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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sun City Anthem Board Election: The Often Neglected Requirement for Leadership

Sun City Anthem Board of Directors Election
A Clear Choice
"Machine" Status Quo vs Reform
A Final Consideration
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"Nevada Know How"

Saluting 17 Years of Community Service

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Did you know that April 24, 2019 was the 17th anniversary of the founding  of the Foundation Assisting Seniors  (FAS) ???

That first year they made 360 assists. 

They now do between 20 and 30 durable medical equipment assists per day in addition to counseling, home maintenance, speaking engagements, and community outreach. 

Currently they operate three vans delivering durable medical equipment and provide home maintenance. 

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This is in addition to the private cars preferred by some of their giving volunteers.

FAS will provide over 20,000 assists this year and have done more than 220,000 assists since our formation

Their "How RU" program has saved 7 lives. 

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Do you know what the "How RU Program" is and how it operates?

Click in this link, become a member, and consider volunteering for this program so few are aware of that serve our community !

Yes indeed, FAS has come a long way in those 17years !

Unlike others, their durable medical equipment is cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected after each use. 

A little over a year ago, The Foundation learned that alcohol wipes and/or Clorox wipes were ineffective against mrsa and staph. 

Now, each piece of FAS equipment is specially treated with a product that helps prevent the spread of mrsa and staph infections. 

All of their vans, their offices, and office equipment have been treated with the same product. 

All oxygen equipment is professionally cleaned, checked, and certified after each use.

FAS telephones are manned by people from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday, but usually somebody is in the office from  8:00am until 4:00pm.

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...of their current board members are Sun City Anthem residents.

As always, services are available to anyone over 50 and/or a veteran. 

While a large portion of their services are for SCA residents, more and more requests have been received over the entire Las Vegas valley. 

We learned that approximately 25% of Henderson residents and 20% of all Clark County residents are seniors which accounts for the increase in the number of assists provided.

The Foundation has been recognized in numerous publications in Las Vegas, as well as by the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, the Governor, Channel  3, 5, 8, and 13. 


...have received awards from Ch 5 and Ch 8, the Red Cross, the City of Henderson, and others. 


...have been recognized in the Congressional Record and a local medical publication. 

One of their Board members was the 2015 Nevada Senior Citizen of the Year.
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In spite of, or perhaps because of, those who have tried unsuccessfully to demean the Foundation and/or even try to put us out of business, the Foundation is thriving.

Over the years several writers to blogs and others have challenged why the Foundation was building a reserve. 

By now that should be clear. 

When the Foundation was arbitrarily kicked out of Sun City Anthem, it was forced to find other offices and storage facilities

This not only took time but when the appropriate space was found the resettlement costs were not in the budget. With the reserve account the Foundation was able to continue to serve the community with only 1 day lost. 

Five foundations that we know of went out of business this past year because they were spending more than they were bringing in and had no reserves to breach the gap.

Perhaps they are doing something right..


Anthem Opinions proudly salutes The Foundation Assisting Seniors and its many volunteers for making our community a better place !

And for those who believe this organization is in some form of competition with other Sun City Anthem Community Service Groups, January, 2010 will also mark the 17th anniversary of the Community Service Club/Group, founded by...

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Favil West

Please join us in expressing any personal thoughts and thanks !

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  1. From Robert S. Opinions

    This grateful old dude says many thanks to the FAS and their wonderful volunteers.

    Vertigo keeps me off ladders anymore so when I received a violations notice of the CC&R’s for not maintaining my address numerals, I called the Foundation and within 24 hours they were repainted fresh and new.

    My $ donation was in the mail the same day.

    Forcing this wonderful organization off site is an unpunished crime.

    Any so-called rules against keeping the organization inside our walls can be revised to accommodate.

    When vindictiveness raises it’s ugly head…


    ...before more damage is done.

    START by going back to OUTSIDE SELF-MANAGEMENT with an Attorney retained who answers to the Board .

    We need a $350k manager plus a puppet Attorney on retainer like..

    “What are you selling this time, cancer?”

    Again, Blessings to the Foundation and Its volunteers.
    1. From Favil Opinions

      Dick.We get these types of emails/calls/snail mail every day.

      They are what keeps us going.

      Please send my thanks to this gentleman and tell him we will always be right here in SCA.

      1. From Rod Opinions



        ROD & PEG WOOD
        2730 THUNDER BAY AVE.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Sun City Anthem Resident Says Past Can't Be Ignored

Prior Board Actions Demand Change 
in Leadership Offered by New Tradition Team
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Robert Latchford
Sun City Anthem Resident

With the SCA Board of Directors election approaching count down time, as votes are due by April 30 @4.00 PM, it seems appropriate to remind home owners in our development who have not yet cast their ballots, to take them off the stack of papers on their desk, fill them out, and get them to Anthem  Center before then.

Although it is said that many ballots have already been received, every homeowner should have enough pride in our community to make an effort  on a situation so important as to who controls where our dues go, and what we receive in return, to put the most qualified and devoted people on the Board by making sound decisions.

When SCA decided a few years back to remove the management company, it seemed like a good idea to eliminate the middle man to save the cost of their services. 

I would venture to wager that far too many property owners seem complacent about all that is going on, and ignore the facts of the direction our community is going.

Having spoken to many residents, many have heard of an election, but are unaware of its possible consequences and behind the door decisions.

The current board, with it’s composition and lack of transparency, seem to lack the ability and/or experience to make it a place we could all take pride in calling it "home", and this is our chance to replace some on them with better choices.

During the past few years current and many former Board members displayed behavior on numerous occasions that were far from our best interests. As an example, a current member, currently up for reelection, was instrumental in granting a deadbeat tenant $40,000 in loans of OUR money which eventually defaulted.

Five of the seven current members voted to approve a no-rent lease with free resident paid utilities, no security deposit, free resident paid large screen TVs with commercial DirecTV service, exclusive catering rights, and numerous other perks, to a company, G2G ( a large Denny's franchisee), without checking  their credit rating .

(Luckily it was never signed as they proved far from creditworthy).

The lease was for the area of Anthem Center where five restaurants had failed, but the Board insisted the people wanted a version of a "hash house" there.

Are these examples of mishandling funds?

They even sent out an “opinion poll” to residents and included renters with no vested monetary interest, asking if they would like a restaurant offering a $250,000 annual resident paid subsidy, or a $750,000 one time cost, a hypothetical figure without any evidence to back up that figure, leaving the space vacant with no other options.

Naturally the people voted for the cheaper "no-brainer" option, which was not a fair comparison if they wanted "in-house burgers". 

Probably the biggest bonehead measure was hiring a General Manager at a tremendously bloated salary & benefits package.  

With s huge outcry from the homeowners, at about twice the going rate for the job, they simply changed the job title to "Chief Operating Officer" in order that the salary could be justified and compared it to a C.O.O.'s job search of websites of various “headhunter” companies. 

I am not implying the lady in question is not a hard worker, but there was no thought given to someone with lesser salary demands with more reasonable incentives.  

The rest of the management staff seems equally overly compensated. 

These are a few examples that our community can surely do a better governing job since the ballot includes a New Tradition Team with five individuals having extensive backgrounds in various fields which could put new life in our stagnant leadership with experience in finance, real estate management, food service and other skills which could benefit our community.  

Voting for competent change is voting for candidates:

 #1 (Rana Goodman)
 #3 (Karen Hadrick
#8 (Barry Goldstein
#9 (Larry Mayer)
#10 (Bill Odelson

Note:  I have no personal interest in any of these candidates, but after hearing many of then speak and respecting their work history, I feel it’s time we turn the job over to those who have done well for themselves and are most likely able to do the same with our association's finances. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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  1. From Robert Opinions

    Hopefully, the SCA voters will not fall into the axiom:

    "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".

    Hopefully the majority of voters can see further than the end of their noses.

    You need to vote like your future depends on DOES !

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Yet Anther Reason for Change...Proper Vetting !

"Employee Recognition" Honoree
Was Former Sun City Anthem Employee
Arrested for Embezzlement

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"Nevada Know How"

Las Vegas History: The Stockers (Part Two of Two)

The Stocker Family
Las Vegas Pioneers Who Did It All !
(Part Two of Two)

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"History & Holidays"

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Only Way to Make Positive Change in Sun City Anthem

Want Change?
Here's How it's Done

Please forward this to your friends and neighbors !
Reform Sun City Anthem
The New Tradition Team

Bill Odelson...Karen Hadrick...Barry Goldstein
Larry Mayer...Rana Goodman

3 Important Steps to Spring Gardening

Sprinkle, Plant & Kill

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 "The Garden Wizard"

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

If It weren't for People who "Complain"...An Anthem Opinions Editoral

God Bless Those Who Complain !
An Anthem Opinions Editorial

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When you look at many individuals who inhabit Sun City Anthem, few pay attention to their surroundings, other than the many amenities they enjoy. 

They often are of the belief that "all's well"...that life will continue to be a "bowl of cherries".

They  look for excuses to avoid the obvious problems that are evident; and merely go their merry way...

...until some kind of concerning problem comes up that has a major affect on this wonderful lifestyle we enjoy, and then ask...

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All those ...except for one element of our community...

...namely, those who... 

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After getting "why" questions over and over again, and in a number of cases, seeing caring individuals needlessly criticized for merely trying to make our community a better place...

... it's time so many of the bystanders rose up and gave those whowith good reason, do complain...

... a sincere....

thanks-6765.gif (482×292)

Because, contrary to what you may think....

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..but to those who do are incapable of appreciating their sincere efforts and continue to criticize those good people who look out for your best interests each and every day....

If it weren't for "complainers"....

sad-animated-animation-boy-smiley-e.gif (118×105)

..we would be living in the United Colonies of America.

...we would have had a king that ruled us, rather than an "of the people, by the people. and for the people" government.

...we would have had a state sponsored religion rather than freedom to worship as one chooses.

...we would still have had people enslaved because of the color of their skin.

...we would never have had individuals who believed that  traveling by horse could ever be replaced by rails, autos, and airplanes.

...we would never have conquered deadly illness or  experienced painless anesthesia.

...we would never have had an increased life expectancy past age 40.

...we would never have had children removed from deadly mines as part of a workforce.

...we would never have had any advanced means of communication other than a carrier pigeon or a smoke signal.

...we would never have had our national parks protected against becoming condominiums.

...we would never have expanded our nation westward in the spirit of "Manifest Destiny".

...we would never have had the opportunity of experiencing women's rights or even allowing them to vote.

...we never would have had the greatest minds make life a better experience...

...because THEY, the "complainers", had the courage to recognize a wrong, and dedicate their lives to rectifying it.

Yes indeed, without the "complainers" we would be left with people who would have been content to live without all of these wonders... those to look at disdain toward those who complain...

This is OUR CREED by which we live !

 Related image

Those of you who merely follow; those of you who blindly acceptthose of you who never question...

...yet for some reason, do voice criticism of those who complain...

...are normally the first in line to...

... gladly accept the benefits obtained by those who had the courage...


 Complain !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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  1. Part One of Two

    The Nextdoor Neighbor David Berman "Attack" was, as is normally the case, A COMPLETE FRAUD.

    This morning when I woke up I could not help but notice that I, once again, was the object of yet another topic on The Bull Sheet.

    Apparently, I supposedly "attacked" him; however, this was no attack, this was 100% FACT.

    That post was, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, and at the discretion of Nextdoor Neighbor, REMOVED.

    However...I kept a copy in order that our readers may examine it for themselves.

    But as usual, when it comes to the Berman publication there is always MORE TO THE STORY.

    The post that I supposedly "attacked" him was made by a woman named Heather Hudson.

    Who is Heather Hudson?   She lives with FORREST QUINN, the candidate running for the SCA Board.

    So, I learned two things this morning:

    1. Nextdoor Neighbor EDITS and REMOVES anything that they believe is NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH THEIR PHILSOPHY.

    2. Heather Hudson is a FORREST QUINN SHILL.
  2. Part Two of Two

    Now, here is the post that was removed that I supposedly attacked the blogger when it was brought up that Mr. Berman's past was something that took place years ago, and should be "forgiven"."

    "Heather, the man NEVER said he was sorry.

    Instead he used excuse after excuse for actions then, and over the years he has continued to persecute any person who exposes him.

    Is that fair?

    Or is that an eye opening experience to those who would trust such an individual?

    Please respond to that.

    Were you here when he deceptively floated a petition to have Rana Goodman not appointed to the Henderson Senior Citizen's Advisory Commission?......

    the same woman who is responsible for Nevada's guardianship laws !...

    that same woman who he has made every attempt to destroy again and again since she declared her Board candidacy ??

    His "community outcry" included 8 signatures, one of which was denied by the wife of a signer, due to something called "The Freedom of Information Act" we obtained.

    Rana, as a result of the disgusting action that was nothing more than retribution to harm her reputation, was then subsequently reappointed to the position. Henderson officials saw through that deceptive ruse he attempted to employ.

    Did you know that Rana is the only person to have ever been denied admittance to a formal committee, The Lifestyle Committee, by a Board, after being nominated by that committee for membership...

    ...the Board at that time whose president was ROZ BERMAN?

    Did you know that he tried to condemn the Woodchips Club as being responsible for a man's suicide...

    ...a man who had been censured by a Board for activities that were concerned dangerous to their members..

    .and tried to get the widow to sue SCA......

    when at the same time, two members of that Club were running for the Board whom he opposed ?

    Did you know that at one time, SCA had "Code of Conduct" violations that he was the #1 offender...

    ..yet that procedure was subsequently discontinued......when his WIFE WAS THE ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT ??

    Coincidence, or dirty politics ?

    That behavior represents A NASTY PERSON who will do anything for an unnatural need to control, something never previously ever achieved in a life filled with lack of success.

    Just how does a person who admits to forgery, defrauding a state taxing body, and having a law license suspended, pass a background check to become a federal employee?There is so much more, but the end result is that over and over again, since those actions, he has never changed, and uses a publication to DESTROY any person in his path who looks at him as the harmful person he was, is, and always WILL BE.

    Numerous individuals have received emails from him which are considered harassment, acting as if he is some sort of unofficial "godfather", taking it upon himself to be involved in matters that are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.

    Heather, those Berman FACTS demonstrate a disturbed individual who has some kind of inner insecurity that requires continual professional help.

    And if people can look at these actions and consider them appropriate, then yes, those people need their heads examined.

    It places such individuals in a very questionable light as to their ability to objectively look at things as they are, rather than through the pen of a person with such a harmful past.

    Just look at the commentary of those who support such a person.Most say little other than insult others.

    They are who they are.....and that behavior is fully supported by "the machine"..  
    Is that what you want your community to represent?    I certainly don't."
  3. So, folks, you see, the MACHINE has no depth it will not go to in order to remain in control of our association.
  4. Vote New Tradition:1-3-8-9-10
  1. From David Opinions

    Thank you, Dick.

    Thank you for all the thought and work you put into this community. 

    For over a decade you have been enriching my life daily and I truly appreciate it. 
  2. From Dave Opinions

    Hi Dick, I am not a member of your blog but I do read it once in a while.

    I am also not connected to nor understand who the powers are in the HOA and will not be able to attend the next design guideline compliance workshop.

    So I’m sending this to you in hope that you can make it available to a wider audience that I can.

    This is in reference to the current situation concerning the design guidelines and compliance.

    I haven’t been able to attend the meetings or workshops but I did watch the last workshop on YouTube.

    Most of the homeowners who attended this workshop are concerned about the restrictions affecting their property, as they should be, and it appears that pleasing everyone will be almost impossible.

    This workshop reminds me of the restaurant meetings that discuss the food and very seldom the mechanics of having actually having a restaurant.

    I noticed two items while was watching that should concern both the Homeowners and the HOA.

    It was stated by the HOA that a large number of compliance issues are still outstanding and need to be resolved.

    The concern is, how do we know the affected homeowners actually received their non-compliance letter without having verification of delivery?

    Just because the HOA mailed a violation that contains the threats of fines and sanctions, does not guarantee that the homeowner received it.

    Sometimes, mail does not make to the proper mailbox.

    There are also times when a homeowner could be away from home for an extended period and might not receive the letter of violation for several weeks or months.

    We have done this as I know other homeowners have too.

    The same situation applies when returning the violation to the HOA.

    There is no receipt given to the homeowner.

    Stamping the submitted violation with a date is not a receipt.

    The appeal process is not clear and appears cumbersome, time consuming and also lacks verification and documentation.

    These letters of non-compliance violations which contain the threats of fines and sanctions should be considered legal documents and should be treated as such.

    Verification and documentation is a must.

    The tone of these letters is very Gestapo like.

    Shame on the authors.

    The entire situation concerning this design compliance situation looks like a disjointed mess.

    Everything is divided and spread over too many committees and has become a bureaucratic nightmare.

    Retired homeowners should not have to fight the HOA over these types of issues.

    Thank you for listening to my rant.
  3. Dave,

    This was no rant; it was a legitimate concern that has been expressed by many.

    All I can say at this point is that I hope you will strongly consider voting for the New Tradition Team (1-3-8-9-10)

    I can assure you that items like this will be handled in a much friendlier and professional manner.

    Thanks for the comment.
  4. From Barbara Opinions

    If I told you what was going on with the tables and chairs, you would not believe it.

    The board approved the $114,000 bid on Monday.

    I heard that the company (which doesn't even offer tables and chairs on their website) was going to give us a prototype of what they were going to provide.

    One woman went to the meeting to give a presentation that she had researched and she got her 2 minutes and then they said her time was up (and didn't really care that she had done all the work she did).

    Then they wonder why no one wants to attend board meetings.

    Yesterday I went to the lower gallery to play pan and Analese was talking to one of the girls that plays in my game and asking her about table size.

    I told her that I could not believe that they had already approved a quote so I didn't understand why she was asking about table size again?????

    I also told her to tell Sandy that I didn't appreciate her lying to me at the August meeting when she said tables would be ordered in Oct & Nov to be delivered after the first of the year.

    Guess she never got bids at that time.

    I know she didn't know about the sewer problem then.

    The poker people went in yesterday and asked Danielle if they were going to be able to keep their large poker table and were told yes.

    However, in the bid, there is an oval table that would replace that since only one is needed.

    This whole thing is ridiculous and I can't believe that, once again, we are going to spend so much money and the powers that be have no clue about what we want and need.

    All the meetings, questions, etc were for naught.
    I just don't understand. 
  5. Barbara, that woman who made every attempt to present a DETAILED ANALYSIS of that situation and provided written copies to each board member was New Tradition candidate, Karen Hadrick.

    She was the only person who wished to make a comment, and yet was completely shut down by Candice Karrow in a rude manner.

    Though they said they would read the report, they immediately passed the $114,000+ expenditure with A UNANIMOUS VOTE.

    Did they read it, or was their purpose to make a fool out of an individual who tried to do a good job for the community?

    Shades of Nona Tobin...and how a "machine" will react to ANYTHING with which they disagree.
    1. From Mary Lee Opinions 
    2.               Hurrah to the complainers and all they have accomplished. 
  1. From Patsy Opinions

    For the gentleman who expressed no receipt for our answers to the Compliance Police. I found a very simple solution.

    I was hit with a street number letter.

    After I had the numbers repainted I simply took my required reply to the Anthem office with a copy to have signed by a staff member.

    So, my suggestion to residents is to do the same.

    Who cares if it drives the staff crazy.

    They do get paid very well for it.
    1. From Laura Opinions

      Excellent article. Thank you. 
      1. From Elizabeth Opinions

        I deleted the Next Door app for the final time last evening.

        I can see that everyone has already made up their minds and there is no use in spending time trying to engage in civil discourse - that just is not in the Modus Operandi of the Next Door folks.

        They leave out vital information when relaying events at meetings, fail to inform their relationship with candidates they are supporting, and try to shove down our throats why we are wrong and they are right and no one supporting the Berman ticket has unclean hands.

        I will reiterate.

        People need to stop being sheep and think for themselves.

        There is a house with residents that no one in the particular neighborhood likes, and based on the sentiment of the Next Door folks, no one should vote for the names on the signs in that lawn in this election since no one likes the homeowner.

        Isn't that childish??
      2. From Linda Opinions

        This was sent to David Berman from me without response.












    2. From Pat Opinions

      I LOVED your article about those who complain and the poem, “Choose!”

      Great job! 

      I’m sure there are a huge number of us who truly appreciate all the time and hard work you expend on Anthem Opinions! 

      I cannot even imagine how much time you spend on all the research and writing! 

      Thank you, too, for working tirelessly on finding and encouraging new Board members! 

      I have great hope for the New Tradition Team!