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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

This Time...They Did It Right !

Common Sense Prevails:
Board Rejects Cafe V Request

Two days ago, I did not believe that I would be able to write these words, but after attending the Sun City Anthem Board Book meeting on Tuesday, July 21st...

...I left with hope that somehow, common sense might prevail between then and Thursday, July 23rd, when various Cafe V matters were to be settled.

It was at that meeting that two items were brought up regarding Cafe V.

First, there was consideration given to allowing Cafe V to close on Sundays;

Second, there was a thought regarding rewiring a portion of the Anthem Center in order to monitor the utilities attributed to that restaurant.

With all the bad press regarding Cafe V, along with the Sun City Anthem Board's history of concession after concession to them, we fully anticipated that the bad news would continue....

...but surprisingly, cool heads made for some GOOD COMMUNICATION.

...and rather than is now time to CONGRATULATE !

Let me first take all of you back to the Board Book meeting of July 21st.

For those unfamiliar as to how the "system" works, the Board Book is a rather informal meeting where topics are openly discussed by both board members and residents. 

Decisions are not made at that meeting....its purpose is to determine if any remaining aspects of an item need to be discussed before a formal vote is taken at a board meeting.... this particular was a VERY GOOD SESSION....and I commend President Bella Meese in maintaining a neutral attitude toward all those who would speak.

However....the "rumor" that we were made aware of...became a reality....

...Board Secretary Jean Capillupo brought up the subject of the Cafe V request to close on Sundays

She appeared to support the idea, and fellow board member, Don Schramski, joined her in that belief.

Discussion was then opened to fellow board members, and Director Carl Weinstein stated he strongly opposed any Sunday closing for a number of reasons  citing the numerous past concessions...but especially now... because of the promise made by the "old board" that "all concessions would come to an end" at the close of 2014.

Mr. Weinstein also stated that those who attended performances at Independence Center would be inconvenienced if looking for a place to dine prior to...and after.. the shows at Freedom Hall.

Director Jim Mayfield then stated that "a lease is a lease" and that it must be adhered to.

(and in our opinion...we wholeheartedly agreed with both of those later points of view).

One by one, members of the audience then had their opportunity to speak...and literally in each case, those individuals strongly favored the positions of Mr. Weinstein and Mr. Mayfield.

As the meeting ended, the room emptied and as I was leaving, I had the opportunity to have a detailed conversation with Director Don Schramski who was kind enough to extend in excess of one hour of his time.

We discussed the various topics at the meeting, but as we left, I still had the feeling he would favor the concession....

...but evidently...he...and the rest of the board took the next two days to ponder the various comments....

And on Thursday, July 23rd....the vote was taken.

Cafe V will NOT be allowed to close on Sundays.

The vote....a unanimous...
6 - 0*

On a second topic of rewiring Anthem Center (with what was believed to be a HUGE EXPENDITURE) was determined that the existing metering system was FULLY ACCURATE...and required NO FURTHER EXPENSE.

That vote....also a unanimous...
6 - 0*

*Director Tom Nissen Absent from Votes

And we take a different approach than in previous articles....

...something POSITIVE...something that was made possible by good people who gave good comments...

All of which resulted in combining COMMUNICATION with COMMON SENSE...

Resulting in a solution THE PEOPLE  believed... was the "right thing to do".

Now...just as we wanted your comments in the past, we want them again.

Send your thoughts to:

...and if you think the Board did the right thing...tell them as well.  

There's nothing wrong with giving a compliment when it's deserved !

Anthem Opinions Adminstration

  1. From Dorothy Opinions

    I know there is a saying about how hard it is to teach an old dog new tricks.

    Well, Cafe V's situation has never been a trick, but common sense!

    If all board members watch SCA's spending as they watch their own spending, I doubt this restaurant issue would have ever existed!

    Thanks for posting to alert all residents at SCA!
  1. From Anthony Opinions

    The board made the correct decision in not giving any more concessions to the restaurant.

    It is time for Cafe V to close.

    With all the "gaming" restaurants close by, that are inexpensive, I don't see this community ALLOWING any other style of restaurant to succeed.

    The original Vic's is a case in point.

    The food was excellent, the service was too. I probably ate there 15 times before it changed.

    The complaint was that it was too expensive, and it wasn't.

    Everyone wanted it cheaper, I believe, just so that they could go more often.

    A business needs to make a profit, and a restaurant is no different. We had a quality restaurant and we let it slip away.

    This reincarnation needs to go.
    1. From Ken Opinions


      We really appreciate being kept up to date with your blog.

      Good job on the Cafe V fiasco.

      I'm glad to see our board did the right thing.

      Now if they would only make Cafe V adhere to the original contract.

        1. From Bella Meese, President of Sun City Opinions

          I wanted to say thank you for a well written article.
        2. From Don Schramski, Sun City Anthem Board Opinions

          Thanks for the thorough synopsis.
        3. From Carl Weinstein, Sun City Anthem Board Opinions

          Terrific article! Thanks!
        4. From Forrest Opinions

          Finally there is dialogue between concerned residents and Board Members in a positive way.

          Bella, Don and Carl's responses indicate they do read the blogs to be informed what many residents concerns are,

          Our BOD can say NO...(no more hand outs) to a restaurant that they should have been knowing Cafe V's chances of success was slim to none.

          Optimism, emotions, personal agenda and poor judgement got our community into this mess.

          Now it is a matter of time until our BOD or Cafe V turns out the lights for good.

          That space can be used more efficiently for residents and club usage without the wasted expense of a seldom used catering kitchen and unsuccessful restaurant.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Does the Sun City Anthem Board EVER Listen to "The People" ????

Yet...Another Cafe V Lifeline ? 

The Sun City Anthem Board Book agenda was just published, and yet another "Agenda Item" is to be voted on this week...

" Approval of an amendment to the lease contract with Anthem Restaurant Partners regarding hours of operation"

We did some research when we learned of this and found out that in addition to the restaurant being suddenly closed on Sunday, July 19, 2015....for "equipment issues"... (sure)...

...they were also closed on Sunday, July 12, 2015...

...and no one can provide any information as to their having permission to do so on the July 12th date.

In the absence of such permission...which must be board approved... no record of any such vote exists...that is simply...


And that leads us down the path to us believing that this proposed amendment will involve...

Allowing Cafe V to suspend
all Sunday operations this is going to increase revenue, perhaps someone out there can give us some a reason as to HOW...

...and what economic textbook  was studied in order to come to that conclusion !!!!

Let's get all of this straight !

Over the past two years, the Sun City Anthem Board has conceded more to this restaurant than the Confederacy did to the Union at the conclusion of the Civil War !

We have allowed them... reduce hours. cut Monday service entirely.

... to pay a paltry rent of $1,000 p/month having reduced it three times.

...granted a $20,000 loan at below the prime rate.

...allowed them to operate and advertised them without insurance.

In addition, we now know they are being sued by an outside company, named "Pinpoint Publications".

We also have an association attorney being paid BY YOU AND I for a "utilities dispute" between Sun City Anthem and them.

And now...after all of that...

They now want more....

...substantially cutting their service again ????

Some hallmark of restaurant success, huh? 

Really beats the heck out of the argument that a restaurant enhances property values with that track record, doesn't it ?

But...following the belly laugh at this latest outlandish request....

Believe it or not...

There is an individual on the Sun City Anthem board who actually is willing to GRANT YET ANOTHER having it placed on a formal agenda for a full vote by the Sun City Anthem board !

As as yet, that individual has not been identified, but our suspicions are that Jean Capiluppo, the Board liason to Cafe the one who is leading the charge to allow this damaging change.

After all, she has NEVER voted to curtail ANY ASSOCIATION EXPENDITURE when it comes to Cafe V !

We will know the outcome of that Board Agenda Action Item on Thursday, July 23, 2015 when the board meets to decide on that request.


We will report which board member(s) DID and DID NOT vote to grant that additional concession.

In the meantime, between now and then, we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you write each board member with your feelings on this matter.

You can obtain their email addresses by clicking on this link:

...and if possible, attending the Board Book meeting on Tuesday morning at 9:30am at Anthem Center and the Board meeting on Thursday, at 1:30pm at Freedom Hall.

As to our opinion, the very thought of granting even one additional concession to an organization that has "used" our association's generosity to the extent they already have, is beyond making any attempt to rationally understand this proposed action.

It's time to tell this board....

...they were elected to represent the HOMEOWNERS...not...a TENANT who has abused every opportunity given to them by Sun City Anthem !

...and don't forget to share your thoughts with us as well.

Send us an email at:

Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Al Opinions

    I feel that any and all board members who added changes and voted for them should be removed from the board.
    If Cafe V can't abide by the original lease, he should be closed down for not living up to his lease!

    Maybe it is time to recall a few board members!!
  2. Al, you certainly aren't alone in your feelings.

    We have given EVERY member of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors an opportunity to explain their actions in the matter.

    Just once, I would like to have heard from a resident who supports their actions...but...NOT A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL HAS DONE SO.

    What does that tell you about their commitment to "representing the people" when they make decisions that ignore their pleas for common sense and instead, needlessly waste association funds?

    Would any of them spend their own money to finance a place with this type of track record? Better yet, is there ANYONE OUT THERE who would invest their money in a business the members of this board OWNED and OPERATED ?

    My guess is that would NEVER HAPPEN.

    Why? Because bureaucrats are experts at saying "do as I say, not as I do"...

    ..and my goodness, that certainly fits this group comprised of inexperienced "know-it-alls" who never seem to consult those who have had the knowledge that allowed them to have had successful careers.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if JUST ONCE...some of them could actually say...


    My experience with those incapable of ever admitting an error, has almost always resulted in a lack of communication resulting in ineffective leadership skills...that that seems to fit the description in this case.
  3. From Barbara Opinions

    Interesting info on the restaurant.

    What really scares me is that this board has enough power to now go to self management without a vote of all the homeowners.

    Just hope that they are bonded when we do that, or they will steal us blind.

    1. From Bud Opinions

      Would ABC Channel 13 "Working for You" get the Board's attention on an HOA Hall of Shame report ?

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Something Just Doesn't Add Up About Cafe V...and...Residents are Entitled to the FULL STORY

The Saga of Cafe V Continues
Despite the Vagueness of the Explanation

At a special meeting held on Thursday, July 16, 2015 by the Sun City Anthem Board, for some strange reason, the subject of Anthem Restaurant Partners LLC, owners of Cafe V, was curiously omitted....until the end of the meeting when a question was asked from the audience as to their bill payments, and most importantly, the status of their liability insurance.

At that point, Secretary Jean Capillupo briefly addressed the issue.
She stated that the restaurant had finally paid their June and July, 2015 rent, the current monthly payment on the outstanding $20,000 note, and had presented her with a Certificate of Insurance.

The question of the outstanding utilities was answered in a rather odd manner....

"It is in the hands of the association attorney".

Utilities dispute?

What dispute...and why is there a dispute over the utilities?

Shouldn't that be fully addressed in the lease agreement between the parties?

Did someone DO SOMETHING WRONG that is being held back from the community to create this "dispute"?

Why has this issue has been placed "in the hands of the association attorney"?

OK...for now it looks like Cafe V has been thrown a "lifeline", but in our opinion, after all the past secrecy and "bits and pieces" supplied by this and past boards to residents, in our minds....

...and that "smell test" includes years of past insurance experience of knowing the right questions to well with other members of the community with similar backgrounds, all of which brought the same conclusion....

...that the members of this and the past board aren't telling us everything they should be !

Regarding the insurance matter,  there is little doubt that the overwhelming number of board members have little, if any experience at WHAT CONSTITUTES PROPER COVERAGE.

And so...since it was merely a statement of Mrs.  Capillupo that the "certificate" was supplied...we thought about the past...and the lack of complete information that has been given to the community to date...

...and WANTED TO SEE THAT CERTIFICATE with our own eyes in order to examine it for both authenticity as well as thoroughness.

She did not produce it at that meeting....instead stating that it was in the hands of the association attorney for EXAMINATION.

Why it was provided to an attorney that BILLS THIS COMMUNITY BIG BUCKS... instead of merely making that request of the insurance broker or company that would provide that FREE OF CHARGE...

...and giving that to a Finance Committee for FREE EXAMINATION... our opinion....a further WASTE OF ASSOCIATION FUNDS.

Did she at the very least make a copy of what was SUPPOSEDLY presented to her?

And now...the real questions appear in our mind !

When the insurance matter was originally brought to our attention, we wrote several articles, but what shocked us more than anything, was a comment from a resident and current member of the Finance Committee, Barry Goldstein.

Stated by Mr. Goldstein:

"Just to let you know the Board of Directors has known about the lack of a certificate of insurance from the restaurant for months."

"Behind the scenes, for months I have been requesting Certificates of Insurance from both the restaurant and FSR that were required by their contracts."

"I have the emails on my computer as proof."

"Some the Certificates of Insurance from FSR expired in April and I have not seen any proof that they were renewed and updated certificates were provided.  I am glad that this issue has now seen daylight.  I guess the board does not think protecting community assets is as important as self-management."

Just who is Barry Goldstein

Let's take a ride into the recent past.

Mr. Goldstein ran for the Board of Directors in the last election, was equipped with both a proper financial education, and had an extensive insurance background...

...and as a result....

...we at Anthem Opinions, in checking his past, fully recommended him for election because of THOSE EDUCATIONAL AND BUSINESS QUALIFICATIONS.

He was in our opinion, the "missing link" to financial knowledge and experience that was severely lacking in our leadership.

But Mr. Goldstein evidently made a "fatal error" when he was seeking election....


...and asking the "wrong questions" to "the wrong people" seems to be the "kiss of death" amongst those who have ruled Sun City Anthem in the past.

Mr. Goldstein WANTED TO EXAMINE the insurance situation, and he was shocked at what he uncovered.

He first discovered that there was a discrepancy between the Sun CIty Anthem contract with FSR, our management company, and the coverage provided by our insurer.... of which ...was that the automobiles on the Sun City Anthem Community Patrol...believed to be included in our entire association package....HAD BEEN OMITTED from the Association's EXCESS LIABILITY INSURANCE.

That's right... you are reading this correctly.


That problem evidently (and thankfully) was quickly rectified....but there was another issue that he had discovered in his insurance examination....

He could find NO EVIDENCE OF CAFE V being insured and NO Certificate of Insurance could be found.

As a member of the Finance Committee, he rightfully believed that THIS HAD TO PROMPTLY BE BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE BOARD  (the old board)...

...and he early as March, 2015.

After all...he felt it was a matter of due diligence that had to be addressed immediately.

The result of this revelation to the board...


...and certain individuals, including an alternative blog, knowing that the "system" could be in jeopardy BY EXPOSING that lack of board action and incompetence if he was elected....did everything possible to make sure that did not happen...and...sadly...they succeeded, and he was defeated.

Mr. Goldstein also made an attempt to be a part of the insurance discussions with the association insurance broker...and...despite his extensive background in the insurance field in which he also holds several insurance PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS, that old board further DID NOT ALLOW HIM TO ATTEND.

It has now been FOUR MONTHS since Mr. Goldstein had made his initial inquiries...and to date...HE HAS NEVER BEEN ABLE TO SECURE the information he requested and fully entitled to RECEIVE...

...still considered a troublemaker for merely making an attempt to...


As a matter of fact we learned that THE ENTIRE FINANCE COMMITTEE HAS BEEN BARRED from making ANY COMMENTS at all by this current the supposed recommendation of the association attorney.

But where Mr. Goldstein seems to have been unsuccessful in obtaining that information that was apparently provided to an association attorney...

...also happens to be WITHIN THE LEGAL RIGHTS of residents to obtain.

Accordingly, WE HAVE made that request as a resident of the Sun City Anthem community.

On July 17, 2015, a Document Request Form was submitted to FSR to obtain the following information:

1. Copies of Anthem Restaurant Partners LLC "Certificate of Insurance" liability policy (from inception of lease agreement to current date).

2. Copies of current FSR insurance "Certificates of Insurance" pertaining to the contract with Sun City Anthem Homeowners Association and FSR, the association management company.

3. Please provide effective dates of coverage for Requests #1 and #2, along with current paid to date status, the premium modal frequencies (if the policies are paid on a monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annual basis), and the limits of liability on each respective policy.

What we at Anthem Opinions promise you, our readers, is to pursue that information to the fullest extent....

....and keep you abreast of what , if anything, we receive... well as...WHAT WE DO NOT.

We also pledge to you that if this is not provided within the prescribed period of law (believed to be 20-21 days)...

WE WILL ALSO FILE FORMAL COMPLAINTS to the proper authorities to obtain it.

We believe YOU need to quickly as possible for a very good reason...



Until that is provided to us....past knowledge of what prior boards have made public...should make the entire Sun City Anthem community wary of various board actions.

Our belief...described in the words of the late President Reagan...


Asking all of you to...

...think twice before you patronize any establishment that has existing litigation against it (which we uncovered in a previous article); and in our opinion, has brought continued financial grief since its inception on our property.

Your thoughts?

Is The Board and Anthem Restaurant Partners ...

Tell us by sending them to us.

Anthem Opinions Administration

  1. From Forrest Opinions

    Sunday 7/19/15. 6:30 PM.... Compare Buckmans vs Cafe V. In addition huge event in Anthem Center Grand Ballroom Chinese Club with potluck.

    V couldn't have served them anyway because the kitchen is broken.

    How much will the repair cost us?

    A few weeks ago V closed the salad bar because of ant infestation.

    What next before the doors are closed for good?
Cafe V
Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

  1. From Valerie Opinions

    Whenever I read about the continual Café V saga it makes my blood boil that they have been allowed to get away with their actions and they continue to be here as a financial liability to SCA.

    Mrs. Capillupo and Mrs. Meese keep covering up for the restaurant.

    They and the rest of the Board and the restaurant should all be given their walking papers sooner rather than later before it’s too late.

    Why is it always that the good guys that run for office that are willing and able to make the necessary changes are never elected, and we continue to get incompetents elected?

    It’s about time that there is a positive regime elected that are concerned with the fiduciary and safety functions of SCA.

    Another soap opera in the history of SCA continues.........
    1. From Mary Lee Opinions

      Just when you think it can't get worse, it does !

      What next ?
      1. From Barbara Opinions

        One of the women I play cards with heard the check from V's had bounced.

        Have you heard anything about that?

        I am also branded a troublemaker as I try to get things changed and Maurice asked how I liked the new card tables and chairs and I said the chairs with no arms were too short for women and he replied:

        "you aren't satisfied with anything, are you".

        Very nasty and snotty.

        The new tables are higher, we fight over the chairs that can be raised and we will see how long they last.
      2. Barbara,

        We heard the same rumor...and...perhaps one of the board members can confirm or deny this comment.
        It certainly wouldn't surprise many people if true.

        As far as Maurice Talley, he has been the subject of NUMEROUS complaints as to his behavior toward residents.

        A few years ago, when Anthem Opinions commenced operations, we placed flyers at the Liberty Center to make residents aware of our blog..

        First, they disappeared...and we were happy, believing that the community was interested in our publication.

        When they disappeared a second time, we were made aware that THEY WERE REMOVED at the instruction of Maurice Talley.

        Those flyers were costly, and when we contacted Mr. Talley, we were told "it was against the rules".

        We asked him to provide those rules ...and...they never existed.

        We then told Mr. Talley and a Mr. Feldman, at that time, it constituted THEFT of PERSONAL PROPERTY...that it they were not returned ASAP, we would file criminal charges against both of them for THEFT.

        When they "could not locate" the flyers, we were FULLY REIMBURSED for the cost we incurred.

        The moral of this story is simple....DON'T LET PEOPLE PUSH YOU AROUND...and...if told something that you don't understand, DEMAND TO SEE THE RULE IN WRITING.

        It they cannot produce it, THEY CANNOT ENFORCE IT.

        Let's hope Mr. Talley's actions are noted by the new self-management team and hopefully, when the transition is made, he is sent packing.

        Anyone else have a problem with that individual? We'd like to know.

        1. From Laura Opinions

          First of all, thank you for all you do to keep our community informed. I would not eat in that restaurant even if it was for free. It's just very frustrating that this restaurant is allowed to remain open. This is a travesty of justice and the residents of Sun City Anthem deserve better. The "Board" should be ashamed of themselves!!!

          Laura Shapiro
        2. Laura, thanks for the compliment, but the one who really deserves the thanks is a man named Barry Goldstein for doing his best to make our community a financially safer place.

          Why he is criticized for "doing the right thing", is so sad, and it tells the story of the "politics" that are senselessly demonstrated so often.

          As a matter of fact...I have a favor to ask of you....AND...EVERYONE WHO READS ANTHEM OPINIONS.

          Send Barry Goldstein a "thanks"..for his trying his best, despite those who would like to silence him.

          He's made of "The Right Stuff" and I'm sure he would like to hear from those who believe he should be thanked for his courage.

          Barry Goldstein's email address is:

          1. From Forrest Opinions

            Why is our SCA Board of Directors stalling locking the doors on Cafe V?

            Why do they ignore the fact the owner of Cafe V Larry Hughes was operating the restaurant without insurance, behind on debt obligations, struggling to stay in business and many residents dissatisfied with the food and service?

            Why does our BOD keep giving Cafe V more and more concessions to stay in operation?

            The answers are simple...

            President Bella Meese and Secretary Jean Capullipo have made it clear they "need a place to eat lunch" and they believe a restaurant increases home values.

            Having three restaurants attempts (Tirzo, Tubin, Slark) did not keep the home prices from tanking to a all time low of 40 to 60 cents on the dollar.

            Nor has Cafe V helped SCA to regain property values in excess of the normal home value increase throughout the Las Vegas area.

            Leadership is scared to death that SCA might be counter sued if they decided to throw Larry Hughes out, as was the case with the original Trumpets restaurant.

            Trumpets apparently began failing soon after Pulte no longer funded the restaurant to help sell new homes.

            Trumpets did not meet their debt obligation for almost two years...SCA finally sued...for some reason, most likely due to poor representation by our attorney...SCA lost the case and had to pay an additional $250,000 to Trumpets.

            In addition, SCA's attorney isn't in a rush to take action against the restaurant...he is paid a hefty hourly sum to shuffle papers...the longer the shuffle...the more $$$$ we pay the attorney.

            The eviction process is not that difficult to execute and can be completed in about a month if the procedures are followed and a desire to take action.
          2. From Gloria Opinions