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Instructions for Posting a Comment on Your Behalf

 Effective October 1, 2013, Anthem Opinions will no longer accept comments on an "anonymous" basis, and, in order to post, YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER to ANTHEM OPINIONS.

This is due to the following Nevada law that became effective on that date.

Here is the law in Nevada which we sincerely ask each and every resident to support.

NRS 116.31184  

Threats, harassment and other conduct prohibited; penalty.

      1.  A community manager, an agent or employee of the community manager, a member of the executive board, an officer, employee or agent of an association, a unit’s owner or a guest or tenant of a unit’s owner shall not willfully and without legal authority threaten, harass or otherwise engage in a course of conduct against any other person who is the community manager of his or her common-interest community or an agent or employee of that community manager, a member of the executive board of his or her association, an officer, employee or agent of his or her association, another unit’s owner in his or her common-interest community or a guest or tenant of a unit’s owner in his or her common-interest community which:

      (a) Causes harm or serious emotional distress, or the reasonable apprehension thereof, to that person; or

      (b) Creates a hostile environment for that person.

      2.  A person who violates the provisions of subsection 1 is guilty of a misdemeanor.

      (Added to NRS by 2013, 2529)

 NRS 388.122  

“Bullying” defined.  

“Bullying” means a willful act which is written, verbal or physical, or a course of conduct on the part of one or more persons which is not authorized by law and which exposes a person repeatedly and over time to one or more negative actions which is highly offensive to a reasonable person and:

      1.  Is intended to cause or actually causes the person to suffer harm or serious emotional distress;

      2.  Exploits an imbalance in power between the person engaging in the act or conduct and the person who is the subject of the act or conduct;

      3.  Poses a threat of immediate harm or actually inflicts harm to another person or to the property of another person;

      4.  Places the person in reasonable fear of harm or serious emotional distress; or

      5.  Creates an environment which is hostile to a pupil by interfering with the education of the pupil.

      (Added to NRS by 2009, 687; A 2011, 2245; 2013, 1655, 2138)

NRS 388.123  

“Cyber-bullying” defined.  

Cyber-bullying” means bullying through the use of electronic communication.

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As you can see, this law now makes harassing comments toward another person a CRIMINAL OFFENSE; and as a result, those who choose to make such comments, not only subject themselves to CIVIL litigation, but as of October 1, 2013,  CRIMINAL PROSECUTION as well.

Anthem Opinions has NEVER allowed such commentary; however, at times, comments have been posted by individuals on an "anonymous" basis that have occasionally "slipped through the cracks" prior to our ability to remove them that may be considered "harassment" under this Nevada law.

As a result, we will no longer accept posts from those unwilling to provide their REAL NAME.

We will, however, accept posts via email to on a private basis, and will post them on your behalf under the following conditions:

On the email to, you MUST identify yourself with a REAL NAME that we can VERIFY prior to the post.

If, in our opinion,  we find the email "offensive" or "harassing", it will NOT be posted.

We will look for every opportunity to post your comment; however, to do so, Anthem Opinions reserves the right to edit such posts to remove language we find offensive, or correct other aspects such as grammatical or spelling errors.

As our Welcome Screen indicates, our objective is to ENTERTAIN, not HUMILIATE.

...that at times we will be CONTROVERSIAL, but in a RESPECTFUL manner.

Thank you.

Dick Arendt & Allen Weintraub
Anthem Opinions


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