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Sun City Anthem Board Vacant Board Appointment...An Opportunity to Reestablish Credibility

Sun City Anthem Board Appointment 
Raises the Question

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For what good reason would a Board of Directors withhold the names of those willing to offer their service to fill an unexpired term as a Director?

This vital choice concerns a community, not just a few members of a Board, and it would seem to make a great deal of sense to those who have applied for the vacant position to be made public...

...and my guess is that those who have applied, would be more than pleased to have that information disclosed to the community.

Normal Board elections are made public, so why would those who have volunteered their service for the same position, now be considered a private matter in this case?

We understand it is the legal right of the existing Board to choose an individual to fill a vacancy (or allow the seat to remain open until the next regularly scheduled election), but...

Is the community entitled to know on what basis that choice was made?

Is the community entitled to know the vote of the individual existing Board members, as well as, their respective reasoning for choosing that individual

They individually and publicly vote on matters that are far less trivial, don't they?

If this Board wishes to establish any intention of regaining the confidence of a community that has questioned so many of their decisions; it would seem that in this case, openness and transparency are the only avenues available to accomplish that goal. 

We urge the existing Board to put aside politics and their continual and tiring "good ole boy" network, and prove to the community their willingness to be objective in choosing the right individual who brings an alternative view to what has to date, been a MACHINE.

We believe this decision should be made in a public setting, not one in which only more conflict will inevitably result.

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  1. From Barbara Opinions

    Did you get the proposed changes to our CCR's that was included with the new Spirit?

    Very confusing and, I am sure most people won't understand it.  I know I didn't.

    Looks like the board is saying they have the right to fill all positions without any community input but I am not exactly sure.

    Do you have any update? 
  2. Barbara, I've read it three times and I don't get it either.

    I have sent it to others in the community to get their opinion as well to see if this is anything new.

    If it's just reiterating the current law, I can't understand its purpose, and my first question was:


    Like you, no one seems to understand it, but there was one glaring observation that I noticed that brings out my second question:

    The memo was signed by Bob Burch as President, THE DAY BEFORE HE RESIGNED.

    Why that would take place at that particular time, makes we wonder if there's another "rabbit" that's going to be pulled from the MACHINE HAT.

    Maybe someone out there can give a better understanding of the rationale as well as WHY WE SPENT MORE MONEY ON A LAWYER as well as WHY IT WAS SIGNED BY A MAN WHO KNEW HE WOULD BE HISTORY THE NEXT DAY.! 
    1. From Robert Opinions


      Because they can.

      Why Can They?

      Because of the overwhelming apathy in SCA.
      1. From Claudia & Dave Opinions

        We agree that the board needs to be open and transparent with all it's dealings including filling vacancies etc. on the board.
      2. From Patricia Opinions

        I would go a step further and ask those who have applied for the vacant position to write and let everyone know they have applied.

        We’d like to know who they are!
        1. Fom A. Opinions


          I agree with you 100%.

          Keep up the fight against the MACHINE.
          1. We received a few emails asking why a blogger specifically takes aim at Anthem Opinions again and again.

            We're certainly not the only target.

            Within the past week or so, his rants included criticizing other bloggers as well, specifically Nona Tobin and Ron Johnson...

            ...individuals whose life has brought past measures of personal success and accolades in their respective fields...

            ...success he never achieved...

            ...and are clearly designed to destroy both the character and credibility of those individuals.

            Why would that be ???

            Jealousy !

            In lack of any personal success achieved...

            ...he has no life other than verbally beating people up trying to convince others of his importance; when in fact, his accomplishments in life, couldn't fill in a thimble.

            As a matter of fact, he is the only person writing a publication who lost a career due to dishonesty.

            He knows that the intelligent members of Sun City Anthem realize that, but those who are of the same caliber as he, feel a need to gravitate to such a person whose past success is likely as limited as their own.

            Most of his acquaintances consist of individuals whose life rarely gets them out a community; and all too often, their entertainment is defined as going to a boring predetermined meeting in which approximately 30-40 people attend, listening to individuals who are every bit as boring as him.

            They are the ones who, in so many cases, believe "the world owes them everything".

            Success has eluded him his entire life, for a simple reason.

            He never did the things "successful people" do.

            He has no business background and has never received any industry accolades in whatever he's ever done to our knowledge...otherwise, his ego would have likely displayed it.

            In short, he's a wannabe who needs acceptance in any way possible.

            He is what he is, and always will insecure individual who needs attention, and believes that bullying is the manner in which to obtain it.

            Have you ever noticed that he's the only blogger who places his picture on a blog named after himself ?

            We've caught the guy so many times in lies, deception, and character assassination over the years, that when his name is mentioned, quite often a look of disdain overtakes most people.

            Disagree with him, and he feels this "uncontrollable disturbing need" to contact an individual personally to make an attempt to convince an individual of his importance.

            Make a minor error, and like a pit bull lying in wait, pounces on an individual for the most insignificant of reasons for a single purpose...

   avoid the main subject and divert attention.

            In his mind, a "Machine" must survive, because if IT DIES, he dies.

            What the pathetic creature can't comprehend is that most intelligent people won't even consider discussing anything with him, knowing that any disagreement with him, will likely incur some form of sinister public condemnation.

            The best suggestion we received from a reader was to have him rename his publication:

            B's Bull Sheet 
            1. From Favil Opinions


              You have nailed it with this one. 

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Reponding to an Insecure Board Member

Dear Mr. Acting Sun City Anthem 

Image result for liar liar pants on fire

This is in response to the biased, unfair, and UNTRUTHFUL comments  made by the acting Sun City Anthem President, who decided to make public his email to a personal email list.  

Since this is now being distributed on another publication, Anthem Opinions is taking the opportunity to respond since the email he distributed has numerous erroneous statements...

....statements that in our opinion, are from a desperate man who knows the people are now examining his many actions...

...and in doing so, DON'T LIKE WHAT THEY SEE, and hopefully, within a few months, WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN.

First Mr. Acting Pres, let me give you some advice:
Image result for if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen
Second, just as you find the posts of some are ludicrous, offensive, and damaging, so too have many others in Sun City Anthem, considered your actions even more ludicrous, offensive and damaging...

...the difference, Mr.Acting Pres, is that despite your wasting $85,000 on a removal election and doing everything in the Board's power to TAINT IT by allowing an outside accounting firm to send unmarked ballots in a manner that in no way indicated they applied to official Sun City Anthem business...

...refusing to allow any formal retort to an eblast intended to influence that election...

...refusing to accept or should I say, your management staff, refused  POSITIVE PROOF that the petitions were not tabulated correctly, allowing former Board Member, Bob Burch, to escape the removal ballot...

...and using the Spirit magazine to THREATEN any person with legal action who would in some way look at you for what you are for merely requesting information to which they are legally entitled to receive...

...even having an Association Attorney redraft a document request to stonewall information YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY TOO EMBARRASSED to rightfully disclose...

Let me remind you of one very important flaw in you inflated ego's feeble attempt to condemn others.

40% of those who cast ballots wanted YOU REMOVED FROM office.

Image result for kicked out the door cartoon moving

Why would that be, Mr. Acting Pres, if what you say was true?

How about we look at the envelope sent by the accounting firm regarding what most considered a critical issue to the Sun City Anthem unit owners, the Removal of Various Board members...

...and compare it to the envelope which was mailed a few days ago to inform unit owners of a mere change of date for a Board meeting...

Do you see a difference, Mr. Acting Pres?

Let me help you out.

Your management staff know, the one you believe is worth $1,000,000 for 5 people...believed that one of your Board meetings was important to make sure the envelope was clearly marked as Sun City Anthem business, wasn't it?

Why wasn't that the case with the Removal ballot, you know, the one you DUMPED EIGHTY-FIVE GRAND IN ASSOCIATION FUNDS ???

...or are you going to continue to INSULT THE INTELLIGENCE of every unit owner and figure out your next deception? 

Third, with regard to Nona Tobin, a woman whose intelligence and experience far outpaces yours and many others... know, as well as I do, that the former Association attorney, John Leach, found no fault in Nona Tobin's candidacy; however, when she decided to do a bit of digging into the goings on in Sun City Anthem...

...digging that you obviously didn't want her to find..., along with your controlled, weak Board accomplices in coordination with a General Manager,  authorized a change in Association attorney, who enjoyed displaying the coldest, meanest,  and cruelest of tactics to embarrass her in your quest to remove her without even the slightest opportunity of defense.

She has never been found guilty of anything, has she ?


Shame on all of you !  What a display of leadership!  What a disgrace !

And you have the gall to say, others are embarrassing the community?

Look in the mirror, Mr. Acting Pres ! 

If you ever get past your glass bubble of conceit, let me remind you in the last election in which you were a candidate, you were in LAST PLACE TO BE REELECTED, ahead of a guy who publicly calls women a WHORE, and whom you saw fit to appoint to the Sun City Anthem Lifestyle Committee.

Now to the Board's efforts to reopen a restaurant...

...a restaurant that you ASSUMED through a small sample, an entire community was willing to spend $250,000 a year, so YOU and a SELECT FEW COULD HAVE ONE.

Let me remind you, Mr. Acting Pres...

I asked for a community vote on the issue and stated I would support such a restaurant IF...

a VOTE of the people was taken that allowed a full disclosure of the entire deal.

You, as the then president and vice president, never allowed that, did you?

How dare you say blame a blogger who merely wanted an entire community to know what they were getting into?

You certainly didn't tell them, did you?

Why ? 

Scared ?

Just how do you justify fulfilling your responsibility of fiduciary duty to enter into an agreement without the voice of the agreement that WAS KNOWN TO LOSE ASSOCIATION FUNDS ?

It was a sham that was being pushed on individuals until the word got out your board was FORCING IT DOWN THEIR THROATS WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.

And as previously stated, I NEVER CALLED FOR ANY BOYCOTT.

I merely asked if one should take place, didn't I, or can't you read ?

And if I ever did, I can assure you, it would be the only way YOU or any other INCONSIDERATE and SELFISH individual who has no value for others finances...would ever understand !

And you are wrong once again about attending a Board Meeting, Mr. Acting Pres....

The last time I went to one of your biased meetings, I heard you sanction lending a former restaurant operator a loan of FORTY GRAND...without vetting it...

...that DEFAULTED and caused losses of yet additional association funds.

Is that the financial expertise you've brought to the table?

I call that INCOMPETENCE.  I also call it STUPIDITY. 

Now to the Channel 13 report...

Image result for darcy spears hoa hall of shame

Image result for darcy spears hoa hall of shame

....the one YOU HAD EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO ADDRESS on TV, but you or your representatives, REFUSED TO DO.

Why, it you're so proud of the manner in which Sun City Anthem compensates 5 individuals for close to $1,000,000 a year, would you not brag about it in the TV report?

We know you tried in vain to have the Association attorney stop the broadcast, didn't you?  

Again, why would you do so if you're so proud of what you've done?

And how much did that cost the residents of Sun City Anthem in legal fees

The surplus you boast of !

The surplus, huh? What a ruse !

In 2017 there was an increase in dues that generated an additional $700,000 of revenue, yet your recent report indicated a $300,000+ surplus.

That Mr. Acting Pres, is a play on words, or in the real world is more properly referred to as "Cooking the Books".

Image result for cooking the books

It actually shows a net LOSS, not a gain.

Acting Pres, in fairness to your condemnation, I do find one aspect of your rant that I do agree with entirely.:

...that you have indeed been an imperfect member of the executive board, (and) have made numerous mistakes.

In fact, let me take it a step further.

You sir, more so than I, have proven to be the gadfly to our community...

...especially in your choice of confidant, whose track record of dishonesty would only endear a person of like mind.

Now, go about your business, and continue your ways..for now.

...because those days are indeed dwindling.

There's a reason why Anthem Opinions readership increases, Mr. Acting Pres.

We have no desire for anything other than a fair deal, and the 50,000+ visits to our publication each month, along with a major Network TV station, obviously believe us....


You will certainly go down as one of the most distrusted and disliked individuals to ever hold a Board position.

The recent Removal election and the last time you ran for office, certainly proved that !
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Got a comment?

Send it to us at:

  1. From Barbara Opinions

    The newest waste of our money is in the lower gallery and the TV room.  We have now purchased 2 large tables and chairs (some are arm chairs) for our gallery.  These are for people to sit at and have conversation since there are so many individuals that go to the center to have conversation with others.

    One table replaced the couch near the exercise facility so people sitting there will crowd the already crowded card area.

    The other table is in the TV room because people gathering to talk will want to make sure the people watching TV can't hear it.

    Meanwhile the card and mah jongg players still vie for space and arm chairs.

    With the pool tables taking up so much room, and possibly causing injury, someone could hit the break too hard and the ball flies off the table into the head or body of a card player.

    The tables at the east end of the gallery and the 4 tables outside of the restaurant are full many times and individuals move the arm chairs from the east end to the west end and then back again, depending on who gets there first.

    Wonder how much the 2 new tables and chairs cost and if the money would have been better spend getting more arm chairs that the players want?

    Let's make sure all those individuals that want to converse have a large table to sit at because so many people want this.  Who made that decision?

    Very sad situation that the card and mah jongg players are second class citizens.  

  2. From Buddy Opinions

    Once again the other blog has become the mouthpiece of the board.

    So why Rex, did everyone at the association including the attorney decide not to talk to channel 13?

    They should have had a chance to dispute any of the facts but elected not to.

     The board knew about the report and the attorney tried to crush the story.

  3. You have that right, Buddy.

    Weddle only goes to one person for his rants because he knows the others wouldn't waste their time on him, and would be hard pressed to believe a word he says !
    1. From Roseann Opinions

      To whom it may concern:

      I totally agree with everything that's stated.

       I just want to let you know how appreciative I am for all the hard work & time that you put in to making this site so informative for the homeowners.

      I'm living her since 2005. There were a number of years where we were excused from paying the last three months of dues; because of the abundance of funds.  At that time we were only paying $74.00 per month.

      I never wanted to change to self-management!! I believe that causes corruption in the community (just my opinion!)

      I voted for Nona Tobin!!  I was so "Happy" when she was elected.  I actually wished she was made President!
      But of course, she wasn't one of the "Clique People."  I'm hoping she can be brought back to the Board.

      Thanks again for all your hard work.