of the community they pledged to represent...

...information....when you hear the words, "Don't Look Back"...are made by those who are part of that "wall of silence" regarding past acts that have cost residents THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.... 

...that should now be recognized as synonymous with embarrassment, incompetence, and ARROGANCE of those who have acted in a manner that has created HARM to those they have pledged to represent.   

What is the lesson to be learned from all of this?

Simply stated, the time has come to CHANGE the direction of OUR LEADERSHIP...that a number of those leaders,  past and present, or those who have remained SILENT in the spirit of "cooperation...not confrontation"  have not done so....

...that well as...those who blindly support them...

...LACK CREDIBILITY, and subsequently, should be REPLACED by those who will honor those who elected them.