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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013 !

Never Trust a Mayan with a Calendar

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saying Good Bye to Those We Knew

2012: A Year We Lost Those Who Were a Part of our Lives

This past year, the world lost quite a few people who affected our lives in so many ways.  Some enlightened us, some inspired us, and some entertained us.

But all had one thing in common...

They were, in some way, a part of our lives.

And so, we say, not just farewell, but thanks for being who they were.

Etta James (singer.."At Last"--Age 74)

James Farentino (actor--Age 73)

Robert Hegyes ("Juan Epstein" of "Welcome Back Kotter"--Age 60)

Angelo Dundee (Trainer of Muhammed Ali & Sugar Ray Leonard---Age 90)

Don Cornelius ("Soul Train"--Age 75)

Ben Gazarra (Actor--"Run for Your Life"--Age 81)
Whitney Houston (Singer---Age 48)

Davy Jones ("The Monkees"---Age 66)

Earl Scruggs (Singer---Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song---Age 88)

Mike Wallace ("60 Minutes---Age 88)

Thomas Kincade (Painter---Age 54)

Dick Clark (America's Oldest Teenager---"American Bandstand"---Age 82)

Vidal Sassoon (Hairstylist---Age 84)

Donna Summer (The "Queen of Disco"---Age 63)

Robin Gibb (The "Beegees"--Age 62)

Kathryn Joosten (Actress--"Desperate Housewives"--Age 72)

Richard Dawson (Actor--"Hogan's Heros" & "Family Feud"---Age 79)

LeRoy Neiman (Artist---Olympic Scenes--Age 91)

Don Grady (Actor---"Robbie" on "My Three Sons"---Age 68)

Andy Griffith (Actor--"The Andy Griffith Show" and "Matlock"--Age 86)

Ernest Borgnine (Actor--"Marty" and TV's "McHale's Navy"--Age 95)

Celeste Holm (Actress---"Gentleman's Agreement"--Age 93)

Sally Ride (America's First Woman in Space--Age 61)

Ann Rutherford (Actress---Andy Hardy movies--Age 94)

Sherman Helmsley ("George Jefferson" on "The Jeffersons"--Age 74)

Gore Vidal (Writer--Age 86)

Chad Everett (Actor--"Medical Center"--Age 76)

Tony Martin (Singer & Actor--Age 98)

Marvin Hamlisch (Composer--"The Sting"--Age 68)

Helen Gurley Brown (Writer & Editor of "Cosmopolitan" Magazine--Age 90)

Ron Palillo ("Arnold Horshack" in "Welcome Back Kotter"--Age 63)

Phyliss Diller (Comedian--Age 95)

Neil Armstrong (First Man to Walk on the Moon--Age 82)

Michael Clark Duncan (Actor--"The Green Mile"--Age 54)

Andy Williams (Singer---"The Andy Williams Show"--Age 84)

Alex Karras (Football Star & Actor--"Webster"--Age 77)

Gary Collins (Host of "Miss America Pageant"--Age 74)

George McGovern (1972 Democratic Party Presidential Nominee--Age 90)

Larry Hagman (Actor--"I Dream of Jeannie" and "JR" on "Dallas"--Age 81)

Dave Brubeck (Musician--"Take Five"--Age 92)

Charles Durning (Character Actor--Age 89)

Jack Klugman (Actor--"The Odd Couple" and "Quincy"--Age 90)

General Norman Schwarzkopf (Commanding General "Desert Storm" Iraq--Age 78)

Harry Carey, Jr. (Charter Actor in many Westerns--Age 91)

Add to this list those that lost their lives in the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting and the recent senseless murders of 20 children and 7 teachers in Newtown, Connecticutt.