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Sunday, January 31, 2016

First Position Paper of 2016 Sun City Anthem Board Candidate

Sun City Board Candidate
Barry Goldstein

Proposed Governance Changes
Self Management
Our community is about to embark on a completely new method of managing our association day to day operations.

It is my humble opinion that we, the members of our association, must move past our history of trying to blame someone for past mistakes; that, in order to be successful in self management, we all must turn that page of past disappointments to a future of positive accomplishments.

Here is my road to make this happen:

I believe in the KISS system. (keep it simple, stupid)

The current members of the Board of Directors not up for election must be able to give up all remnants of absolute power that was created by the Board Policy Manual.

The job of the Board of Directors under Governance would be to set the Goals, Objectives, and Budget constraints of the General Manager.

Their responsibility thereafter, should be monitoring the success or inability of the General Manager to meet the tasks put forth by the Board , paying close attention to fulfilling their FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES to our association members.

The General Manager would have total control of daily day to day operations in order to meet the Board approved mandates.

The standing committees would be used by the General Manager to ensure successfully following the rules of NRS 116,etc. and the association CC&R's.

This is an important step as the short period of time the General Manager has been in our community, she would need some guidance with these rules and regulations.

In establishing these guidelines, one must always remember that "absolute power corrupts". 

I cannot stress enough my firm belief that seeking election to our Board must encompass an individual's full understanding of the words "FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY".

We also elect individuals who have the personality and common 
sense to allow the  association General Manager do her job.

As a member of the finance committee, I experienced the effect of absolute power of the current Board of Directors.

Their insistence in maintaining that attitude of control, which they exercise over the community;  will, in my opinion, not work effectively under self management.

I thought Jim Mayfield did an efficient job of presenting his vision of future management, but answers to questions and proper clarification must be forthcoming in order for our association to fully comprehend the affects of the suggested changes prior to implementation.

If any of your readers would like to ask me direct questions regarding  my position on issues that may be of concern to them, my email is:

Have comments or questions for Barry Goldstein?

Send them to :

  1. From Josette Opinions

    I like Barry's analysis of what the board should be.
    1. Josette,

      We've offered other candidates the opportunity to share their thoughts and positions.

      It's a wonderful opportunity to ask honest questions. Remember, any candidate who participates, has agreed to answer all relevant questions.

      Let's hope they will be as responsive as Barry Goldstein.
      1. From Mary Lee Opinions

        Excellent First Position Paper!!!!
        1. From Tito Goldstein (through Anthem Opinions)


          I'm glad you are running again for the Board.

          I voted for you the last time and I would again this time around.

          Considering what has been happening since we moved to Sun City Anthem 7 years ago, we need people in the Board like you who have a good business sense and respectful of every resident in our community. Let me cut to the chase and ask your opinion on the one issue that had bothered me and hundreds of residents and that is, the restaurant or the recent fiasco with "Cafe V".

          The Board as well as our famous resident, David Berman, had trumpeted for this restaurant since its inception, pointing to us how important it is to our community for reasons most of us cannot imagine.

          The majority of our residents, including me, are on fixed Social Security income and watch every dollar we spend for eating out. There are so many available deals, comps and bargains the "casinos" offer to local residents to attract them to eat at their restaurants, not to mention the numerous eateries we have within a short drive that are reasonably priced.

          As a member of the Finance Committee, you know fully well that by subsidizing and maintaining that restaurant, we have lost tons of money and still might continue to lose more for litigation, attorney's fees, etc.

          I just read that the present Board is still considering having another restaurant after settling the issues with "Cafe V".

          Very few people have been patronizing our restaurant even before "Cafe V" and, in all honesty, we don't believe we need one and we don't want one.

          Where do you stand on this issue?

          Thank you.
        2. From Barry Goldstein to Tito Fernandez

          Tito, first let me say thank you for your support.

          I greatly appreciate it, and need all the help I can get.

          My position on the restaurant has not changed.

          I am not in favor of subsidizing a for profit business.

          We already do this because of the equipment in place in the kitchen.

          The board has a fiduciary duty to make deals that favor the members of our association.

          If we can make a deal that lives up to our obligation to the members, then and only then, would I support it.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Incorrect Link on Original Article

2015 Age Restricted Occupancy Form

oops_we_goofed.jpg (225×110)

Anthem Opinions was notified by a reader who completed the form noted on our previous article.

It appears that an incorrect form was linked to the article.

Actually...the form that was linked has been discontinued and is no longer required under Nevada law...

(As to why it is still on the SCA website, we have no idea !)

At any rate...

This is the correct link to the form.

Our thanks to Lori Martin, Community Association Manager, for clarifying this and sending us the correct form.

Upon completion, please return it to the Anthem Center office at your earliest opportunity.

Again, we apologize for this error and we thank our reader Bill Zipfel, for calling this to our attention, Director Jim Mayfield's prompt notification to FSR, and Lori Martin's immediately contacting us to avoid further delays in form completion.

Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Anthem Opinions "Nevada Know How" columnist Tim Stebbins

    I think it is important for all to understand the objective is to get all homeowners to fill out the form. It is not an objective to fine people.

    When homeowners refuse or forget or think it is too much trouble to complete the form the board has limited options to encourage them to cooperate. A fine is one - a pretty drastic one.

    If any of our readers have practical suggestions on what process the board should use, the board might be very interested.

  2. From Josette Opinions

    I moved here because it was 55 and over.

    So , if you don't want to follow the rules, then MOVE.

    I have no patience with someone who doesn't fill out the form and mail it in ON TIME

    It costs money to keep mailing the forms out to people and have to BEG them to get with it.

    You knew the rules before you bought and moved in.

    If you don't qualify to live here.....then you shouldn't be here.

  3. From Walter Opinions

    With the internet widely available to the public for more than 25 years,
    is there any reason that we have to use that pesky paper form and deliver
    or snail-mail it to whoever requires it?

    Most of our community may not be able to deliver it in person to the HOA office;, and, I believe, that most of the residents (who subsidize the few who use facilities), never have any wish or reason to even set their foot in there.

    We should be able (if it is required by law to do it) to complete similar forms on-line?

    Thank you.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Not Completing Verification Forms Could Cost You

Sun City Anthem Board Member
Addresses Age Verification

55+-Sign.jpg (2592×1944)

A recent plea was made by the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors for residents to complete and return their age verification form.

This requirement is necessary to maintain the "Age 55+" status of those living in our association.

There have been a number of concerns that have been raised with regard to this issue and the Sun City Anthem Board has determined that residents who fail to adhere to this requirement will be subject to an initial fine of $100 and a CONTINUING VIOLATION PENALTY of UP TO $100 PER WEEK until the form is completed.

This requirement has met with some controversy amongst association members and Anthem Opinions was asked by a reader for some clarification as to the vital importance of completing this form.

Accordingly, Director Jim Mayfield has asked that we publish this statement:

States Mr. Mayfield:

"At the agenda review meeting, I asked the CAM to report at the Board meeting the ramifications of non compliance with the 80% requirement for receipt of the age survey.  The most important ramification is that failure to comply will cause SCA to lose its age-restricted status and allow homeowners at SCA to rent to and allow persons with children and others who do not meet SCA's age restrictions to live within SCA.  This would not be good!

Dick, I have no sympathy for people who do not live here full-time and use the status as an excuse for not performing the obligations of an owner in our community.  The Board hears this excuse for everything from exterior maintenance violations, to complaints about why they shouldn't pay assessments for periods when they are not in town, to why their assessments are late, etc.

The Spirit is an official publication of SCA.  It is sent monthly to every owner at an address each owner specifies.  The survey requirement is also on the web site and sent out in multiple E-Blasts.  My view is that SCA can only go so far to insure owners stay informed and to facilitate them to fulfil their responsibilities as owners.  At some point, owners have to be responsible for the obligations of ownership.  If they don't, the SCA Board has a fiduciary responsibility to take action to impose a consequence for their neglect of ownership responsibilities."

In order to avoid incurring any financial penalty, if you haven't yet completed this form, just click on this clink, quickly complete it, and drop it off at Anthem Center at your earliest opportunity.

If you have any additional questions, call:

(702) 638-5751

Anthem Opinions Administration
  1. From Bill Opinions

    After reading the information about the occupancy survey, taking the personal time to wonder why Mr. Mayfield thinks it appropriate to steeply fine homeowners in lieu of his and his fellow board members' profligacy, I printed the form to which you linked, filled it in, and took it to the office.

    The administrative assistant told me it was the wrong form and handed me a somewhat simpler form to fill in.

    I thought you would like to know that you have apparently linked to the incorrect form.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

She Just Doesn't Get It...She Wastes Money Without Concern...Because She Can !

Let them Eat Cake...Part Two

IMG_0874.JPG (1600×1200)

We previously clarified our article on the Sun City Anthem Board's luncheon expenses....


After doing some additional checking....

Looks like we found out that IN ADDITION to the overpriced lunches obtained by Sun City Anthem President,  Bella Meese at twice the cost alternatives of other restaurants... was only part of the story.

We recently learned that we also FEED THE BOARD breakfast with a breakfast spread obtained from...

trader+vic'+logo.jpg (355×168)

...a spread that is more than a cup of coffee and includes a mountain of food for "the chosen ones" and their guests that include FSR brass and our new General Manager !

Oh...and despite our reporting that  Mrs. Meese previously ordered her "feast" at The Cheesecake Factory...

... guess where it was ordered this time for the January 28th Board "eats" ?

You guessed it...

225px-CheesecakeFactoryLogo1.jpg (150×150)

Do I smell the odor of arrogance and waste...Again ????????

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:

Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Phyllis Opinions

    Freeze the funds and suggest from now on, we the people VOTE on all of her expenditures, BEFORE she can use funds we pay for our community!

    This peacock needs her wings clipped.
  2. From Opinions

    I read your blog continuously and I am not happy on what the Board has been doing.

    What can the membership do to correct this problem with the standing board?

    I know the answer is to vote out this close knit circle of people, but this has not taken place.

    Is there anything else we can do.

    When I attend an SCA Board workshop,

    you are given 30 seconds or so to state you opinion and you always get a thank you. This is a joke.

    What is the answer?
  3. Jeff,

    Unfortunately, the only manner to make change a reality, is at the ballot box.

    In the past, I realize this has become difficult, what with another blog constantly endorsing candidates who have created the problems we have had for years.

    But...the "the times they are a'changin"...

    ...and in the past year, so many financial mistakes have been made, that it has become impossible to "make them go away" by simply ignoring them or refusing to accept they exist.

    What concerns me more than anything else is the day of reckoning...a day that can't be that far away.

    When a 2016 budget shows a $300,000 deficit that has omitted any expenditures made on the Liberty Center that appear to be in the $400,000 to $500,000 coverage at best, only covering a portion of the loss...

    ... one would think it might be time to "tighten the belt" with spending our dues dollars.

    The alternatives are either a special assessment or a dues increase.

    Deficient spending doesn't work out very well in a homeowners association.

    Our reserves will have been pretty much depleted in 2016.

    One thing for certain, a number of individuals who populate the current Sun City Anthem Board have demonstrated their ability to ignore these facts and continue wasting away our resources in any manner they see fit.

    Our job as residents is to elect individuals who have a proven record of experience that can solve these vital issues.

    How do we do that?

    Tell every one of your friends to look twice at who the candidates are....

    NOT...with what they say...

    ...but their past actions and willingness to seek assistance in solving similar problems that we are currently experiencing.

    Inexperience and closed mindedness are no longer acceptable.

    Years ago, I was given wonderful advice when it came to listening to rhetoric from others when it came to financial matters; advice all voters would be wise to consider.

    "Everyone has to learn...but let them learn on somebody else"

    One more idea, tell your friends about Anthem Opinions if they want it "told like it is".

  1. From Bud Opinions

    The upcoming election is an opportunity to take a first step in bringing about fiscal change and accountability, but it will require two things:

    Voter information delivered to SCA residents, and

    a get out the vote plan.

    The consequences of not having a successful election, will once again embolden the current Board.

  2. From Opinions

    I just don't get how she can continuously get away with all this spending on our backs.

    Hope she's really enjoying this frivolous spending because she won't be there for long.


Monday, January 25, 2016

A True Story of Old Vegas

The history of "Old Vegas" can have some fascinating stories...and Anthem Opinions is so fortunate to have a former noted Las Vegas journalist, Norm Johnson, allowing us to reprint portions of his entertainment news for our readers in addition to others who assist us.
...but Norm is a part of the history of Las Vegas, and has known some of the most famous individuals who also shared Las Vegas moments in time.... a result...he too is a part of "Old Vegas"... much so, that we believe his portrait should hang somewhere in the Neon Museum (The Boneyard) amongst the hotel signs that were part of Las Vegas past !
...and today, rather than Entertainment, he's shared some "Old Vegas" history we thought "you ought to know".
So thanks in advance to Norm....

Our Entertainment Contributor Tells a Story of "Old Vegas"


Click on our "Information Page"
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Bella...gate" May Have Been Merely Just Another Chapter in Association Spending

Let Them Eat Cake...Cheesecake !

A couple of months ago, the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors passed a budget showing a 2016 deficit of approximately $300,000, a somewhat troubling figure as we entered this new year.

Keep that in mind as we proceed.

Someone might want to remind our Association Board President,  Bella Meese,  that a deficit means...

 "the coffers are emptying faster than they are being filled"

...and that one might think twice about frivolously spending the almighty buck as a result...

...unless of course you're a bureaucrat who believes "the system owes you"   

Along those lines...

Ever wonder what Board members do on the same the day before board meetings?

Normally they have an executive session and follow that up with a nice lunch.

I have no problem with our association picking up a lunch tab for directors.  After all, it is a voluntary position, but...


Where that lunch treat is obtained and HOW MUCH it costs !

It was recently learned that the Sun City Anthem President,  Bella Meese, made the determination that since Cafe V was no longer available, an excellent alternative was..

logo_13173660tn_200.jpg (200×114)

Ever been there?  It's a wonderful place to have thing for sure.....

 It Ain't Cheap !

...and that's where this article is headed !

When you check the internet for a restaurant's menu and the prices aren't included in the listing....

That normally means....BRING THE BANK ACCOUNT !

...and from the "grapevine", rumor has it that this latest "business" luncheon that included a board and "guests" ran up a tab of about.....


...and you and I paid for it !

Of course Mrs. Meese has long demonstrated herself to be a"spend thrift" when it comes to Association funds, hasn't she?

By now you must have been living in a cave not to be aware of the thousands of dollars Bella Meese and various members of the Board squandered on Cafe V and those buses right?

But...we have a bit more for your "digestive" system....

stomach-cartoon.png (222×240)

Looks like we may have "politics" at work !

On Friday, January 22nd Bella Meese was spotted at Buckmans Grill having a "casual"  luncheon with board candidate, Bob Burch.

We know that Mr. Burch, a candidate for the Sun City Anthem Board election, is a "fan favorite" of a number of existing board members...

...previously meeting separately with David Berman and his wife, in a desperate attempt to look for candidates who support the "leadership" qualities that has been "exemplified" with restaurants, buses, and the Liberty Center, over the past year by a number of them.

..and we know that  Mr. Burch STRONGLY SUPPORTS this current board for the "excellent" job they're shown in their spending habits...

...something ALL OF YOU should remember when you cast that Director election ballot !

So we have a couple of questions to ask of Mrs. Meese and Mr. Burch !

Was that just a casual lunch or was there a specific purpose for it ?

Was that the first time either of them had lunch in the past ?

Who called who to have the lunch ?

Any other Board candidates receive a luncheon invitation ?

Was the upcoming election discussed in any way?

and most importantly....


Was it a personal expense or was a SUN CITY ANTHEM CREDIT CARD USED...

...and if cash or a personal credit card was used, WILL THAT BE  SUBMITTED for reimbursement by SUN CITY ANTHEM funds?

Well now, I think that's an honest question that can be asked of a board member expected to be impartial, and a board candidate who is looking to "represent" the best interests of a community, don't you?

And getting back to that lunch ordered from The Cheesecake Factory !!!!

 I certainly hope that was just a rumor ! 

After all, Burger King would have cost about $50 at best!

And...all of that can be simply answered by...


We're not insinuating anything, but then again, if it was...

 "our dough...we should know"

huh!.jpg (192×192)

...don't ya think ?

And to you, our's another one we'd like to ask your opinion.

Is it ethical for a sitting Board member to meet separately with a candidate, or does that somehow create some kind of partiality or conflict of interest?

scratch-head02-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000415-large.gif (103×105)

Anyone seen this guy?

As a result of this article, I have a feeling a few of our leaders might  be !

ebd5deea484e27b54d6d9eff43be5013.jpg (239×217)

Send us an email.

Let us know your thoughts.

Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Rana Goodman of Anthem Opinions

    I would be interested in knowing :
    1: how many board members were at the lunch, more than 3, I believe would make it an actual meeting if they talk association business.

    2: how many guests in order for the bill to be so high.

    We often eat at there and unless there have been a large group the bill rarely reaches such an amount.
  2. All we need to see is the detailed receipt to get those answers, Rana.
    1. From Marty Opinions

      This is where we show them the door and how it doesn't hit them in the a _ _ on their way out.

      There should be a clause that allows for impeachment !

      Misuse of funds is a clear reason and justifiable reason for such an action.

      1. Marty,

        Yours is not the first comment we have received regarding impeachment.

        It is a difficult process, and with 716 members (from separate homes) signing such a petition to impeach an individual board member, it would then force a ballot where it would require 50% +1 (3573) to formally impeach.

        That would be a momentous task, if not impossible task.

        It wasn't always that way.

        Up until a few years ago, Nevada regulations called for the same number to place the question on the ballot, but once that was accomplished, a simple majority of those who voted was needed to impeach.

        We have "distinguished" lawyers who saw dollar signs in their eyes in making sure "bad apples" stayed in power to thank for that change, and it appears we have a number of board members who have more than embraced that change.

        I hope all can learn a good lesson from this disturbing manner in which association funds are spent....

        ...look carefully at those who "cuddle up" to those with such an abysmal voting track record.

        And we know of one.....Bob Burch.

  1. From Rivka Opinions

    Why are you making such a big deal about a luncheon? Bob Burch is a person of his convictions I trust him thoroughly and will support him. It is a pity that when somebody new and informative wants to run for the board you immediately prejudge him because of a luncheon.

    I suggest you set a more positive tone rather than a constant negative tone.

    I hope you do print this email even though it might not be to your liking.
    1. Rivka,

      Why wouldn't I print your comment?

      I admire your supporting Bob Burch.

      It certainly is in keeping with your past intuition as to your candidate choices.

      I know how much you supported Bella Meese, and especially, Jean Capillupo, in the past.

      Still feel you made a wise decision?

      Or...could you have possibly made a mistake in light of all the matters that have been uncovered by Anthem Opinions FOR YOUR BENEFIT in order that they not take place again and again?

      You really think a candidate that cuddles up to them and has a belief that this board has done an admiral job, would vote against their continued wasteful habits?

      Somehow, we would very much like to understand your logic.

      No Rivka, it's a shame you can't understand that voting for Bob Burch is another vote for the deeds of the "establishment" and everything they stand for...

      ...that a vote for him will CONTINUE the PAST.

      Is that what you want?

      And Rivka, there is a difference between a "negative" tone and a "realistic" one.

      We look at the past, study it, and come to logical conclusions that are pretty much DEAD ON when it comes to accuracy.

      Perhaps Anthem Opinions should give kudos for waste?
      1. From Opinions

        Did I read that right?

        Board members and guests at a lunch at Cheesecake Factory paid for by the membership?

        How does one get on that list?

        I sat on the board of directors for a 3,000 home community in California for seven years and not once was I provided with a free meal paid for by the membership.

        As it should be.

        Being a board member is just as voluntary as participation in a community club and we don't provide them with meals at membership expense.

        Just another perk this board seems to be taking advantage of.
  1. As a result of a our article, we have since learned some additional information, and clarification must be made of what was previously reported.

    It was learned that the $500 was spent for multiple events for authorized purposes over a multi-month period.

    We want to thank Director Carl Weinstein for this clarification and the prompt attention he gave to this matter.

    Our investigation did bring out one other interesting fact, however.

    Lunches paid at alternative locations were HALF the price charged by Cafe V.

    Lunches at Cafe V were authorized by President Bella Meese despite other board members objecting to the high prices; however, those objections were overruled by her, resulting in paying TWICE what alternatives would have provided.