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Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Owners for Tropicana Hotel

Tropicana to be Purchased by Owners of
M Resort

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Are Water Restrictions Far Behind ?

 Lake Mead Expected to Reach its Lowest Level Soon

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Where's my stuff ?

Nothing worse than you getting there...but your luggage doesn't !
We have some ideas to help you avoid it !

7 Ways to Avoid Lost Luggage


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"Why Didn't I Think About That ? ....Tips"

2800 Block of Hartwick Pines Drive...Site of Murder

Sun City Anthem Man Identified...Died from Gunshot Wounds


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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Looking at Miniature Golf Using Common Sense...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

Major Myths in "Selling" Mini-Golf

It certainly didn't take a long period of time for an alternative blogster to make attempts at "winging" answers to questions previous brought up by Anthem Opinions.

After all...based on the numerous disastrous financial debacles he has recommended in the past....(three consecutive restaurants that had more RED INK than PEOPLE who ever ate or currently eat their food).

At this desperate stage....'s now "anything" to "sell" matter what affect it might have on the economic well-being of a community.

Let us reiterate our basic question....which seems to be "conveniently" avoided in his latest epistle...

Should the people have the ability to decide on this HUGH EXPENDITURE?

...or...will it be "politics as usual" in supplying inaccurate and slanted information to obtain this ridiculous idea of a mini-golf course in the middle of a desert ?

Obviously the points made by Anthem Opinions disturbed a number of his readers; and true to form, he once again provided answers that were "winged" without substantiation....although his writings would have you believe they are fact.

Anthem Opinions had a strong concern regarding insurance coverage.

After all, our two owners have a combined 70 years of insurance experience versus those of an ex-lawyer who lost his license to practice law.

His answer.....a "winged" comment without substantiation stating a "reliable source" ...

...informed him that there would be no additional cost for insurance regarding liability coverage. cost...for additional risk? 

Anyone out there actually believe that to be true?

Probably the same people who originally signed a petition believing his "pet project" would be free !

When was the last time you contacted your insurance agent and asked him to INCREASE your coverage and that individual told you, " problem..and we won't charge you an additional cent to do it!"

What reliable source

THE PROOF THE WRITING....not a verbal unnamed source.

And it's very simple to obtain...IF TRUE...

..a letter ON THE INSURER'S STATIONERY over the SIGNATURE of a CORPORATE OFFICER....stating that there is NO increase in premium or increase in liability as a result of building such a mini-golf course...

...and retaining it for future reference... the ONLY intelligent manner in which to protect this association against LEGAL LIABILITY and unnecessary financial expenditure.

Now let's discuss the "fee"...which again, he "conveniently" WINGS IT ...this time...

"I can't see anyone arguing that we should make our guests pay for enjoying the facility in the company of their member hosts".


How about running that one past the property owners...something the advocate is deathly afraid to do for fear of the reaction the MAJORITY OF RESIDENTS would have.

My guess is that the answer would be short and sweet.

If they use it...they should pay for it

It's that simple.

Why should the balance of the membership FINANCE any cost a guest incurs, and incur liability for them as well?

We are a retirement community....NOT a playground for children.

Now let's talk "safety" ! 

How about the sales pitch trying to correlate death with any form of safety? 
What a bunch Judge Judy would say.... "Who Shot John" !

It's not's a different kind of safety that concerns us...but then dramatize the is it portrayed by the "alternative blogster"? 


He turns an honest safety concern into....

There ARE safety issues....






How about it, Mr. Advocate?

If you're so convinced that safety or liability is NO CONCERN...

We have simple request for you and any of your supporters to prove it !


Let's see how many "charter members" of that club would be there to sign such a guarantee !

Other noticeable omissions from his "winging" the facts.

Members must accompany ANY GUESTS....and that means UNBEARABLE HEAT on seniors during the greatest percentage of the time.

How do neighbors surrounding the Liberty Center feel about this option...being subjected to additional traffic or strangers walking their neighborhood invading their privacy?

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, a HOMICIDE occurred within a short distance from the site of the proposed project.

No mention of those folks, is there? 

Nothing in any way as to their feelings....the concerns of people who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a home to allow them "peace" in their retirement years....

...the same people who had to THREATHEN legal action when it first appeared that Liberty Center would not be built years ago, despite the developer's sales representatives telling them it would order to entice them into signing on the dotted line....

...the same people who believed a bocce court would be built CORRECTLY, yet THROUGH THE INCOMPENTENCE of the board at the time....


...accepting that project "as is", rather than examining and viewing it...noticeably seeing it  was IMPROPERLY CONSTRUCTED.

Haven't those people sustained enough conflict over the years?

It certainly would be refreshing if this matter was put to would solve the entire problem...and end all further discussion.

It's "the people's property"... so ...why not let "the people" decide ?

...unless, of course, the advocates are afraid of the reaction of the other 98.5% of property owners who will finance their 1.5% whim !

At any rate, Mr. Advocate, try something different for a change....STOP WINGING IT !

You did your best in selling property owners down the river regarding financing a restaurant that you are now "slanting" as to imply financial independence...

...without mentioning that WE HAVE FINANCED THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN AND accomplish it !

Now you want to do it again with an expensive MINI----MINI nine hole golf course?

In order that you can show some GOOD FAITH....and CONFIDENCE in your belief there is that much interest in your proposal...

....that is....if you have that ability to do so...WITHOUT WINGING IT...

If you are so convinced that a mini-golf club will be that successful, why not PROVE the interest by TRYING to gather those supposed 240 people over the next 3 months for a club tournament or event on a LOCAL mini-course first...before our community would drop the $200,000?

But...make sure you allow the participants to play ONLY NINE HOLES... that NINE HOLES on an OUTDOOR COURSE... JUNE, JULY, and/or AUGUST.

It's called...PUT UP...or...SHUT UP !

When will this community ever wake up to see that this concept is not a good idea for THE COMMUNITY AS A all projects SHOULD BE?

The answer....

...when COMMON SENSE can prevail, and SELFISHNESS on the parts of those who know how to "work a system" can be looked at for what they are.... drains on us all.

Anthem Opinions Administration

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nobody Did It Better

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Tony Drake

In the year and a half that I was the Entertainment Editor of The Vegas Voice newspaper and Radio Host, I was privileged to meet a number of wonderful people who devote their lives to making people happy.... 

...those who are members of The Entertainment industry. 

I had an opportunity many don't have...getting to know a number of them "up close and personal", looking at the difficult roads they travel....their hours of many without compensation.... 

...because of a love...a desire...a express the talent God gave them.

 Time and again, I would watch these caring individuals devote themselves to charitable events in order to promote the worthiest of causes.... many their own, giving, giving. times watching some forego the basic necessities of life... "give" to others. 

This passion became so strong that one of the last articles I wrote for The Vegas Voice, was a plea to support these unique individuals... 

...the people who make Las Vegas...."The Entertainment Capital of the World".  

I'm writing this article because I lost a friend...a friend who was one of those giving half of a loving partnership that has graced the music world for decades. 

We lost Tony Drake... 

"talented" Tony Drake....
"hard working" Tony Drake...
"giving" Tony Drake...
"generous" Tony Drake...
"appreciative" Tony Drake...
"kind" Tony Drake.

 ...and his passing leaves a void in an industry he proudly served. 

For those of you who attended the Vegas Voice "An Afternoon Affair" shows or any of the other production shows....Tony was usually a part of the band.....

 ..playing his he did for some of the most famous musicians in our time. 

His widow, Lisa Gay-Drake, who shared his life....

Tony Drake & Lisa Gay (Drake)

...was kind to send a synopsis of Tony's professional life, and I would like to ask all of you to take a few moments to see the litany of "who's who" Tony Drake accompanied over the years....


One of soul music’s most respected session and touring guitarists, Tony Drake has worked with some of the genre’s top artists.

Mr. Drake started playing professionally at the age of 14, at clubs and parties in the Los Angeles area along with a “permission slip” from his mother.

While growing up in Compton, California, at the age of 16, he was accepted into the Dawkins Conservatory of Music where he studied classical guitar for two years, and later studied privately with the well known guitarist, John Blaylock, in the South Bay area.

After studying with Mr. Blaylock, Tony traveled with ”Little” Johnny Taylor, Mr. Johnny Taylor, Ronnie Dyson, T-Bone Walker and many other professional groups in the 60s even alongside then unknown guitarist, Jimi Hendrix,  on the same bill.

In the 70s, Mr. Drake became a staff musician for 20th Century Fox Studios doing numerous T.V. shows such as “Julia” starring Diahann Carroll, “The Lucille Ball Show” and the “Leslie Neilson Show”.

In the later part of the 70s, Mr. Drake was signed with A&M Records as a staff musician and recorded and toured with most of the artists on the label including, Herb Alpert, Merry Clayton, Cheech and Chong, and many others.

He was also a member of the Count Basie Orchestra, H.B. Barnum’s Big Band, and performed on various television specials, award shows and movies such as the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethons, Lou Rawls Parade of Stars, American Music Awards, The Grammy Awards, “American Hot Wax” and “Mother, Juggs and Speed” with Bill Cosby.

It was also during this time that Mr. Drake became the lead guitarist for the Checkmates and traveled extensively with them for four years.

When the Checkmates disbanded, he began to tour with such groups as The Fifth Dimension, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. (when they left the group to do their own act), James Brown, Gloria Lynn, Little Esther Phillips, Aretha Franklin, Marla Gibbs, The Crusaders, Jimmy Witherspoon, Cher, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, The Sylvers, Connie Stevens, Ray Charles, Joe Williams, Nancy Wilson, Etta James and others.

Tony Drake was also one of the “LA Motown Funk Brothers” (when Motown moved their studio from Detroit) and recorded countless hit tracks with James Jamerson, Earl Palmer, David T. Walker, Ray Parker Jr., Wah Wah Watson, Bill Upchurch, Ron Brown, James Gadson, Nate Neblett and Paul Humphrey for many artists at the time, some of the greatest entertainers of all time.

This experience benefited Tony and gained him even more recognition going forward.

Later in the early 80s Tony toured with groups such as The Supremes, En Vogue, The Temptations, The Sylvers, The Four Tops and others.

Through the mid 80s, Mr. Drake became the cherished personal guitarist of the renown singer and actress Della Reese for many years and joined back up touring with Barry White on 2 world tours in Europe, Africa, and Australia throughout the 90s followed by touring exclusively with the great Lou Rawls.

Tony’s exquisite style and signature sound can be heard around the globe on such hit recordings as Carl Carlton’s “Bad Mamma Jamma”, Little Johnny Taylor’s “Part Time Love”, Jean Knight’s “Mr. Big Stuff”, and Marvin Gaye’s “Here My Dear”and Cher’s “Half Breed”, Joe Williams “Here’s To Life”, Ray Charles’s “A Song For You”.

 Tony Drake was also part of a Las Vegas “Springs Preserve Commercial” and appeared in the Oscar Academy Award Winner Documentary Film, “20 Feet From Stardom” with Merry Clayton on the hit song “Gimmie Shelter” from Legendary Rock Band, “The Rolling Stones” collection.

Just some of the other Artists Tony Drake has recorded, performed and toured with include:

Percy Sledge
Sam Cooke
James Ingram
Richard and Karen Carpenter
Jackie Wilson
BB King (Created/ recorded the original demo with opening famed Guitar lick for “Thrill Is Gone”)
Arthur Adams
Joe Williams
Quincy Jones
Phil Spector (The Ronnetts/Darlene Love)
Captain and Tennille
Frankie Lymon

Tony passed away on his 69th birthday, April 16, 2015.

Rest in peace, Tony.  This will be your legacy for all time.

His widow, Lisa Gay, has asked his friends and those who loved him, to attend a special benefit performance in his honor, which has been scheduled for Sunday, May 31, 2015.

Further details are still pending and we will keep you informed as to the place and time.

Dick Arendt

Drought Keeps Reducing Lake Mead

Lake Mead Hits Near-record Low Water Level


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ideas for a New Kitchen Island

Installing a Kitchen Island



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 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"

Monday, April 20, 2015

Beatty, Nevada...the Gateway to Death Valley

Today...let's talk about the history of one the Silver State's small towns that made its name in the mining industry.

Did  Ya Know ?  
(Part Two)
How did the town of
get it's name?

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"History and Holidays"

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Miniature Golf...A Decision that Should be Made by the Homeowners Who Finance It...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

Miniature Golf...A Decision that Should be"The People"
That's right...a decision that should be entrusted to "the  people"...those who reside here and will bear its cost.
...not by blog owners or the comments of their selected readership.
We wholeheartedly believe that any such project would  subject senior citizens to the dangers of desert temperatures, as well as, a needless drain of precious community resources.
A recent "slanted" article published by the blogger advocate shows a number of locations across the country with such venues available in their communities, but as per a comment made on that publication... observation we at Anthem Opinions made of the Sun City Summerlin miniature golf course over a year ago after examining the same photos provided by the blogger advocate....and then traveling to the Summerlin course to examine it for ourselves...
....provided us conclusive proof...
Nonetheless that obvious fact has never swayed an obsession by that individual, and we certainly don't believe it will stop any time soon....
...but his opinions, and that of some of his supporters... are but a mere few in our community, though he would have you believe otherwise.
Unlike that publication, we at Anthem Opinions,  do not consider ourselves the "voice" of the people. 
We instead look at our publication as their "common sense" and "financially responsible" element who advise readers of the entire facts...
...allowing the people to make a proper decision for themselves.
Do we believe this possible miniature golf project is a wise and effective usage of precious association funds?
NO...we do not, and we have stated our valid reasons for believing that to be the case.
Unlike the advocate, we won't bore you with rehashing the past, but simply stated:
1. The costs are considerably higher than has been proposed due to the omission of various elements of the construction project that would be born aside from the actual building of the project.
2. People will not use this venue here in any regularity, when it has been proven that other locations across the country do not use theirs frequently. 
The blogger's using a potential 225 people as "charter members" of a club (a number of which are part of the same household) to dramatize support...
... is an invalid assumption on which to base any such conclusion.
If we assume that half of those individuals belong to the same household, that number represents 1.5% of the homes in the association, a ridiculously small percentage of participation when looking at a TOTAL inclusive expenditure of approximately $200,000.
3. The potential of legal liability is present, and unless it can be proven IN WRITING by the respective insurers that this risk will neither affect other community liability coverage, nor substantially increase its cost, any claim made to the contrary is merely "hearsay" without validity.
4. Comparable miniature golf courses are available within short distances that provide 18 holes with INDOOR comfort and greater entertaining variety at minimal expense.
5. Additional monitoring will be required  to "police" proper course usage. Someone will have to dispense equipment and check individuals playing any miniature golf course for proper ID and proof of payment in the case of guest usage.
6. Potential damage and privacy to surrounding homes and automobiles from individuals are potential problems....(especially young children) who would improperly use golf equipment.
7. Children and grandchildren would require a daily guest pass....costing $5 each day per person, and would not be eligible to play by themselves.  Regulations require a member present with children.  As a result, senior residents would be forced to accompany perhaps a danger to personal health arising from the prohibitive 100+ degree temperatures.
All of this can easily be avoided by simply using an already existing indoor course built with proper and extensive creative amenities..paying almost the same fee as that required of any association guest.
Any club that would be established could obtain busing through their dues payments as most other clubs do when off campus activities are sponsored.
By way of example, even if such a "charter club" existed, and the 225 people referenced were members, at an annual membership cost of $10 for each individual, that would generate $2,250 of annual revenue...which would more than cover the cost of a bus a few times over the course of a play their tournaments on an 18 hole fully decorated INDOOR air conditioned course, rather than a 9 hole OUTDOOR one.
It simply makes COMMON choose this path for those who wish to amuse themselves with this form of entertainment.
Should we then build bowling alleys for those who bowl and establish a club?

They seem to be happy on an off campus location.
How about a baseball diamond with lights and a grandstand for those in the softball club?
They seem to be happy on an off campus location.
The moral of this story is simple...
If these clubs can accomplish their entertainment enjoyment elsewhere that provide existing facilities THAT DO NOT INVOLVE ASSOCIATION EXPENSES, why can't the same apply to those who enjoy miniature golf?
Are those who enjoy miniature golf more "entitled" to a separate facility than the others?
We think NOT.
Are we wrong in our position? 
Perhaps, but we believe the ultimate decision must be made with the support of more than 1.5% of the population.
The only feasible manner....
...using the democratic process of placing this issue on a referendum for the association property owners to decide its fate....
...not a meaningless slanted survey....but...
...a proper mailing to each and every home allowing both proponents and those who oppose it,  the opportunity to explain their positions, with a formal ballot to return in order to make the final decision.
Simply is the right thing to do, and any position shy of allowing "the people" to make the ultimate decision as to its fate... the WRONG ONE.
In the spirit of "doing the right thing", we ask that any responsible committee or board member, as well as, the alternative blogger, support this manner of determination.
It would indicate their commitment to their promises of representing "the people".

Anthem Opinions Administration