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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Going Away ? Notifying Post Office May Not Be the Best Option

Mailbag.jpg (337×329)

Goin’ Postal in Henderson

clerk_cashier_131224_tns.png (119×128)

Robert N.

We took a trip back East to visit family and friends. To prepare for our absence, I went to the Seven Hills Post Office and dutifully filled out that yellow “Vacation Hold Mail” card. I completed the card to request that our mail be held until I picked it up at the Post Office.

The day we returned we decided to first go to the Post Office from the Airport (since it was ‘on the way’).

After waiting in the obligatory line, we told the Clerk that we had returned and wanted to pick up our mail. She returned after a few minutes to report that there was NO mail on hold ‘in the back’. She said it “may” have been delivered”.

She jotted down a phone number on a scrap piece of paper and told us that if there was no mail in our mailbox, we should call this numberbefore 9 AM tomorrow” so that they could “look for your mail”.

So, yes, it was a stressful ride back to SCA, and we found 6 days of mail crammed into our mailbox – luckily we didn’t have to ‘call this number before 9:00 AM tomorrow’.

It is a very stressful situation when you go to the Post Office and request your “held” mail only to be told that it doesn’t exist; it’s also disturbing to find that you’ve followed ‘all the rules’ and properly filled out a form requesting that the mail be held (only to find out that Bureaucratic Incompetence failed to complete your request)...

...the most disturbing fact was the cavalier attitude of the Clerk who basically shrugged her shoulders told us to call a number tomorrow IF there was no mail in your mailbox. 

Does anyone wonder why people are disgusted with “Government Service”?????

Please note that our “Postal Woman” does a banner job and is NOT responsible for this screw-up…..we dread the Christmas season when (apparently) she takes vacation and ‘temporary’ help delivers the mail…..


I’m old enough to remember when stamps cost 3 or 5 cents. In those days your mail was delivered to your house without fail; your Postman (no Postwomen then) knew who you were; the Postmen wore Postal Uniforms; and the service was excellent.

I strongly recommend to all the readers that you do what we have done:

When you plan to be away from your home (vacation, etc...

...give your post box key to a trusted neighbor and have them pick up your mail...

Do NOT trust the Post Office.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Have some advice we can give our readers?

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  1. From Buddy Opinions

    There are two ways that this can be done.

    One is through the written hold mail and the second way is through the online system.

    I have found that the old written system is just as Robert describes.

    I've also found that the online system works very well. You get a confirmation and a receipt so you know it has been done.

    I have used the online system about a dozen times in the last two years and it has worked perfectly.

    Maybe technology is the answer for the post office.

  1. From Art Opinions

    Re Robert N, get in the modern age and use the website and fill out the info on line.

    You get a numbered receipt and your mail is held and delivered on time.

    We have been doing this for five years and never a screw-up!

    When I moved from Florida, over six years ago, I did the same thing and my mail was forwarded and delivered in a timely manner.

  2. From Jeff Opinions

    When we travel we go online to the USPS web site and fill out the Mail Hold Options section.

    We have never had a problem and you will get a receipt of your request with a receipt number saying they have it and the dates of the hold and when to start redelivering the mail or to go to the post office and pick it up yourself.

    You get the two options when filling out the form. That is your best option!

    You can speak from strength when you have a form that shows your mail hold was received and recorded with a receipt.

    Thanks for the good job in bringing these items to our attention.
  1. From Ellen Opinions

    Before a trip I usually stop the mail a day (or even two days) before I leave as a "test."

    It's too bad we have to anticipate errors by a bureaucracy and micro-manage them.

  2. From Ellen Opinions

    You can go on US postal website and place a mail hold on line.

    I have done this often without a problem.
  1. From Phyllis Opinions

    Simply go online and stop your mail.

    We do it all the time, and when we get home it is delivered to us.

    No trouble, no stress.

    Try it.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

That Fence Getting a Bit Ugly...Get it Painted

Need Your Fence Painted ?

aafd7a69-326f-4e38-8093-799409278376.1.12 (400×300)

Is the wrought fence of yours looking a bit shabby, rusty, and/or weather beaten?  Nevada sunshine certainly takes its toll over the years.

...and...if you live in the right village, there's a deal available that you might wish to consider.

Sun City Anthem contracted a company named "Charger Construction, LLC" to do fence painting in certain areas.

They agreed to honor the same pricing they are charging Sun City Anthem for any resident in the Big Sky, Desert Sky, Arroyo Vista,  and Shadow Canyon villages.

sun-city-anthem-homes-for-sale.jpg (290×205)

If you are interested, either go to the Administration Office in Anthem Center or call (702) 614-5816 to sign up for a FREE quote from this company.

The Deadline to do this is September 15th

That company will provide you a quote.

Payment is then made directly to the contractor.

For more details, contact a lady named Anneliese Gamboa  at (702) 614-5815.

We've also checked them out as well. 

"Charter Construction LLC" is located at 525 W. Sunset Road in Henderson.  Their phone number is (702) 807-4137.

They are properly LICENSED and INSURED to a maximum liability limit of $950,000 according to the Clark County Contractors Association.

Anthem Opinions Administration
  1. And the BIG question is, why only those villages? Are there plans for the rest of us? The front office did not seem to know when a neighbor checked.
  2. Lawrence, I believe they are going to do it piecemeal. Over time, all of the villages will get the same opportunity.

As Time Passes...They Become a Necessity

Installing a Handicap Shower 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Today's Smile

Guess Who We Found to Entertain You ?

niBXBMxiA.png (2400×2156)

As many of you know, Anthem Opinions devotes a great deal of time to bringing our readers information as to the amazing entertainment available on both a local and "Strip" basis.

Unlike other publications it's always been our belief that Sun City Anthem is where we "sleep"...that fun exists well beyond the walls of our community that should be enjoyed to the fullest !

We have our sources to bring entertainment venues to you, and recently we were made aware of one that brought a smile to our faces...

...a smile (or perhaps a frown) that we had to share with you !

A week ago, we noticed that the headline act at the Bourbon Street Cabaret in the Orleans Hotel & Casino ...

prop_bourbon_street_cabaret2-Full.jpg (981×651)

orleans_hotel_las_vegas.jpg (800×533)

...featured an individual whose face many (or few of you according the revenue) may have seen at one time or another a year or so ago.

Recognize him?
vegas_vic_332w.jpg (332×499)
Vic Moea


...same guy who started "Vic's" excellent restaurant in Sun City Anthem.

We have no idea as to what his act was performing, but we hope it didn't include his skills at running a bistro !

Just wondering....

Did the members of the previous board of directors receive comps for his show ?

After all, they did make sure he and his partners "walked away" from over $40,000 in unpaid loans !

Only in Sun City Anthem, huh folks ?

Anthem Opinions Administration
  1. From Karen Opinions

    Wow! I can't even begin to imagine what type of entertainment Vic could provide at the Orleans. I looked on Facebook for possible clues, but all I found was his favorite places to eat.

    Perhaps that was his gig at the Bourbon Street Cabaret--eating a big pile of food??

    Or, maybe he feels bad about stiffing our Association, and is trying to make amends by working some side jobs to pay us back? LOL

    Thanks for today's good laugh!
    1. Folks, looks like we got it wrong about "Vic Moea"...

      ...and we apologize.

      Turns out it was his papa who was singing at The Orleans, not "our" Vic.

      His dad is a member of the local group, "The Nite Kings", that has entertained people for years in the Las Vegas valley.

      Not many "Vic Moea's" in this world, so we figured we had it right, but...

      we didn't, and the article was meant as a joke, which Anthem Opinions readers enjoyed and took in the manner it was intended, namely humor.

      Oh well, "Dirty Dave" couldn't possibly pass up an opportunity between his compulsive pounding away at beating up and talking to slot machines at Green Valley Ranch to actually take the time to write a complete "breaking news" article on a topic that was meant in fun.

      What seems to have been missed from his quoting Anthem Opinions is the part about Vic Jr. and his partners "stiffing" Sun City Anthem for the $40,000 in unpaid loans... remember...the restaurant he constantly touted while promoting his "victorious" board candidates...

      ...those "special" individuals whose decisions were selling Sun City Anthem residents down the river with their constant infusion of money every time our restaurant "night king" and his partners, where taking us to the cleaners.

      Oh well, "Dirty Dave" is what he is, and by now all of us know that his day wouldn't be complete without figuring out some way to criticize a publication whose readership has grown to 10 times more than his own !

      ...and I'm sure his loyal group of nameless minions will jump on the bandwagon with their insulting comments and continue to make complete asses of themselves.

      So...we apologize for the booboo and while "Dirty Dave"..."trolls"... the halls of Anthem Center talking about such things as pool heaters and yet another vender who "stiffed us" to tune of $37,000 for The Spirit between his Green Valley Ranch video poker machine beatings....

      ...instead we'll concentrate on providing you the fun that exists over the entire Las Vegas valley.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Foundation Assisting Seniors Financials Create Concerns...Need Answers

Community Reacts to Board Member's Demand for 
Foundation Assisting Seniors Financials

We originally published an article written by Sun City Anthem Director Carl Weinstein on August 2, 2016 that uncovered a number of concerns as to the Association Assisting Seniors request that they NOT PAY Sun City Anthem any rental subsidy.

Mr. Weinstein brought out the need to examine that organization's  financials in order to determine if such a request was reasonable, and  will likely be brought up at the August 25, 2016 Board Meeting.

As financial information for non-profit organizations is public information, we uncovered the Income Tax filings for that organization from 2011 through 2014.

As such, we had an opportunity to examine them and after that review,  we too had concerns that we strongly believe should be addressed before any decision is made.

Here are our findings:

                                  2010                              2011                  2012 

Gross Revenue      $103,664                      $136,393             $81,865              

Expenses                   54,285                          81,728            50,038               

Net Income                49,379                           54,465                31,827

Total Assets            544,542                          599,156              642,261

Grants                        19,613                           41,701                11,958

Other Grants                  0                                    0                          0

Fees                              5,000                            1,000                  1,000

Investment Mgmt.
Fees                                0                                     0                        0

Golf Tournament
Net Income after

Expenses                    25,246                          31,278                29,257

Net Income
from Coffee Shop           0                                    0                         0

(party?)                           50                              6,780                 6,005 

                                      2013                                  2014

Gross Revenue       121,201                             181,057

Expenses                   58,428                             122,318

Net Income                62,773                               58,739

Total Assets             667,205                             738,761

Grants                       35,124                                31,267

Other Grants             11,845                               22,117

Fees                             1,000                                 8,800

Investment Mgmt.
Fees                                0                                     4,645
Golf Tournament
Net Income after
Expenses                    30,321                              18,048

Net Income
from Coffee Shop           0                                   20,143

Communications*          1,500                            25,375

Volunteer Recognition

(party?)                           8,581                              9,054


*Trosper Communications is owed by a woman named Elizabeth  Trosper....she was also a 2014 Trustee for the Foundation. This firm has to do with social media

For the fours years reported the percentage of administrative expenses ranged from 30-62% which appears to be very high in relation to donations collected.

Trustees have also been named on each return.

Because there was such interest in this organization, we have also reprinted the reaction of our readers and hope you too will further comment on these findings.

As you can see, in each case, concerns were expressed.

We also would like Director Weinstein to let us know if any progress has been made in obtaining the information he requested.

       August 2, 2016 
From Keith Opinions

We should keep the income generated, at least until we see their financials.

My guess is their administrative expenses are higher than some of the charities listed as not good for donating.
       August 2, 2016
        From Ruby Opinions
  1. I totally agree that FSA needs to pay rent to SCA and SCA should NOT donate the rent received back to them since they are now an outside organization.
SCA can't and should not provide free rent to outside organizations. If we do, how is it different than any other organizations coming to SCA for free rent.
As a matter of fact since they are an outside organization, they should rent outside of SCA.

Yes they must provide a financial statement. We need to know what percentage is truly going to charitable causes versus administration expenses.

As a charitable organization I believe they must file with IRS and it should be made public.

I do not donate to charitable organizations if I don't know how much or what percentage is going for the true charitable causes.

August 2, 2016
  1. From Joe Opinions
  2. The key thing to know is this
The financial report of a charity should cover their ENTIRE operation so that givers can determine what percentage of the funds go to "administrative" expenses versus what percentage goes into reserves or for charitable uses.
  August 2, 2016
  1.     From Dorothy Opinions
  2. As I understand, charter clubs also asked to donate to this foundation annually. The transparency of this foundation's financial report is so important for donors as well as for events organizers to choose which charitable organization to handle a disastrous situation.
I believe this is a very reasonable request.

We, a group of Chinese American residents, sponsored two major events right here at Sun City Anthem, (before Chinese Heritage Club was established).

An Ad Hoc Committee was formed and studied each charitable organization's administrative cost online before our decision to have Tzu Chi be the charitable organization to handle those two disastrous events.

One happened in Sichuan, an earthquake in 2008, and the other one happened in Taiwan's flood in 2009. Due to the administrative cost ,Tzu Chi was the lowest.

After we found out how much Red Cross pays it's Director, I never donated a dime to that organization again!

There were a lot individuals who contributed not only money, but time to those two events.

They were: Bob Chang, Wen-dar Cheng, Meisheng Chou, John Hsu, Shirley Shiuh, Peter Tu, Joe Wang, Kenneth Wu, Betty Yuan, and Emily Chu (Tzu Chi Representative)

We are caring, loving and retiring residents here at Sun City Anthem.

Most of us were privileged and be able to sustain and take care of ourselves, yet, we also want to extend our hands to other less privileged ones within our community and making this Sun City Anthem a true Heaven for retirees to spend our golden years.

Volunteering is just like Charitable, both respected words in my dictionary, unless people misuse them.
  1.  August 4, 2016
  2.     From Keith Opinions
  3.  I agree with carl..we shouldn’t donate the space for free to the foundation. He is correct in stating that since they do work for other than sca, then they should be treated like any other outside charity group. And, as all charities that get donations, they should reveal on an ongoing basis a full accounting of their income, income sources, and all expenditures.
Keep posting updates and how the responses are please.

Thanks for the good work you do.
August 21, 2016 
  1. From Robert Opinions
  2. I believe Mr. Weinstein is on the right track. Why would we select one group, a Foundation about whose financial affairs we know nothing, and give them a free pass? More must be known. Foundations do not enjoy universally good reputations when it comes to financial stewardship.
  3. August 21, 2016
  4. From Robert Opinions
If F.A.S. has nothing to hide, it should readily submit the requested documents...and yes the rent could be returned to F.A.S. as a humanitarian gesture, but SCA should withhold any costs of occupying the SCA space (e.g. utilities, etc.). Anyone with any business experience understands that.
  1. August 21, 2016
  2. From Jerry Opinions

    If the foundation has moved on, to other communities,so should an equal cost of their expenses. Other communities should be responsible for costs i.e. rentals, maintenance of vehicles, cost of vehicles, etc. Communities benefiting should also provide volunteers from their own communities without pulling volunteers away from SCA. Volunteers from SCA should not leave the boundary of SCA.

    The foundation should definitely provide financials.
 From Irv Opinions
 Regarding the matter of The Foundation, I agree with Mr.  Weinstein  that there is no “legitimate” reason for the secrecy, but there is a reason.

The obviousness of the situation screams “Fraud!”, or at the very least, unethical/immoral activity.

If the obfuscation continues for longer than 89 days from notice, my vote would be to bar The Foundation from our property, and urge county/state and/or federal (due to TF’s special IRS non-profit status) investigators to take a very close look at this organization’s operation.

There is no doubt there is something very wrong with our association with this organization.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note: Anthem Opinions is not a CPA firm, but we are also aware that The Association Assisting Seniors Treasurer, Dan Forgeron, (also a former Sun City Anthem Board Treasurer) does not, hold a CPA certification.

Also, this is in NO WAY any attempt to condemn the Association Assisting Seniors, only an active search to obtain a full disclosure as to its fund raising activities, financial income, and miscellaneous expenditures in order that individuals and organizations many feel secure in their contributions.

Would you like a copy of the Income Tax Returns?

Do you have an additional comment?

Let us know by sending us an email at:

  1. Anthem Opinions Administration

    1. Unfortunately the blog format cuts the cross column format of the table so some of these bizarre numbers are difficult to compare. In summary:

      From 2011 to 2014
      Income increased 33%
      Assets increased 23%
      Accounting increased 700% (yes, that is the correct number)
      Expenses increased 50% (in relation in income increase this seems weird?)
      Social Media increased over 2,500 % (and the owner is a trustee?)

      Doesn't having a trustee also being an outside paid vendor cross some ethical guide for non-profit charitable organizations? Expenses includes salaries too, so what portion of expenses are salaries and who gets them?

      And one wonders why they need free rent. I don't believe they pay rent even for the coffee shop, which nets them over $20,000. That is $20,000 which the Sun City Association could be earning. I suspect they do good work, but it should not be at the expense of the Sun City Anthem homeowners.