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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Long Time Entertainer Passes Away at Age 65

Long Time Las Vegas Entertainer
Tony Sacca
Dies of Heart Attack

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Resident Objects to Sun City Anthem Construction Defect Litigation After Discussion with Nevada Real Estate Division

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Resident Pursues Legality
Sun City Anthem Construction Defect Litigation

7f169371-cf0c-4e95-a427-a918aa26e693-large16x9_NevadaAG.jpg (986×554)

ombudsman.jpg (218×224)

Long time resident Nelson Orth, a Homeowner consumer advocate, took the matter into his own hands and contacted the Nevada Real Estate Division regarding the legality of the Sun City Anthem civil action against Pulte Homes of Nevada in light of NOT achieving the legally required association vote total to go forth with the litigation.... 

...and the answer will surprise you !

He reported this to the Board of Directors by way of an email , and with his permission, we have reprinted it below.

As you read his email, note:

(Ms. Sharon Jackson is the Ombudsman for the State of Nevada who verified this with Ms. Michelle Briggs, the Nevada Senior Deputy Attorney General for the Nevada Real Estate Division)

We hope Mr. Orth will share the response he is entitled to receive BY LAW.
Here is the email.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Members of the Board:

On Friday January 27, I attended the monthly Q&A session at the Nevada Real Estate Division.

At this meeting I asked the Ombudsman which set of requirements took precedent - NRS 116 which requires 50% of the vote to proceed to litigation or those of our CC&Rs which requires 75% of homeowner vote.

Very quickly and very decisively Ms. Jackson answered - the CC&Rs.

I was somewhat stunned by this answer so I repeated the question.
Again the answer was a definitive CC&Rs.

It is rather astonishing that none of our lawyers, management, or any member of the board knew this information. 

Today I will be asking for a copy of our lawyer's written opinion on this subject, but I am certain that I will be denied this information due to client/attorney privilege.

I could be wrong, but it is my opinion that no such written opinion exists.

Our lawyer tells you what you want to hear. 

Have you ever considered that our general counsel is not as smart as you believe?

How many hours of work, how much energy, and how many dollars could have been saved if one of you had just made one phone call to (NRED)The Nevada Real Estate Division?

But it is your belief in your superior knowledge, your total disrespect for the law, and belief in the stupidity of homeowners that drives the policy of this association.

As you know I have already started the I.A. (Intervention Affidavit)  process.

You acknowledged this on January 24.

Hence you have 21 days from that date to cancel the litigation process.

If you do not, I will then proceed by submitting the formal Intervention Affidavit to NRED.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Our kudos go to Nelson Orth in pursuing the correct legal solution to this issue.

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  1. Can other home owners sign on to the suit, perhaps as a class action suit?
    1. From Robert Opinions

      My sincere thanks to Mr. Orth for pursuing this....much to the chagrin of other Bloggers I have long held that the attorney is an over-paid buffoon that makes My Cousin Vinny look like Clarence Darrow.

      And, of course, the Board will hide behind the attorney's recommendation (e,g, "Well, the Lawyer said...")
    2. From Opinions

      Or worse, they knew about it and proceeded anyway..

      Big Trouble ahead..

      We will now see..
      1. From Nelson Opinions

        Mr. Peterson,

        If the BOD does not cancel the litigation, the process that I will follow is the submission of an Intervention Affidavit (IA) to the Nevada Real Estate Division.

        This is a complaint, not a lawsuit, and NRED has a number of options they can exercise after review of the complaint.

        The direct answer to your question is - unfortunately no.

        But I sincerely appreciate your interest and offer.

        1. From Tim Opinions

          All government bureaucracies have policies and procedures and rules and forms.

          Filing a complaint against the board of directors in an HOA to the Nevada Real Estate Division is no exception.

          A homeowner who wishes to file a complaint against the board does so by using a special form called an Intervention Affidavit (how they came up with that term I have no idea).

          And there is a process to properly file that form involving certified letters, notarized forms, etc.

          It is not very difficult but it just has various rules.

          It is not a law suit but it is an action defined by the Nevada Real Estate Division and is normally done by a single homeowner.

          Multiple homeowners can each their own complaint.

          The proper form is available on-line along with instructions and rules about the process.

          If you or anyone else wants the information about how to file such a complaint just let me know.

          The Office of the Ombudsman actually has a training course to inform homeowners about this.
          1. From Laura Opinions

            FINALLY, someone with enough smarts and enough "b_lls" to go after these liars.

            Good for you.
            1. From Patricia Opinions

              I hope Mr. Orth has submitted his name to run for Association Board membership.

              Sounds like he has more common sense and intelligence than all the current Board members put together!
              1. From Vernon Opinions

                In that so many people voted on this issue and approximately 90% of those that voted were in favor of the litigation I believe we should proceed with the litigation.

                The people that didn’t vote are simply sitting on the sidelines and have no interest while those that took the time to educate themselves on the issue voted overwhelmingly in favor of the litigation.

                Since it won’t cost us to pursue the litigation if we fail, where is the downside to the community?

                What could possibly be the upside to the association to not pursue this?
              2. Vernon, the issue was following Nevada Law.

                Many people did not vote believing that would be considered a "no" vote.

                The Association President specifically stated that 3,573 votes were needed in order to proceed. Nothing was said to the contrary, and in the minds of many, when the vote was tallied, his voting to go ahead with the litigation constituted LYING to his community.

                The "upside" should never substitute for the LAW.

                There was a good reason as to why the law was passed requiring such a substantial percentage...namely to provide protection to a community against legal action that affects everyone.

                All that the people wanted were the full facts prior to casting a vote. They did not get them, and as a result, many believe the entire matter did little other than DECEIVE in order to proceed.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

From the Mailbag....Another Resident Looks at Construction Defect Vote with Scorn

email-marketing1.jpg (780×520)

Sun City Anthem Resident
Objects to Construction Defect Lawsuit Vote
with Scathing Letter to Board

We received an email with a copy of a letter sent to the Sun City Anthem Board regarding the recent decision to go forward with the construction defect lawsuit despite not achieving the necessary vote total as PROMISED BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATION.

With his permission,  below is a copy of the letter he sent to the Sun City Anthem Board dated January 25, 2017.

We commend resident, Bob Rainey, for his taking time to write this letter expressing his obvious concerns.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
25 January 2017

SCA Board of Directors
2450 Hampton Rd.
Henderson, NV  89052

Re:  Liberty Center Lawsuit / Voting

Gentlemen and Ladies,

Before I could decide how to Vote on this subject matter, I asked other people I met what their views were on the lawsuit ?  

Being relatively new (2010), I wasn't aware of all the facts and issues.  

To my amazement many people had different views of what the facts actually were.  

Some voiced the opinion that previous BOD signed off on the building with notes of faults to be repaired later.  Others weren't sure about anything but noted "suing is the way of the world".  A few really caught my attention when they explained that I was wasting my time to even bother to vote.  They explained, "The BOD would decide what is best for our community whether we liked it or not".

How could that be true?  The purpose of voting is to determine how the majority of residents feel what is best for us.  

You did not reach the required majority.  You do not have the right to change the rules of the game after the vote was taken.  That is Fraud!  

And to come up with this hidden statute to further your case really makes me lose faith in the BOD.  

This makes me think you guys are getting a "kick-back" from these lawyers to keep this case alive.

Is this going to be another blunder like Vic's Restaurant? Didn't you learn anything from past experience?  

I heard that the majority of residents also shot down that vote for the restaurant, but again BOD knew best! 

It is obvious from past problems that the BOD does not know what is best for this community.

And now we receive this letter stating you are proceeding with this lawsuit. 

Again you ignore the outcome of the vote and make your own rules.  We, the owners, are the association; not you as BOD.  

You DID NOT receive 92% of the total number of units (7,144) and thus you do not have the right to decide what is best for this association.  

A new forum, discussion panel, meetings, etc. should be established stating all the facts listing the Pros and Cons and mandatory requirement all residents to vote.

Or am I to rank all of those other owners who don't give a damn what happens to this community and take the advice "not to waste my time voting, as the BOD WILL decide what's best of me"?


Bob Raney
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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  1. From Robert Opinions

    Here is a word the BOD should learn:

    fiduciary (fi-doo'shi-er'i) - "designating or of a person who holds something in trust for another"

    If everyone calls the Board to the carpet, I'm sure we'll get another letter explaining that the Russians hacked into the vote and were responsible for the outcome.

    Sadly, the residents had the chance to make BIG changes last election cycle - they didn't!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

From the Mailbag

email.jpg (368×368)
We recently received an eblast pertaining to the Agenda for the Sun City Anthem Board meeting on Thursday, January 26th...and  what caught our well as...that of the "infamous" Robert N., was this item that will be decided.

Approval of the General Manager’s job description

We've never had a formal  job description for a person being paid $270,000 who also received a $20,000 bonus at the end of 2016?

And so...we're pleased to present this critique and look forward to any comments you may have.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

say-what-logo1.jpg (1068×624)

Robert N.
Sun City Anthem Resident

I, like most residents, received an email on 1/24/17 from Sun City Anthem announcing a scheduled Board meeting for 1/26/2017.

Among the agenda items to be discussed and appproved at this Board meeting was this gem:

Approval of the General Manager’s job description


Does this mean that the Board of Directors conducted their search for the ‘perfect candidate’ without a confirmed list of criteria applicable to the satisfactory performance of the General Manager duties (in other words, without a written list of these criteria, how did they know who to look for and how to evaluate the candidates)?

Does this mean that our General Manager (hired after an expensive search, wining and dining, etc.) was selected for such an important position without the benefit of a written job description?

ipad-wallpapers-red-question-mark-funny-ipad-ipad-2-ipad-mini-gNMnDJ-clipart.jpg (1024×1024)

Even more disturbing, a ‘performance bonus’ is usually given to an employee that exceeds the duties and criteria listed in his or her Job Description.

Therefore, what criteria were used to recently award the General Manager a $20,000 bonus?
Questions-Mark.gif (1386×1385)
Is this the same Board that recently approved a quarterly dues increase?

question-yikA5pBiE.jpeg (1023×1600)

Did it follow the same lack of Business Acumen?

Question-Mark.jpg (861×1075)
I hope the email SHOULD have read ‘approval of the General Manager’s REVISED job description’

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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  1. It seems that once my HOA fees are paid, then it is no longer my money; but instead becomes Rex's money to spend as he wants s even when we voted to NOT spend it. What a sad joke.
    1. From Carl Opinions

      To begin with, the GM was paid $250,000 and not $270,000 and she received a $20,000 bonus for the work related to her outstanding tradition services which saved us $330,000 in management fees last year.

      And OF COURSE we had a complete multi-page job description when we did our recruiting for her position.

      That was a very complete "composite" description used for recruiting purposes.

      We have refined that into a description that more closely fits the current and future needs do Sun City Anthem.

      It is only a natural process to "tweak"the job description as we move forward with the full implementation of the transition's requirements.
    2. Carl,

      I appreciate your response, but have some difficulty in the way you calculate the math.

      First, perhaps you can explain the difference in getting a total compensation of $270,000 and that not constituting being paid a salary of $270,000.

      As far as the $330,000 saved in management fees, I also have a problem with that as well.

      What matter is not what you pay a GM or management company, but what the association paid in TOTAL.

      Why don't we see the total expenses paid FOR EVERYTHING in 2015 compared to those in 2016?

      It's the bottom line that counts Carl, and I think the community understands that as well.

      ...and if we saved $330,000, why the 10% dues increase in 2017 and rumor of another 10% in 2018 ???

      If the reserves were under funded, shouldn't have been a factor in her income?

      Money is money...and it all comes from residents.

      I do thank you for your comment. Nice to hear a Board Member willing to discuss a decision...certainly not the norm !

      1. From Elizabeth Opinions

        According to the elbast sent there is an additional topic on the Board Agenda that will be decided.

        It appears that the Community Service Group will be cutting all ties with Foundation Assisting Seniors.

        The Board has been requested to take action on Jan 25 to send 60 Days notice to The Foundation for Assisting Seniors of the termination of the agreement between the two entities.

        I have no problem with this, but rather a concern about the status of the Community Service Group thereafter.

        Since they will be in need of equipment and surely will appreciate donations in the form of medical equipment and funds, will they be able to obtain non-profit status from the IRS since they are under the SCA umbrella?
      2. Elizabeth, that is a good question, and I think many of us were saddened things came to this, but I am also well aware that there have been numerous attempts by The Board to discuss the situation with the Foundation to come to a compromise.

        Those discussions resulted in stalemate.

        I learned that a lease was originally completed by a former Board President who took it upon herself to negotiate the terms that essentially would have had The Foundation paying Sun City Anthem a monthly rental fee of $1,000; however the agreement also called for Sun City Anthem to donate the $1,000 back to The Foundation.


        That two term Board member is no longer a part of the Board, and when the 2016 Board was seated, they refused to sign the agreement, citing the reason SHE HAD NO AUTHORITY TO ACT ON THEIR BEHALF.

        The Foundation however claimed the Board member in question was acting on behalf of the Board and as such, should be forced to honor HER UNAUTHORIZED agreement.

        Hence, the stalemate...a problem that occurred due to something that has been prevalent in Sun City Anthem for years....

        A combination of ABUSE OF POWER BY A BOARD MEMBER, along with many who consider GREED on behalf of an outside organization.

        It was Director Carl Weinstein who obtained the Foundation's statements, and it appeared that only a relatively small portion of the funds collected by them made by Sun City Anthem unit owners, were given back to Sun City Anthem.

        Essentially our association collected the money, gave it to the Foundation, and had to request they grant a portion of it back to us !

        This arrangement seemed inequitable, and that's when Sun City Anthem suggested The Foundation pay a rent subsidy.

        The request for The Foundation to pay some form of rent subsidy was made, and in my opinion, considering The Foundation serves many communities other than Sun City Anthem, it did not appear to be an unreasonable request.

        That was not acceptable to The Foundation.

        For months a solution has been attempted, but to no avail.

        As a result, it is my opinion Sun City Anthem was placed in a position that left it no alternative other than to terminate the agreement with The Foundation.

        My guess is that Sun City Anthem will be seeking to purchase a number of the devices currently owned by The Foundation, and in the meantime, following the agreement termination, it will primarily rely on the generous donations of residents to provide them.

        As far as the non-profit status, Sun City Anthem is a non-profit corporation and as such, my guess is that it will fall under that same umbrella.

        I am not tax consultant; however, it my thinking is in error, the community would greatly appreciate the opinion of an expert in that field.
    3. From Robert Opinions

      In his response to Carl Weinstein, he states (in part):

      "And OF COURSE we had a complete multi-page job description when we did our recruiting for her position."

      Well, then it would really benefit the SCA Residents IF clearly-written email blasts are prepared....maybe the email should have stated:

      “Approval of the REVISED General Manager’s job description"

      However, after receiving that letter from the SCA Board yesterday stating that, regardless of the vote results, the Board will proceed with the Pulte Law really doesn't matter what the Board SAYS it will do -

      -they do what they want.

      Maybe the Russians hacked into the email and changed the sentence???

      Even more disturbing, a few months ago there was a well-attended Board meeting where the majority of residents at the meeting said N O to yet another restaurant......will this also be ignored???

      1. SCA is tax exempt for Federal purposes by most likely filing a Form 1120-H. That exempts the HOA from Federal Income Taxes. I do not believe that SCA has 501C-3 status. I don't believe the HOA  would qualify as a charitable organization.
      2. From Barbara Opinions

        As usual, your blog hits the nail on it's head.

        I thought the GM was getting $250K but now you said she was being paid $270K. That was a surprise. She also got a $20K bonus for supposedly saving us $35K a month for 9 months but no one was ever told how this was saved or where the money went.

        Now to find out that there was no job description for the position she is supposedly doing? Very scary.

        It is also my understanding that our CFO is being paid $200K. Of course, we will never know since there is no transparency between the board and the people who live in Sun City. We just keep paying and paying.

        How much did we pay RMI and the other management company and how much is self-management costing us now? Has anyone ever seen a budget or any type of comparison?

        Why would they even post an agenda for a board meeting?

        If you attend, you can't ask the board a question and get a response so what is the point? They do what they want and spend what they want with no oversight.

        The reason no one wants to run for the board is because they can't win. The winners have already been decided before the election and it doesn't make any difference who votes because the individuals we want never seem to win. They had taken any initiative for anyone to run out of the equation.

        Our board needs to be policed and audited, but no one seems to be able to do that. I am not sure how it came to be such a sad situation or how to even begin to fix it.

        I am open to suggestions from anyone that has any idea how to find out about the corruption going on in Sun City and if there is any potential to correct it. 

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Monday, January 23, 2017

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sun City Anthem Board Takes Action Despite Construction Vote Defeat...An Anthem Opinions Editorial

Sun City Anthem Board Says
"We Don't Give a Damn About Any Vote"
"We're Suing Anyway"
told-you-so-meter1.jpg (431×302)
Well now, did we say that your vote never mattered...that the Sun City Anthem Board would do whatever they chose to do, no matter what the outcome?

Looks like our suspicions were right on the money... 

Your Money
Anthem Opinions was not endorsing any action to sue or not to sue the developer.  That was a decision that each resident made.  

Our contempt was for the process that this board obviously used in maneuvering the facts to support the outcome they decided before asking you for an opinion.

There can be little doubt this was the case by simply examining the actions by the President of Sun City Anthem.

Despite an Association President SPECIFICALLY STATING that it would require 3,573 "yes" votes to have the civil action proceed, evidently... we correctly predicted....HE LIED.

Rather than originally providing FULL DISCLOSURE in order to allow unit owners to come to an intelligent decision...which an individual who had INTEGRITY and sense of HONESTY...would have done...

...instead... has been the course he has chosen again and again, since his election to the Sun City Anthem Board...

..he obviously believed that the key to successfully "sell" this to the community....

Was simply....

...DECEIVE YOU... first violating state law not allowing  public "Con" arguments thereby distorting any vote totals...

And...once that failed to achieve his CONTRIVED OBJECTIVE....

...spending additional association funds consulting ONLY with those whom he knew would provide him the answer he wanted to hear...

...finding a loophole to proceed, and conspiring with certain of his "lap dog" companions who laughingly are referred to as "leaders", to go along with this DECEPTION.
Make no mistake.

Every board member who sanctioned this action is as GUILTY AS THE PRESIDENT

They too, remained silent...allowing this DECEPTION to continue.

Of course that "loophole" was never discussed prior to any any letter from a just came about when the residents of Sun City Anthem received the following this letter:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
January 18, 2017

RE: Outcome of the Liberty Center Construction Defect Vote

Dear Sun City Anthem Homeowners,

History was made recently in Sun City Anthem on January 6, 2017. Over 54% of the members took time to cast their ballot on the Liberty Center construction defect (CD) matter. Both SCA’s general counsel, John Leach, and our construction defect counsel, Francis Lynch, indicated that in their long experiences, they have never seen such a large response by a homeowners’ association in a vote issue such as ours.

Therefore, a big Thank You to all that voted is the first order of this letter.

Automatic ratification of the litigation question required 3,573 votes in favor, a majority of the unit owners. The count resulted in 3,470 “Yes” votes and 294 “No” votes.

That was just 103 short of what the law required for the litigation to continue without further Board action.

This vote resulted in over 92% of the participants voting in support of continuation of the litigation.

The Board of Directors scheduled an Executive Session well in advance for January 9, 2017 expecting the possibility that the vote would fail to meet the required minimum.

On that date, the Board met with both our corporate counsel and construction defect counsel to go over the results of the vote and the
next steps the Board should take.

The Board unanimously approved moving ahead with the litigation
for the following reasons:

 Because there is legal precedence for continuing the litigation;

 Because 92% of the responding unit owners approved moving forward with the CD lawsuit;

 Because construction defect counsel has advised that the claims regarding the construction defects are well supported, amply documented and grounded in established scientific principles;

 Because corporate counsel has also advised that attempting to recover the monies to repair;

Liberty Center is considered to be an action in the best interest of the Association and its membership.

We have taken some of the resident’s questions and formed a Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of this letter in hopes we have covered most of the inquiries.

SCA Board of Directors
Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Since the Association did not get the majority (3,573 out of 7,144 units) “yes” votes, does this mean the Board cannot continue with the litigation?

No, the Board CAN continue with the lawsuit.

The applicable statute, NRS 116.31088 (1) (e),specifically reads in part “[I]f the association, after making a good faith effort, cannot obtain the required vote or agreement to commence or ratify such a civil action, the association MAY thereafter seek to dismiss the action without prejudice for that reason only if a vote or written agreement of the owners of the unit to which at least a majority of votes of the members of the association are allocated was obtained at the time the approval to commence or ratify the action was sought.”

The key word in this statement is “MAY”.

Where the vote totals fail to produce a majority vote either way, the Board must take some action.

Since 92% of the voting members agreed to continue with the
civil lawsuit, the Board adhered to the majorities’ vote and unanimously agreed to move forward.

Some have asked “[I]f the Board can act anyway, why hold a vote?”

We followed the process the law specifies.

We are required to seek a majority vote on the question.

If that fails, then the Board exercises its fiduciary duty to decide the course of action it believes is in the best interest of the community.

What would cause the Association to lose this case?

Construction defect counsel is confident that we are not likely to lose this case if it is tried. The Association has correctly filed the complaint in a timely manner and has obtained several experts’ reports identifying faulty construction that occurred when the Liberty Center was built.

The Association’s burden of proof is preponderance of the evidence, or 'is it more likely than not’ that construction defects existed in the Liberty Center.
The Association is confident that it can meet the burden of proof in this matter.

Losing any case could involve many reasons including the basics of
filing the complaint incorrectly or beyond the statute of limitation.
More often, it would mean that the Association filed a frivolous or malicious lawsuit or abused the process.

On the ballot under the Con Statement, it stated that the Unit Owners may be responsible for paying Pulte/Del Webb’s (Defendant) legal fees if we lose.
What are those fees for the Defendant’s attorneys?

Our counsel has advised us it is extremely unlikely the Association will lose if the case is tried.

However, in the event the Association was found to have filed this case maliciously or frivolously and the Defendant was awarded their legal fees, a judge will determine the reasonable amount of those fees.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Well now,  what can we say other than...
Dont-Make-Me-Any-Promises-That-You-Dont-Intend-To-Keep.jpg (500×330)

...that this carefully crafted letter...WHICH UNDOUBTEDLY COST ADDITIONAL SUBSTANTIAL LEGAL FEES $$$ ...

...was ordered by a Sun City Anthem Board President in agreement with certain of his fellow Board members in order to SKATE THE LAW, in conjunction with an association attorney and independent law firm that stands to FINANCIALLY GAIN as a result.

Of course what was conveniently omitted by these DECEPTIVE individuals was that:

1. Only 48.5% of the unit owners voted to approve the measure: that Nevada laws says 50%, and the Sun City Anthem CCRs state 75%.

These RULES of course didn't seem to mean "a hill of beans".

2. Many did not vote because THEY WERE LEAD TO BELIEVE that such action would constitute a "no" vote, further distorting the vote total.

3. By admitting in the letter they had a formal executive board meeting planned in advance of the vote count, that too, provides a convincing argument they had no intention to follow the law.

4. And the best...AND PERHAPS THE BIGGEST INSULT TO THE INTELLIGENCE OF EACH UNIT OWNER IN SUN CITY ANTHEM...they've now come up with this option...

If you don't want to go through with it, now you need 50% to say "no".

We knew this would happen; history has always dictated that this DECEPTIVE bunch of CONTEMPTABLES pay little attention to the laws of Nevada, much less existing Sun City Anthem CCRS when it does not fit their whims and desires.... 

...and that the unit owners of  Sun City Anthem can now come to terms with the leadership it has tolerated for years....

YOU, as a unit owner, are merely a PAWN in order to finance their DESIRES.

These aren't leaders....these are CON ARTISTS !

...individuals who have "played you" with a deck of 51 cards.

When will this place ever realize you mean NOTHING to them OTHER THAN A QUARTERLY DUES CHECK ?

Is there any doubt that any of them could ever exist financially if they were forced to spend THEIR MONEY, rather than yours?

These are BUREAUCRATS....and in our opinion, have now established the Sun City Anthem definition of "DEPLORABLES".

For those who actually do pay any attention to their antics...

What in the world is it going to take to prove to you, the financiers of our association, that their main accomplishment has been creating a deceptive and untrustworthy atmosphere year in and year out ?

We should all realize they pushed this  lawsuit in order to avoid their admitting they were financially inept....

...that it was more convenient to "blame someone else" rather than have a special assessment to cover their mistakes.

This association has known FOR YEARS that there have been serious problems with The Liberty Center, and they IGNORED THEM in hope they would simply "go away ".

Previous boards retained a management company to act as a watch dog to keep things in order....

...and for some strange reason, NEVER BOTHERED TO PLACE THE CONTRACT OUT TO COMPETITIVE prescribed by law.

Can any of you remember the excuse used not to place it out to bid years ago?

They used the word "practicability"....that it was "too late to do so"...despite knowing months and years in advance of the renewal date....just another backdoor deal that obviously WORKED AGAINST YOU FINANCIALLY.

Why are we not SUING that firm know, the one we finally dumped ?????????

No one has ever been able to give a straight answer to that question, have they ?

Want more proof of the "confidence" these CON ARTISTS have instilled in our community over time?

Out of a community population of over 11,000 residents with 7,144 unit owners, to date...

monopoly.jpg (267×304)

There is rumor that a number of members of the existing board will once again run for reelection and continue to destroy the financial soundness they have inadvertently created year after year with selfish and ill-conceived decisions.
examples include...

10% DUES INCREASE in 2017 with likely 10% again in 2018
       IRS FINE
...this list can go on and on.

What have they...or more properly stated...

WHAT HAVE WE ALLOWED THEM  to do to this community ?

No "newbies" because of their creating an atmosphere of...

"Why run, nothing will change anyway"

So, with this grim, yet realistic picture that we are convinced, WILL TAKE PLACE...

What can you do? 

Very little...but what you can seriously consider...knowing that in the absence of "new competent blood" , nothing will change...

When you receive a ballot...

(if you receive an election ballot)...

 (no election takes place if there are not sufficient candidates...and these LYING LOSERS merely appoint some lackey who will follow the leader)...


They should be ashamed of themselves for LYING to the members of Sun City Anthem.

This  latest action is more than a "loophole". 

Your acceptance of this does little other than set a precedent for future events.

The law was established in order for a majority of those WHO OWN A COMMUNITY, to decide its fate.

All we asked was FOLLOW THAT LAW.


There is but one conclusion that can be drawn from this decision that affects all of us who reside in Sun City Anthem.


This "swamp" needs draining, but after years of corruption and inept management, sadly those who have mistakenly trusted the judgment of those who have caused us such harm by allowing this action to continue again and again,  have left us with a "swamp" without a drain.

They made sure of that in designing a "spoils system" in which they could perpetuate their disease...

... and when you pay that increased assessment in addition to the many that will follow, we only have ourselves to blame for being blind enough for allowing them to do so.

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  1. Where do I sign up for the class action law suit?
  2. From Opinions

    Dick..Can you believe what our criminals in charge are doing? Going ahead with this lawsuit against the declared wishes of the members has got to be actionable...Reminds me very much like the whining snowflake losers we have to deal with on the national scene..

  3. From Richard Opinions

    To have a BOD that goes against the will of the people; it’s almost too much to bear.

    I am outraged, and so should you be as well.

    Get over praising false gods, and expose our worthless BOD and wanna-be manager for the frauds they have proven out to be."
  4. From Victor Opinions

    I didn't own my property in SCA until after the vote on a pending lawsuit and the only way I was aware of it, was from following your blog, so thank you.

    The problem is obviously that a member opposed to the suit assumed this would constitute a "No" vote.

    So, they mostly got votes from those who wished for the suit to go forward.

    From what I read of your posts, the board didn't provide and cons prior to the vote.

    They also didn't mention that by NOT voting one was essentially voting YES.

    Their conclusions from this is that the majority want the suit is incorrect. Compare this to a survey that is sent where the respondents are told that choosing yes is a Yay, voting no is a Nay, and if you don't return the survey, it is counted as a Nay. Why bother to return the survey?

    We continued with our purchase because at $120 a month the dues are still way lower than friends of ours with similar amenities in a Robson community. We figured the board could screw up quite a bit before I'd have to worry about it, but at this rate...
  5. Welcome to Sun City Anthem, Victor, and the realities of living in an HOA that has had this type of "leadership" for years.

    If you ever attend a meeting of the Board, this will frustrate you even more..normally 30-50 people out of 11,000 people normally show up.

    When I first arrived here in 2005, there would be hundreds in attendance.

    Then these same "descendants" of one another actually started a political party in which to run their chosen ones year after year, stroking the egos of some of the most ignorant and offensive individuals to run for office. All have been victorious ever since, resulting in what we have today.

    Relevant experience suddenly took a back seat to obtaining "yes" people who would "go along to get along".

    There is actually a belief that those elected should all agree to show a united front...that individual thought is condemned by those who have tried to express it, and life has been made miserable for those who disagree with "the system" in any way.

    Since then, the place is run by those who pretty much never achieved any level of meaningful success in their lives before they got here, and to them, enjoyment in retirement was defined as "catching up for lost time" by controlling the lives of other seniors.

    The Liberty Center is just one example of the "geniuses" we've had to deal with over the years, and the time is finally arriving when the "Piper is having to be paid" for their "guidance."

    The "kitty" ran dry, the reserves had to finally be pumped up for the substantial losses...and now the dues increased as a result...with additional increases to come.

    Not a single individual who has been a member of the Sun City Anthem has ever said " Oops...I made a mistake, and I apologize", despite the thousands of dollars their decisions have cost unit owners.

    What does that tell you about our leaders?

    Did you know that Channel 13 actually made Sun City Anthem a "Star" by having special broadcasts naming two of the Board members to the HOA Hall of Shame?

    Need a good laugh...or...actually a good cry?

    Here is a clip on that pretty well describes it.

    Here it took place in 2009.

    How proud many of us have such a fine individual represent them !

    My suggestion...enjoy the community and avoid the politics as best as you can.

    But if you can't, I suggest you go to Sam's Club and buy Maalox in large quantities.
  6. From Buddy Opinions











    1. From Robert Opinions


      Surprised that 'nobody' has complained about the new, increased dues (mine went up from $275 to $301.50 - don't forget that 50 cents)....

      I'm glad we're all chipping in for Seddon's bonus​. 
    2. From Grammy Opinions

      So why doesn't the person writing the comments about the crooked Board members and their determination to sue, run for a Board position?

      He/she sounds like a leader to me, and if you run for a Board position, maybe that would encourage others to run and help "drain the swamp."
    3. From Barbara Opinions

      I think you should run for the board. Obviously you are in the know and look out for the residents. I would also like to see the 3 individuals that lost (don't know why) the last election run.

      We certainly need to get some relief from the current board that does what they want, when they want and with our money.

      I know you have spoken about the money our current GM gets, along with her bonus. I have also heard that the CFO receives $200K and got a bonus also. We have never seen what we paid the management companies vs what self-management is costing. Would love to have those figures.

      Thanks for your fantastic reporting. 
    4. From Elizabeth Opinions

      I just saw my email from SCA and opened the link to the letter.

      They could have just sent me a picture of a huge middle finger and been more succinct.

      Apparently my vote doesn't count because I am not in lock step so they will just do as they please.

      Why did they bother with that charade?

      What IS the magic number anyway?

      If 90% had voted to move forward- would that have been enough? 89%? 75%?

      The Board gets to arbitrarily decide - so it really doesn't matter because they are governing by Executive Order and making it up as they go along.

      This Community gets more frightening daily.
    5. Barbara & Grammy, I can't tell you how flattered I am at your suggestion.

      My wife has made it very clear, that doing so, will cost me half of everything I own, and at age 70, my best days are behind me now.

      Honestly, I see my "community service role" as trying to tell people the TRUTH...untainted, and unbiased, and though often not what people may want to hear, I speak with honesty and good intentions of asking them to think things out logically, before a substantial decision is made.

      I am not the product of rich parents, but I was able to have parents who taught me that riches should be defined in a manner that makes the world an honest and better place. With that attitude, the money seemed to follow.

      What I offer is through the eyes of an individual who has been self-employed, employing others and realizing the value of a dollar....

      ... and how difficult it was at times to earn it, while watching others frivolously spend it without realizing that there are many in Sun City Anthem living on Social Security alone, that Meals on Wheels make regular visits here, and knowing some seniors are even cutting their medications in pieces in order to survive financially...

      ...while at the same time seeing others say "We're still less expensive than other communities".

      I have a problem watching people who look at the less fortunate as being inferior, and an even greater disdain for those who "use" and "abuse" others, by parading themselves as their friend publicly, yet privately embracing a selfish agenda.

      ...and I hope that attitude is displayed by my writings.

      Thanks again for the compliment, but Sun City Anthem needs...AND REQUIRES...a younger set to lead us.

      It will soon be their community;; they are the ones who must step forth and lead. Our baton is getting a bit rusty, and the success of Sun City Anthem should be concentrated on our recruiting and retaining those with "The Right Stuff".
    6. From Opinions

      Excellent Article, I'm a man of few words...Let's get our Wonderful Channel 13 Light Shining Organization on this one before our beautiful little community becomes like a prison sentence with no parole...Yes, it's that Bad..

      Beyond not meeting the smell test!