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Friday, October 30, 2015

Tick Tock...Back Goes the Clock & Happy Birthday Nevada

Just a reminder...before you go to bed tonight....

Turn the clock BACK one hour and enjoy that extra hour sleep !

For years that has been on ongoing debate as to why we turn clocks back in the fall and forward in the spring.


Why Daylight Savings Time at All !


Happy Birthday Nevada

Didya know there's a history  to it ?


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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NRS 116 Expert Explains Sun City Anthem Board Authority Restrictions

This article was composed by Tim Stebbins, our "Nevada Know How" columnist and resident NRS 116 expert...Nevada Law pertaining to homeowners associations.

It was composed and written a few weeks ago following a number of discussions with a man named Joseph Decker, Administrator of the Nevada Real Estate Division.

We refrained from publishing it until Tim Stebbins received a response to the concerns expressed in this article...

...and on Monday, November 2, 2015...

... we will publish the response received from Mr. Decker.

...a response which should be both a "game changer" and victory for homeowner rights.

It's that amazing...and should revolutionize the manner in which association spending will, and should be, conducted for new projects and amenities in the Sun City Anthem community.

When Can Homeowners Control Association Decisions?


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Are You One of Them ???

Las Vegas: #4 in Nation
for Running Red Lights

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

An Article Reprint Clarification

We received a number of emails regarding an article we published on Monday, October 26, 2015 entitled:

Association Success is Well Within our Grasp...
An Anthem Opinions Editorial

Evidently a number of our readers did not realize that the initial comments were a preliminary to the main piece.

Accordingly, if you missed the main article, we urge you to view it by clicking this link:  

...or going directly to our "Nevada Know How" Information Page as follows:

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused you.

Anthem Opinions Administration

We Don't Care if It's Unhealthy !

iStock_000015528240_ExtraSmall-Tips.jpg (347×346)
       A Simple Way to Reduce Bacon from Shrinking

What goes hand in hand with eggs for breakfast?

For most's bacon!

But...Does it look like this?

We have a way to reduce the shrinkage...and that answer is as close as your kitchen sink !


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"Why Didn't I Think About That ? ....Tips"

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Good Leadership...A Ship That's Been Sinking for Years...In Desperate Need of Financial Experience....An Anthem Opinions Editorial

There is little doubt that in the entire existence of Sun City Anthem, the past year has brought more  community dissension than can ever be remembered.

That was quite evident at the Sun City Anthem Board Meeting of October 22, 2015....

...and it is the basis on which we reflected and this article has been written.

What is most alarming is the timing of this dissension,  namely the movement toward self-management.

We have been confronted with momentous decisions in 2015 and we can anticipate even more of them in the following year.

What creates our greatest concern in addition to the fundamental elements of self-management, are those who have been chosen to lead us down that path of change, and the experience necessary to achieve the goal of responsible financial planning.

Has 2015 been successful thus far

You be the judge.

2015 has been marked by...

... constant infusion of association funding to a restaurant that has become a financial nightmare, one very few people patronize....or support.

... a Board who passed a 2016 budget NOT RECOMMENDED by the Finance Committee.

...needless spending for legal advice on basic questions.

...reckless and improperly supervised spending for general association improvements.

... controversy over the hiring of a General Manager, as well as, the benefit package she will receive.

Who has been responsible for guiding us down this path?

A majority of Board individuals consisting of...

A President who has no relevant experience....having no college education with a past of being a "community organizer" for social issues.

A Secretary and past 2 year President who has no relevant business experience...who is of the belief that all answers can be found in a text book and has bypassed other Board Members in decisions which may lead to legal action against Sun City Anthem...

A Vice President who has a History degree and inflated credentials, never any experience at running a business...with few if any, "people skills"...and... who has a reputation for the lack of respect and courtesy toward members of a former committee, as well as, many residents in the community...


A Miscellaneous Director,  an airline pilot... who waffles due to his complete lack of experience in business matters choosing to vote alongside others who have even less experience than his own.

This is who YOU, the unit owners, have placed your confidence to define  YOUR financial future....and in doing so, have placed $ 8 million dollars each year in their hands !

Is there any doubt that the results could not be predicted due to these inexperienced choices?

We think...we got exactly what we bargained for in choosing them...

 which inevitably lead to...

One cannot complete this obvious case of disaster without mention of a community blogger whose business experience is also nonexistent, and whose recommendations over the years...have brought us such individuals...

...most...with TOXIC financial results.

Is it too late to correct the mistakes of the past? 

It's never too late...and we believe we know how to accomplish a bright we actively search out individuals who do HAVE THE RIGHT STUFF !

Make sure you see our "Nevada Know How" Information Page to see our continuing thoughts by clicking below for full information and our article....

Association Success is Well Within our Grasp...
An Anthem Opinions Editorial
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field2.jpg (240×240)


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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

Newest Dining Options Scattered Over Valley

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 "Dining Bargains for Sun City Anthem Residents"

Converting an extra bedroom can make unused space usable.

Need an idea for that guest room you rarely...if ever...use?
Why not consider....
Creating a Comfortable Walk-In

CLICK HERE for Full Information

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 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Listening = Saving Approximately $3,500 of Association Funds

Two Way Communication
It Can Work...If...Both Parties Are Willing to Listen !

Remember the Salamader? 

No, not the lizard..

The Cheese Melter !

We just got a nice note from Board Director, Carl Weinstein, informing us that after examining a number of competitive options and reading our article posted September 21, 2015, the matter has been reviewed and it appears that as a result of a JOINT EFFORT between BOARD MEMBER...RESIDENT...with a nudge from...ANTHEM OPINIONS...

...Sun City Anthem residents will....

as a result ! 

We wish to express our thanks to Mr. Weinstein for his taking the time to read our article, examine its contents, and subsequently investigate the concerns expressed.

The best part....Sun City Anthem residents will enjoy a substantial savings...

...and perhaps... a result of this episode, the Sun City Anthem Board will strongly consider a plea made over the years by those who have expressed a concern for needless waste... "Oversight Committee" for all future expenditures that exceed a predetermined dollar amount.

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to read the Anthem Opinions article, we have reprinted it for you below.

Do you have thoughts on the merit of an Oversight Committee to police the validity of bidding projects?

Let us know your feeling.

Send your emails to:

Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Buddy Opinions

    Reply to article by cheese melter.

    Should there be an oversight committee???

    Absolutely. If projects like this cheese melter come up, we should treat it like our own money and not just association money that cost each homeowner a few pennies a month. If we continue to add up those pennies, it comes to real dollars.

    Yes, I am in favor of an oversight committee.

    Regarding saving money for this project, I disagree.

    We have a failing restaurant that is being subsidized heavily to keep the doors open.

    They have been less than straightforward to our community. They in the past have not paid their fair share and on a timely basis.

    We have spent unnecessary legal fees as a result of this relationship.

    Did we just SAVE money?

    I do not think so.

    Why should WE THE ASSOCIATION, pay any more to continue to subsidize a failing operation?.

    Will this cheese melting machine help the restaurant to be successful?

    How have they lived without it for the last few years?

    The question is not did we save money but rather why are we continuing to throw our association funds away.

    It is not a victory to spend less on something that does not appear to be necessary.
  2. Buddy,

    Thanks for the comment...the second part was food for thought.

    I have learned that according to the original lease years ago with a former restaurant tenant, the actual items included for repair and replacement were inventoried and specified as part of the lease agreement.

    One would hope that this was also the case with Cafe V.

    A request for the lease agreement INCLUDING A LISTING of the items is being requested as part of a Document Request.

    It takes 20-21 days to receive a response, and we will publish an article as to the items OR LACK THEREOF once received.

    If we are denied the request, we will also publish the statement received from the management company.

    If the cheese melter is NOT on the list, obviously we would then NOT have been responsible for it, and therefore it should NOT have been replaced at association expense.

    Let's hope it is...because if it represents another WASTE of association assets.

    Stay tuned.

Cafe V to Get a New

Huh ?  

Something new on the menu to offer "specials" to Sun City Anthem residents? 

We're buying the guy a lizard ?

Couldn't be...but the question remains...

"What the H _ _ L is a salamander?"

When you're a guy whose only experience in a kitchen is the location of the refrigerator, and whose cooking experience is pretty well limited to the words " Big Mac, Coke and Fries", cooking words are rather foreign in my vocabulary....

so... to Wikipedia I went to find out just what this contraption was all about.

The best I could find was that this machine is:

... "a cheese melting cooking device used primarily in commercial restaurant kitchens. Powered by direct flame of electricity, these long, toaster-like appliances allow cooks to put finishing touches on dishes, especially those topped with shredded cheese."

And so...we are about to buy Cafe V a new cheese melter.

This is an example of a salamander...not the actual one, should the board approve its purchase.
Why we're buying Cafe V a cheese melter when, to my knowledge, "grilled cheese" doesn't appear to be on its best seller menu...I'll never understand !'s in the budget...a reserve item...something that you are supposed to believe is needed...because it was previously a group of people...who design budgets!

Now...if that makes sense to you, perhaps you might explain that to me !

I'm saving the best part, though.  

Turns out this wonderful "gotta have it gadget" will cost...


and to install it...


And that's Seven Grand so Cafe V can provide his "numerous customers" melted cheese.

Well that set me off into checking the internet for one of these "necessary" machines...and here's what I found:

...and low and behold, after examining the many varieties available...the most expensive one I could find on this list was a whole lot less than what "the budget approved".

So now you know....$7,000 of our money for a restaurant that doesn't open every day, for a place that YOU AND I ALREADY SUBSIDIZE.

And how much of this will be paid by the renter?


Looks like our board has figured out yet another way of
using our money to...

"Cut the Cheese"

Dick Arendt
Anthem Opinions

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Henderson Police Targeting Impaired Drivers


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