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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Friday, March 29, 2019

More Spending...More Waste...Characteristics of a "Machine"

Out of Control Spending
Has No End in Sight
"The Machine"



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"Nevada Know How"

"Machine" Committee Member Criticizes New Tradition Team....Until...Truth Proves Just Example of Dirty Politics

Lifestyle Committee Member
Wears Egg on Face
Demonstrating Hatred of New Tradition Team

Image result for cartoon egg on face

Proving the theory that...

"The Mind Can Absorb, What the A _ _ Can Endure"...

Image result for cartoon yawn moving

...  "Machine" Lifestyle Committee Member Robert Goldfried, recently joined the "I hate the New Tradition Team Club" and authored an epistle that thank God, none of his former legal clients, weren't subject to a fee.

...but in the long, drawn out and BORING  process of his denigration of "The  New Tradition Team", he obviously needed a conclusion to convince those capable of reading his email...

...and of course published by the "Machine" Mouthpiece...

...that voting for such villains would cause the earth to quake and destruction would rain from the skies !

He ended his treatise with these words:  

" Providing further evidence of their lockstep behavior, and disrespect for the process, the bloc of five didn’t attend yesterday’s Board meeting. Five other candidates were present at the meeting. But not the bloc of five. Is that the kind if behavior we can expect if they get elected?"

Well now, those horrible individuals did not attend that all important Board session; however,  what they did attend instead was...

...a fundraiser sponsored by...

Image result for the foundation assisting seniors

... something The New Tradition pledged:

"Work to Restore the Relationship with the Foundation Assisting Seniors"

While you, Bobby Boy chose to  listen to more reasons  why your "machine" dumped more of our dough !

Still believe The Machine is the way to go, folks?  

Vote:  New Tradition Team

Ballot Positions

They keep their promises !

  1. From Rana Opinions

    At coffees we ask that conversations stay confidential ?????

    Just more lies.
  2. From Elizabeth Opinions

    I NEVER said that.

    I even say we recognize that not everyone in the room may agree with the views of our candidates and that’s okay- that you are all there to answer questions.

    I DO say that the 5 candidates cannot answer questions about things that THEY have not been privy to / such as unreleased contracts or executive session discussions...

    How is any of that keeping things secret?

    In fact, I’ve seen folks that don’t support our team taking notes and they will are not stopped from doing that.

    We recognize the dirty tactics that the Berman group employs, unlike what our team does.
    1. Liz,

      The New Tradition Team has always held their head high and refuse to employ gutter tactics.

      They want people to understand that we are all neighbors and their highest priority is "people".

      Winning an election is secondary to losing one's integrity.

      Hopefully with their election, a "new tradition" will be referred to in the same manner as a presidential campaign that took place 200+ years ago:

      "An Era of Good Feeling"

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Former Sun City Anthem President Demonstrates Why Change Must Take Place in Sun City Anthem

"Machine" Candidate "Meet & Greet" Invitations
Combining Dirty Campaigning with Arrogance

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"Nevada Know How"

Thursday Show Cancelled in Memory of the Passing of "Mamma" Maria Perry

The Dennis Bono Show
March 28th has been Cancelled

Image result for dennis bono show

A "Bootlegger" Family Icon Passes 
Age 102

Image result for mamma maria bootlegger bistro
Mamma Maria Perry

Nothing Ever Went Out of The Bootlegger Kitchen

Image result for mamma maria bootlegger bistro

Mamma Maria's Blessing !

Image result for mamma maria bootlegger bistro

Anthem Opinions
Sends our Deepest Sympathy to Dennis Bono & his wife, Lorraine,
daughter of the First Lady of Las Vegas Italian Cuisine

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Machine Candidates Response to Vegas Voice Publisher Plea

The Disturbing Response 
Vegas Voice Publisher's Plea
for a
"Clean" Sun City Anthem Election

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"Nevada Know How"

Knowing Your Water Meter

 Knowing How to Read a
Water Meter

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 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"

Saturday, March 23, 2019

We Caught a Phony Insulting & Defaming Many in our Community

Once a Phony, Always a Phony
Blogger Caught Using Fake Names to Defame 
New Tradition Team

Related image

We don't ordinarily publish on weekends because in our "opinion", that's FUN TIME, but certain circumstances have caused us to publish this special Sunday edition.

This one takes the cake my dear readers, because those of you who have suffered through endless insults and lies over the years, appear to have been the object of perhaps the most devastating hoax in the 20 year history of Sun City Anthem.

We have maintained our restraint toward that defamatory rhetoric that has dominated another blog's relentless condemnation toward others.

Though that restraint will, for the most part, continue, in our attempt to support an election effort to bring positive change to Sun City Anthem, the time has finally come to bring something to your attention.

As the election ballots are being prepared to be mailed at the end of this week, we feel that the time has finally arrived to inform you as to the depth a man will go to destroy his fellow man, and ask yourself this question?

Is this what Sun City Anthem stands for?  

Is this enhancing or diminishing the reputation of our community?

Now is the time for you to make that decision.

Based on our research we believe we have convincing proof that many of the disgusting comments made on David's Anthem Journal were authored by none other than David Berman himself by way of his posting his own vicious comments under fictitious names to accomplish one thing:

Defame Individuals in order to...

Elect his "machine" candidates to
 The Sun City Anthem Board


...this blogger, who seeks to have you believe damning statements supposedly made by "reliable" sources, was judged by the highest court in Massachusetts to have fabricated a court decree, to have forged the signature of a judge, and to have fabricated a certificate from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue purporting to release a tax lien on real estate, all in order to conceal his lack of action on a matter for which he was retained as a lawyer.  

These findings are contained in a published opinion of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (S.J.C. No. 91-2 BD), in which his law license was ordered suspended, and apparently never reinstated.  

While this blogger may claim to have had an epiphany and now walk on the straight and narrow path, he has by his previous conduct, forfeited any right to expect his statements to be taken at face value.  

That disgrace is often overlooked by individuals who share a belief that corruption is an acceptable form of communication in governance, something that we have tried for years to cleanse from our community.

Evidently not in the case of the man who has been the mouthpiece of the Sun City Anthem "machine" for years.

...until perhaps NOW.

And those persons in our community who will continue to cling to his words after this, must simply now look at him as :

Image result for fool on the hill

Now let us show you the defamatory commentary that has been made on David's Anthem whom.

D. Buddin:

"David-Looks Like Mr. Arent is really afraid of you, It's a sure sign of moral bankruptcy, just about every year, when he and his lemmings stop talking about the issues and begin attacking you individually. Lately, it looks like he's enlisted the editorial services of a woman who I think moved our of SCA two years ago, which of course, makes her very informed about what's going on here. If she is the same woman I vaguely remember from board meetings, they couldn't shut her up at the microphone and she had the vocablulary of a sailor."
Posted by:  D. Buddin March 18, 2019 at 1:19pm

To which Berman replied:

"D.Buddin, no matter what is happening at the moment, I always expect to be attacked by him mostly verbally, but sometimes as at Green Valley physically.
I just consider the source and move on, because I'm too busy with the election to worry about it.
As for the woman he alluded to, we probably have the same person in mind. She was one of the true bigots I came across in SCA, and the day she moved was an occasion for celebration."
Posted by DavidinLV March 18, 2019 at 1:37pm

(Note that Dick Arendt was the one who filed a police report, not David Berman. Berman has perpetrated a lie regarding that event for months, and the woman he was alluding to was a very well respected  lady in SCA before she relocated to Texas, named Mary Lee Duley a woman married to a US Naval retired Officer.  I defy him to deny that was not the individual he and the supposed "Buddin" were referring to.)

But D. Buddin had to respond that as well:

"David - Mr. Arent is up to his old tricks again, conducting extensive investigations of the names of your commenters in order to track them down and harass them.He has no idea that I've been baiting him, and how I'm doing it. He'd better stay out of his bedroom closet, because Pennywise may be hiding in there." 
Posted by D. Buddin March 18, 2019 at 9:48pm.

(I want one person in SCA to come forth and say Dick Arendt ever called to harass any individual in the 13 years he has resided in SCA..

.that is Berman's way of doing business, not his, and we have emails to innocent parties that will prove that as well.)

Then there was this comment from an "E.Banks" regarding Rana Goodman: 

"Got this from one of my neighbors:She received the fake-news email that's been circulating on behalf of the New Tradition group. She knew the man who forwarded it to her only casually, but she did call him up to discuss it.When she asked who wrote the email, since it was anonymous, he told her he didn't know and didn't care. She tried to ask him some questions about items mentioned in the email, after which he got frustrated and said that if she wasn't going to vote for those candidates, then "f***" you, and he hung up in her face."
Posted by: E, Banks | March 15, 2019 at 03:00 PM 

Then we have this one from "C Carrasquel": 

"David, I've been following your advice by sending the links for your wonderful, factual election articles to my personal mailing list of about 85 friends. And some of them, in turn, are forwarding the links to THEIR friends.The best thing is that a number of my friends who have not been in the loop on SCA happenings are now thanking me for helping to inform them."

Posted by: C. Carrasquel | March 11, 2019 at 02:39 PM 

And then there is the one from "M. Minoso"

"David, whether I agree with you or disagree with you is irrelevant, because what I do commend you for is your gift, and it truly is a gift, for explaining complex subjects with eloquence and accuracy.With all due respect to the New Tradition group, I think all of their five platform statements need serious explaining, so I trust you will continue to put some sunlight on them."

Posted by: M Minoso | March 08, 2019 at 08:55 PM

Now, here's what has been discovered, or should I say the FRAUD we discovered in exposing a FAKE.

1. None of these names appear in the Sun City Anthem Directory.
2. None of these names appear in Clark County Records.

3. The Best...all four have names of 50s major league baseball players:

a. in Don Buddin of the BOSTON RED SOX
b. E. in Ernie Banks of the CHICAGO CUBS.
c. C. in Chico Carresquel of the CHICAGO WHITE SOX.
d, M, in Minnie Minnoso of the CHICAGO WHITE SOX 

Just additional proof this disturbed creature will do anything to destroy any person in his dark and sinister mind...for the sake of merely maintaining some sort of power in a homeowners association.

He is...the...

Related image

So, now you have it, and I suggest you pass this on any of those parties who still believe this man is not the dark creature he has proven himself to be.

But if they still insist on believing this man, tell them all he need do is produce a valid Nevada ID bearing the above referenced names.

If unable to do so, they too must abandon this deceptive and unstable individual or be forever looked on as those who are every bit in the same category as he has demonstrated himself to be to so many innocent individuals over the years.

Related image

Let there now be no doubt, that any person who views this as acceptable behavior in a Senior community, must be looked at in the same manner.

What this should convince any honorable individual is that...

... the "machine" he supports, and those of that "machine" who cling to him, are reflections of HIM and his ways.

They must not be allowed in any form of Sun City Anthem governance.

Instead, we ask all HONEST individuals to vote INTEGRITY back into our community, a value embraced by The New Tradition Team.

Ballot Positions
No Comments Please.

We do not wish to subject any of our readers to the dastardly and cowardly attacks he, his "sheep", or those who are mere FAKE figments of his disturbing behavior, have exhibited for years.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Latest Valley Dining Specials & Spots

Latest Valley Dining Specials

Image result for eatin pants

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 "Dining Bargains for Sun City Anthem Residents"

"Whisking" Your Way Through a Good Meal

The Kitchen Whisk
Which One Should You Use ?

Image result for ,making a multi purpose holder from a kitchen whisk


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"Why Didn't I Think About That ? ....Tips"

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

What Every Owner Should Know about Restaurant Space
Our Choice Between Expensive and Expensive
(The Real Version)

Image result for reality check

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"Nevada Know How"

Monday, March 18, 2019

Vegas Voice Publisher Asks "Machine" Candidates...Do You Support Dirty Campaign Tactics?

Vegas Voice Publisher
Seeks Response from Sun City Anthem Candidates
A Question of Character

Image result for vegas Voice logo

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts, publisher of The Vegas Voice magazine, has asked Anthem Opinions that we publish this letter sent to the candidates who oppose The New Tradition Team.

Rex Weddle, Forrest Quinn, David Weil, Arthur Scheutz and Paul Peristein

Dan Roberts

I have to admit that despite my protests and trepidation, I’m getting sucked into the SCA Board election. While I still shake my head in disbelief, I now have a personal interest in the outcome since my PILL (partner in love & life) is one of the candidates.

Like my Rana, I fully recognize and even admire your commitment and dedication to SCA. And while there are policy differences and vastly different opinions, I can respect and appreciate all points of view.

But over the last few weeks and surely until the election, my concern is not the content of your brains, but the character of your heart.

We are all well aware of that community blogger supporting your endeavors. And that’s okay.

But it is the mean-spirited, nasty tone and content of the writings that concerns me. My dilemma is that while I truly believe you are all “gentlemen” I cannot understand how you can sanction, yet alone approve such hateful writings.

While I have no doubt that you have communicated with this blogger (and of course, there is nothing wrong about that) I cannot believe that you have not urged this blogger to (at the very least) lower the overly aggressive, shameful and personal attacks on the “other” candidates – starting with my Rana.

As a matter of character I can’t determine what would be worse – your approval of the wording, or your silence? In the utmost of good faith I would like to hear from you.

Notwithstanding the clear policy differences, do you approve of the tone and obvious animosity of this supporter/blogger? Is this type of behavior one that our SCA community should be proud of and embrace?

 Dan Roberts

Got a comment on Mr. Roberts email?

Send it to us at:
  1. From Elizabeth Opinions

    Bravo Mr. Roberts.

    Thank you for echoing the sentiments of our household and that of many of my neighbors, friends and acquaintances.

    The rhetoric in Sun City Anthem has deteriorated exponentially over the last few years and is reaching fever pitch.

    Thank you for speaking up so eloquently on behalf of many of us.
  2. From Robert Opinions

    This will most likely be relegated to the trash bin as are most all other questions posed to the Machine candidates

    OR...Mr. Roberts will be treated to the same spin cycle as we are during the Q & A sessions at the B of D meetings (you know: "Never let the Truth get in the way of a good story)