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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Reminder of Blog Comments

Blog Comments
We received numerous compliments on the article we published yesterday entitled:
"I Want It...but...Want You to Pay for It"
It seems that more and more readers want THE FULL STORY rather than merely a  "portion" any publisher wishes you to read.
We are strong advocates of THE FULL STORY, and consider that....GOOD JOURNALISM.
And we believe that is evidenced by our soaring subscription level and average number of readers examining our publication now topping approximately 1,200 each and every day.
But...we were surprised that many of our readers were unaware as to where comments to articles can be viewed.
And so...we thought going back to the "basics" was a step we needed to take !
When comments are made to our articles, they can be viewed at the bottom of the respective article in blue by simply clicking on "comment".
When you click on that word, the article will reappear with the respective comment(s) beneath the article.
Of course we welcome all meaningful and sincere comments, and feel that they ADD to GOOD JOURNALISM as long as they are made in a manner which does not violate Nevada law prohibiting "harassment". 
We take great pride in being the ONLY blog that posts comments when a REAL IDENTIFIABLE NAME is attached.
See our policy regarding commentary.
We do make one exception....emails to us asking to post a comment on your behalf.
However...ONLY EMAILS with REAL IDENTIFIABLE NAMES attached to those emails are posted, and we reserve the right to edit or remove them IF WE BELIEVE THEY IN ANY WAY HARASS AN INDIVIDUAL.
Still confused or wish us to post a comment on your behalf?
Contact us and send your comment to:
And...from all of us at Anthem Opinions

Our sincere thanks !

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Blog Surveys....a Meaningless Waste of Time

Reality Check
"I Want it....but...Want You to Pay for it"

The saga of Cafe V continues as an alternative blogger  makes further attempts to "make a silk purse from a financially disastrous sow's ear".'s getting old !

He recently first asked his readers...

"Do you want a restaurant in Anthem Center?"

...and low and behold, 84% of his respondents answered ...we sure do...

Well now....

Then...when those readers asked him to be a bit more "ACCURATE" in his questioning,  in order to appease them, he asked...

Would you be willing to pay 7 cents a week in order to have a restaurant in Anthem Center?

Ah...a "new and improved" survey...yet every bit as ridiculous as the first !

We'd like to place BOTH of those surveys in proper perspective; and so, to prove our point, we'd also like to ask a question of our own in our fantasy survey?

Do you want to win the Megabucks? 

My guess is that more than 84% would answer positively! anything...there is the "fine print" that seems to escape these senseless surveys whenever they are asked.....

...clarification is often omitted in order to obtain a favorable answer; namely, the one  they want to hear.

...the part that would in all likelihood, dramatically affect the results.

So...let's take these survey questions, starting with the one I've suggested...only asking them in a more accurate way !

"Would you like to win the simply spending thousands of buck at a time....knowing you have a 1 in 40 million chance of success ? 

And then back to the original alternative blogger question....the way it should be asked:

Do you want a restaurant in Anthem Center....knowing they are behind on paying their bills to the tune of approximately $50,000, and that a portion of your dues money will support their continued losses ?

We think that if questions are asked with FULL DISCLOSURE,  there would be a substantial reduction in that 84% acceptance.

So...we have a suggestion.....

Tell THE FULL STORY, not just a part of it.

To conclude this editorial....

Here is a FACT.

Any such blog surveys are completely MEANINGLESS.

Only a FULL HOA MEMBERSHIP can and should, make a decision to finance THIS or any other PRIVATE PROFIT-MAKING ENTITY...whether it be a restaurant, or ANY other business.

That decision should be yours and yours alone. should be done the right way...the LEGAL WAY. referendum to all property owners using this simple statement:

Should Sun City Anthem finance a private profit-making business at resident expense?

It is that trickery, no deception, just a question that may be answered "yes" or "no".

And....according to our CCRs, that would require a 50% + 1 vote of the full membership to adopt any such change.

What does that mean in numbers?
3,573 individual homeowners must vote YES to adopt this according to Nevada HOA Law.

(1/2 of 7,144 + 1 = 3,573)

Anthem Opinions

 *We suggest you also click on the section below entitled "2 comments".  

Then scroll down the end of the article to read a rebuttal to yet another "half truth story" published by the alternative blogger.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's Easier Than You Think !

Have a scratch in something made of plexiglas?
We have a few ideas how to fix it.

Repairing Plexiglas


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 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Latest on the Las Vegas Real Estate Market


Las Vegas Viewed as Good Market for Boomerang Buyers


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Director Jim Mayfield's Restaurant Recommendation....VOTED DOWN BY BOARD

Cafe V....a Board Member's Recommendation...that was VOTED DOWN by the Remaining Board Members

Anthem Opinions received a copy of a statement that Board Member, Jim Mayfield, asked to be added to the official minutes of the January 22, 2015 board meeting.

We at Anthem Opinions...believe you should be aware of this as Mr. Mayfield and Mr. Schramski were the only two members of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors to VOTE AGAINST THE RECENT LEASE MODIFICATION FOR CAFE V...reducing the rent in half once again to a palty sum of $1,000 per month... (Originally it was $4,000 at time of initial lease agreement).



Restaurant Analysis
Board Meeting 22 January 2015


The purpose of this memorandum to attach to the minutes of the 22 January 2015 meeting of the SCACAI Board of Directors is to document my analyzes of whether or not the proposed lease modification agreement with Anthem Restaurant Partners (ARP) should be approved by the SCACAI Board.

Analysis of Vic's as a Viable Operation

The National Restaurant Association and the their accountants--Deloitte & Touche--state that the typical profit margin for a restaurant is between 2% and 6% and that the profit margin for a full-service restaurant is typically 2%.  

 The attached report from the Restaurant Resource Group lists 10 Red Flags that are signs of a restaurant that is having problems.  

Most, if not all, of these Red Flag conditions appear to be attributes of the ARP operation in Anthem Center. 

Particular attention should be given to Red Flag #8 that warns of a restaurant that falls behind on meeting its liabilities and attempts to operate with impaired working capital.

Based upon the above reports and data, my assessment is that ARP will not make it. 

ARP has consistently asked the Association for relief from the terms of its lease because it has not generated sufficient cash flow from the revenues it has produced to operate the restaurant and catering operation and meet current liabilities. 

It has again reiterated this position and asks for another modification to its lease agreement but without providing a business plan or other evidence that it will be able to produce a cash flow in the near term necessary to operate the restaurant plus meet its existing current liabilities. 

 Furthermore, no evidence has been provided that the amount of the concession ARP is asking SCA to provide will be sufficient to resolve ARP's working capital difficulties.  

My view is that the Board approving this agreement will only delay the inevitable, which will make moving on more difficult both in creating supporting for a restaurant with SCA Members and attracting an alternate operator for the restaurant space.

Provide an Allowance for Doubtful Account

The Board, through the Audit Committee, should notify the SCA CPAs to provide a 100% allowance for doubtful accounts for the amount of the current note as of 12/31/2014.  

Payments on the ARP’s note to SCA received should be recognized as income as received.

General Analysis of a Restaurant at SCA.

My position regarding a restaurant at SCA is that all services and activities offered at SCA are underwritten.  

The need to pay for these services and activities is why the Association has a general assessment each year.  

I also believe that a restaurant in Anthem Center is viewed by the majority of residents as a valued attribute to SCA, particularly when the benefits of the catering functions are added.  

But, experience teaches us that to have a restaurant, the operation will require some level of underwriting, just like other services provided by the Association.  

Our focus on the Board should be on two questions. 

First, do a majority of SCA Members believe a restaurant is a desirable service to be provided by the Association, and if so, are they willing to support the partial underwriting of a restaurant

Second, we should determine what level of underwriting will be required to support a successful outsource arrangement with a restaurant operator to attract and retain a restaurant & catering operator. 

I have put together the following list as a starting point for the discussion.

1.  No rent.

2.  Charge the restaurant the differential between the utilities consumed with the restaurant operating and the utilities consumed if the space is dark.  

Charge this estimated amount for utilities the operator will pay over 12 equal installments and square up the differential as of 12/31 of each year. 

This approach will avoid having the heaviest utility charges occur during the period of the lowest revenues in the annual operation cycle.

3.  Charge the restaurant the differential between the amounts of the property taxes paid if the space is an outsourced restaurant versus if it were an exempt utilization of the space.

4.  Provide a restaurant operator with the right of first refusal on catering access to events held in Anthem Center and reasonable advance access to advance booking of rooms.

This level of concessions is well beyond what should be approved absent a new RFP process.

The time has come to let allow ARP to rise or fall under the terms of the original lease agreement.

Monday, January 26, 2015

An Anthem Opinions Editorial

It's Time for Outside Examination

Keep pumping funds in a restaurant that continues to drip red ink.....resident RED INK  ????

It's unimaginable to any person who has ever held a position of financial responsibility !

Lose money for any employer and you undoubtedly will be fired. 

Mismanage funds...and you would not only face termination....BUT in some cases...


How easy it seems to be for certain board members to make excuses for failure...especially by those who appear to have little remorse in losing the hard earned funds of others who have saved religiously for years in order to afford a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Time to face facts ladies and gentlemen....

 ...the time for complaining on blogs is a waste of time....

...nothing gets accomplished except MORE FAILURE.

Why would that be? 

Simple....they, the board members, (namely Bella Meese, Mike Carey, Jim Long, Jean Capillipo, and Tom  Nissen) continue to vote time and again in the same way....


Why do they continue to WASTE OUR FUNDS? 

That is a question that REQUIRES A LEGAL ANSWER....not some flimsy contrived excuse or series of excuses that have no proof of merit.

Here's another no-brainer as to why they continue their FUNDS MISMANAGEMENT...

....they don't think anyone has the clout to call their bluff.

But....the times "they are a changin" because our suspicions about VIOLATING THEIR FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY toward financial management....may indeed have merit after all !

And we at Anthem Opinions....'s time the proper authorities were contacted to examine the financials of Sun City Anthem and certain board members who continue to vote TO LOSE YOUR MONEY...

....and  if found to be guilty of mistrust....

..."pay the piper" for their misdeeds.


They swear to handle them in a manner that BENEFITS those who have placed their hard earned invested capital in their possession for safe keeping....

...and that is exactly what each property owner has done by contributing $1,100 per year....

...owners have indeed placed their funds in the hands of individuals WHO HAVE PURPOSELY....note the word PURPOSELY....KNOWINGLY LOST THOSE FUNDS as a result of their actions.

Perhaps one might have an excuse if there was a belief that some form of gain might be had....but THAT BELIEF in the case of our restaurant....IS COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED !

This venture, as well as, all previous restaurant attempts, have shown be to losing propositions.

Time and again, losses continue to mount....and time and again, more of the financial burden is SHIFTED TO THE PROPERTY OWNERS....

...with each NEW episode showing LITTLE if ANY HOPE for RETURN.

...AND THAT....can only have one conclusion.....

Those who continue to vote to FINANCE this private entity, knowing NO RETURN is possible....IS MISMANAGEMENT !

And the strongest case for MISMANAGEMENT

A loan previously made below the prime rate of a party that has been delinquent in their financial rent and utility responsibilities.

There is no rational business reason to lend money under those circumstances other than MISMANAGEMENT !

There is only one exception.


This is the only way this financial expenditure may continue....anything short of that means THE FIDUCIARY IS TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS.... previously stated....may be held PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES SUSTAINED AS A RESULT OF THAT MISMANAGEMENT.

So...our question is this....

Do the members of this board who voted to CONTINUE FINANCING THIS UNPROFITABLE VENTURE....

...wish to do this LEGALLY through RESIDENT VOTE.....

or ..

Do they wish to subject themselves to CIVIL and CRIMINAL penalties ?

Do you, our readers,  feel that the proper authorities should be notified of this continued action and examined for improprieties?

We believe that in the absence of those elected individuals acting financially responsible on behalf of 7,144 homeowners, a third party MUST EXAMINE THIS SITUATION CLOSELY in order that this action may be decided for all future such expenditures of resident funds.

As President Ronald Reagan once said...


Anthem Opinions Administration

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Paying Tribute to the Hero of My Youth

Goodbye "Mr. Cub"
That Flag in Left Field will Forever Grace Wrigley Field in Your Memory
Ernie Banks
(January 31, 1931...January 23, 2015)

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"History and Holidays"

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Too Many Buffets ????

Las Vegas Makes ‘Unhealthiest City’ List

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Super Bowl Parties have to have Guac !


How to Tell if an Avocado is Ripe
How to Properly Cut One

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"Why Didn't I Think About That ? ....Tips"

Let's Eat !

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 "Dining Bargains for Sun City Anthem Residents"

Friday, January 9, 2015

Installing Motion Sensor Lights

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Former Lt. Governor Looks Brightly at Nevada Challenges in 2015

New Year Brings New Opportunities
Lorraine Hunt-Bono 
Former Nevada Lt. Governor
The Challenges We Face

Today in Nevada and America, we live in rapidly changing times.

The rich heritage of abundant opportunities for hard-working entrepreneurial men and women in America could be slowly eroding and slipping through our fingers.

Our younger generations may not have the same advantages for success that those of us had in past decades.

Many of the opportunities and successes we experienced were due to hard work, long range planning, and short- and long-term goals, accompanied by clear thinking.

These are the seeds for success, but seeds must be sown in fertile ground.
Our country has been the fertile loam, the rich earth, where these seeds of entrepreneurial success were planted.
Achieving the American dream does not happen by accident. America is a purposeful breeding ground that is the product of public policy decisions, and these decisions are made by the men and women elected by the people.
As individuals, through our vote in the ballot box, we have the power to tilt the scales to higher fertile fields of entrepreneurial ism and the free market philosophy or to weight the scales down to rigid regulations and higher taxes to fund more government control over our lives.
Our Heritage Guides Us

We need to analyze how we arrived where we are today, how we reach the milestones in our lives, and how we can leave fertile ground so that our children and grandchildren can sow their own seeds of success.

We should not allow those who are expert at focusing on issues that trigger our emotions rather than our intellect to influence us.

My Italian heritage should remind us that our ancestors left the flag of the green, white, and red to come to the land of the red, white, and blue.

They left, escaping a corrupt, controlling government, so that they could provide a better life for themselves and their children.

They braved the unknown for the opportunity to work, buy a home, and give their children a better education.

The fertile fields of American capitalism is the environment that provided the seeds of entrepreneurial success - an environment where the free market determines the production, distribution, and price of goods and services mainly by competition, and where private ownership of goods and property means profit to the owner.

Today, public policy decisions are eroding those same fertile fields.
This is the antithesis of the free market philosophy that made America great.

Through advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods and services, today, many public policies seek to distribute property and wealth equally, without taking into account the amount of work an individual performs.

The impact of these misguided public policy decisions and the politicians who make them are changing the landscape for future generations and limiting their entrepreneurial opportunities for success.
If this trend continues, our children and grandchildren will not have the opportunities we have enjoyed.
Nevada's Success

Growing up is never easy; we are faced with serious questions and the answers are best addressed by first reflecting on the fertile fields and how they have served us so well in the past.

In Nevada, the tax structure has afforded businesses a unique opportunity to grow, prosper, and reinvest in the state. When I say unique, let's quickly look at why these fields have been so productive.

Nevada has no state corporation income tax, no personal income tax, and no unitary, franchise, or inventory tax.

Businesses start here, grow here, and relocate here because we are unique in these areas.

Isn't it a fact that the true measure of our personal and corporate economic success is predicted on what we have left after we pay our taxes?

That is why our tax policy is so crucial to the vision we have of the future.
Our success today is a testament to the tremendous dynamic created by a tax policy that is fashioned to maximize profits, spur reinvestment, and encourage risk taking.

Wealth retention is the key to economic success. It creates jobs for the working middle class and more opportunities for those seeking to climb the ladder of success.

In Nevada, this has been our paradigm for generations.
However, as our population has expanded, there are those in Nevada and in America who would choose to shift our paradigm to one that would put us on another course.
It is up to us to determine if we desire to change that course.
2015 Legislative Session

In the upcoming 2015 Legislative Session, it is my hope that under the leadership of Governor Brian Sandoval, new President of the Senate, Lt Governor Mark Hutchinson along with The Nevada State Senate and Assembly will focus on finding sensible solutions creating a practical budget based on the economic reality of current and projected revenues for the biennium.

This is a time for mature decisions that will allow Nevada to maintain and accelerate its current course while maximizing the many global opportunities that are on our doorstep.

The key to meeting our social responsibilities for education, public health and safety and state infrastructure lies in the success and revenues generated by Nevada's small, medium and large businesses.  (It should be noted that 98% of all Nevada businesses are small businesses employing 100 people or less)

 Government needs to unleash the private sector to create more jobs and opportunities for our residents then the "sky's the limit" for Nevada's future in a global economy.
Happy New Year to you and yours.  Enjoy the holidays with family and friends - then let's get to work to enhance our entrepreneurial environment and quality of life for all Nevadans.

The Honorable Lorraine T. Hunt-Bono is a 50-year resident of Nevada. She is a prominent businesswoman, Commissioner on the Nevada Commission on Tourism, a former Lieutenant Governor and President of the Nevada State Senate and chair of The Nevada Business Roundtable.