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Raiders Land Deal
The Timeline and the Players

Crystal Hendrickson
Former Henderson Mayoral Candidate
Something fascinating is happening in Henderson, as the details of the management and sale of 55 acres of publicly owned land are revealed.  

It appears the City got sucked into a bait-and-switch scheme, held hostage by a developer charging hundreds of thousands in consulting fees.  

The other option is that City Hall is grossly mismanaging funds and property.

Perhaps the following story is a little of both.

21 months ago, before any discussions of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, the City of Henderson started making plans to sell the 55-acre parcel west of Henderson Executive Airport.  

On May 10, 2016,  The Henderson City Council held a special meeting, where three developers gave presentations on their ideas for the property.  
The three presenters were Marnell, Dermody, and Panattoni

Upon selection of a developer, the staff were to proceed to negotiate with only the selected developer for a reasonable period of time (270 days) and to present the City Council with a notice of intent to sell and a purchase and sale or lease agreement with respect to the 55-acre property.

Each developer presented thoughtful plans, and indicated they had the available funds to make their projects a reality. 

The Marnell Plan

Marnell proposed to master plan an office/industrial park consisting of large ready parcels for end users of specific developers of large industrial/distribution or manufacturing buildings.  

They estimated 10 months to create a master plan and did not have a time frame for construction completion.  

Their plan was to make site work immediately available to tenants and users.  They preferred to make a ground lease payment to the city and a development agreement that would stipulate the ability to sublease or sell to end users.

The Dermody Plan

Dermody intended to build 4 buildings, which would target e-commerce users, office and retail.  

They estimated construction for Phase 1 to be complete one year after the completion of the purchase.  

Phase 2 construction would begin after Phase 1 was complete. 

Dermody preferred to buy the land with cash, and no financing contingencies.

The Panattoni Plan
Panattoni intended to develop 2 or 3 large industrial buildings targeting e-commerce users.  

Construction would be complete by October 2017.  

They would consider 3 purchase options: 

1) Public Private Partnership between City and Panattoni,
2) City Ground Lease to Panattoni,
3) Fee Simple Land Purchase.

Council members agreed all were good ideas, and that they needed to make their decision at another time. 

Meanwhilewithin the 7 months prior, Marnell and Panattoni companies each donated $5,000 to both Marz and March.  

Marnell Properties built the M Resort.  

Marnell Property owner, Tony Marnell has a son, Anthony, who is President of the M.  

The M Resort donated another $5,000 to Debra March during that time frame 

These donations were not disclosed during the council meeting; however, reasonable citizens could conclude that campaign contributions of this magnitude certainly have the potential to sway the decision-making process.

On June 7, 2016, Debra March was absent from the City Council meeting.  

Sam Bateman made some short, general compliments and thanks to each company.  

Bateman then abruptly made a motion to select Marnell

There was no discussion.  

A vote was taken, and it passed unanimously

At this meeting, the council directed city staff to order an appraisal.  
Howeveran appraisal had actually already been ordered, and DiFederico Group appraised it at $11,825,000 on May 19, 2016.  

Pursuant to Nevada law, 2 appraisals must be ordered when a government agency sells land without an auction. 

Valbridge Property Advisors performed the second appraisal on July 5, 2016 and valued it at $11,020,000.

Three months later, on September 20, 2016, Debra March was absent again

The rest of City Council entered into an exclusive negotiation agreement with Marnell In this agreement, Marnell and the City were given 270 days to figure out the financial details of the property transfer: sale or lease - to Marnell or to a joint venture entity.   

In this very same agreement, the City hired Marnell for $481,500 to create a feasibility study and master-plan.  

This is different from their original proposal to make a ground lease payment to the city and a development agreement that would stipulate the ability to sublease or sell to end users.

Between December 20, 2016 and July 18, 2017, the City paid Marnell Properties $240,942.  

Evidence strongly suggests that as of today, no master plan was submitted to the City.  

In April, Debra March became Mayor.  

In May, Marnell donated another $5,000 to Marz for his re-election campaign

Per the agreement, Marnell and the City had 270 days to negotiate a deal.  

June 17 came and went, and it wasn’t until August 1, 2017 when a completely different deal was presented.  

In the new agreementthe City would pay Marnell to prepare a site analysis and find a purchaser for the 55 acres

Marnell was to be paid $363,000 upon the sale of the property.  

Specifically, “3% of net proceeds unless the sale is discounted, in which case they receive 3% of fair market value.”

Just a quick recap.  

Henderson had 3 qualified potential buyers the year before, yet it wasn’t auctioned off between those 3. 

Instead, Henderson has agreed to pay over $844,000 to Marnell, who negotiated a land sale where the City loses out on half of the appraised value, but Marnell (previously a “willing purchaser”) will get paid commission on the full appraised price.

Also at this August meeting, the City claims the land was appraised at $12,100,000.  

Recall that the first two appraisals came in in 2016 at $11,825,000 and $11,020,000

Interestingly, the next 2 appraisals that came in were both exactly $12,100,000, even though both appraisers used different comps.  

Anderson Valuation Group’s appraisal was effective October 16, 2017, and Asset Insight of Nevada’s appraisal was effective October 7, 2017.
December 21, 2017, the public is notified that the City of Henderson is going to sell the 55 acres to the Raiders for half of the questionable appraisal price.  

January 2, 2018, it is approved, and on Tuesday, February 6, it will be another step closer to closing.

Who is Marnell?

Marnell properties is the architect of many casinos, including the Wynn and Treasure Island. 

Marnell also controls most of the development in the McCarran Airport area: 

McCarran Marketplace, a 600,000 s.f. retail center at Eastern and Russell

Marnell Air Cargo Center, a 200,928 s.f. industrial development

Marnell Airport Center, a warehouse and distribution center with over 133,000 s.f. 

Now they can add Henderson Executive Airport to their collection.  

They shouldn’t be begrudged for being successful developers, unless they have ascended to power by manipulating politicians and bending them to their will.
What’s next?

It’s unclear what role Marnell has going forward with the Raiders, but if recent history is any indication, it will likely include thousands more taxpayer money flowing into Marnell’s very deep pockets.

The Nevada Driving Point System

The Nevada DMV employs a demerit points system, assigning points to your driving record with every traffic violation.
The more serious the violation, the higher the point total.
Points are deleted after one year from the conviction date, while the violation remains permanently on your record.
When you accumulate between 3 and 11 points on your driving record, you're eligible to have 3 points removed (provided it's not part of a plea bargain agreement) by completing an NV DMV-approved safety course.
The following is a list of some of the most common infractions that will earn points.
Reckless driving.
Careless driving.
Following too closely.
Failing to give right-of-way.
Failing to yield to a pedestrian.
Disregarding traffic light or stop sign.
Driving too slowly.
 For a full list, please see the Nevada Traffic Violation Codes and how the codes translate to points.
 Points assignments for some of the Nevada's more common traffic violations include:
Reckless driving8 points
Driving one to 10 mph over the posted speed limit1 point
Driving 11 to 20 mph over the posted speed limit2 points
Failure to yield to a pedestrian4 points
Disobeying a stop sign4 points
Disobeying a traffic signal4 points
 Examples of driver license suspensions and revocations are listed below. 
 Point Suspension — When you accumulate 12 or more demerit points against your license in a 12-month period.
 Driving Under the Influence — If breath, blood or urine tests reveal you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you are convicted of DUI.
 Collision with Bicyclist or Pedestrian — If you cause a collision with a person riding a bicycle or a pedestrian.
 Failure to Appear — If you receive a traffic ticket and do not pay the fine on time or do not appear as required.
 Security Deposit — If an accident occurs with more than $750 in damage (personal injury or property damage) and you do not have liability insurance. Driver’s license and vehicle registration are suspended.
 Failure to Maintain Insurance
 Child Support — If you are in arrears in court-ordered child support payments.
 Graffiti — If you are found guilty of a graffiti violation.
 Street Racing — If you are found guilty of participating in, or organizing, an unauthorized speed contest on a public highway.
 Your license may be canceled for an incorrect or fraudulent license application or it may be canceled if a check written to pay driver license fees is returned for insufficient funds.

City of Henderson to Sell Land Parcel to Raiders 
City Has the Right to Sell Property 
at Below Appraised Value

12/28/2017 4:44:04 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: RE: City of Henderson 

Dear Mr. Arendt,
Thank you for contacting the office of the Mayor and Council regarding the proposed resolution that would provide the Raiders organization with the opportunity to purchase land in the City of Henderson for a practice facility and corporate headquarters. In response to your question, please see the resolution language (below) for City Council agenda item NB 42 which will be considered at the January 2, 2018 regular City Council meeting.  This language may also be viewed online at  The resolution language provides the rationale for the land sale, the benefits that would be derived should the land be purchased for a proposed Raiders practice facility and corporate headquarters and the authority under which this action is being proposed.  Any offer to sell the land identified in the resolution must be done in accordance with the resolution, which is subject to approval by the Mayor and Council.  Members of the public are invited to attend the City Council meeting and will be allowed to offer comment on the resolution during discussion of this agenda item. 
Abigail Wade
Mayor and Council's Office
                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WHEREAS, the City of Henderson (“City”) owns approximately 55.56 acres, more or less,of real property currently zoned General Industrial (IG), located between Executive Airport Drive to the east, E. Bruner Avenue to the south, Bermuda Road to the west and St. Rose Parkway to the north, within the Sage Mountain Commerce Center, in the South Half of Section 3, Township 23 South, Range 61 East, M.D.M., City of Henderson, Nevada, which is currently identified as Assessor’s Parcel Number 191-03-310-015 (the “Property”); and

WHEREAS, there is currently no public use of the Property, which consists of vacant land,nor any currently proposed use for the Property; and

WHEREAS, the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (the “Raiders”), has expressed an interest in purchasing the Property through an affiliated entity, LVR Real Property, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company, (“Buyer,” and together with the Raiders, “Developer”), for the purpose of constructing and operating a corporate headquarters, practice facility and other related amenities, together with complementary commercial improvements, which shall collectively constitute a practice campus for the Las Vegas Raiders professional football franchise that is a member of the National Football league (collectively, the “Headquarters”), to be operated by the Raiders; and

WHEREAS, due to the proximity of the Property to the Henderson Executive Airport and the I-15 corridor, City Council of the City of Henderson (“City Council”) believes that the Property is an ideal location for the Headquarters and that the Headquarters will bring significant notoriety and economic investment to the City; and
WHEREAS, Developer has estimated that its investment in the Headquarters, excluding the land price, will be approximately $50,000,000.00, which includes the cost to construct the Headquarters; and

WHEREAS, Developer has advised the City that the Headquarters will create two hundred fifty (250) primary, full-time, non-football-player jobs; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of NRS 268.063, the City Council may sell real property for the purpose of economic development, including the establishment of new commercial enterprises or facilities within the City to create and retain opportunities for employment for the residents of the City,
without first offering the real property to the public and for less than the fair market value of the real property, provided that the City Council must first obtain appraisals of the property pursuant to NRS 268.059 and adopt a resolution finding that such sale is in the best interest of the public; and

WHEREAS, the City has obtained two (2) independent appraisals of the Property, which were prepared not more than six (6) months prior to the date on which the Property is to be offered for sale, in accordance with NRS 268.059; and

WHEREASboth appraisals determined the market value of the Property to be Twelve Million One Hundred Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($12,100,000.00); and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Sec. 2.320 of the City Charter, it is the policy of the City Council to sell real property in a manner that will result in the maximum benefit accruing to the City, and the City Council may attach any condition to the sale of real property of the City as appears to the City Council to be in the best interests of the City; and

WHEREAS, based upon the potential job creation and tax revenue that development of the Property by Developer is projected to generate, the City Council deems it to be in the best interest of the public to sell the Property to Buyer, specifically for the construction and operation of the Headquarters, subject to receipt by City
Council of a written offer from Buyer to purchase the Property and additional terms and conditions to be approved by City Council; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Sec. 2.320 of the City Charter, following the adoption of a resolution to sell real property, the City Council must cause a notice of its intention to sell the real property to be published once in a newspaper qualified pursuant to the provisions of chapter 238 of NRS, which notice must be published at least thirty (30) days before the date set by the City Council for the sale; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Henderson, Nevada, that:


The City Council finds that the sale of the Property to Buyer, without first offering the Property to the public and for less than fair market value of the Property, in the manner set forth in this Resolution and the Notice of Sale attached hereto as Exhibit A, consisting of two (2) pages, which is hereby made a part of this Resolution, will be in the best interest of the public.


The minimum price for which the Property may be sold is hereby designated as Six Million Fifty Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($6,050,000.00), and such price must be paid in cash.


As a condition to the sale of the Property, Buyer must deposit Three Hundred Two Thousand Five Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($302,500.00), equal to five percent of the purchase price, at the office of the City Clerk located at 240 Water Street, Henderson, Nevada, not later than 5:00 p.m. February 6, 2018.


The Property that is the subject of this Resolution consists of approximately 55.56 acres, more or less, of real property located between Executive Airport Drive to the east, E. Bruner Avenue to the south, Bermuda Road to the west and St. Rose Parkway to the north, within the Sage Mountain Commerce Center, in the South Half of Section 3, Township 23 South, Range 61 East, M.D.M., City of Henderson, Nevada, which is currently identified as
Assessor’s Parcel Number 191-03-310-015.


The sale of the Property shall be subject to receipt and acceptance by City Council of an offer from Buyer to purchase the Property and approval by the City Council of a written purchase and sale agreement between the City and Buyer, which agreement shall provide for the purchase of the Property for the purpose of the construction and operation of the Headquarters, in accordance
with the terms and conditions set forth herein and such additional terms and conditions as may be approved by the City Council.


The public meeting at which City Council will consider and possibly accept the offer for the Property and consider and possibly approve a binding purchase and sale agreement between the City and Buyer is February 6, 2018, at 6 p.m., or as soon after such time as practical, in the City Council Chambers, 240 Water Street, Henderson, Nevada 89015.


The City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to post this Resolution in those designated public places within the City set forth in the Notice of Sale and to publish the Notice of Sale once per week for three successive weeks, with the first publishing to occur not less than 30 days prior to March 15, 2018.


 A copy of this Resolution and the Notice of Sale can be obtained in the Office of the City Clerk, 240 Water Street, Henderson, Nevada.


This Resolution is effective upon adoption unless stated otherwise in the notice.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Now we want your opinion.  Do you believe the City of Henderson is justified in selliing land to the Raiders organization that, according to current appraisals, would represent a loss to tax payers of $6,000,000?
Do you feel The City of Henderson should prohibit others from submitting bids to purchase the land?
 Send your comments to:

  1. From Rana Opinions

    If they make the deal and the Raiders build here, how much revenue over time will that bring into our city?
  2. Not sure about the revenue, but NFL players have a record of some of the worst "domestic violence" in American sports, and Raiders fans are well known for their "enthusiasm".
  3. From Favil Opinions

    Sadly, they have the right to sell the land at below market price. Having said that, there is an element of hypocrisy in that they aren't willing to offer other parcels of land that they own at below market price.

    As an aside, the Raiders could purchase the land, decide to stay in Oakland, sell the land at market price, and walk away with 6 million in profit.

    I didn't see any provisions that would keep us from getting ripped off.
    1. The December 30, 2017  issue of the Las Vegas Review Journal covered this subject.

    2. From Robert Opinions

      Make up rules as you go along OR ignore the rules when it's to your benefit.

      Sound familiar??

      Of course the typical SCA resident who pays little attention to community governance and management won't get will go right over their heads.

      1. From John Opinions

        I didn’t read anything that would seem to justify selling the land for half price.

        Why not 70% or 80% of full price?

        Sure, it will bring in a lot of people and development, but that is not all upside.

        There will be a lot of traffic congestion as a result of this sale.

        Who is going to pay for all the road modifications, traffic lights, etc. ?
        VERY good questions, John.

        Let's remember all of this at the next City Council election as to who votes for and against the resolution.

"Discarded" Sun City Anthem Board Member
Nona Tobin
Sounds Off on Sun City Anthem Compensation Levels

Nona Tobin
(an excerpt from an article published in her blog)
SCA Strong

Clark County Manager Yolanda King will receive a $5,200 raise to her annual salary.

County commissioners voted unanimously to increase King's pay during her first annual review of her as the county's top employee. 

The raise is 2% of her current $260,000 salary.

King also received a 3% bonus worth $7,200.

Commissioners conducted the evaluation during a public meeting.

How does the Sun City Anthem Board justify paying $257,500 + $20,000 bonus for managing an annual operating budget of under $10 million for 7,144 rooftops?

Compare that to the $265,200 + $7,200 bonus paid to the Clark County Manager paid to oversee a $5.9 Billion budget serving a population of 2.1 million residents and 45 million annual visitors?

Maybe the complete lack of justification for her excessive compensation is why they insist on keeping Sandy Seddon’s performance standards secret.

Does anyone know if she was or will be  given another bonus this year after 836 residents gave her a failing grade for customer service?

For that matter, when have you ever heard of granting an increase in compensation to any employee after such an act of "no confidence"?

But...we have another layer of income that adds to that catastrophic account.

Sun City Anthem Chief Financial Officer Jim Orlick is currently paid over $190,000.  

What will he be receiving in 2018?

Compare his compensation for shock value to the much, much bigger Clark County CFO/Comptroller job which has a pay range that tops out at just under $180,000.

Special Note:

Anthem Opinions continues to list Nona Tobin as a member of the Sun City Anthem Board as she was elected by "the people" to serve a 2 year term that expires in 2019...

...and will do so until the matter of her dismissal is decided by the Nevada Real Estate Division.  


Ethically, it is simply THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

All of us were brought up in a nation where one is presumed "innocentuntil proven "guilty."

Ms. Tobin, if not constitutionally  guaranteed that right... the nature of her substantial vote total and overwhelming community support...

...should, at the very least, have been afforded the opportunity to defend herself against the defamatory accusations she has been subjected to again and again over the past months.

Have we forgotten she is also our neighbor?

What if it would have been YOU ?

The manner is which she was "deposed" brought serious questions as to the legality of that dismissal, and is still undecided by the legal authority of the State of Nevada.

She has NEVER been given any opportunity of defending herself against allegations of "enrichment" after first being cleared of any wrongdoing by former Association AttorneyJohn Leach; however, following her "reformer" attitudes and actions, combined with the hiring of new Association Attorney, Adam Clarkson, at the urging of Sun City Anthem General Manager, Sandy Seddon, and subsequent Board action of those on the Sun City Anthem Board... was, in our opinion, obvious that her EXPOSING the many problems and waste in Sun City Anthem governance and management caused by THEM, resulted in such action. 

Subsequent to her questionable dismissal, the Sun City Anthem Board quickly...

... WITHOUT the matter being decided by the Nevada Real Estate Division...

... WITHOUT ANY NOTICE to the association unit owners, and 

...WITHOUT any opportunity of seeking applications of any members of the community who would wish to fill the Board position (an action taken by a previous Board when a former director resigned), James Coleman, a man who, according to our sources...

...had NEVER in his long residency,

...EVER served on ANY formal committeerarely if ever attended Board meetings, and recently became the president of the newly formed African American Heritage Club, was appointed to fill the position...

...within a matter of a short couple of weeks after the Tobin decision.

This is in NO WAY, an attempt to impugn the character of Mr. Coleman; it is merely asking WHY others were not interviewed or considered.

With six Board members remaining prior to this Board appointment, there were more than a sufficient number of Directors remaining to obtain a legal quorum and vote on association matters.

This nightmare has become  yet another "black eye" in the history of Sun City Anthem.

While recent memos have been sent by the Sun City Anthem General Manager seeking members of the community to run in the 2019 Board of Directors election, is there any wonder why we have such a minute group of individuals willing to subject themselves to such treatment if elected and make an honest attempt at reform ?

Our "system" has become "broken" as a result of this action, and allowing her an adequate and fair defense is the only cure before any future success in unselfish volunteerism may result.

Why is that so difficult to comprehend ????

And so, now it's your turn.

Was this the right thing for a Sun City Anthem Board of Directors to do?

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:

  1. From Robert Opinions

    I find it ludicrous that now (only because they must) the Board is looking for new candidates for the up-coming Board of Directors election.....most people I've talked to want no part of it because it would soil their reputations of honesty and integrity.

    But as long as the current cabal (assisted by their internet groupie), support the current system, we will be nothing more than Vassals in a corrupt kingdom.

    Very sad, but very true.
    1. From Gloria Opinions

      Please explain why the levels for compensation as a Board member are so high?

      How many hours are they expected to spend for each position held on the Board?

      Thank you.
    2. Gloria,

      The Board is a non-paid position; the salaries involved are what they have authorized for the General Manager, who in turn determines the compensation for the employees subject to a budget set by the Board.

      Under our CCRs it is literally impossible to alter their decision.  It takes 90%...yes...a ridiculous 90%... of all unit owners to negate a budget they approve.

      The problem is the make-up of the current Board.

      None have ever been self-employed and have little experience at determining incomes.  As  a result, the General Manager has been able to have free reign to spend as she pleases.

      Other than salaries, look at how she ended up spending $85,000 on a removal election when the normal cost for a regular election is about $8,000.

      Legal expenses are out of control at over $242,000 for the first 10 months of the year...200% over budget.

      As to why a non-profit organization needs a Chief Financial Officer much less paying him $190,000 plus benefits, makes little sense as well.

      The woman who is the Activities Director earns over $95,000, and the Community Association Manager who recently terminated employment was earning $105,000.

      As the article clearly pointed out, when compared with others in similar occupations, all are GROSSLY OVERPAID, and will continue to be, until fiscal responsibility is ever demanded by the community for financially qualified individuals.

      The hypocrisy of all of this is that the administration boasts of a $400,000+ association surplus, but somehow never mentions that the 2017 dues increase added $785,800 to the association coffers...thus creating an illusion of financial strength, when in fact, without the increase, Sun City Anthem would have LOST $385,000. how unsophisticated financially unknowledgable BUREAUCRATS "cook the books".

      My prediction...look for another increase in dues in 2019 as a result.

Gas Tax Dollars Being Used to Build New Roads
Rather than Maintain Aging Ones  

 Crystal Hendrickson
(Former Candidate for Henderson Mayor)

Fix Our Roads” was the slogan sold in 2016 to voters in the push to enact massive gas tax increases in Clark County.  

The gas tax was supposedly going to be used to fix existing roads, but 1 year later, we are beginning to see how the money is truly being used.  

At this Tuesday’s Henderson City Council meeting, the Council will approve using RTC funds to build a brand-new road in the west Henderson area. 

The scope of work is to improve “Sunridge Heights Parkway from Executive Airport Drive to Bermuda Road, including intersection improvements at St. Rose Parkway and Executive Airport Drive”.

Use your imagination of where this is, because it doesn’t exist on the map.  

You understood me right.  

Sunridge Heights does not connect between Executive Airport Drive and Bermuda.  

There isn’t even a utility easement.  

The Sunridge Heights alignment goes directly through a 103-acre parcel owned by SORO LLC, (JA Kennedy).  

Just south of this new alignment is where the city is negotiating a deal for the Raiders to build their practice facility.

The Raiders parcel is shown in purple.

I support development, but not at the taxpayer’s expense.  

In the past, developers pay for their own roads, but in west Henderson, we are seeing a whole new policy taking shape. 

RTC funds will be used to pay for a brand-new road going through JA Kennedy’s site.  

JA Kennedy will reap the benefits for his developments in orange.  

JA Kennedy is also the developer for Costco

(The black line between Costco and Executive Airport drive is an approximation of the Sunridge Heights alignment.)  

"The Block", a new high-rise, mixed use development in the design phases is shown in green.  

"The Block" will reap the benefits of this new road being paid for by the RTC.  

The Raider’s practice facility (currently City of Henderson property) will also benefit.

Let me re-iterate.  

I support development in this areaso long as none of the Fuel Revenue Indexing tax dollars are going to be used to build the roads for these developers

Once this precedence is set, it will snowball, and we will be building roads for every new development.  

Then where will we get the money to maintain our existing roads? 
When Nevada Republicans called a special session to increase room taxes to pay for the Raider’s Stadium, we were told it wouldn’t raise taxes on residents.  

Now we see how the government is funneling our local tax dollars to support the Raiders and favored developers in west Henderson.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017, at 6:00 pm, City Council will approve $300,000 in RTC funds to design this new road (location and alignment assumed - shown in light blue.)  

Its agenda item 17, and it wouldn’t hurt to let City Hall know how you feel about this misuse of Fuel Revenue Indexing dollars.

 Below is the preliminary plan for "The Block", a high-rise condo and mixed use development at the end of this RTC project.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Anthem Opinions sends it's sincere thanks to Mrs.  Hendrickson's taking the time to write this report for our readers.

Got a comment?

Send it to us at:


Our N.R.S. Expert Learns 

Sun City Anthem Management Not Subject
to Numerous HOA Board Laws
Tim Stebbins

 How much of the operations in our wonderful community are kept secret? 

Who is making many decisions "behind the curtain"?  

That is difficult to say because so many are hidden from homeowners.  

In fact, in my opinion, in many cases, they are covertconcealed, and sneaky.

Nevada laws and codes are written to help interested homeowners be aware of what happens in our community and how wisely our money is spent.  All documents received and generated as part of the operations are available to all homeowners who want to review them.

The office of the Nevada Ombudsman for Owners in Common Interest Communities teaches, emphasizes and enforces transparency and openness; however, what most people are unaware of is that  unfortunately those laws, codes, and rules do not apply to all operations.

Recently our new community manager, Elyssa Rammos, informed me, rather sternly, that various laws, codes, and rules only apply to actions by the executive board.  

The management team is exempt and can ignore them with freedom to operate in secrecy.

For example SCA is required to obtain bids for goods and services. 
This is intended to promote the best value and a "good bang for our buck".  

Further Nevada law states “The bids must be opened and read aloud during a meeting of the executive board”.   

These bids and all related information are available to SCA homeowners.

Ms. Rammos informed me that management can solicit and receive bids without board approval, open them in secret, and permanently bury the information away from SCA homeowners.  

In other words...

What happens behind the curtain stays behind the curtain !
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

With this information in mind...we want your opinion as to how you feel about this information provided by the Sun City Anthem Community Association Manager's management staff.

Apparently, in many FINANCIAL respects, there appears to be a lack of "checks and balance" in place to curb abuse of any kind.

Your thoughts?

Send them to us at:

  1. From Rana Opinions

    In my opinion, I personally would like to see confirmation in writing from the state that what the new CAM states is factual.

    If it is, then I firmly believe this is an issue that needs to go to the legislature along with other problems in HOA law come next legislative session.

    The problem is however, it takes lots of signatures on a petition to get laws passed.

    If people fight an issue in large numbers it will work, a handful of people cannot change HOA laws alone.

    CAI’s lobby is too strong and guess who will be leading them come January?
  2. For those of you who don't know who the new CAI leader is...

    It is none other than Sun City Anthem General Manager's handpicked and Board approved, association attorney, Adam Clarkson.
    1. We are merely Vassals enduring a life in a corrupt Kingdom ruled by corrupt individuals assisted by their Lawyer and their Internet Troll.
      1. From Al Opinions

        It is embarrassing to drive around southwest Henderson and see every community except Sun City Anthem with their Christmas decorations up!
      2. Al,

        Obviously the GM wants to keep the money to pay herself and staff an additional bonus.
The following elbast was sent to all Sun City Anthem Unit Owners on November 30, 2017:

Sun City Anthem Board Sends Foundation Assisting Seniors Update

Dear SCA Resident,

On November 20, 2017, Sun City Anthem Association Counsel advised the Association residents that, pursuant to Clark County District court order, Case A-17-760014-C, the Association was to take possession and secure the Association’s space in Independence Center that the Foundation Assisting Seniors was occupying. 

As that message stated, this became necessary when the Foundation failed to remove its property in the allotted time, as ordered by the Court. 

That process began on November 17, 2017 and was substantially completed yesterday.

Notice has been given to the Foundation of the right to claim its property. 

It is the Association’s hope that this move will enable FAS to reestablish its operations, which it has suspended.

The Board is considering a community workshop after the holidays to discuss the future use of the Independence Center premises.

Sun City Anthem Board of Directors

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Do you support this Board action?

Would you vote to re-elect any Sun City Anthem Board member who voted to evict the Foundation Assisting Seniors?

Send you comments to:
  • From Carole Opinions

    I feel we should not have kicked out the FAS.

    They (The Board) are trying to make it look like they have no plan for how to utilize the FAS space.

    If that's the case, we ought to attend their utilization meeting in mass and suggest the board lease it back to FAS for $1 per month.
    1. From Marilyn Opinions

      This board is terrible.

      They kick Nona Tobin out, and then the Foundation Assisting Seniors.

      I will not vote for them.
      1. From Robert Opinions

        The current HOA cabal has a strangle-hold on a majority of mind-numbed SCA residents.

        NO I don't believe their latest attempt to spin the would be nice however, to see FAS's response to this mailing...........the opposition is rarely (if ever) given the proper courtesy of a response.

        Remember: if it sounds like BS and/or looks like BS, it's BS.
        1. From A. Opinions

          Wait - so now they are spending more if our money on attorney fees and court fees?

          When will it ever stop ?
        2. It will stop when Sun City Anthem residents will take note of the disgusting individuals who residents have elected to their Board who have created this entire mess...

          ...especially with the hiring of a GM who has a "Bat Phone" to an association attorney whose ring tone must sound like:
          From Laura Opinions

          S.O.B.s !

          .......that’s how I feel about our Board of Directors.

          People, like myself relied on this wonderful service.  
        3. December 1, 2017 at 8:33 AM 
        4. From Tim Opinions


          As you repeated on your Blog the FAS equipment apparently has been removed from the Independence Center.

          A few years ago Favil took me on a tour of their storage facility.

          Large floor to ceiling steel storage racks and a very large amount of equipment - wheel chairs, walkers, hospital beds, crutches, etc.

          Plus there was an office room with desks and chairs, computers, etc.

          Do you have nay idea of where SCA put all that stuff?
        5. Tim, I wish I knew. My suggestion is to contact FAS through their website at:
  • Perhaps a couple of the best I've heard is that one of the biggest complainers about FAS is a former SCA Board member who has used the services of the Foundation for years and has never made a single donation for any services that were provided.

    Then it was learned that there's another jerk who makes a lot of noise about wanting to get FAS equipment, yet he too supports the Board's decision.

    I won't name anyone in particular, but these two are obvious cronies who have been part of the "machine" for years, and  make more noise than dogs barking at the moon.

    Wouldn't be it wonderful if the two identified themselves, so the SCA community can see them for the hypocrites they are?

    Takers who enjoy USING others and THEIR MONEY, and yet complain about an organization that is willing to provide them services WITHOUT COST.

    My guess is that neither have the guts to come forth.
      1. The Board didn’t consult the residents of SCA on whether or not we wanted to continue to let FAS have the space to store equipment under some fair arrangement for that space. NOW they want our opinion as to what to do with it after it’s forcibly vacated????? I say - donate it to FAS to store their equipment.

City of Henderson Community Survey

2017 Citizen Engagement Survey


The City of Henderson is updating its Strategic Plan which
will outline its objectives over the next three to five years.

Your responses to the following survey will help the city
to prioritize resources for community issues and city services.

Please complete the survey one time only.

Click below to obtain the survey

 Thank you,
City of Henderson

Was Robert Burch Fraudulently Removed
Sun City Anthem Recall Ballot

Are We Now..."Anthem...gate" ?

stop-fraud.png (1344×1025)
Evidently at a recent Finance Committee Meeting, CFO Jim Orlick  announced that the cost of the removal to date has been $40,000 and would probably reach $50,000...a number we question.

Strange how that would make "breaking news"  when the leaders whom we wish to remove, never bothered to announce their "financial expertise" was responsible for a LOSS over $40,000 in BOGUS restaurant loans when the last guy disappeared into the Las Vegas sunset !

No, two wrongs don't make a right, but...

...lest we forget that the $40,000 to $50,000 amount was spent on this removal election BECAUSE OF THE PARANOIA demonstrated by a Board approved expenditure to hire a CPA firm to handle it; whereas the Removal Proponents had other suggestions that would have cost less than $8,000, the cost of the average election.

Besides, they knew full well that the sneaky way they structured this whole thing could then be blamed on the name of "security".

"I didn't do it, they made me" cried the little sheep who are too cowardly to admit this whole election is nothing more than a scam and insult to any honest person's intelligence.

Toolbox Skunk.gif (483×537)

And to make it look really good...when the Board authorized that needless expense, remember THEY AUTHORIZED THAT PAYMENT, they made the "fix" look even better...blaming the Removal opponents.

...and the sheep's minions and mouthpiece, hell bent on maintaining their "machine", went right along with it with a deceptive mailer along with official members of committees sending their emails "as residents" yet making sure in them, they always seemed to somehow mention the name of an official Sun City Anthem committee.

Well now, to all of them, especially to Mr. Orlick we may have some news as to the efficiency of his boss, Sandra Seddon, her "highly recommended" association attorney, Adam Clarkson,  and the Board who approved thoseBIG BUCKS to make sure the status quo would remain at any "expense" ! top it off...

...we think they might wish to consider either stopping payment on that check to the CPA firm; or sending the bill to either the Association Attorney and/or the General Manager, Sandy Seddon, or to all the little minions  for personal reimbursement to the Sun City Anthem coffers for doing such a wonderful job pulling the wool over a community's eyes !


Because in their zeal to make sure "the fix was in", while making a mockery of democracy, that "expert" choice of a CPA firm, according to what we discovered, appears to have GOOFED BIG TIME, and... a result...

...these free spending bureaucrats, so consumed with maintaining their corruptive environment, might have to do it all over again.


Let's explain !

When it was announced a couple of weeks ago the Sun City Anthem Board Director, Robert Burch, would "escape" the removal election by only 2 signatures, a number of individuals were quite suspicious as to why this took place.

Originally, 807 petition signatures were submitted to Community Association Manager, Lori Martin, and General Manager, Sandy Seddon to call for a Burch removal election.

Suddenly 93 signatures were removed from consideration leaving Burch 2 below the minimum required to be added to the Removal Ballot.

On September 29, 2017 a formal request was made to the above named individuals (Martin & Seddon) requesting the following:

a. copies of those signatures found to be invalid.
b. the reasons why they were invalid.

According to Nevada law, such requests can take up to 14 days for response, and as everything else so typical in this removal election, the request was honored by way of a Seddon email dated October 13, 2017, the maximum time period to honor the request.

Note...the October 13, 2017 date was days after the Removal ballots were sent to Sun City Anthem owners in the most deceptive manner possible by an accounting firm named Ovist & Howard, CPA, on October 6, 2017, stating they must be received in THEIR OFFICE no later than Thursday, October 26, 2017...the MINIMIUM NUMBER OF DAYS ALLOWED by Nevada law.

As a matter of fact, in a discussion with the Ombudsman's office,  we learned that more than 200 telephone calls have been made to that office expressing outrage as to the manner in which Ovist & Howard sent the ballots (in addition to numerous formal complaints) residents have already filed.

This outrage was the result of actions taken by the Sun City Anthem Board through the interactions of a General Manager's influence in contracting a new association attorney who in turn recommended the CPA firm who concocted the "sleazy" manner in which the entire Removal election was conducted.

As you know, in addition to the Sun City Anthem Association President and General Manager NEVER even having the common courtesy of officially notifying unit owners a Removal Election was taking place...

...when Ovist & Howard sent the ballots,  there was also NO mention on the envelope that the matter had anything to do with Sun City Anthem.

The result:  many owners subsequently discarded the letter and removal ballot believing it was a junk mail solicitation

At best, that action was DECEPTIVE and unless you were born yesterday, was an attempt to RIG the election by reducing the number of individuals who would cast a ballot....and...avoid ANY ACKNOWLEDGMENT of the vote total as to whether the ballots would even be counted if 2,501 were not received by the October 26, 2017 deadline.

When that TREACHERY was discovered, many unit owners were stunned and made requests for substitute ballots, only to be told "too bad, so sad".

At that point , the Nevada Ombudsman intervened and demanded those not receiving ballots would have the opportunity to receive them. we originally suspected, those who would continue their CORRUPT ways would fight back...

...the CPA firm would not mail the substitute ballot, YOU WOULD HAVE TO GO TO THEIR OFFICE to obtain it.

For those who reside in Sun City Anthem, according to Mapquest, that was a 24 minute drive to the CPA office to obtain one.

One of our readers, Douglas West, did just that, but before he was given his ballot, the CPA firm would not give it to him unless he produced a copy of the deed to his property as well as normal identification.

What would this mean for those living out of state?

Simply stated, "so sad, too bad".

But...let's return to the petitions signed and concentrate on the disqualification of Robert Burch to be placed on the ballot.

The request made of Seddon and Martin was finally acknowledged on October 13, 2017 informing the request was ready for pick-up...

...and so, along with Anthem Today's Rana Goodman, and Foundation Assisting Seniors President, Favil West, we met at Anthem Center to obtain the information which was provided to us in a sealed envelope.

Being rather leery of those in Sun City Anthem management, I requested that Ms. Goodman and Mr. West accompany me to witness my receiving and opening of the package to examine its contents.

At that point...we again witnessed what we will refer to as questionable content.

In addition to a complete list of all those who signed the petition to have Burch removed, a cover summary was also attached which DID INDEED honor the requests summarizing the name and reasons of the 72 individuals the CPA firm found unacceptable and therefore denied validation.

In fairness to the CPA firm, 31 signatures were legitimately rejected due to unit owners signing petitions a second time. (example: a husband & wife would sign, and one would be declared ineligible).

But...something still did not add up !

Do the math !

We submitted 807 names, 72 were nullified, and that left 735, a total sufficient to place Burch on the ballot.

But...the list of signed petitions provided to us in the sealed envelope by  Sun City Anthem totaled only 785 !

What became of the other 22 signatures

They were MISSING from the list...which, when the 72 rejections were removed, left Burch with a total of 713, two short of the requirement for removal ballot inclusion.

However...what the association did not knowwas that when the original 807 signatures were tallied, they were done so in the presence of 6 Sun City Anthem residents who not only verified the count, but WITNESSED the signed petitions being placed in a SEALED envelope and shortly thereafter, delivered to the US Post Office for delivery, which was acknowledged by return receipt requested.

We were smart enough to keep complete copies of what was sent to Community Association Manager, Lori Martin, and after examination of what was provided in the sealed envelope, shockingly...

2 PAGES WERE MISSING that contained an additional 22 valid signatures.

But...there's more to the story.

On that list provided to us by Sun City Anthem, 53 others were rejected, citing the following reason:

"either not the owner on the current deed, or not a valid trustee"

And...that too, created concern.

Rana Goodman would then take the list and cross checked the nullified signatures with the OFFICIAL CLARK COUNTY ASSESSOR record of recorded deeds.

And...all but 2 of the 55 cited in the rejection list were FOUND TO BE LEGITIMATELY RECORDED...and therefore should NOT have been rejected.

Adding the "missing" 22 signatures to the 53 others validated by the Clark County Assessor records, means that the CORRECT total of signatures obtained to commence a removal ballot against Robert Burch was 788not the reported 713, and as a result...

...Burch should have been placed on the ballot.

What now?

Certified letters have been sent to Sandy Seddon with DOCUMENTED evidence.

Intervention affidavits will be filed against her and the Sun City Anthem Board.

The possible results if found to be correct:

1. An additional Removal election BY LAW must be conducted for the removal of Robert Burch.

2. The CPA firm may be investigated.

3. Possible criminal action may be filed against several individuals if determined that collusion existed in any manner which would result in a fraudulent and illegal election.

4. The Nevada Real Estate Commission could nullify the entire election results and call for another election.

5. The Nevada Real Estate Commission could immediately remove the entire Sun City Anthem Board, place the association into receivership, and control it until a new election is held.

Ladies and gentlemen, this taint was the result of actions taken by a Board, through the interactions of a General Manager and Community Association Manager contracting with a new association attorney that recommended the CPA firm who did the official count.

Unlike another publication, we believe the entire community MUST KNOW THE SERIOUSNESS of all of this to determine if corruption exists and those who were responsible for it, PROPERLY AND LEGALLY PUNISHED.

This really has become..."Anthem...gate" !

We did not create it; a CORRUPT SYSTEM did, and WHEN YOU ARE CORRUPT, you keep making mistakes to conceal that CORRUPTION, until one day, people can't conceal the LIES ANY LONGER, and GET CAUGHT.

 ...and our very basic....we merely...


There is only one alternative in order to avoid this exposure before the entire Las Vegas valley and even greater expense.

If the four individuals really have any feeling for the best interest of their community, they would not continue to subject this association to such behavior that has shown to unmask the level of contempt and arrogance that has been displayed over the past few months.

There is only one HONORABLE stop this madness !

The four individuals MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY...and the General Manager, certain members of her staff, and the Association Attorney must be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

Got a comment?

Send it us at:
  1. From Nona Opinions

    For more details of the removal election costs, see her latest detailed analysis:
    1. From Buddy Opinions


      It's obvious you can't argue with a bureaucrat who has to support a political system, no matter how corrupt it's been proven to be.

      I would just once like to have one of the removal opponents state WHY they believe this removal has been conducted fairly.

      They do nothing but complain about the people who have brought out all the people all the disgusting dirt associated with their wrongdoings.

      Just one of them with a real name please come forth and say why you would support the manner in which the removal has been conducted.

      Believe me, if one does, that individual identifies him or herself as supporting behavior that represents the worst in human ethics.

      So...bring it on, bureaucrats.

      Identify yourselves in order that a community can look at a real person who could justify all of this, so you can be looked at as one of the most corrupt individuals who darkens the morality of  SCA.

      It shocks me to even try to understand any person who would justify this election handling.
      1. Election Committee Linda Krivec and Board "groupie" John Burke strike again, this time with more typical insults and trying to lay blame for their own inefficiencies and incompetence.

        To you Mr. Burke, we checked the source and it could be accomplished for $8,000...if the committee you were one a part of knew the meaning of words "fiscal responsibility".

        And Ms. Krivec, we made MANY suggestions to make this election a fair one, but YOU and YOUR COMMITTEE, along with the Board and GM made sure YOU REJECTED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM and went along with spending needless thousands of dollars.

        So to both of you political junkies, thanks for identifying yourselves as such.

        Then again as usual, attack the messenger and AVOID THE QUESTION that Buddy Greenfield has asked.

        Do either you actually support the manner in which this election has been conducted?

        Cut the other stuff and name calling.

        Just answer the question if you're capable of being honest, that is.
        1. From Robert Opinions

          "There is only one HONORABLE stop this madness !

          The four individuals MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY...and the General Manager, certain members of her staff, and the Association Attorney must be replaced at the earliest opportunity."

          Don't hold your breath - since when can any of the cited individuals be considered "honorable"???
          1. From Robert Opinions

            Let's assume everything you said about the recall is correct.

            Before I tell you let me establish my expertise in rendering my opinion.

            Adam CLarkson is a money hungry attorney who I refused to support when I was a board member of another Nevada HOA.

            A couple years back I was very active in taking out what you refer to as the "machine". I called it the "cartel".

            As a board member I was wrongfully sued by the HOA.

            I prevailed because I had a winning strategy not a whining strategy.

            I am not your adversary.

            And I will not publicly get involved because it can become a career and I intend to get to the finish line with a smile on my face.

            There is only one strategy that works and if you truly want to defeat the 'machine"I can school you on how to do it because I did it.

            It will be up to you to provide the leadership and infrastructure.

            And if homeowners funds have been misappropriated I can show you how to recover them if that is your objective.

            I am totally familiar with NRED, CC&RS, Commission, Ombudsman and process.

            So as it relates to recall the result is irrelevant. It a big waste of energy as it falls under the umbrella of a whining strategy.

            Good luck.
          2. Robert, thanks for one of the best comments we've ever received.

            We may not prevail, but we have accomplished one major objective.

            We made a community aware of problems that many never knew existed.

            A number of us would be delighted to hear the experiences you have had and how to clean up our community.
          3. From Jack Opinions

            Mailing cost is $3,500 at the most and with a possible discount for bulk. Envelopes are cheap. Labels output from a database are cheap. The labor to stick labels on and stuff envelopes are cheap. Just check with David Berman, since he just finished doing a mailing.

            Yes, the Election Committee could have handled it. Even if there were complaints those could have been handled as they always have been, without a high cost. The decision to move this to an outside firm was just plain ridiculous. If they hadn't done that I would have passed on the ballot. As it is I have voted for removal.
            1. From John Opinions

              Is it possible that the ballots were not sent out first class mail?

              I never received one either here or in Northbrook, IL.

              As you may know, the post office will not forward anything but first class mail. That of course means no snowbirds would receive a vote.
            2. John, join the "snowbird club". Just tells you how sleazy this entire removal election has been, doesn't it?

              Has anyone noticed our newest APPOINTED Board member, Jim Coleman, hasn't said a word about any of this?

              Or does that individual who was "so qualified" according to the "machine", been told that silence is the way the game is played ?

Removal Elections Answer Sheet

Thanks to
A 12 Year Sun City Anthem resident
Nona Tobin

186238963.jpg (405×423)
Got questions about the Sun City Anthem removal election?

We received a terrific email from Nona Tobin alerting us to a video posted by a 12 year Sun City Anthem resident identified as "Mark".

It's Sun City Anthem's version of...

IMG_5914.JPG (1024×1016)

Just click on this link and watch this brief excellent presentation.

Have a friend who owns a home in Sun City Anthem and has questions about the deceptive Removal Letter they received and likely disposed of due to confusion or a lack of information?

Know an individual who owns property in our association, yet resides elsewhere?

Send them the above link !
And...don't forget to subscribe to Sun City Anthem's newest...
and...quite informative blog:
SCA Strong

Get the real stories of the inner workings of Sun City Anthem from a Board member determined to regain the Director seat she received over 2,000 unit owner votes in achieving...

...yet...due to her determination to "clean up" Sun City Anthem, was subsequently removed by a Sun City Anthem Board that was determined to maintain the political "machine" that has existed for 10 years.

Anthem Opinions was more than happy to place this post on her blog, and we hope you too, will subscribe and share your thoughts on this most informative publication.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It has literally become “a crime” to watch many people commit the most unethical acts to maintain a corrupt system they refuse to acknowledge exists.

Those of us who do follow the events that have occurred over the years have questioned so many actions; and rarely, if ever, receive answers to the many issues that have been present, while this and past Boards have repeatedly buried attempts to hide their inefficient, wasteful, and yes, controlling and corrupt ways of operating our association.
What the removal opponents refuse to acknowledge is that their main proponent, David Berman, rarely, if ever, reports the problems these Boards have created.

His attitude toward “approving” board candidates that are subsequently elected, can best be described as :
“I made sure they are there, and they owe me.”
The “you owe me” attitude has resulted in a Committee system that has been more than populated by those who follow him like sheep. That too, is part of his evil plan. It is in every sense of the word, “a machine” in which his blog has become the unofficial leader to which “they owe him” as a result.
The result is these individuals become part of a web in which they feel that his endorsement means “election”, but the actual result to Sun City Anthem residents, are secret meetings, collusion, and a corrupt form of governance that has hidden the many wasted dollars provided by the good citizens of our community, and an avenue by which their corrupt actions are justified.
Those of us who know him, realize the past woes of losing his legal career due to the dishonest acts he committed and admitted, are indicative of his current actions, and so many individuals in the Sun City Anthem community have been the object of his wrath whenever they confront the many half-truth articles he has written.
That is the Berman weapon.
Never confront the actual issues; instead, kill the messenger who brings them to the attention of the community.
Let us not forget that over the years, that man has defiled any person whom he believes will expose his writings; notably Rana Goodman, who   this entire state should be indebted to for the courageous fight she endured in assisting legislators in passing legislation to reform Nevada guardianship laws; and Mr. Fix-It, Forrest Fetherolf, referring to him as “slippery” and “a clown” who, in vain, made every attempt to plead the proper inspecting of the Liberty Center, and was rebutted by Berman’s wife, the result of which began the problems of the Liberty Center, that now have resulted in the loss of over $2,000,000 of association funds, severe insurance losses that have resulted in a General Manager’s shifting liability to individual Clubs by requiring them to purchase personal insurance, and a construction lawsuit filed without the necessary number of owners approving the action.
There are so many others, but Nona, in your case, you have never been afforded due process that you are fully entitled to under Nevada statutes, and as a result of your exposing the many problems associated with our community, were removed from a position over 2,000 elected you to serve.
We know you were originally cleared to run for office by former association attorney, John Leach, won handily with even a greater number of votes than current President, Rex Weddle  and subsequently made the target of the current Board for opening up communication they have always rebuffed.
It was only after retaining the services of Adam Clarkson’s law firm and the obvious influence of our General Manager along with other board member’s collusion, you were removed in a cold, cruel, and what many are convinced, was an illegal manner.
Fight on, Ms. Tobin, the corrupt forces who saw fit to defame and dishonor you for merely showing a desire to reform a system, are now paying a price.
Whether or not the removal election succeeds, the Sun City Anthem community is becoming more and more aware of the corrupt forces that have lead it for years, and you have greatly assisted those in the community for exposing their actions.
One only has to examine the manner in which the removal election has been drafted to realize how biased the system has become and the more than obvious deceptive manner in which those corrupt individuals has conducted themselves in every attempt to “win” at any cost, which includes  exposing their lack of fair play and integrity.
Ms. Tobin, the good people of Sun City Anthem believe you were wronged; and will, to the best of our ability, make every attempt to have you reinstated to the position you were elected to serve, and dishonorably removed without the slightest regard for the laws of the state of Nevada.
As the owner of Anthem Opinions, I welcome you and SCA Strong to the community’s communication network of independent publications.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Won't you join us in welcoming this new publication to the Sun City Anthem community?

Send your comments to:

  1. From Hollis & Susan Opinons

    Regarding the return envelope for the removal:

    I finally talked to Eric at Ovist....and here is his answer.

    The main criteria is that the return address must have both name and address on it... (pretty obvious)

    He also said that the return address does NOT need to be exact as the letter was addressed to the receiver. (they have a list of owner/addresses)

    In our case, with two or more properties, one needs only my name with one of the addresses, and the other needs only my wife's name with the other address.

    (not sure what to do if you own more than two)
  1. From Douglas Opinions

    I called those jerks. I have to take proof of ownership, title, in to the CPA to get a replacement.

    You know this will never pass as they have rigged the system.

    30 %of owners are absence or the tenants threw away the ballots.

    I have talked with many that will fill it out wrong and the ballot will be rejected.

    I hope I am wrong and will vote for recall twice.

    Keep working hard on this removal as I have tried to convince many of the financial miscues of the past.

    My issue is that they refuse to adopt a purchasing policy or bid procedure.

    The current system is ripe for abuse and fraud.

    Spent millions on the Liberty repair without a contract or bids.
    1. From King & Ellen Opinions

      While following the precise instructions so my ballot will be included and counted, I noticed that there are TWO labels (one under the other) where my address must be written.

      Do you think this was just an "honest mistake" or is someone going to remove the top label with my address, leaving a blank label on the envelope and rendering the ballot invalid and not to be counted?

      I'm would hope that no one would ever do anything as unethical and illegal as that, but was curious to see if any other residents noticed similar labeling.

      Thank you for keeping us all better informed!
    2. Susan & Hollis Habeger were kind enough to call the CPA as did Doug West.

      All I can say is call them for instructions and "hope for the best".

      And...blame the General Manager and, Association Attorney for putting this entire fiasco together, and the current Board for approving it.

      If nothing else becomes of this election, it has been a real eye opener as to the inner workings of our association; how poorly run it is, and filled with the worst corruption anyone could have ever imagined.
  3. From Douglas Opinions

    I finally got my second ballot.

    Had to go to the CPA's office with a copy of my deed.

    I voted twice because we own two properties.

    I had to provide more evidence that I owned the right to vote than I did for the presidential election.

    Anyway you have a strong case to appeal any decision of this board.

    There are many absentee owners and/or landlords that could not go get a ballot if not mailed or thrown away.

    The process is definitely rigged in favor of the incumbents. I

    Would be happy to volunteer to take this issue to the state or anything else you need done in a effort to stop this craziness!

Removal Ballot Controversy
Causes Last Minute Change in  Rule

wechangedourminds.jpg (250×212)
We know the Nevada Ombudsman received multiple complaints regarding the manner in which the Sun City Anthem removal election has been handled...

 ...and in what appears to be what I will refer as an insulting attempt to squash those complaints, have decided to change one rule...

cookie-jar.png (222×319)
...obtaining a substitute ballot if you did receive one or tossed it in the recycle bin after we called it to the community's attention that it wasn't some solicitation from an unknown CPA firm.

An official Sun City Anthem eblast was sent out stating the following:

"If you have not received an envelope containing your official ballot and instructions, or believe that you may have lost or discarded the ballot and instructionsyou may obtain a replacement ballot and instructions by contacting Ovist & Howard, CPAs at the following telephone number:"

(702) 456-1300
Here's what it didn't say:

Will that be mailed to you, or do you have to pick it up personally at their office located at:
7 Commerce Center Drive
 Henderson, NV 89014

If it has to be picked up in person, Mapquest states it's a 24 minute drive from Anthem Center.

If you do make the call and they do indeed mail it to you:

Assuming they will mail it on Tuesday, October 10th, you will likely not receive it until October 12th...leaving you until October 26, 2017 to have it received IN THEIR OFFICE.

That has NOT changed.

What about those who own, yet do not reside in Sun City Anthem?

Good question.  No idea ! 

Bottom line:  It was never formally announced, most people DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to the Sun City Anthem eblast system, and most will still have no idea a Removal election is even taking place !

Was this supposed to be the answer to the many complaints?

Just another... 

hoax-splat-red.png (400×213) far as we're concerned.

Based on the numerous inconsistencies, in our opinion this was merely a sad excuse to further what was, is, and will be, the most deceptive election in the history of Sun City Anthem.

Sun City Anthem Recall Petitions Submitted
The Clock Now Begins to Tick

clock.gif (355×375)
It has been acknowledged that the Removal petitions have been received on August 10, 2017.

This date begins a vital 60 day period.

Though current Nevada law does NOT require that the petition signatures be certified, rest assured that the current group of WeddleWaterhouseNissen & Burch,  will likely do ANYTHING to delay the process as long as possible, and incur unnecessary legal fees for such service.

According to NRS 226.31036 (Removal of member of executive board)

Section (a) #1.

"The secret written ballots for the removal election must be sent in the manner required by this section not less than 15 days or more than 60 days after the date on which the petition is received"


Section (a) #2:

"the executive board shall set the date for the meeting to open and count the secret written ballots so that the meeting is held not more than 15 days after the deadline for returning the secret written ballots and not later than 90 days after the date on which the petition was received."

In addition, Section (a) #3 (d):

"The secret written ballots must be opened and counted at a meeting of the association.  A quorum is not required to be present when the secret written ballots are opened and counted at the meeting."

Therefore, a recall ballot must be mailed to unit owners between August 24, 2017 and October 8, 2017, and must be returned by a date set by the executive board, a minimum of 15 days following the date set by the executive board.

In any case, this date cannot exceed a total of 90 days after the date the petitions were received (November 7, 2017).

An association meeting must then be set no later than 15 days later to publicly open the removal ballots.
  1. From Buddy Opinions

    The removal petitions clearly state the reasons for the recall election.

    Has anyone noticed that the opposition refuses to address those issues in any way, and instead concentrates only on those who signed the petitions or assisted in gathering them while demeaning and threatening them? That is their sole argument; very one sided, biased, and should only be effective on those who are of the same political crony mentality.

    Where are the responses from those directors who are being considered for recall?

    We are entitled to hear their side of the argument, not merely those who have been their protectors and guardians, aren't we?

    Are they above answering them?

    If they had nothing to hide or the allegations were incorrect, common sense would have anticipated their refuting them. Is that the transparency they promised when they asked us to elect them?

    What kind of people rely on others to fight their battles, especially when their mentors only concentrate on fear and intimidation?

    Do they approve of those methods?

    Obviously they must, or they would have addressed the allegations and/or condemned the threats and intimidation. The petitions have been circulated for some time now, and their only defense is silence.

    That certainly should be suspect to any thinking person.
    1. I had been wondering the same thing. Well said, Buddy. Well said.

Removal Petitions Now Available

We have also created Director Removal signature pages for your convenience for the following Sun City Anthem Board Directors subject to removal.

These may be downloaded by clicking on the respective link for each Board member below their name.

Print one for each director you would want removed, and sign it.

They are:
Rex Weddle
Click Here
Thomas Nissen
Click Here
Aletta Waterhouse
Click Here
Robert Burch
Click Here
Sandy Seddon No Confidence 

Note that a separate signature is required for each Board member you would seek to be removed from the Sun City Anthem Board.

Once completed, send an email to the Removal CoordinatorRobert N. at:

You will be contacted as to a convenient time where the signed petitions can be conveniently delivered or picked up at your home or other location.

 NRS 116.31036
Removal of Member of Executive Board
01-kicked-out.jpg (1200×1200)

      1.  Notwithstanding any provision of the declaration or bylaws to the contrary, any member of the executive board, other than a member appointed by the declarant, may be removed from the executive board, with or without cause, if at a removal election held pursuant to this section, the number of votes cast in favor of removal constitutes:

      (a) At least 35 percent of the total number of voting members of the association; and

      (b) At least a majority of all votes cast in that removal election.

      2.  A removal election may be called by units’ owners constituting at least 10 percent, or any lower percentage specified in the bylaws, of the total number of voting members of the association. 

To call a removal election, the units’ owners must submit a written petition which is signed by the required percentage of the total number of voting members of the association pursuant to this subsection and which is mailed, return receipt requested, or served by a process server to the executive board or the community manager for the association. 

If a removal election is called pursuant to this subsection and:

      (a) The voting rights of the units’ owners will be exercised through the use of secret written ballots pursuant to this section:

             (1) The secret written ballots for the removal election must be sent in the manner required by this section not less than 15 days or more than 60 days after the date on which the petition is received; and

             (2) The executive board shall set the date for the meeting to open and count the secret written ballots so that the meeting is held not more than 15 days after the deadline for returning the secret written ballots and not later than 90 days after the date on which the petition was received.

      (b) The voting rights of the owners of time shares will be exercised by delegates or representatives as set forth in NRS 116.31105, the executive board shall set the date for the removal election so that the removal election is held not less than 15 days or more than 90 days after the date on which the petition is received.

The association shall not adopt any rule or regulation which prevents or unreasonably interferes with the collection of the required percentage of signatures for a petition pursuant to this subsection.

      3.  Except as otherwise provided in NRS 116.31105, the removal of any member of the executive board must be conducted by secret written ballot in the following manner:

      (a) The secretary or other officer specified in the bylaws of the association shall cause a secret ballot and a return envelope to be sent, prepaid by United States mail, to the mailing address of each unit within the common-interest community or to any other mailing address designated in writing by the unit’s owner.

      (b) Each unit’s owner must be provided with at least 15 days after the date the secret written ballot is mailed to the unit’s owner to return the secret written ballot to the association.

      (c) Only the secret written ballots that are returned to the association may be counted to determine the outcome.

      (d) The secret written ballots must be opened and counted at a meeting of the association. 

A quorum is not required to be present when the secret written ballots are opened and counted at the meeting.

      (e) The incumbent members of the executive board, including, without limitation, the member who is subject to the removal, may not possess, be given access to or participate in the opening or counting of the secret written ballots that are returned to the association before those secret written ballots have been opened and counted at a meeting of the association.


Petition in Voice of a Vote of

The undersigned members of the Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc. hereby submit to the Board of Directors of the Association a Petition in voice of NO CONFIDENCE in the General Manager Sandy Seddon.  Ms. Seddon has riled the community with her arbitrary and capricious acts in the management of the Association and treated the Members with arrogance, disrespect and contempt. We the undersigned expect the Board of Directors to take immediate action. 

Ms. Seddon's Actions:

Failure to obtain the respect of Members.  Unprofessional demeanor and conduct.

Springing on Clubs and Groups conducting events conditions and procedures that are discourteous and unnecessarily intrusive with no clear necessity requiring Henderson City business licenses when they are not needed.  Then after consultation with Henderson City with the City saying licenses would not be needed insisting that performers/service providers obtain a letter from the City that a license is not required.

Arbitrarily coming up with insurance and/or hold harmless agreements requirements for Club/Groups events with no foundation or  explanation to Members.

Imposing unnecessary security guard requirements on club/group events.

Requiring clubs to arrange performers an agent provided by her.

Out of control expenditures leading to an assessment increase in just one year of 10% after a transfer of $600,000 to reserves.  A 10% assessment increase in 2017 seemingly based on a flawed Reserve Study.  Not operating according to Chapter 2 of the Board Policy Manual.

Inability to reconcile Foundation Assisting Seniors and the Community Service Group issues.

Exercise class fees increased by an exorbitant amount without prior notice to members.  A sudden and without notice, cut off of previously purchased monthly activity cards ending their validity immediately without regard to their original purchase date and terms.  Termination of the $45 activity card program, causing a great inconvenience to members.  These actions taken with the most ill-conceived excuses and resisting simple solutions like a use it or lose it date.

Advertising and selling guest passes for 2 for 1, in June that are structured in the same as the previously cut off $45 passes just four months earlier.

Condoning the unprecedented and multiple acts of vandalism in Anthem Center and not reporting them to the Henderson Police Department.

In meetings with members treating them with disrespect and contempt, totally demonstrating a "my way or the highway" attitude and being discourteous.  Ignoring multiple members' petitions.  Mismanaging Members actions and conduct at meetings.

Embarrassed the Association by not letting a vice presidential candidate speak during the 2017 election with little or no justification.  Damaging the public image of the Association.  Not acting in accordance with Chapter 3 of the Board Policy Manual.

Making unilateral decisions and acting as it the Association was hers and hers alone, to do with whatever she pleased.
Recall Petition

Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc. Directors

Rex Weddle

Tom Nissen

Bob Burch

Aletta Waterhouse

Members of the Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc. in accordance with Section 2.4 of the By Laws of Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc., and NRS 116.3106 hereby submit to the Board of Directors of the Association Petitions for the removal of Directors Rex  WeddleTom NissenRobert Burch, and Aletta Waterhouse.  

These board members conduct and actions leave Members with recall as the only option as they have mistreated and maligned Members while mismanaging the Association.  

In addtion, these Board Members have allowed the General Manager to divide the community with her arbitrary and capricious acts in the management of the Association and treated the Member with arrogance, disrespect, and contempt.  

The following are just a few of these Board Members' actions which predicates their collective removal.

Board Member Actions:

An unprecedented number of NRS 116 violations and SCA Governing Documents.

 An unprecedented and unnecessary 10% increase in the 2017 Association's assessments. Not operating in according to Chapter 2 of the Board Policy Manual.

Using a flawed reserve study as justification for this increase.

Excessive compensation to the executive management team of the Association.

An excessive $20,000 bonus to the general manager in 2016 with no written agreement or notice to/or knowledge of the Association Members.

Out of control expenditures leading to an assessment to increase in just one year of 10% after a transfer of $600,000 to reserves.  A 10% assessment increase in 2017 seemingly based on a flawed Reserve Study. Not operating according to Chapter 2 of the Board Policy Manual.

Holding secret meetings without agendas, public notices, and excluding Members from observing Board meetings.

Making decisions at these secret meetings.

Preventing open nominations of SCA officers.

Allowing the President, Treasurer, and general manager to make unilateral decisions without full Board input, open discussion, or public vote.

FAILURE to provide Members with their NRS 116.480 REQUIRED GIFT NOTICES.

Disrespectful treatment of Members at Board meetings.

Failure to publicly post the general manager's performance targets and standards.

Claiming hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings due to early transition to the general manager when in fact there is no evidence of thousands of dollars of savings in the 2017 Annual Audit or for that matter any savings.

Out of touch with Members' needs and wishes on Board conduct.

Unequal and vengeful treatment of Members.

Improper delegation of Board Policy matters to the general manager.

Diminishing Members' input and role in SCA governance, policy development by systematically eviscerating or eliminating long standard and effective Member Committees and teams.

Failure to follow the SCA Board's own Board Policy Manual in their conduct, governance of the Association, and their official actions.

Allowing the Board's meeting minutes to not reflect the Board meeting actions and Member input.

Altering the Board meeting minutes with the substitution of documents not included in the Board Meeting Draft Board Books.

Sending an improper "Notice and indemnification" with the 2017 Association assessment coupon book.

Incurring excessive attorney fees.

Not complying with By Laws section 3.2 which requires the Association's audited financial statement to be available to Members within 10 days of the close of the fiscal year.

Conducting business, by all appearances, with an out of business bankrupt firm.

Condoning the unprecidented multiple acts of vandalism in Anthem Center by not reporting them to the Henderson Police Department or investigating these acts of vandalism.

Mismanaging the Association and SCA's relationship with the Foundation Assisting Seniors.

Mismanaging Clubs and their activities with artitrary and capricious changes to business license, insurance, security, and promoter requirements.

Bringing adverse publicity and scorn on SCA.

Violating the sanctity of the ballot boxes by allowing the 2017 Board election ballot boxes to be opened multiple times, reporting the number of ballots received, the number of invalid ballots, and suggesting that owner could pick up replacement ballots.

Not adequately managing the Reserves budget.

Not acting in a timely and open manner on the Anthem Center restaurant space, such that after over 16 months since the last operator closing their is still no definitive work plan for this space and/or no operating restaurant.

An abrupt and unnecessary charge to class passes which did not honor the Association's commitments to holders of previously purchased passes.

Eliminating Members input for the Capital/Reserve Budget by doing away with the PIRF (Proposal Information Request Form) process.

(Tomorrow...The NO Confidence Petition Directed to Sun City Anthem General Manager

The ABC's of Home Refinancing

home-loan.png (660×330)
If you are planning on doing some renovations around the home, then chances are you have thought about doing a little home refinancing; however, before you rush off to get a new home loan, a second mortgage, or even a home equity loan, there are a few things that you need to consider.

 Keep in mind that this can be a huge step, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when thinking about any home refinancing.


Do you have a specific purpose behind refinancing your home loan?

Do you plan on adding a new wing to the house?

A new floor?

Perhaps you are looking to add a bathroom, or remodel a garage?

Maybe you are simply looking to consolidate your bills.

Whatever the reason, you should have a concrete and definitive reason in mind before you begin thinking about home refinancing

Having the purpose in mind prior to getting the loan, will help you to use the money more wisely.


What is the specific amount of money that you need?

While it may be nice to refinance your home loan (which often means getting a new loan) and have all kinds of "extra" money, is it really necessary?

Decide what you need before you get the new loan, that way you can help avoid getting into any financial trouble unnecessarily.

Gather paperwork

Home refinancing will often require a lot of paperwork, many of which you will not have on hand.

As you are considering whether you should refinance the loan or not, you can begin consolidating all the paperwork you will need.

Get copies of your bank statementspay stubsbillscurrent mortgage records, etc., that way you can begin going over your finances in detail before sitting down with any high pressure mortgage broker.

Know the lingo

Chances are it has been awhile since you financed your first home loan. If that is the case, then you may need to take a refresher course on the lingo.

You should know what you are agreeing to before you sign anything.

If you do not feel comfortable understanding what the lingo is, then don't be afraid to ask any questions. After all, it is your home and your bank account that you are talking about here.

Take your time

 If you are thinking about a home refinancing, then be sure that you take your time.

Look at all your options, shop around.

Find someone that you are comfortable working with, and that you will trust.

Think about what you are doing, whether you really need to do it, and whether you trust the person you are talking to.

If you ever start to feel rushed, then that is a clue that you need to slow down and take a step back.

 Some videos for you.


Senate Bill 226 Would Effectively Kill
Uber & Lyft

logos.png (924×475)
 Lawmakers on the Nevada Senate Ways and Means Committee are weighing new regulations that could result in ride-share companies leaving the state.
SB 226 was originally passed in the Nevada State Senate in April by a vote of 17-4...
The Taxicab Union drivers wants lawmakers to implement the following rules before the legislative session ends in June:
1. Much stricter regulations on both vehicles and drivers, including FBI background checks and drug tests.
2. No low or predatory pricing.
3Drivers would be required to place markings on their personal vehicles similar to taxis.
4Ride-sharing companies would fall under the Taxi Authority, requiring drivers to pay fees and obtain an operating permit.
All this would cost more money and make Uber and Lyft a less attractive option to taking cabs.
Senate Bill 226, if approved, would require ride-sharing companies to verify state business registrations for each driver.
They, in turn, would need to list their state business registration number.
If SB 226 gets the green-light, it would mean Lyft and Uber rides would become more expensive because of out of pocket costs for the drivers, which the union believes would improve its ridership.
Ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft say state lawmakers have introduced new legislation that would completely kill business.
A senior policy communications manager for Lyft, commented:
"This amendment, attached to SB 226 at the eleventh hour without any discussion among stakeholders, would make true ridesharing in Nevada nearly impossible. Singling out ridesharing with licensing requirements not placed on any other business in the state is a blatant attempt by the taxi industry to squash competition and innovation."
Legislators on the Way and Means Committee discussed the bill on Monday morning in Carson City.
Uber and Lyft are particularly upset over regulations that would force drivers to pay for business licenses before applying for a job and a regulation that would force them to carry a minimum of $1.5 million in insurance coverage.
Taxis are only required to hold $300,000 when providing rides to passengers. 
Having used Uber on a number of occasions, comparing it and Lyft with traditional taxicabs, will hurt the consumer if this legislation is passed, and will lifely leave the state of Nevada if passed. 
Accordingly, we strongly urge you to IMMEDIATELY VOICE your objection to Senate Bill 226 by clicking on this link:
Members of the Nevada State Senate
Commerce, Labor, and Energy Commission

Senator Kevin Atkinson
D-North Las Vegas

Senator Pat Speakman
D-Norh Las Vegas

Senator Yavanna Cancella
D-Las Vegas

Senator Nicole Cannizarro
D-Las Vegas

Senator James Settelmeyer

Senator Joseph Hardy
R-Boulder City

Senator Heidi Gansert
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Have you used Uber and/or Lyft?  What are your thoughts?
Send them to us at:
  1. From Buddy Opinions

    I just started using Uber and I find this service to be professional and very valuable.

    The cost of Uber is low and helps create competition in the taxi industry.

    It provides many jobs for both part and full time employees.

    I am saddened by the political games that the state can play.

    I have personally written to each of the legislators mentioned on your article.I encourage everyone to do the same. Let them hear your voice.

    Even if you do not use this service, many others do, and we cannot afford to stand on the sidelines and let the government go wild.
    1. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave (???)...obviously the services are a serious threat to the Taxi Cab Monopoly and the resulting kick-backs, etc. Remember the Golden Rule: The Guy with the Gold, Makes the Rules.
    2. From Rana Opinions

      There was a big editorial on it on the front of the Nevada section today.

      I am asking you to take at least two actions: 1) register support or opposition on the Legislature’s “opinion” website; and 2) alert Governor Sandoval to your support or opposition via email and ask him to sign or veto (as the case may be) bills that reach his desk.

      CLICK on the following link to express your opinion on the Legislature’s site:

      You are not required to comment, although I encourage you to do so.

      Just find the bill via the “Select a bill” drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page, and indicate “for” or “against.”

      You can save your info, so that you don't need to re-enter your name and address every time. Please encourage your friends and family to do this as well.

      TO CONTACT Governor Sandoval:

      You can also email and/or call our legislators and express your position.

      If interested, listed below are further contacts:

      Nevada Legislative Hotline connects to all offices:
      Las Vegas 702-486-2626,
      Reno/Carson 775-684-6800
      1. From Barry Opinions

        Dick, I read your article and would just like to say the amount of insurance should not be one of the issues.

        As you know your personal auto policy excludes coverage for business use of your vehicle.

        I would suggest to the legislature they make sure the Uber and Lyft drivers have business auto policies.
  2. ______________________________
What is the Anthem Community Council?

Tim Stebbins
Sun City Anthem Resident & Anthem Opinions Contributor

After a recent article referencing the Anthem Community Council, many readers wrote in asking just what is the Anthem Community Council?

I will try to provide some answers.

Anthem Community Council is a nonprofit corporation formed by Del Webb back in 1998. 

The stated purpose is to “serve as a unifying entity for the planned community known as Anthem in Henderson, Nevada” and “creation of a sense of community within Anthem and further the interests of owners”.

It is an interesting company since it has no members or stock holders
It does have a board of directors that govern the affairs of the council.

The board consists of 7 directors

One from each of these 6 Anthem communities:

1. Anthem Country Club

Anthem-country-club-1.jpg (1024×682)

2. Anthem Highlands

ar129616307504158.JPG (800×551)

3Coventry Homes at Anthem

anthem-coventry-Homes-Las-Vegas.jpg (449×337)

4. Solara at Anthem

74c06407fe9b2dd2b234dba74319cdb4.jpg (236×157)

5Sun City Anthem

suncityanthem.jpg (1648×1240)

6. Terra Bella Condos

3_51415_1811882.jpg (1280×458)


7. One “at large” director.

The board of each community appoints their representative to the council, and the 6 directors appoint the "at large" director.

They holds board meetings roughly every quarter and all are welcome to attend.

The main responsibility of the council is to operate and maintain approximately 100 acres of landscaping along Anthem Parkway and the medians in the middle of Anthem Parkway

This includes the waterfall at the entrance to Anthem Parkway.

AnthemWaterfall.jpg (500×359)

The annual budget is over ... 

485161_101207163145_1012063.jpg (500×213)
Raising-1-million-dollars-social-media1-702x336.jpg (702×336)

The revenues are paid by assessments to the 6 Anthem communities

Each pays an amount based on the number units within their community

Sun City Anthem is the largest community and pays about....

52.jpg (945×500)
...of the total revenue.

That is about $600,000 annually...

... and is the second largest expense in the Sun City Anthem budget.

Some people are not happy that Sun City Anthem pays such a disproportional amount of the total, yet has an equal voting status with the other communities. 

Note:  The Madeira Canyon and Inspirada communities are NOT part of the Anthem Community Council.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now it's your turn, and we have a few questions to ask you.

Do you feel Sun City Anthem''s representation should be altered?

Have you had any experience dealing with this organization that you would like to share?

Do you have any questions for Tim Stebbins?

Send your comments to:

  1. From Hollis Opinions

    We have lived here for approx. 5 years... and NEVER heard of this council until your first article!

    My first thought is....since Madeira Canyon and Inspirada residents travel on Anthem Parkway every day...why don't they have to pay for it's upkeep?? Since it's kind of like a toll road...

    Also.. How did Ms. Capillano get onto that board? How long is the tenure of the officers?

    What legal leverage does this council "company" have over each community?

    How would the structure of the community reps be changed? Have the community percentages been updated...there has been continued building...?

    I think that the SCA budget should be published and sent to all homeowners once each year!!!!
  2. Hollis, Anthem Community Council has been around since Del Webb began building the Anthem communities.

    As the article stated, it's main responsibility of the council is to operate and maintain approximately 100 acres of landscaping along Anthem Parkway and the medians in the middle of Anthem Parkway...

    ...and that includes the waterfall.

    Madeira Canyon and Inspirada were not included because they will did not exist when the original "Anthem" communities were built.

    The result was their voluntarily being asked to be included...which NEITHER HAVE DONE.

    Yes, they take advantage of our roadways and beautiful landscaping, yet don't contribute a dime toward its maintenance and repairs.

    Jean Capiluppo was appointed to the Anthem Community Council by the Sun City Anthem Board as the "director at large" after she left the Sun City Anthem Board.

    Her friendship with Bella Meese, the former President and Secretary of the Sun City Anthem Board, was widely known along with her frivolous spending habits as the association Secretary and President.

    You decide if there was any backdoor arrangement.

    Subsequently the other 6 directors elected her as the president of the Anthem Council.

    The term of a director is 2 years.

    The "legal leverage"?

    That is Nelson Orth's argument....They claim to be subject to NRS 82, not NRS116 as are homeowner associations, and as a result, they believe they have total control over all expenditures.

    Mr. Orth claims they too are subject to NRS 116, and has a letter stating that though Anthem Community Council is indeed subject to NRS 82, when it comes into conflict with NRS116...

    NRS 116 prevails.

    Knowing Nelson Orth, he will do his best to receive clarification in order to obtain a fair arrangement amongst the various communities.

    Until that is clarified, Anthem Community Council will continue to act as they choose.

    The percentage is supposedly based on the number of homes in each subdivision; however, when it was requested as to when that was determined, ANTHEM COUNCIL HAS REMAINED SILENT.

    As Mr. Orth pointed out, they merely Sun City Anthem and tell us to send them a check...which currently amounts to in excess of $600,000 of their $1,000,000 revenue...or 8% of the entire Sun City Anthem budget.

    Can it be changed? That too remains in question, and thanks to Mr. Orth's passion, hopefully it might be revisited.

    What would I do?

    Well, this is where the power of the dollar would enter into the equation.

    I personally would NOT PAY A DIME until it was renegotiated and a fair arrangement was achieved

    Would the Council sue Sun City Anthem for nonpayment? Almost certainly that would be their option...

    ...however, with 52% of their budget gone as a result of the Sun City Anthem nonpayment, the remaining funds they would receive from the other members, wouldn't be able to sustain a lengthy lawsuit as well as maintain the Anthem landscaping.

    That, in turn,would likely force them to the bargaining table, and a reasonable compromise reached.

    Then again, there are other measures...such as the costs of the landscaping and repairs amounting to $ 1 million a year. That I would like to see, along with the bidding procedure utilized as well as the companies they have chosen to do the work.

    Finally, our newest board member, Noba Tobin, was recently appointed as the Sun City Anthem representative. Let's watch her LIKE A HAWK as to how she looks at this situation.

    Finally, there is the matter of the Sun City Anthem budget. At the next Board meeting it will be voted on, but when Mr. Orth recently attended a Sun City Anthem Finance Committee meeting, our new Sun City Anthem Treasurer, and former Finance Committee Chairman, Forrest Quinn, along with a number of other members of that committee, admitted...

    1. From Mary Lee Opinions

      Very simple explanation by Tim.

      I did not know each development only has One rep.

      Since we pay 52%, seems like SCA should have more voice.
      1. From Marty Opinions

        I surely agree with Ms. Habeger about the issues.

        Did Ms Capiluppo bring in her “Carver” folks along so she doesn’t have to work at doing anything?

        Should we worry that her “bud” Ms. Meese is next?

        Wouldn’t that be something to look forward to?

        Who are the rest of the “members?”

        I guess I need to take a look at NRS 82 too. Just make sure I get enough sleep to get thru it.

        Geez, between sending a check to our newly appointed “Queen” of SCA, and the council, I guess the comments about “oh, you live at that rich place" isn’t far off, is it!

        I also suspect a million bucks just doesn’t go far these days with “middle managers” running the show as they never learned the art of “reaching in their pockets.”
        1. From Bernie Opinions

          It is incorrect because as a member of the finance committee I was there and no one said “we had not yet read a budget to be voted on” because………………… there is no budget being voted on by the Board.

          In fact the 2018 budget process is just beginning internally with departments and management and that budget will not be ready for the finance committee or the board to review and member comment or vote until this fall.

          This kind of reporting and arrow slinging is FALSE NEWS and should not be allowed because it is 3rd party reporting.

          If Mr. Orth wrote it, I could call it a lie because that would not be found in the official minutes of the committee meeting.

          If Ms. Habeger had simply looked at the board book or announced agenda at SCA website, , she would have seen there is NO vote on the Sun City Anthem Budget at the meeting as he claimed.
          1. Mr. Horton, 

            There is a difference between "fake news" and a "mistake". 

            In this case, it was a simple "mistake", and for that, I personally apologize. 

            We take great pride in reporting ACCURATELY, and when a mistake occurs, we first apologize for making it, and then quickly correct it.

            It was not the budget Mr. Orth was referring to, it was the Audit Committee's Audit Report

Nona Tobin
A Breath of Fresh Air

Turanga-Leela.jpg (720×505)

Tim Stebbins

Newly elected Sun City Anthem board member Nona Tobin is definitely a breath of fresh air and is off to a running start striving to fulfill her campaign promises. 

These include:

1A board that serves the interests of SCA homeowners.

2Professional training to the board.

3Increased board-owner communications to ensure transparency.

These are meritorious goals to help SCA become the finest community in Nevada, perhaps the entire country.

In a major step toward these goals she reminded/alerted all board members of the requirements in our Governing Documents (bylaws section 3.24) that prior to serving as a director each board member shall certify in writing that he or she has read and understands the our Governing Documents and the provisions of Nevada law pertaining to HOAs

Further the requirement each board member shall attend a board training seminar within the first 6 months he or she serves as a director that educates the board members about their responsibilities and duties.

Nona has demonstrated she has indeed taken the time to read and understand our governing documents and she is looking forward to the training seminar to help her be a great board member. 

We can hope all other board members will follow her lead.

Nona deserves a" big hug" and strong support from all of us in her efforts to make SCA great.

A Word of Caution

animated-warning-image-0016.gif (342×256)

We should be sensitive to efforts of those who want to criticize Nona and inhibit her achievements. 

Those are the bad guys, and the most obvious is one who writes a blog that's already taken "aim on her reign".

boris_badenov_by_futurereagan-d4irzen.jpg (716×716)

He and others are the ones who want to hold SCA back, rather than see it move forward.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Any thoughts on Tim's assessment of Nona Tobin?

Let us know at:

  1. From Marty Opinions

    I knew right from the start and after attending that Sunday meeting for the perspective members running for the board that Nona Tobin was a champion for the changes needed at SCA.

    Hopefully as the time progresses she can bring the needed and proven leadership this community needs (in spite of their unwillingness to support its daily demands).

  2. From Robert Opinions

    Ms. Tobin has a daunting task facing her, not the least of which is dealing with an internet troll who attends Board meetings, is too intimidated to speak out (in person) at the meetings, and hides behind the privacy of the keyboard to spew forth misinformation, scurrilous libel, and hatred.

Departing Board Director Urges
Your Assistance in Passing
Nevada Legislation 
 Reforming Nevada Real Estate Division

an article by

Jim Mayfield
Board Director
Sun City Anthem

Logo_NV_DBI.jpg (711×88)

The primary State agency tasked with enforcement of State laws related to home owners associations is the Nevada Real Estate Division ("NRED") which is in the Department of Business & Industry. 

The person charged to receive, investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and allegations of violation of State laws, principally NRS 116 and 116A is the Ombudsman.

Over the past three years, the culture, willingness, and personnel capability of NRED and the Ombudsman, within NRED, to operate as a regulatory agency to act on behalf of homeowners living within a common interest community ("CIC", aka "HOA") has deteriorated

Consequences of this deterioration include placing:

1a costly burden on HOAs to incur legal fees to resolve issues.

2a costly burden on HOA homeowners to incur legal fees for enforcement of State law.

3an employee to investigate and challenge actions of her supervisor.
In order to address this issue, the Nevada Senate has passed SB114 and forwarded it with a "DO PASS"  to the Nevada Assembly.

SB114 will move the Office of the Ombudsman from NRED to the Office of the Attorney General.  

AGLogoColor-lrg-2072x2024.jpg (2072×2024)

It has been given an exception so it will not have to worry about the deadlines.  

I urge SCA homeowners to write an email to your assembly representative indicating your support of SB114.

You can express your opinion to the Nevada Senate by clicking on this link:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anthem Opinions strongly endorses this plea from Director Mayfield. 

Sun City Anthem has had numerous complaints filed with the Office of the Ombudsman over the years, and in almost every case, the delays and uncaring attitude shown Nevada residents, has caused their investigations to take years to solve.

Have a comment? 

An experience you'd like to tell our readers?

Send it to:

  1. From Rana Opinions

    One thing that you missed in what you have written here and what you stated Jim, regarding the problems with the real estate division and expenses of IAs.

    Expenses of long drawn out responses being past backwards to HOA association staff would not happen if the board of directors addressed the problem with the homeowner when the certified letter is received in the first place.

    As you know, that is the very first step in a homeowner's complaint with the division.

    If this were done, many of those complaints would never reach the division to begin with.

    1. From Rima Opinions

      This is the letter sent to Nevada legislators:

      Dear Sirs,

      For the benefit and welfare of the HOA Sun City Anthem Community and its residents, myself and husband included, we strongly recommend the passage of SB114 for the following reasons:

      1) The passage of SB114 will provide much needed protection for our senior citizen community residents, much of whom depend on living on a fixed income in an HOA community.

      2) the lack of passage of SB114 may cause a financial burden to the State of Nevada in the form of welfare, and in the end; will defeat its purpose. Thus the State will be biting its nose to spite its face.

      Not passing SB114 will cause senior citizens unnecessary additional expenses and will only put an additional burden on the State of Nevada's welfare system.

      Rima & Dan Barsel

    2. Well said, Rima & Dan. Anthem Opinions and the caring residents of Sun City Anthem, salute you.

Development at all Costs

Henderson-City-Logo.gif (450×426)


Crystal Hendrickson

At the April 18, 2017 City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency meeting, a man named Donald Dawkins purchased a .17 acre piece of vacant land (approximately 70’x105’) on Water Street from the City of Henderson for only $52,000

That’s a steal!

The Henderson Redevelopment Agency bought the land in 2008, (during the bust) for $56,000.  Now, in 2017 when the market is peaking again, our City leaders sell it at a $4,000 loss.

Dawkins testified he’s going to build 8-10 rental apartment units in two 3-story buildings.   

The project will be built in 2 phases. 

The first phase is a “mixed use” with commercial store frontage on the main floor and two apartments above that (about 1,200 s.f. each).  

There will be a 3-car garage in the back, with 2 more apartments on top of that (about 600 s.f. each).

The second phase will be another long thin building with 3 more apartments in the front, and 2 more in the back, on top of another 3-car garage. 

This project will only have 8 parking spaces, for 9 apartments and a “business”.


Parking will be a nightmare, especially if a unit has 2 adults, and they each have a vehicle.  

What happens if residents chose to use their garage for storage instead of parking?  

The garages are side loading, and don't look very easy to pull into, with only a 10' driveway, and little turning room.  

The housing density for this project translates into over 50 units per acre.       

The madness doesn’t end there.

Dawkins is applying for the Henderson Residential Block Grant from the City of Henderson

Henderson taxpayers will pay Dawkins $24,500 for each apartment

So Henderson sells this guy .17 acres of land for a bargain at $52,000 and then pays him $220,500 to build 9 little bitty apartments with inadequate parking

Dawkins says he’s been flipping properties in California, but he wants to live in this building and retire at this location. 

Yeah.  Right. 

If any council member appeared to think for a moment that this was a bad idea, they quickly reverted to their ‘group think” mentality, and approved the sale unanimously

This project is undoubtedly destined to become the taxpayer-funded slums of tomorrow.  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Got a comment on this report by the former Henderson mayoral candidate?

Send it to us at:

  1. From Mary Lee Opinions

    Editorial written by Crystal Hendrickson excellent, a great addition to Anthem Opinions.

    Corruption continues, it seems, by these facts.

  2. From Mike Opinions

    Thank you Crystal and Welcome to Anthem Opinions...It will be enlightening to read your informed Articles and we look forward to them.


When to Stop for a School Bus

School_Bus_Cartoon_Image-11.png (400×400)

You're driving down a road and suddenly, a school bus stops in front of you.

What should you do ?  Obviously, follow the law for both safety and your wallet !

Just what is the law in Nevada ?

Vehicles traveling on a divided highway in the opposite direction of a stopped school bus with flashing red stop signals do not have to stop.

 How is a divided highway defined?

...a curb, physical median, divider wall....those areas are created as a buffer between opposing lanes.

What about kids crossing at an intersection with a raised median?

They may do so....pausing at the raised median, then proceeding when it is clear and safe to do so.

Opposing traffic does not have to stop if it is not controlled by a traffic control device; however, ALL INTERSECTIONS HAVE IMPLIED CROSSWALKS...


...if a bus heading northbound stops with flashing red lights, all northbound traffic must stop, allowing a child to cross at the intersection of the northbound travel lanes safely.

A pedestrian has a duty.....if that individual wishes to cross the southbound lanes, they must yield at the divided median, and not proceed unless safe to do so.

What about the southbound traffic in this case when they see a pedestrian crossing a median?

All southbound traffic MUST YIELD to the pedestrian in an intersection due to the IMPLIED CROSSWALK.

Note:  not all intersections have marked crosswalks.

What about travel lanes without a buffer or median?

Traffic heading in BOTH DIRECTIONS must stop.

Here's a helpful guideline:

school-bus-laws-2.jpg (480×350)
What's the penalty for not properly stopping for a school bus?

In Nevada....
1st Offense:
Misdemeanor with a fine of between $250 and $500

2nd Offense (within one year):
Misdemeanor with a fine of $250 to $500 and driver's license suspension for six months with 4 point on your drivers licence.

3rd Offense (within two years after the most recent offense):
Misdemeanor with a fine of not more than $1,000 and driver's license suspension for not more than one year.

Stay carefully !

  1. We received a request as to how to obtain the Nevada Rules of the Road.

    Here's the link.

SORO Project Update

At the request of many residents I am bringing you an update on the status of this commercial / residential project proposed for an area near the corner of St. Rose Pkwy. and to the west of Executive Airport Drive.

The request from the developer for a zoning change in the master plan for this area will be on the agenda for the City Council at their next meeting, 5:30pmTuesday, February 21st at City Hall.  

The Anthem area residents twice now have successfully expressed their concern about residential projects in the area adjacent to the west of Henderson Executive Airport, and developer plans have either been denied or moved to other areas of the city.

In the SORO project, which is a mix of commercial structures with residential units included, the nearby commercial establishments are now officially on record as opposing the building of residential units in this area which is directly below one of the flight paths recommended by HEA (Henderson Executive Airport) for safety reasons, as well as, noise abatement considerations.

 Joining the residents in speaking out are several private and commercial pilots, employed or retired air traffic controllers, and members of management from Levi Strauss, Fed Ex, and Maverick Helicopter Tours.

Representing HEA and the Clark County Department of Aviation, Director Rosemary Vasiladias, will also be attending.

All are opposing the building of residential units in this location.

It is important to note that this project is opposed by the Clark County Department of Aviation and others experienced in air traffic safety issues and concerns.

If you are interested in speaking out against this project, you can do so at the next City Council Meeting or by contacting members of the City Council prior to Tuesday's meeting.

Bella Meese
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
For those who are not familiar with the location of City Council meetings, they are held at City Hall located at:
City Hall Council Chambers
200 S. Water Street
 Henderson, NV 89015
(702) 267-1417

Henderson residents may submit their written concerns to the City of Henderson by clicking on this link and completing the respective section of the form:

You may contact individual members of the  Henderson City Council  personally if you would like to express your opinion:

Note: Sun City Anthem and surrounding Anthem Communities are located in Ward 2; however, you may direct your comments to any and all members of the City Council.

For your convenience, here are the respective members.

Ward 1
Gerry Schroeder
(702) 267-2403

Ward 2
Debra March
(702) 267-2404

Ward 3
John Marz
(702) 267-2405

Ward 4
Dan Stewart

(702) 267-2402

NRS 116.4109

Resales of Units

450.jpg (148×225)
Tim Stebbins
Sun City Anthem Resident

There is a legal obligation for the seller to provide a buyer certain 
information about the HOA so the buyer can decide in 5 days whether to cancel the sale. 

That includes certain financial info and certain litigation information. 

The details are listed in NRS 116.4109.
For those who wish to read this entire section of Nevada law, merely click on this link:
In light of the Board decision to go forth with litigation against Pulte Homes of Nevada, the following section of the law must be strictly adhered to when selling property. 
This information MUST BE PROVIDED to the buyer:

"A statement of any unsatisfied judgments or pending legal actions against the association and the status of any pending legal actions relating to the common-interest community of which the unit's owner has actual knowledge."

What rights do a purchaser have?

"The purchaser may, by written notice, cancel the contract of purchase until midnight of the fifth calendar day following the date of receipt of the resale package described in subsection 1, and the contract for purchase must contain a provision to that effect."

Normally management actually provides this information to the 
buyer and real estate agents, not the seller.

Sun City Summerlin posts all that information on their web site, and therefore is available to all Sun Ciy Summerlin residents and to the general public.

Currently only some of that information is available on the Sun City Anthem  web site, and even that is only available to members (not to renters or the general public). 

What to put on our web site, and what not put there, as well as, access to that information to the general public, is a board decision.
I raised that point at a meeting. 

There was not any serious objections but I was told that it was "too much of a burden for management at this time" and may be addressed in the future

Lori Martin, our Community Association Manager, told me they are trying to hire a person to take charge and revamp our web site

When that person is hired and gets up to speed the inclusion of the "resale package" issues will be addressed.

Any and all the information in the resale package is available to any member who wants it via a document request.


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