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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Curing "berman...itis"...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

LPS604.jpg (320×160)

If you are in search of more "berman...itis", than you have so see his latest fairy tale about the:

 "many residents being disgusted by the efforts being put out by the group that wants to engineer what will be a costly and divisive process"....

 ..that they are asking him to take up the subject on his blog.

From most people I have met in our community, the few who actually read and believe his blarney, most of them indicated to me that he consider changing its title to...

FNN-fake-news-network-e1498765635778.jpg (640×361)

...and his latest "who shot John" leaves one to...

LOL-Laugh-Out-Loud-600x505.jpg (600×505)

Let's start with the part about this recall business being a costly affair.

How funny is that? 

He supported each the respective Board Directors who authorized... 


...that are paid to ONLY the top 5 individuals in Sun City Anthem management.

Of course, you could fight the facts brought out in the petitions...


...but rather than stating WHY the reasons were legitimate or illegitimate, he instead COMPLETELY AVOIDS any of those "trivial" aspects, and instead reaches out to left field and says "its too expensive".

Too expensive for a Recall, yet OK to dump EIGHT HUNDRED GRAND on FIVE PEOPLE ?

Someone, please explain that..

..but...of course, when that subject is avoided in his tabloid distortions, it somehow makes sense to those who actually believe this guy is financially savvy and qualified to make an intelligent recommendation when his past "ingenious" choices  have almost entirely consisted of unqualified political hacks... the ones a number of dedicated residents want to send packing.

After all, when it comes to keeping a politically corrupt system in power...

Header-3.png (950×293)

..and nobody crows like Barnum...uh..the Bermeister.

These "geniuses"...the ones named in the petitions, are merely just a sampling of the number of "cronies" he has recommended year after year... most of the others, have  a batting average of ...

zero-guy-with-speech-bubble.jpg (466×536)

...when it comes to making a bunch of financial decisions...especially on restaurants.

Have any of his readers EVER seen EITHER of these subjects mentioned on his...

fake_news_logo.png (582×320)

Of course not, that would force him to tell the full story..something difficult for an individual whose "dignified" background speaks for itself.

Now...let's get down to reality.

If these four individuals are successfully DEPOSED, there would be 3 options:

a. Call a special election to fill an unexpired term.
b. Appoint other unit owners to fill those vacancies until the end of the unexpired term.
c. Maintain the board with just the three remaining members.

My guess is that (b) or (c) would be the logical choice...and...

COSTS LITTLE TO NOTHING the supposed 1,800 subscribers and the part about:   

"many residents being disgusted by the efforts being put out by the group that wants to engineer what will be a costly and divisive process"....

I would suggest you go into his blog, and look for a little black box...
1.-Create-a-Rectangle-radius-black-color-520x433.jpg (520×433)
... and give it a "click".  Up comes his actual readership.

Actually, we'll help you.

Want to see how many people actually visited the Barnum...uh.. the Bermeister? 

Just click this link.

But you better hurry, because when you do click on the above you will notice that it will be DISCONTINUED AS OF JULY 1, 2017.

I wonder why ???

Wow, now after you click on it, take a good look at the daily number of individuals who VISIT his website.

That certainly is representative of...

"many residents being disgusted by the efforts being put out by the group that wants to engineer what will be a costly and divisive process"....

Actually, it's merely just another example of...

shutterstock_212116750-e1479401971146.jpg (3000×1972)

Yes, we have less subscribers, about 1,100, but  first, we began our publication 2 years later, and what is most important, WE CERTAINLY HAVE SUBSTANTIALLY MORE READERS.

For the past seven days, the total number of visits made to Anthem Opinions was...


We get it...but what we also understand is that when those who read his distortions and choose to believe them, we've come to this conclusion about him and his minions...
 med_gallery_2_6_27408.jpg (640×454)
Sign the Petitions
Take Back Our Community from cronyism, political hacks, and those who praise them.
  1. Anthem Opinions received this link from a reader. For those who doubt our article about another blog's readership, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to click on this link.

    It "tells it all".
    1. From Marty Opinions

      I went to the Rec Center today and did sign ALL the recall forms (5).

      I understand there were lot's before me that were signing too, and I stood in line to sign them…done!

      1. From Robert Opinions

        The link about the Berman blog under your comment, Dick, was startling.

        Overall reputation: Poor

        Trustworthiness: Unsatisfactory

        Privacy: Unsatisfactory

        Child safety: Very poor 
      2. From Mike Opinions

        Hi Dick.

        I think it might be time to get Darcy on this one...She is just the bulldog we need on our side.
        1. From Mercedes Opinions

          I keep hearing about the people that are being paid $800K in salaries but that has to be substantiated in order to be believed.

          Who are those, name them or drop the attack.

          Without that proof, that attack has no impact.
          1. No problem Mercedes.

            Since those of us who are aware of you, know how much you are endeared to David Berman....

            Here you go...information received through an official association document request:

            General Manager
            Sandy Seddon

            $260,000 Salary + $20,000 bonus in 2017

            Chief Financial Officer
            Jim Orlick


            Community Association Manager:
            Lori Martin


            Facilities Director
            Sean Evans


            Activities Department Head
            Danielle Bartle


            Plus cost of living increases and benefits of 401(k) and 85% of medical insurance paid for each.

            So, Mercedes, now that you have the DOCUMENTED evidence, should someone contact you to sign the petitions?
            1. It has come to our attention that certain individuals have made an attempt to not allow those asking for petitions to be signed and BEEN TOLD TO LEAVE the premises.

              For those who make that demand, we would like to call their attention to NEVADA LAW.

              NRS 116.31036 

              "The association shall not adopt any rule or regulation which prevents or unreasonably interferes with the collection of the required percentage of signatures for a petition pursuant to this subsection."

              If they continue to disallow you to obtain written petitions, inform them of this law and if obstruction remains, file a formal association complaint against that person, and then contact the Henderson Police Dept.
              1. From Sherry Opinions

                I really do appreciate the other blogger with his fake news mentioning me on his blog.

                I had a number of people come down just to sign the petition because of what he said about me & my husband.

                So Mr. Fake News, keep up the good work.

                Petitions will be available in the gallery by the poker, please ask or Sherry, or Monday afternoon, 1:45 at the Anthem Center in the Bristol room. 

                Please come sign if you are fed up with what is going on and agree we need changes.

                I will sign my name to this because i am not a fake person.
                1. I notice some bloggers are obsessed about what a recall might cost. They never think about what it will cost if we don't have the recall and don't cut out these ridiculous salaries.
                  1. Lawrence,

                    The article written elsewhere is an example of a desperate individual trying to maintain his "machine" type politics in order to continue the corruption he has always been a part of creating and maintaining.

                    He is what he is, never confronts the full story, and slants everything written in order to maintain the evil he has brought to Sun City Anthem for years. 

                    Why is it that he is the only one who defends the ways of Sun City Board actions year after year? 

                    Does he really believe the complaints and charges against the four directors and General Manager are imaginary?

                    With the background this guy has, you have to wonder if anyone would buy a used car from him, much less hire him for his legal "prowess". 

                    Oh forgot, can't do the later, a judge told him he had to give that up because of dishonesty.

                    As far as those who believe a person with such credentials, the title of this article tells it all.

                    YOU REALLY CAN'T FIX STUPID.

                    Stay tuned for an article exposing him for his latest LIES Monday morning.
                    1. Oh, how clever Barnum is, "weeping" to his readers how he has so viciously been attacked.

                      Oh's just gut wrenching.

                      Can you picture him right now...

                      ...sitting... stewing...and revealed for the person he is and always has been, actually writng a formal article about his feelings being hurt?      Him of all people? 

                      This latest act is right up there with a previous tussle at a political caucus...where he felt it important to write another formal article to his readers, saying...

                      "I'm OK...I'm OK"

                      Now I'm sure Sun City Anthem must have slept well that evening knowing that bit of information.

                      However, since he has now been exposed for the fraud he is, we too, have a saying for him and those will follow his corrupt advice.

                      "The totally convinced and the totally stupid have too much in common for the resemblance to be accidental." 

                      Who said this? 

                      Ask Aletta Waterhouse, she's the librarian. 

                      Hopefully she and 3 others will have lots of time on their hands soon.

                      Please make sure all of you sign the recall and "no confidence" petitions in order to put an end to this obviously disturbed individual who prances around our community bothering people, taping their conversations, and coming up with some of the most ridiculous articles in the world.

                      1. July 2, 2017 at 5:09 PM
                      2. From Marcia Opinions

                        For those of us who have lived here long enough to have witnessed his consistently abnormal and abhorrent behavior, none of this should come as surprise.

                        After all, it is so much easier and more convenient to blame others.

                        As far as the few (mostly nameless) that comment on his web site and actually agree with every lie and half-truth he utters, they certainly appear to be of the same ilk, lacking in good character, morals, and do not care about their fellow homeowners.

                        Many have also witnessed his out of control temper (ie. Picking up a chair and threatening to hit a woman) as well as verbally abusing his wife coming out of a board meeting with language heard in a bar room brawl.

                        This is akin to road rage or getting even with those perceived to have maligned the perpetrator.

                        The best advice is to ignore him when in the same space as he. 
                        1. From Mercedes Opinions

                          A lot of accusations and no specifics?

                          No one with a brain would sign such a vague petition.

                        2. Mercedes,

                          You asked for documented salary figures and I provided them. Obviously that did not satisfy your attempt to damn our publication in the eyes of the community.

                          As to why you would refer to those who signed the petitions saying "no one with a brain" would do so, is a comment so rude as to normally not appear on Anthem Opinions.

                          But...we are printing this for one reason...

                          Name calling is childish, boring, and makes little sense to intelligent people.

                          You would have been best served by providing intelligent reasons, but instead you chose to demonstate a strong reason as to why the petitions be signed...

                          ...namely to make a public aware of the type of rude behavior that we are attempting to eliminate.

                          Those of us who did sign the petitions in your eyes may not have a brain, but we do have one thing you obviously don't...


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recall Petition Signatures Surge

Recall Petitions Register
Just Three Days

Have you signed the Recall and "No Confidence" Petitions yet?

As the totals mount, so do the number of volunteers to obtain the 715 total to place the matter on an official ballot.

8eaca020b5026cde121c922dbcc3ef7f.jpg (1848×1220)

Let's "bring it home" by contacting any of these individuals in order to commence taking our community back to normalcy.

Robert N.


Renee R.
 Assistant Coordinator      
Marcia K.
Assistant Coordinator

Charlie W.
Contact Person

Erlinda P.
Contact Person

Dave C.
Contact Person

Eleanor S.
Contact Person

Gerry M.
Contact Person

Steve L.
Contact Person

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Recall Petitions "On a Roll" in Sun City Anthem Community

Sun City Anthem Recall Petitions
 Being Signed in Droves

sign-the-petition.png (215×215)

As the Sun City Anthem community enters its 3rd day with circulated petitions to both remove 4 Board Directors, as well as, a "No Confidence" Petition against General Manager, Sandy Seddon, we are pleased to report that the community has been more than willing to sign petition after petition in order to force a ballot to remove the respective Board members.

Volunteers seeking petitions have been seen at the Fitness Center in Anthem Center, Independence Center, and Liberty Center.

In addition, requests have been received from numerous residents for personal delivery of the petitions, all of which have been gladly accommodated by the dedicated coordinator, assistance coordinators. and contact persons.

Even requests from those unit owners not currently residing in homes they own, have made requests, all of which, have been mailed  the necessary forms for signature.

This has now become a "grass roots" movement in  which hundreds of unit owners have banded together for a common goal...

Restoring honesty, integrity, competency, and best of all...

"a spirit of goodwill"
yTkeXor8c.jpeg (400×224) a community that has been sharply divided by actions causing both tangible and intangible harm to its inhabitants.

A special note for those wishing to sign the petitions:

Resident Sherry Goldstein, will be monitoring the Ceramics Room in Anthem Center on Thursday, June 29th from 9:00am to 12:00pm and will be in the Poker Room at Anthem Center on Saturday, July 1st, at 10:00am with Petitions for those wishing to sign them.

In addition, yet another contact person has been added to the list for those wishing to sign the petitions.

Here is the current list of those dedicated residents determined to...

make-a-difference.jpg (1600×1067)

Robert N.
Renee R.
 Assistant Coordinator      
Marcia K.
Assistant Coordinator
Charlie W.
Contact Person
Erlinda P.
Contact Person
Dave C.
Contact Person
Eleanor S.
Contact Person
Gerry M.
Contact Person
  1. From Nadine Opinions

    All I can say is: It's about time!!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

No Confidence Petition in Sun City Anthem General Manager

Petition of No Confidence
General Manager

sign-petition.png (232×166)

As petition requests and signatures continue to pour in regarding the removal of 4 Sun City Anthem Directors, a heightened atmosphere of change has evolved never before witnessed in Sun City Anthem.

The result...fear and desperation among those who have clung to a system that has wrought havoc on Sun City Anthem for years.

A new day has dawned, and it appears that change is in the air.

Today, we have the Petition of No Confidence that is being circulated in the Sun City Anthem community...

...with the result that FEW of those approached, have declined to sign the various petitions.

Those few who have brought disagreement are almost entirely composed of "old guard", the ones who have created and perpetuated the nightmare on which the recall petitions were based.

They are fighting to maintain a corrupt and inefficient system that has been nurtured for years.

We praise those who are looking for honesty and a "fair shake" in their governance, and our hats go out to those who are so passionate seeing change as the only viable alternative.

Once again, here are those wonderful individuals who have taken the time to make Sun City Anthem a better place.

We urge you to contact any of these individuals in order to complete the various petitions.

They are:
Robert N.

Renee R.
 Assistant Coordinator      

Marcia K.
Assistant Coordinator

Charlie W.
Contact Person

Erlinda P.
Contact Person

Dave C.
Contact Person

Eleanor S.
Contact Person

Here is the actual verbiage of the above referenced No Confidence Petition:


Click on our Information Page

"Nevada Know How"
  1. From Buddy Opinions

    Saw an article on the Berman blog which was obviously an act of desperation.

    It was entitled:

    A Distinguished Community Member Speaks Out

    After the laughter at the title, for some reason this "distinguished person" needs to be anonymous, and needs some kind of protection?

    From what?

    From business people without a PhD who might have actually succeeded in the real world instead of the textbook one?

    Now of course, this is going to be looked at as some kind of attack on an individual, when in fact, all that is being asked is a bit of clarification as to the identity of the author and why a person whose sole experience in the Educational field who happens to have a PhD in a tenured protective environment, is some kind of expert, yet lacks any relevant business experience.

    So Mr. Berman, in the spirit of fairness and balance, are you going to publish the opposing view so your declining subscriber base can get 2 sides and decide for themselves rather than to only see your biased comments?

    My comment is that ANYONE that wants to make comments in the hope of influencing others, should have the courage to be identified.

    Why would this commenter want to remain anonymous if he thinks he may at some point run for the board?

    Not very transparent, and certainly without any credibility.

    To put it in words you would understand, Mr. Berman, as it pertains to what you consider reporting,

    Enquiring Minds Want to Know
    1. Recently, former director Carl Weinstein made a statement on the Berman blog staring that he is of the belief those who disagree, should "move from Sun CIty Anthem"...that there is no place in Sun City Anthem for such individuals.

      We won't dignify our publication with his immature rhetoric; instead we suggest you examine it for yourself and draw your own conclusion as to its purpose OR merit.

      Mr. Weinstein's statement is representative as to WHY the recall petition(s) must be completed.

      It is that kind of attitude that has been representative of current and past leadership; a closed mindedness that is somewhat similar to what we have seen recently on national news barring individuals from expressing free speech, a right Americans died for, and I might add, guaranteed to every person who calls themselves an American, no matter what side of an aisle a person chooses. speech has different interpretations, and as far as Anthem Opinions is concerned, it can be abused through language offensive to those supposedly we call our neighbors.

      Disagreeing with those who hold alternative positions is part of the American way, but when individuals refer to those who disagree as "malcontents" or take a position of "like it or leave it" as many of our opponents seem to mimic day after day, we not only find that offensive, but childish and just another example of boorish bullying that these individuals inflict on others who merely take a different stance than the one they share.

      Rather than addressing the reasons people disagree, name calling seems to be their only weapon, a weapon immature individuals constantly display that should have ceased on a playground in their childhood.

      Anthem Opinions has NEVER told any person to leave their homes. We know that despite any differences, these properties represent the final aspect of our lives and have saved for during our working years.

      Yes, we may call some individuals incompetent, but those we do... ARE...

      ... due to NUMEROUS DOCUMENTED wasteful decisions of inexperienced and insecure people made again and again, without remorse or even attempting to correct. 
    2. From Rana Opinions

      In response to Carl Weinstein and anyone else who thinks as he does; part of our American way of life is the right to be conscientious objectors.

      To speak freely is a right given to us by the constitution, yet the moment any SCA resident objects to the 'establishment's behavior, people like Carl scream 'if you don't like it move!

      May I remind you, Carl, of the time you were part of a group calling themselves ACE?

      Why didn't you move then?
      1. Mr. Berman, are you capable of EVER telling the truth of something without turning into some kind of character assassination?

        When you run out of things on which to inflict your "kill" , is this what you feel is journalism?"

        Is this what your readers find informative?

        In what way does this enhance you or your blog?

        We refer to call it A LIE, nothing more than just another desperate attempt to needlessly destroy.

        "Mr. Goldstein, you are spreading fake news. Unlike on the Arendt blog, you are welcome to respond without my prior approval before your comment is published."


        What we do, is EDIT THEM if they contain language that is is found to be OFFENSIVE to an individual, and if serving no useful purpose such as your personal disturbing rants, NOT POSTED AT ALL.

        In addition, we will not post ANONYMOUSLY. 

        We refer to call it REAL JOURNALISM because we deal with REAL PEOPLE.

        We are of the belief that if you say something, 

        YOU SHOULD BACK IT UP WITH A REAL NAME, rather than hiding as is the case of your  Enquirer.

        What's next, Mr. Berman? 

        As in the 50's during the McCarthy hearings...

        "Have you no sense of decency?"
        1. So it looks like I'm a bit "behind the power curve" as everyone who wrote about this topic said all there is to say about the Phd person who has yet to identify who they are. Why are they hiding?

          Odd too that at this morning's Dennis Prager that I ty to listen today on 790AM radio in Los Angeles, this very topic came up in his monolog.
          As Mr Prager stated, "it is better to have "wisdom" than feelings, and explained why.

          So Mr Berman, or Mr/Mrs PHD...tell us who you are, and tell us what you have your degrees in. On the surface I can tell you are (so far) cowards at best.
        2. From Rana Opinions

          Back on the Berman blog, it appears that an "Earl Watts" and yet another anonymous "Michelle" no last name, have come up with another tale.

          What Earl and Michelle have written as "factual reporting" is supposition. 

          No one knows who is the person "spearheading" the recall, therefore there can be NO factual statement as to who IS THE LEADER. It certainly is not Barry Goldstein's wife. She is merely a volunteer who is gathering signatures, THAT is factual reporting!
        3. And then we have another "parrot" by the name of Patrick Hays on the Berman express who also shares the opinion that "if you don't like it, move", and of course that seems to be followed up with the name calling.

          Mr.. Hays, does such commentary make you feel as if that is going to impress anyone? 

          We actually thank you, Mr. Hays, for another example of how important it is that the petitions be signed

          With these types of derogatory and senseless comments, you and others like you, merely prove our point just how important it is to alter the course of Sun City Anthem, starting with the removal of the four individuals named in the recall petition. 

          Patrick, Michelle, and Earl, thanks for allowing the residents of Sun City Anthem to examine "the content of your character".
          1. From Laura Opinions

            Just signed every petition and all I can say is HALLELUJAH........THE TIME HAS FINALLY ARRIVED.

            Good work everyone.
            1. From Marcia Opinions

              When I was growing up my parents taught me many good things. One of the adages that both said to me was,” if you are not sure whether to trust someone, watch their actions, because most often actions speak louder than words”. I have never forgotten that.

              After eleven years living in SCA, one can sense things about people that one meets. My instincts have rarely failed me. I may not be the most diplomatic individual, but I do not lie and tell it “like it is”.

              Having said that, I decided to do some research regarding personality traits which I have seen too many times since moving to Nevada. I am familiar with certain individuals displaying aberrant behavior which is not the norm for most people.

              Superficially charming and with a modicum of good intelligence

              Delusional and other signs of irrational thinking

              Nervousness or neurotic manifestations


              Untruthfulness and insincerity

              Lack of remorse and shame

              Inadequately motivated and antisocial behavior

              Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience

              Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love

              General poverty in major affective reaction

              Specific loss of insight

              Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations

              Unable to accept none of the blame and to blame others instead

              Hurt whomever whenever if it means that they will achieve their goals

              Delusional to the point where they believe that their lies are the truth

              Con artists who always has a secret agenda

              Likes to be in control of every situation and are uncomfortable being around other strong people

              Instigating violent behavior

              Unrealistic view of their own abilities

              Extreme selfishness, may want everything for him or herself at any cost

              With this comes an unwillingness to share

              Huge ego and so obsessed with him or herself that he or she doesn't care for others

              Often a Napoleonic complex

              The above was written by three board certified clinical psychiatrists who have published the same results.

              This is my opinion that this is applicable to one individual who seems to verbally attack others who do not pay him homage or agree with his attempted bullying personal attacks. He particularly likes to insult women whom he deems are the weaker of the sexes. In my humble opinion, it is only a matter of time before he tangles with the wrong man who will reorganize his body parts.