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Friday, September 29, 2017


Fearing the Worst
Removal Opponents Spend Big Bucks on Propaganda
Boasting of their "Qualified" Leadership

i_lied_get_over_it_politician_vo_1158085.jpg (357×500)

By now most of you received a letter in the mail signed by a number of former Sun City Anthem Board members who believe they speak for "truth, justice, and The American way"...

...and it was a doozy !

If "the American way" involves corruption and inept waste in management, they certainly wrote the book on it with Sun City Anthem governance.

Let's forget the nonsense AND utter lies in the letter,  and instead look at those who are calling for the "preservation" of the corruption many of them spent years in it's development. 

Let's start with Bella Meese, a.k.a. "Bellagate".  Now that's an individual we should all want to look up to !

After all, no one was better at spending our money than dear old Bella, except of course, her mentor, another one on the list by the name of Jean Capillupo.

But...let's get to "Bellagate" first.

Remember the 2016 primaries and how a number of candidates decided to grace our presence?  

Well now, dear Bella decided to "foot the tab" on buses for anyone who attended the affair...because in her mind, she could !

Then there were the many Club affairs she maneuvered over at the M Resort....getting personal comps in the process !

Then again there was the extensive recruiting effort of our "836 no confidence" petition General Manager, rejecting a COST FREE Sun City Anthem campus and instead paying over $1100 for 2 days of "schmooze", combined with a $1,000+ dinner at Anthony's Steakhouse.

I'll bet paying for Mr. & Mrs. Seddon's private plane, the $98 pot of coffee, and the $38 in sweet rolls EACH DAY must have closed the deal

Either that or the thousands authorized for a private party once Seddon supposedly agreed to "lower her income" and care for us in the tender loving manner she's now demonstrated for over a year.

...and last but not least, there's revenue she and her husband received while still a Board member from the monthly magazine he publishes (at the expense of reducing advertising revenue to the association sponsored "Spirit").

That's not "enriching" an individual?

Remember, Nona Tobin was dumped for something that didn't make her a dime, yet to this removal bunch, condemned her for something no one can explain just how she was enriched.

truth-justice-and-the-american-way.png (600×700)

Oh now it's Queen Jean's turn to shine ! 

Generous Jean "The Queen" Capillupo, that is.

Our sincere congratulations to her for her expertise in being a party to granting $40,000 of loans to a dead beat restaurant who stiffed us ! 

...and even more kudos in stressing the value of self-management in Sun City Anthem, dumping management company, FSR, in Sun City Anthem, only to become the president of Anthem Council and then extend the FSR management contract for them.

Oh yes, good job Bella and Jean, your names will forever be enshrined the Sun City Anthem "Hall of Wastethat used to house restaurant after restaurant.

il_340x270.994618403_nnio.jpg (340×270) favorite of the bunch belongs to the dynamic duo of Jim Long and Wade Terry.

Long and there's the perfect example of efficiency and being able to successfully recognize a winner from a loser !

Going back to the days after "Wild Wade" got elected, he met with Rana Goodman and I to discuss an individual who was being considered for the restaurant lease.

Just prior to that unforgettable day, the previous couple, The Tubin's...  who had numerous litigation filed against them, combined with husband "Keith" having done 6 years in a Colorado Federal pen for robbing 8 Las Vegas banks, weren't the best of tenants.

And obviously my Chicago street kid common sense came to the conclusion that "bad guys" usually hang around with other "bad guys" and the dude they had sold the restaurant to, was likely not the best choice to grant a lease.

As a matter of fact, Rana and I presented Wade Terry a copy of a court document that stated the proposed new tenant had a $150,000 judgment against him by the wife of his deceased partner.

You see, the document happened to mention the name of the attorney who defended the widow; and in good faith, I picked up the phone and called him.

At first wondering who I was, I explained that I was aware of a public document that showed his client had been awarded the above reference judgment....

...that all I wanted to ask him was one simple question....

"Did his client ever get the money?"

...and his answer that I will never forget?

"No, and if you know where that (deleted expletive) is, 
let me know"

...after which I informed him that he had just won a lottery because that same individual was trying to obtain the Sun City Anthem contract.

Now  I ask all of you...

 "Which of you out there would grant a restaurant contract to an individual who had an outstanding judgment of $150,000 to a widow with the first call toward any income received by that person?"

Well, we know two...Jim Long and Wade Terry, alongside the rest of that Board brain trust who have eagerly endorsed their opposition to the removal.

They ignored our evidence, granted the contract to the guy, and then one day, Rana Goodman, happened to be walking outside Anthem Center and noticed a truck being loaded with what turned out to be our restaurant equipment !

Needless to say, he hasn't been seen since, and despite not having recovered all of our restaurant equipment that disappeared into the Las Vegas sunset, no police report was ever filed !

So, when you read  about these OSCAR "wieners" who claim to have been such a successful part of our community,  just keep this in mind....

6446764243_d4405ff536_z.jpg (640×640)

All of them have spent big bucks in a  mailer using themselves as credibility for retaining the "machine" they did their best to maintain.

Now...pass this one on to those who still believe this bunch should be retained.

6269908454_53a5a8c538_t.jpg (100×75)

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  1. From Roseann Opinions

    I just received the "Opposing SCA RECALL".....VOTE FOR NO REMOVAL!

    It made me LAUGH! WHAT A LOAD OF BS!

    It said; "Any questions contact us at: a certain email address".

    I couldn't wait to go to that site and write: "I CAN'T WAIT TO VOTE YES" on the recall!
  2. Actually, Roseann, writing the "wieners" an "inquiry" might not be a bad idea.

    If anyone does, I would ask them who wrote the letter, and who paid for the printing and mailing

    You might also ask them where they obtained the mass mailing list; if it was obtained through the Meese magazine; and if they used the same Meese magazine mailing service to send it ?

    If they do admit to real names, send that information to us and we'll gladly publish the contents.

    And if for some strange reason they admit who they are, don't be surprised if all of them are the same individuals who have been a part of Sun City Anthem waste and corruption for years.
  3. From Robin & Ron Opinions

    We received our OSCAR letter with all the supposed reasons to vote no on recall...wondering who paid to mail that out to everyone, and by equal rights shouldn't a comparable Vote Yes letter go out as well?
  4. For most of Friday, my phone had fallen off the hook and my computer had been laden with questions about that ridiculous letter that was obviously the doing of Mr. Ex-lawyer and his rat pack who still believes he's someone you should buy a used car from !

    Tuesday is Recycle Day, and I suggest you just drop it in the container as you do all other trash.

    What I find most humorous is that a couple of years ago, a group supporting certain candidates for the SCA Board who were in opposition to Mr. Ex-lawyer's "wieners", sent a mass email to the community to which he relentlessly wrote article after article referring to it as SPAM.

    Of course, in the mind of the "weak", the letter is "breaking news".

    Just take it in the same manner as his poll results:

    Another attempt to influence a bunch of ignorant bureaucrats not smart enough to see it for what it was, and who need a corrupt system to control the lives of others from an individual who has a track record that rivals a man named Ponzi.
    1. From Lloyd Opinions

      Again you are right on target about the waste and poor judgement that has occurred in SCA the past few years.

      1. From Arnie Opinions

        I just received the letter from the machine. So,who paid for this mailing?

        It’s permit # 1584.
      2. Good "catch" Arnie.

        Anyone out there know how to track the source of Postal Permit #1584 ?
        1. From Valerie Opinions

          Thank you for setting the record straight!

          We have been lied to for years by Boards, and this information says it all!

          Apparently Berman is nervous about the recall!

          He must be losing sleep.

          The recall MUST work or SCA is in for more reprehensible actions that have turned this wonderful community into a cesspool with all the actions that have gone on with self serving people who like to spend other people's hard earned money and have made this community into a disappointing place to live.

          We are in deep doodoo, and it must stop immediately!
        2. Valerie,

          If you think he's lost sleep before, I promise he'll consult a sleep specialist when he sees the article Anthem Opinions will be publishing tomorrow.

          Stay tuned.
          1. From Buddy Opinions


            Something seems to happen to people after they are elected to the board.

            It seems that reason and good judgment goes to their heads and the feeling of power overcomes them.

            The rational thinking that they may have had in the past seems to disappear.

            They seem to think that by asking an Attorney for guidance, they can do anything they or the attorney want.

            They have the feeling of security because the attorney that you and I pay for says GO.

            If a board member does not go thru this transformation, they are criticized (like Jim Mayfield)or illegally tossed off the board even though the people have voted them in (Nona Tobin).










            1. From Phillip Opinions

              These Directors remind me of one of President Richard Nixon's most famous lines,

              "I AM NOT A CROOK!"

              However, it needs amending for the current situation at SCA:

              "WE ARE NOT CROOKS!"

              I'm pretty sure that if TRICKY DICK was still alive, he'd be proud of Team Oscar.

              Another thought: Maybe, if we work really hard, Team Oscar will ride off in the famous OSCAR Meyer Weinermobile.
              1. After re-reading my submission. I have to say that it's right on the money!!
              2. From Buddy Opinions

                How any of those could oppose the recall after all of these goings on have taken place, would amaze Houdini.

                Where have those people living in SCA been all these years, in a bubble?
              3. Buddy,

                They're hobbits who have no life other than going to boring meetings and making comments on a blog which are are normally insulting and senseless, while claiming others are hateful.

                Obviously, they believe that commentary is appropriate while "normal" people would look at such behavior as belonging in a barn.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

There's Going to be a Removal Election...One Director "Escapes"...but Decision to be Challenged

Sun City Anthem Board Declares Only Three to be on
Removal Ballot
icon-3of4.png (320×320)
It appears that after the CPA firm did the "official count" only Robert Burch escaped the removal election.

Despite having submitted in excess of 825 petitions, the CPA firm found only 713 to be valid in Burch's case.   (715 were required to go forward with his removal election).

the_big_escape_667025.jpg (389×500)

What makes this disappointing for those who obtained the petitions, is that after they were submitted on August 10, 2017, an additional 65 signed petitions were subsequently received which undoubtedly would have placed Mr. Burch on the removal ballot.

Calls will be made to the Ombudsman's office to seek their advice as to their inclusion.

Regarding the other three, Rex WeddleThomas Nissen, and Aletta  Waterhouse, sufficient signatures were received in order for their removal ballot to move forward.

Apparently the ballots will be mailed on October 9, 2017 and must be received in the CPA's office no later than Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 5:00pm.

Any ballots sent to Anthem Center will NOT BE FORWARDED to the CPA firm and therefore will NOT be counted.

In addition, it was also stated that the instructions on the ballot (which were conveniently NOT made public) must be followed to the letter with no allowance for ANY deviation ,or will automatically be considered void.

What makes this so "fixed" is the fact they received the petitions on August 10, 2017 and had a MAXIMUM of 60 days in which to send the ballots to unit owners, yet adopted the MINIMUM number of days in which they must be received (15).

Needless to say, this weighs heavy on those who reside out of state and own property in the Sun City Anthem community.

Let's not allow their obvious tinkering with "the system" to maintain the corrupt control they will do anything  so "devious" to maintain.

Got a comment?

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  1. From Elizabeth Opinions

    Excuse me but Oct 9 to Oct 26 is a mere 17 Days, which includes the day of mailing and day of receipt.

    Anyone who has ever mailed a legal document knows that the standard is 3 Days (exclusive of weekends and legal holidays) each for receipt and return.

    Just as they allowed themselves the extra day because the 60th day fell on a Sunday, so should they allow for reasonable time for receipt and return of the ballots, pushing the date for receipt out to October 30 at least. Perhaps I am expecting too much when I consider that I expect reasonableness.
  2. From Robert Opinions

    "Delay, Delay, and Confuse". It should be the title of a book for SCA.

Sun City Anthem Board Names Replacement for Nona Tobin's Rightful Board Position

 Nona Tobin
Political Grave Still Warm
 Sun City Anthem Board

 unethicalassetallocation.jpg (960×360)

They knew a number of complaints had been filed with the Nevada Real Estate Division regarding what many believe to be the ILLEGAL firing of Board Director, Nona Tobin...

...all of those complaints not yet decided...

...but that didn't seem to bother the remaining Board members, when James Coleman, a Club President, was appointed to take her director seat.

An acceptable action might have been for the Nevada Real Estate Division to have made their decision on the Tobin firing, a well as, the result of the removal election before another individual had been appointed...


...that's not the "style" of this bunch.

Instead, without even the notification they were seeking a replacement, the decision had obviously been made...

...a decision that was likely another example of a corrupt "back door" secret meeting, a key reason in the removal petitions.

When Association President Rex Weddle was questioned as to why this took place at the current time, his answer was:

"It was not relevant to project what might happen, referring to complaints etc.; the board has business to conduct and they have every right to appoint to fill a vacancy."  

We will not "bury" Nona Tobin at this time because...

a.  2,001 unit owners voted her into office.

b. a previous association attorney's opinion stated she was not guilty of any wrongdoing.

c. due to a mere change in association attorney, the decision was subsequently reversed at a convenient time when she was doing everything in her power to clean a "corrupt" system.

This action must send a clear message to all unit owners in Sun City Anthem; namely...
6269908454_53a5a8c538_t.jpg (100×75)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Now it's your turn.

Was the Sun City Anthem Board's appointed replacement a rational decision prior to the determination of the Nevada Real Estate Division's findings?

Send your comments to:
  1. From Joann & Jeff Opinions

    So, the board appointed a replacement for Nona Tobin and we 'The People' were denied a voice?

    Wow. I'm very disappointed.

    There should have been a vote on several candidates for her replacement, or better yet not replace her at all because we had no say in your decision.

    We have been disenfranchised from the whole process.

    Board members, stop and think about what you are doing, this is causing our once idyllic community to be in chaos.
  2. From Pat Opinions

    If Nona was not eligible to serve on the Board, her application for the position should not have been accepted in the first place! She was voted in by over 2,000 residents and then dismissed by only 6 Board members???!!!

    What’s legal about that?!

    Then James Coleman was appointed to the Board by the same members who voted Nona out without notice.

    Residents were not notified that applications for the position were being accepted, so who would have known to apply?

    Sounded like the Board members contacted Mr. Coleman.

    (Looks very much like they were looking for a supportive member rather than someone supported by the community!)

    It just keeps getting more and more less like a democracy and more and more like a dictator-run Board. How sad for all of us!

    THEN.....ballots are not being sent till October 9th and need to be returned by the 26th?

    Not nearly enough time for anyone out of town for an extended period of time to receive their ballot and return it in time!

    Just another under-handed ploy to avoid the recall effort.

    Of course, that doesn’t come as a surprise!

    Those being recalled don’t want to loose their positions and will certainly do everything in their power to exert their efforts to remain where they are and keep everything as “status quo!”

    Such a sad state of affairs for every honest, concerned community member!

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WF-Local-Events.jpg (897×298)

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 "Entertainment Bargains for Sun City Anthem Residents"

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sun City Anthem Treasurer: A Different Person Than the Candidate

Would the Real Forrest Quinn
Please Step Forward ?
(Part Two of Two)
narcissist.jpg (1682×1189)
A day ago we published an article comparing the past candidate commentary of Sun City Anthem Treasurer, Forrest Quinn in 2016, to his actions since his 2017 election to the Board of Directors.

In our opinion, the contrast between being critical of the prior Sun City Anthem Board and his current actions, have changed drastically... much so, that he is now the subject of a formal complaint filed with the Nevada Real Estate Division.

What has become of Mr. Quinn?

Perhaps the answer may be found almost IMMEDIATELY after his 2017 election.

Was He Part of Backdoor Election Deal ?
crooked-politicians-300x336.jpg (300×336)

There leaves little doubt in the minds of many that an eblast sent by Sun City Anthem Treasurer, Forrest Quinn on SCA letterhead,  and subsequently forwarded by association Activities Director, Danielle Bartle, to all association club presidents asking it be forwarded to their members...

...Quinn's formal "Response to Recall Petition" document placed on the official community Association Bulletin Board...

...a Quinn financial report by Association President Rex Weddle included in a recent edition of the monthly Spirit Magazine...

...had the intention of INTERFERING with those who were gathering REMOVAL PETITIONS.

There is NO DOUBT, as evidenced by the actual email sent by Bartle to club presidents during the time she was being paid as a Sun City Anthem employee, VIOLATED Association policy.

What does all of this imply?

That...THE SYSTEM IS MORE THAN BROKEN;  It appears to be "FIXED" and more crooked than we originally believed it to be.

But what about Forrest Quinn, the current Sun City Anthem Treasurer?

ROwiC18h.jpeg (735×735)

Let's keep a few additional tidbits in mind as to the motive and credibility of Mr. Quinn.

fact.png (840×460)

1. When he was a member of the Finance Committee prior to his Board position,  he was in constant disagreement with the Board and in particular, Association President Rex Weddle and former Treasurer, Tom Nissen .

Yet once Quinn was elected to the Board, he voted to retain Weddle as the association president despite Weddle receiving the least amount of resident votes.

cropped-FACT-white-41-1.png (1200×574)

2. Within moments of Weddle's reelection to the association presidency, Quinn's former nemesis, Tom Nissen, then nominated Quinn to replace him as the Association Treasurer, and was subsequently unanimously elected to the post.

A quid pro quo ???

fact.gif (174×144)

3. During the 2017 election period, Mr. Quinn, on two occasions,   contacted Anthem Opinions to comment on certain matters. 

When the first comment was received, we printed it; but in addition, Anthem Opinions also responded to Quinn asking him WHY HE REFUSED TO ANSWER RESIDENT QUESTIONS AS TO WHY HE WAS MOST SUITED FOR ELECTION.

fact_logo96dpi.gif (189×80)

Mr. Quinn NEVER RESPONDED and instead sent us another comment, which we refused to post UNLESS HE WOULD AGREE TO ANSWER RESIDENT QUESTIONS.

Again, Mr. Quinn DID NOT RESPOND.
why.png (3217×1681)

To us , it became obvious he was merely looking for publicity without having to answer ANY LEGITIMATE INQUIRIES in return.

And so we ask you to look at these FACTS, and ask yourself:

Prior to the official election of the Board officers, was Quinn part of a back door deal in which it was predetermined which Board members would hold each position? you believe his eblast, bulletin board post, and subsequent article in the Spirit President's report, were made to stifle the Recall effort?

These actions, in our opinion, leave such taint in the manner in which Sun City Anthem is governed and managed; that the Recall effort must proceed and succeed in order to regain any form of trust and integrity.
That's Why.jpg (2196×1488)
Have a comment?

Send it to us at:
  1. From Laura Opinions

    I used to really enjoy living in Sun City Anthem. Took a lot of pride in the community..........not so much anymore.

    Things have got to get fixed here, sooner rather than later.

    This whole situation is a turn-off.

    What does it take for the fools in our community to get rid of everyone on the Board?

    They are liars, and management pays themselves absorbent amounts of money for salary, bonus' and medical.

    What a deal.........can I get a job too?

    Get your act together, everyone!!!!
    1. From Marty Opinions

      Oddly I was there on that Sunday when the potential candidates were on stage to address the questions presented by the community. It was a time that I didn't have much to do so I thought, "what the heck, lets' watch and see what'll happen."

      First, I was completely surprised when I saw Ms. Tobin up there and thought, "wow, she's got experience and expertise to do this job." It should be a piece of cake for her, and the community would stand to surely be fortunate to have such a person.

      The other thing I saw was Mr. Quinn answering questions from the community. By all measures he barely answered anything, and just didn't have an answer for the questions being asked. I thought, "what the hell is he doing up there and why is he embarrassing himself?"

      We move forward to now, and this is going on. So what is it that I am supposed to expect from this guy?

      He claimed to come with some expertise, but sure isn't showing any of it. Where does it leave us?

      Now we signed the forms that we are unhappy with his performance, as we are not happy with the others (mentioned) too.

      Mr. "Sandy Ridge" is still blowing smoke up our proverbial behinds with a lot of rhetoric and probably more of the same as to a lot of words that are meaningless, so we need to make all of our changes happen or we are nearly doomed to our "business as usual".