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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sun City Anthem Finance Committee Vice Chairman Issues Alarming Statement....Says NO to 2016 Budget

Sun City Anthem Finance Committee
Tells Board NO to Budget Certification

We have received a number of reports from  individuals who attended the September 29, 2015 Board Meeting, and we wish to combine them and share them with you.

Let me begin by conveying a sincere thanks to the number of residents who took the time to attend that meeting....apparently 60 of them....

...60 concerned a meeting that was NOT GIVEN ANY LEGAL NOTICE as prescribed by Nevada law. 

Normally only 8-10 residents attend such functions, and again it proves something quite positive; namely, people are CARING MORE AND MORE and ARE WILLING TO SEE THINGS FOR THEMSELVES, rather than merely reading blogs and association publications that have proven to be their reporting.

From what has been learned, the reaction to this Board was anything but a positive endorsement of their means of governance.

Instead, it proved just the opposite...the growing disdain the community seems to have for them !

In short...the people in attendance appeared to HAVE HAD ENOUGH of THE ANTICS of a number of them...particularly President Bella Meese, Secretary Jean Capillupo, and Treasurer Thomas Nissen.

The Finance Vice Chairman, Tom Revell, opened the session in an explosive manner stating that THE FINANCE COMMITTEE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE 2016 BUDGET for passage...

...mentioning a number of statistics that added up to showing that the Sun City Anthem 2016 budget will produce an approximate $1 million DEFICIT.

Mr. Revell read a prepared statement that we were able to obtain...essentially detailing the problems associated for being unable to do so....

...the main complaints revolving around certain Board members (mentioned above) behavior continuously interfering with their attempt to complete their task; and a resounding condemnation of FSR employee, Matt Resler, for adding to the problem.

That complete statement has been placed in our "Nevada Know How" Information Page for our readers to view.

It is LONG...but...worth the time, as it provides a complete detail of the continual problems the Finance Committee faced in their attempt to comply with Board Guidelines...being met with continuous opposition.

Following the presentation, EACH MEMBER OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE STOOD AND ENDORSED THE STATEMENT...receiving an ovation from those in attendance for their willingness to stand up and DO THE RIGHT THING.

Of particular concern was a comment by Finance Committee member, Barry Goldstein, who stated that in the last 30 days the Board removed $185,000 from the association cash balance, which brought the total to $200,000 for self-management transition. an even more SHOCKING comment, he further stated that an additional $720,000 was removed for 2016 transition expenses...without detailing as to what those expenses were budgeted.

Needless to say the Board members looked quite perturbed at the statement...and...the crowd reaction.

That was more than obvious during the Member comment period...when time and again, as various residents would begin their 2 minute speeches, they WERE CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTED by Board Secretary Jean Capillupo... action that is not only RUDE, but also violates Nevada law.

In 2009 the Sun City Anthem Board was issued a Letter of Instruction from the Ombudsman stating "unit owners are allowed to speak uninterrupted during an allotted time in all meetings".

We suggest she become familiar with that law as an association officer to avoid YET ANOTHER COMPLAINT.

Most importantly it is hoped that a very special lesson be learned by various members of this Board....

....there is a new spirit that seems to be emerging in Sun City Anthem....

...a belief that the actions of board members  are being watched and examined closer then ever in the history of our community....


Read the full text of the Vice Chairman, Tom Revell.

Then let us know how you feel about this latest situation by sending us an email at:

Dick Arendt
Anthem Opinions Administration


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"Nevada Know How"
  1. From Robert Opinions

    It's time we get VOCAL...the typical resident will not do anything until the monthly maintenance goes through the roof (and then they'll only complain).

    I had wanted to attend the recent meeting but my knee surgery prevented it.

    It is time that ALL of us attend these meetings (I have this vision from the old 'Frankenstein' movie where the villagers (with flaming torches) are yelling "Kill the Monster" !

    I may sound totally paranoid and cynical, but that's what I get for living in the NY/NJ region for 60 years.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Finance Committee Meeting Promises to Have Shocking Financial Forecast

Sun City Anthem Board to Meet with
Finance Committee to Discuss
2016 Association Budget
Tuesday, September 29th
Delaware Room
Ordinarily we do not bring such meetings to your attention; however, Anthem Opinions has learned that official NOTICE of this meeting WAS NOT GIVEN ...a belief that this action constitutes a VIOLATION of NRS 116 regulations.
Originally in the 2015 master "Calendar of Events", this meeting was originally scheduled as an official BOARD MEETING...which requires proper notification.
As to why this was not properly noticed, no reason was provided.
At that session, it appears the Finance Committee will be announcing their belief that a huge DEFICIT will be announced for the coming 2016 year....
...that this session could possibly be the most revealing meeting of 2015 !
We have been asked to make the community aware of this Workshop in order that residents be aware of this issue, consider attending, and making comment as to the report.
Anthem Opinions will have a follow-up for those who are unable to make this session.
Anthem Opinions Administration 


Discussing the "What Ifs" of the General Manager Agreement

Does Disaster Loom in the
Sun City Anthem
General Manager Agreement ?
(Part Two of Two)

This is our second of two articles in our examining the Agreement offered the new Sun City Anthem General Manager once the transition to Self-Management is concluded.

Yesterday we discussed the "salary/benefit package". 

Today we will concern ourselves with another issue revolving around both COMMON SENSE and GOOD BUSINESS SENSE... which none of the Board members seemed to have an answer, namely...

"Do you have a back-up plan?"

Why is this a concern? 

It was disclosed at the board meeting that the duties of the new General Manager were both many and intricate in nature....and required the expertise of a strong and qualified which we are in full agreement.

But...I questioned...

What happens if that individual dies, becomes disabled, or terminates voluntarily or involuntarily?

Who takes over

Which board member assumes the full responsibility WITHOUT COMPENSATION until a replacement is found?

Keep in mind that the current individual that was chosen took months and many dollars spent to find !


In addition, when one is granted such also is in a strong position to DEMAND.

What will be the response of our Board should this particular individual DEMAND a $500,000 salary the following year

Could this happen?  Of course it could...especially if you create an atmosphere that would allow it to take place...which...WE HAVE .

We would have no one to immediately replace that individual...and the potential result...

..being held HOSTAGE to one individual who we have made INDESPENSABLE.

That is the fragile position we, Sun City Anthem, could be placed in without a "back-up plan" to protect our association from this contingency.

And to that concern, we ask...

Should there not be a "2nd in command?"

The moral of this story is simple....a principle learned many years ago as a young man who ventured into the business world...with an idea...and a commitment to the belief in a saying engraved on a wooden plaque that stood on my office desk for 35 years....

It read...

"People don't Plan to Fail...They Fail to Plan"

...and these are my biggest fears as we enter this new world of self-management.

Why have these ideas not been considered and fully researched seeking out the relevant valued experience of the business world that exists on each and every street that lines Sun City Anthem?

Only those who make the decisions have that answer.

The rest of us are all to often, bewildered !

Got a comment ?

Send it to us at:
Dick Arendt
Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Gene Opinions

    Thank you for this article. I agree with everything you said about the Café V disaster. However my major concern is the future.

    Self management will probably be the biggest mistake SCA could make. Everything I have seen from the board has been positive. I see no contingency planning.

    For example, what if the prospective manager does not meet expectations or resigns?

    Who will operate as manager while a new person is in place?

    Based on the timeline to hire the first person there could be considerable time involved where SCA will be leaderless.

    At this time there have been many resumes for manger that have been reviewed. If the resumes were well done, the present or expected compensation has been determined.

    Compared to the plan, the committee can determine and REPORT if the expectations when the plan was adopted meet the findings of the process.

    A complete analysis of expected costs vs. planned costs must be made public so that residents can see during the process whether expectations from a cost standpoint will be met.

    One point I have heard is that even if there are no cost savings at least we will have control, whatever that means.

    We have control of so much now, including Café V, but much seems to be a problem.

    How long has it taken to decide what to do with the space meant to be a bocce ball court?

    Many people have opinions, but no decision has been made. Fortunately there is no repercussion from the delay except possibly higher cost when a decision is made.

    My point is that if the decision makers wait for consensus, there is NO control.

    Being on a board in an organization such as SCA is non-rewarding and I admire those who undertake the responsibility. I only suggest that the board does not undertake projects that will potentially cause either higher costs or more aggravation for everyone.

    Now is not the time in life to attempt to extend ones resume. Instead take a step back and enjoy life.
  2. From Douglas Opinions

    I was at the meeting on Thursday night and most of the new people included 7 from the pickleball club. These seven have been trying to get the lights fixed on the Pickelball courts for 5 years and thought that the agenda item on lighting was to fix the lights.

    Of course it was not but a repair to the panel that operated the lights to restore lighting to the previous substandard level.

    This issue has been on going and unresolved. I sent a email to Don Schramski about this and the new self management process.

    The self management system has not been well thought out and they would not answer important questions about secession planning for the new position as well as valid other issues brought up under member comment.

    There are serious issues with the procurement process of this association as well as oversight of repairs and maintenance issues.

    The board does not listen to any other point of view other than thru their convoluted governance system.
  3. From a personal standpoint...I wish to commend ALL those who have made comments to this series of articles.

    What makes them so special is how well thought out they are, that time was taken to address an issue and a position taken....that explained WHY they took it.

    Whether one agrees of disagrees with Anthem Opinions or with those who take the time to comment on Anthem Opinions, I sincerely thank all of you for expressing yourselves in a mature and well thought out manner.

    How different this is from other publications...and I believe our community is proud of all of you as a result.

    Keep 'em coming !

    No one learns without making attempts to understand the views of others, and YOUR OPINION is every bit as important as ANY OTHER PERSON'S....We know that...and We'll never forget it !
  1. From Laura Opinions

    With regard to your article, Dick, I am completely disgusted and fed up with what's going with our Board and the decisions they are making.

    The only ones who will suffer in the long run will be the residents of this community. This is something you read about happening to other communities, not ours.
  2. From Bud Opinions

    First, I need to get this off my chest. How the heck can the residents expect this Board to govern SCA with self management and provide competent direction to a General Manger, when it has proven time and again it can not and will not manage the lease for the Vic's fiasco with any degree of fiduciary responsibility?

    Second, whomever the anointed General Manager is, picked by some ritual to ensure devotion to this board at the expense of the SCA residents, is a nightmare in waiting. A least with FSR or any other management company we have the threat of termination for lack of compliance or mismanagement. But with an employee with allegiance only to those board members responsible for the hiring, if anyone thinks Vic's is a bad deal we haven't seen how bad this board can really behave.

    $250,000 salary? Plus, Plus, Plus? They know not what they do, and we stand by and do nothing, so who is really at fault. Darcy Spears where are you?

    Thanks for letting me vent.
    1. From William Opinions

      The compensation package is ludicrous. This town has many people capable of guiding this association who will work for a whole lot less.

      Before moving to SCA I lived in a similar but smaller community. Our amenities were smaller but we did own 27 holes of golf. We had a position of assistant general manager who filled in during the general manager's absence.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Specific Benefit...If Unaltered....Will Have Devastating Affect on Sun City Anthem Financial Solvency

Does Disaster Loom in the
Sun City Anthem
General Manager Agreement ?
(Part One of Two)

This is the first of a two part series discussing the Sun City Anthem General Manager Agreement that, according to the 6-1 Board vote on September 24, 2015, has been offered to a specific individual.

We are hoping that prior to sending that offer (if it has not yet been sent), that these concerns be FULLY ADDRESSED for the sake of Sun City Anthem solvency.

Today we will discuss the "salary/benefit package" that will be offered....our GREATEST CONCERN !

Here were some of the benefits included in that package.

a. Salary of $250,000.00
b. A Bonus arrangement of a potential $20,000.00
c. Relocation Expense reimbursement.
d. Long-term disability (presumably through an insurer)
e. 401(k) plan.
f. medical insurance for the individual AND family.

As the meeting progressed, my mind kept wandering....

What bothers me about this arrangement ???

...and then it me like a brick !

There were several areas that I felt were unanswered and needed clarification before this offer be submitted to the "chosen one".

At the conclusion of the meeting, I was one of a few people who requested my "ticket" to make a comment in the 2 minutes I was being allotted.


I fully agree as to the necessity of providing a medical insurance plan to attract and retain qualified employees, but there was one question that needed to be clarified.

When the benefit package was announced, the words "family coverage" were included in the verbiage.

And question to which I received NO RESPONSE.

"Is the association paying the cost of the GM's family in addition to the employee premium?"

Silence was the initial response, but I couldn't help but notice that a number of Board members were taking notes as I proceeded with my comment in this regard.

Why was this matter of vital concern to me?

For three reasons. 

The general business climate, the Law, and ultimate burden Sun City Anthem residents would bear !

First, let's discuss the general business climate with these facts in mind:

1. Many of our residents have retired from the military; and as a result, obtain V.A. medical benefits FREE OF CHARGE

2. A number of our residents are retired government employees and they too, receive medical benefits FREE OF CHARGE.

3. There are also many residents who are retired from large corporate America and receive some form of "subsidized" retiree medical benefits, paying premiums far less than the actual cost due to the retiree subsidies.

4. Many of our residents are covered by medicare paying a minor monthly cost...the highest of which is $145 that is deducted from the social security check deposit for Part B coverage; and in addition, also carry Medicare Supplements with a premium of approximately $200 each month.

Finally, there are those of us....who  have "done it ourselves" through self-employment, and pay the full freight without any subsidy at all.

...and what these facts in my mind, clearly demonstrate is simply....

Most people have no idea as to the TRUE cost of medical insurance if they must pay the premiums themselves without the availability of any subsidy to "cushion" the true cost.

And...with these facts in a future Self-Management independent not-for-profit corporation... provide any such benefits for employees...THERE IS NO SUBSIDY...

..with one exception...that "subsidy" is...


Now let's discuss the LAW....and...The Affordable Care Act provisions which become effective as of January 1, 2016.

Prior to that date, only employees considered "full-time"... those working 30 or more hours per week, were considered eligible for group medical benefits...

...and as such, they had the ability to opt out of coverage DUE TO AN EMPLOYEE in most of the cases, being asked to "share" in the premium cost.

This is still the case...but...we have something called "discrimination laws" that must be adhered in allowing corporations to establish benefit plans on behalf of their employees.

...and herein lies the conflict in providing "family coverage" to the new General Manager of Sun City Anthem.

If Sun City Anthem pays 100% of the cost for that individualit must also pay 100% of the cost for ALL OTHER full-time workers.  Hence NO ONE WOULD OPT OUT...and association costs would increase.

But...there's more...

Obamacare has entered the equation and under certain conditions (and in my belief, applies to Sun City Anthem)...

If Sun City Anthem pays 100% of the cost for dependents for one particular individual (the General Manager), it must also pay 100% of the cost not only for the dependents of full-time employees but THOSE HAVING DEPENDENTS WE UTILIZE FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTING SERVICES as well.

Let me use a CONSERVATIVE example...

...I use the word "conservative" because most people are unaware that the cost of DEPENDENT COVERAGE ONLY for an individual under age 65, now exceeds $1,000 a month or more.

Finally, how does this affect the property owners of Sun City Anthem ?


..If the association pays the full cost of the dependent for the GM's dependent coverage alone, and if we have 150 "eligible" (employees or contractors) with families under age 65, for dependent coverage ONLY, that would mean a monthly cost of:



...and that startling figure amounts to approximately...
...of the gross annual dues revenue !

And if premiums rise a minimal 5% after the first year?

This percentage increase would add an additional annual cost of ...


...which when added to the above 23%, would effectively increase that percentage to...
...of gross annual dues revenue !

In addition...

Payment of 100% of the GM's EMPLOYEE COVERAGE would further trigger requiring 100% of all employees and contractor individual costs to be paid at 100% as well...and based on a MININMAL COST of $300 per month per covered employee or contractor (with 150 eligible individuals)...

...further INCREASES the monthly expenditure ...




almost 30%
of gross annual dues revenue

Adding the minimal 5% increase the following year,
brings the total to

of gross annual dues revenue

Does this shock you?  If these estimates alone don't convince you this is impending disaster...

Based on the above assumptions and a 5% increase in rate structure, that would mean that of your total...

 of current annual dues...

 ...would be applied to medical insurance ALONE.

Would our financial future be capable of sustaining a dues structure without having to increase the assessments?

We are convinced that would be impossible...that to increase our budgeted expenses 24%....increasing each year...for this one item alone...

...would create financial catastrophe for our community!

Accordingly, we believe that is very idea CEASE IMMEDIATELY before a salary/benefit package including the FULL payment of employee and dependent medical insurance premiums be offered to that individual...

...that a cost sharing formula EXIST for both employee and dependent premiums for the sake of the FINANCIAL HEALTH of the Sun City Anthem.

Got a comment ?

Send it to us at:

Dick Arendt
Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Dorothy Opinions

    Being a financial advisor in our community, who also deals in the healthcare arena especially Medicare, I believe this board is making lame decisions without really investigating OUR costs. Also, I'm concerned about the "chosen one", since I have a feeling that there may be a relationship involved in all the perks. A GM is NOT a CEO.

    Most corporations are encouraging participation in healthcare costs of not only the employee, but may also require up to 100% participation of the family care.

    For the most part, you are correct in your assessment. There is no discrimination in healthcare, disability (unless it's a carve out) or 401(k)s. Everything must be provided to ALL employees, if provided to one.

    Too bad we don't have a board as fastidious as you.

    However, I see their point when it's so much easier to spend other people's money. But, it's too bad they don't see the consequences.

    Too bad we can't pass an amendment to our bylaws to have them pick up all their shortfalls, as well as their mistakes. Maybe then they would be more conscientious.
    1. This is an HOA , not the USA . President Obama makes $250,00.00 per year. 
    2. The problem with this board of directors is , they have a civil service mentality.
    3. We as home owners should be voting on who gets hired and how much they are paid !
  1. From Marcia Opinions

    I am a retired federal employee - 12 years now.

    Ii have been paying hundreds of dollars each month for federal health insurance in addition to my medicare premiums.

    Please tell me how i can get this insurance for free, as mentioned in your blog post.
  2. Marcia, this is the second comment that we received regarding this matter. I will answer you in the same manner in which I answered that individual.

    In order to correct our article, please send us a note as to what branch of the government you worked for, and a detail of what your benefits entail; if they are PPO, HMO, deductible, co-pay, etc. and what your monthly premium contribution amounts to; and if you have dependent coverage, what the breakdown between the two costs would be? We will post that information.

    Thus far, the other individual has not responded to our request.

    If an error was made, we will surely correct it, but the point of the article was NOT what you pay as an individual, it was WHAT YOU CAN ANTICIPATE WHAT YOU WILL PAY AS A RESIDENT if this measure is not corrected immediately.  
    1. From Nancy of Sun City Opinions

      "While I certainly agree that all of us homeowners should be concerned with our Board pushing towards self-management, its costs and its consequences, I am not sure that your characterization of FREE Medical Services for Veterans/Military Retirees and Federal Government Retirees is totally accurate. The Veteran’s Administration (VA) uses a system referred to as “means testing” to determine eligibility and costs for those eligible for medical services at the VA. Just being a Veteran or retired military DOES NOT guarantee one FREE Medical Services. Some Veterans may in fact receive FREE care, but that is dependent upon injuries sustained during periods of war and/or their financial status. Many Veterans/military retirees PAY for medical services provided at the VA because they exceed the financial “threshold” to qualify for FREE care. Likewise, I don’t think that retired Federal government employees receive FREE medical services either. Least not those who retired under FERS. I am not familiar with the CSRS retirement benefits, however, I would think that they would be getting FREE medical services either.

      Nevertheless, the compensation package as described is concerning due to the potential financial impact upon all of us, as you mentioned. We voted this Board in to represent our (us homeowners) interests and as such they have a fiduciary responsibility to do so. They have failed miserably, putting their own individual interests and desires above that of us homeowners on a number of occasions. Self-management is something not to be taken lightly and the implications from mistakes can cost all of us homeowners financially, if not done correctly. The Board President went to great lengths to READ a Canned statement regarding the legality of the Board to go forward and make the decision independently of us homeowners. Well, just because it may be legal, it DOESN’T MEAN it is the RIGHT thing to do. The Board should have put it to a vote of us homeowners to see if the majority of us homeowners wanted to go to self-governance or not and then acted accordingly, representing our best interests. All of us should be deeply concerned as this moves forward as the impact can affect all of us to the detriment of a very nice Community we currently enjoy. Just my 2 cents."

      There are many folks who live here in SCA that came from the private sector and never interacted with, nor worked with anyone in the military or federal government service. For some, their idea of a federal government employee is formed by what they hear or see via the media and is reflective of Washington DC. and their idea of a Veteran or military retiree is that what they see at the Ice Cream Social or what they see on TV. While here in Nevada, I can honestly say that folks are VERY supportive of us Veterans, more so than in other parts of the country in which I have lived. Some folks are downright disrespectful and un supportive of our Military (but that's their opinion and their are entitled to it. )

      Nevertheless, I don't know of any Military Retiree who gets FREE medical coverage (although as I stated in my original comment, there MAY be some war Veterans who do based upon wartime injuries, or IF one was a Medal of Honor awardee (of which there are few) or IF via financial means testing, one qualifies. And I know of NO Federal Government Retiree that gets FREE medical coverage, although as I indicated in my original comment, I am not thoroughly versed in the CSRS retirement system. I can say however that I have first hand knowledge of BOTH military retirement (myself) and Federal Government Employee retirement (my Father (CSRS) and my husband (FERS). IF I am incorrect in my statement, PLEASE, PLEASE enlighten me as I would be ever so grateful to learn HOW I CAN GET FREE MEDICAL COVERAGE AS a military retiree and/or as a federal government retiree. I hate to be missing out on entitlements due to my ignorance.
    2. Nancy, as I mentioned to two others who have sent me a similar message, If I made an error, I will be most happy to correct it.

      All three of you seem to think this was some form of "attack on the government" or criticizing those who were in the military or government service. Nothing like that was said in any way.

      I would never do that.

      I too was in the military.

      Why you thought that, I fail to understand, but I will answer you in the same manner I answered them.

      In order to do so, please inform me as to what your current benefits are, namely the plan type (HMO or PPO), the deductible, out-of pocket expense, prescription drug coverage. Also provide me the monthly cost and if that is for employee only coverage or includes dependent cost as well. I will post that information so all can see the costs borne by retirees of the military and federal government.

      The other two individuals have not responded to my request. Hopefully, you and they will.

      Unfortunately, you may have missed the point of the entire was about how most people are unaware of the TRUE cost of medical insurance.

      For most people, not only retired military and government workers, but also for others in the private sector, those costs are GREATLY SUBSIDIZED.

      Under the proposed plan with SCA, YOU AND I would be the ones SUBSIDIZING the plan.

      Were you aware that the average cost of medical insurance for an employee under age 65 is now close to $400 per month and to add dependent coverage, that would add an additional $1,000 ?

      I was quite conservative in my assumptions in the article. I used a 5% rate increase, but the reality of 2015 is that the AVERAGE COST IS CLOSER TO 15%...with projections to 2016 exceeding an ADDITIONAL 25% due to the Affordable Care Act.

      The object of the article was to dramatize the cost YOU & I will be paying in order to provide it TO THOSE WHO will be working for us under the self-management transition. As my article stated, unless this plan by the board is altered, that it be cost shared, you can be assured that your dues will substantially increase in the next year as a result.
    1. From Marcia Opinions

      As a retired government employee, I have a PPO plan with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

      The monthly premium is $190.28 for single coverage through CSRS (an older system before people were employed by the the newer system FERS
    2. Thanks you, Marcia. I stand corrected...but as your premium indicates, it is WELL BELOW the true cost of medical coverage that is not subsidized,

      My guess is that you too were surprised that a family monthly premium for an employee under age 65 is close to $1,400 per month...and that number will increase substantially as a result of Obamacare.

      Again, the reason for the comparisons was to show how most people are unaware of the true cost....and as a result, how much we be responsible for, should the board not alter what appears to be its "pay 100% of everything" approach.

      To all of our readers who in any way construed I was criticizing federal or military retirees, let me once again was only to show how little you...and...others in the private sector, pay, compared to those in the open market, as a result of SUBSIDIZATION.
    1. From Laura Opinions

      With regard to your article, Dick, I am completely disgusted and fed up with what's going with our Board and the decisions they are making.

      The only ones who will suffer in the long run will be the residents of this community. This is something you read about happening to other communities, not ours.
      1. From Michelle Opinions

        I have just read some information on Sun City Anthem's idea as to paying for the new general managers insurance and his families insurance. If this is true it will be a real issue in the future for all of Sun Cities residents.

        Why is the board even considering this option?

        It certainly will open a real can of worms for all is us!!!!!!
        1. From Reuben Opinions

          Who is the individual that came up with all these goodies in addition to the salary that is being paid?

          I was Assistant V.P. for one of the 10 largest Insurance Companies in the US. I

          I was in charge of the Group Underwriting Department.

          Never did I see a huge salary plus paid benefits given to an employee.

          What is the employee going to do?

          Also, the article is correct; if one employee is given health benefits, all full time employees must be offered the same.

          Where are our GREAT attorneys to comment on this ? 

          1. From John Opinions

            Two comments about GM compensation.

            1. The annual salary of $240,000 is way too high.

            Should be much much lower with larger potential bonus if things go well and board is satisfyed with management.

            I suppose we'd need to develop specific criteria for bonus.

            Manager should write down goals for each year that are approved by the board.

            If goal are met, the he gets bonus.

            2. Sound like health insurance could be a problem.

            We need to find out if the Obamacare law requires that you say requires we pay for all if we pay for one is real.

            If it is, we need to require that all employees pay cost sharing for insurance and give the GM enaough to pay his share.

            Sounds like $250K is more than enough!
          2. John, the law is specific regarding treating all employees EQUALLY. If you pay 100% for one, you MUST pay 100% for others. That includes employee and dependent premiums.

            Regarding the issue of independent contractors, the concern regarding the benefits is that there are recently published federal guidelines that must treat independent contractors as employees for benefit purposes.

            In researching what those requirements are, it appears that Sun CIty Anthem falls within them; and as a result, would be treated as such.

            Here's the problem as I see it.

            If a benefit plan is established and we pay 100% of the benefits for both employee and dependent, and if we take the position that we need not cover the contractors, should IRS come back and say we should have done so, the association would face a $3,000 fine PER INDIVIDUAL that should have been included.

            Our association has already faced an IRS audit a few years ago due to former Board members not refunding excess dues payments. We were originally fined $1,000,000 by the IRS, but according to our "experts", on appeal ONLY (I loved their terminology), cost us $100,000 PLUS ACCOUNTING FEES. I prefer to refer to is as they COST US $100,000 due to their greed.

            And...once you fact one IRS audit, that normally means that you are a target from that point forward for future ones.

            As a result of these factors...not even considering the substantial financial impact, it would appear that a cost sharing formula is the only feasible manner in which to handle this situation.

            Your final comment about providing additional compensation to pay the employee dependent coverage "may" work, but if IRS determines that the additional sum was paid for the sole purpose of DISCRIMINATION against others, that further enhances the problem.
          3. To conclude this series of comment, I personally received this comment from an UNNAMED individual from this email address:


            "Who the hell are YOU? Obviously a frustrated wanna-be executive. The Board is using a professional search firm to mitigate amateurism, so either stay out of management or run for the Board......."

            This was a first...obtaining something like this sent to my personal email address.

            My initial reaction was to merely ignore it, but in this particular case, I felt compelled to both reply and PUBLISH for all to see...for one reason....

            This is the type of individual who has in all likelihood been a supporter of the past decisions that have cost Sun City Anthem residents thousands of dollars due to this type of attitude Anthem Opinions is committed ERASE from Sun City Anthem.

            I replied:

            Next time have the courage to use your real name.

            Pathetic...just pathetic...YOU ARE WHAT'S WRONG WITH SUN CITY ANTHEM.

            You are entitled to your opinions, but you should also know you are the SOLE derogatory comment that has written about Sun City Anthem commentaries from Anthem Opinions.

            I have no desire to fight with a coward, nor will I join your type of commentary...if you call how you write as commentary. Normal people would call it an insult.

            Let me give you some advice...

            Take your pent up frustration and anger to another blog where your type of comment thrives.

            We don't tolerate such tripe on Anthem Opinions...that's why we have between 1400 and 1500 people a day reading it.
            1. From Barry Opinions

              Most of the residents in SCA are professionals from many different industries.
              A knowledgeable leader engages the community expertise.

              I have yet to meet an amateur that lives here.