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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day & Looking Out the Back Window

The Magnificence of Nature...As Summer Comes to an End

Labor Day is sometimes referred to as the "unofficial" end of summer.

Kids go back to school,  and the snowbirds will shortly begin their journey back to our mild climate, while the fall temperatures will begin to cool the days and nights in the months to come.

But as a season changes to FALL...I thought to myself...

Let's celebrate this event a bit differently.... appreciating the beauty we've experienced over the year....not within the confines of some casino, but outside of our very own Sun City Anthem habitat.

Over my years here in Sun City Anthem, I've come to appreciate new forms of beauty that I never experienced while living in the Midwest.

We've all been to zoos, to National Parks, and many of us have had the experience of traveling through foreign nations; but despite all of those experiences, all too often...
How many of us have looked out our back windows and seen the beauty that exists in our very own backyards? 

Yesterday was one of those days.

As the afternoon sun began to wane, I looked out my back window at the spectacular view of the mountains.

The Las Vegas Valley lights brightened while the greenery of Revere golf course faded as evening approached.

Small aircrafts came and went past Henderson Executive Airport, cruising by the M Resort in the distance, and  this.....

...the magnificence of nature !

I've taken a few photos of such experiences over the years. 

There was a day in 2008 when my wife was going out to read on our patio and saw this....

...and then a mother who protects young life each spring....

The sunsets that differ each evening...

Combine all of this with a wonderful wife, good friends, and caring neighbors...

...and on this Labor Day, I want to sit back, relax, and thank the good Lord for what he's allowed me to have in this life, as I eat that burger from my grill with sweet corn, potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and an ice cold beer !

So...enjoy your holiday...looking at the magnificence of what you have each simply opening your eyes wide enough to see it.

All of us "labored" to achieve this during our working lives, so appreciate it....while you can !

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let Us Entertain You

Each month, I write an article for The Vegas Voice in my column entitled "Say What !?!"  

For those of our readers who do not get, or do not read that publication, here is my September, 2013 article that will appear in the Vegas Voice that should be in your mail boxes within the next week.

Dick Arendt

It's Not the Aging...It's the People Who Act Old    

I don't like getting old; it beats the alternative, but it's not the aging part that bothers me, it's the having to deal with some other older people that does !

Why is it that when people reach 65, they believe that apparent magic number entitles them to do whatever they wish, say whatever they want to say, and some ways, act as stupid and thoughtless, as so many do !

Does the senior mind lose part of its vocabulary when they attain that age?

Have the words,  "please", "thank you", or "excuse me" now been replaced with some new facial expression or sign language that appears to mean, "you owe me" ?

That's bothered me a lot lately, because I didn't grow up that way.

I was taught something that appears to be disappearing in a number of us seniors....manners, cordiality, a sense of humor, and just plain being nice to others...

...and if that is what's happening to us, what in the world is it going to be like for the next generation?

Gee whiz, why are so many old geezers in such bad moods? I'll never understand it.

We live in the greatest country in the world...

... live in an income tax free state... just about everything on a "buy-one...get one free" basis...

...and almost all of us are paid to do those "difficult" tasks"... either the government through Social Security, private industry through pensions, or a combination of the two.

So what's the problem? 

Conversations seem to center around what surgical operations you've had,  what meds you're currently taking, and how your brother is suffering from amnesia in another state...topics that make me envy the brother !

Those topics are the best we can come up with...while playing in the weekly mah jong or poker game ??????

So...let's make September a month to pay attention to ourselves, and how we treat others.

...and here are a few suggestions in keeping with that advice.

1. doesn't hurt, and people just might smile back at you.

2. When walking down a street, be the first to say, "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon"; then stare at the person and see if they'll return the feels good to say it...and even better to have it said in return.

3. If you live in a 55+ community and are in some club, make sure you welcome a newcomer and give them a sense of belonging.  Remember when you were new and how good it felt for another to welcome you?

4. If you're married or have a certain someone....try your best to make that person who's shared the ups and downs in your life, feel they are appreciated...that the blending of two lives, makes life a better experience for both of you. Take their hand while walking down a street...and give it a little squeeze now and then. It would mean more than any words you could ever speak. As all of us learned years ago, "actions speak louder than words".

5. Don't forget you should be a role model for matter how old you are. 

Then at the end of the month, ask yourself a simple question?

Did I make this world a happier place? 

 If you can say, "yes" or "I tried", you qualify in the category of "adding to this world".

And I'll be the first to take my own advice.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Testing a Battery...Good One of Bad One ?

Is a Battery Good...or Bad ?

Ever have a battery go bad....and then replace it with... another BAD ONE ?

Frustrating... but we have a duo who sent us a tip on a way to test a battery.

And we want to say thanks to those valued readers, Dorothy Yu and retired judge, Shep Rose, for sending us this valuable piece of advice.

As my wife often says....and Dorothy may have proven...when it comes to good advice....

"The best man for the a WOMAN "

Then again, if you want it verified, ask a JUDGE !

For more information, just click on our Information Page, 

"Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vegas Voice Replacing The Las Vegas Sun ?

The Vegas Voice has asked us to inform our readers of the following:
The Vegas Voice Press Release
The Vegas Voice, the largest monthly senior newspaper in Las Vegas announced today that it would be interested in replacing and succeeding the Las Vegas Sun, Vegas Voice publisher Dan Roberts stated.

"We happen to understand all sides of this problem and believe we can solve everyone's concerns; The Review Journal, LV Sun employees (who would keep their jobs), the Justice Department, the Greenspun family and Brian Greenspun. "If the parties are truly interested in resolving this in a quick, amicable, community-minded way, everyone walks away a winner", Roberts claims.

The Vegas Voice would replace the Las Vegas Sun in the Joint Operating Agreement alleviating any anti-trust, monopoly issue. The Review Journal would benefit since it could substantially reduce the payments it was required pursuant to the JOA; the Greenspun family members that wanted "out" can still do so - and even Brian Greenspun would benefit.

"We would be pleased and privileged to have Brian Greenspun serve as editor and to continue the grand tradition of journalism started by his father, Hank."

"If everyone is looking to settle this to their personal/corporate satisfaction as well as serve the Las Vegas valley community, this is it," Roberts proclaimed. "I have no doubt that a smooth, orderly and successful change-over can be accomplished within 60 days."

The Vegas Voice has retained Mark Hutchinson, Esq. from the law firm of Hutchinson & Steffen to serve as legal counsel.
About The Vegas Voice

The Vegas Voice is the largest senior monthly publication in Nevada. It has been publishing for over 10 years and is mailed/delivered to every "age qualified community." The newspaper has been instrumental in political issues affecting the senior community from the Property Tax Cap to the "senior alert."

Monday, August 26, 2013

Misinformation Goes Well Past the word "Misinformation"

Our Community is NOT Stupid...and No Longer Can be Swayed by Distorted Commentary

If one has any further question as to the reason a copy of the initial email sent to Sun City Anthem president, Jean Capillupo, did not go to one particular community blog, it should be quite obvious by now. 

No...this article in NOT about him...this is about OPEN COMMUNICATION and the ability to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

This is about COMMON SENSE.

This "free speech" matter was directed to the President of Sun City Anthem, to other members of a Board of Directors, and those blog owners who fight a daily battle to afford citizens the right to an honest and financially secure retirement.

In our opinion, common sense says....Mrs. Capillupo IS PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK, that her silence has had many people question her MOTIVES, and subsequent CREDIBILITY and ABILITY to lead.

...that the SYSTEM is now under FIRE, that those who have questioned its leadership for years, and been criticized for doing so, now HAVE A STRONGER  VOICE....

...that a community tunes into each hear FREE SPEECH COMMENTARY and question actions of those who, to date, have gone unquestioned AND refuse to answer many questions...

...and are defended by those who have referred to honest citizens in the most heinous of terms.

...that the system IS SCARED... that THESE INDEPENDENT VOICES are not harming the community, but instead are making attempts to heal wounds that have been brought to it by THIS SYSTEM; that their voices might somehow become so strong as to TOPPLE it and ring in a new era of openness that has not existed for years.

This entire matter was between a Sun City Anthem President's derogatory comments toward blogs stating they provided "misinformation"...and those who chose to STAND UP TO HER ...and...profess a belief in FREE SPEECH, and  say...WHO?... and...WHAT MISINFORMATION?

And this will NOT GO AWAY...until we as blog owners, and you, the residents of this Sun City Anthem community, are provided sufficient answers.

Why are we insisting on this? 

...Because's could be YOU.


One blog, the blog which was omitted from the initial email to the president, has chosen to defend the community president...not by confronting the accusation, but in a typical manner...and formula used over and over again...perhaps successfully...UNTIL NOW.

Rather than discuss the seriousness of the situation...

...instead... make a feeble attempt to DIVERT ATTENTION FROM IT... mocking those who have been the victims...


... from commentary that was designed to MALIGN the efforts of those good citizens who spend hours each day in writing these valued publications.

A week ago Anthem Opinions published an article that involved the word CREDIBILITY...and...that word could never be stronger than in the present.

And in our opinion, CREDIBILITY should cause concern to any intelligent person foolish enough to read distorted accountings of this matter.

Writes a particular blog author: 

"To rectify the problem, Capillupo suggested that folks go to the source whenever possible to get the true facts about various matters.


This is:

"If you hear something that seems unlikely or even impossible, or just doesn’t pass the sniff test, please check it out by contacting someone who has the straight story."

Emails were sent TO EACH BOARD MEMBER asking WHO THAT PERSON WOULD BE....AND... NOTHING...yes, NOTHING...has been received in a response.

That is the issue...nothing more...and nothing else.

...that this matter....could easily have been rectified...HAD A BOARD PRESIDENT OR ANY BOARD MEMBER DECIDED TO ACT LIKE A LEADER....not run like scared rabbits...and answered a few very basic questions ANY PERSON who was accused of something, was entitled to know.

Just remember...the person maliciously attacked tomorrow...could be YOU.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Water Bill Giving You Heart Failure ?

Is that water bill of yours getting awfully high lately?

You may have a leak that you might not even be aware of---and it's costing you big time !


If it is....Mr. Fix-It might know why !

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fellow Blogger Demands Answers As Well

Ron Johnson's "Today's Anthem View" Speaks Out About Capillupo Remarks

With permission from Ron Johnson, we are printing his latest editorial as to the recent comments made by Sun City Anthem Board President, Jean Capullupo.

As you will see, most independent community blogs have strongly opposed the comments this woman made...and despite this subject circulating throughout our community and controversy it has created....

..she has still REFUSED to COMMENT or answer any REASONABLE QUESTIONS that have been asked of her.

Is it best, after her blistering attack on independent publications, to avoid further embarrassing herself and other members of our board...

...that SHE IMMEDIATELY RESIGN from the post of PRESIDENT?

or if she refuses...

SHOULD THE REMAINING MEMBERS, REPLACE HER...for the sake of our community's well-being and reputation?

Here is the Johnson article:

 SCA View Editorial

Signs of a Corrupt Board Losing Control

Why is SCA’s Board President Jean Capillupo lashing out against some of the five blog operators in her August Spirit magazine article on “Communication and Responsibility?” Among the topics discussed, Jean focused unusual attention on the subject of “Misinformation,” as if that was a pressing community issue requiring the board’s attention.
In the guise of protecting the interests of the community, Jean cautions homeowners to reject rumors that are allegedly replete with misinformation. The impression the board is attempting to convey is that unofficial information homeowners receive from some community blogs should be discounted, dismissed or simply ignored as unreliable rumors.

From the board’s overt attack on some blogs, it is evident that this board is attempting to repress free and informed speech as if that speech is replete with misinformation. Without citing any evidence of misinformation, the board seems intent on declaring anyone who might disagree or have a contrary opinion about board decisions as not benefiting the community. In so doing, the board was taking aim at unnamed blog operators as if they are enemies of the community and should be treated as such. That despicable tactic of attempting to repress dissent, typically practiced by those who exercise unchallenged power, has a long and disgraceful history.

In her article, Jean suggests that the truth lies with those who know the straight story. If that is true, will Jean tell the community the straight story about the following?

 ·        Why did the 2012 board fabricate false testimony for submission to the State’s investigator who was investigating potential wrongdoing?
·        Why is the current board refusing to disclose the contents in 9 months of available tax audit documents, documents that included association drafted schedules that ostensibly supported the IRS’s agreement to accept the association’s settlement offer?   
Ron Johnson, 22 August 2013
Why, are you allowing this to continue, Mrs Capillupo?
Can't you see the damage you've caused?
Is your ego SO GREAT, that...

It is more important than those you have pledged to FAIRLY represent?

Former Nevada Lt. Governor This Week's Special Guest

Vegas Voice Show Saturday, August 24th
Join  Radio host, Dick Arendt,  this Saturday, August 24th at 7:00am and again at noon on Sunday for The Vegas Voice Show on  KLAV radio, AM 1230, on your dial.
Join Dick in Part One of Two as he interviews Lorraine Hunt Bono, the former Lt. Governor of Nevada. 

Learn about this fascinating lady who first came to Nevada in 1943 with her mother and father...her first glance at what it was like growing up in "the desert"... and how she went from The Lori Perri IV, opening up the Landmark Hotel as their Top Lounge act in 1969, the amazing celebrities she not only met, but who would become friends of hers and family, to Lorraine Hunt, Nevada's Lt. Governor for eight years, to Lorraine Hunt Bono.
It's a story...that SO FAR...has taken two shows to tell...with a THIRD in the works.
"I don't have an AM radio...but I want to listen to the show."
Just click on the KLAV website.  This link will take you right to the actual radio broadcast.
Turn on your speakers, get a cup of coffee, and listen.
That's all you have to do.
And...if you miss the broadcast, you can always download it on The Vegas Voice website.  Just go the "Radio" link, click on it, and all past shows are archived for your convenience.
And don't forget to read The Vegas Voice, the largest Age 50+ Senior newspaper in the Las Vegas valley.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time to Redo Some of Your Landscaping?

It might be time to consider redoing some of that desert landscaping.

Round Two

Carol Van Camp, our Master Gardener, has some great advice as you start planning for the fall.

In our Information Page, "The Garden Wizard"

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Does Darkness Loom Between the Lines?

Is Sun City Anthem Headed Down a Path No One Can See?

As each day passes, it appears more and more likely that Association President, Jean Capillupo, has no intention of explaining to our community why she decided to smear community blogs.

One has to wonder....was that part of some plan?

Over the past few months, various topics have arisen in Sun City Anthem that a number of people have questioned...saying to themselves...WHY NOW?

First, there was a discussion of AB395, a law in Nevada that becomes effictive as of October 1, 2013 in which individuals may actually be charged with a criminal misdemeanor if harassing another individual takes place,and that includes resident behavior toward board members and members of a management company.

Though it would appear that this law would have its fair share of problems in court; nonetheless, board member, Dan Forgeron, believes we should incorporate it into our association rules and regulations.

Of course this is a two way street. Just as members of a board can bring any action, so can any resident against them; the difference is that the board member will be defended with ASSOCIATION MONEY through an ASSOCIATION attorney.

The individual however, is on his own. my opinion....if passed, does indeed allow for even greater harassment by members of a board toward any particular resident by making any form of comment they, in their minds, believe is harassment.


By making such a charge, and literally dragging that person through the courts as some form of "punishment" for "giving them a rough time".

...but that "fear" that may be instilled, has another ramification....a loss of FREEDOM OF SPEECH...out of "fear".

Then we have the matter of a proposal by board member, Jim Long, who has proposed establishing a group of individuals who would cruise through our neighborhoods, taking note of association violations...for purposes of levying fines of some kind...a "rat squad" as some have referred to it.

Picture an individual who, let's just say, might be a bit fanatical about that job....a BARNEY FIFE type...who would enjoy some personal satisfaction at reporting some minor matter...a person who would "LEGALLY" HARASS...a person who might possibly be an individual who WAS TOLD TO HARASS YOU...because your FREE SPEECH caused them a problem.

Don't think that's possible?  Ask Norman McCullough.

Next we encountered a "discussion" of what is..and what is not...acceptable on a community website...terms that are CONTROLLED, terms that have recently raised the issue guessed it...FREE SPEECH.

Next it was learned that private blogs are BANNED from advertising in any official Sun City Anthem publication.

Does that also involve FREE SPEECH ?

Now add an association president telling a community that BLOGS ARE PROVIDING MISINFORMATION, not answering any specific questions, or giving an explanation of any kind.

See the path on this yet?

Make rules...don't allow people to question them...make sure your publications cannot make a people aware of them..and then kill any source that would allow them to be the name of HARASSMENT. indirect manner of CONTROLLING the MEDIA, YOUR LIFE...through eliminating FREE SPEECH.

Is this that far fetched?  

Don't look foolish of those who profess that belief.

It's taken place over the happened in Europe prior to and during World War II, it happened during the cold war, it happened in China, and it's happening this very day in the middle east as it continues to be dominated by extremism....all of which started on one common way...

Eliminating FREE SPEECH.

You can NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL in protecting perhaps the most valuable American asset...and that involves CLOSELY WATCHING Jean Capillupo and the "silent" ones.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Board President Refuses to Address Free Speech Issue about Blogs

Where are you Jean Capillupo...our Community is Demanding Some Answers  !

As they say, you can run, but you can't hide.

Evidently  various community blogs are sending a message out to Sun City Anthem President, Jean Capillupo, that her attack on them  accusing them of "Misinformation" has begun to ring throughout our entire community.

Rana Goodman, of Anthem Today,  has posted an excellent article entitled "Miscommunication on Blogs/Forums" that I highly recommend that you read.  Here is a link to the article.

In addition, Ron Johnson of Today's Anthem View has also written an excellent piece as well, entitled "An SCA View Editorial About Rumors"

that I am unable to link.  Send Ron an email, and I'm sure he will be glad to send you the article.

And yet...despite all of this....this woman STILL REFUSES to answer the simple questions previously posed to her.


Just WHO was she referring to when she accused any blog of misinformation?

Just WHO is the person she referred to in order to find out THE RIGHT INFORMATION?

Do you believe this attack on independent community communications was warranted?

Do you believe that this was inappropriate?

Is this ANOTHER example in an attempt to further CENSOR information in our community?

Do you believe ALL independent communication forums/blogs should receive a formal apology for what we believe is yet another attack on FREE SPEECH?

Do you want any board TO CONTROL WHAT YOU READ?

Tell her at:

And if you feel as strongly as we do...