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Saturday, April 30, 2016

What's going on in our hometown this week?

Henderson Happenings
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

3 Days Left to Decide Sun City Anthem Future

Last Call...
To Be a Goodwill Ambassador for SCA!
 logo_lastcall.png (209×96)
Shouting_Man_Cartoon.jpg (1198×898)

Ask your friends, neighbors and acquaintances if they have voted.

If they did not, encourage them to vote in order for Sun City Anthem to obtain the representation it deserves.

It was recently learned that in excess of 2,900 unit owners have voted in the 2016 Sun City Anthem Election.
Were you one of them? our LAST you.

 All ballots must be RECEIVED no later than...
Friday, April 29th achieve the reform we need and deserve.
 At this time, mailing a ballot may not reach the Sun City Anthem Centers in are asking each and every one of you to...
 CALL a neighbor, "phone a friend",  and ask them if they have voted.
185px-Phone_A_Friend.jpg (185×117)
 if not...and if...those individuals are not physically able to get to either the Anthem or Independence Centers. to return their ballot...
...tell them you would be willing to deliver their SEALED BALLOT to the BALLOT BOX prior the 4:00pm, April 29th date for them.
Anthem Opinions believes that Election 2016 can provide the changes needed to ensure the financial stability we, as owners, require in order to maintain a successful retirement future.
Won't you take one last measure to ensure that becomes a reality?
A simple call...a simple act of kindness on your part...
...can possibly change our lives.
Barry Goldstein
Steve Anderson
Forrest Fetherolf
Ballot position...
1 - 3 - 5
Thank you.
 Anthem Opinions Administration

Latest Valley Dining Venues

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The History of Trucks

Breaker 19....A Look Back at Trucks !

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Guns & "Grass" on Ballot in November

So Far...2 Ballot Measures for Nevada Voters
in General Election
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sun City Anthem Board Election Winding Down to Final Week

It's Crunch Time

Have You Voted Yet ?

vote.jpg (1800×900)

The Sun City Anthem Board of Directors election voting is quickly coming to an end, and if you have not yet cast your vote, it must be received no later than April 29th.

Anthem Opinions has said countless times how important this election is as compared to those of the past.

We all know that as of April 1, 2016, our association has transitioned to self-management...a process that will take a number of months...if not determine if this will have been a successful venture.

This process requires the community to accept that change is NOW
HERE and will be implemented though alteration in our governance.

Our Board will now GUIDE...not MANAGE.

That in itself, is a major change from the past.

Just what does that mean?

A Board of Directors will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operations of our community.

A General Manager named Sandy Seddon has been hired to perform those duties which include hiring and firing qualified employees. Her support will be a Community Association Manager, Lori Martin.

A Chief Financial Officer has been hired to properly manage our community funds and ensure that ALL expenditures are in keeping with Nevada statutes, who will also report to General Manager, Sandy Seddon.

Resident concerns will be addressed by a Community Compliance Manager named Chris Wicoff, who will in turn, will report to the Community Association Manager, Lori Martin.

How does this affect the association Committee system?

Though as yet officially addressed...

It will and MUST be altered, because a General Manager has been hired to perform the duties they, in a number of cases, have been charged with in the past...

...originally being created to WATCH an independent management firm's controlling the many aspects of our community.

In other words, some committees will no longer provide a function, and subsequently may have to be discontinued.

Where does that leave a Board of Directors?

It places seven individuals in a position to GUIDE....keep tabs on, oversee various decisions, and make suggestions to a General Manager when in their judgment, something "doesn't pass the smell test" that was determined by the General Manager.

It does not necessarily mean her suggestions and/or decisions will be overturned, but it does mean that if something does not look or sound right...they can require the General Manager to revisit the issue and come up with alternatives that are acceptable to a majority of that group of seven. a checks and balance system...that is MORE THAN WELCOME in our community.

Does that diminish the committee influence?

YES...and rightfully it SHOULD

There are some committees that have operated with an inordinate amount of UNELECTED power...groups of individuals who often made personal decisions WITHOUT community support, and passed them on to a Board who APPOINTED THEM, in order to rubber stamp their wishes and desires.
Yes, a small group of individuals appointed, not elected, who can control the many aspects of your life...without the necessity of EVER looking at the community for approval.

...a system that has been FLAWED by "political appointees" and "yes man" individuals in so many cases.

There are some individuals in our community who do not wish to embrace this change, one of which is candidate, Aletta Waterhouse.

She has made it clear in her position that the committee system is sacred, that it must remain in tact...

Why?  Because she has enjoyed the POWER associated with it, and if elected to the Board, will continue that BUREAUCRATIC method of governance. 

After all, that is ALL SHE HAS EVER KNOWN in her past librarian experience at being part of a "system" where advancement  is all too often achieved based on "who you know" or "time spent on the job", rather than SATISFACTORY RESULTS obtained.

Ever wonder why the MACHINE supports  Aletta Waterhouse, Bob Burch, and Tom Nissen?

These individuals are PROPONENTS of the OLD system that has brought a community the problems that WE at Anthem Opinions, through our efforts and those of our dedicated readers, have exposed over the months....

...problems RARELY, if ever, examined in full by other publications. Anthem Opinions...were the first to bring you...


Liberty Center closure details

Restaurant waste as a result of a Board committing thousands of dollars in subsidies and loans that eventually defaulted

Large wasteful expenditures for dinners, private parties, and expensive meetings.

WE...made you aware of the problems, while others followed us in either making attempts to humiliate our efforts, or "going along for the ride" in copying those WE brought to your attention.

WE...have had residents ASSIST our efforts in exposing the problems.



...are the only publication that has endorsed TWO CANDIDATES who have the relevant business experience needed to RECOGNIZE the problems THAT EXIST, CAN exist, and WILL KNOW HOW TO SOLVE THEM.

Namely, Forrest Fetherolf ....and...Barry Goldstein.

...BUSINESS BRAINS with proven track records of financial success.

Add Steve Anderson's experience in dealing with social issues associated with understanding "people" through years of involvement in their every day personal and professional needs...

.. and we look at these three individuals as the...

 trifecta_tour_logo.png (500×399)
...who can and will successfully work with two existing Board members, Jim Mayfield and Carl Weinstein, who have proven their concerns for REFORM both in WORDS and VOTING RECORDS....

...Board members who have time and again, been criticized and ostracized, by fellow Board members who have SHOWN a BLATANT DISREGARD to REPRESENT the PEOPLE....clearly demonstrated by their secretive meetings and subsequent VOTING RECORDS. we close the 2016 Board of Directors Election campaign, we ask you to examine the detailed reports we have provided you in our dedicated Election Center Information Page  (again, the ONLY PUBLICATION that has dedicated itself to do so)

...and...remind your friends and neighbors who may not yet have cast their ballot...

... looking at the candidates who can best accomplish the goals established under our Self-Management decision... REFORMING a system that continues to decay with each passing year with those WHO KNOW HOW TO REFORM IT !

Barry Goldstein
Steve Anderson
 Forrest Fetherolf

Ballot Positions
1 - 3 - 5

And so...we have something to ask of you...

We ask you to be an ambassador for change.

Make this a part of your conversation to your neighbors. Talk to them when at the Anthem or Independence Centers, or at a club function or casual lunch or dinner, reminding them our future depends on our choices to lead us.

Just a few comments on your part could possibly affect the results of this election.

Most importantly, no matter who you choose, VOTE.

Let's make this the largest turnout in the history of Sun City Anthem.

Anthem Opinions Administration
  1. From Carl Weinstein...Board Opinions

    Loved your article, but you left out an important part where you mentioned key staff.

    That is the new Director and Assistant Director of Maintenance who report to Sandy Seddon, and who will be responsible for keeping everything looking good and in working order.
  2. Thank you, Carl.

    Let's make sure we also mention their names.

    SHAWN EVANS,Facilities Director,702-614-5857

    Assistant Facilities Director

What You Should Know about Your Irrigation System

Getting Acquainted with your
Drip Irrigation System

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

What's Going on in our hometown this week?

Henderson Happenings
  April 24h  thru  April 30th


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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Former Sun City Anthem LifeStyle Committee Member Criticized Committee Leadership Effectiveness

  Former Sun City Anthem
 LifeStyle Committee Member
Exposes Rex Weddle Incompetence as  
LifeStyle Committee Chairman

Anthem Opinions received this commentary from a former member of the Sun City Anthem LifeStyle Committee who served with various members of that committee which included current Board Candidate Aletta Waterhouse, while chaired by Rex Weddle, the current vice president of Sun City Anthem.
This individual asked to remain nameless at this time, but this information was verified through a conversation with that person.
Here is the commentary that Anthem Opinions was asked to publish on that person's behalf.

For the full picture we must start with Ralph Sacolitti, the LifeStyle Chair just before Rex Weddle.

I was the Property & Grounds liaison during the administration of both Rex and Ralph.

One of the first things Ralph did was to inform the Property & Grounds
committee that the LifeStyle Committee would not take part in the
vetting of the various proposals for the use of the Liberty Center Bocce
Ball area

When I questioned him about this, he informed me that LifeStyles really had no interest in what was done with the Bocce ball courts and we should not waste our time.

I should state that at this time, I was unaware of the Sun City Anthem board policy which mandated the involvement of the LifeStyles committee.

I continued to attend the P&G meetings. I saw many Project Information
Request Forms
  (PIRFs) come up for vetting, but no vetting by

I mentioned this to Ralph and he said “not important”.

I was curious as to why LifeStyles was never made aware of any PIRFs that came up. I looked on the back of the PIRFs and saw the routing of the PIRF.

LifeStyles was conspicuously missing. 

I mentioned this to the facilities representative to P&G, and was informed that “he did not know LifeStyles had to be notified of all PIRFs".

I then mentioned this to the chair of P&G and he said that this situation had to be remedied. I asked him if a meeting between the chairs of LifeStyles and Property & Grounds could solve the problem and he said "yes".

By this time, LifeStyles received a new chair-Red Weddle .

As this was the beginning of summer, I did not broach this with Rex, I wanted to give him time to get acclimated.

When I did mention this to REX and informed him that all that was needed to solve the problem of LifeStyles being omitted from the routing, was an agreement between LifeStyles & Property & Grounds that LifeStyle  be included in the routing.

Rex then stated that he did not feel it was his duty to contact P&G, rather P&G was to contact LifeStyles.

What an example of improperly conducting a committee !

It was important that all PIRFs be vetted by all the concerned standing committees. “Protocol” be damned.

My term on LifeStyles ended on November 30 of 2015.

During my time on LifeStyles, Rex did not vet a single PIRF.

There was always some excuse as to why he would not do so.

It should be noted the between the time Rex became LifeStyle chair and my departure from the committee, there were close to 25 PIRFs submitted without any action by LifeStyles.

At many meetings of the LifeStyes I mentioned our not vetting the PIRFs.
I asked for a vote to force REX to vet the PIRFs.

I lost on all occasions as the members had other priorities.

Aletta Waterhouse always wanted a special committee formed to examine the ramifications of any actions taken.

Once Rex was gone and Aletta became chair, all the backlog was addressed and cleared, just is time for her run for the SCA board, despite her voting against my concerns up to that point.

Rex continued to do nothing until Feb. of 2015, when in an attempt
to look statesmanlike, he held a huge hearing in the Delaware room
to discuss another attempt to utilize the Bocce ball courts at
Liberty Center.


Coffee Grounds & Sewing ?


Do you sew?
Want to know how to use this in a pin cushion?

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another Reason We Like Steve Anderson

Kudos to Board Candidate
Steve Anderson in Plea
for Civility

handshake-respect.jpg (431×245)

Recently, Sun City Anthem Board Candidate Steve Anderson, had the courage to post a sincere and thought provoking message on another community blog.

We have omitted some of Mr. Anderson's commentary that defended a specific individual....

In our opinion, the defense of that individual is not the motive for reprinting a portion of his thoughts.

What is the message he conveyed ...

...a lesson all of us should learn....and practice.

Our hat's off to Steve for "standing tall" in his belief and the commitment his words clearly express..

Is this a sign if elected, a "new beginning" will awaken in our community Board of Directors...

...that perhaps a new group of caring and reform minded leaders may rekindle a program that at one time, called a "Code of Conduct" existed, sanctioning membership privileges of those parties judged to have "physically" or "emotionally" injured others ...

...a program sadly abandoned years ago.

do-unto-others.jpg (320×258)

Just another reason that we at Anthem Opinions strongly endorse this REFORM candidate.

States Mr. Anderson:
Throughout the past several months of the SCA Board campaign I have had the pleasure of meeting a wide number of people within our community. Without exception these individuals love living in SCA, but have some deep felt concerns about the community. One area of major concern is the lack of effective communication between the members of the Association and the Board/Management. This has been a major area of focus for many of the candidates and something that I have addressed throughout the campaign.
Within this vein something I also continually heard was the unwillingness of many to be open in their concerns because of their fear of retribution.
That is derogatory and not necessary for a thorough discussion of the issues.
At some point the personal attacks need to stop as they are responsible for having a chilling effect on everyday people in this community feeling safe in speaking out.
It also is a major reason that I have heard time and time again for people not wanting to run for the board.
It is time for everyone to move to a higher level and to get out of the gutter and focus on the issues and the documented actions of people rather than the persons themselves.
Now it's your turn.
Got a comment?
Send it to:



Domestic Abusers Targeted for Gun Control

Nevada Outlaws Gun Purchases of
Convicted Domestic Abusers

stop-domestic-violence.png (644×352)

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Can Association Committees Have Closed Door Sessions ?

Recently there appeared to be confusion as to closed sessions of committees.
A special thanks to our "Nevada Know How" author, Tim Stebbins,  for fully researching the applicable Nevada Statures for the community.
Executive Session Meetings
closed-door-meeting-sign.png (279×181)
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"Nevada Know How"