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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sun City Anthem Restaurant Problems

Sun City Anthem Restaurant Woes
What's New ?

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Sometimes you have to ask yourself if Area 51 inhabitants have something to do with anything involving a community restaurant !

Based on the past, the community restaurant experience is so horrible that you have to wonder at times...

Is there some kind of voodoo curse at work when it comes to them?

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Bad "dead beat" tenants
"Stiffed" loans
No patrons

... seem to be the same theme again and again.

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Looks like we have yet another problem folks...

...the lack of maintenance by previous restaurant tenants and/or facilities management have caused problems which will require repair before any tenant occupies the place...

...and rumors are running rampant that similar problems exist to those in the Anthem Center locker rooms !

You remember those don't you?

...the ones that cost residents somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000 to fix ...about a year ago !

But wait...there's more...

If you take a moment and examine The Board Book, our General Manager added another itty bitty "diddy" to the pot" !

"Approve the replacement of 2 make up air units for the restaurant space here at Anthem Center from Acco in the amount of $43,560.00 to be paid from reserves. 

These units provide make up air for when the cooking hoods above the stoves and ovens remove air from the restaurant space. 

These units are required for the restaurant to function properly. 

 A 10 % addition is recommended by management for any unforeseen issues the contractor might run into".

At this time it's not known what the cost of the other repairs will be, but if COMMON SENSE might in some way prevail....

(a new concept never before explored)

...we might want to rethink all of this ridiculous restaurant nonsense.

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Apparently this group of leaders are "discussing" this latest issue with the "chosen one", G2G....

...that multi-million dollar firm who got the Sun City Anthem deal...

...without approval of the unit owners.

You know them....

US GUYS & GALS...who will be forced to SUBSIDIZE the place.

So is it time to place another demand on the "negotiation table" before a lease is signed, knowing that likely BOO KOO BUCKS are going to be spent?

Frankly, if you're gonna get the place FREE and the unit owners also have to pay the cost of UTILITIES, perhaps it's time to tell G2G...

You want the joint...You pay for the repairs !

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(Keep in mind that Village Pub was offering $700,000 to renovate in addition to $3,000 in rent and payment of ALL utility expenses)

My guess is that, based on their past "generosity", they will run like hell at the very thought of having to spend a dime on something that's a total FREEBIE to them.

And you know...

...that's OK, because it should send out a warning to the community of just how committed they are to success...

...that Sun City Anthem accepting any deal to the contrary is beyond STUPIDITY on the part of those who govern and manage...

...that any insane decision to obligate Sun City Anthem property owners in such a manner without a community knowing the full details of both the costs to repair versus repurpose the existing space...


WHO WILL PAY THOSE COSTS... well as THEIR VOTING APPROVAL in either matter... placing the financial well-being of the association in serious financial jeopardy.

At the very least, if this "goes down" with residents paying the entire tab of any repairs, G2G might wish to present each new restaurant patron with this tee shirt momento of their first meal...

Image result for chump t shirt

As to those who make any decision, we strongly suggest this as required reading.

Image result for the art of the deal

What say you...the unit owners, who will likely be financially responsible?

Is it unfair to demand that this new tenant at the very least, share in these latest costs, before a formal lease is signed?

If they refuse to negotiate any such arrangement, would you support or patronize a restaurant that won't in any way,  show good faith to a community that would open its arms FREE of CHARGE?

In our opinion, knowing that a vast unit owner subsidy will likely increase year after year, G2G, in return should do so for one reason...

Image result for it's the right thing to do
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  1. From Buddy Opinions

    No big deal.  Just throw another 100k of our money for repair and lease to a private enterprise so they can make money at the expense of the dumb homeowners.

    This confirms the stupidity of Sandy and her crew.

    Maybe we should shut down the Anthem center for a month or two because the noise from construction will disturb those with hearing aids.

    The dust from construction will need to be checked for long term effects on all our lungs.

    Then everyone can congregate at the Liberty Center since you can only swim when there are no classes.
  2. From Robert Opinions

    If you have to jack-hammer the floor to gain access to the plumbing, it's well beyond a "minor" repair !
  3. From Favil Opinions

    I could not agree more with what you just published.

    They kick FAS off the property and now they want to bring an outside corporation on the property that pays no rent, no utilities, and we are supposed to jump for joy?
    1. From Robert Opinions

      Back to the Liberty Center problems.

      Liberty instructor for warm water pool.

      Unfortunately, the instructor for the 9:00 classes has been out of line for quite sometime.

      When we were using Liberty, while waiting for the Anthem pool to re-open, the 8:00 class experienced many rude experiences.

      The women who took the 9:00 class would come in early and start talking and laughing while our instructor was conducting her class.

      They would start at around 8:40.

      Then the 9:00 instructor would arrive between 8:45 and 8:50.

      She would start a conversation with our instructor and interrupt our class.

      Another disruption, she would start talking to the women in the warm water pool, carrying on very loudly

      If our class went over for few minutes, she would turn on her music as loud as she could while our class was just finishing up.
    2. From Carolyn Schmalz to...Anthem Opinions

      What reason does the Board believe that this restaurant will succeed when 5 have failed???

      Why wasn’t the homeowners able to vote on allowing the new restaurant to be rent, etc. free???

      Which is absurd.

      What was the reason for that???

      It seems to me that there is a select few who just want a restaurant no matter the cost.

      I feel sure if this restaurant goes in, my dues will go up!

      And I never participate in the restaurant. The last meal I had there was not good to say the least.
      1. From Al Opinions

        If these idiots sign a deal for the community to have to pay for repairs, they all should be thrown out of office!

        Stating with our new general mgr, who is grossly overpaid for her position, again that falls on the morons who are running the HOA.

        It’s time to hire a lawyer and press charges against the entire group.
      2. I wonder why NONE of this is ever mentioned in the Spirit's June, 2018 President's Report?

        Lots of time for Burch to mention an old lawsuit that was settled, but NO TIME to mention the potential financial woes associated with a new restaurant.

        Then there is our newest Board Secretary, Candace Karrow, who, during the time she was running for office, made the statement that WE MUST DO ANYTHING TO MAKE SURE THE RESTAURANT SUCCEEDS.

        Well, perhaps both these individuals can SPELL OUT exactly what the owners will be GIVING AWAY this time to get some restaurant that is getting a FREE RIDE...

        ...and even more importantly, if there is a GIVE AWAY, WHY THEY FEEL THIS IS NOT A VIOLATION OF FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY.

        I wonder if any of them would invest their personal funds as frivolously as they seem to spend the money of those they pledged to RESPONSIBLY represent?

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Sun City Anthem Resident "Humorously" Looks at Latest Association Waste

Let’s have a Contest!
A Sun City Anthem Resident Editorial
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Robert N.
Sun City Anthem Resident

For many years Sun City Anthem has held those Saturday Morning Parking Lot Sales, Recycling Truck Saturdays, and the annual Computer recycling Saturday.

Up until about a year ago, the SCA Community Patrol successfully handled the traffic situation, with a goal of assuring pedestrian safety.

I happened to be at the Anthem Center this past March and May, and HOA employees were on site “assisting” the Community Patrol members with traffic control.

Likewise I happened to be at the Anthem Center recently where the Computer Club had their most recent ‘computer recycling event’.

Although the Community Patrol (e.g. volunteers) were present assisting in traffic control, there were also one or more HOA paid employees in the lot directing traffic.

Undoubtedly the hourly employees were enjoying overtime pay.

I don’t want to say that traffic control was not necessary – BUT the Community Patrol is a volunteer organization and their service costs you nothing, whereas the HOA employees are PAIDOUT OF YOUR HOA FEES.

The Patrol VOLUNTEERS successfully handled traffic and parking control without incident over the years….so why (once again) is SCA Management paying for a service that used to be 100% free?

That got me to thinking: How about an SCA-Wide contest to see who can come up with the best way to waste our HOA fees?

You’ll have a lot of competition via the Board, so you need to be innovative.

Alas, some of the best suggestions for the biggest wastes of HOA fees have already “been taken”.

Thus your entry CANNOT include:

Image result for no nos

a. Subsidizing a restaurant

b. Continued pay increases for the General Manager

c. Over utilization and over payment of the SCA Attorney

The grand prize for the contest has yet to be determined; however the winner will undoubtedly receive the accolades of the Sun City Anthem Board & General Manager.

Image result for cartoon clapping

Of course, the contest entries could be evaluated by the same Accounting Firm that was used last year during the “recall effort”; however, the validity of the entries would then come into question.

Any Suggestions? – remember:

As always, it’s YOUR MONEY !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thanks to Robert N. for putting both a smile and frown on our face.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Liberty Center Controversy Continues without Answers or Explanations

Sun City Anthem Resident Attends
May 24, 2018 Board Meeting
to Address Liberty Center Pool Concerns
Disappointment Results

Samuel Novotny
Sun City Anthem Resident
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The closing of the Liberty pool to swimmers while aerobics classes were on going, was not known to the general public, except to a few of us that received emails. 

Most users found out when they showed up at the pool. 

No announcement to the general public and as far as I know, no posting on SCA web site. 

A few of us opted to attend the Board of Directors meeting on May 24, 2018 in hope to present our case and ask that the  closing of the pool be discussed before the Health and Fitness committee. 

This committee no longer exists and I believe the Management and Fitness entity took its place. 

That means don’t bring any problems to the people that are part of the problem.

To my surprise, Management put the pool issue on the agenda

They made an opening statement that the pool was closed because of a threat to me (author of this report), with police recommendation to ban every one from the pool while classes were going on

Image result for cartoon police order

Further, Management said they tried to resolve the issues, but could not get the two parties together and because of the threat and racial overtones

I and one other party, could not question this statement at the time it was made

At the conclusion of all board business, each person that cared to comment on any subject was given two minutes to make their statements or ask the Board questions. . 

When it came to my turn, I asked the board on how many members knew the details behind the closing. 

Three members knew something
Related image
I asked the Board to reopen the pool and allow a public hearing to hear all sides of issue. 

No reply was received.

Image result for cartoon silence

After the closing of the meeting, I asked Sandy Seddon, Sun City Anthem General Manager, why she could not get the two sides together and was told that the other  party did not want to meet with us

Furthermore, she could not make them come to the meeting. 

I then asked her to provide name(s) of who made the racial comment, but was told she would not

Since a police report was filed and an investigation conducted, it is a matter of public record and I believe names of people are/should be made public.  

I will have to consider legal action to obtain this information and possibly legal action against the person who made this a racial issue.

Let’s  face it, the General Manager could have forced the other party(s) to  meet with us, by simply stating that if they did not show up, she would close the classes taught by the instructor who’s class is causing the problems. 

I then asked Sandy Seddon how I could start a petition to get the pool reopened. 

I am considering doing a petition; but frankly, talking to the chairman after the meeting, indications are it would do no good. 

I asked the chairman about where I can get financial information on how the classes get paid and who benefits. 

I then asked, do the residents subsidize the aerobic classes?

He said yes, but it is very little

Management had previously denied that we subsidized the classes

Image result for who's telling the truth game

The chairman also told me part of the decision to close the pool was because of similar action taken at Anthem

This was due to the same instructor insisting that swimmers and talkers prevented her from conducting her class

I pointed out that the two swim/walker lanes at Anthem were closed after strenuous objections by many in Anthem, but because we were assured that no classes would be conducted in any of the Liberty pools, nor children be allowed at those facilities, the decision was accepted.  

It would take another recall election to get a board that listens to the community

After the meeting, I felt like a woman that was raped and then blamed for dressing improperly and accused of “asking for it”. 

A General Manager who cannot get two parties together to resolve issues and makes a lot more money than a two star general that is responsible for the lives of 15-20K soldiers and billions worth of equipment, in my eyes, should not be running this community

Image result for cartoon woman throwing money away

Sorry, Sandy, you took the easy way out. 

I will be filing a request to get the financial details about the financing of the classes, as well how much subsidizing is being done to pay fitness instructors. 

I know we do subsidize clubs, but we should not be doing this for elective classes and personal instructions

Anyone that has financial savvy and wants to assist in examining the books, I would appreciate their help. 

That is, if we are not blocked from examining the books. 

Contact me at:

I do thank the board and our General Manager for letting us express our views. 

All parties conducted themselves in a dignified and calm manner. 

However, next time a major issue comes up, I recommend adequate notice be given to the public so people can make plans to attend meetings and  be given a lot more time than two minutes to express their anger or praise or  ask questions.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Anthem Opinions thanks Mr. Novotny for his follow-up report.

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  2. From Art Opinions

    Since the heated pool at Liberty Center is classified as a therapeutic pool with certain accommodations for individuals with disabilities or medical conditions, such as arthritis  or recovery from surgery (i.e physical therapy and its required at home exercises), perhaps the manager, board and all knowing well over budget attorney are treading on violations of the Federal ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act!
  3. From Barbara Opinions

    In reading your blog today, the woman who wrote the letter about the pool, indicated that the clubs were subsidized.

    I have never heard this and I am curious what clubs are subsidized and how?

    I am a member of the pan and mah jongg club and never heard anything about any money coming from anything, other than the dues it costs to belong.

    Thanks for any light you and shed on this situation.
  4. From Buddy Opinions

    This is the most ridiculous issue that I have ever seen.

    Shame on the Board.

    Shame on Sandy Seddon.

    Shame on the instructor and the people involved.

    Because of their personal bias, anyone wishing to use our facilities when these few people are present, will be inconvenienced.

    This sets a precedent that anyone that wants to complain without merit and wants to remain private and secretive, could destroy any of the amenities that SCA offers.

    I cannot put in words the disappointment that I feel for all involved.
  5. Barbara,  as far as I know, the Clubs aren't subsidized; however, the various fitness instructors are.

    As to what the amount is, I believe that information can be obtained through a Document Request form.

    Let us know if you pursue this matter. I'm sure most of our community is unaware that fitness instructors are association subsidized.
  6. From Robert Opinions

    ANYTIME race is brought into the equation, you KNOW it's a desperate act on one party's part - mainly because that party's complaint is unfounded and without merit.......kind of like the 'little boy who cried Wolf'
    1. Robert, sadly it certainty seems to be the case lately in Sun City Anthem.

      Ergo: James Coleman's ridiculous "ethnicity" rant.

      It accomplished nothing other than his being responsible along with his "blogger" pal, for bringing the ugly subject of "racism" into what has always been a "colorblind" community.
    2. From Valerie Opinions

      Another way to harm the residents!

      Will this behavior ever stop?

      What once was a wonderful  place to live is  now a dictatorship where owners are being taken advantage of while the manager laughs all the way to the bank.