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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Complete List of Recalled Vehicles

Takata Auto Airbags
12,000,000 Cars to be Recalled
Takata-Airbag-Recall.jpg (900×506)

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Do You Have One in the House...and...When Was the Last Time You Checked it ?

You probably have one, but what do you really know about....
 fire_extinguisher_services.jpg (1000×937)

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 "Mr. Fix-It's World of Home Improvement"


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Once There Were 80...Now there are only 2

The Final Toast

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240+ Years...God Bless them All !

Memorial Day

6404597.jpg (500×252)

Remember Them All
on This Day
Over 240 Years of America's Best

Through it all....they were there...for us !

EE-CP00611.jpg (275×275)
b1308caeb4268927817e44233d4dfe1d.jpg (228×320)
Revolutionary War

Attack_on_Derna_by_Charles_Waterhouse_01.jpg (720×482)
Barbary Coast

warof1812_120618.jpg (600×400)
War of 1812

Mexican-American-War.jpg (570×785)
Mexican War

civil war soldiers.jpg (449×435)
Civil War

Gatlings.jpg (1600×991)
Spanish American War

doughboy.jpg (227×603)
World War I

143922798-world-war-ii-soldier-playing-taps-gettyimages.jpg (507×337)
World War II

koreaninfantryman.jpg (370×585)

300px-7_RAR_Vietnam_(AWM_EKN-67-0130-VN).jpg (300×249)
Viet Nam

grenada-II.1-Marine-helicopter-200x200.jpeg (200×200)

93559-004-DC737D29.jpg (550×362)
Gulf War...Desert Storm

US-soldier-Afghanistan-children.jpg (1244×1042)
Iraq War...Desert Shield

marines_1643254c.jpg (460×288)
2015 to Present

Don't Forget to Proudly Display Old Glory

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Reader Looking for Those Who Lost a Pet

Anthem Opinions recently received an email that "tugged" at our heartstrings. 

We couldn't refuse this reader's request to ask if any individuals in any of the Anthem communities would be interested in creating something informal...but special...for those who have sadly lost a pet.

Resident Seeks to Create "unofficial"
Pet Bereavement Group

Grieving-for-Your-Pet-Moving-on-After-Losing-a-Four-Legged-Family-Member.jpg (411×291)

My name is Renee Rosenberg & I recently lost my heart, my 4 legged love "Tuxedo",   to a pack of coyotes here in Anthem.

 I would like to start a support group for other pet owners that have lost their beloved animal to rainbow bridge.

Coping with the loss of a pet can be a very lonely journey & very difficult. You go through all the grief stages just as you would with losing a human person. The grieving process takes time.  

My purpose is to provide a safe haven were we can learn to grieve together which many people who don't own a pet just cannot understand. 

 If you are interested in getting together please contact me at

or call (702) 333-2479.

This is not going to be a club just a private gathering of SCA residents to learn to grieve with the support & understanding of others who are going through a similar situation.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Republican Party Now Has Presidential Nominee

It's Clinched
Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2.jpg (4752×3168)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Reader Says Thanks to the New Sun City Anthem G.M. & Asst. Facilities Mgr. for Prompt Attention to Problem

As many of you are now aware, self-management is now "the law of the land" and after a positive experience, one of our valued readers asked us to convey their thoughts.

Is this a "new beginning"?

It certainly is a refreshing change from the FSR days !

Reader Gives Kudos
Sun City Anthem General Manager & Assistant Facilities Manager
Prompt Action to Problem

ThankYou.jpg (1600×1146)

Robert N.

In the past I’ve been accused by some of concentrating on only the negative antics inside Sun City Anthem.

Thus it is a refreshing interlude that I can actually report on what might be a positive turn-around inside our community.

On Friday, May 13, 2016 I sent an email to Sandy Seddon, our new SCA General Manager, outlining a problem we have with our rear fence.

My house is located on the Western edge of SCA and enjoys a view of the Spring Mountains and the Strip; as such the rear yard is significantly elevated above the street below, and, at the time of the home’s construction in circa 2001, a metal fence was installed on top of the rear retaining wall.

Over time the wall has settled somewhat, and the settlement has snapped apart the sections of fence.

On Tuesday May 17 an SCA employee visited my home and took pictures to document the settlement problem.

On May 20 Ms. Seddon sent me an email stating that she has instructed her Staff to resolve the problem; sure enough that same day Otto PillatzkeAssistant Facilities Maintenance Director, contacted me and said an SCA employee would be visiting my home.

The employee was at my home later the same day and re-bolted the fence together. He agreed that he only did a “temporary” repair as the retaining wall could suffer further settlement.

We agreed that the only permanent solution would be to rebuild that section of the retaining wall - a very expensive proposition.

Could this be a new chapter in SCA response to Residents’ concerns?

One can only hope !

Will the new Board of Directors try to micro-manage Ms. Seddon’s responsibilities and muck-up the entire operation ?

I certainly hope that won't be the case.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Have a comment?  Have you had a good or bad experience?

Let us know.

Send it to:
  1. From Norma Opinions

    Yes, it was very nice that the New manager had this residence fence bolted back together, but since when do we call HOA to fix such problems?

    There are many of us that this has happened to over the years, we get our own bolt and fix it, or call a contractor to do such.

    I see this action as a possible issue going forward.

    If all the owners here in Sun City that have an iron fence and the bolts come loose and the fence separates contacts Management, are they going to fix them all?
  2. Norma,

    I would contact Sandy Seddon and ask her for assistance.

    It certainly wouldn't hurt to ask this of her as first resort if you are having a similar problem.
  1. .....I could have also bolted the fence together. BUT the underlying cause of the fence failure is the settlement of the retaining wall and I wanted to document the wall's failure IN CASE that documentation becomes necessary in the future.
  2. From Carl Weinstein...SCA Board Opinions

    There are two types of locations for walls here at SCA.

    If you have a wall between you and your neighbor that you and he installed, maintenance of that wall is YOUR responsibility.

    If you have a wall between your property and an open area and it is a retaining wall, that wall is the responsibility of SCA.

    It sounds like Robert N's wall falls into the category of SCA responsibility.
  3. Carl, thanks for the clarification to our readers.

    Norma and Robert...hope you'll take the opportunity to thank Carl as well.

Memorial Day Means Barbeque....But...Want to Know How to Eat Chicken Wings Without the Mess ?

Memorial Day is just around the corner and that means BBQ.

No one doesn't love chicken wings....but are you....

Eating a Chicken Wing
Easy Way

 wings-cartoon.gif (170×203)

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"Why Didn't I Think About That ? ....Tips"

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We've Been Hacked

special-notice (274×172)
We have been informed that our email address, has been HACKED.
Emails have been sent to our readers asking for their passwords.
Needless to say, DO NOT OPEN any email from that address.
We do not use that email address other than returning email sent to us.
We are sorry if this in any way caused you inconvenience.

Anthem Opinions Administration

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sun City Anthem Board Agenda to Discuss Anti-Bully Policy...Sample Resolution for Agenda Discussion

Sun City Anthem
Board Book Anti-Bullying Proposed Resolution

bullying.jpg (1063×1371)
We previously announced that The Sun City Anthem Board of Directors would address a "bullying" policy for the residents of Sun City Anthem.

We were able to find a SAMPLE PROPOSED Board Resolution regarding that matter which will be discussed at the May 24th Board Book Meeting to be held in the Delaware Room of Anthem Center at 9:30 am.

Note...THIS IS NOT FINAL...THIS IS MERELY A PROPOSAL which MAY or MAY NOT BE ACTED UPON at the Board Meeting on Thursday, May 26th at 1:30pm in Freedom Hall.

We at Anthem Opinions STRONGLY ADVOCATE our association directors passing this ANTI-BULLY policy.


 We need your help

If you are in favor of its passage, PLEASE send emails to EACH AND EVERY BOARD MEMBER AT YOUR EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY.

We have established a special "Information Page" entitled "Sun City Anthem Board of Directors Information" as follows:

By clicking on this link, you can obtain each specific Board member's email address in order to send them your opinion on passage of this Association Policy.

Here is the proposed Resolution that has been stated on the official Board Book Agenda:




WHEREAS, ______________ Homeowners Association (the “Association”) is a Nevada nonprofit corporation governed by the laws of the State of Nevada, including Nevada Revised Statutes (“NRS”) Chapter 116, which governs common-interest communities;

WHEREAS, NRS 116.3102(1) (a) provides that an association may “adopt and amend rules and regulations”;

WHEREAS, Article __, Section ___ of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Reservation of Easements for __________ (the “Declaration”) empowers the Board, acting on behalf of the Association, to adopt, amend, repeal and/or enforce reasonable
and uniformly applied Rules and Regulations.

WHEREAS, NRS 116.049(3) defines an association’s governing documents to include its Rules;

WHEREAS, NRS 116.3102(1) (m) provides that an association “may impose reasonable fines for violations of the governing documents” of the Association;

WHEREAS, NRS 116.31031(1) provides that the Board may impose fines and  sanctions against a “unit’s owner or tenant or an invitee of a unit’s owner or  tenant” for violations of the Association’s governing documents;

WHEREAS, Section 1 of Assembly Bill 395 known as the “Anti-Bullying Bill, amends NRS 116 by adding NRS 116.31184, which states the following:

A community manager, an agent or employee of the community manager,a member of the executive board, an officer, employee or agent of an association, a unit’s owner or guest or tenant of a unit’s owner shall not willfully and without legal authority threaten, harass or otherwise engage in an course of conduct against any other person who is the community manager of his or her common-interest community or an agent or employee of that community manager, a member of the executive board of his or her association, an officer, employee or agent of his or her association, another unit’s owner in his or her common-interest community or a guest or tenant of a unit’s owner in his or her common interest community which:

a) Causes harm or serious emotional distress, or the reasonable apprehension thereof, to that person; or

b) Creates a hostile environment for that person.

2 WHEREAS, Article __, Section __ of the Declaration, governs nuisances within ________________ and reads, in pertinent part, as follows:


WHEREAS, the Board desires to adopt a Rule clarifying the Association’s interpretation of Article __, Section __ (nuisance) of the Declaration and incorporating within its definition the Anti-Bullying provision set forth in NRS 116.31184.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors hereby adopts the following Rule:

An officer or director of the Association, Owner, tenant, or guest of an Owner or tenant shall not willfully and without legal authority threaten, harass or otherwise engage in a course of conduct against any other person who is the community manager or an agent or employee of that community manager, an officer, director, employee or agent of the Association, another Owner, tenant or a guest of an Owner or tenant which: 

(a) causes harm or serious emotional distress, or the reasonable apprehension thereof, to that person; or

(b) creates a hostile environment for that person.

Such conduct shall be deemed to be “noxious or offensive activity” that creates an “unreasonable annoyance or nuisance,” and as such is a violation of Article __, Section __ of the Declaration.

3. After notice and a hearing, as required by the Association’s governing
documents and NRS 116, anyone violating the above-referenced Rule may be sanctioned as follows:

(a) imposition of fines, consistent with the Association’s Fine Policy and Procedure;

(b) suspension of voting privileges;


(c) suspension of the right to use the Association’s Common


DATED this _______ day of _________, 201_


By: ____________________________

By: ____________________________

By: ____________________________

By: ____________________________


By: ____________________________

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Stop Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-bullying is the act of harming or harassing via information technology networks in a repeated and deliberate manner.

According to U.S. Legal Definitions, "cyber-bullying could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds; or it may go to the extent of personally identifying victims and publishing materials severely defaming and humiliating them.

Won't you take a moment to tell our Board how important this is to the well-being of our community?

Thank you.

Anthem Opinions Administration

      Dick ArendtMay 24, 2016 at 2:36 PM

  1. I am sad to report that the Board of Directors met this morning, and appears to have rejected Sun City Anthem's adopting any "anti-bully" policy.

    General manager, Sandy Seddon, began the discussion and stated that the association attorney RECOMMENDED that such a policy be adopted by our association; however, that recommendation seems to have been rejected by 5 of the 6 board members present, with only director Carl Weinstein, supporting the measure.

    Though absent due to impending surgery, director Jim Mayfield would have also supported the anti-bully measure.

    What now?

    Probably more unchecked "cyber-bullying" by specific blogs; however, we pledge NOT to follow suit no matter HOW MUCH ABUSE we, or other residents, will probably sustain as a result of a board refusing to acknowledge a serious association problem, much less address solving it.

    While others seem to relish in "gutter" rhetoric, we will never join in any such activity.


    Because looking in the mirror and liking what we see, will always be more important than lowering ourselves to such a level.

    We did a new GM and and association attorney.