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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Resident Looks Closely at Sun City Anthem's 9/27/16 Restaurant Work Shop

5167671844_b26432c9ac_b.jpg (750×250)

Our "notorious" Robert N. attended the Restaurant Meeting at Anthem Center on September 27th... 

...and as always...

...we appreciate his "brutal honesty" in deciding to tell us what he witnessed !

A Formal Restaurant Swan Song?
by Robert N.

maitred.gif (245×311)

I was at an interesting and well-attended meeting on Tuesday where Residents could expound their thoughts about the continuing saga of the SCA Restaurant.

The usual suspects were present: the full HOA Board was in attendance.

Sandy Seddon was also at the Head Table and, I must report, did an excellent job in the coordination of Residents who wanted to make a statement.

Now, I readily admit, I did NOT take any nefarious recordings of the proceedings, nor did I take copious notes at the meeting; however I can readily make some astute and honest observations based on my memory.

Only about +/- 2 dozen Residents approached the microphone to voice their opinion(s) about the future of a restaurant at Sun City Anthem.

-virtually NO ONE wants yet another “formal” restaurant at Sun City Anthem; over the years there have been five (5) failed restaurants.

(A definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping the outcome will be different !)

-virtually NO ONE wants to have a dues increase to subsidize a restaurant venture; one gentleman offered a cost analysis and stated that it would cost SCA (e.g. you and me-the Residents) $15,000 to $20,000 per MONTH to subsidize a formal restaurant.

-one individual, who spoke to the Nevada Real Estate Board, was concerned that opening any restaurant to the public would violate our Public Offering Statement that identifies our restaurant as an “amenity” (e.g. something for the enjoyment of RESIDENTS and GUESTS only).

-a MAJORITY of the attendees looked forward to having an “informal eatery” available for their use and enjoyment. This “informal eatery” DOES NOT need a culinary Chef – all it needs is a cook who knows how to make a good sandwich, a good burger, or a good salad.

-a MAJORITY of the attendees also pined for some type of ‘entertainment’ on a Friday or Saturday night that would serve as a ‘draw’ for the ‘informal eatery’.

-it was split whether there should or should not be some type of gambling at the ‘informal eatery’ (e.g. video poker); some speakers stated that this ‘informal eatery’ would only be successful IF there was some type of gambling – other speakers were of the opinion that if the prospective Lessee was an experienced Restaurateur, gambling would not be necessary.

-if an ‘informal eatery’ is in place, it MUST offer take-out service – this would make a lot of sense; on those nights you don’t feel like cooking and don’t feel like ‘going out to dinner’,  you would have an option to get some (simple) food locally (without driving down Eastern Ave.)

-I also note that some individuals made the FALSE and MISLEADING statement that the presence of a restaurant will help to maintain our property values.  EVERYONE gets a copy of the “Spirit magazine”; enclosed in that mailing is an insert from Proudfit Realty that reported in July, 2014 the Median Sales Price of a home in SCA was $176 per square foot; in July, 2016 the average Median Sales Price of a home in SCA was $178 per square foot – our Median Sales Price INCREASED after the restaurant closed.

I found it very interesting that, present at this meeting, there was one or more individuals who were staunch supporters to continue the Formal Restaurant Debacle; one of the individuals had also taken the time to prepare a ‘White Wash Paper’ supporting a formal restaurant. Although they had the ample opportunity to forward their view publicly at the meeting – they were silent.

I would certainly hope that our current HOA Board  takes ALL the comments expounded at this meeting under proper consideration – clearly, the Residents HAVE SPOKEN !
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Did you attend the restaurant meeting?

Did you have any additional observations you would like to share with our readers?

Send your comments to:
  1. From David Opinions

    Good morning and thank you for your website.

    I attended the meeting on Tuesday and came away with a funny smell of another restaurant failure.

    Most of the speakers addressed what type of restaurant we should have and not whether or not we should have or can even afford one. Several residents who spoke are somewhat new to SCA and have no idea what has happened in the past. I heard suggestions of surveys, sending out RFQs to restaurants and other previously failed attempts to reopen a restaurant.

    In addition to the lack of background information, so many attendees seem to know very little if anything about running a business especially a restaurant. Twice I heard people suggest offering the space to an established restaurant so they can use it as a write off; I have never heard of a restaurant ever looking for a new way to lose money. Margins are too thin.

    Self management was suggested as if it is as easy as hiring a couple waitresses and a cook. The restaurant business has one of the highest employment turnover rates. The speakers who proposed this have no idea about what having employees requires: Wages, Workers Comp, liability insurance, background checks and on and on and on. I must say, most of the group has tunnel vision when it comes to this restaurant situation.

    There were a couple of speakers who did talk about the financial burden of having a restaurant. One gentleman said it all: Most restaurants fail in the first year. And the most poignant statement was from the same person who stated that SCA is a HOA not a country club. Enough said.
  2. From Vincent Opinions

    I believe that having a coffee and gelato bar where the current bar is would be a big draw and would be utilized all day.

    I also support an informal eatery as an amenity.

    Agree that no chef needed, just a good cook.

    Take out is a good idea.

    We have people at the center all day long. People want to stop in for snacks after cards, classes, swimming etc.

    The cost must be competitive or residents will not utilize the restaurant.
  1. It makes me laugh when a "White Paper Con Artist" tries to paint a negative picture of Anthem Opinions in light of the detailed Four Part written presentation we published critiquing another of his ridiculous and financially destructive propositions.

    His latest tripe of course brought out the fact that the "vast" number of 200 people showed up at a meeting...comparing it to the usual paltry sum of 25 -30 that normally attend such functions.

    ...conveniently not mentioning that many of them were from the same household.

    I might point out to those who believe that is some "awesome amount", it's merely...2.8% of the total units in Sun City Anthem.

    Or...when the total population of approximately 10,000 is considered...

    ...that percentage drops to 2%.

    And yes, that means that 98% of the unit owners "didn't give a hoot" or were unable to attend for various reasons.

    Of course, what he also omitted was that NO ONE spoke positively as to the "self-management" idea which he laughingly promoted.

    Somehow it was Anthem Opinions that brought out a BARE BONES break even would require an annual expenditure of between $300,000 and $360,000...

    ...sums never brought out in the "white paper con"...

    ..which proves he is either DECEPTIVE...

    ...or just plain IGNORANT... when it comes to matters concerning dollars and cents.

    Based on his track record, we'll go with both !

    As to attendance, Anthem Opinions has a number of individuals who assist us in our reporting, greatly alleviating our time in order to allow us to somehow ENJOY OUR LIFE, and have a HEALTHY MARRIAGE.

    Frankly, Anthem Opinions made it quite plain that we consider this restaurant idea a complete LOSING PROPOSITION to our entire association.

    Our detailed analysis spoke loudly WITH INTELLIGENT DETAILS as to WHY we feel the way we do...

    ...with between 1,800 to 2,000 visits to our site after EACH AND EVERY ARTICLE.

    And...not surprisingly, a number of the supposed 35 people who did choose to speak...


    But despite everything...unlike Anthem Opinions...

    What "Mr. White Paper Con" never mentioned was that THE DECISION SHOULD BELONG TO THE PEOPLE....

    ...objects "White Paper Con BUREAUCRATS" look at as pawns to be used toward a private end.
  2. From Marty Opinions


    I'm hoping the "NO RESTAURANT" people outnumbered those who want EVERYONE to pay for their convenience even though having a "full service model" would never ever work, and Robert N's version of insanity is completely valid.
    1. From Carolyn Opinions

      I definitely am NOT in favor of any kind of restaurant. Or an increase in dues to pay for one.

      I just can’t believe the Board doesn’t get the message after 5 failed restaurants.

      I would be curious to their answer to that.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Police Respond to Recent Citizen Break-In Concerns

  Henderson Police Official
Comments on Sun City Anthem & Solera 
Recent Break-Ins
NVhend3.jpg (216×157)

There have been burglaries in Solera and SCA over the past two weeks. They are centered around early to late afternoon times and none of the crimes have been when people have been home. The information below is the most recent that I have as of Monday the 19th of September. I am not aware of the issues at the grocery stores. Please encourage people to make police reports when things that are described in the email you forwarded me take place. We have increased patrols in SCA and Solera.

There have been three burglaries in SCA on 8/29, 9/6, and 9/8. All three were during the day and the front door was damaged. We are investigating six similar cases in Solera over the past two weeks.

From a preliminary look at the reports and times, I assume the burglaries were by the same person(s). No residents were home in any of the burglaries and because a couple of them are within a short time span, the suspects may have been in that area and observed homeowners leaving their houses and/or knocked on the door and did not receive a response from anybody inside the home.

Just as a reminder that the crime of Burglary is “the entering of a structure to illegally take items belonging to another.” Robbery is “the taking of items, from another person through fear or force.” All of the crimes listed in this e-mail are clearly “burglaries” since nobody was confronted by the suspect(s).

The Henderson Police Department recommends that neighborhoods participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program and our Community Relations Bureau (CRB) may be contacted at (702) 267-5100 to assist in organizing a Neighborhood Watch for the area. CRB also conducts CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) inspections of individual homes -- free of charge  -- to identify items that homeowners can do to “harden” their target and make their homes less attractive to thieves. 

Since these thieves were probably driving or walking around SCA and Solera, I highly encourage the residents to always be vigilant and call 3-1-1 to report suspicious vehicles and/or people in their neighborhoods. If solicitors are knocking on the doors, also call 3-1-1 to report them so they can be identified by the police and be confirmed to be operating legitimately. If there is a knock on the door, be sure to ask who it is and through the closed and locked door, advise that you are not interested. This will let a burglar know people are present in the home. If no response is made to the knock, they may assume the house is empty, making the house a possible target.

If they continue to insist on talking to you after you have advised you are not interested, tell them to leave and that you are calling the police; then call 9-1-1.  There are also affordable products on the market which consist of a doorbell/camera system which can be connected to your Wi-Fi and you will then be alerted to a doorbell ring from an ‘application’ on your phone. You may then choose to “answer” the doorbell from any location in the world where you have access to internet service. In that way, if you happen to be away from your house, you can still talk to the person with two-way communication, making the person at the door think people are inside the home. This type of system also allows you to do this if you are within your home, eliminating the need for the resident to approach the door to see who is outside.

One of the best ways to identify suspects is by having serial numbers of items stolen. When thieves take an item with a serial number and pawn or sell it, police officers have much a greater chance of recovering those items and identifying the suspects if we have the serial numbers available. We always encourage the use of to list your valuables and serial numbers in case you are ever burglarized. This a free service and you are the only one who has access to the items you have listed. 

Through our training on Neighborhood Watch, residents will learn the best way to patrol and report suspicious activity. The Henderson Police Department would never encourage or expect citizens to actually confront suspicious people or situations. Always stay at a safe distance, get a good description of the person’s clothing and vehicle and call 3-1-1 / 9-1-1 when appropriate.

Working together we can make difference and apprehend these bad guys. We are diligently working the leads we have to identify and charge the suspects in these burglaries, but we also need the assistance of residents by reporting suspicious people and circumstances. You citizens are the eyes and ears of the city, and we rely heavily on that to assist us in our daily patrols and crime prevention.

Please feel free to pass this along to those you think might need the information. I along with my staff would be more than happy to come out and address your next HOA membership meeting on this subject. Please contact me with any questions you might have.  

 Thank you,
Dane Mattoon
Captain West Area Command
Henderson, NV Police Department
(702)267-4589 desk

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sun City Anthem Workshop Reminder

Restaurant Work Shop
hear-ye-announcement.jpg (469×214)
Just a reminder of the Sun City Anthem Workshop Meeting that will take place on Tuesday, September 27th at 9:00am in Anthem Center.
Express your feelings regarding the feasibility of Sun City Anthem considering ANOTHER restaurant under various options.
Anthem Opinions has made it clear in our detailed analyses, we are of the strong belief NO OPTION can obtain any degree of success unless residents SUBSIDIZE VARIOUS COSTS in some manner...
.... is open to any option subject to a proper referendum of all unit owners that MUST INCLUDE a FULL COST DISCLOSURE and DETAILED MANNER IN WHICH ANY SUCH COSTS WILL BE ASSESSED AND/OR ABSORBED.
As we have said again and again...
This time...
 The People Must Make a Final Decision...
... subject to a thorough professional feasibility analysis commissioned by a General Manager in examining each available option...the result of which must be accepted by the majority of unit owners.
A Board's function is merely to GUIDE the END RESULT of that two part action.
Our suggestion is quite simple...
Allow the Democratic process to work as it was designed.
Anthem Opinions Administration


Sun City Anthem Grocery Robbery Victim Speaks Out

email.jpg (300×225)

Anthem Opinions was able to obtain correspondence regarding the recent incident at Von's on Eastern Ave..

Once again, in the interest of protecting the safety of the individual involved, we are withholding the name of the victim.

Woman Robbed at Vons 
Details Actions of Thieves
Crime.jpg (800×800)

"Yes,  I was robbed, not at gunpoint but deviously so done.  The policeman said that they are "professionals" and many have been duped. 

It was in the grocery store, they managed to get my wallet out of my purse and re-zip the purse.  I have ALWAYS been very careful of these things but they were "good"!! 

My hand was next to my purse all the time. 

One of them was holding the doors to the freezer section open???? until it fogged and when I went to the freezer section and was trying hard to see the labels on the foods.

They extracted my wallet and re-zipped the purse, leaving as quickly as possible and was at three different ATM's going down Eastern before  anyone could suspect anything. 

This has been done numerous times in Vons and, I assume, other establishments in the area.  The policeman said they are part of a ring and have been working the area.  One can't imagine how many cards, etc. have to be replaced and accounts frozen. 

Since we never used debit cards we wondered how they could get a code and all the policeman would say is "They are professionals and know how to access accounts"! 

Do be careful as I have encountered 7 others in the area who have been accosted in the same way.
Once they get your cards etc. it is unbelievable what they can do with your information. 

Last night I got a warning from  Twitter, where I have NEVER had an account as well as increased phone scams and other computer scams. 

No one realizes how many cards etc. they have in their wallet until something like this happens.  We froze ALL of our accounts everywhere and are still getting harassment from various sources

Do be careful and check your accounts.  Why they have so many rights no one knows, but it seems that our laws are not working very well to keep these people from getting at us. 

Another couple of things the policeman said that they are dealing with now are:  when you get gasoline----do NOT put your card into the place outside, as there are two different types of undetectable devices being used that get ALL your information very quickly without you knowing it

Also,  be careful in restaurants if using a credit card.  I guess these are the things that are keeping our policemen very busy. 

I have met at least 7 other people who have had this happen to them. 
It is costly and time-consuming to replace your cards, driver's license, and even your club card for Anthem. 

One lady told me that she was robbed earlier in the day and the person who had her license went to her bank and the teller gave out money without even checking her picture.  I question "WHY" the need for the picture if it isn't useful."  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Have any of you had a similar circumstance? 

Do you have any additional advise we could share with our readers?

Send your comments to:

Though our blog policy strictly prohibits anonymous postings and comments, we will NOT disclose your name in this case in order to protect your safety and security.

Anthem Opinions Administration

Henderson Police Official Comments on Break-Ins

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Breaks-Ins Reported in Various Sun City Anthem Villages as well as Solera

MailBag201.gif (250×321)

We received a copy of an email sent to alert Sun City Anthem Residents of a number of burglaries that have been reported recently in our community.

 Obviously our concern for this individual's privacy and safety prohibits our revealing the name of this individual; however, we at Anthem Opinions, believe its contents must be shared with our readers.

    Sun City Anthem Resident
Shares Area Break-In Concerns

sun-city-anthem-henderson.jpg (290×205)

I'm writing this because we have had numerous break-ins, in Sun City Anthem and almost a few home invasions.  Last week my girlfriend's significant other had his home broken into at 2:10 pm.  

He lives on a corner in Tall Mesa, no fence, no security system.  

They kicked in the front door and stole jewelry.  

A neighbor across the street noticed the red, older car,  with a license plate ending in 500 or 800 and saw a black man getting into the passenger's side and drove away.  

Two days ago, this red automobile was spotted in the village off Eastern enroute to Vons.  

Two residents watched as the car had 2 black men and 1 black woman.  

The woman got out and started ringing doorbells at the homes.
 If you see this car, please notify the Henderson Police at 311.

There was another break in in Ridgecrest, one in Pinnacle Village that is gated, and two in Solera.

Last night our friends in Model Village had a doorbell ring in the evening.  Two white men were standing there asking them if they heard what had happened on Williamsport (a street that is around the corner from them.) 
Our friend did NOT open the door and got rid of them. 

They then went to the next door neighbor and tried the same scenario at which time that neighbor also got rid of them.  Obviously they want you to open the door and come outside to either assault you and enter or have someone behind the house waiting to enter.

This past week a neighbor pulled out of her garage and noticed a white panel van that was suspicious.  She turned around and went back into her driveway until the van, that had now parked in front of her home, left.
We all have to look out for each other.  

Two years ago one of our neighbors foiled a home invasion plot against himself and his wife, and a year ago I had two men come to our door and taking a page out of this neighbor's book, I told them I had a gun on them and to leave.  

I did call the police and they showed up 45 minutes later, so they were of no help in the event they meant to be persistent and harm.

Theft of wallets is being committed at Trader Joe's and Vons.

Ladies, keep those handbags over your shoulder and closed.  If you leave it in the cart and turn your back, it will be gone or your wallet will be gone.  If you bend over looking for something, make sure the handbag is tucked into your side, under your arm.  

One of my friends was at Trader Joe's, turned her back to sample the food in back and when she checked out, the wallet had been lifted.  Be smart!

Many of our homes have firearms but they only work if you keep them at the ready.  God forbid we will ever have to use them, but they are our protection.  You can help by watching everything around you when you are outside or when you leave.  If there is a suspicious car, circle back and don't take a chance.  

 Victim Responds to Actual Occurence

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An Empty Water Bottle & Scissors is All you Need

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Seal Plastic Bags
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

City to Welcome New Hospital

Henderson Hospital to Open
October 31, 2016

cropped-HendersonHospital_Logo_100H.png (209×100)
henderson_hospital.jpg.jpeg (3600×1349)

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Know Your Social Security (Part Two of Two)

Is Social Security all that it's cracked up to be?

Yesterday, we brought up a number of concerns as to the future of Social Security.

Today, we'll discuss some additional concerns in the Second Part of our Two Part Series on the reality of Social's potential future in our retirement planning.

About Social Security
(part two of two)

socialsecurity.jpg (2000×1333)


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Where to Watch Your Favorite
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Know Your Social Security (Part One of Two)

Is Social Security all that it's cracked up to be?

We have a Two Part Series discussing various factors as to Social Security concerns.

This is the first article we hope will be of benefit to you....and how they may impact your future in our retirement planning.

About Social Security

(Part One of Two)
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Getting a Roofing Estimate

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Harry Once Said..."Sure as God Made Little Green Apples" ... Will they finally be Harvested in 2016 ?

Sure as God Made Little Green Apples...

Cubs Clinch
National League Central Title

Chicago_Cubs.jpg (1365×1024)

For the past 6 months, one of my best friends in Sun City Anthem, Jack  "J.D."  Dawson, and I, have spent the better part of our lives watching countless Chicago Cubs baseball games.

We are...DIE HARDS.... my pal, J.D.  

(many of you golfers at Revere Golf Course know him as your start-off guy who makes no excuses for granting special favors to those to admit to being Cub fans

...after 6 months of watching over 150 games, day in and day out...

...having to listen to numerous opinions as to my ability to manage a Major League Baseball team...

...while deserting our wives at every opportunity that existed when the Cubs were playing ....

The bottom line is...


453129876-clark-the-mascot-of-the-chicago-cubs-gettyimages.jpg (446×594)
and being from Chicago...


108 Years
Living in Misery 

We both proudly say....

cubs-win-wrigley-sign-stephen-stookey.jpg (900×333)

Please, God...
just once before we die !

Would you please grant us one final request?

Cubs-World-Series-Rin.jpg (900×556)

Did you know...

25 years ago...Harry Carey

... at the end of the 1991 baseball season, made this prophecy...

20130227__1-harry caray.jpg (1024×790)

Let's hope...

...This one's for you Harry !

7633da524701f5309c07fff87c8f960e.jpg (430×253)

Where are the Cub fans out there?  

Let's have some fun....
Cub fans
Off !

Will the Cubs be "pristine in '16"  and win it all ?

Do you believe in "The Curse of the Goat" ?

Not from The Windy City and Unfamiliar

COTG__16x9_.jpg (300×200) these clips !
You'll understand our pain !

Or....Will it again, be..

11227-wtnybanner.jpg (400×301)

Send your thoughts (and hopes)  !!!..

Anthem Opinions Cubs Diehards

  1. From Cary Chubin of Ft. Lauderdale, Opinions

    Why bet against the odds?


    Wait until next year!
  2. From Phillip Rosen of Glenview, Opinions

    Maybe, it could be, it is !

    HEY, HEY - it's a HOME RUN!!

    Let us pray!!
  3. From Mary Opinions

    I don't know a thing about baseball. Never heard of the Cubs.

    What else can I help u with??
  4. My dear Mary, you can start by learning that bats are round, not flat, and that a good game has four bases we run around, not two that we run back and forth.

    We also have the ability to throw a ball to a catcher without having to bounce it on the ground before he catches it.

    That's why we call him a catcher instead of a wicket keeper, and finally, we play 9 innings with the winner scoring 3-5 runs, rather than 9 hours with the winner scoring 150.

    Folks, I know Mary, she's an Aussie who believes cricket is baseball...

    ...but...she's has one of the best sense of humors I've ever known in Sun City Anthem, and one of my wife's best buds...

    Love ya Mary.
    1. From Mary Lee Opinions

      Go Cubbies Ole Die Hard Fan!!!!!
  1. From Dave Nall of Wilmington, Opinions

    I’ve been with you guys every bit of the way!

    Born in Chicago, raised in Indiana, worked in Chicago and 14 nations around the world, … … …