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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Secret of Not Loosing a Loose Button

Buttons and Nail Polish
An Unlikely Duo

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Smith Center's Newest Broadway Series Has Great Venues for 2015-2016 Season

Smith Center Announces

Broadway Series

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Monday, February 23, 2015

MacKeeper Download....a Scam that Could Cost You $$$$

Computer Scam
Don't Download the Clean-Up Program

Allen Weintraub
Anthem Opinions Administration
As the computer organizer for Anthem Opinions (I say that word loosely after what I just encountered), rarely do I get "had" by computer scams, but at times even the best of us suffer at the hands of the dishonest.

And I was one of them recently.

So in order that you do not go through what I did, I'd like to tell you a story with a warning ! 

I accidentally downloaded a toolbar that had a virus...or should we call it Malware !

It was associated with a clean up program called MacKeeper that claims to keep your Apple Mac Clean.  

As soon as I started the download of the toolbar, I realized that this was a problem and shut down my computer.

From that was pop up after pop up asking to download MacKeeper to clean my files....for a fee.

I could not complete any task on my computer that was internet related….the internet was worthless as a tool.

I could only use my standard programs.

My son was able to clean up the problem....


... it took over an hour and he is a technical genius with computers.

Without his expertise, I am sure I would have had to pay in the hundreds of dollars to clean it up and remove the Malware.

For those non-Mac users out there, be aware that...

... Mac’s do not get viruses,  but the darn pop ups are just as bad.

Think the story is over with "Mackeeper"? 

Well, think again !

Shortly thereafter, I received a phone call from someone with a distinct accent. 

They said there were calling regarding a Microsoft problem that was reported on my computer...and they, posing as the technical department of Microsoft, were offering to help solve it.

(PS, Mac’s do not use Microsoft)  I never reported anything and if I did….it would not be to Microsoft....It would be to Apple.

They were selling something to fix it

What a scam !

The same culprits who initially created the problem...would now offer to fix it..for a fee ! 

I told them that I did download something that effected by computer, but I had it fixed by an expert...

...that I knew the call was a scam....and...they were a bunch of XXXXXXXXX (not nice language).

They hung up.

Talk about abusing the public...and what I consider a complete violation of privacy.

They alter your system...or order that you have difficulty using your system...and then want to charge you to fix it.


...and MacKeeper is one of them ! 

Still Have Grass ?

Water bill getting too high?  Why not check out the....

Water Smart Landscapes Rebate

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 "The Garden Wizard"

A Special Editorial...on The Academy Awards

2015 Academy Awards...Ugh !
Except One Unexpected Moment
when the Audience went
"Gaga" !

Assuming you could get past the stupid jokes of Neil Patrick Harris...and his stage appearance in his "undies", the only way one can critique this 87th edition is.... 
2015 Academy Awards....BORING...except for one moment in time that will be remembered forever.
Last year it was "Pink" and "The Wizard of Oz"...
...this year it was Lady Gaga !

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of...
"The Sound of Music"

And if you missed it...we have it !


Sunday, February 22, 2015

An Idea to Beautify Your Home

Adding Wainscoting

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 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"

Smart Meters To Be Investigated

Independent Tests of NV Energy's Smart Meters Ordered


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Saturday, February 21, 2015

What's Going On in our Hometown this week?

Henderson Happenings
February 22nd thru February 28th


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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blog Owner & Resident Comment on Cafe V

Within the past 3 days, there have been 2 commentaries that we have received about our financed restaurant that we would like to share with you.

Residents Speak Out
on Cafe V

The first comes from Ron Johnson who writes the Sun City Anthem blog, Today's Anthem View.  Ron attended the Valentine's Day dinner catered by that establishment.

States Mr. Johnson in his publication:

Valentine’s Dinner for Two at Café V

On this special Valentine’s dining occasion on the 14th, expectations were high. After all, residents had been led to believe that the restaurant’s management and service problems were long behind them. Sadly, those problems were all too evident on this occasion.

There were two dinner seatings, one at 4 and the other at 7:30. Our party of four dined at the 7:30 seating. There were two offerings per couple, one at $50 and the other at $60. The offerings included wine, a shared appetizer, salad bar (which included soup), a choice of entries and sides, and a shared dessert. 

We were seated next to the window in the lower dining area. The waiter was quick to introduce himself and said he would return shortly to take our order, which he did. Everything was going smoothly and we were pleased.

And then we waited, and waited. While we waited, neither the wine nor the appetizers arrived, nor, for that matter, the salad plates, which were needed before one could go to the salad bar. 

Then, 45 minutes after being seated, the first sign of food arrived with, incredibly, the delivery of our main entre. 

 A sense of disbelief set in as we took in what was happening. We were not alone as the dinners at nearby tables were overheard complaining as well. What should have been a well-organized dining experience turned into a dining disaster.

Half way through the entre, the salad plates finally arrived, but by that time few had any appetite for a salad. Still, there was no wine or appetizers in sight until later. 

Salad was another matter. I, with salad plate in hand, and a gathering crowd standing around the salad bar soon discovered the salad bar had been depleted—no one had restocked the salad bar and the assortment of ingredient containers were empty. 

Some commented the soup was gone too. Even if you wanted soup, no one had restocked the soup bowls.   

The main entre was lukewarm and the baked potato, which should have been piping hot, struggled to melt the butter. 

The prime rib was OK but our cuts compared poorly to those that Café V served on Wednesday’s prime rib nights. Saving the night were those who were pleased with their salmon (succulent) and delicious mashed potatoes and gravy.

While the advertisement for the Valentine’s dinner led one to believe that the appetizers were individual, you did not learn that the appetizers would be shared until you were seated and read the menu. 

While most people understand what a shrimp cocktail should look like, Café V’s shrimp cocktail consisted of 2½ shrimp per person and two blobs of cocktail sauce.  

The only saving feature of this dining experience for me was the delightful company under extraordinary circumstances and the delicious apple crumb/ice cream dessert.


For those seated in the lower dining area, patrons should understand that barely adequate lighting is apparently management’s preference, as we were told. The drop-down lights were tuned way down, in contrast to the brightly lit lights along the upper corridor. 

For unexplained reasons, the restaurant’s operator has been unwilling or unable to replace the burnt out bulbs in most of the spot ceiling lights over the tables, leaving those tables in virtual darkness. 

Anthem Opinions Comment

Sorry Ron, it's not often you pay $60 for a good slice of crumb cake and a scoop of ice cream ...but someone other than the resident's dues have to pay for their rent once in a while. 


The second comment comes from Valerie Lapin, our "Tips" lady who decided to visit Cafe V for the prime rib special on Wednesday, February 18th.

States Ms. Lapin:

Today I went to Café V for their advertised prime rib at lunch time.  There was only one other table where people were seated. 

I ordered the prime rib pink, not red. 

Twice it was brought to me well done and I got up to leave. 

The 2 servers said that if I waited 15 minutes I would be able to get the meat prepared the way I ordered it originally, and they told me to go ahead and get a salad while I was waiting. 

While I waited I was talking to the servers and telling them why I don’t dine in this restaurant, and that I felt sorry for them because if they rely on tips they were not making much money because not many people came to eat there. 

I discussed other issues that I have had with the restaurant. 

One of the owners came out and said that he heard that I was dissatisfied. 
I told him about my previous 3 experiences with my dinners that were disappointing and that I only wanted the prime rib today and was also disappointed once again. 

I also told him that I had written a letter to them after my unsatisfying previous experiences and never got any kind of a response nor acknowledgement. 

I also told him that I live behind the tennis courts and every night we count the number of cars of people that dine there. 

His response was “don’t you have anything better to do but count cars”?
My reply was that when I’m out in my back yard it’s very easy to see how many cars are in the parking lot. 

He was rude and defensive. 

I also heard that Valentine’s Day was a disaster and hardly anyone showed up. 

I’d like to know why SCA is beating a dead horse. 

It is obvious that this is not the restaurant that residents want nor do they want to subsidize poor business acumen. 

The owners of the restaurant blame the residents for their failure to thrive – what they need to look at is the fact that what they have to offer isn’t what people want, and the quality is questionable. 

Can we take them off on our income tax as a charity if we have to pay to keep them solvent?

Anthem Opinions Comment

Gee Valerie, good question about taking them as a charitable contribution.

With all the "positive" comments about the food quality, we wonder if a homeless shelter would accept the leftovers ?

At least counting the cars in the parking lot won't give you indigestion. 


Got a comment about a dining experience at Cafe V ? 

Send it to us...we'd love to print it !

Send it to:

Anthem Opinions Administration

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wishing our Chinese neighbors...a Happy New Year !

You might wish our neighbors of Chinese heritage a Happy New Year....but....

Do you know anything about its history?

After receiving some education from my dear friend and fellow Sun City Anthem resident, Dorothy Yu....I dedicate this article to her and her wonderful husband, Jason.

The Chinese New Year

The Year of the Goat

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Safety Issues on the Strip Pedestrian Bridges Concern Police

A shocking report about what goes on while strolling those overpasses....and a warning to BE CAUTIOUS when you do !

Strip Pedestrian Bridges Keep Cops Busy


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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ash Wednesday Begins the 40 Days of Lent

In many parts of our world,  fanatic religious convictions and intolerance sadly have come to mean the difference between life and death...

...something we as Americans find impossible to comprehend.

...a RIGHT our founding fathers felt so strongly endowed in each individual, that they included Freedom of Religion as part of our American Constitution's Bill of Rights. 

We originally published this article in 2014, but since that time, our readership has grown so substantially....

...that... in the spirit of that RIGHT, and our belief that knowledge is closely associated with understanding....

We have decided to publish it again (with a few modifications).

Today starts the Lenten season

Primarily practiced by those of the Roman Catholic faith, many aspects of Lent are also in one way or another a part of other religions as well, including the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran, and Eastern Orthodox denominations.

And so...for those of you who love the "Whys of the Past"....more commonly referred to as "history"....and wish to know the course of this tradition throughout the centuries....

Ash Wednesday...The Beginning of Lent


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"History and Holidays"

Monday, February 16, 2015

Celebrate Tuesday....Lent Begins on Wednesday

To All of our friends of the Catholic Religion...

It's Time to celebrate !  


And that means....

 Because the Lenten season begins on Wednesday, February 18th with...

Open the Frig....and...You might have the perfect Toilet Cleaner


The Least Expensive Way to Clean
a Toilet Bowl

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Lastest Dining News & Eateries

Latest Dining News

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

An Anthem Opinions Editorial....2015 Board of Directors Election

Oh No...Not Again !

Recently it was announced that we have a field of candidates who have announced their intentions to run for our Board of Directors.

We try to avoid "endorsements" and we will continue to do so...


...there is one in that group, an incumbent, who, in our opinion.... does NOT DESERVE REELECTION.  

Two terms is enough !

Bella Meese

Let us assure you....

....this editorial has nothing to do with personalities or the character of this candidate.  We are committed to our pledge of civility toward any person.


For the past four years this individual has voted again and again to USE YOUR MONEY to FINANCE HER WHIMS in supporting a restaurant she was partially responsible for bringing to our community.

It was SHE who initially supported bringing that current and continual financial drain to our association, by IGNORING the desires of "the people" who strongly the survey SHE ENDORSED...and...APPROVED.

...81% of them...

...THAT THEY DID NOT WANT  RESIDENT FUNDING to support Vic's or Cafe V, or whatever new name they will come out with as time passes.

Yet she, AGAINST THE WILL OF THE POPULOUS, continued not only to IGNORE that MANDATE, but in addition....

AGAIN and AGAIN...voted to REDUCE the monthly rent from the original agreement of $4,000 per monthto $2,000 per month for a limited timeframeuntil just two months ago,VOTED TO REDUCE IT YET AGAINto $1,000 per month...

...after she realized that her true desire...GRANTING THEM NO RENT AT ALL...would not pass the majority of board members.

In addition it was SHE who voted to approve a "sweetheartbelow prime interest rate loan using YOUR MONEY... to a business that COULD NOT PAY ITS BILLS.

This blatant DISREGARD of both the wishes of the residents coupled with AN UNCARING ATTITUDE toward maintaining the financial integrity of our community....

Says one thing to us....

...a third term on our Board IS NOT DESERVED. 

... and a vote for this individual would be interpreted as YOUR APPROVAL of public association funds to finance a private business entity which has no connection to Sun City Anthem other than a renter of property.

...a dangerous precedent that opens a door to other renters in the future should they claim DISCRIMINATION by the hands our association....a cause of action that could very possibly lead to LITIGATION against our community.

Perhaps the most BLATANT EXAMPLE of this candidate's lack of community receptiveness was her PUBLIC STATEMENT when asked: 

"Why do you want to continue financing our restaurant" ?

Her answer...

"Because I need a place to have lunch".

If you find this behavior as unacceptable as we do...then the answer to the problem is all of your neighbors, inform them of this voting record...and most importantly....

SAY  NO to the reelection of....

Bella Meese

Anthem Opinions