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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Yesterday it Was OK, but Today it's Not ! Huh ?

Sun City Anthem Board Looked the Other Way 
Regarding "Enrichment" Definition
When it Came to "The Machine"

monkey-around.jpg (2208×776)

What's good for the goose, didn't seem to apply to the gander !

I guess it matters who you are when it comes to defining the word "enrichment" as it pertains to one's eligibility to serve on the Sun City Anthem Board. 

Just why would I ask this question?

Well now, not long ago, we had an individual named Bella Meese who served as both President and Secretary of the Sun City Anthem Board; and if I recall, the subject of "enrichment" never seemed to be addressed during her reign as to her eligibility to be a member of the Sun City Anthem Board...

...despite the fact that two members of the Sun City Anthem Board, Rex Weddle & Thomas Nissen (both subject to the removal election), were a part of that same "regime".

While Nona Tobin may have been tossed from the Board for trying to "enrich" herself by keeping a home she was entitled to own as a trustee of the property, for some reason Mrs. Meese's actions never seemed to be of concern.

What were those actions?

Her husband, George Meese, is the publisher of a monthly magazine circulated to all homes in the Sun City Anthem community.

It includes various articles and...advertising, which provides income to him and is wife, that thereby "enriches" them, doesn't it?

Now I am the last person in the world to criticize the capitalistic system, but when that magazine was established, Mrs. Meese was a member of the Sun City Anthem Board, and my guess is that it not only brought revenue to Bella and George Meese,  but also COST the association valued income by losing ads that,  up to that time, had been placed in the association sponsored publication, "The Spirit".

At the same time, it was widely known that Mrs. Meese would greatly utilize The M Resort for a number of Association sponsored functions...

...functions believed to have earned her numerous amenities and points which seemed to have "enriched" her as well.

In spite these actions, no such charge of "enrichment" seemed to have been brought against  her to make her ineligible to remain on the Sun City Anthem Board.

Hmmm...I wonder why that might be  ????

Then again, she was an integral part of "the machine", wasn't she?

Obviously the moral of the story...

It's OK to enrich yourself if you're a member of a political machine, but damned if you wish to reform it !

How hypocritical ! 

How Sun City Anthem..ish !

Still looking for a reason to oppose the removal of those who look the other way...when it's convenient to do so?

hypocrite-1.jpg (743×596)

Now it's your turn.

How about your opinion ?  

Send us your thoughts to:
  1. From A. Opinions

    Enough said. Excellent point.

    The MACHINE continues to operate.

    How about putting an end to it?
    1. If George Meese never published a periodical (btw - where did he get the SCA mailing list?); if Bella never set foot in the M Casino; if prior SCA Counsel got it all wrong and Nona should not have been allowed to sit on the SCA BOD; it still doesn't make the way Nona was removed appropriately. What kind of way was that to handle her removal? Right before the meeting? BTW - still waiting for my eblast on that one too. Not only did the BOD and SCA Counsel refuse explanation at the meeting, but none has followed. No official notification or explanation to the community and those that voted for Nona. Unprofessional at best. Appears to be retribution for the petitions at it's worst. IF it was an appropriate removal, there would have been far better ways to handle it and the attorney knows that and anyone with a modicum of decency knows that as well. This appears to be just more stirring of the pot to create more divisiveness within the Community. We are tired of living in a "war zone".
      1. From Ruth Opinions





        THANK YOU
      2. Ruth, I appreciate your clarification, but I believe you omitted one aspect in your comment...compensation, which was the purpose of the article, "enrichment".

        Is or was George Meese compensated in any way for his services? Perhaps you might explain to our readers the entire arrangement.  I would think that you, being the publisher of "The Villages of Sun City Anthem" magazine, should be able to provide us that information.

        Please respond.

        Thank you.
        1. Ruth, I appreciate your clarification, but I believe you omitted one aspect in your comment...compensation, which was the purpose of the article "enrichment".

          Is or was George Meese compensated in any way for his services? Perhaps you might explain to our readers the entire arrangement. I would think that you, being the publisher of "The Villages of Sun City Anthem" magazine, should be able to provide us that information.

          Please respond.

          Thank you.
        2. From Ruth Opinions



        3. Ruth, thank you again for your response.

          It was you who brought up the subject, and conveyed a connotation that the subject of the article was inaccurate, when in fact only an incorrect title was the subject of your objection, leaving the impression that the entire article was false.

          You will note we, unlike another publication, are more than willing to admit to an error when one is made, and we did.

          But.. your comment raised a further issue, the main topic of the article itself, "enrichment."

          All we asked was a simple question, "Is he or was he ever compensated?"

          We asked NO DETAILS.

          Let me emphatically state, there is NO VENDETTA, and had you said NO, we would have gladly published your response.

          In the pursuit of TRUTH and FAIRNESS, we merely would like to know if a Board member or a member of her family was compensated; and if so, why the same rules didn't apply to Mrs. Meese as they were against Nona Tobin.

          I think your answer allowed our readers to correctly "read between the lines".
          1. From Rana Opinions

            I hate to contradict Ms. Gladstein so early in the morning re: George Meese, but what does she think a "content coordinator" of a magazine or newspaper is, that is the PUBLISHER.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Board Member Removal Announcement Purposely Implied Wrongdoing

Sun City Anthem Announcement of Tobin Removal
Explains NOTHING

dirtyworktitle.jpg (500×329)

Want to cast a dark cloud on an individual? 

Then, ask the Sun City Anthem Board administration who sent out the recent eblast "explaining" the reasons for the Tobin removal.

All political BOILER PLATE that doesn't explain a thing !

However, what is does do, is leave an impression that an individual was removed for DISHONESTY, inferring she was removed for reasons of personal gain.

Now...let's look at the REALITY of this announcement.

Originally Ms. Tobin, when she filed her application to run for the Sun City Anthem Board, FULLY disclosed a lawsuit against Sun City Anthem for her alleging an illegal foreclosure on property which was owned by her fiance, who had passed away.  

Ms. Tobin was also a trustee of the property.

Objections were raised as to her eligibility at that time, and the matter was brought before former Association Attorney, John Leach.

Leach's opinion was that such an action was NOT construed to "enrich her", and she was subsequently allowed to run for office.

We all know she not only ran, but received 2,001 votes, surpassing the totals of BOTH INCUMBENTS, Rex Weddle (1,770), and Carl Weinstein (1,343). 

By electing Tobin, the community loudly and clearly said...

 reform-356.jpg_0410_356.jpg (356×200)
Despite Weddle placing LAST to be elected, he was then subsequently chosen to remain as the association president, receiving votes of Bob Burch, Thomas Nissen, and Forrest Quinn in addition to his own.

Note three of the four are now subject to removal, and the Association Treasurer is now the subject of NUMEROUS NRS violations for Petition Ballot Interference currently before the Nevada Real Estate Division.

It was more than apparent that Nona Tobin was an individual who was determined to "clean up" Sun City Anthem, and as we all know and have experienced, those who choose to "buck the system", often become it's victim.

Tobin was no exception.

And...despite her quest of excellent suggestions, she was constantly shunned by her fellow Board members.

That...created a BIG PROBLEM, that had to be solved, and solve it they did.... removing her at the advice of our newest attorney, The Clarkson Law Group, in a letter presented to her 10 minutes prior to her sitting as a director at the August 24, 2017 Board meeting.

You see, Clarkson disagreed with Leach, and as such, at his urging...

...6 members of the Sun City Anthem Board met is an executive session to which she was EXCLUDED, and voted unanimously to remove her.

Set-Up1.jpg (269×232)

Actually, what a cold, disturbing, and cruel set-up !

Nona Tobin had already dismissed a number of claims in her initial lawsuit...all except one...what is called "quiet opinion".

Let's look at  what "quiet opinion" means:

"A lawsuit to establish a party's title to real property against anyone and everyone, and thus "quiet" any challenges or claims to the title.

Such a suit usually arises when there is some question about clear title, there exists some recorded problem such as an old lease or failure to clear title after payment of a mortgage, an error in description which casts doubt on the amount of property owned, or an easement used for years without a recorded description.

Notice must be giving to all potentially interested parties, including known and unknown, by publication.

If the court is convinced title is in the plaintiff (the plaintiff owns the title), a "quiet title" judgment will be granted which can be recorded and thus provided legal "good title".

"Quiet Title" actions are a common example of "friendly" lawsuits in which often there is no opposition."

In other words, she merely wanted the property she was entitled to as the trustee.

While the public has been advised of this matter in a "legalize" manner in which no specifics have been explained...

...thus painting a dark picture of a fellow resident...

...this Board, attorney,and General Manager through official Sun City Anthem publication has instead presented it in manner which clearly inferred wrongdoing.

As a result, it has been reported to us that she has been shunned by a number of short minded, shallow individuals, who choose to believe she is guilty of some egregious act that demanded her removal from the Board of Directors...

shunning.jpg (400×300)
...when in fact, her actions were first approved to run for the Sun City Anthem Board after she fully disclosed her legal dispute, yet now, due to her opposition to their questionable actions, decided to eliminate their "problem" through the use an association attorney to do their "dirty work".

Let's not allow this to take place.

Remove these acts from our community by first REMOVING those members of the Sun City Anthem Board for committing such disgraceful acts...

...and then followed by DUMPING the individuals who have highly contributed to a blur on our reputation...

...the General Manager...and...the attorney.

Let us know how you feel about this now that you have a lot more detail as to the FACTS.

Send your thoughts to:
  1. From Randy Opinions

    These people epitomize the lowest qualities in human beings.

    It's a wonder any of them can sleep at night.

    It sickens me to think that the ignorance and stupidity of so many SCA residents has allowed them to retain power.

    People like them make me long for the days of good old-fashioned vigilante justice!
  2. From Lynda Opinions

    I come from the world of Political Advertising and I thought I would never see anything more AGGRESSIVE AND MEAN. This however, tops it.

    I won't buy a home here and encourage those who ask, not to do so.

    I'm not sure I understand just why this board is so sneaky, accusatory and downright SNARKY AND ANGRY. --- what causes it?

    Did the first part of their lives set them up to be this way? Where they taught (because I'm sure they weren't born this way) to be this way as they traveled through life?

    Do none of them have secrets in any part of their lives that they need to bury and blame others?

    Or is it just the fact that some of them are so short (President Weddle comes to mind) that their Napoleonic complex dictates this.

    I find this very disappointing and sad for many of the people who live here because they have been put into a situation where, at the end of the day, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WINS.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Recall Proponents Wanted Nothing to Do with Election Removal Wasted Funds

Removal Election Costs

(Part Two of Two)

the-blame-game-pointing-fingers.jpg (874×391)

Yesterday, we looked at The Association Attorney's comments, advice, and how, in our opinion, they were designed to sway a public's attitude.

We won't comment on the insult to one's intelligence.

Today, how about we look into the REALITY of some of his advice, most of which can be picked apart by simply using common sense.

When the "beagle" made comments about the removal election costing "tens of thousands of dollars", of course he omitted saying his "expert" recommendations would result in his lining his bank book, but when it came to his recommendation of hiring a professional accounting firm to certify and count the ballots believing...

...if the proponents of the removal did not prevail, they would likely sue the association claiming the election was biased...

...that one took the cake !  

I have spoken to a number of individuals who support the recall, and have yet to have EVEN ONE of them even bring up the thought of such a lawsuit.

That thought was the most contrived off-the-wall idea to ever come out of any individual's head...unless of course it was said for other reasons...namely...


...and the "Wasty Boys" even paid the "beagle"  to come up with it !

Suddenly what began with his personal...

KaChing.gif (349×193)

...soon magnified to:

kaching21.png (286×101)

It was the joke of the day, and it certainly should allow for some form of rebuttal...which of course now follows.

Where in the world did he come up with that one? Obviously, from his backside ! 

I would like to have that attorney who is the supposed "expert", point to those of his HOA clients who have ever experienced such an action by residents pertaining to a removal election...HIS OWN, not another "Beagle's". 

Not a single individual in Sun City Anthem who favored removal would even consider spending $500 p/hour on an attorney to do so...especially when they know THEIR OWN DUES MONEY WOULD BE USED by the Association against them !

duh-duh.jpg (475×251)

This place isn't Lake Las Vegas filled with neighbors that include Celine  Dion or Marie Osmond

This place is populated by middle-class America where a substantial number of residents survive on social security checks !


...and "the beagle", our Board, and our free spending GM with the bottomless check book know it.

This, in our mind, was simply a DISGUSTING TACTIC to INTERFERE with the removal.

None of them won't even formally inform the community the recall exists and we're still waiting for that announcement, aren't we ?

Why ?  

Because they want to "keep the door closed" on what THEY DON'T WANT A SUBSTANTIAL NUMBER OF UNIT OWNERS TO KNOW !

...and that, is just plain WRONG !

Now, had "the beagle" and his "litter" really had the best interests of a community in mind, we might have heard something like this, because this is what we would have suggested...IF ASKED.

What COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE occurred was to take a few fail safe measures that would highly negate the probability of potential tampering...and saving THE BIG BUCKS.

First, no one who favored the removal EVER made ANY comment as to the credibility of the Election Committee.

It was the removal opponents who were always bringing up the cost, and the sole decision to spend the BIG BUCKS was made by those they wish to retain.

So...knock it off. The proponents don't sign the checks. 



...when given such authority, and making such huge financial expenditures WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE THEIR CONTRIVED CONCERNS EXIST...

...the only LOGICAL conclusion that any intelligent person could possibly come to is...

They are the ones fully responsible for all paranoia and the resulting HUGE UNNECESSARY costs.
its_their_fault_1_inch_round_button-r9ce0010d8a4a4c73a129d267b7dfb73a_x7j12_8byvr_512.jpg (490×490)
Second, certification could and should be completed by Sun City Anthem employees IN OPEN VIEW of BOTH SIDES of the removal positions.

They are paid to perform such clerical functions, and those concerned about accuracy should be allowed TO VIEW such certification.

During such certification, any denial of individual signature eligibility should IMMEDIATELY be brought to the attention of those who favor the removal for EXPLANATION and/or rebuttal, and any such disputes FULLY DOCUMENTED.

Third, as the law demands, the ballots must NOT BE OPENED unless at a OPEN MEETING where all owners may freely attend.

The area chosen for the official count should be set up with chairs having a circular design, where all can easily view the count, up close and personal.

This costs the association NOTHING.

Using any counting machines should be prohibited...especially in light of their prior failures.  This also costs the association NOTHING.

Fourth, the actual petitions or the ballots must NOT leave the Sun City Anthem premises FOR ANY REASON.

Fifth, a count of the number of ballots received must be DOCUMENTED and OBSERVED each day by THOSE BOTH SUPPORTING AND OPPOSING the removal INCLUDING those received at time of mail delivery AND any ballot boxes established in the various centers.  

A representative volunteer from each camp would SIGN a statement as to the number of ballots received each day from all sources.

This procedure verifies that none will be "lost" 

I fully believe that there exists a sufficient passion in the Sun City Anthem community to provide the needed volunteers.

These are the proposals that I believe the proponents of the removal would gladly accept RATHER THAN THE ALTERNATIVE OF SPENDING "tens of thousands of dollars", demanded by others.

...and totally negates the absurdity of the ludicrous expenditures suggested and demanded by the attorney and/or Board or General Manager to provide sufficient security.

So, can we be any fairer than this?

Have these suggestions suggested spending "tens of thousands of YOUR dollars"?

If ignored and the "tens of thousands of dollars" are still spent, you tell us...

Who is the real party at blame for the supposed exorbitant costs of the Removal election?  

catndog-fault.jpg (417×250)
Send your thoughts to:
  1. From Rana Opinions

    Every HOA in Nevada pays the real Estate Division (Known as NRED) so much per "roof top" to employ and maintain the Ombudsman's office and staff to take care of "common interest community" issues. I believe it was recently raised to $5.00 per home. multiply that by 7,144 homes in SCA, that is a lot of money.

    For some unknown reason our boards (plural) seem to love avoiding the use of the ombudsman's office which we pay for annually if we use it or not.

    Rather they keep calling the association attorney at hundreds per hour, did it ever occur to anyone to ask the ombudsman's office if they would send someone, in a recall situation to monitor the counting of ballots?

    I know for a fact that they take recalls very, very seriously.

    If the answer was YES, attorney Clarkson's "tens of thousands" of dollars would be saved and NO ONE could cry foul but him, since he would only be paid for services up to the time the ombudsman's office stepped in.
  2. Rana, you being a lifetime resident of Nevada, no one knows the system better than you. Your words make all the sense in the world, and there's not a person who could argue them.

    What you're suggesting amounts to excellent advice combined with fiscal responsibility, and should be welcomed by any individual.

    I can assure you that those who favor the removal, would have gladly welcomed the alternative you're suggested, rather than spending the "tens of thousands of dollars".

    Those who would look at the supporters of the removal as the cause of the high costs imposed by the General Manager have been misled, and your comments more than prove that to be the case.
    1. From Pat Opinions

      Hats off to both Rana Goodman and Dick Arendt! They both make excellent points!

      We DO need new, honest, knowledgeable, intelligent, hard-working board members AND a new GM! The longer we wait for a new board, the more money the current board will squander.

      Let's not let all those recall votes go to waste!

      I say, Onward and Upward with the recall movement!

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Removal Costs High? Blame the Recall Opponents, Not Those Who Support It

Removal Election Costs
(Part One of Two)

the-blame-game-pointing-fingers.jpg (874×391)

Folks, this is Part One of a two part series of articles that address some of the recent actions taken by the Sun City Anthem Board in conjunction with a General Manager along with an association attorney, that in our estimation, have been designed to "interfere" with the impending Removal election.

There will be some who say that by writing what I do,  "you don't respect these people" and before I proceed, my comment to those having that belief is simply:

I'll respect them when they respect the rest of us. 
You don't demand respect, you earn it.

Until that day occurs...

Touche.jpg (869×479)

Much has been written about the supposed cost to hold the upcoming Removal election to rid ourselves of Directors Rex Weddle, Thomas Nissen, Aletta Waterhouse, and Robert Burch...

...from opponents of the Removal.

Let's look carefully at the ludicrous sums that have been authorized and supposedly will be expended by a Board and General Manager so scared of removal success, they will make every attempt on earth to oppose it...including, but not limited to, NEEDLESSLY SPENDING ASSOCIATION FUNDS to create the illusion this is the fault of those who support the Recall.

 In our opinion, even our association attorney "got into the action" by making a ridiculous statement about the supposed "tens of thousands of dollars" that will be spent on a ballot that, according to him and parroted by the removal opponents,  "has little chance of succeeding", yet another indirect act that was designed to sway the upcoming vote.

To those individuals, we simply say...

Those who favor recall didn't create the high expense...

Those who opposed it are 100% responsible for doing so.

After researching the matter, the normal cost of a Board election has been approximately $7,200 to $7,500.

Why would this translate into "tens of thousands of dollars" as the opponents contend?

paranoia.jpeg (319×158)

Combined with....

photo.jpg (900×900)

That's why, folks.

What this bunch of free spending wasteful group has done is authorize an outside CPA firm to certify and count the ballots.   

That's where the BIG BUCKS ARE of course, the "legal beagle's" bank account.

...and to boot, if 2,501 ballots are not received (the necessary amount to successfully recall), they aren't even going to be opened or tabulated. 

How's that for getting bang for your bucks, or is it just another technique to stonewall the actual results to the unit owners?

If removal is not successful, shouldn't this be disclosed to show the number of unit owners who aren't very happy with things?

What a ruse to undoubtedly save face...and camouflage the results.

Just more...

paranoia.jpeg (319×158)

This time combined with....

image1.jpg (480×360)

But...a question remains that seems to haunts us; a subject that was "conveniently omitted" from the "beagle's oratory" about the high costs, while he and the 6 swooping vultures, seemingly enjoyed  justifying Nona's "public execution".

Hiring the CPA firm was not done in an open meeting.

Hmmm...What does that matter?  

Let's explain.

1. Four of the members of the Board are the "main event" in the removal; and as a result, must, according to NRS 116, be barred from any action that in any way, influences the removal election. Hence they should not have been allowed to cast any vote on this matter.

2. Nona Tobin is no longer a member of the Board.

3. Only two left to "legitimately" cast a vote.

4. And with only two left....that means NO QUORUM.

5. No quorum means NO legitimate vote !


If they did not authorize the action then who decided, Ms. Seddon

No attorney has any authorization to decide whether to spend any vast sum without approval.

So...was this another one of Seddon's ideas to waste even more of the association funds?

If so, is she actually authorized to spend "tens of thousands of dollars" on such a venture ?

40g.jpg (385×148)

And if that be the case, is that what this Board allows and defines as financial "fiduciary responsibility"?

And what about the 836 unit owners who signed the "no confidence" petition summarizing the NUMEROUS complaints against her?

Hey "Beagle", does that go in her personnel file and made a part of her employment records?   

Are the voices of 836 unit owners to be conveniently eliminated in some deceptive manner making DOCUMENTED FORMAL complaints meaningless?

Since those petitions have been deemed as "public documents", will they or won't they be included in her employment records ???

The cover letter with the petitions was very specific. 

Examining the copy we received, it specifically made that request

Every company has to have employee records, and complaints are normally enclosed for purposes of evaluation and compensation.

So, what's the deal, Beagle? Or is that going to be another "Ask someone else?" routine you cruelly displayed a week ago when a resident WHO PAYS YOU FEES, asked a legitimate question pertaining to the section of Nevada statutes that applied to embarrassing Nona Tobin?

After all, one of the complaints against her was:

"Out of control expenditures leading to an assessment increase in just one year of 10% after a transfer of $600,000 to reserves.  A 10% assessment increase in 2017 seemingly based on a flawed Reserve Study.  Not operating according to Chapter 2 of the Board Policy Manual."

It's been stated this expensive CPA firm will be billing HOURLY to guarantee an unbiased election.

And, "The Beagle" statement in recommending to hire a fancy high priced CPA...

... was to avoid the recall proponents saying the ballot counters had cheated on the count and that without the HIGH PRICED CPA, was often followed by a lawsuit against the association by those who favored removal.

Where does this guy come up with this stuff? 

Remember folks...

He doesn't walk on water; he's not God, and certainly this guy's advice is questionable at best.

Remember phone booths and what used to hang from them? 

YellowPages.png (600×380)

And do you know what happens when you drop one?

It normally will open to ATTORNEY

That's how many of these individuals exist to make our lives "heavenly", and in many cases, aren't worth the price of the free phone book.

Actually, we believe his actions and recommendation were unsubstantiated opinions from a guy who demonstrated he's merely HIGH PRICED HIRED HELP and a number of his comments made are, well...

...a total CROCK !

And tomorrow, in Part Two, we'll explain why we believe Beagle and his litter should instead, bark at the moon with such comments...along with some measures that, if taken, would reduce costs to those normally associated with Board elections.

howling_dog.png (286×400)

Got a Comment?

Send it to us at:
  1. As anticipated, it appears "The Blame Game" has been addressed by the leader of the Removal opponents.

    And, as usual, begins such criticism with normal insults which have become the trademark of a publication that continues along a path to deceive the public.

    Though critical of the removal, his "beloved" General Manager and Board, have not even had the courage and common decency to expose the community to the fact that the removal process even exists, much less publish the contents of the petitions and/or "no confidence".

    Sun City Anthem has been in possession of the signed Board petitions since August 10, 2015 and STILL the community awaits the FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

    Since August 15, 2015, Sun City Anthem has been in possession of the "no confidence" petitions against Sandy Seddon, and STILL the community awaits that FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT. was more than obvious they were well aware it existed: a damning report by the Sun City Anthem Treasurer was sent out to the community on official association letterhead, and the contents where DISTRIBUTED by an SCA employee asking Club presidents to forward to their members, and was PUBLICLY POSTED on the Sun City Anthem official bulletin board in Anthem Center.

    This topic was discussed in an Election Committee meeting; and an attorney was consulted and called in to provide a BIASED opinion and EXPENSIVE recommendation.

    Now, I ask any person that is capable of intelligent thought, is there anyone who actually believes any of these contrived "backdoor" activities weren't a set-up to adversely affect obtaining the necessary petitions, and upon obtaining them, coming up with another set-up by sending in the "legal beagle" to provide an opinion that was intended to do the same?

    Yes indeed, this Board, GM, her employee, and a high priced Legal Beagle have all figured out a way to make this thing as expensive as possible, for one reason...

    ...shifting their guilt to those who made the community aware of their disturbing deeds, and the evidence is so apparent, those who opposed the removal are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for all of this and the HIGH COSTS associated with it.
    1. Dick,
      It continues to amaze me that there is this attempt to "blame" the petition signers for the recall election. At no time in the conversation from the Board, GM, or the other blogs is there the slightest acceptance of responsibility for the petitions. Do those people really think that over a third of the folks who actually vote in the elections just decided on a whim to have a petition? Do they really feel, without letting the folks see the text of the petitions, that there is no issue to be had with the recall candidates and the GM? Does not a sign of one of them want to hear and speak to the huge amount of people who DO feel a recall is in order?

      As they say:
      "What Greater Authority is There than Ignorance?"
    2. From Michelle Opinions

      If I recall correctly, the decision to increase our HOA dues by 10% was decided BEFORE Nona took her place on the board. I cannot find the letter of that notification, hopefully you have access to the date of the information.

      The information about the high cost of the removal keeps coming up from Berman's blog,

      I guess the high cost of interviewing candidates at the M in a suite was okay; the cost of the BUS for Hilary Clinton's speech was also okay, because it was never brought up again.

      These costs were never approved by the community, only the board members involved.

      As I see it, the name calling comes from their side; the sneaky behavior involving OUR money also comes from them.

      I personally am tired of this behavior both by Berman and the Board.

      They seem to have forgotten how they got there and why they are there.

      Actually Berman has taken his role on all by himself.
    3. Well said, Michelle.

      Yes indeed, your recall of the past is 100% on the money. The 10% increase in HOA dues became effective January 1, 2017, a few months before Nona Tobin was elected.

      No one can doubt the main opponent isn't in the pocket of the current administration, and the comments he receives are almost entirely from individuals who don't even use a real name, which in many circles is looked on as being unworthy of credibility.

      You are so right in your comments.

      Anything critical of the Board or Seddon is NEVER published there because he's the architect of the "machine."

      He is what he is, always was, and always will be, and as the years pass, it appears that people see him for the destructive force he's been.

      What happened to his law practice in 1991 was indicative of his future behavior, and he certainly is the perfect example of the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".

      I've come to the conclusion that fighting with such an individual with that past, is a waste of time. As I said, it speaks for itself, and gives a pretty good indication of those who would support his beliefs.

      What counts is getting rid of the four who have allowed the havoc to prevail. That's all that matters, and we have MANY additional facts to come as the ballots are in the process of preparation.

      Where the removal proponents have concentrated on WHAT the issues entail, the opponents always avoid them and instead concentrate on those who bring them to the attention of the owners.