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Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Sun City Anthem Candidate Debate...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

 Goin' to the Candidates Debate

Debate (403×403)

Debate ?

Question and answer session?

You decide, but one thing for sure, after listening to the six candidates running for the Sun City Anthem Board, I came to the conclusion that...

...for the most part, I've never seen so many people know "how to do it" yet have "never done it" themselves....with a few exceptions !

Poor Tom Nissen

Tom was actually "the main event" for most people in the audience.

How do you run for re-election to a board with the record they have had the past couple of years?

When Mr. Nissen opened his mouth, it was as if nothing but "trust me, I know what I'm doing...I have to finish the job"... air filled the room.

When a person from the audience asked about his budgeting "expertise" of originally projecting the transition cost at $500,000...but now will be approaching over $900,000... could see that he was searching for some excuse...even saying that it was the "board" who made the decisions....

Of course, he is on that board...and "assisted" in making that decision as the Association Treasurer.  He didn't bother to mention that at all.

He tried to say that the 2015 budget didn't include the extra 400,000 grand !

Excuses....excuses....but the crowd didn't seem to buy it for a second!

Well now...that set off a lady from the election committee into "rescue control mode" when she grabbed a microphone and tried to explain that it was the future that mattered....not the past.

And that brought an eruption from the audience that made it clear that the PAST DID COUNT ! got worse for ol' Tom from that point.

When asked if the association attorney, John Leach, should be replaced, he waffled saying the matter had been examined in the past, and that he would always be willing to search out someone who would be better qualified.

Sure, anyone believe that ?  

We've had the same attorney for 17 years and he's irreplaceable? 

That one got a few groans from the crowd as well. 

Essentially that same answer came from Bob Burch, another candidate.

Only Barry Goldstein and Forrest Fetherolf made it clear that other legal options MUST BE EXPLORED. 

... Goldstein saying that he would choose an attorney who had the best interests of the community at heart, not one who always seemed to favor defending a board's decisions that often had adverse community affects.

Another member of the audience asked what particular specialty each "brought to the guidance table"...

Forrest Fetherolf was quite articulate...He was the "go to guy" for construction and repair matters, having 40 years of experience in that industry.

Barry Goldstein stated he was a financial consultant and had extensive experience in the insurance industry and in other financial matters.  He knew how to read reports, analyze them thoroughly, and had a history of correctly questioning financial decisions made by the current board.

Steve Anderson, with a career in social work, stated his greatest strength was understanding the importance of communication....that he believed in having a great deal of contact with members in order to obtain a COMMON SENSE solution to a problem. 

Bob Burch seemed to do relatively long as he had a prepared answer in front of him.

Tom NIssen...well...his "let me finish the job" didn't sell very well amongst a number of people in the audience.

Aletta Waterhouse...a nice lady with good speaking skills,  who in our opinion was just plain out of her league...

...trying to make people believe that a librarian with the federal government was enough experience to make quality financial decisions.

What bothered me most of all...was an observation that brought out MY EXPERIENCE IN THE BUSINESS WORLD!

A long time ago I learned...

"watch a person's eyes

If they can't look you straight in the face when they say something...beware!

As the candidates spoke, Barry Goldstein, Steve Anderson, and Forrest Fetherolf ALWAYS LOOKED directly at the people as they spoke.

Tom Nissen and Aletta Waterhouse NEVER LOOKED directly at the people as they spoke.

Bob Burch RARELY LOOKED directly at the people as he spoke.

Finally, the last question was asked by myself.

I began by stating:

 "I've heard so many answers, but being a bottom line kind of guy, I have heard it said over and over again that this is a new business we are embarking on in self-management"....

..."that my strongest concern was"...

... "if they know the right questions to ask in order to guide a new business"...

..."if any of them had ever been self-employed and started a new business?"

Only two, Forrest Fetherolf and Barry Goldstein could make that claim.

Who won?

In my mind....the gold stars went to:
gold-metal-star.jpg (1280×1024)

1. Barry Goldstein
2. Forrest Fetherolf
3. Steve Anderson

The others were the "Huckabees" of the 2016 Sun City Anthem Candidates !

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Board Director Reports on Liberty Center Status

Board Member Reports on Liberty Center Status as of February 25, 2016

HOA.JPG (2303×1954)
Jim Mayfield
Sun City Anthem Board Director

Since the report on Liberty Center was issued in January, the professional engineering firm retained by the Board submitted its assessment report on the roof and interior defects at Liberty Center.  The report documents interior and roof issues at Liberty Center that, in its professional opinion, are related to construction defects, deficient maintenance procedures, and normal wear and tear.

In order to minimize the financial cost of necessary repairs to the Members, the Board initiated two actions to recover the cost of repairing the damages

First, SCA filed an insurance claim for repair of damages that it believes are insured losses.

Second, the Board continued its consultations with attorneys to determine if SCA has legal actions it may take to recover the costs to repair the damages at Liberty Center from a third-party.

As reported by the President, the Board has retained special counsel to initiate a construction defect cost recovery process under Chapter 40 of Nevada law.

The urgency to file this action was a result of changes to Chapter 40 during the recent legislative session. 

Specifically, the revised Chapter 40 requires that only claims filed before February 24, 2016 will be interrupted under the terms of the less restrictive conditions under Chapter 40 that existed before the recent legislative changes.

The first step in the construction defect cost recovery legal process requires SCA to provide the developer notice of the alleged construction defects and provide the developer up to 90 days to independently assess the damages and agree to assume responsibility for correcting the defects. 
Accordingly, all repair work to correct problems at the Liberty Center has been halted. 

If the developer notifies SCA that it will not voluntarily assume responsibility to correct the defects or after 90 days, SCA may resume work to correct the defects.

The estimated time needed to compete the interior and roof repairs is 10 weeks.  

Therefore for planning purposes, residents should plan for Liberty Center, including the outdoor pool area, to be out of service through August 2016.
Special counsel has reviewed the assessment report of the professional engineering firm mentioned above.  Special counsel advised the Board that the assessment report is now a work product pursuant to the Chapter 40 action. 

Accordingly, the report is a confidential attorney-client work product and will not be available for public disclosure at this time.

Cost paid to date is $51,843.44

This amount does not reflect actual cost incurred to date since work has been performed for which contractors have not submitted invoices approved for payment.

I shall provide an undated report in March. 

After March, control of the project and reports on Liberty Center will be the responsibility of the SCA General Manager.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Former Finance Committee Chairman Asks Questions of the Board Candidates


Vintage_mail_bag_at_the_Postal_Museum.jpg (4752×3164)

Former Sun City Anthem Finance Committee Chairman Asks Questions of 2016 Board Candidates

omino-con-punto-interrogativo.gif (400×400)
(but we want your input as well)

We received a detailed email from Forrest Quinn, the former head of the Sun City Anthem Finance Committee, asking us to pose several questions to the Board Candidates...

We'd like them to respond, but we would also like to hear your thoughts as well.

It's with great pleasure that we would like to brings these concerns to the Sun City Anthem community in order that the electorate may cast their Board ballots in an intelligent manner.

From Mr. Quinn....


My name is Forrest Quinn. 

I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 

I also earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. 

I was on SCA’s Finance Committee for nearly three years. 

Base on my experience, the questions below will focus the board election debate to SCA’s main issues for 2016.  

They should be addressed by both board candidates and board members:

Should SCA Board Members Be Disciplined for Misconduct?

How should SCA’s governing documents be changed to censure, discipline, demote, or remove board members who fail to follow NRS 116, SCA’s Board Policy Manual or Board Resolutions?

What is Being Done and What Should Be Done, to Mitigate the Liberty Center Damages?

Has FSR’s payroll (which SCA reimburses) been reduced to reflect the reduction in service?   If so, how much money is the community saving per week, or per month?

Should/Has FRS’s monthly management fee been reduced/suspended due to the reduction in services?

How Will You Evaluate Employee Performance?

Within a year or so, SCA’s new employees will be expecting pay raises and/or bonuses.  How will you determine if they did an unsatisfactory job, an adequate job, or an excellent job? 

Will pay raises be granted for increasing the number of bus trips, organizing more parking lot sales, cleaner bathrooms…. Just how will employee performance be determined?

How Will You Measure SCA’s Performance After Transition?

A business can measurement performance by:  Its percentage increase in sales, an increase in profit, a cost reduction, its return-on-assets, its return-on-equity, etc.   

As a non-profit entity, other than lowering costs, none of these business metrics are particularly suitable for SCA. 

What performance goals will you set and how will progress toward those goals be measured?  

On April 1st, 2017, you will look back and say: “Transition was a success(failure) because….?

What is the Future Role of SCA’s Finance Committee?

Should the Finance Committee be an independent body like SCA’s Audit Committee, providing independent analysis and opinions to the SCA’s community? 


Should the Finance Committee remain under the control of SCA’s board? 

(Unfortunately, to the detriment to the community, the FC’s original, useful and insightful work is often suppressed, censured, trashed and/or ignored by SCA’s board).

Did SCA have Surplus Cash on 12/31/15?

In the three years from 12/31/12 to 12/31/15, SCA’s year-end cash balance has doubled from $1,334,000 to $2,726,000.  This is an increase of $1,392,000, or nearly $195/home.   

How has SCA changed since 2012 so that SCA now requires twice as much cash-on-hand?

Assuming We Can’t Change its Use, How Much of a Subsidy Should a Restaurant Vendor Receive from SCA?

I use “subsidy” in the sense that a vendor pays less than SCA’s full cost to maintain the restaurant.  

I estimate SCA’s cost ranges between $160,000 to $200,000 per year (See Note 1 below).   

As I recall, Café V’s (then Vic’s) original lease was $48,000 /year plus utilities, so they paid about $90,000/year against SCA’s total costs.  

Under my definition, Café V received a $70,000 to $110,000 “subsidy”.

Based on our experience, it is unlikely any vendor can pay SCA’s full cost to maintain this space.   

Any future vendor will likely require either a direct and/or indirect subsidy.  

Should SCA’s annual subsidy to a restaurant be:

$0 (zero)/year
$50,000/year ($7.00/home)
$100,000/year ($14.00/home)
$150,000/year ($21.00/home)
$200,000/year ($28.00/home)

For example, if SCA grants a $14/home subsidy, would a restaurant provide residents with more than a $14/home return in value?

 If we can change the restaurant to an alternate use, SCA’s cost to maintain that space will not drop to zero.   

Any alternative use will require a “subsidy” for utilities, reserve contributions, janitorial services, R&M, insurance, etc.  This could easily be $80,000 to $100,000 per year.

Note #1 SCA’s Cost to Maintain the Restaurant Space  

SCA’s accounts are not well organized, so SCA’s total cost is difficult to determine.  

 My estimated cost includes $80,000 to $100,000/year of Reserve Fund contributions, $40,000/year in utilities, $15,000/year of Property Tax, $5,000/year in Service Agreements, $20,000/year in Repairs & Maintenance plus unknown amounts for Insurance, Janitorial Services and Other.  

Even if the Restaurant remains closed, many of these costs will remain.

Anthem Opinions would like to send our sincere thanks to Mr. Quinn for his concerns and thought provoking questions and comments.

Got a question? 


Send it to us at:

  1. From Barbara Opinions


    1) Why is the mold problem not covered by insurance?

    If I have a leak in my roof at home, all the costs to fix it and the problems it caused are covered by my home owners insurance.

    2) Are the board members bonded?

    Seems like the question of the money spent for the busses for Hillary's talk has just been dropped.

    3) When they had meetings about Vics, most of us wanted to have a place more like a Village Pub, Winchells, Del Mar Deli.

    We ended up with a supposed "fine dining" which we don't need. Would be nice to have a restaurant that we could drop in and even pick up something to take home for dinner.

    4) If we are paying health insurance for the GM and her entire family, are we not required to do that for the rest of the employees?

    5) We have not been instructed where to send our dues for the next quarter. Any idea if it goes to Sun City or to FSR?

    6) Are we planning to carpet the tile by the card players so people will not fall anymore?

    We have had a number of accidents and someone will really get hurt soon since we don't have enough room for the tables. If they carpet this area, it will give us more room and people won't fall. This is all because they won't move the pool tables.

    Thanks for your blog. It is the best.

    I got my signs for Forrest, Barry and Steve put in my yard yesterday.

    Hope we can get some changes with our board.
    1. From Bud Opinions

      What a wonderful working document to guide SCA forward.

      Somehow this MUST be embraced by the Finance Committee and Boards.

      It is clear thinking in the best interest SCA residents whose money it is that the Board spends wisely or squanders all to often.

      No more Bella Bucks, No more Bella Bucks, No more Bella Bucks!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nevada Law: Just What is and What is not Allowed

As the 2016 Sun City Anthem Board of Directors election commences, we thought you might like to know something about...
NRS  116.31035

rules.of.the.road.jpg (299×303)

The Official Rules of Nevada Homeowners Associations Elections

Click on our Information Page
"Nevada Know How"


Monday, February 22, 2016

Freedom of the Press is a Question Mark in Sun City Anthem Communication

SCA-TV Interview Conducted
Non-Resident with Interesting Past
Examining Sun City Anthem Communication

An Anthem Opinions Editorial

Do you recognize this face?

211938.jpg (200×148)

It's a man named Larry Carroll who recently did a broadcast on SCA-TV interviewing Sun City Anthem Treasurer, Tim Nissen, and upcoming Sun City Anthem General Manager, Sandy Seddon.

If you didn't catch is the broadcast.

But...our story is not about that broadcast, it's about Larry Carroll....


...Sun City Anthem Communication.


Mr. Carroll has been affiliated with SCA-TV for a few years...and it was learned that at the direction of Board President Bella Meese, she requested that the interview with Mr. Nissen & Mrs. Seddon be conducted by Mr. Carroll.

Why would this be of any concern?

For a couple of reasons !

Let's begin with Larry Carroll...the "golden voice" of SCA-TV...a supposed "objective" Sun City Anthem owned television station that CONTROLS VIEWING COMMUNICATION IN OUR COMMUNITY...

...a television station RUN & FULLY CONTROLLED  by a "closed" group of political appointees...

...a communication device closely monitored by a Board who makes sure you see and hear exactly what certain board members want you to see and hear... would believe, is supposedly run by members of our community.

You will closely note that following Mr. Carroll's interview...


Well now...Mr. Carroll DOES NOT LIVE IN SUN CITY ANTHEM, yet for some unknown reason, has been allowed to be an "unofficial" part of the Communications efforts....

...a rather strange decision when we also know that a number of Sun City Anthem residents have been REFUSED admission to various methods of association communication activities.

And...our question is...

WHY was Mr. Carroll CHOSEN over other able and willing residents ?

I became aware of Mr. Carroll a couple of years ago when I was the Entertainment Editor of The Vegas Voice newspaper, having numerous contacts with members of the local entertainment community.

Mr. Carroll conducted a Christmas show at Freedom Hall and the admission charge for the show was $20 as I recall. (It could have been $15).

What made me curious about that production had to do with my previous experience with The Vegas Voice....

...primarily, THE REFUSAL TO COMPENSATE PERFORMERS FOR THEIR SERVICES for entertainment venues provided to members of the senior community.

I refer to that treatment as EXPLOITATION; and as a result, I decided to contact a number of those entertainers to ask them a simple question...

"Are you being paid to perform on the Larry Carroll Christmas Show?"

...and sadly, each of the five I spoke to, said...


Mr. Carroll's show was literally sold out...collecting between $4,500 and $6,000 of revenue....NONE OF WHICH was paid to the entertainers.

What happened to that it was believed to have supposedly been channeled "unofficially" to allow sophisticated equipment to be utilized by him for personal reasons...has never been disclosed.

And so...I decided to do a bit of homework on Mr. Carroll, dropping the subject for the time-being, until I saw him do this latest interview on SCA-TV that was authorized by Bella Meese, despite his not being a resident of Sun City Anthem. what has become one of the most "POLITICALLY CONTROLLED" organizations associated with Sun City Anthem... appears that someone PULLED A STRING to allow him to do so.

Controlling communication....what's next folks ???

But let's look at the history of Mr. Carroll.

Larry Carroll was an NBC newscaster in Los Angeles for a number of years until in 1999...

Something took place which up until now,  has yet to be disclosed to Sun City Anthem Residents.

According to an article written on December 22, 1999 by an author named Carla Hall.....

"The former newsman and Long had been charged with trying to defraud  Newberry Springs water park owner Terry Christensen by persuading him to put $2 million in a scam investment that would allegedly earn him $18 million. Skeptical of the deal, Christensen told the authorities, who orchestrated a sting operation against Carroll and Long. Christensen never paid any money to Carroll or Long."
When all was said and done, the charges were eventually dismissed, but strangely....states the author of the article....
"In May, when his contract expired, the station chose not to rehire him, and he lost his $330,000 a year job."
So...we at Anthem Opinions do not wish to throw stones, but in addition to being authorized by Mrs. Meese for a non-resident of Sun City Anthem to conduct business on an association television broadcast... has to ask WHY a person earning $330,000 a year in 1999 would NOT BE REHIRED ?
Better yet, why is he allowed, or why would he continue an affiliation with a community's non-profit communication?
Was there compensation of some kind paid to Mr. Carroll?
SCA-TV is a community service group...and as such, unlike clubs whose operations are financed by individual club members, is FINANCED BY YOUR DUES ASSESSMENTS.
As one seems to have the answer...or no one is willing to provide that answer.
BUT...there seems to be more about our association's communication....
First, it's been noted that many experienced individuals have been rejected from association communication participation.
The Communications Committee hasn't met for months.
In addition, to our knowledge, almost all experienced blog authors...with one glaring exception, have never been approached for official communication efforts by members the Communication avenues for membership.
Yet the continuing presence of individuals including the Association President's husband, George Meese, the Association Vice-President's wife, Beth Weddle, and yes, an alternative blogger...
 ...none of which have any journalistic background...
...are forever there (to monitor what's going on). 
...and...we've heard it through the grapevine that Tom Nissen,  currently running for reelection to the Board of Directors, will again be highlighted in another TV production...that "coincidently" will be aired very close to the time the Board election ballots are mailed to members...
...thus providing him undue publicity in his campaign.
The obvious "right thing to do" SHOULD HAVE BEEN for Mr. Nissen to have recused himself during the election period to avoid any conflict of interest or partiality, but it certainly appears from all of these "coincidences" that...
...the FIX is in !
The cardinal rule in establishing a DICTATORSHIP... to CONTROL COMMUNICATION.
...and this current leadership has now used every bit of their influence to accomplish that objective.
Got a comment?
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Anthem Opinions Administration
  1. From Bud Opinions

    I wonder if Sandy our new GM, is getting an objective education or just keeping her head in the Sand.
  2. February 23, 2016 at 6:23 PM
  3. From David Opinions

    Dear Anthem Opinions,

    Thank you for your editorial concerning our community supported television station here in Sun City Anthem. There are several issues addressed and I had to spend some time sifting through them to understand the main point of the article.

    Before I continue, you should know that my observation might be a little biased considering I have spent most of my life in technical television and stage production. Show business is a very difficult and demanding industry stacked with egos and politics that can easily make Washington look like the minor leagues. It is a business of exploitation, self promotion, back stabbing and any other nasty thing you can think of to gain power and fame. Not everyone is like this of course; there are many wonderful people whom I have worked with and I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. So with that said let's get on with it.

    Mr. Carroll:

    I don't have a problem with Mr. Carroll as a person nor his career. He is always looking for an opportunity and is very persuasive. What he does "goes with the territory". I do have a problem with him participating in our association supported activities especially if it is for his personal gain. I remember him very well from his days in Los Angeles and my advice is to be very careful when dealing with him.

    The Fix:

    This is what I see is the heart of the matter. Your observations and conclusions are probably correct concerning the control of SCA-TV and its narrow approach to broadcast journalism. This is not unusual in the industry. You can see examples of this in TV news channels, newspapers and other media. Once again, "it goes with the territory".

    The situation here in our community can be changed but it will be very difficult. The group running the show is very closed and protective of their domain. Here is a little more personal background information about me as it pertains to SCA-TV.

    A couple years ago SCA-TV placed an announcement in the Spirit magazine looking for volunteers. I have to admit I had never watched SCA-TV so I gave it a look (I watched it on-line because I do not have COX which is another issue of who pays for what). The first thing I noticed was the use of a copyrighted, RCA logo. I won't go any further with that.

    I watched a few programs over the next few days and concluded that even though the content was somewhat slanted I could be of some assistence because the production values could use some help. I made contact with the head person at SCA-TV and he was very excited about my possible involvement and invited me to attend some of their production shoots. I did. I watched interviews, commentaries and some other shows I didn't understand. During this information gathering adventure of mine I asked the content people at SCA-TV when they were going to tape the opposing views. I was told "we don't do that". I also asked if SCA-TV provided live coverage of board and committee meetings. The answer was "we can't do that". I asked why that was so and I got no response. When I met and talked to the technical people I was definitely overstepping into a very private clique. The smaller the operation the more closed it is. I know this through many decades of production. I then talked to the grunts who were very nice but short-timers. I guess the turnover is high.

    A quick look at the equipment, in and out of use, revealed a great waste of money for what they have. This is an area that I have a great deal experience.

    After my visits I was told that they would get back to me. You guessed it; they didn't. However they continued to search for more volunteers.

    In conclusion I found SCA-TV to be a very select group of people who like to play television on their own terms that serves no useful purpose to our community at large. It is a shame that we do not use this community based television communication tool for the great good of our community. As you know it can be a powerful media.
  4. What a great comment, David.

    One the best we've ever received...and your experience should make you a "natural", but the system...we'll the system...needs change, doesn't it ?

  1. From Nancy Opinions

    I would like to correct an assumption printed in your February 22 Editorial about Larry Carroll.
    Bella Meese did not "request" that Larry Carroll interview Tom Nissen and Sandy Seddon. Larry Carroll is the Host of Board Roundtable and therefore slated to do so.

    Board Roundtable, some facts.
    Bob Sansing started work on this program concept when he was a member of the SCA Board of Directors. In September of 2012 the program came to fruition when he introduced the concept of the show in Board Roundtable's introductory video. It was Bob Sansing's responsibility to choose the subject for each program and line up the board member or members or others to speak about the subject.

    Larry Carroll was the first Host of the program, a Channel 99 volunteer and SCA resident at the time, and has been Host for every program since then except one.

    "Why was Mr. Carroll chosen over other able and willing residents?" I feel you left that thought hanging. You should have asked SCA Television's General Manager, Bob Passaro. When Bob asked him to Host, Larry was a resident and a Channel99 volunteer. I did not see a bunch of residents lining up at a production meeting that summer of 2012 vying for the Hosting position.

    People with clear voices, at ease reading a teleprompter and with word smith skills are an asset to any TV station and would be welcome at SCA Television.

    And finally, for good or ill, SCA Television does not intentionally produce controversial programming.

    Yours truly,
    Nancy Hepburn
    SCA Television volunteer

    PS You will see and hear the 6 Board of Director Candidates on SCA Television starting soon after their position statements are shot the first week of March.

  1.        Dick ArendtFebruary 23, 2016 at 8:43 PM
  2. Nancy, thank you for the comment.

    You fail to miss one very important point, a point that Mr. Sansing obviously knew full well....Mr. Carroll is NOT A RESIDENT. That should have meant an automatic rejection from the day that was established. Obviously Mr. Sansing felt he was "entitled" to name an OUTSIDER, an entitlement attitude he has displayed over and over again for years.

    Were any INSIDERS interviewed?

    Unfortunately Nancy, we know how close Mr. Sansing has always been to "the system".

    He knows full well how to work it as a result of his close relationship to another blogger who patronizes your studios on a very regular basis.

    Based on a number of conversations with residents, if you are "not in step" with the "system", you don't seem to be accepted for membership.


    ....and...OUR DUES PAYING EQUIPMENT, has been used for personal reasons.

    And finally, who determines what is and what is not controversial?

    The last Larry Carroll interview was filled with comments of PERSONAL OPINION BY A board member running for reelection.

    Ever read NRS regs Nancy?

    Read this one:

    "If an official publication contains the views or opinions of the association, the executive board, a community manager or an officer, employee or agent of an association concerning an issue of official interest, the official publication must, upon request and under the same terms and conditions, provide equal space to opposing views and opinions of a unit’s owner of the common-interest community."

    Would you mind asking Mr. Sansing when the opposition gets its LEGAL RIGHT to respond?

    Perhaps the definition of ANYTHING AGAINST THE "SYSTEM" ????
    1. From Janet Opinions

      I was unaware of the fact that Mr. Carroll was not a resident here at SCA.
      My question is:
      Doesn’t Mr. Carroll have to be signed in as a guest of a resident and isn’the only allowed here five times a quarter, according to policy?

      If he is considered a “consultant,” then why is he conducting the interviews at our station?
    2. Janet, an excellent question.

      Maybe someone out there can give us an explanation, because you brought up a point that certainly hasn't crossed a lot of people's minds !